LTT, a love letter – Where you’re free to be a freak

Wait, you liked this guy more than the guy who played Cedric Diggory when you were 13?!

Dear LTT

I love you…in a non-creepy stalker way of course.

You see before I found you I was almost positive that I was a little insane….in fact, after spending an entire day watching multiple youtube interviews and trying to dissect in my head whether Robsten was alive (when, to be honest, I don’t really care) I forced myself to read a very boring psychology textbook as if it would wash the shame away. Watching the hour long vanity fair video was the breaking point and I thought that maybe the obsession was becoming a little crazy. I got that heart beating fast, palms sweating, slight hysteria thing every time a new interview was posted and I actually started squealing when a video was posted! Squealing! I never squealed before in my life, not even when I was 13 and in love with Gareth Gates… But then I found a link to your site, possibly from ‘I love boys who sparkle’ who noted that you talked a lot about Chris Weitz and Dilfs… I was intrigued.

No one can resist the power of Big Daddy

But now, I love you. Where else can I find out about big daddy Lautner, be linked to the awesome that is the ‘I’ll make love to you robsten’ video, watch highly erotic youtube videos on LTR and comfort myself with the fact that, as I live in the UK, the age of consent is 16 so I can ogle pictures of Taylor Lautner without gaining the wrath of Chris Hansen.

So now, when I slip and reveal the crazy to one of my non-twilight friends, and they look at me in that slightly mocking-slightly concerned way, I just smile and chant ‘that’s normal’ in my head. I’m sure that makes me look more crazy but hey, what can you do? J

Let your freak flag fly!

And the biggest thing LTT has taught me? If you’re going to be a freak, be a freak within a group of freaks, that way you’re perfectly normal. So, I’ve started systematically converting my friends to Twilight… And, when I think they are ready, I will show them to LTT and let them embrace the awesomeness too.

Love ya


Thank you Jem!!! So have you converted any of your friends to Twilight? Do you know which ones would be down and which wouldn’t? Did you like Gareth Gates? Who the EF is Gareth Gates?

PS Seriously go read LTR today!

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

66 Responses

  1. I made top ten ! Whoop whoop!
    (Who still says that?? LoL)

    Loved the letter!

  2. Please pray for my dad
    Today he is havin a gastric type surgery

    First major surgery

    Please keep us in mind today


  3. Haha, I felt the same way when I found all this. I breathed a huge sigh of relief that I no longer had to hide. I found people who understood!
    I’ve converted my best friend, and any time either one of us is feeling a bit crazy we just look at each other and say “it’s normal.” Which generally confuses everyone else around us.

  4. Oh Gareth Gates! I thought he was a bit alright, too! He only released Unchained Melody here in Oz though. Still have the song, I love it.
    Great letter Jem!! It’s SO good to come here and feel normal and not be judged. Cos I know for sure my RL friends ALL would judge.

  5. Who is Gareth Gates? I love his name, but I’ve not a clue whom he is.

    And that’s most likely ’cause he’s not associated with Stephenie Meyer or the Twi fandom.


  6. Welcome to the freakdom! Err, I mean fandom!

  7. Jem-

    Is that your name or is that a tribute to the 80s cartoon??? (Jem! truely outrageous!!) Anyone?

  8. That summarizes really well why most of us are here. Great letter Jem!

    I’m proud to say I converted Alice_NaA. And semi-converted some other people too, but she is by far my most successful conversion project.

    • I had attempted a mild conversion on 2 friends and was a complete FAIL. After I discovered LTT I no longer needed to. I’ve got all the freaks, I mean friends, I need right here!

      • Omg… I ment a thumbs up my fingers are too fat for this touch phone business… but it was a def thumbs up!!

        That’s normal right?

      • Ditto that. I’ve told about 4 or 5 people about this site. One of them reads it semi-regularly, one laughed and laughed while I told her how addicted to it I am and the others didn’t seem that interested.

        Their loss.

      • I’ve converted 2. One I still haven’t told about LTT. One reads here, though doesn’t comment, and doesn’t know I do…

  9. Whenever I meet someone new to Twilight I always treat them as if it is Rush Week of my sorority. I will chat and see where they are in this obsession. Are they CRAZY (see LTR) or normal?

    After this is when I decide if they should get at bid vote from me.

    I guess I’m elitist when it comes to LTT/LTR.

    • Totally. You don’t give out this stuff to the riff-raff.

    • Are they CRAZY (see LTR) hahahaha It’s serious scary town over there. I still don’t know who Justin Beiber is, and that’s not even close to the point.

  10. i always thought that the guy who played oliver wood was the hottest in all of the harry potter movies.. sorry rob 🙂

    anyhoots.. gareth gates! ha! ♪♪ it can happen to anyone of us.. anyone you think of.. anyone can fall.. ♪♪ he was famous here in asia as well.. i wonder.. why don’t european singers/groups get that recognized in the US?

  11. Oliver Wood – now he was INTENSE.

  12. Gareth Gates was the runner up in the first ever Idols. Idols started in the UK.
    You might remember the winner Will Young?

  13. I haven’t converted anyone but I lent my sister the Twilight movie. I’m not sure if it’s strong enough to get her to read the books! True story: She also asked to borrow some books without much sexy time in them and the only ones I have are the Twilight books. I had to laugh at that. No wonder I’m all excited about a little leg hitch and some dry humping (not really) in a meadow.

    • “books without much sexy time in them and the only ones I have are the Twilight books.”

      What are you reading missy?!!!

      • If you like lemons you’ll love Tara Janzen. If you read one non-Twilight or Hunger Games book this year read Crazy Hot, the first book in her series. Action & Sexy Times #TRUST

  14. I went shopping with one of my girls last weekend and while she was trying on clothes, I started talking to a few of the sales ladies. They looked to be about my age so I thought I’d go for it. I’d asked them if they bought NM yet. Squealing ensued and hugs were given all around. It was a good day 🙂

  15. I tried converting three of my best friends. One of them is a total fangirl now and the only person in RL with whom I share Robp0rn. The second one is a fan of Rob, the books and the movies but is not obsessed. I had no such luck with the third one. SHe thinks Rob is unattractive. I know, crazy, right?
    Ever since September 2008, Twilight has completely taken over my life. I feel that I can relate to my fellow fangirls more than I can with my RL friends. Sad, no?
    I tried converting my mom too. But she got bored halfway through watching New Moon. But, she keeps in mind my obsession, even though she doesn’t understand it. Like, yesterday, I had my viva exam at a university, and she said:

    “Look, if they ask about what kind of books you read, don’t go talking about Twilight. I don’t think that will be inappropriate.”

    Hah! My mom knows me too well…:)

  16. Good day today- I always get funny looks when I’m watching the HP movies (such as last weekend’s HP weekend on ABC Family) and go “Oooooh I love this one because Oliver Wood’s in it.” I usually have to explain. Not here, because we’re all NORMAL!

    Nice letter, Jem. I have a few friends who know I come here every day, and one I tried to convert, but she’s all about the pretty pictures. I guess not she’s not as committed as we all are.

    • I love Oliver Wood too!!!!!! And when I was watching all weekend on ABC Family waiting for them to actually play the new HP7 clip and not the same interview w/ the producer and director over again, I saw HP4 and was like, “Wow, Rob is actually smiling and not having weird pauses in his dialogue!” It was so exciting… and he looked SO YOUNG! God, how young was he in that movie? Surely over 18?!

  17. People always laugh at me when I talk about the blog. They’ll sit through a bit about Twi, like casual things such as who the character names are/actors who play them or who directed it… but if I’m all, “So, I read this blog… it’s a, uh, Twilight blog…” forget it.

    I have thrown down full twilosophy (one-sided) sessions with a screenwriter friend of mine who has seen the movies. He was a little impressed with how pathetic I am and I think I may have tempted him to read the books, but I think it’s safe to say that he won’t.

    • That’s so true!! I’ve gotten more scornful/confused looks when I’ve mentioned reading a blog about Twilight then when I’ve admittted to being a fan of Twilight in the first place!

  18. I am the product of Twi-friends…so I guess you could say I am the convertee (but I hope there’s someone out there that I can become the converter of!). I’m still working on my hubby…anyone got any ideas? I thinking I need to start out with the movies and ease him into the books (since he doesn’t really like to read). What do y’all think?

    PS HOLY SH*T at the things going on on LTR today! People need to get over there pronto if you haven’t already done so!

    • It really depends on what type of movies he likes. My boyfriend likes the Twi films in a very mild way (that is, he will go see them with me in the theater once and that is it). But he’s not interested in books at all, even though he does read a lot. I don’t have the books at home, but that might help if you really want him to read them. OR some people have tried reading parts (the uh, more exciting parts) out loud in front of their hubs and seen how he reacts to it. Those people all seemed to have positive results.

      Good luck, and may the Twi-force be with you.

    • I know LTR is lit up!

  19. I was about to say “that’s normal” about Gareth Gates but with the disclaimed that only when he was naive stuttering innocent Gareth who we all loved. And not sleazy Gareth who’s been bumping uglies with a pregnant “glamour model”…. 🙂

    Excellent letter! Thank God for LTT. I’m in NY on business and my flight got moved to tomorrow so
    a) I went online and found the nearest theatre and just saw Remember me
    b) On my own
    c) The only other people were two annoying 12 year olds who giggled and texted throughout. I had to tell them to shut up twice. Knowing that they’re laughing at me now.
    d) And now it’s a Friday night in NYC and I’m on LTT in my hotel room

    That’s normal right?

    • Sounds normal. 🙂

      Brew what is up with that? When I went to Remember Me, my friend and I had to tell some young little chick to shut off hat phone too because she wouldn’t stop texting.

      • I leaned over to my friend after the “no calls or texting during the movie” after school special to ask why no texting. Is it really that bothersome? Are the keys loud or something? Just curious, I’ve never texted during a movie before.

        • It probably has something to do with the bright screens. The manager at our theatre walked through before New Moon and yelled at everyone that they better have their phones off – “If you even open it and the screen comes on, you’re outta here! The lights bother people” He’s kind of scary.

          But honestly, my movie-partner-in-crime won’t shut hers off ever and checks the time probably at least 5 times during a movie and it is seriously annoying.

      • Yup – the screens kept lighting up and I could hear the buzzer alert. Plus they were giggling and showing each other the texts – v annoying!

  20. Hey,
    Wow I’m so happy my letter was published, I feel like I won an award 😀
    No, my name is not a reference to a cartoon (although that would be cooler) My real name’s Jemma so my nickname is Jem (highly unimaginative I know).

    I can’t believe how many people haven’t heard of Gareth Gates!! I would probably compare him to Justin Bieber now?? He was my whole world when I was 13, kind of like twilight is now 🙂 But I agree with Just me… only when he was cute and innocent and had a stutter not after the whole hooking up with Jordan thing 😦

    To be honest I’m still in the initial stages of my twilight conversions, they are all going to see the midnight showing of Eclipse (which is the day before our exam results come out) but two of them are team Jacob so i feel like i failed somewhere…
    I may have mentioned slightly about fanfiction but that wasn’t received well. I think they just thought it was an excuse to read porn?

    And my friend is obsessed with Taylor Lautner so I did forward her some letters about Chris Hansen before Taylor was 18 just to keep her on track 🙂
    Although to be honest when we went to see new moon we were the only ones there who were over 14 and my friend screamed the loudest at every *pause* dramatic shirtless moment *sigh*

    And my non-twilight friends are becoming less accepting of our obsession partly because we are approaching our final year uni exams. But what’s really more important the degree or the new eclipse sneak peek??

    Like I even have to ask…

    Jem xx

    • “but two of them are team Jacob so i feel like i failed somewhere…”
      LMFAO that is hilarious!

      • Haha yeah it’s my greatest disappointment 😦
        Although one of my non-twilight friends (she’s actually quite nice, really) who just doesn’t ‘get’ twilight at all still sends me links to interviews she has seen on tv with the cast.
        And she sent me a link to an article with the wax model of rob saying “look they’ve made a model of your mr patterson! We should go to London and see it”

        So even she’s joining in with the madness!

        Ah…My Mr. Pattinson 🙂

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