Storytime with Moon – New Moon DVD release party in “Los Angeles”

Finally, you are out!

Dear Twilight,

Now that we’re all coming down off the high of having watched hours upon hours of special features, extended scenes, music videos, commentary (Jacob Black’s romantic fails!), Edward in fast forward and mostly just a lot of sighing and swooning I think it’s time we relive  actually purchasing the DVD and seeing Chris Weitz and Nikki Reed at the New Moon DVD release party. *needle skips* maybe I should ACTUALLY  say ATTEMPT to Chris Weitz and Nikki Reed and ALMOST buy a New Moon DVD… let’s back up shall we?

I think it’s time for Storytime with Moon:

After it was announced that CeeDubs and NReed would be gracing us with their presence here in LA for a NM DVD release party us LA gals emailed back and forth trying to narrow down where we thought it would be. Not Hot Topic like last year, they didn’t even have a DVD. Probably not a blockbuster… too small for LA folks so it had to be the Borders in Hollywood, right? The one that a previous Twilight event had taken place. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! @Twilight announce it would actually be in SANTA CLARITA which is about an hour north of Los Angeles at a WalMart. Because you see, Los Angeles doesn’t actually have a WalMart. So with our LA DVD release party not actually occuring in LA we organized the great Roadtrip of 2010 to Santa Clarita to meet our lover Chris Weitz and to see Nikki Reed again.

We arrived and being used to shopping in small shops, grocery stores or the 3 story Target for our toiletries, food and clothes we ran from aisle to aisle looking at everything WalMart had to offer.

Cases of Red Bull next to a copy of New Moon. Cause you’ll need artificial stimulants to make it through the entire saga in 2 days. AND GO!

And then we found these gems on the Barbie aisle. The Bella Barbie next to the Joan Jett Barbie?! What other unintentional hilarity would we find?

And then we found it! The Twilight “store” inside of WalMart and I did a leap for joy! Awkward TShirts for 9 dollars? Necklaces of fangs?! Dripping blood earrings? Oh WalMart you know this saga SOOOO well.

Then we decided to out together outfits to go with the signed Jorts. What else would we meet Chris Weitz in? DUH! We also found Korts and Sworts.

After a quick fuel up on Diet Coke we decided it was time to brave the COLD and get in line. Who knew Santa Clarita was in the mountains?! For being a huge (deserted) WalMart is was a pretty tame line and they probably should have let us stand inside. But I guess that’s neither here nor there now. After we met up with another LTT reader Tracey we got a good look around at who was in line with us…

Have you ever been to that site People of Walmart? Well I was on the look out for some “Wal Creatures” to pass some time and we got ’em! I turned around and some dude was wearing a MASK of some sort of reptile/snake/monster while IN line with his goth friends from 3rd period.

And then we noticed this gal who was wearing a red cape. Either she was a retired Volturi guard member sent to keep the humans in line or she got a smokin’ deal at the after Halloween sale at Party City. Maybe Aro called her on the bluetooth headset? Then the line started moving…

OMG, I think I can see something! Wait, that’s just the mountains and mountains of mulch between us and Chris Weitz

Steph won a tshirt in the ultra exciting raffle!!! She plans to wears this on her next hot date, you know just so her new fella will know her true allegiance: fictional vampires and standing in lines for DVD’s instead of him.

Big props must be given to the kind folks at Walmart for supplying the fans with mountains of cupcakes and bottled water. Even though when I asked the baker if Walmart’s Twitter handle was @walmart so I could give them eprops and she answered me “what’s a twitter?” It only gave us a laugh, nothing could spoil our moods are we planned exactly what we’d say to Chris… yes NOTHING could spoil this moment…

And then… I spoke too soon

That little person in the middle of this picture is Nikki Reed who came out and said “Sorry we have to leave” and then waved and walked out. I was too shocked to even get a picture of Chris Weitz. WTF, right?! What was supposed to be a DVD release party with signed turned into a glace as they walked out the side door. They spent a grand total of 30ish minutes at the “party” signing DVDs and doing a mini interview with Kaleb Nation. You can imagine our total annoyance and pissed off attitudes. We seriously just waited that long for them to walk through a side door? I was holding a copy of the “FacePunch” poster, color me stupid. After hearing stories of other DVD release parties where the cast signed copies for attendees, posed for some pictures, hung out for a few hours this was a complete waste of our time and a total cock block. Who knows the real reason why they left, maybe they saw the capes and the monster mask and wanted to get the HALE out (can’t blame them). Maybe the rollback prices were just TOO LOW that they had to leave. Maybe the stench of tons of mulch was just too overwhelming the thought of spending more than a half hour there was unthinkable.

Whatever the reason is it was a total fail. Even the poor WalMart people didn’t know what was going on. They were told they’d be there till 2AM and would sign for fans. UM, you heard wrong lady who doesn’t know what Twitter is and security guards who had never seen a couple hundred pissed off TwiHards. Whoever the publicist/Wrangler/whatever official who left this go down is out of their minds. Had we known it wasn’t going to be an actual appearance/signing/party we would have stayed IN Los Angeles and bought our DVD’s within a few square miles from our house. Compared to all the other amazing Twilight related events we’ve been to in LA, and we’ve been to them ALL, this was the ultimate fail, the ultimate in false advertising and the ultimate in wasted gas to drive there. THANKS!

Compared to last years DVD release with Ashley Greene at Hot Topic it was quite the 180 to say the least. Oh well… better luck next time.

Annoyed we took our DVD’s and went in search of cheap snacks to drown our sorrows in. No DILF, no CDubs, no “Let’s Do This” only cheetos and the open road back to Los Angeles.

Clean up on aisle three, there’s been a massive spillage of tears,

So did you go to DVD release party? Was your experience better than ours? Should I have hurdled the barriers and flung myself at Chris yelling MY KUNG FU IS STROOOONG?!

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

Pictures from me and Chelsea

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101 Responses

  1. Is that a Balenciaga city bag? *swoon*
    It better be fake or it has no business at Walmart. :p

    • We clearly know what our priorities are this Monday.

    • I have a Chloe and I swear every time I go out with that thing I end up in the scummiest places and I just look at it and cringe thinking the exact same thing.

      PS: It was a 21st birthday gift, I can’t afford to just go out and buy me one of those!

    • Alice-NAA, that’s what I noticed firstl! Not NM crap, but a bag.

    • girls after my own heart… ash and i both have that. and we’llll never teeeeelllll 😉

    • Haha, you loca chicas. You crack my shizz up! Hilarious story albeit sad, very sad. Maybe Cdubs was DILFing out and NReed just had to take him back to the limo. Maybe happy faces turn her on? Will we ever learn the truth.

  2. Aw Moon, that seriously sucks… Boo for whichever rep was responsible for this massive failage.

  3. Oh no…….. This sucks!
    I think summit must apologize by letting Nicky wear a t-shirts that says “fake lesbian” and Chris wearing his mustard London pants!

    • the pants!!!!!!! we seriously contemplated going to the hunting section to find some orange pants for him to sign

  4. What the hell? Where are the red Eclipse ribbons for your eyes? I don’t like the bars.

    The DILFs wife said he could only be gone for 30. She knows if it was any longer NReed would be after her man.

  5. Aww, Moon (and friends), that’s terrible! At least our Borders’ party made no promises. And it was equally as lame.

    I do love the DILF. His commentary killed me so good, but come ON! Where’s the loyalty?? I wonder if Nikki saw you and said, “ohhhh heeeeell no! I know that bloggin’ girl. She said I shopped at Rave. We’re leaving.”

  6. We were lucky to even get a dvd. We were in the boonies of Smithville TN this weekend and on our Walmart run Saturday had to hunt to find the tiny new releases display in electronics

  7. No drama or issues around here. Though the were no promises made for any special people or anything… it’s hard to fail when they promise nothing.

  8. That sucks. In my mind this is all the fault of NReed, she threw a diva fit because Summit refused to let her go to any of the parties where any unattached (or attached) male members of the cast were. CDubs is the victim in all this! (And you guys too, obvs.)

  9. Um, Moon…I want your boots.

  10. Um, that is incredibly disappointing. Why would they even bother getting dressed, driving out there, and showing up in front of all of the fans (and alien bystanders in red capes) if they’re only going to spend 30 mins there? Better to just say no to the event in the first place. Silly.

    I didn’t even go to a DVD release party. I think Harry Potter burned me out with all of their midnight releases. Thanks to my great Rita Skeeter costume of 2005, I have had enough midnight nuttiness to last a lifetime.

    • Also just to mention, I watched the making-of featurette last night and it was surprisingly good. Usually those little making-of things on DVDs are boring, but this one was actually really well done and interesting. It made me realize how much I appreciated New Moon because Chris and his team were so dedicated to making it true to the book in terms of the story and just the general atmosphere. I hope that Slade doesn’t deviate too far from that line of thinking.

      • that making of feature was AWESOME!! 6 parts with over an hour worth of good stuff! that was one of my favorite features.

        and we need to see rita skeeter

        • We definitely need to see the rita skeeter costume. After ABC Family’ HP Weekend four day event, we can’t not see it.

    • Please say there is a picture of the Rita Skeeter costume!

      • um…there is. But I’m pretty sure it’s in my old computer which I have since sent for recycling. Look, an Alpaca! *runs away quickly while readers are distracted by Taylor look-alike*

        Actually I entered a B+N costume contest with it. I came in 2nd place to a JK Rowling lookalike who just showed up and said she was JK Rowling. Apparently people liked her better than Rita. I got some lame Scholastic poster out of it.

  11. boots. me too!

  12. BTW I have to wait 2 days before they sell it here in Holland (on my b-day March 24th) We don’t have as many choises of DVD like you guys in the USA. Just the special two disck edition and blue ray 😦

  13. I was super proud of all the Twilight fans in Dothan, Alabama. I was coming back from the beach late Friday night and thought I would just “pop in” to our southside Wal-Mart (cause we have 2. LA doesn’t have a Wal-Mart and we have 2. Am I supposed to be impressed or ashamed? I’m not sure) and get the DVD real quick. I even left my grandmother waiting in the car (we were coming home from a beach wedding. I didn’t take my grandmother to spring break, honest.)

    I was totally wrong about the real quick part. We had to stand in line in the electronics section, and the line easily had 200 people in it. I was near the end. You had to wait to go up to the register where they had buggies (do other people call shopping carts buggies?) SLAM FULL of New Moon DVDs. I picked the 2-pack DVD with Forks documentary. Then we headed up to the front to check out.

    In typical Wal-Mart fashion, there were 200 people trying to check out and only 2 registers open. And my line was the slowest. Thank goodness the new InStyle was out.

    Even though it was a little annoying, I’m glad that there were so many loyal Twilight fans down here. Kind of makes me proud!

  14. Dear Moon and Co:

    Perhaps if you had tried a little harder to impress DILF and NReed (think wearing strappy cheetah print lycra tops ala the Rave paired with puffy orange pants) they may have stayed around long enough to sign your Facepunch posters?

    Or, maybe NReed got word that Paris Hiton was sniffing around the Walmart pharmacy looking for (guess what?) and she went to work a little Facepunch magic of her own?

    Or, What if Chris and Nikki BOTH actually only showed up cause they heard that Robert Pattinson was going to be there and when they found out that he wasn’t they bailed to go home and cry into their Rob Pillows?

    At any rate, sorry you guys got screwed and not in a good way 😦

    Maybe LA Eclipse release party will make up for it by featuring Rob in bed and allowing fans to reenact leg hitch scene….

    Until that day, its nice to know that we can confuse our daughters by buying them Joan Jett Barbie so that they know they can become cool womanist punk rock stars IF they have size DD boobs and a 10 inch waist

    XO and Good Morning Ladies 🙂

  15. Yes, Moon, you really should have hurdlled the barricade and thrown yourself at CDubs feet, and while there, you could have checked if he had on excellent socks again. I’d like to know if that is a regular thing.

    At least you went out and got it. I am waiting until I need TP or conditioner or something else at Target to go and get it……I am certain that I will see no movie stars there.

    Though on a side note, I swear I saw Courtney Love smoking outside a bar last week.


  16. Surprised at a WALMART FAIL?? PALEEZE!! Our Walmart didn’t even stay open til Midnight! I am thinking that Nikki was not told she was going to be holding court at a WalMart and when she arrived she surely felt that it was beneath her…and fled!!!
    So sorry Moon..this is why I get angry (yes I do) when a company like Sumimit & the actors that are making zillions of dollars off the fans can’t make a sincere effort?? Come do you look at a line of ppl waiting for Lord knows how long to meet you and you pull a Rosalie and leave…bite me….
    Next time MOON if there is a NEXT time (ok we know there will be) take me with you..I will go all postal and jump the lines/grab at whatever “stars” are there and you can calmly walk up and apologise for my behavior explaining my brain damaged condition and then “suggest” that the best way to calm me down is to maybe get an autograph/pics? Then escort me away…I am more than happy to take one for LTT!!
    Ok so maybeI am just still alittle grumpy b/c my Twi-Party was a total fail also…haven’t even watched the PPV midnight showing of New Moon that I taped. Why pay when I can watch on my computer..until my pre-order arrives just hope my cake in the shape of a moon (logo & all) twizzlers and other various Twi-related food items can be frozen till the hubs comes home from the Post Office with THE package!!! Makes me think that is why I am so enjoying the whole Twilight Saga fantasy..real ppl let you down…Edward is always there for me…(totally kidding btw) but I am smiling now that Blanket Edward has come home…Happy Monday all!!!

    • He’s hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooome! Yay!

    • You made a moon shaped cake with the logo on it?

      Oh wait, is it just round?

      I’ll come down and watch with you and eat Moon Cake (which sounds a little dirty) and I’ll bring you some Face Punch.

      • I love this idea so much I might marry it. When I have my friends over next weekend for our New Moon party, I am serving Moon Pies and Face Punch.

        • I posted the recipe in Rob’s Flat on the Forum today if anyone is interested. =)

        • Here is what I put together if you need some idea’s:
          Yellow round layer cake with purple food coloring added (cuz purple is cool and looks really awesome when you cut the cake) frosted with dark chocolate on one side and part of the top the rest with orange & red on it to look like the opening of NM… tub of twizzlers, popcorn in movie theater like boxes, fake theater tix with “Face Punch” on them, pizza (I saved a pizza box and recovered the top & wrote LA PUSH PIZZA on it) First Aid kit box filled with treats! (Yes I have too much time on my hands) Just some thoughts..HAVE A BLAST….I am sure you can get the Face punch from JodieO…

  17. I didnt go to the midnight release, I just went to Target on Saturday morning at 8:30 am. Every single person there was buying New Moon. Women, teenage girls, men, old men, ghetto men, 50 somethings. I couldnt believe it!

    Moon- that sucks they left like that! jerks!

  18. Hi All!!!

    SO glad you all love reading about our adventures…UNFORTUNATELY amongst all the great times that Moon, Chelsea, and I have had——this was the worst. I have never seen any of us so mad in the time that we’ve been friends. We could barely look at each other without screaming “BOTHERED!!!” I got the “signed” copy of New Moon…which is pretty great, but doesn’t make up for the fact that we had ALL of these great things we wanted to say and ask Chris and Nikki…and didn’t even get to. Wasted. I wish we’d have been wasted, it would have been mucho better.

    We went back to Moon’s house and drowned our sorrows in the New Moon special features. Walmart doesn’t have that many…double disappointment. I’ve been searching for them on youtube.

    Chelsea and I slept in the next day and had a “New Moon hangover” seeing as how we’d gone to bed at 4am after being so “bothered”…and went to breakfast down the street and had a giant bowl of Cafe O’lait.

    The good thing that came from this?
    -lizard mask man scaring the crap out of us.
    -Waiting in the “mulch” section.
    -Dejected Volturi guard with blue-tooth headset
    -My BRAND NEW “Forks High School Spartans” super ultra cute t-shirt. Seriously. Go get one. $9!!! They have bags, too.
    -Spending time with the girls is always an adventure.
    -Bella barbie and Joan Jett barbie. I want both of them! It’s like secret Kstew dolls. Imagine the possibilities of dressing it up!

    *sigh* Now, I’m home with a sore throat. Fail. I blame Twilight for making me wait outside in the cold for 3 hours.
    Thanks, Summit.
    I’m missing work because of you!

    xoxo Ash

    • Someone should make Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson dolls. Rob’s comes with Ray Bans, plaid shirt, stained hoodie, holey t-shirt, ugly green leather jacket (you know the one), beanie, Nike trainers and black jeans with white ‘cupcake’ flour down them. Kristen’s comes with a plaid shirt, knotted t-shirt, skinny jeans and Converse, it also comes with some super tiny, sparkly, strapless mini dress and heels for any days you feel like making her ‘red carpet’ Stew. The unique selling point is that you can swap their clothes to make different outfits. You can put Rob in the dress for a laugh.

    • HAHAHA nice new comment name ashley!

  19. p.s. Thanks for the comments about our purses 🙂

  20. Moon – I think this may have been another case of someone in the front of the line recognizing you because you are such a cewebrity (pause for you to roll your eyes), then exclaiming to Nikki that Moon from LTT is in line. Nikki, who first confused LTT with Linux Trace Toolkit (often the first organic search listing when googling LTT), quickly realized this twi-hard meant Letters to Twilight! Nikki obviously reads the site and is still heartbroken over some of the not-so-nice letters. Rather than have a confrontation with you, she decided to skip out. Chris Weitz in a show of solidarity to Nikki, left too.

    Either that or Nikki got her period and didn’t feel like dealing with Twi-hards while dealing with her flow.


    • she could have used one of the 8 billion tampons that are in the walmart feminine hygiene aisle! FAIL!

  21. There’s a girl at my school that wears a cape every day – no joke. She said her aunt made it for her and so she wears it. And she has this weird instrument thing that she whips out of it and starts playing it. It’s some sort of round hollow flute thing. #That’sNotNormal

    I still haven’t gotten my DVD 😦 I’m trying to refrain from watching all the videos on youtube so there’s SOME surprise left when I watch the DVD.

    • Shall we call that a little Red Riding hood complex? lol

    • WOW that’s super normal. is she made fun of mercilessly? i can only imagine.

      • She is known as “Cape Girl” throughout the school so yes, she is made fun of lol. She always seems to want to talk to me about how depressing her life is and how much she wants to kill herself. Kinda feel bad for her, but you know, she doesn’t really have to wear a cape to school…

        (sorry i take forever to reply, is there some way i can get an email when someone replies to me or can i only have it so i get every comment posted?)

  22. I’m pissed. Not only because they treated the fans this way, but because you weren’t able to ask Nikki what her favorite COCKTAIL was for Janetrigs.

    But seriously… Twilight fans are so dedicated and enthusiastic about everything, that it’s really not fair of Summit to treat them like this. They deserve better. Have some fucking class for a change, Summit.

  23. Gosh moon, that totally sucks!
    But walmart is always fun in itself…
    Ours is 24/7, and we refer it as the crackhead walmart

    You should have come with us
    To the Borders in Corona
    However, there was no one special that went…
    But it was still fun
    My sisters & I won some magnets and bookmarks
    Plus there were $5 shirts, you can’t go wrong
    And I was number 3 in line for the movie…

    I would call it a success

  24. You guys are all so lucky! Where I live (Bangladesh), they don’t even have the original DVDs. Just the pirated ones…*sad panda* We’ll probably get the DVD with the special features within the next 3-4 years…and I am still waiting for the original Twilight DVD to come out…Sometimes, living in a third world country sucks so bad!
    But thanks to YouTube, I have been catching up on ALL the extra stuffs that’s been released with the DVDs…

    • You’re in Bangladesh? You are lucky enough to have the hotty Alastair Cook in your country! I think we might be beating you, but I won’t rub it in because you are having DVD nightmares!!

      I’m talking cricket here people.

      • Oohh you’re from England? Man, I really don’t want to talk about cricket here, because to be honest, our team kinda sucks…:(
        And you’re right, he’s hottt! But ever since November 2008, I have stopped paying attention to all the guys in this world, except for one certain British dude with bushy eyebrows and questionable fashion sense…ah Rob, he has totally spoiled me for other men…

    • SAD!!! you need those DVDS!!

      i love your commenter name!

  25. Btw, why isn’t my avi that I’d used at LTR not working here at LTT?

  26. I was supposed to have class until 9:30p Friday night and I was just going to drive to the walmart 5 min. away, but unfortunately we got out at 8:30…so I had absolutely nothing to do (and I wasn’t going to drive an hour home just to come right back…as alas we have no walmart). So I went ahead and got in line….3 others in front of me in the ‘Cullen’ line, maybe 6 in the wolfpack, and 3 in the Volturi. And I was no doubt the oldest *facepalm*.

    A heated argument broke out between this lady who was probably in her 40s and the girl in front of me b/c she came and stood in front of us instead of going to the back of the line. It took 3 sales associates to calm her down and get her to the back of the line. The girl in front of me was talking about going and getting her brass knuckles out of her car, fa’real.

    Anyway, I got an Edward water bottle during trivia and we all got the pack of tattoos, poster, postcards and trading cards. By midnight there were probably 100-150 people…so not too bad.

    @ Grey: we call them buggies here in ‘da durrtay south-represent! 😉

  27. Sad Face. NO question answered for me. Now, I’ll never know.

    I almost bought my New Moon DVD at 7 -11 when @brookelockart and I stopped for party goodies. $24.95 at the 7-11, ya’ll!

  28. It was great to meet up with all of you! Thanks for letting me join in the fun. Still bummed we didn’t get to meet Chris & Nikki…

  29. They are so lucky I wasn’t there, I would have unleished my flying monkeys to wreak havoc on their escape.. it would not have been pretty at all!

    I’m sorry that happened.. and for the record… Those two don’t even know what a release party is because YOU WERE THE RELEASE PARTY!


  30. DVD wont come out here for yonks. 😦

    And we wont even have a release party coz The Warehouse (our lame version of Walmart) is to unfun to do anything exciting. Any ideas for my own release party?

  31. Did anyone else have a Twilight and New Moon viewing?

    Watched both with two friends…we’d all seen Twilight but one hadn’t seen NM and do you have any idea how hard it is to not have a running commentary after you’ve seen in 3 times and may or may not be slightly drunk off cosmos at 5 in the afternoon??

    Let me just say it’s really hard! (twss) Speaking of which- playing the twss game or adding in bed to awkward lines in Twilight and NM is kind of hilarious. I highly suggest it!

    Hope everyone enjoyed their New Moon viewing party!

  32. Me and a couple other ladies went to the DVD release party in Parker, CO. Had an interesting time and got plenty of photos of Charlie Bewley!

    Enjoy everyone!

  33. Never been to a release party, but I’m hoping to one for Eclipse. That SUCKS. I would be thoroughly PO’d.

  34. I actually went to a New Moon release party at Walmart as well. I won a kick ass Team Edward aluminum water bottle.(It has Robward’s picture on it.*swoon*) Yay me for knowing 1 of the trivia questions. Now I can look at Rob as Edward, jizz my pants AND drink my water! Thanks Walmart!

  35. Heard about this from a friend (who reads your blog every day now!). Lame that NReed and CeeDubs had to leave so early!

  36. I was at the same event and needless to say me and my friends were pissed to the max. This was our first legit Twilight event and what was more exciting was that it was in our hometown! Wooohooo, right? Negative 😦 We were so pissed that the DVDs were presigned and that we didn’t even get pics with them. We had heard such amazing stories of all the other Twilight events and we were like what the hale is this?! Not fun at all. Anyways we won’t let this ridiculous moment damper our Twilight love. We’ll definitely attend more events like this. Hopefully they’re not as bad.

    Although I do have to say Nikki and Chris were awesome. When I found out I couldn’t take a pic with either I went to take a pic of the two but neither was paying attention to the camera. I whined rather loudly that neither was looking and in a heartbeat they both turned to me, apologized multiple times and posed for a couple shots. I love them 🙂 haha.

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