The new kid on the LTT block finds out she’s normal after all!

(We love to hear from you guys and today we have a fresh newbie treating us to her very first letter and how she’s finally figured out she’s “normal” after all!)

Oh hello there LTT, where have you been all my life?

Dear LTT and LTR,

It was a week ago (last Saturday, to be precise) that I first learned about you from a friend who will forever have a special place in my heart for sharing you with me. LTT & LTR, you have filled a hole in me that I didn’t realize existed. You see, ever since I first read Twilight last fall, I’ve been, well, slightly fully obsessed with all things Twilight and, especially Rob.

I mean, I haven’t bought any apparel; I’ve never purchased a magazine because the cover featured Rob or KStew (I mean, I’ve stolen borrowed them from friends, but that’s different); and I refused to pay full price for the New Moon DVD ($24.99—are you kidding me?). I get points for that, right? And, until last week, the only blog/website I’d used for information about Twilight was Stephenie Meyer’s own site. (Well, and, but that’s not exclusively Twilight content.)

But you have given me a gift: I know now that I’m not crazy. I’m normal.

Lost count how many time's I've read these

Just because I’ve watched Twilight… um, more times than I count… even while cringing at the corniness of the movie and KStew’s mumbling, open-mouthed delivery of every line and emotion (is this the bitch face you write about?(Moon: No, but stick around and we’ll teach you!), that doesn’t make me crazy. The countless hours I’ve listened to the movie soundtracks on repeat, the insane number of times I’ve read the four books and Midnight Sun, the way when I’m reading Eclipse & Breaking Dawn I imagine how the directors will make it happen (the LEG HITCH, Hallelujah!!!!),  the way I replay certain scenes from the movies over and over (Edward first talking to Bella, Edward smirking while Mike asks Bella to prom, the first kiss, then in NM when they’re reunited in Italy… sigh)… there’s more, but I feel like I don’t need to tell you. Because you know (Moon: Oh girl, do we ever).

Although my best friends share my love of the books and movies, I’ve always had this intense feeling of guilt and sliminess: I’m lusting after a dirty (literally), awkwardly built (his hips sometimes look wider than his shoulders, and have you ever noticed how awkwardly he walks with his hunched shoulders? Moon: Oh we notice. Those are his “mothering hips”), smoking/cussing/alcoholic, smarmy guy 5 years younger than me.

Not that one, but just as good...

In truth, I’ve always feared that someone would catch and understand the gleam that comes into my eyes when Twilight (and hence Rob) comes up in conversation—do they see how truly inappropriate my fascination is? I know KStew wants her space and privacy, yet I crave photographs and news of Robsten, dying to factor that confirmed relationship (or not) into my fantasies of when I run into Rob, and he looks like he does in the Vanity Fair 2009 shoot (the photo with the cigarette?? OMG)… and he says to me, “Hello, my name is Edward Cullen.” And then he smells my throat… Well, you understand.

And that is why I will always be grateful to you, LTT & LTR. Because you do understand. You strike the perfect balance of obsessing and distancing yourself from that obsession with humor. Through you, I discovered the online archive of the Vanity Fair shoot (the video! the photos!). And so, while I will still never feel comfortable revealing the true extent of my Twilight/Rob obsession to my loved ones, at least now I know that I have kindred spirits. Normal, rational, intelligent women who say that it’s OK to feel this way.

Thank you, LTT & LTR, for providing me an outlet for my obsession.

Yours truly,


P.S. Seriously, gals. Thank you! You’re the best, and I love your sites. Keep up the great work!! – Kirsten 🙂

We love our readers, truly, madly, deeply (sing it!), we do! If you’re new or hanging out in lurkdom, delurk yourself and comment or write us an email or letter! We’d love to hear from you!! Welcome ThatsNormalGrlNC into the fold! When did you discover us?

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75 Responses

  1. Welcome, chica!!
    Nice to have you here 🙂
    (Was gonna say “glad you came” but the fic h00r part of me decided not too…)

    Jayde x

    • Jayde, oddly I think I ‘know’ you from Tvaus a few years back. I was “ForeverYoung”. Does that ring a bell at all? This is going ot be slightly awkward if you don’t know what Tvaus is lol. Either way, hi! 🙂

  2. LOVE the letter! And welcome ThatsNormalGrlNC “Hello, my name is Edward Cullen.” And then he smells my throat…” DIED DIED!!!! Btw wondering how Kstew throat smells…I think like an ashtray, tequilla, weed, lobstersmell?

  3. Welcome to hotel California…

  4. Um, Kayla, is this you? Haha.
    Nah, but this could totally be my BFF’s letter.

    Welcome 😀 You’re gonna love it here!
    I’ll say what Jayde didn’t: glad you came.

  5. “You strike the perfect balance of obsessing and distancing yourself from that obsession with humor”

    So true!

  6. Welcome! LTT&LTR have turned my love for all things twi and Rob into something normal and actually wonderful because of all the amazing people here. So instead of
    a) repressing it, working and having a life
    b) visiting certain other sites and ending up hating all things twi
    I now have fun loving it. My daily LTT/LTR fix is the only remainder of my twidiction.

  7. Welcome to the sisterhood! We’re not crazy, and we’re NOT bears.

  8. Lovely letter, Miss ThatsNormalGrlNC.

    “I’m lusting after a dirty (literally), awkwardly built (his hips sometimes look wider than his shoulders, and have you ever noticed how awkwardly he walks with his hunched shoulders?”

    Tip Number 1: Just look at his pretty face. 😉

  9. Welcome, ThatsNormalGrlNC! I shudder to think what would have happened to me were it not for LTT… it would have involved a BeDazzler, I’m sure of it.

    And, by the way, I cracked up when you described Rob as “smarmy.” One, because it’s a funny word, and two, because it’s true!

    • I found that enjoyable as well. I haven’t heard that word in a while, and I laughed a lot.

      Tuesday, be honest. Bedazzlers are for amateurs. You might have become like the Pattinson Pants Lady or something without LTT.

      • True, true, but it all starts with a BeDazzler… hmm… I think I’ve just come up with the title for PPL’s memoir: “Pattinson Pants Lady: It All Starts with a BeDazzler.”

    • Only, with Jackbone, of course.
      (Is that what you guys call him? I think it is…)

      • Hmm… would I have then become the Jackboner Lady? That just sounds wrong… or oh so right…

  10. “In truth, I’ve always feared that someone would catch and understand the gleam that comes into my eyes when Twilight (and hence Rob) comes up in conversation”

    Yes! Buy at the same time kind of hoping a little they might (but only if they share the irrational feeling). 🙂

    Great letter, you are definitely “normal” here. Finding LTT/LTR felt much the same for me too. It was like; “I’m not crazy after all!” lol

  11. Ladies, thanks for all the love! I am SO happy I found this site & other “normal” Twilight fans. Glad you enjoyed the letter! Fangbanger, you’re exactly right: focusing on Rob’s face is the way to go. Tuesdaymidnight, I cracked up when I read your comment: “it would have involved a BeDazzler, I’m sure of it.” Love it!

  12. Welcome to the “normal” side of the “crazy”!!!!! I found LTT in September of 2008. Almost time for my 2 year anniversary! I’ll have to be thinking of a special letter for September. Love you gals! 29 days people!!!!!!!

    • I could be wrong, but I believe the blog started in Dec 2008 (check the archives on the side). Regardless you have probably seen it all!

      • You may be right. I felt like I discovered it my last semester in college, but maybe not. I don’t think I discovered it when it first started. Oh man, now I’m REALLY confused! I don’t know when my anniversary is now…boo… 😦

  13. Welcome to the crazy That’sNormalGrlNC (I imagine spelling that incorrectly pretty regularly).

    Ok, back to work!

  14. Welcome….hope you have a great time!!

  15. Welcome ThatsNormalGrlNC! Great letter and I like the rest of us ‘normal’ fans, your experience after finding out about the book is quite similar to mine. I totes rewinded and watched all the scenes you mentioned on repeat. In case of NM, I kept rewinding Edward’s sexwalk after he pulls up at school. (see my username.) Yeah, good times.

    “and he says to me, “Hello, my name is Edward Cullen.” And then he smells my throat… Well, you understand.”
    *sigh* We DO understand.

    I used to take pride in myself for not being other silly girls my age who kept gushing about forever and the perfect guy. I used to scoff at romance novels (still do). I used to be a more logical, more rational person. I still retain certain traits of that girl, but I have been totally overshadowed this person who checks on a regular basis, drools over Robp0rn, comments on LTT like her life depended on it and tweets about Rob and Twilight. If this is not crazy, I don’t know what is. So you my dear, are completely normal 🙂

  16. I found the site around the same time as you did, and I don’t know how I ever lived without it! Thanks UC and Moon for showing me I’m NOT completely insane!

  17. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight, Audya Aizawa. Audya Aizawa said: RT @letter2twilight A newbie discovers us and finds out she's normal after all […]

  18. wait until she finds RobPorn Fridays and happy hooker Wednesdays.
    Ah…to be a virgin again….

    • I miss my Twi-ginity.

      Why can’t I feel that first rush again? I’m going to spend the rest of my life chasing it, taking copious amounts of Twilight in order to try and get the same feeling as that first hit!

      Hopefully I’ll be smart enough not to OD. But maybe it’ll be the kick up the arse I need to get my life back on track.

  19. Wow, I could have written that letter, except I’ve been obsessing for 2 1/2 years now, and he’s 10 years younger than me! (did I just admit that? What is wrong with me?)

  20. Every time I see a picture of Rob, something delicious happens inside me.

    What would it be? Could it be love? Ok. going back to work, right now.

    But before: Who is he dating now? All girls that live in US, answer my question, please.

  21. Welcome Aboard!

    fasten your seatbelt…

  22. Welcome, hope you have fun on here, UC & Moon all the regular commenters make it special.
    Awwww. I’m a sap. But i know how it feels to come across this, like someone’s given you the keys to a secret kingdom. I have toyed with the idea of telling my sister who likes all things Twi, partly my fault. But then she posted the Eclipse trailer on her facebook page. HORROR. It’s all gone soooo badly wrong.

  23. Hello ThatsNormalGrlNC, nice to meet you!

    Random That”s Normal thought:

    During Sex and the City 2, Carrie keeps referring to Big as “sparkle guy”, “I need some sparkle”, etc. Oh how I wanted to shout out “sparklepeen” in the theater.

  24. You’re not alone. You are NEVER alone! Glad to have you.

  25. What a great letter, ThatsNormal! You obviously belong right here with the rest of the Normal People! I realized the other day that I just really like this site and LTR, and hardly ever look at the books or movies any more. Even FanFic is losing its sheen, and now its all about finding humor in the obsession.

  26. Welcome girl!!!
    And speaking of “thats normal”… which we werent but I needed a segway-

    I just went to see which theatre I will go see Eclipse at on June 29/30th. 12:01 at KoP (Philly people) was SOLD OUT!!! SOLD OUT???? We had to buy our tickets for the 12:02 show! I dunno if I can wait the extra minute.

  27. Welcome to the wonderful world of fandom!

  28. Dear ThatsNormal,

    Yes, you are totally normal in every way. This is what I keep telling myself about all of you, in order to feel “fine” about myself. So you see, I NEED all of you to keep up this charade undeniable truth.

    In other news, I thought I was the only one who noticed his hips (shuh! As if anything gets by others here. How egotistical of me!). I still want to clutch on to them for dear life in the throes of passion don’t mind them though.


  29. Am I the only one who has NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) stuck in my head since reading the title of this post?

    “Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh! Oh, oh, oh-oh! Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh! The right stuff!”

    Think Rob sings that when he eats Hot Pockets?

  30. Thanks everyone for making me feel so welcome and so very normal! I feel like I didn’t need to edit my letter quite as much as I did… 🙂 I’m looking forward to indulging in my daily LTT & LTR fix with you all from now on! Till next time, I’ll be hangin’ tough. (For you, J.E.W.)

  31. haha last night i had a dream that UC and moon signed my yearbook (i graduated last year -_-) and i was sooo stoked. I don’t remember what they wrote…only that it was hilarious. LOL i hope that’s normal…

  32. Wow, as I was reading this I was trying to work out when I typed it. It sounds so much like me. I started lurking LTT & LTR around 2 weeks ago. I first saw Twilight in November last year. Read the books in 4 days in December and my life has suddenly become Twilight and especially Rob, Rob, Rob (at first it was only Edward but it did’t take long for me to fall for that Rob smile). I must have had so much time on my hands before. I too have kept my obsession to myself. My husband, friends and family would think I have gone crazy. I sometimes start to think that at 27 (I’m not too much older that Rob am I) I am too old for this type of obsession but I’m in now and I can’t stop. Thing is I thought there was something major wrong with me until I discovered all of you and although I have never posted before, reading LTR & LTT and all of your posts makes me feel so much better. There are others like me out there.

    • Yes, we’re in this together. And 27 is not too young. Try being the same way when you’re —– oh, never mind, anyway, a LOT older than 27 . . .

      • Yes, definitely not too old to feel funny about it – yet.

        Now, once you hit the decade plus mark, and you stop to think about the difference in your age and Rob’s, and the age of the characters (which I just try not to do too often), THAT’S embarassing. But That’s Normal.

        • *Now, once you hit the decade plus mark, and you stop to think about the difference in your age and Rob’s*

          Okay, I really don’t appreciate you talking about me behind my back like that.

          Oh, wait, you were talking about yoursel….

          Nevermind :-\

          • LOL!

            TRUST ME, I fully expect to still be lusting (at least from time to time) after Twilight Rob many, many years from now, and that may become downright icky, but seriously, it’s reaches the point where you just have no shame. I’m ok with that.

  33. “I mean, I haven’t bought any apparel; I’ve never purchased a magazine because the cover featured Rob or KStew (I mean, I’ve stolen borrowed them from friends, but that’s different).”

    LOL. My mom bought THAT Vanity Fair for herself (had no idea who the guy on the cover was, of course), and handed it to me the same day so I could “borrow” it. Um, yeah, I’ve never returned it. Never will.

  34. this letter could have been written by me. That’sNormalGirl took what I was thinking and wrote it all down….
    one of these days, I will write my own letter….I am gearing up.
    meanwhile, I will just put on my true shimmer chapstick and pretend I am sparkling.
    because that’s normal

  35. <—— REALLY late commenter. But YEAHH!! I love newbies. Hi and welcome!

  36. Totally unrelated to this post (though I really liked the letter, newbie) – is anyone else having a hard time getting on SM’s website? I haven’t been able to get to it in a few weeks. I’ve tried two different computers, so I don’t think it’s on my end, but maybe it is??

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