Eclipse tickets have been on sale for 8 minutes… have you gotten yours yet?


Dear LTTers,

Guys… this is serious….. don’t waste time. Buy your tickets NOW! Cause seriously, June 30th will be here before we know it. And we’ll get to see sexy Edward on screen AGAIN- without the tweed this time!

So waste no time & pre-order those tickets. I just looked and Eclipse will be showing in the crappiest theater in my town opening night. Good thing I’ll be in LA!!!!!!

Until tomorrow, 8 am ET with our “real” letter,


16 Responses

  1. Montgomeryville?! Really??!! Maybe I can buy some crack and a hooker before I go in to see the movie as well…

    Effing crappy theater. 😦

  2. Ha ha… I love this post!

  3. Eclipse tickets have been on sale for 8 minutes? have you gotten ……

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…


    *wearing my toga*

  5. May I take a moment for your UK LTT’ers……………………

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh, sobsobsobsobsobsob, gnashing & wailing, pleh…

    WE have to wait until July 9th……I’m currently buliding my flotation tank so I can cut myself off from the rest of the world for the intervening days….

    • I can not BELIEVE they are doing this to you guys… i really feel for you. Will you ban yourself from LTT/LTR for that time ?
      How will yu cope?
      You need to stratigise!!

    • Nooooooooooooo when did you hear that? I’ve been counting down till June 30th, my holiday starts on the 28th and was planning at least 1 or 2 Eclipse showings. I’ll be back at work by July 9th… how can they do this to us?????

      • Wahh just looked it up and it is indeed true we have to wait till July 9th, however all the millions of Twilight fans in Kazakhstan(?) get to see it June 30th… where’s the fairness in that?! C’mon Summit we gave you Robert Pattinson with our blessing the least you can do is give us the films on time!

  6. Well this is werid cos I’m in Australia and i’ve had my midnight June 30th Eclipse tix for a few weeks now.
    They are pinned to my calendar so i can check them every day and get excited and i know EXACTLY where they are when i need them. I can’t believe we actually got this going b4 th States….

  7. btw.. they are alos showing BOTH Twilight & New Moon beforehand for $10 how good is THAT!!

    • My friends and I have been counting down for months, and have had tickets to the Twilight marathon since the night they went on sale, I can’t wait! 😀

      Can you imagine once Breaking Dawn (whether it’s one movie or two) comes out, we’ll be at the cinema for an entire day almost 😛

    • Ditto on both above. I’ve had tix for the triple for about a month.

      A bargain to see the Twi-New Moon double feature for only $10 before the midnight premiere of Eclipse. I”m more excited after the snippets on Oprah too.

  8. Yeah…all of the theaters that are selling around here are garbage. I don’t know if I can hold out for tickets to my fancy theater downtown.

  9. I feel as though there may have been some sarcasm in this post. That’s OK, I hate you and know you hate me too.

    PS Getting you so wasted again in LA. 😉

  10. gonna see it in IMAX-
    cant wait
    but another theater is having a marathon- found this out after we had already gotten our tickets…
    and then jsut think after the theatre run – we have TO WAIT FOR THE DVD RELEASE……………AARRRRRRRGH

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