Twilight Secrets: TGIF edition

Dear Twilight,

Today is Friday. I don’t know about you but I feel exhausted. My spring has been crazy so far. I’ve been cranky & moody and….well, not exactly the funnest (it’s a word) person to be around! And I’ve kept some secrets- lots of secrets actually- and some are Twilight related. Today, as I get excited to relax this weekend, we share Twilight secrets. Can you guess which one is mine?




(No I’m not going to admit to mine!)


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  1. Dude. These are awesome. And juicy!

  2. And my guess isss… the forum one?
    That first one could totally have been mine. I have weird KStew dreams. And I’m not even a Stew fan (not a hater either… I’m Switzerlandish towards her. Although that is beside the poinit of this comment. End rant.)

  3. Thinking we can rule out the last one. Unless you and Moon had a falling out you forgot to report 😛

  4. UC, I think yours might be the missing Rob one, I don’t know why – I just have a feeling. Incidentally, I feel the same, I miss him from back in the summer of filming Remember Me or the Twilight press tour, he seemed sooo fed up recently!

    I was also (unnaturally) blonde and died my hair dark coincidentally (or not) for when New Moon came out! My family called me ‘Bella’ for a while. I wish.

    I would not want to go back to when I first read the saga though, it got me through a tough time, I’d rather not go back!

    • I thought this might yours too, UC. I certainly can relate.

    • I basically checked every 7 minutes for the entire filming of Remember Me. They had “Your Daily R-Patz” posts….I lived for those. *sigh*

  5. I also desperately miss the days when I was reading the saga for the first time! I wish I could recreate the feeling of falling for Edward and my level of obsession with the books.

    I really miss “my Edward” and “my Bella” — the way I imagined them before Rob & Kristen came on the scene. Now my Bella & Edward are chain-smoking, always slightly dirty, poorly dressed hipsters. I hate that.

    • Mmmm…. same.

    • Hey, i remember falling totally in love with Edward and Bella and i had the most perfect image of them in my head, untill i saw the movies… Although Patterson isnt bad!! by no means!! he wasnt… as you say “my Edward” atall. Also the movies move far too quickly..slow it down! wheres the passion?! Right, thats the rant off my chest..still mourning over finishing the Saga tho 😦

  6. I have a Twilight confession. Well, it’s actually more of an LTR/LTT confession.

    I tell my husband I’m involved in an online book discussion forum. In reality I’m staring a pictures of Rob and making (sometimes) dirty and inappropriate comments about him and the Twilight world in general.

    But it’s not a complete lie, I do comment on the content of the books……..sometimes.

    • Oooh I sooo have to remember that phrase for when hubby asks what I’m doing on the computer for the 400th time that day. I love you TOFT!

      • Just a warning – My husband got a little suspicious of my “book discussion” group when he found me online at midnight.

        It helps if you have kids, ’cause then you can say you had to wait until the kids were asleep so you wouldn’t be disturbed.

        • Yes, my hubs refers to my online afterhours activities as cavorting with my “imaginary friends.” (Boo)

          and confession, when I hang out with my RL friends, I am not as interested in what they are saying as I am interested in what gets posted/ commented here.

          …if just one RL friend knew about the leg hitch, I’d be happy.

          • Confession: My RL “friends” don’t know/care about Twilight or my obsession with it and refuse to treat me like a “normal” person…my TF (true friends) here share my love of all things Twilight and allow me to be myself….which is why I love being here!

    • I have absolutely no problem with calling LTT and twi-related activities an “online book discussion forum.” That’s Normal.

      • It’s kinda, sorta, almost true.

      • ANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where have you been!!!! I come aren’t here!!! (Sad face)!!!
        Morning everyone!!

        UC, once again you almost got me in trouble this morning as I was laughing so hard, trying to drink my coffee and then it happened…the timing…hubs walked in just as I came across the Edward (Rob) “I miss you” pic…and I blurt out..”not nearly as much as I miss you” to which I hear….”who are you talking to?” OFTLOE…”ummmmm, what? Huh? OH I was on FB and found an old friend”…Geez…I don’t think well (at all) in the morning….He just shook his head and is like ” I don’t get why you spend time talking to ppl on that FB thing? Such a waste of time!” Like he even KNOWS what FB is? IF ONLY HE REALLY KNEW what I was REALLY doing! He just wouldn’t/couldn’t understand and I DON’T want him to!! This is MY special place!! Although, I have had to be extremely creative lately, especially after all the time I wasn’t able to use the computer and now I am back on full time typing, laughing…I have discovered that I can change my facial expressions much faster than Edward can catch a baseball…or turn a laugh into a cough at the mere sound of footsteps headed my way….geez should I feel quilty at my deception??? Nah..this is my life now…I just have to accept the challenges..tee hee..

        • Dear Cyn,

          Don’t ever change. ❤ you!


          • Aww Katie…You know I ❤ you too…its because of friends like you that make my feel less guilty about my deception, although in all honesty, I kinda think that the hubs wouldn't mind so much knowing the real reason why I am so much happier now that I have all of you in my life! After all he has finally accepted Blanket Eddie! Even helped me look for him when he was missing, went to pick him up etc.,( course he thought I was so upset because "he" was a gift from the DILTB)…but whatever…although he did say that if I ever get to sleep in our bed again, that "Edward" was not welcome there…yup think its best I keep my secret, secret….! (Besides Edward will be in the bedroom with me (us) even if the Blanket remains on the couch…ooohh was that TMI???

          • Cyndi, I have yet to read a “TMI” here. All confessions make me feel just a bit more NORMAL. I’m so glad you’re feeling happy and your hubs should accept this little, but important part of your life! We heart you to pieces, so what’s the harm? 🙂

          • @Cyn – Don’t feel guilty. My husband may not know it, but he benefits greatly from my Twi/Edward/Rob obsession;)

        • MidCyn! I sent you an email this morning telling you where I have been. 🙂 RL literally face punched me this week.

          Love U!

          • I just read it..I AM SO SORRY!! 😦 Giving you the hugest virtual HUG I can!! Writing you back ASAP…I so heart you, Wished I lived closer so I could help you!! You have always been there for me, I so wish I could return the favor!!! ((HUGS))

      • Ang! You’re alive! Imma send you a life update sometime soon… my bf is peacing out for a few weeks, so I’ll finally have time to not feel guilty for ignoring him.

        • Oh, I CANNOT hear that without thinking about Mike Newton. Funny. yeah, I’ve had the worst.week.ever. But I’m trying hard to get back in the land of the living again…or the land of LTT at least.

        • @TS..Each morning the hubs brings me coffee and says “Your alive!” and of course he doesn’t know why I laugh EVERY time!! (Still trying to figure out if he happy or sad?)
          BTW got your email and will write back soon! ❤

          • He’s happy. Otherwise he wouldn’t bring you coffee. Glad you got the email. i didn’t reread it, so I’m sure it’s more than 50% irrelevant now. But whatev.

  7. Love the secrets!

    I miss y’all so very much and MidnightCyn wanted me to comment today. (Hi, Cyn! *waves*)

    My secret? I read/write/discuss fanfic for hours some days and everyone thinks I’m doing “homework”. And those people I discuss this with know so much more about me than my real life friends.


    PS. I love fanfic drama. It makes my life seem so full of rainbows and sunshine.

    • Shit! I too pretended to be doing homework while reading fanfic! It’s good that no one actually leans in to read what’s on my screen. I would have been in a really inconvenient and awkward position if I was asked how my school work involved words like One-shots, Eddies/Bellies etc…

    • Hi Fang, hi Cyn,

      Comments like this weaken my resolve to hold out against fanfic. I just know it will consume me and it really is inevitable. Maybe I should just take a deep breath and dive in.

    • @fangbanger, where can I find your ff?? Must. Read. Now.

    • @Fangbanger……YOUR BACK!!! YEAH!!!
      OK I keep hearing about Fan Fic? I need an explanation please as this is an area I have yet to explore (out of fear I think) Is it like a dirty Twilight?? I don’t think my heart could take a more explicit version of Edward?? Mmmm thinking about this? Do I want to know?Yet I like the idea of a life full of rainbows and sunshine?? OK Fang spilll it….
      **Waving back*** 🙂

      • No way Midnight Cyn! You haven’t read fanfic yet? Trust me, it’s the best place to get both canon and non-canon Edwards. (Canon means the book version of Edward. Non-canon is Edward who is out of character.)
        There’s this amazing story called University of Edward Masen and the Edward there is this hot young professor at University of Toronto who makes Bella’s life hell, at the beginning.
        You should also read Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003. Everyone loses their twi-fanfic virginity by reading this gem.And yes this includes a way more explicit Edward…
        Fanfic world just sucks you in..and no it’s not like dirty Twilight. Well some of them are. But there are some really talented authors out there who spins some amazing storylines that include E/B..

      • Ohhhhhhh, Cyn. Fanfic IS like a dirty Twilight. OR it’s like a better Twilight. Or it’s like a sweeter Twilight. Or Twilight with tattoos. Or cookies. Or crack.

        Seriously, it’s a rabbit hole. Be prepared for a long fall.

      • Cyn- Avoid any fan fic that mentions “lemon” if you’re not looking for mature themes.

      • Hey Cyn,

        I’m back for you. Goodbye long days of productivity. 😉

        Rob’s slow mo’ strut, pizzle and Keisha are right. Just don’t read the ones that mention lemons and you should be fine.

        • Thanks Fang, must get back to fanfic.
          PS. I’m such a techno-tard, hope I tweeted right.

        • @Fang..You have made me smile widely with your presence here today! Many thanks! xox
          Ok, so I think I want to try one fanfic, (cause I already fell down once and you all know how that turned out lol) so if you were to pick just one for me to read what would it be?
          I have strained my pee brain trying to figure out why lemons of all things should be avoided??? I like lemons and aren’t they supposed to be good for you???

          • Cyn- I know right! Tea with lemon is like 800% times better!
            But trust on the “lemon” in fan fic thing unless you want to try dirty Twilight out. Think of avoiding lemon juice on a paper cut.

          • Hmm… The only oneshots I read are either realllllly sad or reallllllllly stupid. If you want any of those, let me know. I’ll tweet you the links. 🙂

            PS. Lemon is slang for smut. Someone told me why once, but I’ve forgotten.

      • @Cyn – I just lost fanfic-virginity 1/2 hour ago courtesy of Fangbanger, my life has changed irrevocably. I’m already so far down the rabbithole I can smell the Queens tarts.

    • Fanfic is my little (big) secret too. I think I would die if anybody found out I read it so much. The only person who sort of knows is my husband, but even he has no idea what it’s really about *coughlemonscough*

      @fangbager: Please don’t think I’m a cyber-stalker, but I’m so second-hand excited for you that Billy Burke replied to your post!! (I saw it on Twitarded) As if I didn’t already think he was pretty cool, BB went up a few notches in my book with that one. Love how he took the comparison to the Hoff so gracefully……..

      • oops sorry, meant to say “@fangbanger” of course

        • Wow.

          I don’t read Twitarded every day (I know, I suck) but thanks for alerting me to the fact that they noticed my idiot comment.


          • No need to hide Fang! BB tweeted them twice thanks to your post! You made their day and ours since we live vicariously though all the bloggers, lol. It was pretty awesome 🙂

  8. These are great!
    I like the one about missing reading the saga for the first time. I wish I could go back to that too.
    UC – I’m with Shleeeigh. I have a feeling yours might be the one about missing Rob.
    (no it’s not weird)

    In other news, it makes me happy that the secret about the BD hotel rooms was on a picture of Toronto. I so hope they decide to shoot here!

    • Me too! Last week I picked up the twilight book again after almost a year. I didn’t really start reading (just some 10ish pages from the meadow chapter), but the moment I picked it up I felt just how I did last year when reading it for the first time, for just a sec or so. Anyway, long enough to make me remember how good those days were.

  9. Ohhhhh love these.

    My confession? In moments of *ahem* passion *ahem* closing my eyes and running hands through hubby’s hair. Hmmm…what COULD I be thinking?

    And ohhh the Twi-virginity. Reading those books the first time – wow. There was nothing like it. Although, being late to the game (and reading just to “see what the friggin’ big deal was)…I already pictured the characters as the actors cast. I guess that was sort of a good thing – I’ve heard so many people STILL upset at Robward…(him being dirty looking, etc.) and Kristen (being TOO pretty, Bella SHOULD have been more “plain”) Whatever, people…they are MY Edward and Bella. 😉 And life is good.

    Happy Friday!

  10. Ahhh.. Friday confessions… It’s a good way to start the weekend guilt-free!

    • @JodieO…This is a GOOD day! The gang is all here!!!!
      Confessions are good for the soul…remember how much better things were btw Edward/Bella when his secret was out! All the proof I need!
      My confession for the day: I have printed out a pic of Bella’s hair at the prom, as I may or may not want the hairdresser to try and copy it for my sons wedding…(face palm)

      • Nothing wrong with that! Her hair looked very pretty!

        But if you go for the cheap dress, old sweater, and 1 sneaker combo we’re going to have to talk….

        • ROFLMAO..Leave it to you JodieO….no definately not the dress/sneaker combo…actually CANNOT find a dress to save my soul..(yes another Edward reference, I can’t help myself) and I should add, I don’t want the EXACT same hairdo, I just like the way it is twisted and pulled back softly. I hate a stiff (twss) updo that MOB/G always seem to wear…so I wanted to pull hair my hair back and let the rest hang down my back in soft curls, but you know me, I can’t describe things correctly so I thought that picture represented where I was headed.. Did I tell you that the wedding colors are Twilight themed..Not really..but they are black/red/silver…

          • Oooh! Sounds pretty!

            And I know exactly what you mean with her hair. I’ve tried to do that with mine to no avail. Sigh.

            You don’t have to wear a dress to the wedding. A nice pants and top combo is perfectly ok. (And if not, just play the brain damage card. They’ll back off.)

            “Why are you wearing pants to your son’s wedding? That’s not right!”
            “I’m brain damaged. Now fuck off!”

            Guaranteed to work.

            btw, don’t forget about Twitter!

          • @JODIEO..OMELE..seriously spit out my coffee!! (you may owe me a new computer) !
            I can’t wear pants to the wedding and I am so scared that I can’t even tell you how much b/c I have not been in a big or little crowd since before the accident..I am never going to be able to pull it off w/o screwing something up! I want my son to be proud of me, not embarrassed.
            One of the many problems is that the MOB is wearing Black
            The MOH is wearing silver and the Bridesmaids are wearing Red..which leaves me with WHAT??? Being so short 5’2′ any dress I buy I am going to have to cut off half of it and can you see me in heels…will hope the hospital allows computer use!

          • @JodieO..just reread your comment thanks for reminding me about Twitter..I forgot last night to make a sticky note…I just did though so I will remember now! I hope…BTW I had to change my tweets to protected b/c I was getting some REALLY weird follow requests….I don’t know how they find you (me) with a zillion tweeters (is that what they call them) anyway…I kept Stareide as my twitter name but changed everything in case I forget that I did that remind me okay! Thanks! 🙂

          • @mid_cyn: I admit I have never met your son or his fiance, but based on what you’ve told us they seem like some pretty good people. I would think that given your history of cancer and life-altering accidents that when their wedding day comes they will be so grateful that you are able to be there at all that they won’t care if you show up in sweat pants and sneakers.

            Being 5’2″ myself I know that it is impossible to find a dress that fits properly. You pretty much have to have one made FOR you. It is perfectly acceptable for you to wear a pair of nice pants and a nice blouse. Trust me. I’m a fashion expert. 😉

            As for the twitter follows, I’ve come to notice that a lot of the random followers that suddenly crop up are actually LTT people who found me. Sometimes I even figure out who they are! The other ones are usually bots who follow anyone who mentions ‘cars’ or ‘vibrators’ or whatever. They don’t bother me. But I’m following both your twitters, so it’s all good. =)

  11. My secret is that every time I read fanfic, be it T or M rated, I ALWAYS imagine Edward to be Rob. Don’t really care about Bella….

    Oh and I also missed the days I was reading Twilight for the first time. It was September 2008 to be exact. I got back from my UK trip in July and had the first book with me since I was seeing the words ‘Stepehnie Meyer’ and ‘Edward’ everywhere. The books weren’t available in Bangladesh back then. I couldn’t keep the smile off of my face throughout the time I was reading it. Oh how I miss the pre-Twilight release times. Only a few people knew about the whole series back then and it was perfectly normal and not frowned upon if I carried my Twilight book with me to class. To be honest, I bought the book after watching the trailer in June, so in my mind, Edward and Bella had always been Rob and Kristen. Back then, Rob was just ‘The guy who played Cedric’ . Not until after I had seen the Edward’s bedroom scene in Twilight did I fall head over heels in love. I have not yet re-surfaced since then…

    • We’re so similar! My original read was October 2008, I had already seen the trailer so I imagined Rob and KStew. I have only read Twilight once since then, but I have all the books (minus Breaking Dawn) stacked next to my bed ready to be reread soon. I can’t wait to get stuck back in an reawaken my passion!

      • Yes! We ARE similar! I too have my four books stacked, one on top of the other behind my laptop on my desk. I will not mention just how many times I just grabbed one of the books and started reading in between study sessions. It’s really a wonder that I graduated this year at all!
        So you don’t have BD? I hated BD with a passion! [Well, I liked it only up till the Isle Esme part, of course ;)] I believe SM wrote the rest of the book while she was high or drunk. We still love you though, Stephenie!

      • Me too!! (sort of)

        I read the books late September through late October 2008. At some point during my reading of Twilight, I looked into who was playing the characters and so Rob and KStew both pretty much became my E&B.

        Speaking of BD, I was rudely (jk) interrupted in my reading of it, right before the (Anti)Climactic part of the book to attend a baby shower for someone I barely know. My mother made me go with her.
        I suffered the entire time, thinking about the book, wondering what was going to happen, who was going to get killed off, did Alice and Jasper really abandon them?? etc. It was hellish….and I think contributed more to my disappointment when I finally got back to the book. All that suffering for nothing!

    • “My secret is that every time I read fanfic, be it T or M rated, I ALWAYS imagine Edward to be Rob.”


      My bigger secret? I always imagine Bella to be me. Even when I want to punch her. It’s normal.

      • I used to always imagine Rob as Edward but Hockeyward is just not working with Rob in my head. So I went back to who I used to imagine every book’s hero to be (back when I read non-Twi books): Gerard Butler.

        • Oh, Gerard! He is always a character in my head when I read the Black Dagger Brotherhood and the Immortals After Dark series.

          • OH, Keisha and Katie. Ohhhh.

            So true. Rob does not work for Hockeyward, unless he suddenly starts eating meat patties ’round the clock. Gerard totally fits for the Black Dagger Brotherhood, though.

          • Yeah it started out when I was reading the JD Robb series in Death about Eve Dallas. Gerard makes the perfect Rourke ’cause I thought he was Irish after seeing PS I Love You. Even taped a picture on my bedroom wall that I could glance at while reading if needed. (That might be TMI and also way embarrassing when you forget to take it down when guests stay over.) And then he just stuck around when I read other books, not that I’m complaining! I even made him Edward when I first started reading Twilight ’cause I didn’t even know who the hale Rob was or remember what Rob looked like in the trailers.

          • @StotheP have you been following the BDB? Those books are “like a drug to me.” I’m very anxiously awaiting “Lover Mine”. I might hole myself up in my bedroom on the day it’s released and read all night. That, right there, is completely normal.

          • @Katie S. BDB??? Explain plz! 🙂

          • @Cyn The Black Dagger Brotherhood (BDB) is a paranormal romance series written by JR Ward. It’s about warrior vampires and their lover (or “mates”). There are several books out in the series and the next one comes out April 27th. I HIGHLY recommend them! Here’s Ward’s website (watch out for spoilers if you choose to read them):

          • Katie S. – YES! I’ve read all but the last one, I think. The second one is my absolute favorite. Mmmm. Zsadist is yummy. I’ve been . . . uhhhh . . busy with . . . uhhhh . . . other stuff lately but I must remember to get the latest book soon.

      • Of course it’s normal. The moment you pick up Twilight, it’s a given that you imagine yourself to be Bella. Even while kissing Jacob. (No offense to Team Jacob members. I heart Taylor and book Jacob, but in my world, it’s just Edward and Bella 4 EVA!)
        Oh and it’s good to find a fellow fanfic reader.

        • LOL- ‘Even when kissing Jacob’

          I always imagine myself to be Bella too, even when I’m kissing Edward and I’m never doing what I want myself to be doing ie kissing Jacob.

          • I SO think Jacob would be the better kisser. All hints are, he’d be a natural. Why would you choose to kiss anyone else?

  12. I love these! And the one about wishing fanfic could teach men a thing or two? Or three or four? Yes, exactly.

    And I miss him, too. It’s completely normal. I hope.

  13. I’ve narrowed the UC secrets down to 2 and I was in a cranky mood last night as well.

  14. Now that Eclipse–onscreen–is almost here, more than ever I maintain that my Twilight post secret is still “just the tip.” On the black, wrought-iron bed with the gold bedspread.

    Just the tip. Just for a second. Just to see how it feels.

    p.s. I was cranky yesterday, too. Did you see me and Jane Trigs get pissy with the Lezzy-Con?

  15. Totally guilty of the “I miss you [Robward] is that weird?” one.
    I often times ask myself how the hale can you miss someone you’ve never meant?.. and then I just dismiss that thought and go on my continual hunt for Robward eye candy…………… to put on my phone.
    …. But its things like Pattinson pants that makes me feel not SOOO crazy 😉

  16. My secret is that I’m afraid to count the pictures on my iPhone for fear of realizing that there are more pics of Robward than my family. That’s normal, right?

  17. Great post, UC. That I read fanfic (too much) has to be my biggest secret. But it’s safe here, among friends, right?


  18. After giving thought to this FanFic discussion I have a couple of questions I would like to ask:

    WHERE DO I START??? (No wait that sounded too eager)
    I am considering, only considering checking out FF, in those that have delved into this I ask:
    1. What is a good one to start with that will NOT require: CPR, Brainbleach or a long nap so I can forget what I read?
    2. Are these stories short enough for me to read..(less we forget Twilight took me almost a year and I have to keep reading it to this day, especially after my lengthy time w/o eyeballs I am having to restart all over again.)
    3. Will I lose “my Edward” by reading these?? In other words, I would prefer not to know ummm every detail of Edwards body!!!
    4. Can anyone write Fan Fic? One of the things I used to do was write (not like now where I screw up sooo much) but really write and so I practice writing secretly but never thought about trying my own version of Edward/Bella love story…now that I am..ohh the possibilities… ( I did recently write a song “This Impossible Love” so I guess this kinda qualifies as an E/B connection.)
    5. Lastly, you all know me so well, should I dare enter this realm or will it just confuse me?

    • Midnight Cyn, believe it or not, I was thinking of you and fanfic just the other day, because the way most of them work, is the author posts a chapter every week or two, if you’re lucky. Sometimes they only manage to post a new chapter once a month or more, and that’s very frustrating when the story is good. And then I can’t remember the details of what happened before and I have to go back and read the previous chapters again. So for you, that would probably be even more frustrating. But there are lots of completed stories, and lots of “one-shots” which are just one chapter, or shorter stories. Fangbanger et al have offered to send you recommendations, and I would be happy to hand-pick some good ones for you too, if you send me your email. Mine is

    • Cyn – re: no. 4.

      Your comments are very coherent – don’t sell yourself short.

    • Like I’ve said in an earlier comment, Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003 is THE best fic to start! Almost everyone I know in this fandom, including myself caved in to fanfic after reading this story. Trust me, it’s THAT good! I should warn you that this story consists of mature themes and language oh and yes, lemons, meaning graphical sexual content. But if you want something without lemons, I’d suggest stories like ‘The Cannabean Betrothal’, ‘Healing’ and so on. Google them if you’re interested in reading these.

      Story length can vary. There are one-chapter stories called one-shots and there are also multi-chapter stories that can have as many as 50 chapters or more. But not to worry, there are plenty of short stories. Check out The Lazy Yet Discerning Ficster for recommendations.

      As for losing your Edward, I don’t know about others but it didn’t happen to me. The Edward in these fanfics can be like the book version or totally out of character. But I’m guessing the virginal, innocent Edward will never be lost.

      I’m guessing yes, anyone can write fanfic. In fact, ahem, moi here is writing this fic herself and I do get a few reviews per chapter. So, it helps me to continue writing.

      Lastly, sadly, I don’t know you (but would like to, if it doesn’t sound too creepy). But from what I’ve heard, no one actually complains once they get into this fanfic world. True, a lot of people read it for the lemons, but I personally don’t prefer them if the story lines don’t require them. There are various well written T-rated fics too. And every day, as I find out new stories, it BAFFLES me to see soooo many incredibly talented writers in this fandom. Even SM is aware of Twilight Fanfic and sorta encouraged fans to keep writing. Even though she wished these talented people worked on original content rather than spewing tales about already established characters.

      Sorry for the long post!

      • @Robs slow mo…Thank you for being so helpful..I might just take the plunge! As most of you know I don’t sleep much and it would be the perfect time for me to try out some of these stories, although I prefer to avoid lemons?!
        It might also be good for my brain to dabble in writing again, just for me to see of course and I always believe that it is best to write about things you love or are passionate about and what better place to start than with E/B!!

  19. I love the one about NC-17 fanfic. I have subtly suggested things I’ve read in Fanfic, but I have to be careful because my husband knows I read it and knows a bit about the content..ahem..and it would be too embarrassing to admit that I wanted to try something that I read in ff and got all worked up over.

  20. Mmmm.. Michael C. Hall.. Can’t wait til Dexter starts up again in September, gonna be intense! Any other Dexter fans here?

  21. My BIG Twi-secret is really wanting to go to the Twi-event in town in a couple of weeks – but I’ll have to go as a Nigel-No-Friends ‘sniff’ as I still haven’t outed myself to friends whom I could drag along.

  22. On a serious note can I ask that all of you LTT ladies give a huge shout out to Ang,…who has had a very tough week…can we please show her the love!

    Love you Ang!!! ❤ X a zillion!!

  23. I think yours UC is the reading for the first time one. Mainly cause I actually think that is you behind the book.

    I don’t really have a secret. Oh, other than the fact I am going to Eclipse Premiere. Everyone thinks it’s a college friends get together thing. Who cares that I think I am actually the oldest one going to it.

  24. That one about the Fanfiction … and wishing for some video … um … yeah, that one…

  25. I’m guessing UC’s secret is the Rob one too.

    My secret: My hubs BFF looks like a really tan, slightly shorter Rpatz (I know!!! Trust me- just don’t go there)Eyebrows, hair, jaw…old tees. I want to ply him with wine and take a picture of him in my gray coat wearing ray bans and send it in to LTT for comparison.

  26. I am less pissy today, for two reasons, okay three:

    1) I cleaned my cape from Philly and now I can be a super hero for UC again;

    2) I just had some chocolate; AND

    3) DETAIL, #HOTALEX comes out today!

    PS I likey these secrets and the bear one scares. I thought they weren’t bears!

  27. so obviously, i’m the utter psycho twilight bff…. THANKS UC for telling me on such a public forum. 😉

    whoever’s secret is Dexter, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is one of my most favortest shows. LOVEEEEEEEE micheal c hall.

  28. Dude, is Rob holding the mixed tape CD that I made him?!

    My new Twi secret is that I just discovered Vampire Diaries because David Anders guest starred as the uncle (omg, is he really that old?!) and I love David Anders. I guess that’s not Twi. Crap.

    • I ❤ Vampire Diaries too. And I liked seeing David Anders…and glad he's sticking around cuz I was worried there for a minute.

      • He’s def. gain age/weight since his Sark days. And to hear him with an American accent was weeeird. I never saw Heroes, so I don’t know if he was American sounding on there. Did you know he’s from Grant’s Pass, Oregon! 😀

        • I like David Anders too. I must say that he looks older in Vamp Diaries and is also somehow less appealing without the English accent, which he did indeed have in Heroes. He sort of reminds me of Alan Tudyk, whom I love, mostly because he cracks me up.

          • Oh, I like Alan Tudyk too! Loved him in Firefly! Which reminds me of how much I love Nathan Fillion…

  29. You having me rolling over here. Too funny!!!!

  30. must teach me how to do the cross out so I can finally stop using ( ) please…
    Also, I secretly started watching Vampire Diaries ONLY because I happen to love the guy that plays Damon, those eyes and smile. yah.gorgeous…but I am NOT cheating on Edward EVER…I fell for “Damon” when he was on Lost and NOT a vampire and that is how I ended up watching Vampire Diaries..btw could they not have found a nicer looking *shitz* I can’t remember the main characters name but you know who I mean..Damon’s brother…

    • Yes! An educational moment on crossing out would be much appreciated! Please don’t say cut and paste from Excel….

    • Damon’s brother is Stefan. Love him! I actually told someone a few weeks ago that I almost wanted to cheat on Edward with Stefan that night. What? I said ALMOST!

    • MidCyn, I use “del” and then “/del” and instead of quotation marks, but it in marks. Yay!

      • Damn, my mind won’t wrap around that at all and I have read it 50 times.. 😦 “doesn’t compute”….

        • I’ll put it in an email. I can’t type it properly here or else it’ll make it strikethrough instead of showing you the code.

  31. MidCyn! I’m so happy you prefer Damon! I think Stefan (from the 1.5 episodes I’ve watched) is a snooze. Though the guy who plays the teacher/guy who is maybe dating the aunt is pretty hot too. Stefan reminds me of all the things I dislike about Edward, and none of the things I like! Anyway, I saw that bed scene you were talking about on here yesterday… um, yeah, they were SO watching Twilight when they wrote that. He even threw the pillow aside! And it was even so loud that it made me wonder if her aunt was drunk on the Virginia equivalent of Vitamin R!

    One thing I’m glad of is that in Twilight none of the vamps change from human to vamp form… like they aren’t normal looking and then have a weird face. Vamp Diaries made me appreciate Twi’s ways even more!

    • Haha! When I saw that last night, my first thought was “copy cats!!” And I figured every other Twi fan watching the show thought the same thing.

      I just got hooked on the show this month. I was avoiding it for a while because I knew I would love it and didn’t want to get sucked into another show.

  32. So my 3-D idea just flew out the window..Samsung just announced that watching 3-D TV can in some ppl (and you just know that would be me) can cause seizures or stroke..guess I am going to have to be content with Blanket Eddie…until the real one stops by for a visit….

  33. Ah, so many things I could say, but then they wouldn’t be my dirty little secrets now would they? 😉

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