Open Weekend Post: I can’t escape

Dear weekend LTTers,

You know how I went away all last week and left you for the glorious beaches of Riviera Maya, Mexico? For the first time in a LONG time I literally unplugged- my iPhone was off & in the safe- I checked my email 3 times mostly because I missed Moon & had funny stories to tell her about our mutual friend who got married at the beach and was the reason we went on this glorious vacation, but besides that and the occasional flipping to “Channel 38” (The porn channel) when the mini bar guy would come in to do a refill, just to make it real awkward, we were kickin’ it old school without internet, TV or any multimedia and it felt GOOD.

That’s not to say I didn’t miss you all. I did. In fact, I tried NOT to miss you. I tried to forget I have these blogs and forget I have these internet friends…. but- everywhere I turned I was SMACKED in the face with, what else? Twilight.

It was 1 hour into our flight when I finished my Sudoku puzzle in the US airways magazine and flipped the page to THIS:

(It was only playing on flights to Europe. I would have DIED if they played it for us!)

Literally seconds later my iPod started playing THIS:

Which is what I called THIS audio clip

Once my hubby & I got to the resort we tried to track down some grub. What did we see? Oh, Oregano, the Italian pizzeria, of course:

After eating that first day we hopped on the beach, relaxed next to the friends & family of the bride & groom and as I stretched out in the sun what did the mother of the groom pull out of her bag?

And later that day, as I lounged on a chair in the water next to the swim up bar, what was the guy reading in the chair next to me?

Uh huh. TWILIGHT. There was a UNICORN in MEXICO. A Mexicorn!!

As much as I wanted to, I resisted and did NOT bring Eclipse along with me on the trip. I want to read it before the movie releases next month, but this time I settled in with some fiction about death called The Book Thief. With a chapter title, of course, called: Eclipse

The groom to be- aka BFF James look-alike (remember him? He was the one who started Haiku’s for Kstew- yes ladies, he’s officially off the market) deingcided  he wanted to be embarassing to his friends and family with his bathing wear for the entire week. So he stocked up on all sorts of speedos. Mid-week he broke out the best of them- an American flag, USA-represent, teeny tiny, brief speedo. Which of course he wore with… what else?


Did I ever mention how I’m the worst friend ever to Moon? For our 1 year anniversary back in December she had her jewelry designer friend CUSTOM MAKE me this amazing necklace. Guess what I got her? That’s right. Nothing. I think maybe I sent her an email. Anyway, I wear this necklace all the time. Normally I wear it with the side that says Moon To: UC facing front just in case anyone sees it. The other side says LTT/LTR and that’s harder to explain. But no one has ever asked me about my neckalce. Well, that is until last week, when I got asked multiple times a DAY what my necklace meant. My husband kindly informed me that my response of “Oh, it’s just an inside joke between a friend & me. We call each other these silly names” sounds really childish and stupid. I swear the woman who asked on the last day knew what it meant. She looked at me like she knew my secrets….

On our last evening, as we hung out in our favorite bar- a nice Mexican magician blew our minds with these amazing tricks. He was GREAT. I helped him with his last trick. He brought out these dirty cards & told me he found them in a coffin. He did the trick, blew some minds and at the very end, started talking in a sinister voice and smiled slowly… and as I watched FANGS formed in his mouth. These weren’t like dollar store fangs either- this dude was legit. I’m pretty sure he was actually a vampire.

That was it- my vacation away from it all- being unplugged, disconnected- utter relaxation… and I thought of Twilight… and as a result of YOU guys around EVERY corner!!!!!!

I missed you all!


Where have YOU thought of Twilight lately.. when you should be thinking about something else?

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter

34 Responses

  1. The other day my 4 yr old was watching the old school X-men cartoons.
    I actually made a quick comparison between Prof. X and Carlisle.
    They’re both doctors. They both are wise and compassionate. They both constantly make speeches on the importants of being kind and never harming humans.

    Yeah, comic book nerdiness maybe be = or actually > my twilight obsession 🙂

  2. Holy crap, I was first for once!

  3. I must now publicly announce my love for UC for having the Edward Birthday Kiss/Grunt on her IPod.

    What exactly do you use that for, by the way?

    • Haha, my first thought as well! When I read “Edward & Bella” I was like NO WAY, she has that birthday make-out sound on her iPod? WIN! 😉

      Also I gotta say that necklace looks absolutely amazing! I so wish I had a fellow blogger sending me wonderful stuff like that as well… Beautiful!

    • Do you really wanna know that?

  4. Last time I thought about Twilight when I shouldn’t was when I was at an IKEA store. First there were cupcakes everywhere and I had just finished reading Clipped Wings& Inkked Armor and I started wondering if anyone of the IKEA designers had read it as well. Then we saw that they now had a set of apple shaped candles. And because we’re crazy like that we OF COURSE had to re-enact the Twilight cover with them. We waited until we were surrounded by older people though hoping that no one of them “got” what we were doing there… 😉

  5. Yeh, you can’t escape twilight, it’s everywhere :O

    I were riding my bike, following a trail in the forest.
    2 miles or so later in the middle of the forest the trail ends up in a meadow. Of course my mind goes to twilight. In the middle of the meadow I see this ruin, so I deiced to check it out. Next to it is a information board: “Edward built this house 18XX blah blah blah”. OH SHI—

  6. The last time that I thought about Twilight when I wasn’t supposed to was when I was watching the office on thursday. On Jim’s desk there is this abstract sculpture that really reminded me of the “apple in the hands” cover of twilight. It’s at about :12, just look in the bottom right corner. I know, I’m going crazy.

    • How did you even notice that?
      I think my sight is getting real bad from reading all the ff on my computer.

  7. Hey UC, those “reminders” are hilarious. Cool necklace too!

    I inappropriately thought of Twilight last week while at Disneyland. Actually it was more LTT/LTR related- Dumbo (flying elephants, some were purple),

    But in the Haunted Mansion, going down in the elevator and walking down that creepy hallway, totally reminded me of Volterra, the elevator and the “fish” walking behind Heidi.

    The apple on the Snow White ride… .apple, enough said.

  8. Wow. I really want to go to Mexico now. If only to see this magician with fangs. That sounds freaking amazing.

    Glad you had a good time, UC! 🙂

  9. Sounds like you had a lovely and well-deserved vacation, UC! I hope you used lots of sunscreen, cuz, you know, pale is “in”.
    Oh, and when do I NOT think of Twilight inappropriately is really the question. Pathetic.

  10. Please tell us were to get the Kiss Me clip! Please

  11. “mexicorn”
    favorite word of the week!

  12. I wish I could say Eclipse came out ‘next month’ – but it comes out here in July. JULY.


    • Boo! Hiss! Can I thumbs down the UK distributors?
      Like early/mid/late July cuz it only comes out the day before July in the USA.

      • 9th of July! 9th! That’s 10 days later!! I’ll have to not read LTT or go on twitter for 10 whole days! It might actually kill me!

        • I’ll have to join you in keeping away from LTT…we’ll need a support website!
          Where are you Shleeeigh? North or South?

  13. A Mexicorn at a swim up bar, life couldn’t get any better. My sister says if she gets married it will be poolside in sarongs. She is wise.

    Off topic but if anyone has time I have a MORAL DILEMMA I need advice on.

    Scenario: Visiting small hometown, gran recovering well post-op but has run out of books.

    My Bright Idea: Suggest getting her Twilight. She loves Georgette Heyer/Austen thus is very enthusiastic as long as not much swearing or explicit sex. Promise her there is only plenty of fade to black.

    Problem: Small hometown bookshop only has New Moon & Eclipse! WTF?

    Moral Dilemma: Get her New Moon or stay pure and wait ’til I can send Twilight from the city?

    I can’t believe how stressed this has got me!

    • Ok – here’s what I’ve come up with…put a small sign in the bookshop asking if someone can loan you or sell you a 2nd hand copy of Twilight…so many people have it, there just has to be one around! Tell the bookshop that if they put this up & it’s successful, you’ll buy the other books for her there.

      Other option -Amazon fast delivery?

  14. Well in the last week I recieved an email from Robert Patterson in regards to my professional status and one of my orders was recently filled by a Kristan Steward.

    Theres no excaping the Twi.

  15. Just curious UC, what did you think of The Book Thief. That was our book club pic last month and I really liked it. Definitely sad, but written with humor as well. I was surprised to find out that it is considered Young Adult Lit also.
    Anyone else read it?

  16. There is no escaping Twilight for me either. But I don’t really want to. 🙂

    This morning I got my hair cut. My stylist was telling me a story about a hair color job he did. In the story he mentioned two color names – one had twilight in the name and one had sparkling in the name. I just smiled. Then I almost laughed outloud when he told me just got a puppy. Her name? Bella.

    • This is weird. I’m seeing a funky blue avatar instead of my usual Robatar. According to, I’m set with Rob. Can other people let me know what they see so I’ll know if there is something going on with my computer? Thanks!

  17. Now you know the truth-

    All Roads Lead to Twilight!

    Welcome back, UC- we missed you!

    xo obava

  18. It’s payback time, UC!
    In my pre LTR/LTT life my vacation meant :no phone, no wake-up calls, no watch, no news, and I still don’t own a laptop, so you know how I lived.
    Now I’m hooked on technology because I have to read your letters everyday, no matter how much it cost and how complicated it is.
    And I went to music gig yesterday and there were men in jorts on stage. Check my twitpic account if you don’t believe me.

    Not Twilight, but you: UC & Moon & Letters are everywhere!

  19. Speaking of never escaping Twilight, I’m glad I have you ladies (and the occasional unicorns) to escape to, seeing as how most of the people I know have started to glaze over if I even mention one thing about Twilight. I don’t even do it that often!

  20. *plays the Mexican Hat Dance, mouth-trumpet style*

    YAY! Sounds like you had a nice time! 🙂

    And yes, there’s noooo escaaaaappe…….

    Mexicorns FTW! And I think that in Breaking Dawn, during the birth scene, Edward should wear a sombrero. Would lighten things up a bit.

  21. […] you catch how I mentioned on last weekend’s Open Post that one day while in Mexico I was relaxing by myself in a chair in the pool & I looked to my […]

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