Open Weekend Post – Hosted by our reignited hope in Swiftner

It’s the weekend, time for an open post!

Dear LTT-ers,

Remember when we all fell in love with Swiftner? And then we ultimately had our Lisa Frank unicorn illustrated dreams crushed when they “broke up?” Well now they’re just messing with our emotions! The pair of them followed by a trail of rainbow hearts, dancing teddy bears and puffy stars went out for a little lunch in Beverly Hills! I know… I know… just try to remain calm. Let’s not get too excited here… I’ll let you enjoy this photo and this weekend and let the speculation run wild

Pitter patter goes my black heart,

So do you think they’re back on? Were they EVER on? Where’s Big Daddy? We know he doesn’t miss out on a good lunch date

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38 Responses

  1. They are still rubbishly cute…but what about Emma Roberts?
    I know… Biatch fight!….Taylor can just be Bella for a while & let the cuties fight over him.

  2. ” EVER on? Where’s Big Daddy? We know he doesn’t miss out on a good lunch date” mwahahahahahaah I miss Big daddy.

  3. Oh how I love Swiftner.
    But I have also seen pics of girl Tay with Cory Monteith aka Finn from Glee and they look cute together, too. Buuuuut I’m totes a Swiftner girl 😉

  4. If we start seeing posts about Swiftner regularly again I’m going to have to again be regularly reminded that I don’t clean my floors often enough. So, boo.

    Bring back Taypaca (Taylor+Alpaca).

    • I can’t thumbsup! You can borrow my 9mth old nephew if you like, he cleaned up my floor today a treat.

    • I am so with you….hardwood floors + cat + person who is a bad housekeeper (uh, that would be me) = desire to bring back Taypaca.

      Though, I bet an alpaca might shed more than my cat.

      • Not if you shear it! Then you can make cute blankets out of their fleece (which is hypoallergenic!) to give to Beller and Edward to use in between them in the bed instead of the alleged t-shirt blanket/tostitos bag/quiluete something. 🙂

  5. She’s not serious, she’s wearing heels. Now Kristen on the other hand was BAREFOOT by the end of Oscars night in an obvious show of her love for Taylor. In fact I feel so strongly about this theory that I’m declaring a no shoes w’end. Lucky it’s still warm here.

  6. They shared a single brownie at the end of their lunch Swifty corrupting Tay-Tay with sugary foods?

    Bye-bye to those abs if he continues to go to dinner with her

  7. I think those two together are super cute. Even if they’re just friends they’re super cute together… Though I have to admit I’d rather think of them as a couple.

    Come on Swift! Write some more songs and release a new album so we can dissect it and see if you two are our were a thing. 😉

  8. Why should I even care?

    She doesn’t appear on my radar. I don’t listen to or own her music. And as to him… I’m not a particular Tay fan either. I’m totally Team Edward and quite loathe the wolf in Eclipse.

    So why do I get the warm fuzzies looking at the cutsie schmootsie pic of them having a lunch? Someone slap me but aren’t they adorable!

  9. She’s getting back in there now the going is legal…

    • You know how parents always think their kids are virgins? That’s how I feel about TSwift! I should be the older sister type but I just can’t.
      But hello… she always wears dresses so she’s always ready for car sexy time. Just sayin…..

    • For real! I mean imagine THAT not only being legal but within your grasp. Swooon. Some people don’t know they’re born.

  10. 🙂

  11. Big Daddy saw this commercial and had to go to Mickey D’s instead.

  12. I hope they don’t get back together. I don’t see them as a cute couple, I mean, isn’t she taller than him?

  13. She’s using him as a sugary sweet front while she’s running around town with John Mayer. Really, she totally dissed Lautner a few months ago saying there was no chemistry and he was more into her than she was into him. I’m sorry, you don’t get to insult and then enjoy the goodies.

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