The Twilosophy of Twilight celebrities

Dear Twilight cast member lovers,

I did a lot of thinking while I was on vacation last week. I tried not to, but as I laid on the beach, relaxing to the tunes on my iPod, feeling the salty breeze flow over my body, my mind drifted. And I know you know what that means. Yes. I thought about you all. And of Twilight. On vacation. I thought specifically about the lives of these stars that Moon & I write about each and every day. And I started pondering WHY we’re so enamored with them.

A few weeks ago, Moon & I were talking about how it seems like Taylor has no friends. Sure he has Big Daddy, and WE know he’s all the friend anyone could ever need, but Taylor’s an 18 year old guy. He shouldn’t yet be in the mindset of “I have a really cool dad who always knows how to get the best table at a national food chain.” He should be watching porn with his bros & getting crap from them for letting Taylor Swift drive HIM around Hillsboro village in Nashville last week (Oh, did I forget to mention my friend’s boss saw them drive by? Oops- it’s true.) And I’m not so sure Dakota has too many friends. Sure maybe there’s that girl who lent her a pencil once in Spanish class, but most 16 year olds are constantly surrounded by an entourage of gal pals (then again, most 16 year olds haven’t made more than I’ll ever make by the time they were 5…). And while she’s the originator of the fake lesbian– the girl bff- Kristen Stewart has never really been seen publicly with anyone other than costars or lovers. What do Taylor, Dakota & Kristen have in common? Twilight err Oprah err all think Rob is hot err NO! Child Stars. So I got thinking about how many people want to be friends with celebrities. I hear people talk all the time about being BFFs with Kristen and how they’d love to be her friend.. people say that all the time about all sorts of celebs- Hell, I even say it.. but why?

UC & Moon

Do your friends do THIS with you!?

If you know me at all in real life, you’ve probably heard about the friends I love dearly. Pardon me while I brag, but I have incredible friends. My friends run their own companies. They make me laugh- like could be on a comedy tour kind of laugh. They are artists, musicians and creators. They are extremely educated and smart, and yet half the time instead of talking to them I choose to blog about celebrities? Why? Sure Kristen uses big words from time to time and has an allure about her that might be mysterious and interesting to some, but I don’t think she’s ANY more interesting than any of the incredible people in my life. And Ashley has a smokin’ bod & a bitchface to rival Kstew’s, but give any of my friends a trainer, stylist & hair extensions and they’d be competing for the same modeling gigs she is.

What are we so interested in about celebrities? Their stories from being famous? That they are world-traveled? That they have money? That they “know” people? But who cares about the people they “know?” I just explained above the people I know. Give my friend Scott the level of celebrity that Rob has and he’d be much more alluring and better spoken- guaranteed. My husband is just as talented as any famous musician out there- I’d say that even if I didn’t sleep with him- and I can go on and on naming my friends & their talents. The only difference between with them and celebrities is that celebrities got a break. They were a few of the lucky, talented (or beautiful and untalented or just really lucky) who got through- very few do.

Come see my many talents

And it’s one thing to obsess over celebrities in general, but then we’re talking the TWILIGHT cast!? Some will argue for Kristen or Rob’s talent. Most will agree that Dakota is pretty legit, but no one seriously thinks Taylor is gonna win any sort of award except for “Kept me in business for the most time in years 2008-2009” from Chris Hansen. Yet we talk about him over and over and over again. WHAT is it!? WHY is it!?

I know all these things, yet I still DESIRE to talk about celebs because their lives seem so much more interesting. But are they? Kristen may get to travel the world but at what cost- do those things matter if there’s no one really close to share it with? Did Rob ENJOY Budapest while being there? He might as well have been in Jersey, shooting in some old warehouse in Camden. And while going out to the Olive Garden with dad is cool the first couple of times, eventually….. that’s just a little sad….

I kind of feel bad for the Twi celebs- especially those who were sort of brought up in the world of the rich & famous- it’s one thing to not be able to go grab a burger in LA without getting photographed, but to have few close relationships? That makes me kinda sad….. Until I remember how much richer than are than me…. Never mind…


What do you think? Do you ever wonder why we’re so obsessed with celebrity culture? And specifically the celebs of Twilight? Do you agree that Tay, Dakota & Kristen seem to be semi-friendless? Wanna write them REAL letters & see if they wanna be pen pals?

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  1. Because they’re inaccessible.
    We always want what we can’t have 🙂

  2. It’s no wonder that eventually they all go on spending sprees/drugs/weird religious crap… being friendless can do that to you.

    Even though I am the first to plead guilty of spending way too much of my time following celebs’ lives, every time I’m enjoying lunch on a sunlit terrace or taking a walk in the city and dissolving into anonymity, I am grateful that I can still do these things which are just not possible for many celebs. It’s an enormous sacrifice they make.

  3. Uhh…Swiftner was in Hillsboro Village last week??? Dang it. I knew I should have given in to that craving for Pancake Pantry.

    • i know. she was 5,000 % sure

    • Quick, someone go intercept her with a shiny award while I grab that lil scamp and give him ANOTHER lecture about getting into strange girls cars.

      Sorry, was this post about why obsess over people we’ll never know? Um, because they are hot and there is no chance they will do something really annoying that real friends (bless them) will, like stinking out the bathroom.

  4. Are you in my head, UC? I have thought about this a lot, not just in regard to the Twilight cast, but in general about this weird but pervasive phenomenon of celebrity.

    I don’t understand why there is any interest in people like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian (They don’t DO anything!), and I don’t feel bad for such “celebrities” when scandals and sex tapes arise, because they ask for it. But, I do feel sorry for celebrities like Kristen and Rob, because they seem to hate the attention so much. Even though they are rich and young and beautiful, I think they both see acting as an artistic endeavor and never anticipated their level of celebrity, because most actors don’t become famous.

    That said, I’m not really all that interested in their lives specifically. I like ogling Rob’s photoshoots, definitely, but I never really care about pictures taken of him at the airport. I don’t want to watch him strolling along the London streets with TomStu. (If they were holding hands? Different story.) But, I think people like seeing celebrities doing the same things we normal folk do, because celebrities almost seem more than human. Seeing Taylor Lautner at the Olive Garden humanizes him. (He’s just like me! Only, no one will ever go the Olive Garden with me…) Maybe that makes it easier to daydream that we could be famous, too?

    Only, I don’t want to be famous.

    What I am more interested in is what it would be like to be that famous, and maybe that’s what we all wonder about, especially in the case of child stars. Growing up in a business that emphasizes youth, image, and cash flow has to be damaging to the psyche. As well adjusted as Dakota Fanning seems, there has to be something dark lurking. Given how fast things move in the life of a teenager, I’m sure it’s isolating and lonely to be away on movie sets and doing promotional tours when your peers are studying for SATs, sneaking beer, and getting involved in petty high school drama.

    Somehow, I don’t think it’s worth it.

    • Ohhh wow…you were typing at the same time I was and just wow. Nice comment. Now I feel bad about mine. LOL. See below. 😉

    • Very well said tuesdaymidnight. I too don’t care about shots of them at the airport or when they are out strolling in the city. But I do look up if there’s something going a photoshoot, casting for movies and *ahem* I’m kinda interested in their love lives too…again this is in regards to the Holy trinity and some of the other major cast members. I don’t care who Bronson Pelletier is dating…

      Speaking of their love lives, this might seem random, but don’t you just love PFach and his Mrs? They’re such a cute family with their kids and all…and very grounded compared to some other celebs.

      • I have such a girl crush on Jennie Garth. If their marriage ever ends, I’ll probably cry…. which probably contradicts everything I wrote above.

    • Tuesday, I will go to the Olive Garden with you any day of the week. I am a total sucker for the breadsticks and cheap wine.

  5. I’ve thought of this, too…not just in relation to Twi-celebs, but celebs in general. What a sad life…to not be able to do normal things, have “normal” relationships and/or friendships w/o it being in the tabloids, etc. Being photographed from every angle, no matter where you are, what you’re doing, how you look or feel…it’s very sad really…

    And then I remember how rich they are. LOL.

    But really, think of celebs like Sandra Bullock. If you WANT to stay out of the limelight – you can. 😉

    I think if I could choose normalcy or fame – I’d prob still pick fame! But….hopefully I wouldn’t be a jerk about it.

    • Sandra is incredible. She is someone I would want to be friends with. But not rally.

      I never want to be famous. And I don’t understand why people want to be. I get it if you are a talented artist and you want to get recognition that you are good at what you do. But being famous just for being famous. Why? What is in it for me, for my happiness.

      Rich, yes, but there are other ways to become that, like trustfunds or hard work.

      • LOL, to me famous = rich. More emphasis on the rich. 😉

      • Agreed. To me the only plus to being famous, for anything, is the money and opportunities allowed from the money. I’d count travel too, but really, half the time they go some place, they don’t get to see or experience anything while there because they are working the whole time.

        I’d much rather work my ass off at something else, however seemingly mundane, as long as I could maintain my anonymity.

    • Sandy is the perfect example. If she was able to keep things to herself amidst all the speculation and focus on her personal life, we know it IS possible.

      That said, I do still feel for real celebrities (as opposed to, like, TM said, reality celebrities — I’m looking at you, Heidi Montag) who crave some semblance of normalcy and can’t get it.

      Sometimes I think it would be fun to have the fame – oh, how I’d love to attend an event like the Met Costume Gala – but in the end, I like my privacy.
      Our consumption of celebrity news makes that near impossible for anyone with any sort of fame.

      • I think the key is to not live in LA or NYC when you’re not filming. Be seen when you want to be seen.

  6. I think Dakota once mentioned in an interview on E! news that all her friends from school are really excited about her being in a Twilight movie. That got me thinking..did she have these friends before she got famous? But then she’d been doing films since she was 5 so I doubt any of her friends knew her before she was famous…
    I think Kristen tried being friends with Nikki but then the thing with Rob messed up their friendship. Kristen seems close with Taylor too. I was watching the Jimmy Kimmel interview again the other day and I noticed the slight touching between the two. It was nothing romantic like the stares she shares with ROb, but their gestures were friendly.

    Now it seems Kristen is friends with Dakota and Nikki is with Elizabeth Reeser (Esme.) While they were shooting Eclipse, Ashley was seen hanging out with Xavier. And Xavier was seen hanging out with maybe they all are friends…
    And now you know how much time I spent (read: waste) keeping up on the Twilight cast. But I can’t lie these people have some appeal that makes me want to find out more about them…The main cast I mean..not minor actors like the Tinsel Korey or that Bree chick…

  7. Oooh, mind reader!

    I was just thinking about this last night. I read this article about Rob coming to visit a fan’s house. I was discussing it with a friend and we both decided that we’d act strange. Not purposely, but I wouldn’t be able to speak. I know I wouldn’t. How do I know this?!?! I have no idea, I just do.

    Then I started thinking about how Rob must feel. He sees all these people. They either just stare at him, cry at him, scream at him, or beat on the windows to his car. What kind of life is that? I know that celebs are rolling in the $$ but is it worth giving up a normal life? I’m not sure.

    And WHY are people so in love with him?

    You can say you love him for his awesome personality, musical talent, or pretty face. You want to know a secret? I love Rob because he plays someone that I read about.

    UC, you are blessed with so many friends. I have some that I see every once in awhile. I mostly hang out w/ my mom and my boyfriend. People my age DON’T have a four year old. They want to drink and party. I don’t. I want to stay home and be with my family, maybe go out once every few months. So, I can understand being friendless.

    But you want to know who my best friends have been my entire life?

    The Cat in the Hat, Harry Potter, Ramona Beasley, all of the Babysitter’s Club, and… Edward Cullen.

    Book characters are my friends. I know that sounds weird, or lame, but it’s so true. They don’t judge me. When I have to run off to a preschool dance practice or run home because Little Fang has thrown up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, they don’t try to sway me to stay with them. They just let me go, and are ALWAYS there when I get back.

    PS. That’s really long. Sorry.

    • Aw, Little Fang sounds adorable! Pre-school dance practice? Double aww…

      I know what you feel like. The part about being friends with book characters, I mean. A few years ago, one night I ended up in tears when I realized I’ll never have Ron Weasley as my friend in real life. Pathetic, I know…

      I find it difficult to relate with people my age. The girls I know care about nothing else but makeup, dresses and getting boys’ attention…and the guys just keep making crude, disgusting jokes….so I think my best friend list includes my mother and my brother..:)

      • I realized friends like Friends or Sex in the City don’t exist in real life. I learned it the hard way. I was a friend like that and I did valued our friendship, but others didn’t. When the bad times come, the only people you can really count on is your family.
        I can relate to people of all ages (except really annoying early teenagers or very old people) and have many friends, but no one I could trust them with my life. They are good friends anyway, they help me when I move or my car is broken and I need a ride or when they think I’m in a bad mood and want me to cheer up.
        But no Ron Weasley in RL …

        • Maybe we don’t get our Ron until our Voldemort turns up.

          • Aww… I had my Voldy a long time ago. Now, I have my Won-Won. I spend all my time bossing him around… just like I imagine that Hermione does to Ron.

            Us crazy, hardcore book nerd girls have to have a *little* comic relief. Thank God for the guys that provide it. : )

          • Glad to hear your Voldy is vanquished. I stomped one into the ground not so long ago (so satisfying) but I’m pushing past the wizards in search of a certain type of wolf…. hope I haven’t got stuck in the wrong fantasy realm.

        • Now that you’ve mentioned SATC, I’ve to say I’ve a few close girlfriends (the clothes/makeup ones) who are cool and are great to hang out with. But the only problem is that they talk but don’t listen. Thankfully the comment section of LTT does that instead…;)

        • “I realized friends like Friends or Sex in the City don’t exist in real life. I learned it the hard way. I was a friend like that and I did valued our friendship, but others didn’t. When the bad times come, the only people you can really count on is your family.”

          WELL SAID! I have that problem too-especially from reading so much FF. Edward, Bella, et al are always best friends and they all get along so well. And the girls fight but always make up. It’s not like that in RL-for me anyway. I idealize them and am envious, then get disappointed that I don’t have friends like them and feel stupid for getting sucked into fictionalized characters.

    • Fang,

      “You can say you love him for his awesome personality, musical talent, or pretty face. You want to know a secret? I love Rob because he plays someone that I read about.”

      Agreed. I doubt I’d have much in common with Rob…I’m a goody-goody…about as straight laced as they come. 🙂 No drinking, smoking, sex before marriage for me – LOL – give me chaste Edward. 😉 But seriously, Edward is what drew me in to Rob-lovin’…and Edward is what holds me there.

      PS – I totally get the friends w/ characters thing. I think about the characters when I’m not reading…(okay, this is prob super weird…) but I think “I wonder what they’re doing?” LOL…then I remember, nothing! They’re waiting for me to keep reading! 😉 Okay, I’m a super geek.

      • I’m a goody goody too. I don’t smoke or drink. Don’t want the embarrassment or the attention that both require.

        Except the whole premarital sex thing.

        Ooops? 😉

      • Not super weird at all. Some characters just capture you. It would be cool to be a writer able to inspire imaginations that way. I myself have a whole backstory for Snape’s family, it might be a waste of time but it’s fun.

      • I’m also a goody, goody. Not much in common with Rob and friends as I’m sure they’re NOT goody, goodies. They’d probably find me a terrible bore. Good thing we’ll never meet I guess, haha!

        • LOL me too. Booooooring Michelle. I’d be a total snoozefest. LOL. Ohhhhh but I’d like the chance to try. Of course I’d like him well-dressed, and not stinky. Edward would never stink. Muhahahaha. Yes, I have issues.

    • Yup.

    • Fang,

      “I mostly hang out w/ my mom and my boyfriend. People my age DON’T have a four year old. They want to drink and party. I don’t. I want to stay home and be with my family, maybe go out once every few months”

      Seriously, do i know you? Im the EXACT same way!!
      i thought i was the only 21yr that isnt interested in partying, getting drunk and/or high, or being a total douche…
      lol, i have my family and my boyfriend
      and i’m happy with it.
      Sometimes i wish i had a girl my own age
      that felt the same way but now i cant stand girls! lol
      they are just a reminder of why i dont have friends
      they back-stab, are shit talkers,then pretend to be your bff?
      no thanks, i learned the hard way…
      thats why my boyfren is my best friend, i can tell him
      ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! i dont need anyone else
      in that sense… he fulfills the need for friends.

      thanks for sharing!

      p.s. sorry about my ramble

      • I’m jealous. I do miss the days of 21with my friends “…partying and being a total douche”. Now we buy eye cream together. *sigh*

        • Lol not that your a douche, but some girls now a days are!
          I hate attention seekers! They really bother me 🙂
          I think I’m an old 21yr old

          • LOL
            …and I think I’m a young *covers mouth* mumble mumble mumble *uncovers mouth* year old. 😉

            I was never the douche-y dumb a$$ drunk chick at the bar… but I was at the bar, with friends, eyeing hotties (they called them “hotties” in my day, I don’t know what the present day term for man meat is).
            What I do miss is hanging out with my friends in a carefree environment. It’s just different now that we are married w/ kids… no more frivolus trips to bars or shoe stores ….without being summoned home by guilt.

    • Love your comment, and I know what you mean. I love Rob because he’s Edward. His awkward interviews are endearing, of course, but really I love the character – not the person. I don’t even know the person, and I never will.

      Truthfully, I initially thought he was (sometimes) funny looking, but once I fell in love with Edward, Rob became so much more appealing!

      I’m with you on books – they’re totally my happy place.

  8. Is it that they don’t have any friends, or is it that they just aren’t getting photographed with their friends. As intrusive as the paps and fans can be they DO get SOME private time.

  9. I try not to think too hard about the cult of celebrity and why I’m sucked into it because it makes me depressed.

    Why do I care so much about Rob and Kristen? I don’t know, it’s like a hobby. My brother is really into wrestling, he follows all the stories, knows all the stuff going on behind the scenes, follows them on twitter, etc. Likewise for some really manly men I work with and football (or soccer!). Fact is, we all do it, whether it’s with the cast of Twilight or the players from Manchester United. It’s how our society works now. I’m pretty sure the main motivation behind this is to get us to part with our hard earned cash.

    Thinking of it like that it seems so cold and calculated, which is why I choose not to ever over think it. Instead I like to think my obsession led me here, and here I get the chance to interact with some hilarious people and guarantee myself at least one laugh (although it’s usually plenty more) a day.

    Works for me!

    • I completely agree with your comment–especially the last paragraph. The Twilight cast, their various exploits/filming dramas, and the LTT interpretation of such guarantee at least ONE laugh a day. And that’s why I’m here.

  10. Wouldn’t want to be famous. I can’t live without late night trips to the 24-store for a bag of chips. And the constant pressure to look stunning …no tnx.
    I was just wondering, don’t you all think it’s harder for female celebrities. It’s usually girls following this stuff and the guys they love can hardly do anything wrong, the girls on the other hand… Every wrinkle, pimple, bad tan, outfit, make-up, cellulite gets discussed in full detail.
    I mean, Julia Roberts’ armpit got more media attention then Mickey Rourke’s aweful facelift.

    P.S. I just found out my parents are getting a Volvo. I’m VETOing over the color obvi.

  11. Why ARE we obsessed with celebrity culture? It’s escapism. Pure & simple. Also because some celebrities are pretty. And I enjoy the pretty.

    p.s. Love that you gave your talented husband a shoutout, but I’m saddened that you neglected to mention my boobs. After all we’ve been through over the past year and a half, too…

  12. I think you put it quite well in your letter UC. As long as we know that our real life friends and family are far more interesting, beautiful, and (usually) talented than 99% of the celebs out there, I don’t think there’s a huge problem with occasionally obsessing over a complete stranger on the web. As others have said it’s a form of escapism, which is healthy as long as it doesn’t hurt you or your real-life social life. That’s also why LTT is the only Twilight website (and pretty much the only celebrity website, for that matter) that I regularly visit… I think most of us know what’s really important in life, evidenced by our often sarcastic, snarky, tounge-in-cheek, and down-to-earth comments when it comes to these Twilight celebs (or Twilight books, tattoos, minor characters, fan art, etc).

    As for the celebrities themselves. I think they have a certain talent, because not many people could carry a movie like Twilight on their shoulders like Rob, Kirsten, and Taylor have. And they appear to have managed the ridiculous amount of fame without cracking. I do think that is difficult, and I give them props for that. I know that I would never want to give up my privacy and personal freedoms in the name of Twilight, or any movie really. At the end of the day, to me, that’s not very “lucky.” Even if it would be nice to constantly have a full bank account.

    • “I don’t think there’s a huge problem with occasionally obsessing over a complete stranger on the web” >>> I put that the wrong way, and I realize now it sounds sort of creepy…my apologies. NOT what I meant to say.

      I actually meant, “there isn’t a huge problem with occasionally obsessing over a complete stranger who is ridiculously young and often shirtless on the web, and then tattooing his likeness on your back or making a creepy oil painting of him naked.”

      Oh wait, does that sound creepier??!

      • Oh no, it sounds way better. Really.

        BTW is oil painting a full scale likeness hanging in bedroom or a miniature that you can tote around in a locket with a lock of hair ripped from his head during a papparazzi grabfest?

      • Have you been snooping in my bedroom again? I think my “Vitruvian Rob” is quite tasteful. 😉

        • I swear to Buttcrack that I only admired VitRob from afar, once I shuffled past all those feathers that is. Um, how do feel about commissions….cause I may or may not have this empty locket and..

          • The feathers were completely unrelated to the intentionally broken headboard, I swear… long story. *ahem* I do, in fact, do commissioned work. (In all seriousness, I actually do.) Mixed media Twi-compositions are my specialty. 😉

    • That’s also why LTT is the only Twilight website (and pretty much the only celebrity website, for that matter) that I regularly visit… I think most of us know what’s really important in life, evidenced by our often sarcastic, snarky, tounge-in-cheek, and down-to-earth comments

      Just want to say I agree with you completely! I think my normal interest would have wained long ago if it wern’t for the giggles provided on here.
      RL friends are great and all but they just don’t ‘get it’.
      Also I blame Summit.

  13. I think that I stopped really caring about Rob and Kristen a long time ago, but keeping up with it is a great way to have some awesome laughs with the several hilarious friends that I have made in the fandom.

    I also agree with Leigh Anne, escapism in its purist form. hmm, I never got a LA boob shot… sad

  14. I’m getting a few messages through to Midnight_Cyn if anyone wants me to pass along a few words…

    • Love to her, blanket Eddie and friendly house ghost.

    • Please let her know we miss her here and hope she’s able to come back here to share her humor and inspire us with her strength soon! She’s such an amazing person.

      Just thinking about today’s Twilosophy, without Twilight and Rob-obsession, I would never have “met” so many interesting, warm, funny people from all over the world, people I wonder what they’re doing and thinking when not online. This is a real human connection, unlike the one-way voyeurism of following celebrities’ lives.

    • I’ve passed your messages from today and the other day on to Cyndi and she had this to say:


      I’ll keep passing her your messages. Thank you so much for brightening up her day!

      • Sending lots of love to Cyn from me & the mini wolves. Tell her I’m in London & am intending to do a Barnes drive through before I leave. If she wants I’ll kiss the Barnes sign for her…I may just buy some junk food from a shop there, pick a park bench, stuff my face & think of her! Barnes LTT face stuff FTW!

    • I hope she’s feeling better soon!!

    • Hi to Cyn. I wish to see here back again soon. We miss her funnies.

    • I miss her too! I wish her the best 🙂

  15. I think you’re a goo and talented friend, Mrs. UC. I think I should dedicate several blogs about letters to you and Moonie Pie!

    LA is right, as she and I always are -> escapisim

  16. My friend and I have been drifting apart the last couple of months but this past weekend we flipped through the US Weekly magazine together and we were like peas and carrots again for that 30 minutes. Bonding over celebrities I guess you could say. Our interests have changed but chatting about celebrities will never change.
    PS- I also got to tell her about this awesome new movie that Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz are going to start filming soon! Rob? Nope, never mentioned him. 😉

  17. 🙂

  18. I don’t really ‘care’ about the celebrities, either, but their shenanigans are super entertaining. All the minute details about their clothes, etc, is not what I am interested in, really. (Although with all the money Rob has, his jeans-buying choices do amuse me–there, see? Jeans-buying shenanigans for my entertainment!)

    However, I love reading all the stuff about them that you gather up and put tidily in this informative blog with hilarious commenters. As long as this is here, my interest will be, as well.

  19. i gotta say, that’s one of my favorites LTT letters!
    interesting point of view, UC.
    got me wonder as well, WHY we care so much?


  20. maybe we are so involved with them
    because we want to be them?

    almost like a What Would You Do…
    have you ever thought, “if that were me, i would …”

    i think we admire the fame and sometimes imagine ourselves as them… so we keep with their lives to see how they compare?

    idk… jus a thought, i do that all the time…
    but on my behalf i think its envy
    i wish i had some cool talent that would
    let me have the fame and fortune
    but with that comes w/ all sorts of problems
    they come hand in hand.
    some sacrifice themselves for our pleasure
    . . . its gotta be a hard life for some
    others, however, enjoy the limelight and do
    everything possible to stay there.

    • I think you’re on to something. My mom read a book a year or so ago in which some of this celebrity worship was addressed. She told me a bit about it and if memory serves, the author said something to the effect of it being that people aspire/crave the glory and power associated with celebrity. And if we can’t be the source of said power/glory, we are content to bask in the “light” of someone else; to at least absorb and reflect from the other source. Think about it: how often do people name drop? The whole point is to elevate one’s self by association.

      I found it quite fascinating, myself. And I think it’s true. Would I actually be friends with the cast if they were just normal people? Doubtfull. I love meeting all kinds of different people and I’d probably enjoy their company, if ever given the chance. But I highly doubt that I’d really want to be friends with most of them (or they with me). Most of my interest in them is because they are associated with a story I love….and because they are often the subject of a blog I love to read 😉

  21. From my ancient viewpoint, really the most important thing in life is to have good, close friends, whether they are your family/relations or friends who have become your surrogate family. You can have a pile of money in the bank and paparazzi breathing down your neck, but at the end of the day, if you have no one to talk to and share your interests with, what is it all for?

    This is what is fascinating about Rob and TomStu and the Britpack, and his parents and sisters, that he seems to have this great group of people that know him and try to shield him from that downside of fame. It seems a lot of other celebrities don’t have that support system and end up crashing and burning in one way or another. I think he knows this and values it. Kristen and Taylor seem to be doing OK. The track record for child stars is pretty abysmal.

  22. I never post here but today I got sucked in by the Twilosophy twit.

    I have no idea of all the reasons people are interested in celeb’s lifes, I only cyber stalk Rob for, well, obvious reasons.

    I’m not sure it’s more difficult to have a personal life when you’re famous. I think the Hollywood bubble is different, but here you see celebs in the street, at the table next to yours, and not only national celebrities but also of the very international type like Diane Kruger or Johnny Depp. They don’t hide, they laugh “out loud”, kiss, they live without checking if someone takes a photo of them. And no one bothers them. It’s not the case for the Twicast for now but it will probably in a couple of years, at least for most of them.

    Having reliable friends or not can happen to both celebs and not, but it’s obvious that if you’re a child star you’ll have a really weird life, no friends, just weird parents, otherwise how can they encourage 10 yo to leave all social life for fame.

    And I’m with you, there are so many talented people who will never break through or never want to, then the mainstream industry will keep rolling with always the same bankable actors, who will always end up on the cover of magazines…and life goes on.

    • Hi, Minuit! Agree with everything you said.

    • Yes, didn’t Bono say something along the lines of, “…if you don’t wan’t to feel your ‘celebrity’ just move to France.” He must be right since he is uber-famous and I have never seen a picture of Bono buying underwear with the Edge in M&S.

      • That’s because there’s no M&S here 🙂
        And the press is less trashy. You can totes spend hours on a famous terrace with tables in the street, not in a hidden place, next to big celebs and you won’t see one pap. And they know those places, they know they’ll have someone to shoot if they step by anytime and yet I’ve never seen one pap.

  23. Lack of annoynimity must really, really be horrible. I was at Disneyland yesterday and I actually thought about celebs there. Could they just enjoy a day at a theme park without causing a scene? No. More people would want their picture with Rob than Mickey Mouse, hell even Minnie would be dazzled. How sad.

    (gross alert) …and then I saw a guy pick his his nose and thought, “geesh could you imagine if a celeb got photographed picking their nose?” …Of course they would spin it Seinfeld style, “It was just a scatch” But seriously. It must be horrible to have to be on guard every moment you are out,… in a car… near a window.

  24. I’m really only obsessed w/ Robward but just to admire the pretty. The whole Twilight phenom is pure escapism for me-I love it but I don’t take it too seriously, which is why I read LTR/LTT b/c it’s all tongue-in-cheek (TWSS!). My theory is that people idolize the whole cast b/c they imagine they’re all friends in RL and hang out and have awesome celeb parties and are so glamourous (Rob-glamourous!? Have to laugh at that one!). I glance at the pictures of Rob eating lunch but I don’t obsess over them. Photoshoots? YES, I obsess b/c it’s maintaining that image of him being “glamourous” and mysterious.

    Oh, and the issue w/ Kristen, Taylor, etc not seeming ot have a lot of friends-maybe they’re doing their friends a favor and keeping them away from the paps so they’re not dragged into that mess. That’s probably a good way to weed out the “users” from a true friend.

  25. I don’t think we should “feel bad” for celebrities. I really don’t think we should “feel bad” for anyone, that our time and emotional concern efforts are better spent doing something to improve lives (both others and our own). There are far too many people who need true tangible and practical help, especially right there in Nashville. Especially right now with all the flooding.

    Moving past my tweed moment to more lighter subjects, I have always found celebrity obsession rather fascinating. I’m quite guilty of it myself (well, to a degree, I may or may not have a Daniel Cudmore “porn” folder and may or may not have sent him some ridiculous and suggestive tweets before, but I’m not driving up to Vancouver to sit outside his house in hopes of meeting him). With this concept in mind, I wrote a short comedy about the topic entitled “Not A Fangirl”. It’s not a real “commentary” or “artistic” look at fangirling (by a married late 20s something), just a fun piece of woman meets obsession (without the emotional drama of Win A Date With Tad Hamilton or Notting Hill). (An aside: hoping to produce it in July/August, will let you guys know when it’s done).

    I watched an interview once with an old school celebrity gossip writer/reporter (whose name I can’t remember) where she discussed her distaste in how celebrities are shown today vs. the Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, Marlon Brando era(s). She pointed out that now-a-days, the mags put out these pics with the message “Celebrities are just like you! They grocery shop, have bad hair days and cellulite.” Whereas celebrity status before held a regal mystique. That a clear line was drawn between you and the celebrity. That you were not the same.
    I thought it was interesting, and that it spoke to today’s media practices and the convergence of entertainment and news. It made me wonder what the reasoning for such reverence to the celebrity was then, what was the cause of this? Perhaps it was the fact that many stars performed both on stage and film, but then you move onto today’s examples like David Tennant and even Daniel Radcliffe. Will they remembered for playing Hamlet and Alan Strang, or for their roles as the Doctor and Harry Potter? Is this lent to the cultural phenomena of Doctor Who and Harry Potter, or just simply because they are TV and film rather than theater? Do we perhaps not care about theater any longer unless a screen actor wanders over to it? And why is that? Accessibility? Decline in theater? Is theater not more intimate than film though, so why should we not relish and obsess over that proximity to an actor in it? Why is it such a big deal to be in the fifth row at ComicCon and feel so close to Rob, but not to be in the fifth row in Leicester Square and be able to nearly reach out and touch the actor on stage?

    Phew. Too much tweed.

  26. I would pay good money for that pic of Bono and The Edge buying undies.

  27. OK, so I’ve never bought an US Weekly or gossip rag other than People before in my life. Never, before Twilight did I spend time on-line searching entertainment sites for pictures-I was a bit of a snob about that actually. But I was just on and they had the new Eclipse stills. (Robward had a couple of shurt buttons undone which they called ‘heavage’ which is my new favorite word.) I was compelled to click on them. I absolutely had to see these images. What does this make me!? A hypocrit? A star-struck sheep? Robsessed? Then I realized that here on Ltt, that makes me NORMAL and I am completely ok with that. Self- analysis over…which gives me some extra time to stare at Jaspers’ “wig”. So thank you LTT for freeing me – your Twilosophy sooths the spirit and reminds us of what is truly important…Robward.

    • Um..excuse the typos and weird grammar..I try to edit myself but am on my blackberry today. Little tiny keys, big fat thumbs.

    • Okay, you’ve written US Weekly, which makes me have to ask the embarrassing question. Is it Us Weekly or U.S. Weekly? I always thought U.S., but then someone said it was “us” and I just don’t know.

      • Geez. I don’t know. I thought it was capitalized when I saw it in the check out line. Hmmm inquiring minds want to know…I will google it!

  28. Celebs are untouchable, they’re worshipped, they’re pampered, they’re rich, and if they stay out of trouble and out of the spotlight, they can lead somewhat “normal” lives.

    I’d consider giving up a few years of my anonymous life for the lasting benefits the Twi celebs will enjoy (namely money, but also an easier time getting jobs for years to come, and nice corner tables in cool restaurants). The truth is, while it’s hard to imagine now, the Twilight craze WILL wane eventually, and they’ll all go back to a more sane celebrity, if they choose to.

    Not to say I don’t feel bad for them – I’d hate to be stalked the way they are, and they don’t ask for it – not at that level. But all celebs take this risk by getting into the business. If they’d only wanted to be actors, they could have stuck to the stage. Clearly they all had at least some desire for the money and fame that goes along with movies and television. We all know there are hundreds, if not thousands, of actors leaving auditions in L.A. this afternoon who would sell their souls for a chance to have 1/100th of the attention and fame the Twi celebs have.

    Anyway, guilty. I’m just as intrigued as the next person, and I’m not always sure why.

  29. I think all self-aware folks wonder about this from time to time. Surely human beings are supposed to have more esteemed pursuits than celebrity-gawking? But, the truth is, it’s human nature. Different people are into it for different reasons, and at different levels, but rubber-necking isn’t isolated to just jerks or idiots. Even smart, successful, talented, and kind people gape and stare and obsess.

    The Twilight peeps aren’t the first (and won’t be the last) celebrities that I’m interested in. Is it escapism? Sure. But so is reading. So are movies themselves. Why the fascination with the actors? Am I obsessed with Stephenie? Um, no. Although I did look at the airport pictures of her the other day, it was mostly to wonder why she was called to The Couve -what’s wrong with the movie?!?! (Then, secondarily, I looked at her pics and judged her for not getting a trainer with all her billions of Twi-bucks. See – I’m a bad, judgmental celebrity gawker.) The actors are beautiful, young and mysterious. They are the modern-day statues of Venus and hilltop philosophers and litter-born empresses.

    We live in an age where information is more than easily accessible – it’s shoved down our throats. Our obsessions are no different from those in ancient Rome, or Revolutionary-era America, or Eden. We just have more ways to feel ashamed or guilty about it. And even more ways to connect to other people with like obsessions and realize … that’s normal.

  30. I’ve been thinking long and hard (twss) about what to say about the cult of celebrity without coming off as a cold-hearted bitch. Not gonna lie, I won’t be playing violins for celebs any time soon. Yeah, it must suck donkey’s balls to be under intense scrutiny, but it does wane after a while, and the payoff is huge. Cmon, who doesn’t desire all the perks that go with making obscene amounts of money? It’s a pretty f*cking sweet deal if you ask me.

    Money affords opportunities and access. And it doesn’t have to be for personal enrichment only, it can make a difference in the lives of others less fortunate.

    The truth is, we live in a world where celebrity is valued, and rather than wailing about how morally incorrect that is, it’s far better that we utilise it for good. Think about the gazillions raised for charity through celebrity support. And that is a huge, huge advantage of being a celebrity.

    Plus, I’m pretty sure being friendless is the least of their concerns. It’s not like they just crawled out from under a rock to become famous and now, Oh woe is me, I haz no friends. They do have lives.

    End of rant. And it’s not even half of what I wanted to say, but being tweed serious is tiring and I’m getting a cramp in my hand from typing.

    I just want to escape into a fantasy world, and waste hours of my life drooling over hot pics of Rob. Is that so wrong?

  31. Well I think that for me personally I enjoy the celebrity culture because I am trying to escape REDNECK HELL. Yes I live in Redneck Hill here in West Kentucky. It was not until I found Twilight and all that goes with it that I felt I might be able to pull out of this Redneck Hell , if only in my own mind.
    I can’t begin to tell you how much the musicians of Twilight have changed me. For years I thought there were only a couple options in the music world for me to listen to, now I have traveled several times over the last year to listen to the amazing musicians. By going to Nashville and Dallas I have met several people who I stay in touch with that I enjoy so much more than RL friends, most of the time. There is more in this world than a 4 wheeler in the River Bottoms. By staying up on the celebrity stuff I am able to plan more trips where I might be able to interact with people who I can carry on a conversation with that does not revolve around a 4 wheeler or corn-hole game. Nothing against those things I just think there is more out there.
    The girls in my office think I am obsessed just because I may drive 3 or 10 hours to see a musician whose music they don’t get. But I look at it differently. To me it is not only to expose myself to other things it is too have a blast doing it!
    Also I come here and the Rob My World blogs and read up, even though most of the time I am too busy to comment, I love to come read all the Snarky comments! As for following a celeb extensively I don’t, I follow the people who do keep up on the celebs and pick and choose what I feel I need to read further about.
    I actually do feel sorry for the celebs who can not even go for a coffee without being chased down by the paps, so where is the line. I am just not sure? But one thing is for certain, the celebs have to put themselves out in the public eye to promote their movies, albums etc. We all eat that stuff up, then most are able to disappear for a time, until the next project is ready to promote. Many times that is what they are doing it looks to me like , promoting, which is part of the business.

  32. I love the last lines…. Well done, well done.

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