Monday Funnies: Twilight, In 20 Years… and the LTT/LTR Store

Dear LTT-ers,

It’s a Monday and you might be on your 3rd cup of coffee looking to wake up and shake off the tireds. But you can’t, I know. In fact you’re probably looking pretty haggard when you catch your glimpse in the reflection of the coffee pot in the break room and wondered, ‘when the crap did I age 20 years?’ You’re definitely not eternally 17. So I was thinking if normal people feel this way than the twi folks have to have a few haggard days themselves. Since we could all use a pick-me-up and helped out with the site In 20 Years that Brooke sent me, I present you some of our Twilight folks… IN TWENTY YEARS!

First up we have Rob…

Hmmm… they usually say men get better with age… but it appears as though Rob’s eyebrows have just grown with age. And he may just have a drooling problem…

Daaamn and we thought present day Kristen was a hardass… look at what 20 years and some smokes will do to you… Joan Jett, midlife crisis movie here she comes!

Then it was Taylor’s turn and a funny thing happened…
I put this picture in, but kept getting this back
Looks like the apple (or the double bacon cheese burger) doesn’t fall far from the tree…

Follow the cut to see an extra special treat AAANNNDDD an extra special announcement. Spoiler alert it may involve tshirts

Because I’m a glutton for punishment and because I love a good laugh I decided to throw Cathi Hardi in the ol 20 Year time machine and here’s what happened… gird your loins!!

MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who let skeletor into the 20 Year time machine?! Make it stop!!

Ok, so the big news besides scaring your retinas and making you cry with that last picture is that we’re launching the Official LTT/LTR Store! Yes, that’s right you can now wear the love you have for Vampires/Werewolves/Wigs/Jorts/Plaid/dumpsters right across your boobs, where it belongs! In honor of this momentous occasion we will be giving away a tshirt to one of you!!!!!! Yes, that’s right. But of course we’re gonna make you do something for it! Dance monkey, dance!

Want to see what Charlie Swan will look like in 20 years, or how about our favorite DILF? Use the In 20 Years site, OR your own creativity to imagine what our fave Twilight characters/actors/ect will look like when we’re all using walkers and can’t remember who the hale Edward even is… then email us with the subject “In 20 Years” and we will pick a winner and make you semi internet famous for a day and you will win the prize of their lives. Ok, they’ll just win a tshirt from our store but it’ll be a mildly exciting experience, I promise. So get to it! You have till Thursday, at noon EST to enter!

Beauty is fleeting but an LTT TShirt/Coffee Mug/Mouse pad/Tote bag is forever!

What will you look like in 20 years? What will the rest of our Twilight pals look like?! Have you found your new casual Friday/Twi-con/Leg Hitch/vacuuming shirt in the store?

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter

Special Note!
HUGE thanks to snowwhitedrifted for helping us make this a reality with her amazing and hilarious designs! Besides coming up with great ides, she listens to our crazy ideas and makes a Robsten-love-by-the-fire-tshirt a reality! You are awesome girl!

And another Special Note: Happy Birthday to Jena, one of our lovely forum mods and provider of smiles, sweet emails and DVD’s full of clips! Celebrate with her in the forum and wish her a very merry happy slappy yo-dappy (ok, I made that up) Birthday! Psssst I hear there’s Rob porn… and maybe some Rob/Keanu porn…

116 Responses

  1. She’s going to answer questions about the Bree story too… like “Why did you write that and not finish Midnight Sun?”

  2. UC & Moon I’m so trilled your site has been selected for a Stephenie M&G. way to go!!
    That is just all kinds of awesome and finally a chance to ask REAL questions! not the same, same, same questions the press ususally ask on those junkets.
    We will have to have a vote on what Tee you present to Stephenie.
    **off to browse the store..again**

  3. Dear Snow WhiteDrifted,
    You are one very talented woman.
    Thanks for sharing your “mad skillz”

  4. ok the perfect Tee for S Meyers is
    …Fade to Black/Sad
    she is the expert!!

  5. Mwahahaha… those pictures are priceless! I don’t think they’ll really look like that in 20 years… I hope not! :O

    The LTT store looks really impressive… congrats to everyone involved in making it happen! I’m SO getting a shirt. 🙂

    And OMG… I just read about the Stephenie Meyer press junket thing… I seriously cannot believe it! WoooOOOOT! That is SO fucking awesome… and you gals really deserve to have something like that happen to you. 🙂 I am SO happy for you both! You are so beyond awesomesauce and I am just so thrilled and happy for you both… like seriously, I’m bursting out of my Eclipse-painted jorts.

    Moon and UC FTW! 😀

    • share every sentiment!

      **fast excited clapping & squeeing like a 2yo**

    • Facepunch, you’re on the “Men of LTT” shirt. It’d look fab with the jorts, jus sayin.

      • Holy CRAP! WoOT! Well dye my hair blonde and call me Mike Newton… I just now saw that! LMAO! Thanx for including me! 🙂 I don’t know what to say….

        I’m so honored. 🙂

        Well, that’s definitely the shirt I’m gonna buy! You did a great job, snowwhitedrifted! 🙂

        Hee hee 😀

      • Hee hee… I just ordered the “Unicorns” Mens black T. 🙂

        It’s funny that no one else in the universe will know what it means… and I like that! LMFAO. Totally wearing it when Eclipse comes out! My Twi friend will love it (once I explain to her what Unicorns are, and what LTT is!). 😀


  6. You guys are gonna be famous!

    Well, famous to people who aren’t Normal like us.

    And even though we know Smeyer has been to this little nut-bar before, how will she take being asked questions by the Queens of Sarcasm, Snark and Sexiness themselves? (being UC and Moon, duh)

    I have a question for you to ask her – would she be insulted if a half decent TV production company made a *good* Twilight mini-series, or made it into a series a la Stargate? You know, to make up for the craptacular parts of the movie so far which will no doubt continue for the last 3…. And would it be cool for them to hire someone to play Bella who’d actually read the books before acting? That’d be tops.

    Off to buy me a tshirt! And a mug, a pillow, and maybe a hat. To wear all at the same time. Holla!

  7. Hey just wanted to say much as I have tried to break free from the Rpatz/Kstew obsession, I noticed LTT was selected to meet with SM…and just thought no one deserved it more!


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  10. For the contest can we submit more than one entry??

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