Open Weekend Post: Hosted by Kellan & his Mom!

Hun, have you been keeping up with your "Read the Bible in 365 Days" schedule?

Dear Kellan,

When I first saw this picture I fell in love with you Mom, cause she’s sooooo well, a MOM. She know’s how to have a Chico’s kind of day while in LA with her sun. The capri cargo pants, the floral paisley flowing top coupled with what can only be a pair of Born sandals. They are SO comfy, I know I’ve worn my mom’s around the block one time. I wanted to tell you how much I love her Classy Cuts bob and the obligatory bump in the back that can only be made with a “rat” comb and some Salon Selectives aerosol hairspray! She’s awesome to say the least. I also imagine her to be asking you how your bible study small group is going. Are you inviting new lost souls to the group? What are you thoughts on The Purpose Driven Life 2 (really purposeful!), and when your singles group is having it’s next progressive dinner.

Too bad she was cut short when you got to the restaurant and Anna-Lynn was there lookin’ all kinds of wind blown and she figured out it wasn’t going to be a mom and son brunch but a mom meet my “girlfriend” brunch. I feel sad for her.

After I thought about ALL of that I got distracted by your shirt. What could “Men for Women” be? So of course I Ctrl T’d and typed that shiz in and what I found made me laugh. And laugh. And laugh. When I opened the website the following video starts auto playing

Who doesn’t love BOOBS? Really, it should be called Boob-book! HEH HEH. Ok Kevin Connolly, you can drop you “E” persona when you’re talking about boobs and breast cancer it’s just creepy.

So yes Kellan loves boobs and he loves saving them. So much so he wears a shirt about it while walking with his Betty Baptist Mom. Oh how I love this whole picture.

Thank you for caring about boobs and for giving me the best start to my weekend!

It’s a matter of life and breast!


It’s the freakin’ weekend baby, I’m about to have me some fun! What are your plans? How HOT is Kellan? How much does his Mom remind you of your own?

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35 Responses

  1. Got to love a hot man who loves his mum and has a social conscience!

    • Definitely. I find it sweet. & Men who love their mothers tend to turn out pretty dang good boyfriends and husbands (so long as they’re not over the top mama’s boys). 🙂 There’s a fine line there. lol

  2. whats up with wordpress today? Mine looks weird like this too!

  3. He wore that shirt for his MOM! But he’s so darn cute! I love it. Kellan is loudly professing he loves Boobs and he loves his mom. His mom is so cute, too. LOVE IT, even if he had to mess it up with Anna-Lynne.

  4. Gotta get new “Boob-book” friends. I must be missing out on all the fun!

    Kellan, my boobs appreciate your caring. Seriously. You can ask them. Up close.

  5. I’m not a good Kellan fan – don’t know how old he really is – but he seems like this perpetual teenager to me. Part sweet love my momma and support women’s health awareness boy and part look at me I’m so hot young punk. It’s confusing to me. I like him….but then sometimes I don’t understand why.

  6. I am home sick today and just caught Kellan with a small part in Stick It! He plays a punk teenager cyclist. It’s been a marathon of Bring it On’s and Stick It. Awesome for the healing powers.

  7. A bit off topic, but it is an open post so I guess it’s not off topic:

    A dear friend of mine (unicorn) sent me this this morning… thought I’d share:

  8. Omg…. I want that demotivational poster! Probably the only Twi related one I’d ever admit to 🙂

    • Yeah I’m thinking the same thing!
      A Twilight poster with a twist…so if anyone sees it and thinks you’re another fan girl, they’ll just have to read the snarky tagline to realize you’re not.
      And yet you still get to stare at Edward and Jacob all day.
      Major win.

  9. MMM Salon Selectives smelled soooo friggin good!

  10. Um you said crtl t’d that shit… I love you- and kellan’s mom!!

    • I totally didn’t know what that meant, so I hit control T – damned if it doesn’t open a new tab!! I freely admit to being a tech-tard, so sorry if everyone else already knew, but I can officially classify this post as a work-related activity because it is helping my better understand and navigate my lap top. Score!

  11. Happy Sunday Everyone…. 🙂
    Random weekend thought after watching Twilight and New Moon last night (ok and this morning)…I definately don’t like how they did the TOO golden eyes on the Cullens in NM..they look WAY to obviously different. tI would be creep me out JUST by their eyes and the fact that they ALL had the same color even though they are not related…compared to Twilight? Or is it just me?
    Again hope all are having a terrific/restful weekend!

    • I agree with you Midnight Cyn. I liked the darker, almost normal-looking eyes in Twilight. In New Moon they’re a little too freakish. On the other hand, I liked Laurent’s and Jane’s red eyes in New Moon.

      • I agree I love the Red Eyes but definately think that they over did it with the “golden” ones..I mean in Twilight the Cullens could sorta kinda blend in…..Not so much in New Moon! Hope your having a good weekend!

  12. Kellan seems like he would pick that shirt up and giggle like a 8 year old because it’s about boobs.

  13. So I read the script that MR originally wrote…they should have stuck to the script…trust!

  14. P.S. Twillight Script (sorry)

    • So you’re saying it was all catherine hardwick’s fault?

      • No, I am not saying that, but looking at he script not only were many things “omitted” but there was definately some changes made to what Melissa who and why they were made, I would never presume to know. I will say that I am glad that they strayed in the hospital scene as it seems to me that it was written to be VERY short…so maybe Bella’s stumbling is a bonus after all… 🙂
        Footnote: it is worth glancing at if you have the time b/c there are some interesting changes in it…I only went looking for it b/c it bugs me enough that I have a post it reminding me to try and find out what Edward is saying when we can’t hear him in the meadow…(it didn’t help me figure that out…but I WILL) 🙂

  15. Sorry if this was already discussed, but where can I find the original Twilight script? Very curious now…

    • I am not sure if this is the origiinal script or not but here is the link:
      Sorry I am getting back to you so late..but had a minor ok major hair crisis I have been dealing with! 🙂

      • Would this hair crisis be related to the Bella prom hair you were talking about the other day?

        • NO..I really screwed up..was having an off day and I went in to take my shower, wasn’t paying attention and forgot to unbraid the back of my hair which is as long as down to the middle of my back..anyway..somehow the braid got all tangled up in my hair and now I have what my daughter calls a huge dread?? which I have spent over 4 hours trying to untangle. So my daughter called her friend over who is a hairdresser and she worked on it for 2 hours and still couldn’t get it all undone and wanted to cut it necklength!! Add that to the explosion in my head from all the tugging/pulling and we finally gave up. I don’t know what I am going to do..the weddding is in 6mos. and I can’t/don’t want to cut it! I don’t know how I could have been so stupid!

          • Oh no! My hair is about that long too and I can’t imagine having to chop it all off just like that! I’ve done Locks of Love twice, but that was voluntary and only to a bit below my shoulders. My hair has not ever done what yours is doing, though, so I can’t offer any advice. I hope it all works out.

          • @kitkat thanks anyway! I just feel so stupid! This has never happened before! I usually keep it braided b/c its really curly & I don’t want it to get tangled,,,,I have never forgotten to undo it..what an I have my sons wedding in 6 mons.!! Argggghhhh 😦 so I don’t want to cut it!

  16. Oh man, that website is hilarious! ‘Save boobs now!’ Gotta love Kellan for this.

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