Wait, Renesmee is cool? She serves a purpose? Cam explains why

*Cam writes to Stephenie about the much debated vampire love child Renesemee and gives it to us from a mom perspective. An LTT mom perspective… settle in… This is also an excuse to post more creepy Renesmee fan images*

The fact that these exsist make my day!

Dear Stephenie,

I get it. I totally get it. Reneesme. See, I’m a mom, too. So I 100% get and support Reneesme.

I know most of the fandom can’t stand your rapidly aging, mind-reading, half – vamp baby and they really can’t stand her name, but I get why Reneesme had to happen and appreciate her part of the story.

You said on Oprah that your kids were terrible sleepers – that they didn’t sleep through the night until they were almost 2! Ouch. As any mother knows, those first few months of sleep deprivation (or in your case years!) will make you go crazy. Straight up question your sanity, make you feel like a zombie crazy. (No wonder you dreamed of vampires!) You’ve also said that to you, your Twilight world was a fantasy world where Bella did and experienced things you never would. So no wonder that when you took our beloved Twilight series to its ending, you would include a miracle half – human, half – vampire baby who embodies all of the things real babies aren’t. You wanted Bella to experience motherhood in a way none of us ever will – in idyllic (if slightly creepy and horrific) perfection. You made Bella the luckiest vampire in the world when you created Reneesme. Not only does she get the perfect man night after night for all of eternity, she gets the world’s perfect baby. Win – win.

So Stephenie, I’ve compiled a list of all the reasons Reneesme totally makes sense and all the fabulous qualities of a fantasy half – human, half – vampire baby and pregnancy.

  • Conception – On a private island with the world’s perfect man, with action so hot you break beds, plus all the eggs you can eat? Sign me up!

  • Pregnancy – Instead of 40 long weeks of your body slowly getting bigger and bigger and stretching every which way – you get it over with quickly. One month of rapid stretching and bone breaking. Um, wait…maybe this isn’t an advantage.

  • Birth – This sounds pretty horrible. I think both my husband and I would freak out if he had chewed our children out of me. I had to convince him just to cut the umbilical cord. But hey, any way you get a baby out is no walk in the park. Plus, ultimately this gets Bella what she wants – Edward. Maybe it is worth it.

  • The baby sleeps through the night immediately. Win!

Seriously, if you made this please raise your hand

  • You don’t have to nurse her. Yes, being able to nurse your children is a gift and a joy and a special bonding time. But it also ruins your boobs. And limits what you can do. I’m not one of those people to just whip out my boobs and nurse anywhere. Although UC’s boob off does sound interesting. Can there be a National Geographic prize for those TwiMoms among us?

  • No post baby weight to get off. In fact, post birth you look better than you did before. This is pure fantasy. After I had my babies, I was just glad my earrings hadn’t fallen out and I hadn’t sweated or cried all of my mascara off.

  • You wake up wearing a hot silk dress and stilettos, ready to spring into vampire action!

  • You have sex really quickly after you have the baby. Like all night every night while your baby sleeps happily in the next room. This is why there are TwiMoms. Because we know the reality — your sex life is totally different after kids – and right after you have the baby…um, not so much.

  • Jacob imprinting on her. You know, love, and trust the person who will take care of your child for the rest of her life. You know they have met their soul mate. Those are all dreams of moms for their children. We want nothing more than for our children to have life partners who will love, respect and take care of them. Sure, it’s a bit creepy that he used to be in love with Bella, but whatever. Minor detail.

The newest and my most favorite entry into the Renesmee fanart Hall of Shame

  • The name — Do I like the name you picked, Stephenie? Does it matter? Nope. My theory is if you birth it, you get to name it no questions or opinions from anyone else allowed. Is it a mouthful to say and spell?  Yes. But this is your baby, Steph, so if you like the name, then good for you.

You’re welcome, Stephenie. I know most people complain about Reneesme. I know she ruined the story for a lot of fans. But to me, she was the icing on the fantasy vampire life cake. And while there are some aspects of vampire mommy hood (Edward) that sound appealing, I think I prefer human mommy hood.

Just one request….could you help a sister out and finish Midnight Sun?

Completely and Irrevocably in Reneesme’s Defense,


Good call Cam… Maybe Stephenie just wanted to write about having the perfect little girl that she wouldn’t get to have as a human. And the boob thing, totes get that! But these manips? Don’t get these… What do you all think? What’s the real reason Stephenie decided to write Renesmee into the story?

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  1. Um, I actually kinda like Renesmee.
    Although since she doesn’t appear til mid of last book, sometimes I pretend she doesn’t exist . . . because B is more relatable then. That’s normal???
    And I don’t mind the name. I think it’s kinda cute. As opposed to “Nessie” which I EFFING HATE.

  2. The Renesmee FanArt Hall of Shame must be effing HUGE!
    Great letter Cam!

    • For reals! Am I the only one who has to hold my hand up to cover the manips so I can actually read the post?

  3. Great letter!

    Still hate Reneesme.

    But totally worth it to see that last picture with Jacob and Nessie. (Do you ever worry your site will get flagged as a possible child porn site?)

  4. I think Jake imprinting on Renasty (oops sorry)..Renesmee, was to take care of and ensure two things:
    *First, that Jacob got over Bella
    *And Second, tie Jacob to the Cullen family forever

    Its kinda creepy and I would have much rather preferred a Breaking Dawn sans Renasty and the imprinting but I didn’t HATE Breaking Dawn like a lot of people. Mostly because IMHO, the good outweighed and redeemed the bad (mostly).

    I haven’t had any kids (and not planning on it any time soon) but that WOULD be the ideal, huh. Post preggers… you wake up, cryptically beautiful, rejuvenated, and ready to play/hunt with your f*ckhawt vilf/dilf love of your life…. Oh and of course the cottage sexy times, of course.

    • So true. No carrying around baby weight for six years……… it is normal to still have the baby weight after six years, right?

      • I hope so….

      • NORMAL!

      • CAM!!! Great letter!! You are SO right about this. Fantasy world, fantasy boyfriend, fantasy baby. I remember thinking when I read BD, about when they had sex right after the baby was born, “Oh YEAH, RIGHT” (sarcasm font). Then I remembered that Renesemmesseemeemeesse was kind of a c-section!! Having had children both ways myself, let me tell you, I think it was LONGER until sexytimes after the c-section!! Fantasy world indeed.

        *apologies for the TMI*

        • Meant for this comment to be in the normal column, not a reply. I am having a computer spaz out week. Apologies, again.

      • Yep definitely normal! In fact this was one of the things that most bugged me about Breaking Dawn… there is no way in hell that I would want to be stuck looking exactly as I was after giving birth for all eternity! So I can only assume that the vampiristion process is the world’s best crash diet and exercise program… in which case, where do i sign up?!

        • You know, Stephenie kind of contradicts herself a little with this. In the Lexicon, I think, she says whatever features you have pre-vampirization well stay with you and become enhanced. So if Bella was full of pregnancy hormones and a swollen belly, shouldn’t that have stayed with her for eternity? Instead, she gets the opposite!

          • Hey, I think you’re right!

            Bella should have been walking around with her uterus hanging out for all eternity.

            (I don’t think the cabin would have been rockin’ at night, if that was the case!)

          • Funny!

          • Agree. Vampire science fail. And Edward wouldn’t have looked to great being all Spanish fluey, in fact shouldn’t he be in a perpetual sweat even though Vamps don’t sweat???

          • Part of being a vamp is that you are fully beautiful to your prey (i.e. humans). It is a contradiction in a way, but I think she meant more like your hair length/color stays the same (like Alice having her head shaved when she entered the asylum so it hasn’t fully grown out…er, twinerd moment right there). Because if they didn’t change their features at all, how would they be freezing cold and hard?

          • @Sj – Yeah, the Spanish Influenza Edward doll probably wouldn’t sell very well.

            @TeamSeth – You had me at hard.

          • @TeamSeth – well that makes sense, phew, the science remains solid.

      • TOTALLY normal, eight years and counting.
        I don’t love or hate Renesmee. I can understand the need Stephenie felt to include her, but I would have rather she left her out.
        BTW, my youngest could play Renesmee in the movie hands down. Blackest brown eyes you have ever seen!

  5. I hate Nessie too but I have to say Renesmee is growing on me. Especially since I drive past the local hospital’s baby billboard every morning with a ticker of new babies and their weights. Yesterday there was an Armani Chanel. Two weeks ago I saw a Boston Robert. No lie. Survivor fan much??

    • Someone named their son Boston Rob… oh my. *facepalms*

    • Armani Chanel?? Fetish much? How they allow parents to do this to their children is a mystery to me…

    • That is pretty much one of my favorite parts of my local newspaper. Once a week they print the names and weights of local births and you get to go “WHY? Why would you name your child that?!”

      Although, note to Cam, I’m sure that when I have kids I will subscribe to the “you birthed it, you get to name it” school of thought. Sometimes people make you wonder, though.

  6. Wonderful letter! Since I’ve never had kids, I never really stopped to think about all the post-pregnancy factors that made Bella’s pregnancy that much more ridiculous. This just puts another point for me in the column of reasons why they shouldn’t make BD into a movie. I’m already 2nd-hand embarrassed.

  7. Oh god, I hate all the strange baby names that are coming out right now. There isn’t a child in my sons preschool without an exotic/ or strange spelling of a common name.
    Also, a friend of mine works at a mental hospital in the children and teens ward. The more exotic the name, the more psycho and violent the child turns out.
    That alone taught me to name my kid something normal.

    • I know what you mean. My boys have two of the most common, normal names out there. I don’t know what bothers me more, weird made-up names or common names that are spelled weird just so your kid can be “different”.
      Yeah, they’re gonna love having their name misspelled for the rest of their lives. Good call.

    • I love in the letter Cam writes, “My theory is if you birth it, you get to name it no questions or opinions from anyone else allowed”.

      Funny and seems to be so true these days. However this is coming from a woman who named her daughter, “Mary Margaret.”

      She’ll be a nun! (not likely… with her parents).

      • ‘Mary Margaret’ -so cute! And so effective for the serious parent voice.
        ‘Mary Margaret, we need to talk.’
        ‘Sparkles, we need to talk, and no, not about why I gave you a stupid name so don’t look at me like that missy.’

    • I love it when the mum’s get all huffy when asked to spell them…..and then you ask if it’s a boy or a girl. hehe. Small things amuse…

      • What do you mean “How do you spell Hayleigh?” Isn’t it obvious?

      • My youngest is named Michael and I always get asked how I spell that (I don’t get huffy, though).

        It’s funny how everyone asks how you spell your kid’s name, just to be safe, because so many people are doing the funky spelling.

  8. Loved your letter! But please allow me to find it funny that even ‘Renesmee’s ‘fans’ fail to spell her name correctly. I also still don’t understand why she didn’t go for Carlie…

  9. Great letter, Cam! I hadn’t thought of it that way before, that Steph was just trying to create the perfect baby along with the perfect boyfriend in her story. And I guess one day, when i’m a mommy with bags under her eyes desperately wondering what the ef it is that my kid is crying about now, and secretly wishing said kid could just tell me by planting its thoughts into my head, I will understand the need for Renesmee a little better and appreciate her a bit more.

    • That made me think, will Edward/Bella chase around Renesmee when she’s older and sneaking around so they see what she’s been up to? I’d think they’d be faster than her since she’s half-human, right?

  10. I think the reason why Stephenie added Nessie (uggh how I hate the nickname, but at least it’s easier to spell) is because she wanted Bella to experience all the cliches that fictional heroines go through. And since motherhood is a huge part in a woman’s life, she probably thought Bella should have that too, along with the most perfect man. Lucky b*tch!

    My other theory is that she had no idea how to continue the story after Eclipse. SHe realized fans would want to read about the wedding and the honeymoon but then she thought how to bring the Volturi, Jacob and the Cullens in the mix and create a whole lot of suspense that will make the book longer. And viola! NEssie was made! (Too bad we were spared all the gory details as too exactly how she was made….)

    Personally, I think Renesmee is just one tiny little inconvenience that could have been left out from the series. I have never felt any sort of affection towards her considering the fact that she’s the offspring of the couple we can’t stop reading about….But SM knows her story best so she must have had her own reasons for adding her…..
    As for her weird name, I’m in no position to comment on that since people ALWAYS mistake MY name to be a boy’s name. But I think it’s cute she’s named after her grandmothers except that the end result was not a pretty name…

    • “(Too bad we were spared all the gory details as to exactly how she was made….)”

      Yeah, but not spared all the gross gory details as to how she was birthed! I mean, geez Stephenie, which would you prefer to read about?!

  11. Stephanie Meyer jumped the shark with Renesmee. I remember throwing BD across the room when I found out Bella was pregnant. I couldn’t relate to her anymore after that, and Edward became a secondary character that would just mope in the corner for the rest of the book.

    I totally agree that having Renesmee was just a scape goat to rid the story of the so- called ‘love triangle’

    Urgh! Everytime I think of this movie, it makes me want to hurl.

    • OH! You’re totally right! I never before realized it but Edward does become a secondary character as soon as Bella gets pregnant. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I didn’t like BD. And then there’s happy endings for everyone. Jacob gets over Bella and still “gets the girl”. No one dies. Even Rosalie gets a (surrogate) baby. As much as I hated that Dumbledore died, everything can’t always be sunshine and roses. And no real fight? Definition: Anti-Climax!!!

      • That’s the thing! If you going to create a world where evil is to be believed as being really evil, then you have to reiterate it with a few deaths that affect the reader. That is why HP works in terms of its main theme Good v Evil.

        • See, Renesmee IS She Who Must Not Be Named…If JKR could manage a bit more reality, then why couldn’t SM? Even if she had to ‘Dobby’ Jacob…it would have been heartbreaking but more…more…oh crap, now I’m comparing the death of a fictional house elf with that of a fictional shapeshifter & trying to talk about reality…gives up.

          • The Volturi should ‘Dobby’ Nessie.

          • ‘Even if she had to ‘Dobby’ Jacob.’ Bhwawha! Dobby *sigh, sniff*. SM wanted to go easy on us after JK.

          • But if anyone got “dobbied” (teehee, you rock for that), it’d be everyone. Weren’t the Volturi trying to kill off the Cullens and using Renesme as an excuse?

            Though, I think a wolfpack attack on the monster child would’ve been interesting…working together in Eclipse only to have it all fall apart in BD.

          • I was expecting some terrorisation of the high school kids, imagine Jessica talking her way out of a vamp attack. Or the lines Mike would have. Puppet Theatre?

        • I agree. The thing about Breaking Dawn, and Cam’s letter about the perfect baby is part of this, is that everything is so tied up with a lovely bow for Bella and everyone else (except Irina, and who cares about her?). That may be a perfect story for some, but for me, you need some tragedy to make the sweet ending mean something. It was like an entire meal of sugary sweet desserts!

    • I used to feel the exact same way about Reneesme. (See, I still can’t spell the name…) This acceptance has taken lots of reflection and time.

      Also – full disclosure — I just had another too baby not too long ago….so I think that having recently living through childbirth and sleep deprivation changed my feelings toward her.

      Um…it’s totes NOT normal that I’ve spent this much time thinking about a fictional half-vampire baby.

  12. Great letter, Cam! I dunno. I liked BD-maybe because I’m a mom. Anywho, FYI-nursing doesn’t ruin your boobs. Pregnancy does!

  13. I think she created Renesmee to carry on the series. To me, Bella became unrelatable because she changed into a vampire, not because she changed into a mother. A half-human, half-vampire baby would be a cool character to go forward with. More like us, but still fantasy. Stephenie said in a book signing that if she went ahead Renesmee would be the narrator.

    • You know, it’s funny, I wanted Bella to become a vampire, but when she did, I lost interest. You’re right, she was just too different.

      Maybe if she (Bella) had been a better narrator and given us the juicy details on what went on in that cottage during the nighttime hours, I would have liked her more.

  14. I don’t hate Renesmee. I do think that SM gave her to Bella for a few reasons, as others have already pointed out: to take care of Jacob, to tie Jacob to the Cullens forever, to also give Bella something of a family after she really grew up without one and made the decision to basically leave her parents behind to stay with Edward forever, etc. …for all of those reasons, I was glad she came around in BD. So I think she’s more than just a little fantasy for Stephenie Meyer, because she clearly serves a purpose in the series. I never found her that creepy in the book, either. I guess my imagination was a lot more gentler to her than those bizarre photoshop jobs. And I wouldn’t mind reading about her once she grows up. I think as a small child it’s a little hard to imagine her, but if we could see her as a “gown up” with special abilities like any of the other Cullens, it might help.

    (Not to be confused with movie-Renesmee which I still am afraid will be a disaster to pull off. Even if she’s not 1/2 as creepy in the movies as she is in these 2nd hand embarassing photoshop jobs, she’s still going to be super creepy…)

    As a side note reading this letter made me a little bit woozy about having kids. I guess fiance will be happy that it might help me to stop pestering him about having kids in the near future. Maybe I can hold off a few years after all…

    • Gah! I totally meant to write “good letter, Cam,” somewhere in there!

      Nice letter! Renesmee thanks you for sticking up for her (using her super mind-visualization powers, I am sure…)

  15. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I am not the biggest fan of Bella and what is outlined here takes my dislike of her down about 50 notches.

    Also, I am squicked hard by some of the creep ass Renessme pics. As if Twi-hard isn’t a bad enough name to dodge, someone has to go and manip a baby gazing into the eyes of a boy Mr. Universe.

  16. This was a wonderful perspective Cam! I enjoyed this.

    What slayed me was this:
    “Don’t let that dingo eat the baby!”

  17. Love your letter Cam.

    I have never quite understood the fan hatred of BD and Renesmee. This is fiction people. Is it any easier to accept sparkly vampires and shape-shifting Native Americans than a hybrid baby who has a few quirks of her own?

    As Cam has said, there’s much to envy in Bella’s post-partum nip-tuck, albeit under the influence of the pain-venom. If you only had to endure 3 days of that to wake to a taut tummy and tight vagina then sign me up!

    • What’s worse is that since Eddie did the bite and lick to close the wounds, it moved faster…I think it says only 2 days or something! Lucky.

  18. ii never had a prob w/ renesmee…
    Normal right??

    But speakin of random names,
    The bf wants to name his son
    Wolverine Leonidus….

    I do not entertain his lil ideas but really?

    • Roflmao!!!

      That’s hilarious. X-Men meets 300. The male equivalent of women naming their kids after Twilight characters? Too funny!

    • Most of my prospective child’s names have come from books I love (NOT Twilight) but they are relatively normal.

      As in, NOT Wolverine. I’m sorry KinkyKiss. Just tell him what Cam says: “YOU birthed it, you name it”

      Okay, that’s the second time I quoted that. Must get a t-shirt or something.

      • LoL I’ve tried that.
        Then he comes out w/ that its his sperm that woulda helped…
        But there is noooooo way I’m doin that to my kid!
        Maybe he can have the middle name since no one see it

        • I guess the solution is to hope for a girl…of course then she’d be Rogue Gorgo or the like…

          • LoL yea… it sure is.
            I’ve got a name already picked out…
            He approves I must of done good

  19. THUMBS UP for including at least 4 different versions of spelling Renesmee! Plus the “super awesome” fanart of course! 😉

  20. Well for better or worse I am back!
    Great letter Cam!
    I have yet to attempt to catch up on all the posts I have missed (don’t want to strain the eyes too much too soon) but I will b/c I want to know what you all have been up to in my absence!
    Ok so I will kind of warn you that this may be a long comment to make up for lost time..lol..plus just wanted to share a few things.
    First, the whole baby thing still kind of freaks me out, only b/c it just doesn’t make “sense” to me how Bella gets pregnant, then the whole chewing out scenario is just gross/bizarre and to me unnecessary..we have to “endure” fade to black..but its ok to chew a baby out of its mother?? **Note: since I am only going on what I have read/been told about BD, I may have some things incorrect, so sorry) but I cannot fathom WHY Edward didn’t turn her as soon as she was just about to deliver? Carlisle? WTH? He knew at some point Bella would have to have the baby and with all his experience, why not have SOME kind of plan in the works? Why could Edward not have used his super strength to make an incision or something, he had months to file a fingernail into a sharp object? An other issue that really bothers me is that (hope I have this right) its only Bitchosalie and Bella against ALL the Cullens protecting the baby? Major plot fail? The name: I agree with Cam that “if you birth it, you name it” however, if Renesmee is half vampire and again I am not sure of this, is going to live forever, a Mom would surely want to name her something special and beautiful for eternity! Which brings up a question. Does Renesmee have a heartbeat? If so, she wouldn’t live forever would she? Oh now my brain hurts! BTW I have to disagree on the boobage….my boobs were great after my first two pregnancies when I did not breastfeed, but the last two I did and now I trip over them. As for waking up in a satin dress & stiletto’s, are you telling me that I didn’t??? Whoa, I thought for sure I did, must have been the pain meds, what a buzz kill! I also agree being the Mom of 3 young woman and very aware of the nightmare of watching them date, it would be nice if you knew they were going to be with their soulmates right from the start and not have to watch them go through the heartache of breakups and disapointment in dating so many “wolves in sheep’s clothing” Oh wait… Renesmee does end up with a wolf..forget I ever mentioned that!
    Ok on to other matters, for the last few weeks I have been unable to see much of anything so I wanted to share a few experiences with you…hey I warned you this would be long!
    I was very depressed when I could not read LTT and felt so alone without all of you, my friends. There was so little that I could do! Also, you all know I need to watch Twilight and now NM everyday and w/o that I was lost! So, I decided to listen to it instead of watching. What an experience! I put the movie on, headphones and closed the computer. Amazing the things you HEAR, Edwards different voices ie: sexy, frustrated, serious etc. Charlie is even more hilarious, Jacob sounds much older and his voice is ohhh so deep and nice! Bella sounds more the part of an awkward teen and better yet you don’t “see” the stuff that drives you crazy with her annoying habits. The music and how vital it is to the movie(s)!! It was truly amazing (and probably saved me from jumping off the cliffs at La Push!
    Almost done (I know thank Gawd) Listening instead of watching and thus not distracted by my craving to see Edward in EVERY shot, I realized that Twilight could have ended with that one book! Yup, after the baseball game when it is said “There are 7 of us and only 2 of them” it dawned on me that the Cullens, had they been as smart as they are supposed to be after hundreds of years, would have in fact made everything so much easier if they had just had Bella come and stay at their house, dangled her around outside once in a while as bait and to leave her “scent” then just sat in wait for James & Victoria to come to them! Big fight, bigger fire in the back yard and then on with their lives! End of story! Not that I would want it to end that way of course, but I am just saying 7 against 2 are pretty good odds.. 🙂
    Lastly, a special thanks to Ang, JodieO and Snowwhitedrifted for “keeping me company” through email which was the only thing “Anna” the narrator (whom by the way I renamed Rosalie cause she was needed but SO annoying) was able to come close to reading to me somewhat accurately! Also thanks for all the well wishes relayed to me from my LTT friends!
    Glad to be back! Hugs to all! ❤

    • Welcome Back!

      I love your analysis of BD.
      The idea of Edward filing down one of his fingernails in preparation for Bella’s c-section is brilliant!!! SM should have consulted you.

    • Good call on the listening without watching…sending big hugs.

    • Hey hey MidCyn!

      First: Did you not get my email? I’ll have to resend it! It’s a long one.

      Second: Glad you’re back 🙂 And now I want to listen to NM and not watch it…what a neat idea!

      Third: “but I cannot fathom WHY Edward didn’t turn her as soon as she was just about to deliver?” SERIOUS! Maybe that would kill the baby because Bella’s humanness is what’s keeping her alive? Who knows.

      ps-you seem to have the BD details down!

      • Yes please resend…would love to hear from you!! Missed you TS!! Hope you got my email before I was “blinded by the sparkle”
        You can thank Ang/JodieO for my BD knowledge..they gave me a breakdown of Eclipse too..

        I seriously recommend listening to both Twilight and NM..really gives you a whole different perspective…however also suggest having a cool cloth nearby…hearing Edwards voice especially his “bedroom” voice (that is what I call it) has been known to cause hot flashes!!! TRUST!! ❤

        • I trust. Once on the LTT comments a French speaker translated “I just want to try one thing” and now I repeat it over and over in Edward voice (“Je voudrais essayer une chose”)

    • Awsome observations (or even listenervations??)!
      Ugh, I always thought the CUllens were dumb too, for exactly what you stated.

      And LOL.. “Edward had months to file a finger nail to get the baby” out.

      …and boobs… didn’t breastfeed, tatas didn’t morph. It seems breastfeeding (“litrally”) sucks.

    • YAY! You’re back! Glad to see you ’round these parts!


      • HUGS RIGHT BACK…thanks so much for keeping me sane…ok maybe that is a stretch..I was never sane..but you know what I mean!! 🙂 Still a one eyed LTT’er and have the resolution on 150 but better than nothing right!
        Again, heartfelt thanks!! ❤

    • Glad to have you back, Midnight Cyn, and I hope you’re feeling much better. I like your point on why the Cullens didn’t just stick around and deal with James and Victoria on their own turf. Seems like a big DUH! And I’m going to take your advice and listen to Twilight! Cheers!

      • SO GLAD to be back! Seems like forever!! You don’t know what its like to NOT be here everyday with my friends! Things are starting to improve, still one eyed lol but one is better than none for sure!
        I am still always amazed at how much I have come to depend on my daily visits to LTT! It makes being stuck in the house all the time tolerable and you ladies always make me feel so welcome never failing to somehow get me laughing no matter how bad some days are!
        I don’t think I will ever be able to thank UC/Moon enough for giving me the courage to allow them to post my letter! How my life has improved since that day! You all inspire/encourage me on a daily basis! I

        BTW I hope you all know that I was not trying to be rude with my smiley faces, I just couldn’t see well enough to do much more and I wanted you to all know that I was thinking of everyone and missing you so!!

        • Zero wierdness with the smiley faces! Was it JodieO who explained to everyone here what you were going through? Only commiseration and good wishes here!

    • Hi Cyn! Glad you’re feeling a bit better. Have you listened to the Twilight Novels themselves on iPod or whatever? That’s how I’ve ‘read’ them…it extends the experience of the movie as they’re longer…just a thought! The narrator’s not bad.

      Hope you improve lots more, & your grasp of BD is pretty damn good!

      • HI EMJ!!!
        Ohhh I am so happy to be back!!!
        No I haven’t tried to listen to the books, although I wonder if that would help me to get through the other 3?? I don’t have an IPOD and I wouldn’t have found out about the narrator on the computer except I had to call Dell for another reason and when I explained about not being able to see they went on my computer (which was kind of cool, they were able to set it up remotely, in other words took over control of my computer for me) anyway the voice of “Anna” (now Rosalie lol) is extremely annoying!! Dell adjusted it, b/c in the beginning she would repeat letter by letter what I was typing which really messed with my head!! So they stopped that and got her to just read!
        Someone suggested a KINDLE???? I don’t know anything about that but know that I can see somewhat better am going to check it out, who knows, maybe I will be able to “read” the other books!! Wouldn’t that be cool..then I could try and keep up with all of you..OMELE…Gawd help you all!!! LOL…

    • Good to see you back Cyn!!!

    • Hey Cyn! Glad you are doing better!!! 🙂

  21. AWESOME letter! I am a mom and I totally agree, Steph set up the ‘ideal’ baby situation. (and why not when Edward is this ‘ideal’ guy.)
    I actually liked the whole Renesmee aspect of the book. Sure the name is weird, but people have named their kids worse things in real life. Sure Jacob imprinting was awkward, but it was the only way for everyone to have a happy ending.

    • don’t tell anyone but I am sorta with you. *hides*
      I kind of like the happy ending. And I stand by the thought that Bella still gave up a lot for her happy ending.
      If you want to read about those who receive immortality and in return endure tragedy, check out greek myths (see: Tythonus, Asclepius, -or for a story about the rewards to those who don’t choose it, Odysseus and Kalypso-)
      But I’ll take a happy ending for this modern-day myth we call Twilight.

  22. That photo of Jake sleeping with Renesmee reading for his hand, I can’t stop laughing!

    • Ok, I read now. I first saw that photo and LMAO.
      This is a bril post!

      “After I had my babies, I was just glad my earrings hadn’t fallen out and I hadn’t sweated or cried all of my mascara off.”


      I actually don’t mind Renesmee, I think it’s great Bella and Edward were able to have a child together, especially after Edward was so worried about taking that one human aspect away from Bella. So that I found endearing and her kick ass power of being able to communicate via touch.

      Only 3 things that bothered me:
      1) Her coming out with a full head of hair and teeth. How the effety eff are they gonna do this on screen?

      2) Her dumbass name. Carlie would have been better imo.

      3) Jacob’s imprinting on her. Yucko!

    • I meant “reaching for his hand”…I can’t spell.

  23. New here, but have been lurking for awhile. I LOVE this site!!

    Great letter! Made me think a lot about the little ankle-biter. I wasn’t initially a huge Renesmee fan, but I’ve slowly learned to accept her as part of their world.

    I was already a mom when I first read the series, so part of me is happy for Bella that she was able to have a child, and wouldn’t end up half as bitter as Rosalie one day (not that Bella ever seemed to care about motherhood pre-pregnancy, but you never know). Still – I’ve always felt luke-warm about the baby and her storyline.

    And yes, Renesmee did push Edward out of the picture. He seemed to somewhat disappear with the pregnancy and after her birth, which was a huge downer!! The story became very Renesmee/Jacob/Volturi heavy.

  24. Ok all you moms and creepy baby lovers, prepare your thumbs downs.

    I despise Renesme. I think she’s a creepy little deamon child who should have been stuffed in a sack and tossed into the river.

    Except that she’d probably just find her way home again since she is clearly demonic.

    • Geez JodieO feel free to express your true feelings!! LMAO!!

      I agree with you except for the whole down the river thing..but I have always said (I think) that Twi-daughter swears that someone other than SM wrote that whole section. Personally I just find it creepy too and I haven’t read all the gory details…..

      I am gonna give you a thumbsup, even if the down the river thing creeps me out! LOL…

      • Agree with your Twi-daughter, but I love the Jake POV. But then I would love the whole series from his POV. *running away very fast to avoid missiles*.

    • Duuuuuuude! I hate her too, and I’m a mom (and I am secretly admitting here on the private interwebs that googling Renesmee was how I found LTT- def the 1 reason I have to like her).

      Really, after Isle Esme, there is no need for the rest of the book (sans cottage, closet, forest romp).

    • I’m a mom and I hated Renesmee. (I feel like I’m at an AA meeting)

      I think Stephenie thought we would all love her because she was the offspring of Bella and Edward. It’s pretty bad when I still hate her despite that fact.

      • “I feel like I am at an AA meeting” ROFWE!!
        We should start an ARA group (Anti Renesmee Association)!! I feel the need for a badge or bumber sticker!!!

        Off topic :IMO..and again I am only going on what I have been told, there doesn’t seem to be ANY good reason for Bella having the baby! For me if I could have my BD version, it would probably be the same right up to Isle Esme and then there would be a beautiful loving scene where Edward turns Bella, (if I understand it right she just goes from human to vampire w/o much difficulty) I would rather she go through the whole painful process with Edward by her side being strong, supportive, loving yet a little guilty as he watches her suffering and transition! Then think of the possibilities in acclimating with the Cullen family by her side..Emmett w/his humor teaching her all the cool things she can do now as a vampire! Rosalie being wayyy jealous of Bella’s new found vampire beauty! The fantastic relationship development with Alice now that they are the same! I want to know about the experience, the struggle as she learns of the sacrifices/consequences/benefits of losing her humanity. To me that is where the story was heading in the previous books (movies)! I have had alot of time to think lately and I found myself wondering what Bella would go through as she finally “gets” what she has wanted since the day she fell in love with Edward. Was it what she thought it would be? I want answers! Are there regrets? Was it worth all the pain? How hard was it to suddenly crave blood/hunt? Does she want to munch on Charlie and or more importantly Jessica? Bonding with Jasper now that she understands how hard it was for him? The difficulties being around humans? How Edward/Bella’s love develops/evolves as two vampires?The struggle with her relationship with Jacob now that they are on opposite sides yet still “love each other in their own special way” (talk about conflict)! So much more to explore. I don’t want a nice neat bow tying up all the loose ends. I want it to be hard (twss)! I want there to be truth in the statement: Be careful what you wish for!! That to me would so much more interesting! You could still work in the Volturi conflict and the development of Bella’s incredible powers and lots and lots of Edward/Bella ummm hot vampire lovemaking but before all that I want there to be an indepth description of the pain, conflict and description of what she goes through duriing the change!
        Sorry, I got carried away! Yup, I am back! 🙂
        Does anyone get what I am trying to say??

        • Midnight Cyn, this is why fanfiction exists! Other people have wondered exactly the same things, and have gone ahead and written their own version of all the books, some very good, some not so good, to explore those questions. That’s what attracted me to fanfiction and why I’m still reading different stories after a year!

        • I hereby nominate Midnight_Cyn to write a BD fanfic!

          You hit on some of the main problems I had with BD. IMO, Renesmee only existed to give Jacob a “soul mate”, which was cheap because he could have bonded with Leah or, heck, anyone else. Or here’s an idea, how about he doesn’t imprint on anyone and actually chooses to love someone. That would be a great ending to Jacob’s story. He gets over Bella, realizes she wasn’t the one for him, and moves on with his life. That would be a more honorable ending for him than what she gave him.
          As far as the changing of Bella, total FAIL! We waited 3 books for this and we get a cold, metal syringe through the heart (literally and figuratively). Why couldn’t Edward have made the choice to change Bella? Why did it have to be a life or death situtation? It would have been so much more meaningful. And then I HATED the part where Bella kept in her pain during the transformation (so as not to cause Edward any more strain). Really? Really?! What about honesty. It hurts! It’s okay to say so. When I was giving birth to my son, my husband knew I was in pain! I wasn’t exactly worried about his feelings at the time. It hurt!!! Why did Bella have to be the martyr and hold in her anguish and pretend it didn’t hurt. Really, SM, you screwed this up BIG TIME!!!!!!

          Yeah for fan fiction!!!!

          • I am embarrassed to say that when ever I hear you guys talking about fan fiction I just assumed that it was like some kind of porn??? I didn’t know it was ppl writing their own versions of the story.. ((RED FACED))!! 🙂
            Well you can’t really blame me after all I have been “taught” here!! 🙂

  25. The pic of Jake and Nessie is SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! 😀

  26. Oh… good gawd, the Renesmee thing really bugs me out. The imprinting… weird. I really have no idea how they will tactfully handle it in BD. I hope it’s subtle.

    Nice letter, Cam. (Are you that Cam, lol?! 😀 Just kidding. But that would be funny.

    BD, I fear, is gonna be a hot mess. I just do.

    Hopefully MRo will handle it in the right way. Or else…. 😉

    Oh, and those minips/ fanpics keep my steady dose of nightmares alive. Thanks, Twilight


    • Manips, not minips. Minnie Mouse manips… I just couldn’t handle that….

    • so yeah, I am officially, irrevocably on the fence about BD. One second I am defending it and being all Team Renesmeiwoeyokk;o the next minute I am reading your post, FacePunch, and subsequently hitting (or punching, if you will) my forehead (or face) with my palm wondering what in the world I am trying to defend.

      Why oh why did you make it so hard, Stephenie? (and Stephenie’s editors?) (Twss)

      The thing is, I could sort of appreciate BD when I was reading it in my mind, and the whole imprinting thing played out subtly in my pure head and Renesmee was sort of cute in the sense that a child prodigy is kind of cute in an unsettling kinda way, but yeah, this whole thing is going to be a disaster on screen….

      forget the stoli we’re going to need to find some special mushrooms in the forest and smoke them on the peace pipe to get through the film version of this

      also if they do it as per the book won’t it be rated NC17 (for gore, of course, not sex, that was all faded to black) in which case we will need to buy Jacob’s ticket for him to get into the movie?

      I am clearly tired so will stop now.

  27. I like Renesmee, although I am not a big fan of the name. She is the icing on the cake of Bella & Edward and their families lives. What I absolutely do not like is the whole imprinting with Jacob, I find it disturbing and I don’t understand why a mom would want that to be part of her story. Plus, Jacob was constantly manipulating Bella by giving her a massive guilt trip, because she didn’t pick him. So, now if Renesmee doesn’t pick him she will go through the same thing, but worse. I think the Cullens should have packed up their stuff and moved to Island Esme for a while.

  28. I’m Glad I’m not the only one who wasn’t bothered by Renesmee. When I read BD I was actually super excited when Bella got pregnant. But I’ve alerts been an idealist and a romantic…. Plus I’m a mom so guess I was doomed to not be bothered by her. 🙂 To top all that off I’m a sucker for a happy ending (twss) so I was all good with BD altogether flaws and all.

  29. woW. That was a loooooooooooooong letter,thing whatever…hehe 🙂

  30. I love Renesmee I think she is sweet, cute and adorable. I love breaking dawn too because I think the ending was amazing with the Voltori coming, and the Cullens had to gather up every vampire they could find to come and witness. I love the Denali’s and I enjoyed hearing about all of their stories and talents. I wish there were more books after breaking dawn because I just didn’t want the story of Bella Cullen to end.

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