2nd hand embarrassment: Eclipse Soundtrack commenters

June 8th here we come, ready or not!

Dear people who commented on the Chop Shop blog yesterday and people with Soundtrack sour grapes,

Are you people serious?

First I’ll start with the commenters on the Chop Shop music blog today. As we know Summit announced the tracklisting for the Eclipse Soundtrack today by rolling out a new artist and song every half hour to hour on MySpace and the Chop Shop blog. Now for those who don’t know, Chop Shop is the music supervision company owned by Alex Patsavas. The music supervisor is essentially the person who along with the director (and team) picks the music to be included in the movie and then clears it legally etc etc. I’ll save you the gory details.

So needless to say some of the comments on the Chop Shop blog today as they updated every hour with new tunes was tres embarrassing! Who goes to the blog of someone who essentially brought the craft of music supervision to the forefront and made shows like The OC, Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl synonymous with great music while breaking MANY unknown bands and you DOG their choices and their (award winning) taste? That’s like Alex and crew showing up at your McDonalds and telling you you’re not flipping burgers right. Have some respect man.  Sure everyone’s entitled to their opinion but not when you like shitty music.

I was hesitant to even write this for fear of coming off like a total snob but I don’t really care especially when it comes to music. I hope you’ll understand and bear with me… let’s take a few comments for example:

Not showing up on a soundtrack near you.....

i am very disappointed that Adam Lambert didn’t make the cut. If you look at all the Eclipse Soundtrack polls ADAM LAMBERT was always a front runner on them. You guys just lost ALOT of sales…. hope your happy. – Katie

Like FOR REALS?!! ADAM LAMBERT?! What part of glam rock American Idol fits into this story line besides the sparkling? And secondly Eclipse Soundtrack polls?! WHAT? WHERE? How old are you?

I was really hoping Candace Charee would be on the Eclipse soundtrack but I understand you got her music too late to be considered. You know, Candace’s music is influenced by Twilight – how many of the artists on this album can say that? Have even read the books? Maybe, Vampire weekend and Muse have read the books. So, for your consideration, Candace Charee. – JoAnn

WHO? And just because it’s sent to Chop Shop and is influenced by Twilight means about… ohh… zero! And if what you think is true I would die to have a conversation with Ezra Koenig about Twilight. Then I would hump his leg. And be like why are we talking about Twilight? You’re Ezra Koenig and you’re HOT! Do me now!

Wait I found this Candace Charee… um there’s a reason she’s not on here.

Trust pays off!

I think It is great! I am happy with the diversity of this soundtrack! I know the fans are really excited by the choices! We cannot wait to hear who is next!!! Thank you for listening to the fans!
Candace Charee’

Spoiler Alert Candace, you will not be one of them. Ever.

Would LOVE to see some Blue October, Saliva, or Band of Horses on here. 100 Monkeys would be an awesome addition as well. Muse is always a must-have. This is a really fun way to reveal the soundtrack – love it!

SALIVA?! I almost cried from embarrassment when I read that earlier. And 100 Monkeys, I’m sorry folks maybe theyre fun in concert or whatever or even the fact Jackson is in the band, but I just DON’T see that ever happening. I mean tell me a 100 Monkeys song that fits the tone and mood of Twilight, cause I sure don’t know one.

Follow the cut to see me wild out on some more comments

Never in a MILLION damn years... EVER will this be on a Twi soundtrack

For the most part I don’t know any of the artist that you mentioned but I hope is good. If you can get anything like you did for the first Twilight soundtrack, that would be great! Also if you want some ideas, go over to Stephanie’s playlist. Maybe if you place a song that inspired Stephanie to write something about it in the book, the fans will enjoy it even more =) – Mayra

Really? Stephenie made playlists for each book and posted them and talked about her musical inspirations when writing Twilight? I would have never known that! Thanks!

Why so Indie?? Geez, call me crazy but I would love to hear a little bit more main stream stuff…or at least SOME! At least with Twilight we had Paramore, Muse, Linkin Park, Collective Soul, and even a little ROB! When New Moon came, the first thing I missed was the Twilight theme music. And now from the looks of this one, I’m going to be on another planet and don’t speak the language. Sorry, but I’m not feelin it. – Spooky

Sorry, Justin Bieber, The Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Jason Durilo, Daughtry and Kelly Clarkson where not available… maybe for Breaking Dawn…

*high pitched scream* I'm irrevocably in love with you, BELLA!!!

This I love by Gunsnroses is one of the greatest epic romantic ballads of all time. – Annie

Ya know for the people who loved hair metal in the 80s and want to wear their acid washed jeans to the midnight screening just for the special scene where Charlie and Billie Black talk about the good old days of playing metal in their band Steel Wolf at the SmogCutter in Port Angeles. Yup, can TOTALLY see this.

Also there were about 23943294 comments asking where Blue October was… um, on Stephenie Meyer’s playlist where they belong? I don’t know. I guess I just don’t get the expectations placed on the soundtrack. The only expectation I have is for it to be GOOD! 😉

I understand wanting to know some of the bands which a lot of people know these bands but when you start putting super mainstream, super popular songs on a soundtrack you make it both distracting and then date your movie when the music should assist a scene and help make it timeless not SO 2010.

Leave off Collective Soul and Linkin Park and we can talk

Lastly, I’d like to address the sour grapes crowd. On what should have been a really fun, positive day in the fandom I saw a lot of tweets that were negative, pissy and downright rude about the whole roll out thing and then the tracks themselves. First of all no one is chaining you to your computer with a gun in their hands, telling you to tweet or die. I’m pretty sure we’re all going to see the 234893294 other retweets of the same information. And how does being rude about it serve any purpose? This soundtrack has been locked in for what I’m sure is weeks now, there is NO changing it. AND this crew has given us killer soundtracks for each movie that sell into the multi millions and become some of the highest selling albums of the year, why don’t you wait till June 8th or even better June 30th till we see how they fit into the movie before causing a scene?

Oh and while you’re at it check out my updated post on the Soundtrack and artists… don’t know who some of these folks are? That’s cool we’ve provided some info and videos for you to get acquainted! Including a video of a live performance of one of the tracks, never heard before!

And now to get off my soap box and run back to over analyzing the soundtrack!


PS If you’re any of the above people, sorry but that’s just bananas!
PPS We didn’t forget about Rob’s birthday! Party over at LetterstoRob.com DO IT!

Think I’m a crazy bitch about this stuff? If there’s one thing I’m passionate about, it’s the music! Have any favorites already? Do you care about whoever Blue October is or really wish Celine Dion had made it? Yea, me too

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  1. I’m devastated there’s no Justin Bieber up in that piece.


  2. I, for one, think the soundtrack is gonna be great. I knew some of the artists, and I wasn’t familiar with others. I looked at it as musical education 🙂
    (Confession: I’ve actually never heard of Vampire Weekend, but I listened yesterday. I like!)

    For those who think they know better than Alex: get off your high horse and try to do it better.
    I dare you.

    • I didnt know fanfarlo. And before New Moon I didn’t know Grizzly bear. I love this franchise for helping me discover great music!

    • Exactly! Thanks to soundtrack music selections (twi-related and not) I’ve been introduced to many bands I really like but would otherwise may not have gotten to know. I like that I don’t know most of the bands on the Eclipse soundtrack. It “broadens my horizons” so-to-speak.

    • I concur. I admit I hardly know any of the bands on the new soundtrack, save for Muse and Vampire Weekend, but it’s a great way to discover new music.

  3. Moon, I love the fact that you say everything I’m thinking but way more articulate…

    I was really not sure how they could have topped the awesomeness of the NM soundtrack, but I am loving this soundtrack listing. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! And I pride myself in being a music snob.

    • good thought i was coming off super bitchy. but if you got it then good!

    • ditto hepburn. couldn’t have said it better myself.

      and all i was thinking when they were rolling out the soundtrack was “HOLY SHIT TWILIGHT STOLE MY IPOD!”

  4. “And now from the looks of this one, I’m going to be on another planet and don’t speak the language. Sorry, but I’m not feelin it. – Spooky”

    I have a big problem with people who aren’t even remotely trying to be open-minded. I guess this kinda contradict my own self-proclaimed open-mindedness, but I’m willing to accept that personal failure fot the greater good here.

    I didn’t know all the bands on that lists either. But MAYBE you could see this as an opportunity to explore some other music besides what is popular. So instead of whining, you could start by actually listening to the songs. I get that some people just have a different taste, but I don’t go spamming the popular radio station that they’re not playing any protopunk.

    I feel like we’re getting haute cuisine and the these folks are whining it’s not Mc Donalds. I love me some fastfood too, but you shouldn’t return your plate before even tasting it.

    • well put alice i think my deal is at least give it a try dont be bitchy right off the bat, ya know? like maybe it’s going to be the best thing youve ever heard in your life, but you dont know that!

  5. What?! Oh nooosss
    No Nickleback on the soundtrack!! How dare they……..

    THANK GOD!!!!!! Cant stand Chad and crew, thank god a pickle is more popular that NB.

    Well, I havent heard of some of the bands on the soundtrack ,( I know – criminal – I live in a sheltered world) but I trust my bloggy pal Moon to lead me to enlightenment.

    Think of it as a “Miseducation of Tigerkitten36”

  6. Psht! I’m pissed they didn’t let KStew break out with a song on this soundtrack. I think I’m going to go ape sh!t about that. That’s favoritism of Rob over her and that’s not fair I won’t stand for it! They gave him a spot on the Twi soundtrack. Now, whose leg do I have to hump to make this happen?*

    *warning this entire comment contains heavy doses of sarcasm, please read responsibly 🙂

    • Kstew should totally have a song, she should sing about her desires between the Wolf and the Vampire. There should be a dance to it too, that everyone can do
      (ie electric slide, drop it low, superman) and do at weddings, parties etc.

      • LMAO! I can see people out on the dance floor now; howling and hitching legs. Even grandma. 🙂

  7. I already knew most of the artists – a couple of them are Grey’s Anatomy veterans (Sia, Metric, The Bravery), so I’m totes familiar with them from when that was my primary obsession – and a couple of them are in my recent favorites (Muse, Vampire Weekend, Dead Weather), so overall, I’m pretty excited.

    I thought the whole roll out was weird – maybe I’m just not as Twi passionate as I once was, but I didn’t need a track by track reveal over the whole day. All it did for me was kill my phone battery because I kept getting tweets about the reveals.

    I love that Alex & Co pick less well known artists – courtesy of the first soundtrack, I discovered Mute Math and become a much bigger fan of Paramore; courtesy of the second I became a huge OK Go fan. So I’m excited to learn more about some of these bands.

    Here’s my only concern – some of the artists on this soundtrack are not quite as rockin’ as I would have liked. I imagine the Eclipse soundtrack like an action movie soundtrack – like Iron Man 2, but with less AC/DC. I hope that some of the tracks bring the distorted electric guitars and wail on the drums.

    Oh yeah, and Bieber. I can’t believe they left him off!!!

    ps – your comment about Ezra gave me a great laugh. I’m a little surprised they agreed to be on the soundtrack, since it will only cement the mistaken belief that their name has ANYTHING to do with Twilight.

    pps – I love when you get all music nerdy Moon. When you did that whole emo instruction post a few weeks ago, I wound up downloading a few songs that I didn’t know & that I now love. Movie star obsessions come and go, but awesome music on my iPod is forever.

    • “Movie star obsessions come and go, but awesome music on my iPod is forever.”

      this is my new tattoo… next to edwards/robs face of course

  8. wow… I must have been in another world yesterday, I thought the soundtrack WAS AMAZING. I mean who could get half of those bands? ONLY DS could, who has worked in the music industry for many years. Be grateful Twi fans. This constant complaing and drama is making us look like spoiled tweens having tantrums!

    PS Happy Birthday ROB ♥

  9. Typical. The fandom bitches and moans until the movie comes out then they sing a different tune. Suddenly the director is the best, the movie is the best, the soundtrack is the best and all these bands suddenly get bunch of Twimom and teen bras at concerts and in the mail. This will be no different.
    Half of them didn’t know any of these before Twilight and Steph’s playlists. Suddenly it’s THE shit.

  10. I have no problem with their selections of artists, other than it makes me feel totally old and lame because I have only ever heard of Beck. I just thought the way they rolled out the line up came across as a desperate cry for attention that they don’t need. LOOK AT ME! ALL. DAY.

    Meh, I didn’t. I just checked in on your (Moon’s) updates a couple times.

    For the most part, music is subjective. No one thinks they listen to bad music (except me because I love bad 80s music), but someone always has an alternate opinion.

    • I love bad 80s music!

    • As you well know, I was with you yesterday. I only knew Beck, Vampire Weekend, and have heard of Metric, but otherwise, I feel old and lame and even more of a music idiot. I do love my 80’s bad musak as well, but will enjoy this soundtrack as much as I did New Moon I do believe. New Moon’s soundtrack was one of my favs, except for the soap opera like instrumental score music that I couldn’t stand in the movie or on the soundtrack.

      Why the eff am I writing so much today?

      • I had at least heard of some of the New Moon bands from the college radio station I listen to. (Which I mainly listen to because I like to hear the students fumble over their words when reading the news) But this lineup? Nuthin’. Except Beck, who I suspect was included to add a retro alt rock sort of flavor. Beck was SO 90s.

  11. Oh my. I couldn’t read all of that. I was cringing too hard.

  12. I imagined that your voice got higher and higher pitched as the letter went on, Moon.

    It made me LOL (I hate typing that). Very entertaining.

    I don’t know these newfangled artist people, but I don’t want to. I’m not old either. I just blame it on… being different. I don’t have the Twilight or New Moon soundtrack, I don’t want them.

    I know that everyone get’s angry about tweens wanting to have their type of music on the soundtrack, but I have a secret. Lean in! I don’t know if you know this but Twilight and New Moon and Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are…. Young Adult books! I know, it’s so surprising.

    PS. I’m sure all of these songs will be fantastic and awesome and fit the movie perfectly. I just think music taste is subjective and based on your location, age, taste, socioeconomic status, and possibly, height. 😉

  13. GREAT POST! and THANKS for your post yesterday! That took a lot of time and effort, and we really appreciate it!

    I knew a lot of the new moon artists and was so awesomely in love with that soundtrack. They really did a phenomenal job with creating the tone of the movie. Based on new moon alone, I’m excited to hear what they’ve curated for eclipse!

    I don’t know that many of the eclipse artists and I am REALLY looking forward to (*gasp*) having my horizons expanded. Thanks Chop Shop!!

  14. My computer at work has blocked all essentials from my life… AKA no videos/sound bites. So i have no idea who any of these people are, but as many have said, i didnt know who any of the artists were on New Moon, and I LOVED it.

    I am super excited for this one to come out. The NM album is one of the best soundtracks i have heard and I am crazy glad that Adam did not make the cut… cause i woulda been pissed.

    Glad to know that the soundtrack department is always dependable… maybe they should join forces with makeup/’wigs?

  15. To be honest, I don’t know many of the artists from the soundtrack. I have heard music from only a few of the bands featured there. But that’s alright because I trust Alex Patsavas. I loved the music from OC, Grey’s and Gossip Girl. Twilight and NEw Moon soundtracks were both awesome BECAUSE of the lesser-known, so-called obscure artists. Like Bell_NaA said yesterday, these soundtracks are like musical education. You get introduced to a lot of really cool bands that you (or rather I) wouldn’t have heard of.

    “..and then date your movie when the music should assist a scene and help make it timeless not SO 2010.” <—-Yess, Moon. Exactly. That's why I loved the soundtracks because they just don't define the years 2008 or 2009. The songs are in fact timeless.

    That being said, I'm really looking forward to listening to the songs. I'm dying to see which scenes they'd fit. Like I said yesterday, I'm no musical snob but I generally listen to any artist that's good. Excluding people like Justin Bieber.

  16. I think you were reading my mind! I thought everyone was being really rude about the posting.

    Plus I find it funny that everyone complains about not having main stream artists on the soundtrack, but the soundtracks that always sell the best (Like the OC soundtracks) are because everyone gets excited about these songs they have never heard before – but really liked on the show.

    Have an open mind people! This is some really awesome music!

  17. I ❤ music. I can't play a lick, but it's always played an important role in my life. HUMUNGO. My husband and I are both music snobs, thus hand-picking every single song played at our wedding. If it's on the Top 20 Countdown – I don't like it. I have loved all the Twilight soundtracks thus far and I am especially looking forward to this one. Black Keys making the cut, made my day. I love the fact that Chop Shop brings these wonderfully obscure bands to the front. Yea for the UNDERDOG!

    I must admit I was secretly hoping for a little Kei$ha. A little Tik Tok during the graduation party. Food for thought. . .

  18. “Think I’m a crazy bitch about this stuff?” Duh! Of course.The amazingly extremely ignorant fandom is always right. I think you expressed yourself very gracefully considering the subject.
    And “more mainstream”? “Too indie”? These people are playing big music festivals!!! How is that obscure? Gosh!!!
    This being said, I just needed a fangirl moment about the soundtrack!!! *squee* And for the beginning of music festivals season!

  19. Personally, I saw the list this morning and got really excited! More so than for New Moon. Ditto to Moon that the music distracting from the movie is bad. I shouldn’t be sitting there thinking, who is that singing?? Is that Justin Bieber??

    I also agree with Milfy G – I think of Eclipse as the most action-packed and like my songs rockin’ when there’s vampires getting their heads torn off.

  20. The Black Keys posted on they’re myspace page that they were on the soundtrack and got hell for it. After reading those comments I know why. I still ❤ the Black Keys cause I (secretly) ❤ Eclipse 😉

  21. I gotta say, the only thing I agree with on those chop Shop comment ramblings is that I would have liked another song from Rob. Don’t judge me! Although I know deep down, we have a better chance of seeing Rob pose for nudie pics, well at least not on a TWI soundtrack anyway. What can I say? -I luff that mumbley, half snockered slurry voice. Its like ear porn.. hot mumbley porn to my ears!

    And someone is actually disappointed that AdamL didn’t make the cut? Really? REALLY?

    Just so you know… JoAnn and Candace Charee are prob the same person, just sayin’…. Nice alias Candace, nice try!

    P.S. Still fangirling o’er The Dead Weather! King Midas himself.. Jack White will be on a Twi soundtrack!
    F*cking squeeee!

    • This is JoAnn — I’m not Candace, In fact, I’m very sorry I even posted that comment because my information was all wrong.

      However, I am a big fan of the lady.

      The Eclipse soundtrack is amazing. I listen to it all the time and tuck Candace’s music in the mix too.

      Whether you like Candace’s music or not, there is no denying she is one talented girl. And I’m not her. I have not talent.

  22. I *think* all of the asshattery over Blue October not being on the soundtrack was due to an interview with the lead singer. I think it was last month. He was talking about Stephenie wanting them to be on the soundtrack but “her people” said no, and blah blah blah. A lot of the tweets I saw yesterday were ref’ing that. *cue the NBC “the more you know” music*

  23. I LOVE YOU when you get bitchy! It makes my mother flipping day! I will have you know that I complained about the release of soundtrack info yesterday, but only cause I didn’t have time to see what was up next while fake working at work all day. I did however, know that my gals here would explain everything to me later, and publicly announced such (I don’t just tweet, I announce). Anyhow, I am in love with #Moon today for this–> “Sure everyone’s entitled to their opinion but not when you like shitty music..”

    I am a music idiot, and I know and freely admit/announce this regularly. That is why I allow myself to get schooled by people that know what real musak is. Thank you for the schoolin.

    PS Only thing I missed was my Radiohead or Thom Yorke. I love their sound, but I have all their music on my IPOD, so I can go listen to it without needing a Twi sountrack. That makes me very #Coo

    • You are always #coo.

      And #WeAreAlwaysRight

      (We also hashtag comments on LTT. We rule.)

      p.s. It was nice of you to not hate on Moon today. Or Ron.

    • I’m like you, Janie, I didn’t like the slow release idea because I had to go off to work where *get ready* There Is No Computer for me…..

      But then I came home, and there was the lineup all broken down for me and complete. The only song I had to wait for was Jacob’s Theme!! Ohh the suspense was killing me!!!

      Thanks for putting it all in one place, Moon!

  24. Just like with New Moon’s soundtrack, I will be schooled and I will love it! I don’t understand making negative comments about a soundtrack to a movie no one’s seen yet. So as long as there’s no Bieber or Britney, I’ll trust that people who know waaaaay more about the music/movie industry will deliver!!

  25. I’m not a fan of most mainstream music. When I heard the rumors about Adam Lambert I just cringed. I love that the Twi soundtracks have had so many up and coming artists. I wasn’t crazy about the Twi ST, loved the NM ST and think the Eclipse one will be great too. If they had Beiber, Lambert, Clarkson or anyone of that ilk I wouldn’t even consider buying it. And GunsnRoses?? That cracked me up. Have an open mind, people. You might actually find that you like it.

  26. I was thinking there was no way in Heck that Vampire Weekend would make it onto this s/t,due to the kitchy factor of their name…so Yay!

  27. I don’t worry about how or why they pick who they do for the soundtracks! I just know that I love the soundtracks for the first two movies so am eagerly anticipating the one for Eclipse. I live in such a hick town that the soundtracks are the only way I’d have gotten to hear most of the artists! We don’t even have a radio station that plays alt or indie music here. Sucks. So, thanks soundtrack-picker people. Can’t wait to hear this one!

  28. I just wanted to echo what a few people have said. I only knew of maybe 3 bands that are on the soundtrack, but I’m totally excited for it. I’ve loved the previous two, and I didn’t know of many of those bands before hand either. I’m loving being exposed to new music that I probably would have never discovered on my own. Those crazy commenters on chop shop need to just give it a chance before they dismiss this soundtrack. I for one am so glad that they don’t include mainstream, popular bands/artists. I like one of Lambert’s songs…but sorry, he doesn’t belong on a Twilight Saga soundtrack.

  29. The soundtrack is looking awesome! You can’t go wrong with Fanfarlo and Florence + The Machine.
    I honestly think it may be shaping up to be better than the new moon one…

  30. I love mainstream music *ducks from flying objects* but I LOVE the creators of the saga soundtracks because 1. if it’s twi-related of course I’m going to buy it and 2. it forces me to listen to music I may not have picked up on my own. As a result, my new favorite bands are Muse, Thom Yorke, the Black Ghosts, Mutemath, etc. I’m glad I stayed away from the blog and twitter (for the most part) yesterday so I wouldn’t have to put up with the ignorance spewing forth from the tweenyboppers. Adam Lambert?? Seriously?? Give me a break! Thank you, as always, for expressing your opinion and standing up against 2nd hand embarrassment, Moon! 🙂

  31. I liken these commentators to people who show up in Italy expecting everything to taste like The Olive Garden.

    American kids are raised on bland, bland, bland, in everything from food to music.

    I think that it’s good that the soundtrack will “educate” kids (and by kids I mean me too, see comments yesterday,) a bit more on fine music and it’s nice that the soundtrack breaks the monstrosity of the fact that Bieber and Ke$ha are everywhere you turn.

    As for Celine Dion… yes. I always hope Celine will make the cut on another soundtrack one of these days. I know she can do it. She’s going to be like Cher. Keep coming back once every decade until she’s 200 years old. She’ll be chest-thumping when she’s 90.

  32. People are lame, the end. For the record, I avoid 99% of all comments to ANYTHING Twilight-related, as it is guaranteed to cover you in a blanket of second-hand embarrassment (or just first-hand, “Good grief you’re a bunch of dumbasses.”)

  33. “That’s like Alex and crew showing up at your McDonalds and telling you you’re not flipping burgers right.”


    I am sure that Alex P. is thinking, “Oh, you are SOOO right Boo Radley from BFE, we made a HUGE mistake not including some rando myspace/twilight convention artist with song titles like “The Smell of Your Skin”.


    And yes, I looked up her myspace because I couldn’t help myself. And then I watched her videos. And then I realized that watching her made me miss Aman-DUH all the more. In fact, why wasn’t Aman-DUH considered?!

    ::goes to comment on chop shop::

  34. Aw Moonie, I love you for getting all worked up about the soundtrack. It would probably make Edward chuckle.

    • At least distract him from wanting to kill those ‘frat guys’ down at the Port Angeles dock… hehe.

  35. I’m just catching up. But my friggin’ heart just stopped when I saw that The Dead Weather would be featured on the ST. I’m so excited. I do believe this ST may be better than NM.

    As for the complainers…you’re stupid. Yeah, I said it. As if Twi-fans weren’t laughed at enough, the minute we start getting some legit talent on board and something to off-set the cheese that is the Twilight Saga a slew of buckethead chicks start mouthing off with crap like Adam Lambert and Guns N Roses?!? 100 Monkeys?!? Complainers, can you please just pipe down, so that I can get through BD without dying of shame and ridicule for being a Twilight fan?

  36. Moon, I am so greatful that you are a self proclaimed music snob because you really did a great breakdown of the soundtrack. Def would love a “Moon’s Playlist” of what you would put on the soundtrack. Hmmm, can you do that? I’d buy it. I have a friend who is a trip-hop music snob and she made me the greatest CD’s.

    “Charlie and Billie Black talk about the good old days of playing metal in their band Steel Wolf at the SmogCutter in Port Angeles”- LOL @ lamenting the ‘Glory Days’ of Steel Wolf

  37. Thank you for adding the piece in about the rudeness of peoples tweets yesterday, Moon. I was shocked at some of the stuff people were saying and complaining about.

    Most of the ones that stood out to me were the bloggers who complained about Myspace and Summit “wasting their time with the all day reveal” and how they “weren’t getting paid to wait around”, etc.

    Um, hello!! Blogging is a HOBBY!! True, some people get paid to blog, but for the most part the people who blog do it for fun.

    Also, some of the moaners and whiners were blogs that basically just re-report what’s already been reported by Summit or a ton of other blogs. Big effing deal that you aren’t getting paid to report something that’s ALREADY BEEN REPORTED.

    LTT and LTR are honestly the only blogs that I read (unless forced to read others by someone who goes by the name of AmberRMW… lol) and I read this blog because Moon and UC are original, they’re funny, and they make reading their blog FUN. I truly love you girls.



      ps we still need to do stubbs bbq in midwet city next time. but i do love me some queso. damn choices. just like eclipse. it’s begins with a choice.

  38. I missed tomorrow’s entry, so I will briefly comment on the bands. Um, first reaction, “SWEET!” I love The Bravery! And Beck and Bats For Lashes is going to be unbelievable. Need to get acquainted with some of the others, but I think I’m going to wait this time until after I’ve seen the film to get the soundtrack. Last time it was just… all I could focus on was the music. But I’m quite excited to say the least.

    On today’s entry, if I were going to moan about things on Chop Shop blog, I’d only be able to say that Broken Social Scene could make an asset to any Twi soundtrack. But honestly, Alex rocked the NM soundtrack and I have full faith in her. (it’s a her right?)

    Oh, and Howard Shore?! Shut the front door. I’m well chuffed for this score.

  39. I love what you said about songs not being a distraction and dating the movie, and how they should assist the scene. That’s spot on.

    It took me a couple of listens through the albums (after watching the movies) to really GET the music – why a song fit that scene perfectly, why they chose that particular song, why it was timed to begin at a certain moment.

    I could give a dozen examples, but two of my faves from NM are when Edward walks away from her into the night (Roslyn), leading up to the break-up; and when they go from Hearing Damage, during the wolves/Victoria scene, to Bella preparing to jump into the water, and it turns into Slow life. Perfection. (Also, the Twilight baseball scene – who doesn’t feel pumped hearing that?)

    I really loved the soundtracks, and I would have HATED more mainstream music, because you’re exactly right, I would have been sucked out of the movie and focused on that Top 40 song rather than the story. Music needs to compliment and enhance the movie, not overwhelm it. The songs they’ve chosen in the past just added to every emotion I was feeling at that moment. Hey – what more could I ask for from a Twilight movie?

    Oh, and NOTHING wrong with being a music snob.

  40. Ha – so good – love this post. Yeah – because Justin Bieber, BEP and Guns n Roses would have been so right. Actually….

    Let’s think about some of the key scenes in Breaking Dawn (which I may have just finished re-reading hence my attention to detail) for a minute:

    Bella steps out on the soft white sand, drops her towel and walks into the warm bath-like water, the kind she approves of – the opening bars of “I gotta feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good night” by the BEP starts pounding in the background. Fade to black as Fergie hollers “whooooooo hooooo”

    Whilst training to use her shield, Bella snarls as Kate threatens to zap Reneeeessssmmeeee who is clinging to her back. Zafrina uses her visions to blind the watching vampires and shows them the rainforest. Perfect time for “Welcome to the Jungle” by Gn’R

    As Bella lies on the operating table upstairs in the Cullen house covered in blood and sweat with her paralyzed legs
    twisted under her, Edward hands Rennnneeeeeesssssmmmeeee to Bella, wipes the vampiric placenta gunk from his mouth and breaks out the chorus of “Baby, baby, baby ooooooh” a la Justin Bieber

  41. I have a confession to make. It has nothing at all to do with this post, so I apologize, but need to get something off my chest, and this is the only safe place to do it.

    I just started reading Wide Awake. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. Thus far Edward is not behaving in a way that I would want him to- but that hasn’t stopped me from reading. I cannot admit that I am reading it to and RL friends (as if they would know what Wide Awake is) so I feel the need to come clean here.

    Phew! Just getting to talk about it makes me feel better. 🙂

    • It’s LTT great for confessions. I just freaked out that I didn’t set the dvr for Oprah but through the wonders of Direct TV and my DVR I just set it remotely. Can’t decide if I’m creeped out that it will now flicker to life and record my program or just be happy.

      I’m somewhat new to the fan fic party but I enjoyed Wide Awake. I literally cried at the end. Stick with it. I’m reading Emancipation Proclamation at the moment and it’s excellent.

      • For the love of all things Twilight!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Just Me! I was aware of the Eclipse show, but had no idea it’s airing today.

        Hate to admit that I care so much about watching it…but I do…just because.

      • Wide Awake was the first “proper” fanfic I read too, made me cry as well more than once. Couldn’t quite get my head round the all-human thing at first but it is very good once you get into it.

  42. I’d like to thank LTT for the “2nd hand embarrassment” phrase – for adding a new dimension to my expressiveness.

    Never before had the perfect words for that emotion. I use it all the time now. Comes in very handy!

    In fact, I’d like to add it to the list started the other day as part of my LTT t-shirt order. 🙂

    • Ooh! I didn’t know we had a tshirt order list!!

      • Yes – sort of – one of our fearless leaders mentioned t-shirts (I think on Bill Condon day), and two ladies suggested LTT/LTR on the front with either “If you have to ask, don’t” or “That’s Normal” on the back. So I’m officially also entering “2nd Hand Embarrassment” into the request mix!

        Seriously – standing by with a credit card…

        • Seriously. I think I will have to make it myself if not!!! For Eclipse maybe I will make a buttcrack santa shirt. A big picture of Waylon Forge on the back with “RIP” and “Kids love those little bottles.” on the front. I’m sure someone’s already made this shirt…

          I do kind of want a Leg Hitch 2010 shirt. Someone should design that! <>

          • Oh, and I think someone else mentioned “They’re Not Bears”, which never cracked me up until I arrived here. Want one.

    • 2nd hand embarrassment tshirt is soo necessary.
      I can wear it over my Team Jacob t-shirt.
      (Kidding. I do not have a Team Jacob t-shirt. But I might if I could cover it up with an “I’m 2nd hand embarrassing” t-shirt.

      • operarose, that was too funny! Good idea – always best to hide the crazy as much as possible. I’d like one “I’m 2nd H.E.” tee in a dark color to cover up the “Jasper Says Relax” I now really want to own.

  43. I don’t know why this just occurred to me (ok, I do, I watched Twilight again last night), but why wasn’t 15 Step (Radiohead) on the soundtrack?! I HATE when they put out an incomplete soundtrack, and it’s a good song. Maybe something to do with Radiohead? Anyway, bummer.

    • @thischickrunswithvampires:
      I’m pretty sure 15 Step was offered by itunes only. Yeah I like that song too.. but then again Radiohead doesn’t do anything that doesn’t rock my socks.

  44. It’s my at-home day, and let me just say that RPattz is effing ADORABLE on Oprah!!! I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling since it began. Awwww…

  45. oh my gosh have you been to the Smog Cutter in LA?? That place is AH-Mazing.
    yeah, that’s what i felt the need to comment on in this entire article…
    oh and i agree with everything you said

  46. Moon,
    I agree with absolutely everything you said and Alex has my dream job and I would probably quit my job and scrub her toilets with the toothbrush I still use as an added bonus to be her apprentice for free.

    That being said, I love Indie and Indie isn’t for everyone so I’m trying to be understanding of all these bitchers and moaners but no. Just no. Adam Lambert? The only think I want from him would possibly be his eye make up technique tips. Maybe. But even that’s pushing it.

    Also, I was a bit annoyed with how they were rolling out the list yesterday. For about 30 seconds. And then real life took over and I didn’t give it a second thought until the list was over half way done and I didn’t give it a third thought until it was completely done. It’s not like they released a song a day. I think it’s safe to say I’m fairly obsessed with all things Twilight hence my following/commenting on this blog and I was not at all bothered by how they teased us like a dry humping virgin before delivering the big O to us.

    P.S. I recently bough Pearl Jam tickets just to see Band of Horses open for them. I don’t even really like Pearl Jam and I think I may have got that funny feeling down there when I saw The Black Keys on there.

  47. Personally I am super excited about the soundtrack and I this I am pretty sure that I am going to buy it. I like that the songs aren’t main stream and don’t listen to mainstream anyway. So thank you whoever put this sound track together. I think it is a winner. Two thumbs up from me.

  48. We all know how much Adam Lambert loves Twilight but seriously he does not belong on the soundtrack, along with GNR, Lady Gaga and most of all Saliva! They don’t fit there.

    Moon – I loved your post yesterday. Teach me all about the music and who these artists are, please? I loved both soundtracks because of the music that it introduced me to. I’m a music lover but I don’t know most of the artists, so I think it’s great and you are great for explaining it all to me.

    • Actually Adam has said he likes the show True Blood better and has never seen any of the Twilight Movies, only read the books. It was certain media that kept saying he might be on the soundtrack, not Adam. Adam does have a song written by Muse on his album, so I don’t think it’s that far fetched to think a few songs of his couldn’t have worked on the ST. Fans can be cray cray on all sides. The twihards having a hissy fit because someone they don’t like might be on a soundtrack are just as ridiculous.

  49. i love that people hate it before they even get a chance to see it in sync with the movie. i like most of the artists on the st and the ones i don’t i’m excited to hear just like for new moon. awesome post 🙂

  50. Moon the more music snob you get, the more I feel like we’re friends. You know if everyone just befriended a hipster their music knowledge would remain current. I have my hipster friends give me tapes of bands I need to be listening to. (yes I said tapes)

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