Peoples 50 most beautiful people: Kristen Stewart and her style icon John Belushi

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Dear Kristen,

I was perusing my copy of People with that cute little baby Louis and his mom ol Sandy Bullock on the cover which just happens to be a double issue with the 50 Most Beautiful People in it. Double your pleasure, double you fun! Of course Rob was in there, and Ashley Greene was in there all looking smokin’ hot, though it was an OLD ASS picture of Rob (tsk tsk People). And then I got to you and I started to dissect your awesome eye makeup. And then I read your quote. Now granted most of the celeb quotes are mind numbing crap about inner beauty or drinking a lot of water, so I give you props for your yours but it read nothing but this:

“My fashion icon is John Belushi. Seriously!”

Seriously, Kristen? JOHN BELUSHI? No one will deny the man is a comedy legend or that he was taken from us too soon, but FASHION ICON? The man who wore the “College” sweatshirt and was pretty much the Chris Farley of his generation… So it got me to thinking, you say this but is it really true, have you really been idolizing John Belushi’s fashion and trying to channel it in your own life? So I took to the google images and I gotta say you might be telling the truth…

First we start off with the classic Ray Bans…

Ok… ok that was an easy one

Plaid and cigs?? Check and check… John was just cool before it was “cool”

Middle finger… I think I see some plaid on John back there…

John rocks the cargo trench coat back in the day and KStew shows up to Sundance in her Juicy Couture version. Yup, trying to fool us but we know you ain’t shoppin’ at the Army Navy, sister!

Wait… SINGING too?! John isn’t wearing a hot lady leather jumpsuit (surprise PLAID) but I feel you channeling him here. Maybe you were born in the wrong decade?

And throw this all together and we get….

Holy crow (YEA BELLA REFRENCES!) you weren’t lying, you freaking ARE John Belushi reincarnated. WHAT THE HALE?!

I'll give you another year to make this one happen (publically)

And then I started doing more research… you’ve been known to hang out at the Chateau Marmont and John stayed there in Bungelow 3, it was also where he died. One of his most famous characters is Jake Blues, and your character Bella’s BFF/Love interest is named JAKE! John also played a Conehead on SNL and you (as Bella) have a conehead on the Eclipse poster. One of John’s famous impressions was of Jack Kerouac and you’ll be in the film adaptation of “On The Road.” Another one of his famous impressions was of Julia Child, whom is characterized in the movie Julie & Julia which was playing the same night we snuck into Band Slam in the theater next door to see the New Moon trailer which YOU were in. I mean, really if that doesn’t show how you’ve practically become John Belushi, forget him just being your style icon, I  don’t know what could.

Now we know why you kinda look a tad slobby when you go out. Besides mentioning you do it on purpose in your recent Elle interview, we now know it’s because it’s what John would do. WWJW has a new meaning now, huh Kristen. “What Would John Wear?”

And if that’s the case well then, well played JohnStew… I mean Kristen… well played.


PS Please don’t comment and say I’m a crazy hater. She’s said it herself.

What do you think of this John Belushi style icon stuff? Any similarities I missed? Who’s YOUR style icon? Mine is Dorothy Zbornak.

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89 Responses

  1. For some reason I read John Belushi but thought of Steve Buscemi!

  2. Cant wait for the “college sweater” and booze pic…kristen version..
    Holy crap.. they dress the same!! exactly the same! O.o

  3. Awesome comparisons, Moon. I read that little blurb and thought “what the….” myself.

    Forget that I ever called KStew a hipster. She is truly in a fashion league of her own. Now whether that’s good or bad, I still can’t decide. But she does seem to have amazing eye makeup most of the time.

  4. Never heard of John Belushi, but the similary IS striking. So how is La Stew going to die?

    • Complications due to massive drug use, drinking, and fried foods.

      • Similar to John, of course

        • Why the down thumb? John did die of an drug OD.

          Ps, Blues Brothers is a good movie. And anyone who hasn’t seen Animal House needs to. Both are classic greatness

        • i LOVE the blues brothers!

          “we’re on a mission from god!”

      • GAH! I’d been awake for all of 4 minutes when I read LTT this morning and thought that BNaA was asking how John B died. My bad.

        BTW, John Belushi was a loud fat comedian in the late 70s and early 80s. He was one of the original cast members of Saturday Night Live and he starred in such comedy classics as Animal House and The Blues Brothers before his untimely death.

        • The Blues Bros is amazzzing!!!

          “106 miles to Chicago. Its dark outside and we’re wearing sunglasses”
          “hit it”

          oh I crack myself up.

          Hey TS- remember when Dad used that have the tshirt with 2 cows wearing sunglasses and it said “The Moos Brothers” ???? 🙂

    • I am speechless over you not knowing who John Belushi is. Seriously…I’m not trying to pick on you or anything, I’m just not really sure how it is possible not to know who he is.

      • I think ‘doesn’t live in US’ ought to get you your speech back. I think she is in Belgium….


        Apparently the Blues Brothers is not as far reaching as we all assume it to be, lol.

  5. “I’ll give you another year to make this one happen (publically)” -re: photo of john downing jack-

    Kristen is just 20 (right?) so maybe the only thing handing her up on that little gem is that she’s not 21 (legal drinking age here in the states for you folks not in the US).

    Maybe she’ll give us that one on her 21st birthday?

  6. Moon you crazy hater! How dare you mock Dorothy Zbornak! You and I are through! Now I’m going to have to go transfer all my love for you onto a fake monkey.

    If anyone else out there would like me to pass any messages along to Cyndi (Midnight_Cyn) feel free to leave them here. She’s been missing us all something terrible, but it doesn’t look like her eyesight is going to clear up any time soon. Thank you!

    • Give Cyn our love- we miss her!

    • JodieO, thanks for sending Midnight Cyn our good wishes. I wish there were something I could do to make her day go better, and inject a little LTT humor in there! Sounds like she could use it.

      • Seriously, she just gets so happy getting these little messages from everyone. It really brightens her day and makes her feel less lonely.

        • DId you/she get my message for her yesterday? Will check in tomorrow morning to see if she wants me to do mischief in Barnes for her tomorrow?

          • Sorry, long day ending with walking through Central London in rush hour. Too tired for grammar.

    • We need to get Cyn one of those programs that reads the screen to you, and does voice recognition for typing. (I’m 98% certain they exist) We miss her and need her back!

      • She has one, but it doesn’t work well on the blogs and only kind of works on email and twitter.

    • i love me some dorothy!! thats why shes my idol.

      floor length skirts, bow ties with vests, scrunch boots. FASHION ICON

  7. Brillz, Moonie!

    Who would have known that KBelu…I mean KStew… even *had* a fashion icon??

    And why does Rob sound adorable and cute and fiesty when he says ridiculous stuff, but KStew just sounds like a bitch?

    • If it looks like one, and sounds like one…


        Bless Stewie, I can’t help but be her fan! I might have to vacate LTT today incase it turns into one of those posts!

        • I also hope it doesn’t turn into a nasty hate-fest. I can handle snarky, but not mean.

          I’d like nothing better than to facepunch KStew for getting to ride Rob’s disco stick, but I, like, don’t hate her or anything…

    • Get out of my head.

      Perhaps it’s because Rob isn’t constantly wearing a bitchface to go along with his words (but rather, usually laughing through his sentences while alarmingly pulling at his hair or tugging his poor eyebrow and making melovehimmore I mean silly expressions).

      *sigh* Are we just biased and prejudiced? Cause geez man, she just annoys the hell out of me :-\

      • Maybe the reason for her constant bitchface is because a million women want to bang her lu-vah, Rob.

        If all the women (and some men) were after my man, I’d be a fittin’ bitch too.
        Jus’ sayin’.

        • Why? That’s the very reason she should have a ridiculous shit-eating grin stamped to her face at all times!

          • Was just about to say that I’d be walking around with the biggest grin all day and night.

            I get to screw him and you don’t, bitches!!!

          • @ Aro and thischickrunswithvamps…

            Didn’t she start out happy but then as Rob’s popularity grew her face soured?

            Maybe she got tired of gloating.

          • I think you may be right. She didn’t used to look so unhappy. And I loved your comment, by the way. “Lu-vah” cracks me up. My head went straight to Eric of True Blood…(Why does everything in my life these days relate back to a freaking vampire??).

            Anyway, I think she SHOULD be walking around like she just hit the lottery (I would be if I knew I was going home to sleep with Robward), but I’m guessing besides hating the paps, and questions about her relationship, that she’s really threatened by female fans and co-workers. I mean, he is a young male in Hollywood, surrounded by temptations…

          • @SnowWhite – No. She’s still got a perfectly happy look on her face when she’s with people other than Rob. Then she gets a look like she’d rather be anywhere else in the world.

          • @thischickrunswithvamps….
            exactly- young male in Hollywood. Srsly, temptation from other Hollywood starlets/stars/directors/ accountants/…janitors.Even aside from them, if a female fan oversteps the boundaries, like you said Kristen is little, a buxom blonde could squash her with a boob. But Kristen looks scrappy, she’d fight dirty. I like her for that.

          • @JodieO: I’ve seen the bitchface on the red carpet when Rob’s nowhere around. She could just be socially awkward, fair enough. But then maybe she should beg off public appearances (or change nothing and not care about randoms like me talking about her bitchface).

            I really don’t hate the girl and don’t want to overstate this. I just tend to appreciate more pleasant-seeming people in general. But I completely admit to not knowing “who” she is. She could be a riot in private for all I know.

            (but seriously, if it were me, people would never stop groaning, “Oh God, here comes that moron GRINNING about “him” again.”)

          • @Aro – She also has about 230487 photographers shrieking at her when she’s on a red carpet. I suppose that would make me awkward and bitchfacey, too, no matter who I was getting naked with later.

            I’m a total KStew fence-jumper, I know. One minute I’m kicking her in the butt, next minute I’m defending her.

          • @JodieO
            I’m a total Stew fence hopper too. Weird.

          • Who *doesn’t* have that on the red carpet?

            I sort of wish I was a “jumper”. I’d feel better then. As it is, I just sound all nasty about her and end up feeling bad.

            (And then I realize that unlike for her, there’ll be no Rob-lovin to make me feel better about feeling bad, so it’s okay.)

            See, she wins no matter what! 😉

          • I’m a fence-hopper too, I’ll admit it. I hated her at first, because I felt she’d ruined Bella, but she grows on me from time to time.

            Sometimes I hate her attitude, sometimes I love her attitude. Sometimes I hate her for hooking up with Robward, sometimes I hate her for hooking up with Robward. Oh, wait…

  8. Hilarious! I love the pic at the end where all the “styles” are put together! Maybe in BD Bella can wear a “college” tshirt to convince Charlie she is really going to Dartmouth!

    Happy Friday everyone!

  9. I read that quote yesterday in my People and thought “what you talkin’ about Willis?” and now I know! She is Belushi’s long-lost-in-someone’s-womb-waiting-to-come-out-until-Belushi-has-been-dead-a-long-time-sister!!!! She can’t deny it! Same fashion sense, same hair, same makeup in some cases, same finger expressions, etc. Why I never saw that before I’ll never know! HA! 🙂

  10. Oh gad, how pretentious. She’s a bad mofo, yo!

  11. As much as I think it would be freaking awesome to be Kristen (hello, sparklepeen, my bff), it would really fucken suck to be Kristen.

  12. I don’t know why but her Belushi quote makes me dislike her less. Especially if she was being a smart ass.

  13. IT’S UNCANNY!!!!!

  14. “Never heard of John Belushi?”
    I’m speechless (writes the woman whose cats are named Jake and Elwood).

  15. Wow – she looks really pissed in the Ray Bans pic. Also, what’s with the finger? Is that supposed to make her seem bad-ass?

    I wish she wouldn’t try so hard.

    • All 90 pounds of her. She’ll kick your ass yo.

    • The finger photo was part of a photoshoot, I believe. She might be little, but I bet she fights dirty. I wouldn’t want to get into a tussle with her.

  16. They’re NOT SHEETS. They’re TOGAS. I mean, like, HUGE TOGAS! TOGA!

    Excellent work you’ve done here, Moon. The similarities are haunting!

    And my style icon is, of course, Sophia Petrillo. I work that basket purse.



      I love you.

    • i have a basket purse because one yr my college roomies and i went as the golden girls. i got to be sophia. pearl chain glasses, mumu, powdered wig and all.

      and TOGAS theyre HUGE TOGAS is hilas

  17. Chevy Chase looks hawt in that mid finger pic. I admit I like the super classy middle finger pic of Kristen, cool make up.

    • I loooove Chevy Chase. That scene in Caddyshack at the formal dinner, where the camera pans to him in his tux and he exhales his cigarette smoke from between his teeth….GAH!!!!!!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!

  18. Kristen saying John Belushi is her style icon makes me like her more. The big finger to everyone! You go, girl.

    (BTW, it was Dan Ackroyd who did the Julia Child impersonation.)

  19. I have to say, the six degrees of separation connection to Julia Child was a huge stretch, but well done! 🙂

  20. Wait, that sounded really dumb right beneath your comment about Ackroyd. Ok, so it was a really huuuuuge stretch.

    Still, love all the connections.

    • fine it’ll be…. dan akroyd cast mate of john belushi impersonated julia child who the movie julie and julia is about, which was playing next door to band slam which we snuck in to see the new moon trailer which kristen is in.

      6 degress of separation yall!

  21. Okay totally sorta off topic but on KStew…

    Did you guys read (crap, where did I just read this…) that she said she knows that she looks basically sad/bored/mad all the time but that’s because the paps are SO evil and she wants to bust out crying all the time?

    Kinda made me sad for her. I don’t dislike her at all…I wish she’d dress better and smile more (I mean ROB…HELLO, but anyway…)…but at least she’s consistant.

    • Oh well then that sucks. I don’t want anyone to cry :-(.

      I always have to remind myself that this is a 20 year-old person, and I didn’t know shit when I was 20 (no offense 20 year-olds). I also probably came off as sounding like I knew everything and thought I was tough too. I probably annoyed everyone the way KStew annoys some.

      Okay, I’ll maybe be kinder *grumbles*

  22. “John also played a Conehead on SNL and you (as Bella) have a conehead on the Eclipse poster.”

    Bahahaha! Love it! Just goes to show that Photoshop and air brushing are not always your friend. I also have to agree with everyone here; if I was Kristen, I’d certainly be smug about my relationship with Robward, not pissy all the time. However, I do love her f**k off attitude. I wish I had the guts to be that ballsy all the time.

    • Me, too – totally smug, but also totally happy.

      But I’m not gonna lie, I have an overwhelming urge to go make bitch-faces in the mirror right now. And I would, if I weren’t at work.

  23. O/T-
    Just heard 3 of the new top baby names are:
    Isabella, Jacob and Cullen.

    Imagine in 40 years when they are professionals. Do you want to go to Dr. Bella Jones or have Cullen Smith doing your taxes?

    • This is tragic.

    • Jacob has always been up there (usually number two-ish to Michael, not that I research these things) but Isabella is fairly new. And Cullen is just weird, although I did have a 12/13 year old named Cullen in one of my teaching experiences.

  24. I am now and forever going to refer to her as JohnStew!!!
    Less of a bitter taste in my mouth! Thanks LTT ;o)

  25. If we see her in something like this than we can completely close this case once and for all :

    I think if we wait patiently it will happen.

  26. Something Kirsten has in common with my brother. He dresses up like John every year for Halloween. And a lot of other days of the year, too, for that matter.

  27. OMS!!!!! Best Moonie post ever!

    You know if John were still kicking it, he’d be Tokahontas with Kristen. And that would be GOOD PROGRAMMING right there.

    JohnStew. Brilliant. She’s a SoulMan.

  28. Kristen Stewart made a mistake. John isn’t her fashion icon.

    She meant Alice Cooper.

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