Twilosophy, on a Friday?

Dear Twilosophy Class,

Normally on Fridays we like to go all “dumb” on you- post a funny story, a picture we can all lust over, etc. etc. etc. But today, you’re gonna have to DEAL with it because Moon & I got all Twilosophical through an email conversation with our friend EastFriend (yes- from The Quad- she’s still alive!) and it just HAD to be shared. While this may not be our normal Friday thang, you don’t want to miss this conversation. And we don’t want to miss your thoughts (although, I (UC) just left for vacation, so I’m going to have to miss it!)

EastFriend kicked us off sharing something she just read in Rolling Stone Magazine about Vampire Diaries, contrasting it with Twilight:

“We’re surrounded by bat-porn fantasies these days, but Vampire Diaries is the one that feels most authentic, because it’s the most adolescent, the most ordinary.  It would kill the fantasy if there were anything glamorous about Elena.  (That’s why Twilight was so great, when Kristen Stewart was just some mousy girl in a flannel shirt, and New Moon sucked, when Kristen Stewart was a movie star.)


Really? “Twilight was so great?” “New Moon sucked?”

I do get the charm of the cast being relative unknowns when Twilight was 1st released, and the “old hat” feeling of them by the time we got to New Moon. And I also accept the fact that a percentage of the fandom is not on board with Eclipse due to (a) Being over it, (b) Hating Kristen, (c) Hating Rob for being with Kristen, (d) Worrying over David Slade and all these reshoot/new editor/blah-blah-blah rumors of late, etc., and (e) Complete over saturation of the series (how has Harry Potter maintained the magic for well over a decade?!?), which would fall in line with being over it, I guess.

Was Twilight “so great” because it was so “unknown” at first (and by unknown, I mean by the world at large–not by us, who’d read it at Hilton Head and knew greatness long before the masses!), and did New Moon suck because a cast full of young adults, heretofore unknown, had spent the previous year in our faces? Blogs, TV, magazine covers, websites, premieres, award shows, film festivals, etc.

Seriously. I have to discuss this.

Who is the best British fantasy star? I'm not sure, guess we'll have to see YOU naked, Rob...


The difference between Twilight and Harry Potter is that with HP we have to wait SO long between movies. I get why we don’t have to with Twilight:

#1- Summit wants the money NOW

#2- They don’t want the cast members to “Age,” but come on- it’s the MOVIES. you can make it work!

And about Twilight seeming so GREAT vs New Moon….I think it depends on who you ask about NM vs TWI…. reviewers & industry people hated both, but hated New MOON more- I think because it was a better quality movie- more money, more effort, less indie/rando/Cathy Cougar is a little drunk feeling. I think a lot of people connect with Catherine’s style & saw her portrayal of Twilight for what it was- a movie gearing towards the MTV crowd… and it was okay. It worked for what it needed to do. But with New Moon, Summit is trying to compete with major block-busters- with the Harry Potters & the comic-book-series of these days… and well, it falls majorly short if that’s what you’re comparing it to. But for us as fans (and most of the people that we come into contact with) the actors did SUCH a better job in NM & it was just less cheesy & more true to the book- so we love it more.

However… that being said.. I don’t have the emotional connection to New Moon like I did with Twilight. I haven’t watched the DVD yet. I didn’t see it as much in the theaters. Is that because of being inundated so much in the Twi world? After my emotional mess when I was entranced by this Twilight world and before I had the blogs to run to, I’d cry when I put on songs #7-12 of the soundtrack… the New Moon soundtrack is SOO GOOD and yet I never cried….. What IS that?

Get even DEEPER after the jump!


I feel the same way at times. I think NM was a better movie but there’s just something about Twilight with even all its faults… it’s still Twilight. It’s like how we talk about reading the books for the first time- There’s nothing that will ever be like that first time through, the excitement, anticipation. And that translated to the movies. With Twilight we didn’t know ANYTHING. How would it look, what would Rob as Edward be like, what would the locations look like, would my favorite scene be included? But now we know most everything. We know what Forks looks like, we know how Edward & Bella interact, we know how hot Jacob looks without his shirt on.

I also feel like EVERYONE knows what Twilight is these days. It’s not a special little “insider” thing anyone. It’s like when you’re favorite local band blows up and becomes U2. When the annoying girl at work says she likes Twilight and she hasn’t even read the books, it’s kinda annoying. Especially when you were there since the beginning.

There’s also the fact that we’re IN this EVERY day (mostly) and we see most everything that comes out now and there’s a lot. Remember back in the day when it was few and far between and that was even more so before our time! I’m sure it was even more fun when it was all rumors and nothing was announced or– imagine how it was when TWILIGHT was filming!? Everything we get is now on the front page or my MOM tells me. It’s not like you really have to search for it.


OK, see…I didn’t “get” Catherine’s vision in Twilight. Too much usage of the blue lens, too many quick cuts (i.e. bad editing!) and her direction? OMS! When everyone complains about how “terrible the acting” is in Twi, I chalk it up to Cathy. ‘Cause Kristen and Rob are NOT terrible actors. YES, Hardwicke has minor industry cred. I get that. But I, as a fan, did not “get” her vision of Twilight. I “got” Chris Weitz’s. And why? Because it’s exactly as you said, UC…it was true to the book. He gave the fans what we wanted. Remember last November when he took the time to write the fans a letter, once he stepped into the role as director? What other director has EVER done such as that? Class. Pure class, I tell you. That it even crossed his mind to address the fans proved to me that he had not only our best interests at heart, but also his cast’s, as well as Stephenie Meyer’s.

I didn’t have an emotional connection to Twilight at all. AT ALL. I didn’t shed a damn tear in that movie. Meanwhile, I saw NM three times, then once again on DVD at home. I’ve cried every time. I hated the Twi soundtrack. Still do. I love the NM soundtrack. Still do. Y’all know I ranked “Roslyn” as my favorite song of 2009. I start crying the instant I hear it in NM…and don’t stop until Lykke Li finishes.

And,  yes, Moon…I do agree with you…that Twilight was NEW. After I’d finished reading the books, I spent 2 hours in the pool (in Hilton Head), drunk, trying to figure out a way to get $2 million so I could buy the rights to adapt a screenplay. At the time, MTV had already done so (unbeknownst to me–this was August of ’07), but I was so desperate to see this story on the big screen. I literally cried all over my husband…not even ashamed to admit this…but I’d finished Eclipse and drank about 8 Land Shark’s and was in the pool trying to figure out how to get millions. RIDICULOUS. (Ridiculous that I thought I could adapt it–ridiculous that I thought no one else had had that idea yet. Please love me through it. It was the Land Sharks.)

But isn’t that how we all felt after reading the books? Before any of this shit happened? The movie, the Hot Topic crap, the websites, the merchandising…ANY of it. We loved the books. The story. Edward and Bella. It was such a big deal. I miss that.

When Twilight was filming there was basically only Larry Carroll and Twilight Tuesdays on MTV. And Twilight Moms, of course! I had two friends who cared anything about the books and even knew there was a movie being filmed. TWO. We all bought/rented Penelope when it was released so that we could see the “sneak peek” of Edward and Bella in his room–and swooned and died and watched it 10 times in a row and decided then and there that we were 100% happy with Rob as Edward. (Always was on board with K as Bella…and speaking of that, I remember about the time that was announced…it was just after Thanksgiving of ’07 when I was looking it up on IMDB and saw that they’d finally posted it on their site, with her name attached to it. That was EXCITING. And I had no one to share it with. Sob.)

Maybe the gist of all this is that we are over saturated. Everyone keeps complaining about the lack of Eclipse info. I’ll be honest…I haven’t missed anything. I’m glad I don’t know much. It keeps me from worrying more than I already do.

Dude…. we got deep…..

So… what do YOU think!?


PS: My Brian hurts

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  1. Hmmm. I love New Moon more BUT the Twilight film is what introduced me to all of this amazing craziness. I guess for me, New Moon for some reason is my favourite book of the whole series, it’s also the first film of the series where I was around for all the awesome excitement of the build up and countdown and all that. I get embarrassed talking about Twilight it public because it is everywhere; everyone knows about it, whether they’ve read or know someone else who has. And so many people HATE it because it is everywhere. All the “lame” merchandise and the over publicisation of every facet of Rob and Kristen’s life is just so in your face. If I didn’t love it, I would probably hate it, too.

    • For me Twilight was sooo much better than NM. Movie AND soundtrack.

      You can say whatever you want against Cougar Cathy but she UNDERSTOOD Twilight, the first love and angst. This is a series that targets female population and she as woman knew what she was doing. (That’s why I will never understand why Summit gave male directors to do the next 3 installments. This is a female series for crying out loud! and I’m little bit afraid about what David Slade tweeted months ago, about “more action” than in NM, pleeese)
      And that use of blue lens gave a nice moody overtone. When I went to see Twilight i didn’t know anything about the series. Just that’s based on the books and it’s about vampires (and I couldn’t care less about vampires!) but I gave it a try because I liked the trailer especially the nature. I remember leaving the theater and telling the hubby how connection between 2 main characters was amazing, movie was kind of steamy without sex with only 2 kissing scenes! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Not to mention the last scene; I cry every time I see it, and I could listen “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” every day of forever, without complain.

      Twilight was done like an Indie movie, WITH HEART, crew HAD TO PROVE THEMSELF to us. With NM and now Eclipse, this is not the case. They know we will go and see it no matter what.

      Imo, Pattinson didn’t do a better job in NM. He looked constipated all the time. What happened with that “teenage” boy over the Summer will always be a mystery. Stewart wasn’t blinking as much as in Twilight, so I guess she improved. Kevin Lutz birthday scene “Already installed…whatever” c’mon. Is that improvement?

      (I don’t even want to start complaining about wardrobe and make up. Who are those people who work there? 108 year-olds? Do they know anything about today’s fashion, or timeless fashion? Who hired them?
      Did Chris Weitz knew how bad those people are or he gave Edward his own pants, jacket and BROWN leather shoes. Now, in Eclipse, it seems we will be seeing A LOT of PLAID. It’s not that I don’t like plaid, or Rob, but this is little bit too much. Did they really need to copy Rob’s style?)

      UC – how is NM better movie while you don’t feel emotional connection?? NM is “looking good” (Victorian era painting bs) I will give you that, but that is not what makes a movie good. Also, don’t let dilf fool you and his letters to fans. It’s all business baby. (aka money)

      Did I say there was NO emotional connection between Bella and Edward in NM?! Even no at the end in Italy! I felt NOTHING. My husband too. I’ve heard it’s directors job to tell actors what to do, how to do (but I may be wrong 😉 ) and if that is case, Chris Weitz did a lousy job. At least for me. But, does it really matter ? Does he/Summit care? They got my 22 bucks – wait I buy tickets for 6 buck each, hehe, so it’s really $12. Oh, sorry Summit.

      P.S. I’m really afraid of this Condom guy. What is he going to do with BD…

      OK, that’s all!

  2. So, for the most part, I agree with feeling oversaturated, in fact, I’d agree with feeling kind of over the movies. I’m looking forward to Eclipse, but no where near as much as New Moon – the year long build up to that was excruciating, now I’m like, meh.

    So here’s what I’m gonna do.

    I haven’t reread the books since the orginal read of ’08, so I’m going to read them. Not just Twilight, but New Moon (I basically blew through that as soon as Edward left barely paying attention) and Eclipse and maybe Breaking Dawn until they leave Isle Esme. Maybe. And in doing so I’m almost 100% sure I’ll get back to that knot in the stomach excitement, because, as you say EastFriend, it’s Edward and Bella that we love, their story, I can’t wait to get stuck back in and forget all this hype.

  3. I agree with Sleeeigh, the buildup to New Moon was way more exciting than the buildup to Eclipse. I don’t know what it was then. Maybe because I only discovered the books about a year ago, and the movie last May, so I was still in the fluttery ‘I’m so in love!’ phase.

    And true, Twilight somehow was more intriguing than New Moon was, even though New Moon was a way better movie. Perhaps it is exactly BECAUSE Twilight is such a bad movie, that we felt compelled to watch it agian and again, hoping it would be a better movie the next time we watched. You know, kind of like Titanic, which we watched over and over in the hopes that Leo wouldn’t die the next time.

  4. Whew, okay, I have thought about this way too much. I’m a lot more excited about The Deathly Hallows than I am about Eclipse or BD *shudder*. Why? Because, Harry Potter is just a better story than Twilight. (As the people who follow me on Twitter know, this may also have something to do with my unhealthy Tom Felton obsession.)

    However, I don’t think I’m being fair if I make the comparison. Yes, they’re both YA books, but they are in totally different genres if you think about it. Harry Potter is an adventure story, a coming-of-age story. It has a classic monomyth story arc that goes over the course of seven books. Twilight is, at its heart, a love story. I always thought the action was secondary, like Victoria and James were just thrown in as an afterthought. Twilight is told in first person and mostly takes place in Bella’s head. Any movie version of a book that centers on a character’s thoughts is never going to really cut it with me.

    That said, even though NM was a better movie based on basically all criteria, I, like UC and Moon, have a soft spot for Twilight. Part of that is due to what was personally going on in my life when Twilight came out, but part of it was the novelty of it all. The cafeteria scene when we first meet the vampires (more importantly, THE vampire) still excites me, bad makeup and all.

    Both movies failed to capture Bella and Edward’s relationship for me. I was more disappointed by it in NM, though, maybe because it was a better movie. Maybe NM was too close to the book that I can’t just wave my hand and say, “Oh, Cougar Cathy, trying to turn Twilight into a bad music video again.” Twilight is a silly series about a teenage girl who falls in love with a sparkly vampire. New Moon took it too seriously, and I think when it comes down to it, that’s what worries me the most about Eclipse.

  5. Just to comment on the Twilight vs Harry Potter freshness:

    First off, and no offense to Stephanie if you are reading (HI! I love you!) but Harry Potter is a far superior series. I *care* about the characters in Harry Potter. My heart just about beat out of my chest the first time I read Deathly Hallows. When one of the characters died (no spoilers!) I bawled like my own brother had died. As much as I love the Saga I have no such connection with the characters in the Twi-world. Probably the only one I would cry over would be Charlie. When I read Breaking Dawn, my eyes nearly rolled out of my head. Not quite the same.

    And even with all the HP merch out there, it still doesn’t seem oversaturated. The HP stars are able to lie much lower than the Twi-Stars (which is the fault of the fandom, not the industry) so when we DO see them on a chat show or (oddly enough) Inside the Actors’ Studio it’s way more fun because I haven’t had their faces paparazzied all over my computer.

    Hi, my name is JodieO and I’m a Harry Potter nerd!

    • Yes! I agree with all of this. I love Twilight, of course, but Harry Potter is just better all around. Some of the HP movies are better than others (I didn’t like OotP.), but everything about it – the story, the characters, the suspense, etc. moves me more than Twilight. Harry Potter is a complex story. Twilight is a simple love story that turned into an out of control cultural phenomenon. There’s too much hype now, and it just doesn’t have enough depth (and that’s not a criticism) to stand up to it.

    • Hi JodieO!
      I’m a HP nerdburger as well and agree entirely… I think it’s the oversaturation (l say as I obsessively read a blog devoted to the subject!) of all things remotely Twi related that makes me want to switch off… Whereas with HP I’ve not even seen a trailer for Deathly Hallows but am dying to see it!! I am excitedfor eclipse of course but not in the same way.
      Maybe it’s cause after 6 movies (books) already, it has been building up to this huge climax at the end, but with twilight saga for me the climax is in Twilight when Edward and Bella get together and so the rest of the series just doesn’t hold me as well as the first book/movie!
      Anyway that’s as twisophical as I get…
      I think my brain might explode after that!

    • You know I totally agree. Harry Potter is a far superior series.

      And I too got emotional (still do) while reading Deathly Hallows.

    • HP for the win. English folks really do know how to write.
      I like Twilight because I like Rob, not the other way around.

    • Totally agree that HP is superior, but i really feel that it is an unfair comparsin, like apples to oranges, if you will. I cried like a BABY at the Deathly Hallows, and may look into medication to get myself thru the movie.

      I think JKR was a much braver author to kill off beloved characters. I didn’t want to see all kinds of death in BD, I was just surprised everyone survived! I expected Rosalie to martyr herself or something….

      Harry Potter nerd? *raises hand*

      • I agree with you. I think t hey only get compared is because they are both wildly popular book series written by women. Other than that there really aren’t many similarities.

    • ❤ you and your nerdiness

    • Harry Potter Nerds Unite! I think we need a support group because I’m going to die when the last movie comes out.

      • I won’t even know what to do with myself when the final Deathly Hallows comes out.

      • I don’t even want to think about it! One of the emotional differences to me is that (preparing to duck stones) I never really cried during the Twilight series, not even New Moon. I felt more “shocked disbelief” or depression, not deep sadness. For Harry Potter, I cried like a baby, in the words of lapushbaby, several times, including pretty much sniveling through the entire last bit of Deathly Hallows.

    • Haha! I got a thumbs down.

      Stephanie, was that you?

  6. calling all those Belgian girls. i think this one deserves a slow clap:

    “But isn’t that how we all felt after reading the books? Before any of this shit happened? The movie, the Hot Topic crap, the websites, the merchandising…ANY of it. We loved the books. The story. Edward and Bella. It was such a big deal. I miss that.”

    for some reason, i feel more attached to twilight. maybe it’s because i liked the wardrobe better. (hello! no grandpa tweed. and edward was actually HOT in twi). also, i liked carter burwell’s score better. i dunno bout u guys.

  7. Twilight does have something over NM, despite the lack of jorts. I think it’s because that’s the book that did me in, so it will always be special. Even if it is in a short bus kind of way.

  8. Funny, I saw Twilight the movie before reading the books and it was just another movie. I didn’t really care… Flip to me seeing it on the big screen after having read the books months later and I was nearly jumping out of my skin – I was so freaking excited. I love the Twilight soundtrack 10x more than New Moon, not sure why exactly, but it captures the excitement of the first film, flaws and all.

    Sorry East Friend (damn, almost wrote your name), I think I’m agreeing a little more with Moon and UC on this one. And I will ALWAYS love you through it.


    PS, I hate landshark beer. ew 🙂

  9. The point of the Rolling Stone article–the opinion of the author–was that Twilight was good when it was still viewed as a little movie no one knew anything about. When it “blew up,” the fantasy was killed…its authenticity was robbed. By the time New Moon was released, the Saga was a worldwide phenomenon…which, in the eyes of the RS author, means its “cred” was lost. I get that. I don’t agree with that. But I get it.

    I agree that the entire series has been cheapened. I agree that it’s been too much. Way too much.

    Has Harry Potter been marketed out the wazoo? No. And I’m thankful. As much as it pains me to say this, I’m more excited for the first part of Deathly Hallows than I am Eclipse. (Don’t hate me.) The Harry Potter films have focused on the series–the story–the relationships–Harry’s incredible journey. Not the franchising of teen heartthrobs. Cough, cough–Edward & Jacob–cough, cough.

    But was Sucklight (as I’ve deemed it) better than New Moon? HALE no. The acting, directing, cinematography, editing, scoring, soundtrack…heck, probably even the craft services were better on New Moon. I cringed through 75% of Sucklight. I loved 90% of New Moon. That’s the proof of the pudding…for me. Just my opinion, but there ya go.

    I also think EastFriend is a genius.

    • “When it “blew up,” the fantasy was killed…its authenticity was robbed. ”

      Yes, that’s exactly what I felt. And really great point about promoting them as teen heartthrobs. The thing with HP series was that the trio were promoted as actors, not heartthrobs. I hate to see Rob being paraded as a man meat. That’s Kellan’s job. And may be Taylor’s too (don’t hate me wolfgirls..)

      • The big difference between Twilight and Harry Potter is that for most of the life of the HP franchise the main actors were children/tweens, and the books were written for a younger audience. The romance is incidental, and the actors are just very recently becoming objects of tabloid interest because they are now old enough. Compare to Twilight, where the whole story is about young love and the actors have been promoted as heartthrobs from the very beginning, and therefore subject to a much bigger audience.

    • “Has Harry Potter been marketed out the wazoo? No. And I’m thankful.”

      I just want to point out that while I feel like the sentiment behind this statement is correct, we are all freaking out (or maybe it’s just me) because of Harry Potter land coming to Islands of Adventure. Come on- that’s some serious marketing power, right there!

    • I agree that East Friend may be a genius. However, I liked the “NEW-nes” of Sucklight much better. But yes, New Moon, by far a better movie as a whole.

      I will profoundly tell you, that I LOOOVVVEEDD the NM soundtrack above and beyond that of Twi. But I HATED the NM score, and most def preferred Twi’s score over NM. Mister NM composer, or as I call him, “I will use Soap Opera music as my score” should have been nominated for a daytime Emmy.

    • I think that you and East Friend would be good friends. You both like to say “love me through it”…odd.

  10. When I sat down to watch NM with my mum (after convincing her for months), this is what she told me:

    “You know, this film is a little boring. Because with the first one I was curious as to how they two get to know each other, how she finds out and how he confirms that he’s a vampire. This just feels like a continuation…”

    Needless to say I stopped listening to her and she only watched half of the movie whereas she sat with me throughout the entire time we watched Twilight. I had been so eagerly waiting for New Moon because it was my favourite book and because it had a bigger budget and a more experienced director. I was happy to see how close CW remained to the book but I was left with an unfulfilled experience. That was probably because I’d seen all the clips that came out before the movie which meant I had probably seen around 1 hour of footage from the 2 hour long movie. And with all those new stills and different movie posters being released every other day, when I actually watched the movie, nothing felt new.

    Whereas with Twilight, we didn’t have all these clips or all these interviews, except for those cute MTV ones with Larry Carroll and a few with Chuck the movie guy. Every thing about the franchise felt new. Kristen’s hairstyle, Rob’s constipated expression during the first bio lab scene, Mike Newton’s dialogues – all of it was new. Yet, in spite of that, Twilight seemed like a ‘poorer’ film, for lack of a better word. Not only in terms of budget, but regarding the effort put by the crew as a whole. But I still liked it that no one knew who Christian Serratos was, (ok only us fans know who she is) who Anna Kendrick was…what Buttcrack Santa or Spider Monkey meant. Now, Twilight is everywhere and I could say that it’s *gasp* overrated too. And I kinda miss the newness it had back then.

  11. I agree with both JodieO and tuesdaymidnight. Harry Potter is just a better story. I never get bored with Voldemort trying to kill Harry over and over again. I loved E&B’s love story in Twilight but by BD I was kind of over it. It’s the adventure of HP that wins over the constant chagrin of Bella. I am excited for Eclipse but salivating for Deathly Hallows.

    I think HP has avoided some of the oversaturation because it’s English. The actors are all English and the movies are filmed there. With the Twilight actors being American (except Rob) and based in America Twilight seems more accessible. How many people made treks to Forks, Vancouver, LA for premiers, etc? It’s all very accessible to Americans. The set of HP? Not quite as accessible to Americans. I wonder what the fervor for HP is like in the UK. Is it like Twilight here?

    Personally I blame the media and our gimme, gimme, gimme society. Just because I like Twilight does not mean I want to be inundated with articles, tv spots, magazines, interviews, etc. (unless they’re of Rob!). But because there’s such a competition for viewers, online traffic, subscribers, (read: your money!), everyone wants a piece of the action. So it’s this perpetual cycle. Something starts to gain interest, media catches on and starts to cover it, people want to know what they’re talking about so they look into it, media explodes with the increased interest and covers it more, people get sick of seeing it in the media and move on to the next topic, cycle repeats.

    • Can we get a slow clap over here, too?!

      The filming of the HP movies has always been very hush hush with super secure sets. Of course, they’ve always had a much bigger budget, more secretive special effects (Remember the first time you saw quidditch?), etc. But, I wonder, too, if there’s hype we don’t hear being across the pond.

      The over-saturation of Twilight merchandise and media is out of control. We have very little in the way of Eclipse sneak peeks and previews, yet, not a day goes by where I don’t see Edward Cullen or Jacob Black’s face on some product. Ugh.

      • I know nothing about HP filming other than the release date, written in glitter pen on my calendar.

      • Twilight + Tween market = Ca$h Cow

        In the US — we milk it to Death.

        Disney is a big fan of this process. Sheets, toys, candy, clothes Notebooks (for kissing), cups, pencils, games, etc…

    • I would say the fervour for Harry Potter is not as crazy as it is for Twilight here. In fact, I’d wager Twilight is just as massive here as in America – we all have the internet and the place is awash with papped pictures of the Twilight cast, I see them just as much here in the UK. I never see as much of the HP cast. HOWEVER, I am not as qualified to answer, as I am not part of the HP fandom so I wouldn’t know where to look for HP news. (Not to say I don’t like it because I definitely do!)

      I think HP’s longevity works to dilute it’s hype – it’s been going for years, people aren’t over it, but they aren’t as ravenous as they first were. Having said that, I think with each movie the hype gets bigger and bigger – but oddly I don’t feel overwhelmed by it, I’d say that was probably because I never see any of it though. Being stuck in the Twilight fandom as it’s drawbacks, because I see every tiny piece of ‘news’ and it can get too much – but I don’t HAVE to read it so it’s probably my own fault.

      Also, the cast of HP were literally kids in the first movie – they wouldn’t get hounded as much as the Twilight cast do now, so it had more of a slow, consistent hype versus the explosion on pop culture that was Twilight (as in it came so think and fast* that people got sick of it quickly!)


      • *thick* and fast.

      • Interesting. I wonder if it also has to do with the fact that there are 3 main characters in HP. But, I guess there are 3 main characters in Twilight… Where I’m going with this is – maybe we blame Summit for the oversaturation. For the 3 seconds Cameron Bright is in NM, is it necessary for him to give interviews? Dakota did the talk show rounds promoting NM and she was in how much? 10 minutes? I’m so going to get thumbs downed but all of the Cullens – same thing. I don’t see Professor Snape or Neville going around doing PR for HP outside of attending the premiere. So is this another thing we can blame Summit for? Or is it each person’s publicist? Should we start a list?

        • I am just imagining Alan Rickman going about giving interviews with his drawn out, disinterested tone. Too funny! Or Warwick Davis (though he is a good interviewer, I saw him at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends back in 2004 or 2005)

        • I just want to agree with you about the hype surrounding minor characters. There is sooooo much info about the people with three seconds of screen time that it just makes everything that much bigger of a deal. And, consequently, in the long run it is much less because we had that initial first hype. HP is the expert of giving drips of info. That being said, I do check Mugglenet just about everyday…

  12. I loved both soundtracks, both movies (even though NM is my least fave of the books). I try not to overthink this stuff… the Twi Saga is everywhere, saturation is an understatement.

    But… it is my sanctuary, my haven of escapism amidst a hectic life. What better place to hide for a couple of hours than the too-green world of Forks, soaking in the complete fantasy of a chaste love story?

    Delving into the books or movies (or this brilliant blog) serves to entertain the mind and lighten the heart.

    Thrilled to announce I have my Eclipse tickets for the midnight show on June 30 (in fact tickets for the Twi Trilogy at my local theatre… it was so fun for NM last year that the three films back to back should be awesome).


    • ILY. Twilight Saga has always been my escape from the very beginning.
      RL has been sucking a big one since Twilight came out and I think that’s why I love the story escape. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have been interested in it at all.

      And I’m totally okay with that fact. IN FACT, I think being so deep into this series has made me examine/criticize myself the way I do the characters. I am a better person for it. 🙂

  13. Well, you all covered it pretty well, i don’t have much to add. Maybe it is an oversaturation thing, but I find now that more people know about Twilight, even MORE people have wrong ideas about it, and I am hiding myself farther and farther back in the Twi-closet. It’s getting dark in here.

    • People were discussing an essay they were writing for some class before my history class started today. They were discussing the twi-mom phenomena, and what it would be like if it were the twi-dads. Which is creepier? Would there be more of an uproar if it were older men hitting on the young actresses, as opposed to older women?

      I hid in the Twi-closet. Scooch over.

  14. NM soundtrack was sooo fantastic! The first time I saw NM in theaters I wanted to cry every time a new song was introduced!! In Twi the only song I had any feeling for was Muse when James, Vic & Laurent were walking through the woods to the baseball scene (oh & Rob’s instrumentals/song as well) but other than that, I hated Twi soundtrack. NM’s was fantastic!

  15. Harry Potter Nerds FTW! I have to agree and disagree. I agree that I feel like Harry Potter might be a superior series, but I also agree with lapushbaby that it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Twilight is a (to quote tuesdaymidnight) “a silly series about a girl who falls in love with a sparkly vampire.” I totally cried like a baby when *insert character’s name here* died in HBP. Then I cried AGAIN in DH when *insert character’s name here* died too!
    HOWEVER, after my friend’s begged me to read Twilight and my male (non-gay) roommate agreed with them, I just had to give a try. I bought just Twilight and left the bookstore sticker on the cover so that if it was bad I could take it bad (I know, I’m terrible). Little did I know I would be up till 4am reading a book that kept me turning pages so fast I skipped over menial clothing and setting descriptions so I could get to the “good stuff” (ie any Bella/Edward conversation). I was head over heels in love with this story. It was SO different from HP, but I still became obsessive about it. It’s such a great story in the books, I actually was extremely afraid for it to be made into a movie because some of the HP movies disappointed me so terribly (Hello? Prisoner of Azkaban anyone?) that they almost ruined the series for me. However, once I saw Twilight in the theaters, I was in love. Rob was perfect for Edward and Kristen was perfect for Bella (as much as I hate her stuttering and blinking, I couldn’t see anyone else being as awkward as her and pulling it off as Bella). I also LOVED the soundtrack as it introduced me to bands like Mutemath and Muse (whom I now LOVE) and I got to hear the much-hyped “Bellas Lullaby” (which I hated, because I already had a song formed in my mind and that was DEFINITELY not it). So I guess you could say, I really liked Twilight for what it was worth.
    I know NM is a “better movie” than Twi, but it’s still not “better” to me. Maybe it’s because I didn’t like the book or maybe it’s because, while Kristen was good at being depressed, I didn’t feel like she portrayed the heartache and longing I felt in reading about Bella in NM. Maybe it’s because, like this letter says, we’ve been over-saturated to the point of no return and with Eclipse, DS is trying to keep things on the DL so as to create that buzz that we all used to get right before something awesome came out (TWSS).
    I am looking forward to this summer because we are going to have some kick-ass movies to watch (Iron Man 2, Eclipse, Sex and the City 2, Robin Hood) and I’m glad DS is making us salivate for news up until the last minute because it’s bringing me back to how it all started for me.

  16. I HEART you Eastfriend, big time!!!
    Everything you said was spot on, and you somehow managed to give me a glimpse of my initial experience with Twilight – those butterflies in my stomach. In having remembered that first love, I find myself wishing I hadn’t “soiled” myself, so to speak, with some fanfiction.
    Maybe it’s time I break down and read the series a second time.

    • EastFriend hearts you, too.

    • A fan-fic virgin here, and staying that way. The only new material on E&B I’ll read will be by SM herself (enough teasing already… where on earth is Midnight Sun?).

      But I had read the series six times now and each time it’s like settling in with old friends.

  17. Ok, so, I will drop my 2 cents into the jar. Long before I ever read the books, I watched Twilight and was thouroughly unimpressed. I accepted it for what it was, which was another teenage movie. I didn’t read the books until THIS YEAR ( I know, WTF is wrong with me, right?) but I generally disdain anything that is super trendy. So, when everyone was gushing over Twilight I was busy reading P.C. Cast and L.J. Smith and ignoring everyone who was begging me to read it. Even when I finally did get around to reading it ( because I had nothing better to do) I was apprehensive, because I don’t enjoy reading a book where I already know what happens. However, by the 3rd chapter, I was irrevocably sucked in. I read the other 3 books in rapid succession, and then promptly went out and bought the movie. When I watched it again, I appreciated it, and could now understand it wasn’t just a bunch of cheesy acting with angsty pauses and constipated looks. I actually understood what was supposed to be transpiring. And I got mad. Really mad. I feel like so far all the books have been robbed by the movies. I firmly think each movie should be 2 hours long, and there are a lot more important things that should be conveyed from each book. Enough to make most sane, and every insane person to take pause and allow these movies to change their lives. Not hid in the closet, and never admit that they might have watched it, and never admit that they actually liked it. However with all of that being said, I prefer Twilight over NM. I think there are a couple of reasons I feel this way, one being that NM was my least favorite book and I spent almost the entirity of it, mad at Bella,Edward, Jacob, Stephanie, God, my husband, dogs, kids, and whoever else may have crossed my path during the 3 days it took me to read it. I love Chris Weitz to death and think he did as good a job as he could, but I didn’t like the wardrobe, I didn’t like the wigs, and I felt like even though Gawd Bless his little heart, he tried to stay true to the book, he skipped ahead too much and left out some crucial things in my opinion. So, now I am excited and yet apprehensive about Eclipse ( MY FAVORITE BOOK) and am irritated that a man, who made fun of the Twilight Saga was given the honor of making the movie and hoping he doesn’t fuck it up, or there’s gonna be a lynching party. I have watched Twilight at least 17 times, and I’ve only watched NM 4. I liked it TWI better, it was more real to me.
    PS – David, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY you had better be adding/reshooting the leg hitch to make sure you get it right. at 32, and married for almost 15 years I need all the dirty vampire dry humping I can get.

    • PS – David, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY you had better be adding/reshooting the leg hitch to make sure you get it right. at 32, and married for almost 15 years I need all the dirty vampire dry humping I can get. <—PREACH!

  18. oh and PPS there is NO comparison of Twilight to Vampire Diaries and how dare they blaspheme! I don’t care for the cheesy angsty CW bullshit of that show, and the books go on and on for nothing.

    • When I watched that show for the first time, I was so thankful that that cast hadn’t been selected for Twilight. It gave me a whole new appreciation for Kristen and Rob.

  19. I know I’m supposed to say something witty about the subject of HP & Twilight, but today, for some reason, it’s the simple typo ‘My Brian Hurts’ that has had me in fits all afternoon. My Brian hurts too.

  20. So there I was minding my own business reading that’ today’s post and deciding where I stand when out of nowhere my mind starts singing “Like a Virgin.” I’m like ‘mind, stop that, I’m thinking this is serious.’ And wondered if somehow that last Glee episode was still stuck in my head.

    But then I realized my mind wasn’t trying to annoy my when I was trying to be twi-serious, it was trying to few helpful and tell me something!

    We all remember our 1st times. I would bet anything none of you think of it as even close to being your best romp. (If you do I’d like to talk to you and offer my condolences.) Chances are your 1st time was a bit awkward lacked skill & knowhow. But yet I’d bet the vast majority of you remember it fondly for one reason or another… Most likely for what it was not how good it wasn’t.

    Like someone in the post said (I don’t remember who; uc, moon or ef, sorry) with the Twilight movie it was new. We were like virgins. It didn’t mater so much that it wasn’t good. It made us feel “shiny and new”.

    I mean you always remember your first, right? So even though New Moon was (imo) far, far better, I hold a soft spot for the craptastic first time that is Twilight.

  21. I wrote some stuff above. I don’t feel like repeaing it again. 🙂 Happy Friday, Ya’ll!

  22. #2- They don’t want the cast members to “Age,” but come on- it’s the MOVIES. you can make it work!

    Precisely! If they could make Billy Crystal look 22 through early 30s as Harry, they can certainly make a 20 y/o KStew look 18. I mean, what about James Van Der Beek? Or the entire casts of every TV show on the CW/WB that is supposed to look like they’re high school (90210 anyone)? Only Saved By the Bell pulled off the proper looking age thing, and that was another era of TV.

    On matters of the score, I know people have made pokes at certain “John Williams-esque” aspects of NM (one comment was made on the music of the Paul wolf “attack” on Bella scene), but I seriously get SO excited when the HP theme comes on, which, of course, is John Williams. The man’s a legend.
    That said, when I blast my NM score in my car, I get that same excitement, and especially when I heard it in the opening to the film. In the DVD commentary, C-Dubs says, “I did this long silence to account for the audience squealing.” What he didn’t realize was that after the Letters to Juliet and Dear John tear jerker previews, this silent white background w/ the Summit logo followed by BAM full moon on black created such a contrast that it was dead silence at 12:13am in my theater. Then the music started and I got all tingly. The “…and in their triumph, die.” with those heartbeat/battle drums. The opening was so brilliant that I still love watching it, the 8th (10th?) time. But I (and my sister) also love the Twilight title screen with the aerial of the San Francisco mountains becoming the Olympic mountains set to that song. It’s a really well done transition.

    Another point I want to make is about the writing. I know we’ve harped on it a bit (and recently too, like a week ago maybe?), but it needs to be stated. Is Melissa still relevant? I suppose we’ll see with Eclipse. Steve Kloves has pulled it out Harry Potter (twss) more than once, but I’m not sure if Rosenberg was ever the right fit for Twi.

    On directors, I think as the saga continues it’s tone changes (just like in HP) and the changing of directors is important, regardless of if “they suck” or not. Each brings an element to the saga that the previous one didn’t, and each loses an element or two as well, but perhaps losing an element is essential in showing the maturity of the characters. With the introduction of the Volturi, the saga goes from a singular, almost Scooby Do-like enemy to a truly threatening situation. In contrast to the tag line, there no longer is a choice for Bella. She will be changed or the Volturi will kill her. I don’t care how long they can keep the Volturi in the dark, it’s still her reality. So, the saga needs to hop to a darker director (an Alfonso Cuaron if you will), and hopefully Slade can deliver just that.

    Okay, this is super long, but it’s twilosophy day (#3!!!) after all. I’m just glad the Leg Hitch saga is over for now, it was out of control. I am gonna need a beer tonight to handle all of this tweed! (ironically I did wear my tweed coat today)

    Go Bruins!

  23. I think HP is just as over-saturated (is that a word?) as Twilight. They are opening a Harry Potter themed area at Disney World for goodness’ sake! They are going to serve butter beer and you can go to Olivander’s (did I spell his name right?) where a wand will pick you.

    If there is ever a Twilight themed area at Disney World, I am officially handing in my fan card.

    • haha, I’m so excited about the HP world at Islands of Adventure. I did however work waitress there for a few years, so I have some nostalgia involved. If there is ever a Twi world, I hope they have a spider monkey roller coaster where it takes you to the top of a giant tree and then drops you vertically!

      • Yep, ridiculously excited. We were picking a family vacation, and I’ll be studying abroad. My mom: Kitkat’s not going to want to come home just to go to Florida (disney, universal, etc). Dad: Um, you did hear the HP thing is opening this summer, right?

        Guess which one knows me better?

    • Yeah, I honestly don’t see why JKR ever signed the rights to that (or I wonder if she even had any say in it or was it all WB?) *sigh*

  24. p.s. – how hot was Boone Damon last night during that dance scene?

    • Umm…YUM. I have switched to Team Damon because of that dance.

    • Smokin’ hot!

    • ahhhH! shhhhhh I didnt get to watch it yet…..I was practicing my leghitches last night! wink wink

      • Thanks for putting that mental image of the Bro-in-law in my head! blech.

        That part was sort of in the previews, so I didn’t give a ton away. Though when you do watch it, I want to discuss the ending, so give me a call (after 8pm your time)

        @Ang, we are gonna email about that ending!

  25. That song Roslyn has a special place in my heart. My daughter’s name is Roslyn! We listen to that song all the time. She loves seeing her name in print on that disk. Happy birthday to you today, my Roslyn!

  26. Loving all of the Twilosophy this week!

    In a nutshell, I agree with EastFriend.

    I wonder if our opinions on the books/Twimovie/NMmovie depends on when and how we discovered the saga. Like EastFriend I read it back in the summer of 2007 (when I was suffering from Harry Potter withdrawal) and fell in love with the books. Back then, there wasn’t much of a chance of it becoming a movie and all there was on the internet was Twilight moms.

    To me, by the time Twilight movie came around, I was SO SO SO excited and I had devoured just about everything relating to the movie – all of MTV’s stupid Twilight Tuesdays and read through all of the Twi Mom adventures on the set (I think I am still a fan of the “Twilight baby” page on Facebook.)

    Then I got together a bunch of friends to go see the movie… and it sucked. So badly. I was devastated. I felt like it was a 1/2-assed attempt at telling the story laced with some LSD and/or pot with a tequila shot. It was gross and I was embarrassed and sad, until New Moon.

    New Moon was incredible, because it was made for the fans. It wasn’t made for the director, or the actors, or the critics, or the awards. It was made for us. How many movies have you seen that were so thoughtfully adapted to be true to the books, for the fans? I can’t think of any. Even Harry Potter movies, while well-made blockbusters, are made for the studio and to a lesser extent the director, they’re absolutely not made to please the fans because they leave so. freaking. many. important. parts. out. I’ve given up on the HP movies because they’re just a slap in the face to Rowling’s genius. But I digress. My point is I think New Moon is as close as we’ll ever get to reliving any part of the series, and, quite frankly, the closest any movie can get to being honest to its book.

    I guess I can see why some people might like Twilight, especially if it introduced them to the series. (I’m kind of shocked that its crazy funkiness didn’t turn you off from the series, but glad so!) And the funny thing is, I love artsy indie movies. But if I want an artsy indie movie, “Twilight” is not the story I’d have in mind for one.

    • Also on the HP v. Twilight front (and I am fiercely loyal to both series) Harry Potter was actually what got me to read Twilight. I saw a mini-feature on Twilight on a morning news program in 2007 and the commentator said something along the lines of “it’s the next Harry Potter.” Now that got me pretty upset; I knew nothing would ever be the next Harry Potter, so I went to the bookstore that weekend to pick up Twilight to read it and see for myself that they were wrong.

      I still think there is no “next Harry Potter” – Harry and the phenomenon around the series will forever stand on its own and the series will always be a literary masterpiece known from our time.

      On the other hand, there is no “next Twilight” either. Twilight too will go down in history. Meyer is a masterful storyteller as well and the phenomenon this series has created deserves to stand on its own without being compared to Harry Potter or anything else.

      The two really can’t be compared other than they are both popular works of literature in our times.

      Just for fun, in the Dan vs. Rob front… I will always have a soft spot for Dan Radcliffe. He grew up in front of our eyes and he’s now a super-serious, super well-spoken, extremely talented actor (with amazing blue eyes). Just don’t tell the others on LTR that I wrote that…

  27. This is my first ever comment!!! (thought you should know that first)

    ok outsiders pov:- twlight was ok if you hadn’t read the book (which i hadn’t) I saw it on tv had never heard of it untill it came on one evening, my friend told me to buy the books- I did- I found them boring *ducks* entire pages are used to describe what a normal person would say in a sentence. Saw new moon on DVD the grunt kiss made me laugh- that’s about it.

    I think I may go see eclipse in cinema maybe it has to be on the big screen to be good- who knows-?

    In conclusion Rob=yummy Twilight series=over it

    you lot= hysterical

    Funniest english into American slang phrase

    “can I bum a fag”

    Peace and love crazy girlys

    April= autism awareness month!!

    How incredibly random is the post lol

  28. New Eclipse trailer that was on Oprah today 🙂

    • I’m so antsy for this! I don’t have sound at work so I have to wait. 5 hrs till I’m home. Just 5 more hours. Phew.

    • I like the Carmina Burana knockoff.

    • I just watched it.
      The story aspect looks good, not sure on the FX. That speed-running looks uber lame-o to me. (I’m notorious for being critical of FX, btw)
      BUT I’m hoping that this is the beta version of those FX, like in NM where we first saw Jake phase and it also looked awful, but was not so bad in the actual film.
      Fingers crossed.

  29. For me, it’s kinda like having more than 1 kid. Everyone thinks you have a favorite (and maybe you do, maybe you don’t) but you love different things about each kid. What works for one, doesn’t work for the other.

    What I disliked about Twilight was “fixed” in New Moon but then that made me miss Twilight all over again. Edward was (as) happy (as he can be) in Twilight-there were smiles and baseball dates and first kisses. In New Moon he was sullen, Bella was sullen, Jacob was sullen….everyone was so damn sullen. But it worked of course b/c it followed the book.

    I like New Moon better as a movie overall but that just makes me realize how it isn’t my favorite book b/c Edward’s gone for so much of it. But I do like the soundtrack better-the more melancholy songs fit the tone of the movie so well. Twilight’s soundtrack (while I like most of it) didn’t seem to have a cohesiveness to me.

    Basically, I’d consider Twilight to be my more immature child and New Moon, the slightly more mature but totally emo tween. The tween can be trusted to not stick a screwdriver in the TV’s control panel (and yes, I’m speaking from RL) but the emo-ness makes you long for the sweet, cuddly preschooler.

    • I think this is a pretty spot on analogy. Bravo! And, sorry about the screwdriver incident, hopefully only the TV got hurt.

    • I agree with the feeling of it being like having two kids. Love them both!

  30. I wore flip flops to work today and the mindset to match. My brain won’t switch over to tweed for twilosophy today.

  31. i completely disagree. twilight sucked compared to new moon, in my opinion. it was definitely the directing, but it was also a more appropriate or sufficient portrayal from each actor for their respective characters.

    but here’s why the movies never, EVER match up to the guilty pleasure that is the book series (for me, at least): there’s no time to establish the truth that is EDWARD AND BELLA (and almost everything else, for that matter). in the books, we have tons of pages of build-up and progression in their relationship; we (at least, those of us who aren’t psycho and hate jacob for what he is) come to know and understand that their relationship is absolutely necessary – that they literally have to be together, just because it’s something about them that makes it NEED to be that way.

    in the movies, they’re just together; we know they’re supposed to be, but the connection and the process isn’t there that lets us know they really need to be. the conversations are emptier, the gazes are more awkward, and the dynamic seems creepy…when, in the “reality” of the story that is portrayed in the books, all of this is absolutely perfect from the start (except for all of bella’s crappiness and stupidity).

    anyway, i still enjoy the movies. they’re good guilty pleasures, and when i get that random, errant thought “oh, i miss this story…” i can get it out of my system by popping in the dvd rather than wasting a dozen hours re-reading the book (and then a few dozen more reading the others, ’cause why would you stop at just one…?). but no matter what, they’ll never match up.

    and that, my friends, is why movie-recreations always suck in comparison.

  32. Ok, so here I sit, watching Twilight once again, after the excitement this afternoon about the final eclipse trailer. I am in love with what Chevy said, about how regardless, the movies are a guilty pleasure, and don’t begin to touch upon the fucking awesomeness that is Edward and Bella. Many many shots of vodka chased by mick ultra later I once again find myself comforted by the sound alone of Twilight. I still get butteflies in my stomach hearing the soundtrack and knowing which sound goes with what part, and can I get an AMEN on the fact that Eric looks and sounds like your typical asian drag queen. Freya summed it up on her letter last week, on her one year anniversary pretty much how Twilight made me feel. I am so glad it’s not just the fact that I may need Xanex to function that makes me love love love Edward, Bella and this whole messy cryfest called Twilight. I fucking finally have validation that True Love may exist, and Twilight is proof that Stephanie Meyer dreamed out loud about it.

  33. This is a bit repetitive, but I loved the post, and all the comments.

    Just want to agree with several of you ladies – I love both Twilight and NM, flaws and all (although, full disclosure, it took me a couple viewings of both to get past being annoyed about the flaws). Love both the soundtracks. Didn’t “get” the NM songs until I’d watched the movie for the second time, and then they just fit in so perfectly with the mood. (However, I won’t deny that I’m worried about Eclipse…still, I’m sure I’ll be able to overlook it’s failures as an adaptation…eventually…)

    I’m also a HUGE HP fan, but I wouldn’t dare compare the two series. As someone above said – apples and oranges. I couldn’t imagine loving one better – they evoke such different emotions in me. Each transports me to totally different worlds…I need them both!!

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