LTT Podcast Episode 5 – All the family together at last!

Dear LTT-ers,

Guess what! We FINALLY joined the 21st century, figured out technology and Both UC and I AND The Font and White Yorkie are together at last on Episode 5 of the podcast. All our voices together at last discussing all the latest in the Twi-world, it’s like a chorus of angels singing. Kinda like when Robert Pattinson walks down the street. And I must admit it might be the best one we’ve done. For reals.

Episode 5 – Robert Pack-it-in-your-son Part 1 (right click save as)

  • UC intros us!
  • LTT is chosen to participate in the “fan junket” with Stephenie Meyer – White Yorkie & The Font react. They also give us ideas for questions as only they could.
    -Discussion of  the evolution of Stephenie Meyer’s writing
    -How our questions will be different
    -Moon is secretly dating the Twilight guy

The only acceptable ipod to listen to this podcast on

  • Kristen’s Roadtrip
    -Rob Zombie and musical taste
  • The Font and White Yorkie ask us about Ok Magazine
    -Masters of spin
  • Official LTT Store
    -Reaction to the Unicorn tshirt
    -Send your pictures of you in LTT/LTR gear and the Font & White Yorkie will
    -Autographing underwear at Comic Con
    -White Yorkie’s type of ladies
  • Big announcement!
  • The LOD / Brit Pack

Reader Responses from last week – The Flash, Justin Long & Bruce Willis

  • LTT Event during Eclipse week in Los Angeles

Or I guess this one is acceptable too...

Reader Questions

  • Do guys really have a problem dating older women? If Bella can be with Edward who’s 107, why isn’t it the other way around? White Yorkie gets personal. What about the cougar phenomenon? UC gets personal

So there you have it! Part 1 of the whole podcasting family together at last. Wasn’t it great? Want more? Then you have to send us your questions, news topics for discussion, haiku’s to read, poetry and applications for the boys’ hearts! We work off your questions alone! EMAIL your questions to our special podcast email and hopefully your question will be featured on the next LTT podcast!

Happy Thursday!

PS If your name is NOT UC than PLEASE please read this post for a special announcement! Seriously, GO read it!

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55 Responses

  1. Can’t wait to listen! Hopefully I can figure out a way to listen at work…otherwise I’ll be waiting till 5. Boo.

    • So I figured out a way to listen! I love that 90% of what I heard was everyone arguing about was crack. Don’t the guys know that Twilight is our crack?? I also enjoyed the breakdown of Smeyer’s writing experience. Has she confirmed
      that she’s Team Jacob? If not, you should definitely get her to spill it. In answering the reader’s questions, I am married to an older guy (by several years) so I don’t have a problem with the dating older guys thing. 🙂

    • shhhh you can also just click that link and it will play in a new window! but i didnt tell you that 😉

  2. “I’ll punch a chick!” Didn’t expect anything less!

    Heart you all! Great podcast again! x

  3. This is probably fan fail on my part, but KStew is going to be in On the Road? More importantly, someone is making a movie version of On the Road?

    Worst. Idea. Ever.

    I’d rather see Breaking Dawn be made into a movie than On the Road… oh, right.

    Also, whoever said that KStew’s giving the finger to someone at a Rob Zombie concert is not hardcore? Thank you! Flipping off cameras does not a badass make. I should know, it’s one of my trademark don’t-take-a-picture-of-me moves… and I’m decidedly not a badass.

    • Have people actually read all of On The Road? I got up to page 4, maybe.

      • Oh, that sounds like me and “Walden.” I’m not even sure I made it 4 pages into that! I have made it through On the Road. I have mixed feelings about it, which I won’t get into, but I do think it’s something you have to read (not watch!) to get anything out of… if anything can be gotten out of it anymore. I’m sure there are timeless themes in it, but still, I also think it’s somewhat specific to the beat generation, or at least to a world we don’t live in now.

        Okay, done nerding it up. At least I’ve refrained from mentioning Derrida this time…

        • You mean this is not the first time you mentioned Derrida on a Twilight blog? OK, this is not just a Twilight blog, this is freakin’ LTT. I do hope KStew and Rob are lurking, for their own good (and education).

          I read On the Road years ago and I can see why you all think it’s not a good idea for a movie but maybe that’s what would be interesting and challenging about it.

          • Haha, nope, not the first mention of Derrida on LTT!

            I guess I just have zero faith in Hollywood to take On the Road and make it into an interesting film. To do so, I think you’re right, they’d have to make it into something different, and I have a feeling they won’t do that. I think there’s something powerful about the experience of reading a text that makes some books untouchable to film. I’m really worried now that J.D. Salinger has died, some a-hole is going to try to make Catcher in the Rye into a movie. If that happens, I couldn’t watch it… I don’t want someone else’s interpretation of Holden Caulfield.

            Crap… I inadvertently just talked about Derrida again… I quit.

      • I did, it took me about six months of sheer determinantion to get the thing finished. Making a movie of On The Road? NOT a good idea. Unless they fabricate a coherent storyline and some dialouge. Revolutionary book and all, but not movie material.

        • Hmm…I didn’t mean that comment to sound so harsh. I actually did like the book but I don’t think it would make a good Hollywood movie.

          • I don’t think it sounded harsh! It just really doesn’t seem suited at all to movie format.

    • some things are better left on the shelf and not turned into a movie… one of those things is on the road.

      • That’s so funny that Catcher in the Rye was mentioned. My husband is making me read it right now, because we named our son Holden. It’s a great book. I agree about not making it into movie. Of course, my only issue is my hubby is making me read it instead of I quote, ” That Twilight crap”. Oh my man and his pretty words.

  4. Font & White Yorkie = Tory & Grant from Mythbusters yes? So glad I’ve figured that out. And who kept swirling the ice around their cougarhita, made me thirsty.

    I have to say I agree with the boys on the age thing. I went out with a younger guy which got awkward, but only when I realised it was because I wasn’t really into him and then it all just feed in to itself. Eugh. Not a proud moment.

    Love the podcast, thank you all & happy b’day Grant (or was it Tory).

    • Dude, I LOVE Tory and Grant!!

      P.S. Haven’t listened yet.

    • that was me with the ice. it was warm on sunday and we were all shoved in yorkies room within an inch of each other. WHEW.

  5. Not that I’m a crappy workin girl
    I gotta wait…

    Can’t wait tho! 🙂

  6. Is it weird that when I hear the Font’s voice, I picture Steve O?

  7. Oh has seriously cracked down on the internet policy. Soooo I definitely cannot listen to the podcast while at work. If by chance, Moonie ever figures out how to load these to itunes,I can download on my brand spanking new ipad!!!

    Ugh, commenting through my bberry sucks!

    • yes we did. it’s almost complete actually and white yorkie is being a jewel and figuring it out.

  8. Awesome podcast! I love it when White Yorkie (I think) says “Let me just say this…” 😀

    • WY and TF sure do seem in touch with their sensitive sides with the “I feel…” statements.

  9. After listening to this, I’m kinda thinking I might be totally fine NOT meeting either of these BOYS in LA. I hope IF we do, they don’t get in the same catagory as Ascot Phil for me.

  10. […] Link: LTT Podcast Episode 5 – All the family together at last! « Letters … […]

  11. Omg i am a HUGE fan this is like crack to me i just love these podcasts font sounds SO HOT i need a pic of him.
    BTW i’m 15 not 14 but near that age lol just in case your wondering.


  12. Awe, thank you White Yorkie (I think it was WY) for saying you liked the shirt designs!

    So, you guys want your own shirts?

    DM me on twitter (snowwhitedriftd) with shirt ideas (best place for me to keep track).

    I hope that’s OK, bosses.

    • Wait a sec… Are you a designer too? This is getting very eerie… If your daughter didn’t sleep well last night too, then I am sure this some weird cosmic coincedence.

      I am trying to download the podcast now. It will be something fun to listen to, when my husband is fast asleep on the couch watching reruns of The Office.

  13. Okay, I’m part way through this podcast and already crying from laughing so hard. WHICH MEANS I have to shut it off and listen after work. Boo!

  14. Great Podcast! Thanks for the laughs.

    Oh, and I am so glad that I missed out on the speed dating. I married a guy four years older and I think I like it that way, and I don’t know how much I would have liked it if it were the other way around.

  15. This podcast is gonna make my day! Is it normal I just told friends I had plans for lunch and couldn’ t meet up with them just so I could listen to the podcast?

  16. The main thing that stayed with me:

    “Your shoulderpads are really large, i’m not afraid to say that in your face” – Moon.
    Oh Moon, you made my day.

    Character profiles – so far:

    The Font: 22 (almost 23), doesn’t date white girls, is “up and coming”, and has an irrational fear of getting murdered. Font, try deep breathing techniques or liquid courage, you can survive a fan event.

    White Yorkie: 26 (or close to that), accepts all races, is willing to date older women up to 14 years his senior. Willing to sign panties. Oh, also tunes by ear.

    • please keep these characters profiles going!!! new stuff to learn about these boys

      andsrsly… the shoulder pads.

  17. OK, I just had to come out of lurkdom and my marathon listening of all the podcasts and tell you that I’m trying to hold in my laughter so that my coworkers don’t think I’m any weirder. Love it! 🙂

  18. Is anyone having trouble downloading the podcast? Everytime I try, the computer will only download about 30 seconds of the podcast. Thanks!

  19. “She’s 20… she’s dumb still.”

    Re Midnight Sun – agree that it’s done; what I wonder is how much (if any) the leaked part has changed.

    BTW, I WISH I had birthing hips like Kristen Stewart instead of like Kirstie Alley. Just her calling them birthing hips made me hate (even more) skinny girls everywhere.

    Also, as a mother and a Twilight fan, I beg you to please never use the word “Twimom” again. It makes our shame that much deeper.

    • I completely agree with being called, “twimom” as I hang my head in shame.

    • She (Kristen) doesn’t know anything. I have hips like hers (aka none) and got babies through there just fine. Like the guys said; “she’s 20 she’s dumb still.” lol 😉

      • Oh… to be hip-less… I envy you JacobEdwardsWife. Glad the babies came out okay.

        • Hahaha! I figured I was doomed for c-sections but dr said it’s the inside hip space that matters not how wide the outside is. Guess she was right. Who knew?

          And I know being hipless sounds nice, but I would love to be a bit more curvaceous. Grass is always greener…

    • I have to agree with Aleisha. I cringe every time I hear “Twimom”.
      Well really, I cringe anytime I hear “Twi”-anything. Especially after that Oprah thing.

      I did the podcast marathon as well. Good stuff! Many laughs. Making my heart sing — feeling so normal. It is nice to laugh at it all.

  20. Advice to White Yorkie from New Moon:
    “Age is just a number, baby.”

    Then again, it didn’t really work out so well for Jacob.

  21. Great podcast! I laughed lots!

    WY does sound just like Justin Long… Or was it TF? They DO sound LOTS alike.

  22. Great podcast, you should do this more.

    Re couples&dating I’m w/ UC I think Rob wouldn’t date 99,999% of the fandom (I’m talking if he didn’t know about their “acute fondness”), no matter the age, just because they seem soooo different and not because he’s an actor or rich.

    But I don’t agree with the money comment. It’s probably cultural and I think depends a lot on people’s education. I dated both very rich or no money type of guys and that was never an issue. Some of my friends come from very rich families, yet they ride a rented bike in the city (European thing, don’t ask, I suppose you don’t do it much in the US) or take the tube while their parents have a lot of collection cars. Also when you live in rich countries, once you’re done with school and the internship crap, you seriously can afford a lot of things.

  23. Moon, I think the word you were looking for in regards to Edward’s character change is pussy.

  24. Ok, am I alone in this, or am I the only one who doesn’t think Edward changes all that much in the last two books?

    In Eclipse, he’s still struggling with the whole “I don’t want to take away Bella’s soul, even if it is her choice, so there’s a small part of me that hopes she picks Jacob and stays human” thing.

    In BD, he suffers from the huge blow of not actually knowing everything like he thinks he does (he could Bella pg, who knew?) and then you don’t really see much in the second half of the book because Bella is so focused on her new vamp life/worrying about the Volturi that she isn’t really concentrating on reading Edward’s motivations, facial expressions, etc.

    Maybe I just have a huge crush on Edward and read what I want to, but is anyone else with me?

    P.S. While I am not obsessed with Rob like many of of those here, I have to agree that he wouldn’t date most fans–no matter how old/young they were. My guess is that we all creep him out.

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