Happy Birthday UC! You can look here now!

I'm sending this cake to your office today, get ready to have a lot of explaining to do!

Dear UC,

I tried and tried to think of something cool to do for your birthday… maybe I could assume the persona of The Cullens and make you eternally 17 or maybe I would write about how when we met my life was like a moonless night… but none of that seemed right so I took it to the streets and enlisted our best assets (no, not those), OUR READERS! What better way to bring in another year than with wishes from some of the funniest people we’ve ever met.

And since this is a blog and all I thought let’s do it interwebs style and have people send in fan sign pics for you!

Get ready to laugh your face off…

We think your aging is something to celebrate!

(mouse over images to see the names of these ltt folks!!)

Thanks to all our readers who contributed and for all the fun, cute and downright  hilarious pictures you sent in!


Didn’t get to participate? Still want to? Post your well wishes, fan signs and what have you in the comments for UC’s birthday and let’s celebrate!

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

162 Responses

  1. So I had this very cool pic when Edward was monkeying around with bella in the tree’s with a cut out saying…”LET GO OF ME (bella is on his back) it’s UC’s BIRTHDAY… HER SCENT is like my personal brand of heroin…) and then a big


    BUT wan’t able to send it 😦
    either way…


  2. Happy Birthday, UC!!!!!!!!

    I was sooo going to slap on my hood rat wig and give you a shot out from the wig and make-up department, but I decided to salute you Baltimore-style by having beer and crabs in your honor. It was delicious!

    Hope you have a great day!

  3. Happy Birthday from Michigan UC! Cheers!!

  4. Happy Birthday UC!!!!! I hope it is a fantastic one!

  5. Sigh….. I love you all

    #1- I love that you force your babies to do things for my birthday

    #2 i love that you’re all so gorgeous. It’s wonderful to see (parts of) your faces for once!

    #3 so many of you have big boobs. Lucky

    #4 i love how you’ve gotten to “know” me.. even if you don’t really “know” me…. you do.. Cupcakes, Kittens, Twilight. that’s it!

    #5 I want to respond to every picture but I do have to get SOME work done today, so I’ll just say Moonjenn- omg…. first i forgot I shared that story, secondly…. that you REMEMBERED It! and recreated it….

    This is the best birthday ever.

    Thanks Moon. XOXOXO You’re the bestest friend. ALL OF YOU ARE!

    • You made me snort coffee all over my desk that day with your story. I had to give back.

      Besides, I remember EVERYONE’S drunk stories. It’s my superpower. 😉

  6. happy birthday uc!

  7. Happy Birthday UC. Love LTT/LTR.

  8. What a lucky girl you are to have soooo many friends in so many places! Wish we could all be together to party with you! Have fun and enjoy your day!

    Did you pick your wedding date close to your birthday so Mr. Choice would remember one or both dates? ( My wedding date is two days after Christmas thinking this would help Mr. j9 remember…didn’t work…oh well)


    PS Loved looking at all your b-day greetings! Great idea Moon!

  9. UC,

    Thanks for making the topic of Vampiric masterbation “normal” . Happy Birthday !

    Much Love.

  10. Happy Birthday, UC!!! Wishing you a cupcake, liquor and fun filled day!

  11. HAPPY BDAY UC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Happy Birthday UC!

    I wish you tons of happiness and cupcakes for the next year! That’s why I had my bloggy partner Zelda draw one on my hand… Cause to be honest, if I had tried to draw that myself NO ONE would have been able to tell what it was supposed to be… 😉

    Hugs and love and stuff!

  13. Happy Birthday UC. And Rob told me to tell you he thinks that you’re awesome and your letters to him on LTR are the highlight of his day.

  14. Happy Birthday UC! These pictures rock! The love emanating from this blog today is beyond. Hope you have a great day and weekend. 🙂
    @JodieO your pic rules my world.

  15. Happy B-day UC! I hope you know that I would only dress my kids as the next generation JORTS PACK for you! My twi-mom tendencies may have come out just a little bit when we were taking that pic. 😉

  16. Hyvaa syntymapaivaa, UC! Hope you’ll have a good one.

  17. Happy, Happy Birthday UC!! Thanks for bringing the funny everyday! I hope you have the most wonderful twilight/rob filled day!!!

  18. *gives UC a present*

    Happy Birthday, UC! I’ve already seen you open your present, and guess what… you love it! 🙂

      • Hee hee! 😀

        Oh, BTW… I listened to the podcast earlier, and when my name was mentioned, I almost died! LOL! Thanks for the nice things that you said about me, UC! You’re so sweet! 🙂

        And yes, The Font and White Yorkie, there is a gay dude who is wearing a shirt with your names on it… the world is crazy sometimes, is it not!?! 😀


  19. Happy Bkrthday UC!
    hAVE A FAB DAY hon!
    (p.S. sorry for shitty frmmer/.etc I have been drinkies!)
    Jayde xxox

  20. Just stopped in for my daily fix during lunch. These are all so awesome. The video from Midnight Cyn in the best though.

    Have a wonderful birthday, UC!

    (And props to Moon for putting this together for you!)

  21. Happy birthday, UC. Wishing you a long, healthy and full of accomplishments.

  22. Roses are Red
    with Rob friends she will be
    celebrating with cake
    Happy Birthday UC!

  23. Happy Birthday UC!

    Let us know how the ice cream cake in the office goes. Hope you get a piece of Edward 😉

  24. Happy Birthday Lovely Lady!!

    Hope it is a great day!



  25. Happy Birthday, UnintendedChoice!

    these photos are fantabulous… you have so many fans! 🙂

  26. Happy Birthday UC!

  27. Happy Birthday UC! I wasn’t abmitious enough to send in a pic but I hope you have a fab day and a great celebratory weekend! Maybe you can get Mr. UC to get ya some sweet I ❤ Edward shirts @ Nordstrom 🙂

  28. “fade to rack” LMAO! brilliant.
    🙂 again happy birthday moon. have fun getting wasted ♥

  29. Happy birthday UC!!! Have an awesome day!

    ps- @poochimama and scraptastic, I have that lovely Edward barbie, also still in the box. Thank you mother for the Christmas present…

  30. yey UC!!
    I am so happy that today is your birthday, and hooray for a fellow summer baby. I hope that you have tons of fun and know that we are all celebrating with you!!

  31. Happy Birthday again UC!!! I think I’ll eat a cupcake today in your honor 😉

  32. Wow, you ladies have some fantastically creative followers! Happy Birthday to UC and great idea, Moon. If we didn’t know we were NORMAL before, we certainly do now!!

  33. Happy Birthday UC!! May this next year be the best one yet.

    xo, ash

  34. *facepalm*


    anyways…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


  35. ”I am not allowed to wish you a happy birthday, is that correct?”
    – Edward Cullen.
    : )

    thanks for making me laugh everyday 🙂


    I hope u’ll have one just as great as you are!

    Lots of love and hugs,

  37. Happy Birthday UC.

    Hope you’re feeling the love….

    You’ll have to let everyone know what happened when your birthday cake arrived & if you’ve been well & truly outed.

  38. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, UC!!!!! You are one of a kind who, along with Moon, brought me to some of the greatest people I know today! Thank you for your great sense of humor and always being there for your friends! XO

  39. Happy happy birthday, UC!!!

    I’m praying to the gods of delicious cakes, drunk-ness and inappropriate-ness to shine on you today!

  40. […] Happy Birthday UC! You can look here now! Dear UC, I tried and tried to think of something cool to do for your birthday… maybe I could assume the persona […] […]

  41. HAPPY BIRTHDAY UC!!! (a year older, but still not catching up to me)
    I think Zeph’s card ought to win some kind of birthday card prize. Hope you enjoyed your cake ; p

  42. Happy birthday UC!
    Hope u have an amazing and fun day!
    Thanks for always putting a smile on many dials each day!

  43. I wanted to deliver this personal message to UC from Rob himself.

    Also all the photos, Moon’s idea, the blogs, and most importantly the birthday girl are pure BRILLZ!!!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY UC, are you drunk yet?

    I may or may not have drunk a bit in your honour at a sort of profesionnal dinner, but hey it’w for your birthday. The bad news is that they’ll probably never invite me again, the good news is that not seeing them is a good idea after tonight’s jokes.


  44. HAPPY BIRTHDAY UC!!! I hope you have had a great day! Drink a glass of wine and eat lots of cupcakes! I hope all your fake lesbian dreams come true, and the tent threesome’s too!!

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