UC Don’t LOOK!! Everyone else read for a special note!



If you’re not UC follow the cut for an extra special message!


SRSLY UC you better not be reading!!!

Hey LTT/LTR friends!

it’s UC’s bday on friday and i’ll be doing special celebration posts in her honor. Soooooo i want you to send in pictures of yourselves (camera phones/webcams pics/regular camera/whatever) with a little sign with a (short) birthday message for UC and i would post them on Friday on her birthday! And of course feel free to obscure your identity however you see fit (wigs, sunglasses, twimom costumes, a pair of jorts over your heads, whatever!)


(like these but way cooler and less emo!)

I need to have this by tomorrow afternoon/evening (nothing like the last minute Moon!) so I can work on it for Friday! If you’re game and you should be! Send us the picture in an email (with the subject TOP SECRET) or comment here with a link to your picture!

Let’s make this a special birthday for UC!!!

Let me know if you have questions in the comments! And it’s a surprise for UC so NOOOO spilling the beans!


36 Responses

  1. Awesome!!! I am in, so excited!!!

  2. I’m in!!! Gotta make it a good pic though LOL

  3. Oo, I like this idea!
    Will work on one 🙂

  4. Oooh ooh! I’m in! Yay for birthdays!

  5. Kind of drawing a blank on what to do, but it sounds like a lot of fun! I’m in!

  6. DONE! Mine rules too!! But only Moonie can seeeee bahahahhahaha

  7. I’ll try to send one!!=) This sounds great!!

  8. i’m sending mine

  9. Horray! Will do…

  10. I will to this when I come back from work (european time) Nice idea!

  11. I emailed you my pic, Moon, but since I had my dumbass pants on today I signed off “xoJ” or something, not even thinking to put my friggin name. So yes, that one is me! lol

  12. Awwww I’m at work and camera-less. Will be home late tonight. I’ll send something then, I hope 11pm European time is still okay. wonderful idea!

  13. Done and done my dearie

    I learnt a lot about my new phone trying to do this too, so thank you for forcing me to figure out new technology too Moon!

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  15. I will be making a pic and sending it in as soon as I get home tonight! Which means you will still get it in time cause I’m in a different time zone. Late tonight for me will still be afternoon for you 😉

  16. I will have my DD ObavaBaby help with this. She spends 68% of her time taking pics of herself in the bathroom mirror for her Facebook profile, so she should be qualified to perform technical assistance, non?

    xo obava

    PS Moonie, you are a fabulous friend- UC is lucky 🙂

  17. Hmmm, I sent a pic with a little message, & a little message…Why can’t I just read the instructions…probably cos I’m rushing about…hope it’s ok anyway.

  18. I did it!!! And its AMAZING!! Cant wait to see all of them! 🙂

  19. Are you “taking the mickey”, as Robert would say?

    This is what another site did for HIS birthday right?


  20. Done. 😉

  21. Thinking up something clever now. Getting inspirations from that rocking Eclipse sound track.

  22. just mailed a crapy pic hahahaha

  23. This is an awesome idea, I sent mine! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s tomorrow!

  24. I’ll be thinking up ideas all day to send!!

  25. Hahaha! That was fun. Mine sucks but it was fun all the same.

  26. gotten a BUNCH of yours! keep sending them!!!!!!!!

  27. What a great idea for her birthday! I sent mine in a little while ago. I hope it’s okay!

  28. Will 4:00 West Coast time be too late? Tweedbeatsjorts and I have a plan, but she can’t leave work until 3.

  29. Just sent mine in-did I make the deadline??!!

  30. ok i sure do hope we all do have the same sense of humour, otherwise im in trouble with mine!

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  32. done! 🙂

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