Open Weekend Post: Hosted by where the EFF have I been?

Dear Twilight,

Where the EFF have I been? I’ve missed some GREAT videos over the past year or so.

Starting with this BRILLIANT video from the fall that apparently 1,000,000 other people saw:

Spider Monkey with Grandma Bella? Carlisle’s voice!? Jasper’s hair? The Radiohead knock-off at the end and “They do in my world?” AMAZING!

This video from forever ago makes me sad & now I want to READ the book again!

And we may have posted this before but if we did not- SHAME on us becuase it’s so brilliant. And watch it again if we already posted it because.. well, it’s SO Brilliant:

I love weekend videos! Happy Weekending!


If you are new or haven’t been around in awhile, a few weeks back Moon & I decided to stop posting on the weekends & instead post an “OPEN POST” on Saturdays that stays up until Monday morning. That way you can chat if you want, enjoy something short & funny and then get back to important stuff…. until the Twilight world picks up again. Then Moon & I will be back to wasting your time on the weekends! If you’re super bored…. I’m gonna pick a random post for you to read or re-read. How about from…… May 17, 2010? I have no idea what this is: Bad case of Lovin’ Dr. Cullen

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

10 Responses


  2. I love the “How Twilight Should Have Ended” video. It’s funny everytime I watch it.

  3. jajajaja!! “check my baillion abs”
    cute jacob in that video!! 😀

  4. “I’m gonna pick a random post for you to read or re-read. How about from…… May 17, 2010?”

    UC has travelled to the future it seems… hee hee!

    Must be one of the last on the planet to see “How Twilight Should Have Ended”. Brilliant!

  5. Note to self: watch these videos!!
    New Moon DVD party has not long finished and it was so much fun!! Took a pic just for you chicas 😉 will Twitter to you, Moon & UC.

  6. First time I’ve seen “How Twilight Should Have Ended” – so great! I love the attention to detail with the voices, hair, and music. It makes me want to see their entire rendition of “Twilight.”

    And it was my first time reading the random post from May 17. I have to agree with that letter, at least for this morning…what in the world are we thinking NOT loving Dr. Cullen? He’s older and more experienced…enough said. He needs to get the “recognition” he deserves.

    (And is he REALLY only 23???! I need to re-read the books. #fanfail )

    • Doctor Sparkly is indeed 23. (Edward is forever reminding Bella in Eclipse and BD that Esme, 26 years old, is 3 years older than Carlisle- in his futile effort to dissuade her from becoming a leech).

  7. “Let’s go eat some people! Woohoo!”

    GAWD that’s funny!

    Happy weekend Ladies. Now my kiddo is yelling “check out my bazillion ab muscles”.

  8. I missed that video too (How Twilight should have ended)! Loved it! “Let’s go eat some people! Woo!” LMAO

  9. I like in the song at the end of How Twilight Should Have Ended- “here come some mumbly lyrics. mumble mumble twilight mumble”

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