Eclipse Soundtrack Tracklisting! Insert excitement here! Every hour on the hour (ish)

Dear Eclipse Soundtrack Folks-

Um, by now I’m sure you know our crazy love for the soundtracks and breaking them down like a nutjob to the infinite degree, so of course you know we’re waiting with bated breath for you to release the hounds the tracklisting today. BUT being good followers of Stephenie Meyer you’ve mastered the art of the cock block and want to guarantee repeat visits, you have decided to release ONE TRACK an hour starting at 8AM Pacific Time (holla WEST COAST!) today on MYSPACE. Now, MYSPACE?! That’s another letter for a whole other day (or year), but COME ON!!! So now this is how it’s going to work, I’m going to be updating this letter through out the day to include all the latest announcements and artists on the sound track and hopefully give you some samples and scene ideas I think they might use the song in…

Until then let’s start with what we know and then some guesses…

Lead single…

Muse: Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) – Besides having the best name ever and being SMeyer’s ladyboner band, I’m secretly hoping they use that picture of the Edward Cullen Neutron of the Shire as the single cover. Here’s a total cockblock of a sample of Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) (say that ten times fast! you will be tested June 30).

Why yes, what a lovely piano tinkling sound.
*updated: supposed leak of the song HERE doesn’t sound like the same key, but I’ll let you decide*

Some other Muse tunes to hold you over since we know what they sound like… Starlight, Knights of Cydonia

Jesse & Joy: Magic & Desire – This was reported by Eclipse Movie (and some others but we love our bb Eclipse Movie) that Jesse and Joy, a latin band would be contributing a song to the soundtrack. This makes me wonder two things… where is this going to end up in the soundtrack? Maybe a Jasper/Maria scene? Or is this song only on Soundtracks in Latin America, since we learned that certain tracks only make it onto soundtracks in specific world areas. We shall see!

Jesse & Joy – Mi Sol
Love the totally emo graphics the video maker used. ANARCHY!!!!

This is quite beautiful and now I’m even more convinced whatever “Magic & Desire” is it will be included on a Latin America only version of the soundtrack. If Jessie & Joy had been more Rodrigo y Gabriella flavored I might be more inclined to think it could be for a certain scene but now I’m not so sure. Unless they do an english language song (like ‘And then there was you’ below) Dang, listen to these guys! They’re great!

Other Jesse & Joy: Adios, And Then There Was You


1. Metric – “Eclipse (All Yours)
UC will be jumping for joy with the news that Metric will be on the Soundtrack. Her fake lesbian lover is Emily Haines.

Metric can kinda go either way with the up beat stuff or the more ballad-y songs… should be interesting and good call on just being obvious and titling the song Eclipse. Lest we forget what movie this is for…
Other Metric: Help I’m Alive, Twilight Galaxy (heh, someones a fan!)

2. Muse: Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)
OMG! didn’t see this one coming…see above…

3. The Bravery – “Ours”
The Bravery are super upbeat and rocky, this is a fun inclusion though they’re not rock in the traditional sense this could be something at the graduation party or maybe a cool chase or driving scene

Love this title!
More from The Bravery: Unconditional, Believe

4. Florence and the Machine – Heavy In Your Arms
So quality. I just saw Florence on Live at Abbey Road sessions the other day and can’t wait to hear “Heavy In Your Arms” she can really howl… speaking of…

Howl from Florence and the Machine

She such a strong female it almost makes me want to think about someone like Leah or maybe when Bella grows a pair…

More FATM: You’ve Got The Love, Hurricane Drunk

5. Sia – My Love
Now we all know everyone’s love affair with her song “Breathe Me” which was probably the best ever synch on 6 Feet Under a few years back but call me crazy I want to see some whacky Sia… or like Zero 7 Sia!

More Sia: Gimme More (cover of Britney) Destiny (zero 7)

6. Fanfarlo – Atlas
If I wasn’t freaking before I defs am now! Welcome to one of my favorite bands! UGH! Amazing. I usually don’t fan girl out over Twilight (says the girl who writes a blog about Twilight), but we’re talking the MUSIC, and it’s GOOD music!


Atlas performed live earlier this year. (Thanks Lula!)

My fave Fanfarlo song The Walls Are Coming Down

More Fanfarlo: In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (cover of another of my faves: Neutral Milk Hotel)

7. The Black Keys – “Chop And Change
Oh the Black Keys you are great…

(For Carter)

8. The Dead Weather – “Rolling in on a Burning Tire”
Dayum finally some (probably) hard ass music. Jack White kills in yet another side project band. We all know from David Slade’s tweets he had a director boner for them while filming in Vancouver, so good on him for making it happen. And besides anyone who names an album “Whorehound” is good peoples.

Alison Mosshart is a badass bitch throw her in with Jack and some others from Queens of the Stone Age and the Rancetouers and this is a SUPER group!

More from The Dead Weather: Treat Me Like Your Mother, I Cut Like A Buffalo

9. Beck and Bat For Lashes – “Let’s Get Lost
UMMMM as we saw from  the Bon Iver / St. Vincent track from New Moon this collaboration could be redonkulous. Though I haven’t been a huge Beck fan for the last album or so I LOVE his album Sea Changes and couple that with my lady lover Natasha Khan (aka Bat for Lashes) and we have the makings of something that could be awesome!

Natasha will creep you out in the best way possible with What’s A Girl To Do?

More Bat for Lashes: Her cover of Use Somebody (one of my faves)


The Golden Age

More Beck: Girl, Sex Laws

10. Vampire Weekend – “Jonathan Low
If UC would be peeing her pants over Metric, I will be peeing my pants over Vampire Weekend. Heck yea Ezra is my lover! I’ve kinda always hoped they’d end up on a Twilight soundtrack but knew it might be a slim chance because of the kitsch factor with the name but HALLELUJAH we have some Vampire Weekend!

Now VW can go both ways (TWSS) and I love them for it. They have a very, (I’m reluctant to use the word) ‘world’ ish vibe to their music that is very danceable  but then they can lay on the sweet jams. Because I love them so I’m giving you some extras here!

Giving up the gun

Probs my fave VW song ever… California English Pt 2

More Vampire Weekend: Cousins, Kids Don’t Stand a Chance, WalcottCape Cod Kwassa Kwassa I told you I liked them. Now don’t go stealing my bf Ezra!

11. UNKLE – “With You In My Head (featuring The Black Angels)”
Brit band of greatness…

Be There

12. Eastern Conference Champs – “A Million Miles An Hour”
Hey, Philly folks here’s a band from your neck of the woods and one I don’t know much about so let’s take a listen…

The Box

More ECC: Sideways Walking

13. Band of Horses – “Life on Earth”
Who wants the sads? These boys bring them with their music. Need a fix before June 8th, their new album comes out next Tuesday!

The Funeral
One of my fave songs from back in the day, used to listen to this when I drove to work.

More BOH: No One’s Gonna Love You

14. Cee-Lo Green – “What Part Of Forever
WWWHHHAAATTT>>!! CEE-LO GREEN?! Shit just got REAL interesting! For those not in the know, Cee-Lo is the other half of Gnarls Barkley and original member of Goodie Mob and boy can he SANG. Not just sing, SANG. Shall this be some sorta romantic soul moment? Engagement anyone? ORRR ORRR maybe the big kiss off between Bella and Jacob?! God that would be gut wrenchingly awesome!

Who’s gonna save my soul (Gnarls Barkley)

Cee-Lo is soul through and through but it’s soul that’s taken a ride on a space ship.

More Cee-Lo: Under the Influence, I’ll be Around, Going On (Gnarls Barkley). Spend the Night In Your Mind

15. Howard Shore – “Jacob’s Theme”
Dude, this is the guy who wrote the Lord of the Rungs score, I think we’re gonna be in good hands!

The Shire

I REALLY loved Alexandre Desplat’s Jacob’s Theme so I’m interested to see if Howard keeps any of the same tone or theme or does a whole new theme… we do get a different Jacob in Eclipse after all

Who will NOT make the cut…
100 Monkeys – They couldn’t write a song that wasn’t improvised, so every song they tried to record was different and NO ONE wanted to hear a song about a wolf threesome, Mrs. Cope’s menopause or what’s for lunch in the Forks High School Cafeteria. For serious.

Anyone from the Brit Pack, Sage, Mitch Hanson whoever, etc etc – For obvious reasons, do we even need to go into this?

Robert Pattinson – because he’s a big pansy and can’t put on his big boy Marks & Spencer underwear and give us a flippin’ song! UGH.

I’ve got my fingers and toes and legs and whatever else I can cross, crossed that this soundtrack will be as freaking awesome as the New Moon Soundtrack was. That soundtrack blew ours and every other music lover/snobs socks off and now that Alex Patsavas and the Twilight crew can demand original content from HUGE, awesome, credible artists I really can’t contain myself to see what kind of coup her and her team pulls off for Eclipse.


Yes, I will be updating this as we find out the artists on the soundtrack and giving you the 411 and some tracks to listen to! Get excited! I am!!!!!! I live for this stuff! Any favorites or speculation you want to throw out there? What artists do you think are perfect for Eclipse?

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter

86 Responses

  1. No speculation on bands from me, but I am hella curious to find out what the soundtrack is going to be like! The Twilight and New Moon soundtracks have been a great musical education.

    Related funny story: last week, I ordered an Iron & Wine and a Black Ghosts cd and had them delivered at work. My colleagues were all impressed by my knowledge of hitherto obscure bands (in Belgium, at least). That is, until Alice_NaA blew my cover and told everyone both bands were on the Twilight soundtrack.

    • haha funny!
      Iron & Wine…gah…I swoon every time ‘Flightless bird’ comes up on my playlist. I try to imagine Robward in Gucci, plus the buoffant and dancing with my…errr Beller’s feet on his nice dress shoes….*sigh* Damn you Stephenie Meyer for turning a completely sensible person into a total sap!

  2. If only Total Eclipse of the Heart would be on there!! Then again, it always makes me think of church camp/S.T.A.R.S. (holla Students Taking A Right Stand!) anti-drug skits.

    • Isn’t that a song done by the Glee cast? Or is it an original song by some other artist? I saw the song title on the Apple homepage on Safari and of course the word ‘Eclipse’ caught my attention…I don’t even watch Glee… 🙂

    • totally should have read all the posts before i posted mine, like a moron, i said that to, but after you… my appologies

    • OMG! When I was in high school those guys came to my school and did that performance in our gym for the student body.

      I literally CAN’T hear that song without seeing those people doing their show.

      *sings* turn around!
      *person turns to face crowd holding up a sign with a drug name on it*

      Music speeds up and the “drugs”start chasing the person around.

      The other week they sang that song on Glee. I honestly expected the tv show to turn anti-drug themed.


      • Oh, and my husband hears that song and instantly thinks Wedding Crashers and starts singing that wedding singers rendition: “I f#!king need you now tonight! I f#!king need you more than ever!”

        Which is hilar, but gives me confusing, conflicting mental images because of where my mind already went to…. I don’t think my mind could handle another mental image mixed in there. lol

  3. I was listening to the NEw Moon soundtrack today again. DOn’t hate me for this, but I LOVED ‘Satellite Heart.’ Other favourite songs include, ‘Done All Wrong’, ‘Meet Me on the Equinox’ and ‘I Belong to You.’ I watched the NM DVD again yesterday and it JUST occurred to me what a beautiful song ‘Roslyn’ is. I also loved ‘The Violet Hour’. Reminds me of Emmett’s goofy laugh as he says ‘Dating an older woman – hot!’ *Sigh* Summit, please don’t fire Kellan. Or Ashley. Here’s an idea about who to fire – a certain Melissa Rosenberg!

    Since I’ve mentioned Muse, I’ll make a confession here: Up until SM mentioned the band on her website, I had no idea about who they were. And, like many other musically challenged teenage twilight fans, the first song I’d ever heard of them was ‘Supermassive Black Hole’. HOWEVER, now that I know how awesome they are I totes fished out all of their previous hits and haven’t stopped listening to them. Their album ‘Black Holes and Revelations’ was soooo epically awesome. Kudos to Moon for mentioning two of my favourite songs from that album. Might I dare and suggest a Muse song here? ‘Map of the Problematique'<—–this comes from a person who know very little about music but enjoys all sorts of genre nonetheless.

    As for the Eclipse soundtrack, I would love to see Paramore and Linkin Park make a comeback. I LOVED the Twilight soundtrack as well. But I can't compare it with the NM one because the former was more alternative while the latter was indie.

    • I sooo wanted Within Temptation to contribute their songs ‘Angels’ and ‘Memories’ to the New Moon Soundtrack. Check out these songs if you haven’t heard them..the lyrics really match New Moon’s theme…

      Even though they’ve said no, I want Kings of Leon and My Chemical Romance to have songs in Eclipse soundtrack…

    • What you said. 🙂

      • Ooops, out of context. I don’t know what Knocked Up is. Was referring to Rob’s Slo Mo’ Strut’s soundtrack comments.

        • Knocked up is an awesome kings of leon song, you should look it up. I am slightly dissapointed that kingys didn’t make the cut but that would be hoping too much…..

  4. Am I the only one annoyed by this gimmick of releasing the name of a contributing band and a song every hour? I think that’s almost as obnoxious as making 34945 different copies of the DVD.

  5. I want GAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m not a music snob. I just turn on the radio to the pop station. My favorites include: Gaga, Britney, Justin T., every rap artist known to man, and Broadway songs. I know this makes me “uncool” or is it too cool? Oh well, I like what I like…. kind of like, my love for a young adult series of vampire books. HA!

    PS. I haven’t bought a cd since 2002. It was Sum 41. That’s my secret confession for the day. ; )

  6. i’d like some florence + the machine,
    was expecting their “cosmic love” to be on the new moon soundtrack (since it is so perfect for that film/book) but whatevs.
    so excited for the eclipse soundtrack, there arn’t many other films that can bring it (“oh its been brought’en”) like the twilight soundtracks.

    • I would LOVE if some Florence + the Machine made it on there. I’m a teensy bit obsessed at the moment. I think it’d be hilar if “Kiss with a Fist” made it on there, but I’m sure not everyone would find it humorous…

      I’d also love to see Fever Ray on there. “If I had a Heart” is an amazing, haunting song.

    • I think F & TM SHOULD be on soundtrack! Florence was on the radio here the other week and was asked about it. She said that they have put a song forward but it’s all a bit last minute as to whether they would make the final album etc.

    • you ask and you shall receieve vi!

      totally called that shiz

  7. I have said this for a long time, not that i knew how to get in touch with the powers that be, but Howie Day’s “She Said” would be spot on PERFECT for this movie. Just google the lyrics, it’s ridiculous.

    On top of everything else, Howie is a fantastic artist; I listen to him all the time. The New Moon soundtrack is my favorite. Possibility still brings tears to my eyes.

    On a les poignant note, Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” (catch the reference…) and Hearts “Alone” would make wonderful additions.

    • at the end of “Possibility” it sounds like she says “Have blood in my pee.. I follow your lead”.

      …maybe this is because my 3 year old daughter sings along while she’s in the tub so I never really get to hear the real lyrics.

    • Hahaha! I just looked it up, you are so right about the “She Says” lyrics!

  8. I am so freakin’ excited. Something to look forward to on this hump day.

    Happy Belated Birthday Moon! You do rock a “better than Barbie” hair style.

  9. Always thought “Andreas Johnson – We can work it out” would be perfect.

  10. Do I have to have a MySpace acct to access this? ‘Cause I’m old, and I don’t have one.

    Also, if it is just a matter of getting Rob to put on his big boy Marcs and Spenser’s underpahnts, um, I could help with that…..justsayin’.

  11. Thanks for updating us today! I deleted my MySpace a loooong time ago, so now I’m out of the loop for everything (Glee auditions, Eclipse soundtrack release, etc.)
    I’m with Fang, how bout some Gaga?! I, too, turn on my radio and love whatever is playing (usually). I have been exposed to great new bands, thanks to the soundtracks, but I still love my Top 40 stuff (I know, I know). I also would love to hear Heart and Bonnie Taylor on there, although Glee’s version is pretty awesome.

  12. i just saw the first one out is from Metric – “Eclipse (All Yours)”….

  13. I love the “Who will NOT make the cut…” section (only because I’m not a huge Muse fan and I can’t see the videos you’ve posted so far because my work is lame and blocks it). I also like it because it made me giggleh.

    Love you, Moon. Oklahoma forever. (lol, I totally stole that from Tim Riggins ((Taylor Kitsch…UNF)) on Friday Night Lights, but he says Texas forever which just blows so I made it awesome with Oklahoma)


  14. Yeah Music!

    Even though I hate you, and you hate me, I think you should share your music prowess with me so that I can become a music snob. Thanks!

  15. Squeeee!!! I just heard that Beck and Bat for Lashes are doing a song for Eclipse!!! I’ve got a weird Lost Cause/Priscilla mash-up going in my brain. I am DYING to hear this! Ooooh and Metric too! Totally fangirlling right now, and absolutely no one in RL to share it with! Love you LTT!!!

    • Yess! For the first time I actually know some of the bands from the soundtrack (apart from LP, Muse, DCFD and The Killers.) Metric and The Bravery are both pretty awesome. I’m loving it that they’re going back to the slightly alternative genre.

  16. Maybe “Fit but You Know It” (Streets) from some Robward entrance in HS.
    or “Skinny Little Bitch” (Hole) when Bella gets her graduation diploma
    More Bon Iver and Thom Yorke.
    I’d like some “Black Keys” for a LaPush scene.

  17. YEAH!!! I was listening to the new Black Keys album this morning and thought to myself, how cool would it be if they landed the Eclipse album. Black Keys just posted on their FB that they will “officially” be a part of the soundtrack. I feel like a big ole’ freakin’ fangirl right about now ❤

  18. VAMPIRE WEEKEND!!!! omg I’m dying, watch out moon, Ezra is an east coaster and so am I. We belong together. (Walcott and Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa are the best)

  19. Can I just tell you all that this is TORTURE because I’m at work and can’t listen/watch ANY of these updates?! *shakes fist at boss*

    • Def feeling the pain! I’m practically doing a potty dance because I have to wait until I get home (in 7 hours!!!) To see and hear this!! What’s an LTTer to do?!

  20. Surely you have something to say about the Black Keys. Surely. They are my favorites on the list so far. I still have my fingers crossed for My Chemical Romance, but I feel that way about every movie soundtrack.

  21. Nice to see the boys from Philly gettin’ some respect! Way to go Eastern Conference Champions! or for those of you into the whole brevity thing, way to go ECC!

  22. Yay for The Dead Weather!!!!!!!! Still wish Fever Ray was on there though.

  23. OMG, thanks for posting Be there!!! That’s the kind of song I used to love then forgot about then rarely remember and listen to obsessively!

    I wanted to say the soundtrack got me excited for a movie I don’t care about! It’s bands I go to see live, plus I’m so curious about that song by Beck and Bat for lashes!!!

  24. Uh, Ceelo? You gotta put up the vid for Closet Freak!

    Lovin’ live coverage!

  25. Ahhh this is going to be one hell of a f*cking soundtrack! I love that my friend (not a Twilighter) will prob end up purchasing this HA! HA!
    I’m most excited about Flo + the Machine. I Love her! And I’m really stoked to hear about The Dead Weather –Alison Mosshart and Jack Black fangirl right here bb! OMG and Sia? Are you kidding me? I loved her back in the day when she was with Zero 7!

  26. Yay for Sia getting on the soundtrack!! I love her; she’s slightly mad and amazing. Death by Chocolate is one of my favs on her last album. Girl can belt it out!

    I tend to get stuck in ruts and listen to the same songs/albums over and over again. I really just want the soundtrack to be full of songs and bands I’m not all that familiar with, so that I can expand my horizons.
    However, I can’t help but think that an old school throwback of Garbage’s “You Look So Fine” could really work somewhere in the Twi-realm.

  27. Damn, you ladies sure know your music. Tres impressive. I’ve never even heard of half the bands on here, so clearly I’m not down with the kids. I did enjoy both soundtracks – it introuced me to music genres that I don’t normally listen to, and it was awesome.

    Moon, I just love your descriptions of the bands and their music. You should be writing music reviews. For serious.

  28. Damn, you ladies sure know your music. Tres impressive. I’ve never even heard of half the bands on here, so clearly I’m not down with the kids. I did enjoy both soundtracks – they introduced me to music genres that I don’t normally listen to, and it was awesome.

    Moon, I just love your descriptions of the bands and their music. You should be writing music reviews. For serious.

  29. I’m always surprised when these bands aren’t considered mainstream to people. Doesn’t everyone watch music programming 24/7???

  30. Ok srsly?!?!…I just creamed my pants…this soundtrack is going to be redonk…I mean you put Cee-lo and the likes of Metric and VW up in that bitch and your bound to have some awesomeness and don’t even get me started on The Bravery and the Dead Weather…just effing fantabulous!!! I can’t wait! 😀

  31. […] Eclipse Soundtrack Tracklisting! Insert excitement here! Every hour on the hour (ish) Dear Eclipse Soundtrack Folks- Um, by now I’m sure you know our crazy love for the soundtracks and breaking them d […] […]

  32. I am terrible at keeping up with music, which is actually quite awful since I love music and was a major orchestra geek for years and years. So I know what fine music is. And I am an art, literature, and film snob, seems like I should be a music snob too, right?

    Um, well, considering I love Celine Dion. Broadway. Classical. Some 70s music. Justin T and Gaga and Timbaland. And gush over Glee each week. I’m really not.

    Like others in the comments Twilight is the reason I too have gotten into all kinds of much more snobby Indie-alternative bands, which is so embarrassing I’d never admit it anywhere but here. Years ago Stephenie “introduced” me to Muse, who I now love. I only downloaded KoL off of iTunes because Kirsten and Rob were at their concert together last summer, which is silly, I mean, I am trusting complete strangers who don’t know how to dress themselves with music. But I am now forever in their debt. And when the New Moon soundtrack came along, I was a goner. I love it to pieces and have a whole new set of favourite artists. Now I think I’m going to love the Eclipse soundtrack just as much and become even more of a music snob because of it.

    Thank you, Twilight, for the musical education you have provided me.

  33. Looking at all the rest of the comments here, I really have nothing to contribute. All of your comments throwing around these band names are truly Chinese to me. Vampire Weekend is a real band? Not a joke? I guess I better start iTunesing songs and educating myself on Eclipse soundtrack bands.

    This is sooo embarrassing… it’ll be me and the 12 year olds googling all these bands tonight.

    …but yet not as embarrassing as being #lisaholtzhausen

  34. Dude… you’re right. METRIC!??? i’m dying. plus more band of horses, Vamp weekend and I ❤ me some UNKLE…
    i mean.. dude.. they're called Unkle.. how can you NOT love that.

    Emily Haines.. call me

  35. […] and while you’re at it check out my updated post on the Soundtrack and artists… don’t know who some of these folks are? That’s cool we’ve […]

  36. Sorry to be stupid but when does the soundtrack get released? Can’t wait to buy it. Don’t feel like reading the entire thread-ski.

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