We be podcasting again Episode 4… East Coast/West Coast podcast wars challenge!

Dear LTT-ers,

Guess what! We podcasted again… well White Yorkie and I podcasted because The Font left our asses for the east coast and in an effort to ignite the east coast/ west coast rap wars again we decided to challenge our east coast counter parts to a podcast-off. Only way nerdier and lamer, because it’s bloggers podcasting about Twilight and not rappers capping asses and such. BRING IT EAST COAST! UC and The Font need to get together and talk some vampires and werewolves IN PERSON!

You name the time and the questions and we’ll be ready to kick butt. If we can pull ourselves away from the beach/movie theater/concert venue/sunny day long enough to do it…

So without further adieu the White Yorkie wears Jorts and I don’t for our special west coast edition podcast!

Episode 4 – Total Eclipse of my heart (right click save as)

I can't stand these people but I can't stop listening!

Eclipse Soundtrack – White Yorkie bashes my career aspirations, etc.

Listen to us get interrupted

Eclipse trailer

Breaking Dawn – Condon, contract negotiations, the birth scene

Reader Questions
Do you mind being classified as a unicorn?

White Yorkie and The Font meet some of our readers – the aftermath

Would our readers date unicorns? Some of our readers are called out!

The new girl in town. Real life Bella’s and “new girl goggles.” Does this really happen in real life?

White Yorkie gets out nerded and I laugh a lot.  – The Flash vs. Superman?

Star Wars vs Twilight. Who would win in a battle to the death? Han, Chewie and Luke vs Aro, Caius, Marcus

A #goo haiku from Janetrigs

So let us know in the comments if you want us to put a hit out on the Font and UC till they podcast and continue sending in your questions to LTTpodcast@gmail.com

Happy Listening and Happy Monday!

Past podcasts here!

Do you love the term “new girl goggles” as much as I do? Can you wait to meet White Yorkie and the Font soon? Should our gang sign be a two fingers pointed down to represent fangs?

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

It’s Business Time:

Two fun things to tell you about today. First, the gals over at the forum, headed up by JodieO & Lindelle, have started a HARRY POTTER BOOK CLUB. If you haven’t read the books, get over there now. I’m serious. You’ll love them. They’re better than Twilight. And if you have read them, get over there now to re-read and make some new friends. Harry Potter LTT Book Club

Bite Me Edward Notepads

You know how we love those Bite Me Edward Notepads you always see on our sidebar? Well, Jenny, the designer, emailed to tell us they are on SALE! WHOO HOO! You can stock up for gifts & for yourself & for Moon & I because I seriously use mine every day (I lost mine & Jenny sent me a new one because she’s the best!) The sale is: 15% off your entire purchase or as many Bite ME pads as one could ever want….. code: eclipse good from today – July 15th, 2010. Stock up today!

43 Responses

  1. Damn, I can’t listen to this a work. I’m tempted to shove it on my iPod for the commute home but I’m worried that I’ll get funny looks when I’m laughing (inevitable that I will be).

    On a completely unrelated note, I booked my ticket to see Eclipse on a special preview on the 3rd July (it’s out here in the UK on the 9th July) so I’m super stoked that I get to see this only a few days after you guys rather than 10 days later!

    If you are in the UK BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW to the preview screenings the weekend before release!

    Now I only have to avoid LTT for 3 days! Nice.

    • Put it on your ipod! Who cares about funny looks, you only live once. Just tell them you’re listening to Mitch Adams.

    • Ooh thanks for that, I will get on with that… 3rd is MUCH better than 9th! 🙂

  2. Two things:

    1) I do love scores, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes, a soundtrack can make a movie. The only thing that makes Easy Rider even remotely watchable is its soundtrack.

    2) #Nerdfail on your part, Font. The Flash and Superman have raced a few times. The first few races were never finished, but eventually they had a real race and The Flash won. Apparently Superman isn’t used to running long distances.

    • Er, Yorkie. See! I still can’t tell your voices apart and The Font wasn’t even there!

  3. Paul Meraz needs a tuna and you just hustle him out the door? You guys are totally professional, I take my hat off to you.

    White Yorkie! I’m catching myself ahhhing at your dulcet tones.

  4. is anyone else having a problem accessing letterstorob today? I keep getting a login screen!!!???

  5. I LOVE it when LTT podcasts!! Hilarious!! We definitely need one with UC and The Font. The gauntlet has been thrown!

    Side note: Moon, please get closer to the mic!

  6. 1) I don’t think I could bring myself to date a unicorn if he was TeamBella, in fact I would probably try to laugh him out of town. Jessica, Angela or Leah however would be cool.

    2) Yorkie, I’m irrationally concerned about your jorts because so many guys get them soooo wrong, take New Moon for example. I can only assume that the wise Moon would have laughed you off the podcast if they were in any way questionable (because she likes to share that kind of fun with us).

    3) “New Boy Googles” absolutely exist and don’t we all feel cheapened when they wear off, ugh. Unless of course you get that *ahem* date, then you can move right on along with a smile.

    4) Totally unrelated but: TAYLOR (and Kristen) IS COMING TO AUSTRALIA!!!

    *spinning on my back like a dying cockroach, but an excited one*

    What do you wear when such hotness is on the same continent and only a 10 hour road trip away? Jorts? No, would have to wax legs. Maybe I’ll just wear whatever Kristen is, he seems to like her and I’m sure it isn’t only because he is tied to her through a gazzilion dollar jugernaut.

    So black screwed up tee – check, crap hair – check, dirty jeans – check. Phew, crisis averted. And I don’t even have to worry about shoes.

  7. Hey Yorkie, does The Flash ‘vibrating’ so fast mean he’s sorta like a jackhammer?

    Cause girls don’t really like that.

  8. Okay guys, just listened to the ‘cast.

    Yep, I’m super stoked for the soundtrack. Probably most excited about Florence + the Machine, The Dead Weather, and Band of Horses.

    @Yorkie: Sounds like you’re a ‘potential’ unicorn after my own heart….. don’t really dig Vampire Weekend either and I’ve read “Into the Woods” a while back. Its actually kind of a funny book. I think its being made into a movie.

    Moon, totes voting for the two fingers pointed down to represent fangs gang sign… Pssh, what’s more gangsta than that?

    Okay UC and The Font, lets hear a podcast from ya’s. EAST SIIIIDE REPRESENT!!!

  9. Psssssssssst. White Yorkie? You’re right. I’m not a big fan of indie music. Shhhh, don’t tell the music nazis. The real issue, I think, is that I don’t know the lyrics. I have the need to sing loudly and off key with the radio.

    Hmm… I just thought of the hawtness that will be Robert Pattinson with blood dripping out of his mouth. Uhmazing. Except now, I’m thinking of President Snow (Hunger Games, holla!). And I’m terrified. Never mention blood again.

    All this dating talk is exhausting. I’m so glad I got my fangs (hhaha) into my dude in tenth grade. All it took for me to snag him was being the bitchy, hawt saxophone player. Slim pickings in the band, ya know. 😉

    And then, nerd talk? I think I need a nap now. I’ve only been awake for an hour.

    Lovely podcast. Just lovely.

    • Holla fangbanger!
      Catching Fire…..
      Dooood! Yeah, wtf is up with President Snow and him smelling like blood?!

      • I don’t know!!!!

        It’s freaking me out. But I reallllly don’t want to spoil it for the others on here.

        I NEED someone to discuss this with. Argh.

        Do you have a twitter? Mine is the link in my name.

        • No sorry :/ I’m not on Twitter… I know! Its utter blasphemy, right?!
          ***May contain Hunger Games/Catching Fire spoiler***
          Quick, crazy conspiracy theory: Okay, you know how people in the capital do weird things to their body? e.g. weird ass hair colors, dying their skin green and shiz. Well I think President Snow purposefully smells like blood for the sake of intimidation. Like the capital did something weird to make him smell of blood or something…
          Or hey, maybe he actually eats little children… Omg! The capital peeps and him feast on dead tributes….
          Yeah… I have no idea… lol

          • Yes, total blasphemy.

            I think he eats children. Or perhaps, he eats the tongues of the Avox’s?

            Ewwwwwww. *shudders*

            WHATEVER it is, I cannot wait until August!

          • @fangbanger:
            Okay dunno why but the reply option isn’t under your name.

            Love your theory! The Avox kidz!
            I think you’re onto something, Miss fangbanger.
            Tongue.. its what’s for dinner…..


  11. Wow, so, so many things to comment about.

    FIRST: “I don’t have a tuner. No, I tune by ear. See ya!”. Love THAT. That pride and disdain in your voice cannot be faked, major amounts of WIN.

    This was all a bit cathartic for you, wasn’t it, White Yorkie? It felt equal parts therapy session and bartender guy of “He’s Just Not That Into You”. Many, many lessons were imparted and trust, they were taken to heart.

    “If you wanna date her you better hurry up and get on that”??? TOTALLY. Women should abide by this rule, instead of calling “dibs” on guys, which is retarded, because you have to honor it even if said guy doesn’t like them back?? YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE, BIATCH.

    Love how flustered W.Y. got for not knowing the TRUE answer to the Superman question, hahahaha! You should be grateful that most likely no guys listen to the podcast or you’d prob be tarred and feathered out of town.

    The whole music thing went over my head, sorry, I know, bad fan.

    P.S: do I sense some sexual tension going on between White Yorkie and BrookeLockhart??? Wooohoooo, LTT/LTR, matchmakers since 2008(??)!

    None of my comments are “Eclipse”-related, sorry!

  12. Holy crap, my superman vs. the flash question made it in! And it’s even a reference to TV show in addition to being awesome… double nerd alert on my part.

    Anyway, I can’t really listen at work, it’s too long. Which is a cryin’ shame. Oh well. Am Excited.

  13. I so wish I had some headphones so I could listen at work, as there is NOTHING for me to do today, so far.

    Based on what I’ve read in the comments, I have a question for White Yorkie (and the Font): When you are out-nerded by a girl, are you
    A) embarrassed/ashamed of yourself;
    B) creeped out by a nerd girl schooling you;
    C) turned on.

    • If they don’t answer C) they need slapping.

      Nerd girls are a priceless commodity, especially when they actually show an interest in nerd boys.

      Find one, grab on and don’t let go! (twss!)

  14. I will totally be downloading this later. On an unrelated note – which I feel is one of the best parts of LTT comments – I spent a very long three days at a tradeshow but amused myself by throwing in random Twilight comments. Here are some of my favorites. It definitely helped the days go quicker.

    I complimented a collegue on his lilac shirt and tie comment. He was all like “Really? You like the purple?” so of course I couldn’t resist “Yeah, purple’s cool”

    I drank a little too much one evening and decided to just have diet coke for lunch (tummy feeling fragile”, my colleagues were all “are you not eating?” to which I replied “I’m on a special…diet” with a little smirk

    A customer asked if I’d seen a competitor booth and I replied “[competitor name]? No, they don’t come here” in a slightly sinister manner.

    Next meeting is October, I might try for some New Moon comments, although how I’d work in “They’re not bears!” might be somewhat of a challenge.

    • LOL I just love the “No, they don’t come here” Solomon Trimble probably thinks he’s gone to heaven!

    • That’s awesome! I’m so excited to hear about how you work in They’re Not bears.

      • I know it’s going to be a tough one. But if I get a confused response that almost makes it funnier. Seriously, I was at this for three days – I only shared my more successful ones. Here are some of the not-so successful ones:

        We had a lady come to the booth, she had on really gross perfume. One of the reps said “Ugh, she needs to take a bath”
        I replied in a somewhat snarky manner “That’s not going to help, I could smell her from across the field.” He looked kind of confused and I think he assumed I meant booth instead of field.

        We were in Vegas and decided to ride the old roller coaster at New York, New York. I turned to my colleague and said “You should put your seat belt on”. More confused looks

        The one I totally bailed on was one of the reps telling me he covered Arizona. It was almost a gift. But I thought saying “Aren’t people from Arizona supposed to be like, really tan?” but he’s Asian and I didn’t want to be completely offensive.

        One rep was pretty hungover and said “ugh, I am so hungover, feel like I’m not going to make it through the day”. So I said, “but, you’re ALIVE!” and that got me the STRANGEST look ever.

        If only I’d figured out a spider monkey opportunity. Actually this is pretty sad isn’t it:
        a) that I amuse myself Twilight-quoting
        b) that I know that many quotes
        c) that I’m planning on doing this again.

        • Oh the roller coaster could’ve been the spider monkey part! “You should put your seat belt on.” “Um, what? There aren’t seat belts…” “Well, then you better hold on tight, spider monkey.” “Girl, you’re crazy.” “Now you really shouldn’t have said that!”

          • Oh, now kicking myself at the missed spider monkey opportunity – when else would “hold on tight” be relevant

        • LOVE this. If by ‘sad’ you mean Normal, then, yes, it is. 🙂
          Plus you get to amuse us too!

  15. I vote you try a drive-by podcast for the next one, to up the gangsta level without actual bloodshed. You can wear some of the new T’s as your gang bandanas…We’re going to need to come up with some bitchin gang names though…will put thinking badana on.

    The Normals & the TMoms, hahahahaha

  16. FONT! come back!
    come back with your Pete Wentz accent!

    overuse of pop music> Valentine’s Day.
    nah, i haven’t seen it. since it just came on DVD, but the thingamabob. trailer. i gotta feelin.

    meh. i haven’t been on here forever. and i have nothing to say. except confessing my love for The Font.

    • I do love that you didn’t edit out “thingamabob” once you remembered the word you were looking for. 😀

  17. Dude. The Flash. Seriously, how could you not know that?

    Hand in your fanboy card.

    I like the fact that Mr Cledbo teases the crap out of me for liking Twilight. He doesn’t understand, but disturbingly has volunteered to come to the 3 movie-marathon with me on release night. That’s about as ‘unicorn’ as I’m *ever* gonna let him get.

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