Eclipse you are ours! Tickets are bought and Pedro saves the day!

Don't mess with Emmett's ceasar cut!

Dear Eclipse,

I’d like to warn you, come midnight on June 30th we’ll be rolling almost 40 deep to see you! But let me tell you it almost didn’t happen. You see after MUCH coordinating between our group and Arclight’s Guest Services we were told they weren’t on sale this morning as originally promised. So fast forward to 9pm when I get a special email from Arclight’s Member’s Only email that said you were IN FACT ON SALE! Cue much screaming and frantic emailing and calling. Buuutt you are lucky Eclipse, because I was only 2 blocks away from the theater. As I ran into the lobby like a rabid TwiWhore I found the first attendant and wheezed out “Eclipse, midnight, tickets, ON SALE????”

Thankfully Pedro was well versed in Twilight fan resuscitation as he immediately pulled out a picture of Rob and sprinkled me with a handful of glitter and I came back from the edge. You know,  if a squinted just right he could have been my Sam Uley rescuing me in the forest from crazy vampires. Only he wasn’t shirtless, he was wearing an Arclight shirt and the crazy vampires were cougar ladies there to see the special 40 dollar Sex and the City screening complete with Cosmos. Manolo’s NOT included.

Hey look it's the nerdy wolf all the way in the back there!

So after much ballyhoo he rang up (in multiples of 10, it was an ordeal!) our tickets and with the help of forum mod and LA girl Emily, we had them all squared away. I gazed longingly at Pedro, as he organized our tickets by number and row, wishing he was maybe just a big taller and named Rob and wearing some holy pants because I could have frenched him good right there between the gift shop and the old man looking at the vintage Playboy book and the pimply faced kid who had to open up a new line because I was taking so long. Oh sweet sweet Pedro, you just made 30 something girls AND boys happy! Well mostly the girls, but you know what I mean.

After he counted the tickets he told me that was the most movie tickets he’d ever sold to one person. Oh Pedro, stop talking dirty to me! But the deed was done and I had to somehow get the tickets back to my house without getting mugged. And then where would I hide all of them so crazy Eclipse ticket thiefs, or Rileys, if you will couldn’t find them until midnight on June 30??!!! Then I thought of the perfect spot…

Well right there between my boobs next to my heart, where else would you store your Eclipse tickets?! Duh.

32 Days!

PS Arclight, you better be glad I was just around the corner, or there would have been HALE to pay if we didn’t get our tickets.

Do you have your Eclipse tickets yet?! Buy em here! Are you going with friends, a significant other, your mom, your clueless friend?

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196 Responses

  1. Thank you, Thank you for this today! It reminded me to check out the ticket sales at my local Muvico, and lo, they were already selling out! I managed to snag two good seats for my sister-in-law and I, as she is my only RL Twi-friend who would go to a midnight show. I will ,however, have to endure her constant comments of “OMG, I’m going to marry a vampire!” Perhaps going alone would have been better after all.

    And now my husband says he wants to go see it with me on Friday because “the trailer actually looks kinda cool”. I told him it’s just subliminal messaging because the trailer uses the score from Underworld, which he calls “a real vampire movie”, and he says “no, it’s just because I keeps hoping I’ll get to see Jacob bite off that guys head.” Guess which team he’s on.

  2. 2 more comments and I’ll be a lurker no more…right….RIGHT?!?

    I am fortunate to have the same group of 7 girls to see the movies with since the beginning. I got my little sister hooked on the Twi-crack Christmas of 2007 and she’s never looked back. We are getting our IMAX midnight tix this week and we usually bring water bottles full of Three Olives Cherry Vodka to mix with our movie theater cherry Cokes. Because I can only handle so much junior high girl sober. For NM, we went to midnight Thursday, then afternoon Saturday and then a 7pm Monday. That sounds like a good plan again. Sister and I just went to Forks to get our Eclipse shirts from the Dazzled by Twilight store. Hers has red eyes and says ‘Newborn’. Mine has gold eyes and says ‘Vegetarian.’ I will get an LTT shirt to wear for our traditional Saturday afternoon showing. Ahhhh, the anticipation!!

  3. “Well right there between my boobs next to my heart, where else would you store your Eclipse tickets?! ”

    gyahahahahhaha!!! LoL
    i’m not alone then :))

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