Over it! Goodbye Runaways and Remember Me, give me back my Twilight!

GET THE LOOK! And then get a life

Dear Remember Me & The Runaways-

If I see another commercial, video clip, interview, late night talk show, picture, WHATEVER about you it will be too soon. I think we have officially reached the over saturation point. You’re EVERYWHERE I turn. On the TV, on huge billboards, on Twitter, and on every TWILIGHT site. I’m SOOO over it. I don’t care how to get Kristen’s eye makeup look from the movie (sleep in day old eyeliner and smudge), I don’t care that Pierce Brosnon decided to use a “Brooklyn Accent” (he shoulda forgotaboutit, cause it’s awful), I don’t care who they wore to the premieres (Pucci, Doo.Ri, Elie Saab, Valentino, Derelique) and I DEFINITELY do not care that Dakota and KStew made out and it was “hot” (it wasn’t).

In the total media onslaught for these two films we seem to have lost track of two very important things: New Moon and Eclipse! WTF are those, right? I totally forgot about the New Moon DVD coming out and what happened to Eclipse?! I was too busy watching Rob and Emilie kissing on E! News to remember such trivial things like having FACEPUNCH available in the comfort of my home! It’s the day before New Moon comes out on DVD and we don’t even know know which stores the cast will be making appearances at. Who wants to talk about “Cherry Bomb” when I can see Chris Weitz in the flesh?! That’s a NO BRAINER.

I think I'm supposed to care that this guy took a pic w/ Rob. All I care about is Dick in a bow tie

I can’t even go to a Twilight site to see whats new in the TWILIGHT FANDOM without having to sift through post after post of red carpet interviews with Cherrie Currie talking about Dakota or Rob talking about the nuances of a love scene with Emilie. I don’t care anymore, that was last week give me my TWILIGHT BACK!! Give me Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse or give me death!


Seriously Twitter users, it’s just overkill now. We know and agree wholeheartedly that Kristen and Dakota looked hot at the premieres but your 24/7 virtual lady boners for these girls are weirding us the ef out. One more day of this stuff and I’m going to hang a “gone fishing” sign on the virtual door of our Twitter and come back once the fake lesbian (or maybe not) Viagra has worn off. Damn.

WAIT, Eclipse is coming out?! There are jorts and Edward!!

So remember last fall when we finally had to call a moratorium on the word “jizz?” Yup, I think we’re there again only this time it’s on the Runaways and Remember Me. Please go away and give me my Twilight back.

Hiding in a fallout shelter till the viagra wears off or until something worthwhile comes out,


PS If you will be in LA at some undisclosed location with Chris Weitz and Nikki Reed and hopefully me (moon) and some other gals please come say hi and hand me a chill pill, or a hug. Thanks!

Are you over it? Can’t get enough Runaways make up tips? Watched EVERY video of Rob on the RM red carpet? Want to hurt someone for some Eclipse information? What the crap is happening with Breaking Dawn? Do I need anger management class?

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

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  1. #iloveyou
    #DickinaBowtie (let’s make a video)






    • I kinda wanna get the Forks documentary, cause I have witnessed it first hand and Forks has been taken over by Twilight.

      • @brookelockart…You will have to tell us all about what you saw, know about Forks!!! That must have been awesome….do tell….plz??

      • Me and the sis are heading up there… I am a little worried about the Twi-overtake, but eff it, how else will we see Forks?! If you have any suggestions, Brooke, let us know. We’re doing a self-guided tour and avoiding the most real part of the whole gig: back trail hiking with a compass off the dead end on the 110. Yipes! Maybe my sis has got the compass thing down, but I dropped out of Girl Scouts before they taught us that badge.

    • Eddie is back. all is good with the world. Seriously, I have been anxious for you/him.

    • Hooray for Blanket Edward! He was just spending time “away” so you would hold him tighter when you watch New Moon this weekend. heehee. So glad he’s back!

    • Will that coupon really work? In a store such as Target I mean? Cause it seriously looks like something I could put together on my computer.

      • @SJ, ANG and TheColdWoman:
        Well “he” is NOT back yet…Middle daughter called late last night to tell me that she finally finished upacking the laundry that she had brought home to wash and in the last basket all wrapped up inside one of her comforters was Blanket Eddie…she is going to try and get “him” back to me this weekend…I told her how we have been tearing the house apart looking for “him”! When I told the hubs this morning he seemed genuinely relieved and even offered to make the drive to retreive “him” for me… ❤ I am so HAPPY even getting a thumbsdown first thing (and I have no idea why) will NOT make me sad today!!! 😉

        As for the coupon…Red Plum's coupons have always worked for me..so I thought I would pass on the savings… 😉
        Happy Friday everyone and hope you all have a GREAT weekend…!!!

        • so…Blanket Eddie is found AND clean! At least you know he is safe now and will be back to you soon. And sweet, sweet hubs offering to go retrieve his prime competition! But we already knew hubs was a keeper.

          btw – you said nothing that would warrant a thumbs down above. So I’m pretty sure someone just lost control of the thumb clicker there!

          • Thanks Ang…I don’t know why I got a thumbsdown either..I thought maybe I made a mistake in my excitement but I can’t “see” it, if I did….
            Yeah the hubs is a keeper…but I seriously think he was just getting very tired of the non stop searching and complaining over the loss of “just a blanket”..lol…
            I AM SO HAPPY…Its FRIDAY, SUNNY AND BLANKET EDDIE.. It doesn’t take much to make my DAY!!!

          • I agree with Ang on this one. But you never know, it could’ve been pre-coffee and someone thought your all-caps was a rant about KStew or something.

        • Extra Thumbsupped you to counteract bad thumbsdowning karma out there. Actually I starting to think that getting thumbsdowned on LTT is kinda cool.

        • Congrats on blanket Eddie!

          And I agree with SJ, getting thumbsdownned is cool.

          • There you go.

          • LOL


          • (Okay, people, enough with the thumbsdowns. Was just trying to make lemons into lemonade is all. But I’m starting to get depressed.)

          • @operarose..I am going to keep thumbsupping everyone….cause YOUR all COOL!!!

            BTW…MORE GOOD NEWS…I am not sure I can take it all in one day) DELL says I didn’t screw up my computer that its a problem with the software and they are going to have “an avanced tech” contact me later today to help restore everything back….YEAH….”) I am singing a happy tune!!! Luckily for all of you don’t have web cam on… 🙂

          • Your computer seems to have more issues than Rosalie!

    • A coupon?? Awww, I prepaid. Boooo. Thank you for posting though. 🙂 Will you watch the DVD this weekend??

      • HI Katie…YES I am actually having a New Moon weekend with youngest daughter aka Twi-Daughter..I preordered the DVD too..but on DIRECTV they are doing the midnight release on PPV..so will watch with Twi-daughter and then will have to wait for the arrival of the DVD..(I think they should allow the pre-orders to be shipped early so that they arrive on the same day as you can buy them..I think more ppl would pre-order if they did that.)
        Are you doing anything special over the weekend?? Just hearing that its FINALLY going to be warm in our area is great..hope you get to enjoy some of this Spring like heat wave!! 🙂

        • I know!!! I’m THRILLED that it’s warm up here right now. I heard the geese flying back last night and the birds chirping this morning. I love it. 🙂

          That is the worst when you preorder the DVD and have to wait. At least you can watch it tonight with your Twi-Daughter!!

          My gf’s and I had it delivered to Borders, so we plan to get martinis and then go to the store and pick up our copies. Yay, Twi-Girls’ night!!

          • Martinis? In the words of a certain Oscar nominated actress, Now you’re talking! Buttcrack Santa did bring me a little bottle of Absolut for xmas…maybe I will finally put it to use.


      That’s funny. 🙂

      • I was just wondering what they could fill a whole DVD with about Forks cause I thought they didn’t do much filming there? I had to laughthinking of someone doing a DVD on my town: …opening caption….Population 1233, Moose located in center of town (which consists of 3 buildings)… oldest home in town can be located by looking for giraffe in front yard……roll credits…lol

    • YAY! I’m so glad Eddie has been found!

  3. Totally agree. I think I may be the only one who is just as excited about getting my New Moon dvd as I was with the Twilight dvd. Anyone else peering out their front window, waiting for the UPS truck? I’m praying that the New Mood dvd shows up a day early just like my Twilight one did.

    I can not wait to hear Chris Weitz’s commentary. It better be funny — to help me get over my disappointment of not having Rob’s commentary. I can only imagine the quips he would have made about his Brooks Brothers tweed ensemble. Maybe Chris will mention the mustard pants.

    • You said New Mood. I think I like that title better.

    • dude so true, what happened to the commentary cause remember at one point CW talked about how all 3 of them would do the commentary. would have been SO epic.

      • As noted previously, I am bitter re: no Rob on commentary. V V BITTER.

        • I know, I’m all salty about no Rob commentary too. I feel ripped off. No more funny things like “cheesburgers!” or “now listen here guyyysss” ???


    • I got home from work today & found my New Moon DVD ALREADY HERE! …Early! Hurrah!

      Yay! for Blanket Eddie’s sweet sweet soon-to-be-return.
      And please…stop thumbsdowning Cyn – do it to me instead…I volunteer to be the ‘thumbgoat’ while you go get a heart. Moron.

      Back to the topic – DVD is HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Did I mention Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

      Am putting on embroidered Jorts for ceremonial watching.

      • notfairnotfairnotfairnotfair!!!!!! (toddler tantrum time)

        I swear that my campus mail system withholds my mail so I’m not sure when I’ll be getting my dvd, even though Target emailed me yesterday to say it had been shipped. Have fun for all of us though…

      • “while you go get a heart” (laughed out loud on that one…you rock)

        But seriously, totes jealous over here about your DVD. And… embroidered Jorts (love that you capitalized Jorts, btw), fur realz?!

  4. I watched the leaked extended and deleted scenes from the NM DVD.

    I still cannot get excited about it’s release tomorrow. Last year I was at Target first thing in the morning to get my 3 disc DVD. This year, I’m not even sure I’m going to buy it.

    Rob, you know I love you, but the acting in NM was SO bad I cringed through most of the extras.

    Am I a bad fan?

  5. You don’t need anger management classes, Moon. Just drink until the unnecessary frenzy subsides, that’s what I do.

  6. LMAO at Derelique

    You can derelict my balls Remember Me and The Runaways, I want Twilight!!!

  7. To be fair to the fandom, I think most people are very excited to see Robert and Kristen in roles other than Edward and Bella. In about two years (depending on when BD is released), the Saga stuff will die down and these very talented people will, hopefully, continue making interesting, solid, and wise career choices.

    And if you’re saying the Remember Me/The Runaways market is over saturated, please allow me to remind you of Hot Topic. Conversation Hearts. Burger King crowns. Freesia-scented perfume. Edward, Bella, & Jacob figurines/Barbies/Manillows. The sparkle peen dildo. A billion t-shirts, bumper stickers, blankets, and tattoos, both faux and real. And on and on…

    Go fish! Kristen looked smokin’ hot at the SXSW premiere of…well, you know. I won’t say it. She’s no Jason, nor do I have a “lady boner” for her, but I appreciate her latest fashion ventures, like Robert Pattinson appreciates a good beanie and some Jack.

    Love you both. I also love Stephenie Meyer, whom I’m certain is appreciating a welcome respite from all the usual madness.

    • Agreed, Have we not forgotten how over saturated we became with New Moon before it came out? I remember people saying that EXACT thing.

      And if my Kristen fashion loving bothers you, Moon, feel free to unfollow me. What can I say, I’m a fashion whore, Kristen or not.

    • Well yeah, but that’s TWILIGHT!

    • Thanks for that sober assessment. You’re right, of course, but how fun is that? Let’s party instead–beanies and Jack for everyone, yay!

    • of course and we talked about how that was over saturated too and didn’t want to see anything else. but thats kinda not the point of the blog than is it. it’s about writing what you feel in that moment and we’ll probably change our minds tomorrow and want to OD on some remember me.

      and yes it’s awesome to see them in different roles. we’re been excited about their new projects and talk about support them by seeing the movies multiple times, going to the red carpet events, etc. but as of yesterday i was over seeing it on tv and my computer 24/7

      potatoe, patatoe.

      marta – enjoy the fashion. i think thats the best part.

      • I love the title of this post–“OVER IT…Remember Me…” and right next to it is the Fandago ad….”See Remember Me!”


        • i love that too. but why has NO ONE commented on what i wrote BELOW the ad “edward is in a new movie and gets himself a new bella” hellooo! That’s funny right there!

        • hahaha yea double standards! get your tickets right here.

          no really see it people for realz. but dont show me abother commercial for it.

    • Well, even though I consider you, “My People”, I am of the opinion and perhaps outside the general consensus of fandom, that I really mostly enjoy learning about Twi info only in regards to Ron and Stew. I don’t care about Rob’s movies. And actually care more about the Stew’s. The Runaways movie looks like something I would like irregardless of Twi, as I am a fan of Chick Punk Rock bands. However, I am still tired of the oversaturation, the same way I was tired of the Twilight oversaturation from Burger King, Hallmark, Volvo, some tanning lotion shizz, Verizon, and all other crap. I enjoy my Twi and don’t need it spoon fead to me, the same way I don’t need to spoon fead every effing Stew and Pattz crap.

      I want to enjoy my love of bad writing about teenage Vampires in mother effing peace, DAMMIT!

      PS, I may be pissed still about my car situation. Sorry.

    • I had forgotten about the sparkle peendo! How could I have forgotten about that?!

  8. Well I’m 2nd hand embarrassed. This post has deflated my lady boner from seeing KStew looking half way decent.

    I just got excited that after looking a hot mess for 2 years that she got some motivation/stylist and actually looked good the last two weeks. Someone spiked my KStew-aid with X and I am sorry for my fake lez twittering actions.


    • hahaha i think she’s looked great too! but sure truce and make sure you watch out for that koolaid

  9. While reading this, I couldn’t help but think of the tantrum you would have been having (not really but it reminded me of this —->)

    (yes this kid really shoved a remote up his ass because he was THAT pissed off)

    • omg. THAT was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

      Pretty sure that’s how I look every morning.

    • That’s really sad and kinda scary. Reminds me of an autistic child’s meltdown with the hitting himself and throwing himself around. I wonder if he has some diagnosis to that effect. I hope if he does, he can get some help.
      Sorry to be so serious, I have tweed-itis.

  10. *stops counting money for the Crips*


    This is hilarious. YOU have been blogging about this shit too. I think. Unless you didn’t. Which I’m sure isn’t true. I may be mistaken though.

    If you’re leaving twitter, then buh-bye. I’m tired of these public, “I’m leaving you guys because I am more awesome and have a better life/taste/hair/cocksucking ability than you” rants. BULLSHIT. Twitter is about what YOU want. If you don’t wanna see shit, don’t click it or unfollow. Telling people what to tweet about… *stabs eyeball out*

    Now, I sound like a raving lunatic (BECAUSE I AM A TOTAL FANGBANGER! *owns it*). But this isn’t the first time I’ve been subjected to this in the past couple of days.


    /rant (I DIDN’T come up with that first. I heard you’re supposed to say that if you use something. *rolls eyes*)

    PS. Go on. Take your aggression out on me. I’ll be gone ALLLLLL day. No snappy retorts from me… just the way y’all like it.

    PPS. Still heart you. Really. Sometimes people disagree. This wasn’t all directed at moon. I should really take up kick boxing or something before an ACTUAL minimall gets blown up.

    PPPS. I’m sure that you’re gonna say, “MOST OF THIS WAS SARCASTIC” and try to pull out the definition. Sarcasm is my mother tongue. I get it. I used it too.

    *blows kisses*

    *pulls visor back down* *goes back to counting money*

    *fades to black*

    • The thing is, everyone can be a little moody sometimes. One day you’re admiring KStew’s hot pink dress and thinking, ohhey, she looks good, the next, you’re like TWILIGHT AND ALL THE ACTORS SUCK.

      That’s the good thing about LTT -> both the bloggers and commenters should be able to feel comfortable expressing their often conflicting views about this truly insane Twiworld.

      Otherwise we’d all be at an “I love Twilight and I personally volunteer to devote every moment of my life acting as the Leni Riefenstahl of Summit and Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson” fansite OR a “Twilight can kiss my ass” hate site right now.

      • You are correct, operarose.

        Except… if I didn’t care, I wouldn’t be on anything to do with Twilight. The people who blog about hating Twilight? They are also wannabe ballsack lickers.

        I was just stating my opinion in a forceful manner. And I disagree. Yay, me!

        I’m being obnoxious again. Sorry to BrookeLockart. I didn’t mean to offend her.

    • i dont think i ever said Ive never talked about runaways or rm and that i hate it now. yes, ive totally talked about them and loved things about them. but what im talking about is being over all the media i see and everyone harping on it for the past two weeks! thats what i felt last night and so thats what i blogged about.

      could i come back in 2 days and talk about how much i love kristen as joan and want nothing more than to blog about her. YES and i probably will! it’s my prerogative! *sings bobby brown*

      im not leaving you guys now nor do i disagree with this “I am more awesome and have a better life/taste/hair/cocksucking ability than you” rants”

      cause anytime someone mentions hair and/or cocksucking i’m sticking around.

      • I KNEW you were a great cocksucker. KNEW IT!

        That’s what the whole thing was about. I’m jealous. I don’t suck cock well. *sobs*

        I get it. I suck (but also suck at sucking) and everyone else is awesome.

        My dry sense of humor doesn’t come across right. It’s fine. I make no money from commenting. I’m just here… avoiding homework. Trying to be the next TammyO but am really too nice for it. Dammit.

        NOW REALLY. I’m going to the zoo. Peace!

      • Don’t pretend you weren’t singing Britney!

      • Cocksucking FTW!


    • haha. You make me smile…

  11. I see your point here ladies. There are only so many angles of Kstews dress we can look at (yes the dress was cute, but its cute the first pic, dont need to see 100 angles on it.)

  12. My thoughts on the “over saturation:” you guys run a Twilight fan site. When there’s no news about Twilight, you have to blog about something. I would rather see stuff about the runaways (or remember me, I guess, even though it sucked) than have another “polite”
    discussion on KStew.

    That’s right, I said it, remember me sucked. Downthumb away.

    I will, however, agree that the full on lesbian comments about KStew is disturbing. Cripes. Go rub one out and spare me the details on how great her ass looks in whatever dress.

    • Remember Me didn’t suck you emotionless whore!

      PS. YES! Let’s have another fight about KStew’s awesomeness. People neeeeeeeed to make fun of her to feel better about themselves.

      • Oh, please. The exchange between Rob and Pierce in the boardroom was choppy and awkward. Ally was obnoxious. The best part of that movie was the little sister and the roommate.

      • DUDE, Remember me SUCKED! HARD! You are blinded by your feelings about Rob. In 10 years you will be, “What was I thinking?”

        And I don’t really care to talk about chicks making out either, unless it’s with my sister who’s a lesbian. Finally, please my ass and yours probably can’t fit into STew’s dresses, that while awesome. WHO CARES!

    • No, it’s a BLOG* not a FAN SITE…

      and they’re NOT bears either.

      *ps…UC said this the other day

      • It’s a blog about Twilight, dude. Twilight blog/Twilight fan site: I’m failing to see a difference.

        UC EDIT: Fansite- deletes rude comments and only allows positive talk about whatever its trying to promote. Reposts content from other media.

        Blog- talks about whatever the hell it wants to: Positive, negative. Allows criticism. Creative, unique content

    • kstew DID look fucking fab tho… the nyc-premiere I was totally lez for her. but how can that be a problem, girls totally liking kstew, thinking she looked amazing? isn´t that what everyone is doing 24/7 with rob? oversaturation I think not – kstew should get her share of the loving.
      she has great taste in music, men and minidresses.
      lets looove her! lez and non-lez.
      *will create twitter account this very second only for tweeting LTT and moon about hot kstew*

  13. To quote Alice: “It’s time, it’s time!” (clapping hands and jumping up and down) Give us Eclipse or give us death – couldn’t have said it better myself!

    But I guess if there is this overload you speak of, you are spending too much time on social media, because I have seen precious little over here in Scandinavia… 🙂

  14. Dear Moon,


    Love, me

  15. Sometimes you just really have to have Champagne Thursday everyday to get through it. That’s what I do.

    Makes mommy nicer.

  16. Amen Moon – My thoughts exactly!

    I Google Eclipse trailer/photos everyday and am deflated with the lack of new. Going crazy here.

    Can’t wait to devour the extras on the New Moon DVD Sunday. The Atlantic City Beerfest is taking precedence tomorrow but my hangover will be comforted with DVD extras on the couch on Sunday!

  17. Amen, sister Moon. I’ve have no interest in seeing The Runaways. I don’t think I’ve ever been less interested in seeing a movie… Plus I have no immediate plans to see Remember Me, so trying to avoid spoilers is getting extreeeeemely difficult.

    Maybe it’s just that I’m so used to “loving” Twilight in our own special way (i.e. relentlessly making fun of everything about it), whereas all the Remember Me/Runaways Stuff is extremely positive for the most part. Meh.

    • “I’ve have no interest in seeing The Runaways. I don’t think I’ve ever been less interested in seeing a movie.” Me too, HB. Me too.

    • it’s hard keeping your chastity belt on when everyones being a whore around you! good luck HB!

  18. LOVE YOU UC & MOON!!!

    Love Rob, Like Kristen …enjoyed RM & looking forward to TR …Twi is my first love & miss it!!! Bring on #LegHitch!!!

  19. Bhaw!!!! Times like this i’m glad to live in the future AND where no one gives a flying rats ……um, well, don’t mean to get unladylike, about certain movie releases.

    Besides the Pixies are in town! OMFG! Even my Twi-obsession must go on the back burner for these 4 ordinary gods. Must go and pick out best flanney/trackie combo.

  20. Actually, Rob would come in kinda handy right now. Damn, never thought those words would come out of my keyboard.

  21. This post is interesting because I have been thinking this week about how Rob and K are EVERYWHERE.
    It’s ironic that indie films that Kirsten and Rob are starring in have been launched into semi-teenybopper sensations (complete with makeup kits) thanks to the leading actors’ place in the pop culture world that is Twilight. Kind of takes the “indie” out of the indie movie.

    However, in all fairness, it’s also starting to irritate me that what was once my private Twilight world (long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away when you could only find the books if you took a look on the shelves in the place where “M” authors’ books were filed) has penetrated what appears to be pretty much every facet of popular culture these days. The world is so, so so saturated right now with Twilight and vampires and copycat vampire books and tv shows and movies, and foods and clothing, and the actors have been everywhere (I’m glad for them – it’s mostly positive publicity- but it gets old very fast too). I’m like you Moon, I’d just be happy with a bit of Eclipse/Breaking Dawn news and call it good. I don’t need a million ads reminding me to buy NM DVD.

    • I’m going to keep beyotching about how Twilight is everywhere, because I feel like it. It’s been a long week and I am unhappy to be at work so am trying to put it off for a few more minutes…

      So I wander into Amazon.com the other day, and I start reading some of their message board posts, looking for a good book recommendation.

      Literally every other post had a comment along the lines of “this book was way better than Twilight”… “this book is what Twilight wishes it was…” etc.

      Okay, seriously. Since when has Twilight become the standard for ‘bad’ literature? Can I not read a book recommendation without having it been compared to Twilight (or rather, lauded for being so much better than Twilight?) What did it deserve to earn this status – sell 10 billion copies and make its author loads of money thanks to the fact that so many people LOVE the stories? Yet…it was bad. And is now open game for being bashed. Right.

      More beyotching. I wish Twilight had never been marketed as a YA book. I mean, not that this is the time and place to define what a YA book is. But by being filed in a section of the bookstore near children’s books, it is open game for being added to a part of teenybop pop culture (it is to the late 00s as NSync was to the late 90s) and invites lameness like sweethearts and bag clips and tshirt merchandising. I mean, only YA books have this crazy merchandising. The DaVinci Code was immensely popular a few summers ago and people weren’t making DaVinci code bumper stickers and how-to tutorials on youtube for copying the makeup from the movie. Why? Because it’s an adult book. No one would sink that low to merchandise “real” “adult” “literature.” But because Twilight is a YA book, we can have every aspect of it marketed everywhere in our commercial culture. Great. Thanks. On top of this I’m tired of seeing like 7 year olds reading or watching Twilight. Call me a prude but I wouldn’t want my daughter reading it unless she was in high school. It’s just not the kind of thing that’s right for middle schoolers to read. Yet it’s being marketed to them.

      I know this is getting somewhat off topic and rambly so I’ll stop.

      • “(twilight) is to the late 00s as NSync was to the late 90s”

        SO TRUE on so many levels. marketed as a teeny bopper thing but in actuality enjoyed by adult women.


        • …in a few years, one of the Twilight characters will go solo and be a miserable failure, another will be a tremendous success at bringing sexyback and frequently cohost SNL, and a third will come out of the closet on the cover of People.

          • oh! It’ll be so fun if we try to guess who will fill what role!

          • I think we all know Taylor’s going to be the one on the cover of People.

          • @HeyyyBrother, I was totally going to say that, but I like to avoid controversy. I figured I’d let one of my girls take the reins. Thank you. 🙂

          • you think so? Why?

          • k nevermind, please ignore the last post, I don’t think I should have asked why. Too much controversy on here already today!
            I just think it’s a bit too early to tell if he’s going to go all Lance on us.

      • *raises glass* “Hear! Hear!” lol

        I think I read that Stephenie didn’t intend on it being YA when she wrote it, but I think they went that way because of the age of the characters or something. I wish she would have fought against that…. Just think what Forever Dawn was that we didn’t get because it wasn’t YA enough…. I have a feeling we would have been happy little campers. 😉 Damn whomever told her it needed to be YA, damn them.

        Plus if they wouldn’t have been tagged as YA, I think my husband would lay off on the the eye rolls and jabs about I’m too old to be “obsessed” about a “teeny bopper” thing. Oh how much easier my life would be. Because he never chastised me for reading any non YA books over several times.

        And I agree about the book not exactly being right for middle schoolers. I have two nieces that are 11 and 12… they read Twilight, and SO much was lost on them (which, really was good) but while they liked the book, they didn’t appreciate the book fully. I know some day, I’ll hand each of my daughters Twilight dubbing them into the world, but not until older than my nieces were when they read it. I agree, high school would be better time to introduce it. I don’t think it’s prudish. It’s a waste to introduce it earlier. It felt like the book was wasted on my nices who were too young to read it. Of course my siblings realized this after they read Twilight and told my nieces they have to wait a few years before reading the other books.

        • Yes, that’s it… I wasn’t saying it was inappropriate for middle schoolers because of the racy (or violent) content (although it sort of is), but more because I can’t imagine anyone younger than a high schooler (and even then, I’m glad I read it when I was in my 20s) really appreciating the themes.

        • Oh yeah, and I’m very curious about Forever Dawn, too. I wish that someday Stephenie would somehow share it. It would be intesting to see how she originally envisioned the story in her mind.

          • operarose:
            Yeah. I got what you were saying. Like I said my nieces just didn’t “get it” because of their ages All I could think after they read it and I found that out was…. “what a waste!” If they would have waited a few years to read it, I think it wouldn’t have been wasted on them.

            And Forever Dawn…. I feel denied the true story because it wasn’t YA enough. I have a feeling she didn’t “fade to black” during moments like on Isle Esme…. which feeds my anger that I didn’t get that. 🙂 But getting to read Forever Dawn is on my wishlist along side Midnight Sun being finished and released. Both ‘pie in the sky’ wishes, I know….

      • “Oh, it makes me ill to see you give, love and attention at his will. You can’t imagine how it makes me feel, to see you with him.”

  22. *pushes soapbox into view and steps on*

    I’ve come to notice that some people are incredibly obnoxious in the comments and wish they would take their back and forth to the forum.

    *steps of soapbox and goes to grab breakfast*

    • Ha!!!!!!!

      *goes to hell*

    • I’ve come to notice that you’re kind of a bitch. Yay, you!

    • Since when is being obnoxious in the comments bad? Some people don’t like/go to the Forum. The comments are just another “forum,” if you will.

      Not taking sides or whatever, but if Moon and UC don’t want to see these comments you speak of, they could delete/not approve them.

      I’m playing devil’s advocate today, apparently, ha.

      Love you, Brookie.

      And it’s funny that this post has brought me out of not commenting in forever.

      I love you all and we can agree to disagree —> this is me not getting emotional anymore and going with the floooow. 🙂

    • Hi SC yes, bitch born and raised.

      FB – yup, somewhat pointed at you, but you caught on.

      Marta – GIRL, you know i wasn’t talking about you.

      Apparently I just have had my fill of rude comments and decided to make some of my own.

      • *crawls outta hell*

        Aww… So sweet you are. I DID catch on. Brainwashing isn’t complete. Dammit.

        I love you forever. Can we be besties?

        Because I know that you would never be rude or obnoxious. YOU are totally awesome.

        *goes back to hell* *iz hott*

      • Perhaps since you’re already such a master at being a bitch (born and raised, as stated) you might want to perfect that amazing passive-aggressive thing you’ve got going. I bet men just FLOCK to you. Such a sweetheart!

        • wow, the sarcasm is just so awesome this am.

          Brooke for President.


          obird 🙂

        • Perhaps I called out the wrong person today. Sometimes passive-aggressive doesn’t work on the thick-headed.

          So let me speak slowly for you:

          There is a difference between being snarky, sarcastic and being rude. (are you still with me?)

          Day in and day out there are obnoxious and rude comments made either towards UC and MOON or towards other people who leave comments. Just because I don’t always comment, doesn’t mean that I don’t see them. (you still following?)

          So today, I reached my saturation level for this type of behavior and called people out for it.

          And for the record, anyone who has met me through this blog will testify that I am nothing but sweet and kind. You just don’t want to piss me off.

          • i think you’re a bitch in real life, but that’s just me


          • Skank.

            UC EDIT: bitch
            (yes I take my power of being able to edit comments and use it to my advantage- in fact, All those obnoxiously rude comments on the post today were really me. those commenters actually said the sweetest things about Moon & Me & how they agree with us and how we’re always right and how they bow down to our genius (just like we want them to do) but I wanted drama- so I edited them. ) UC done editing

          • Now, did you actually type slowly as if you were actually speaking directly to us or….how did that work?

            I don’t want to piss you off? Wow. What, pray tell, horrors are waiting for those that do?

            I shutter to think.

          • Ugh…itouch. Shudder. That’s “shudder to think.” *sigh*

          • UC – you are lucky that I like you otherwise I’d totally quit the fandom and cry into my giant pillow ::looks around office:: scratch that, cry into my snuggie, and never come back.

            ❤ U

          • I agree with Brooke…. rudeness and being nasty = not necessary.
            Snark, wit, sarcasm and all of the above = Win.

            Thanks again to UC and Moon for an amazing and fun BLOG…I know you put so much time into it! I heart you both mucho! 🙂

            And Brooke….if you are President, I want to be your Vice!



          • @obird – which vice? My choice would be gluttony.

          • @SJ – Mine would be lust.

          • to clarify….when I said “Vice”….I meant as in “Vice President”. Sometimes I assume everyone is in my brain and understands my crazy! hehehe!

          • is it a full moon out today??

          • @obird – (totally ignoring your last comment) Miami? I have some nice pastels I can send over for your wardrobe.

        • Have you had ocassion to meet Drunk Jane?
          Oh you will, “Second Hand Embarassment” stealer.

          Please if you are gonna threaten BrookeLockart, at the very least, just like you should do with your Blog, say something creative and original. We all know Brooke is a Bitch, that she has an absence of men flocking to her, and that she is passive agressive. I invited her down to my place this weekend for exactly these reasons. We plan on making out just like Dakota and Kstew. Jealous?

          Again, I am overly sensitive to everything today as I have been dealing with mega car issues. I apologize for any harshness. However, I don’t apologize for your unoriginality.

    • Uhm, I’d rather the rude people take their fights to Twitter. It’s nice in the forum. I like it being drama-free.

      Unlike this place. I’m just waiting for school to let out so the 13-year-olds who worship KStew can come tell us all how badly we smell.

  23. chickfight!

  24. Moonie, you did try to go to the Runaways premiere…so you have been caught up in it as well. HOWEVER, I could use a little less of it all.

  25. Um WOW

    let me remind you of something Moon said :

    “I think we have officially reached the over saturation point.”
    “Seriously Twitter users, it’s just overkill now.”

    It wasn’t “How dare you talk about Rm & The Runaways & Kristen & Fashion & being a lesbian over Kristen because we never WOULD or never WILL and how DARE YOU”

    It was “Okay. Been there. Done that. Blogged about it. Forgot WHY we started the blog. So let’s get back to that”

    • *is properly chastised*

      *goes on with my life*

    • I’m confused. Are all the nasty/bitchy comments supposed to be a joke/sarcastic? It just doesn’t make sense or correlate to the post.

      And I agree with Moon. love Kristen Stewart’s STYLIST’s fashion choices – for the red carpet at least -but yes, it FREAKS ME OUT that women on twitter are having orgasms about her legs/butt/hair/makeup/skin/lefteyebrow/rightfingernail. I mean, really?? Really? It’s just weird…

      I’m not seeing Remember Me; if I want to be depressed and cry I can look at my bank account. I will see The Runaways when it comes out on video, because it looks like a good time. Although at this point, it feels like I’ve seen it already. #toomanyclips

      I am also over hashtags…I don’t get what they’re for anyways.

      • THIS>>>> love Kristen Stewart’s STYLIST’s fashion choices – for the red carpet at least -but yes, it FREAKS ME OUT that women on twitter are having orgasms about her legs/butt/hair/makeup/skin/lefteyebrow/rightfingernail. I mean, really?? Really? It’s just weird…

      • um marie im confused by some of them but overall i think they’re trying to be bitchy… and maybe funny. it’s a thin (nonexistent) line in here today.

        thanks UC for reminding us what i actually wrote. by the time we get the far down the comments it’s usually forgotten.

        • you’re welcome. Up high

        • It’s like ‘the crazies’ here today…maybe some sort of internet virus that seeps into your subconscious just by looking at ad banners of Remember Me? You’ve been hacked with “the bitch virus’!

          Besides, can we talk about the busted wig on Eclipse some more? Isn’t that MUCH MORE important than Kristen and Dakota making out? Or the delusional choices of directors for Breaking Dawn? And all the talk about 3D for that movie? These are the things that keep me up at night…

  26. Holy smokes, you said it, Moon! I wanna run away from The Runaways and forget about Remember Me. Enough already! :p

    *chants loudly* New – Moon, E – clipse, New – Moon, Jorts – Pack


    • *chants with you*

      • YAY! A fellow chanter! 🙂 *high fives, jorts-wearing hip bump*

        Thanx for all the thumbs-ups, peoples! 🙂

        And WTF (What The Forks, of course) happened today?! I go away for several hours and all of this happens?! You gals are allll crayzay. Of course, I *love it!* And am used to it. *drama queens*

        So many men, I mean, so many comments, so little time. I’ll have to re-read all of this later.

        You all need to HUG IT OUT, Beeyotches! 😉

        Pow pow pow, stop punching faces….

        FacePunch xoxo


    I’m so goddamn pissed. ENRAGED. By the horrible things going on today!

    … I didn’t get my Lady Gaga tickets…

    Is there shit hitting the fan elsewhere, too?

  28. Exactly. I do not want to hear about The Runaways and Remember Me any more. I want my Twilight, my jorts and my FACEPUNCH the movie. Bitch please.

  29. I agree and have unfollowed some people because I was starting to wonder about their sanity in regard to Kristen. It’s beyond creepy (this coming from a grown woman who reads Letters to Rob everyfreakinday before I drink coffee) their obsession with her. So I simply clicked unfollow and it was very freeing!

    Having said that, I do sorta want to see The Runaways because I think it actually looks good.

    Love you, Moon & UC.

  30. Um, wow. Just got back from three hours of meetings to find cuckoo bananas stuff happening. Please everyone, gather around the Edward blow up doll, hold hands and sing We Are LTT…screw We Are The Rob.

  31. (I am feeling the World PMS vibes today as well. I’ve got the pre-maddies and it really seems like the next round of Shark Week is going to be a rager.)

    As for New Moon, I am So! Excited! for my dvd to arrive today/tomorrow. Don’t fail me now Target! I just want to know once and for all – was CW one of the voices we heard during Facepunch? Also I have been engaging in a little Netflix queue strategery by emptying everything out but the Twilight in Forks documentary so that I would receive it tomorrow. Looks like my plans for mega-nerdy Twi/NM/Forks Saturday marathon are ON.

    Let’s do this.

  32. LTT is kind of like Oz today: there are Good Bitches and Wicked Bitches. Good to see some brought their buckets of water.

    • I’m going to follow the yellow brick road out of here before they go flying monkeys on the rest of us.

      Oh wait, it’s still a Twilight blog…. they’ll go spider monkey.

  33. I like Joan Jett, so —-
    call me lame, but I am going to see the Runaways at lunch and I’m wearing my “I love Rob and Roll” tank top.

    • take a picture! i will be seeing it too. in the future.

    • Awesome! I like Joan Jett too, and so does the BF, so I’m hoping I can talk him into it.

      • Okay, I just got back from seeing it. I had to add a quick review since I am pretty sure it won’t be brought up again.
        I liked it! Funny, serious, very 70’s looking.
        Great soundtrack and superfly funky shoes! Joan would approve.

  34. Moon: you said “ladyboners.” that really brought the LOLz at 9:15 this morning.

    I am thoroughly confused as to what is going on here and who all of these people are. Guess I should comment more often!

    PS. I BOUGHT KOL TICKETS THIS MORNING. I can’t wait to drool all over Caleb’s face again!

  35. Are you a good bitch or a bad bitch? I wear my good bitch badge proud.

    For the record, I love UC and Moon. Even when I disagree with them 5% of the time.

    My Krisbianism is strong. Don’t judge. And I’m not changing my twitter Avi. As MP says “eat me.”

    And to all my SOT ladies out there.. I love you with the passion of a thousand fiery suns.

    PS Whoever Megsten is rules. I wish I had thought of that first. Maybe I’ll be Megsbian. Yes? No?

  36. Wow wow wow!!


  37. Ok so I’m like one of the few
    who actually pre-ordered new moon
    From borders cuz I wanna have the same collection…
    And going to the little shindig for the midnight release…
    And I’m excited…
    And now I feel like a weirdo now! Wtf !?

    I’m a little saddened …

    Never had it in me to see rm or tr…
    No ladyboner for df or kstew

    Jus still stuck in my twi-world…

    Sue me

  38. whoa! daggers flying all around today. *runs*

  39. Did you know that sea otters have the densest fur of all animals?

    • yes I did, thanks to SEA OTTER FACTS. COM (http://www.factsmonk.com/sea_otter_facts)

      The toes on the forefeet are short and stiff, enabling the animal to deftly handle food.

    • Plus they are unbearably cute… I stood at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and seriously thought about breaking through plate glass to get my hands on one.
      ( *digresses* Maybe Rob was a sea otter in a previous life? No, I probably just really need my dinner now, my head is light…)

      • At least sea otters have the potential to be cuddly. I have seriously considered breaking into the jaguar exhibit to give one a hug. They *looked* cute and cuddly, but it probably wouldn’t have turned out like I imagined.

    • LMAO

      Diversion! Diversion!

  40. i don’t like it when mommy and daddy fight.

    (ps… i’ve not a clue what’s going on… i just heard there were words and wanted to join in for relevance.)

  41. Ok, I am totally lost in the comment wars today.
    -“Can’t we all just get along?????”

    Thanks UC and Moon for being hilar, putting so much time into your blog, and keeping our shizz in check.

  42. Re: The Craziness on LTT Today:

    I’m actually a huge bitch in real life. I come to LTT to be nice.

  43. Hahahahahahahaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Wow, today’s post is fun! Everyone’s all riled up.

    I do have to say, that I agree: “give me my TWILIGHT BACK!! Give me Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse or give me death!”

    I’m ready to have the ‘twilight carrot’ dangled in front of me again. Make me think Eclipse day and night from now until June.

    • It’s all of the nervous energy from waiting for the DVD to be released tonight.

      It’s like the sexual energy Bella and Edward have while lying chastely in bed together. It makes them crabby and argue and binge on native American chips.

  45. Well, I’m feeling mellow because I picked up my copy of the New Moon DVD on my way home from work and now I am looking at drinks, dinner, and a long evening in bed watching the extras… I don’t care if the acting was crappy or if it didn’t have the magic of “Twilight”, there is still lots of Rob time in there, and I am going to dig it ALL out!

    So, let’s all kiss and make up and focus on the important stuff in life! (Eh, I mean world peace, of course..)

  46. OOOh … drama! Let’s get popcorn! ……Give me back TWILIGHT!!!! 😉

  47. I enjoy all the extra movie news, but they could keep all the interview and fashion reviews if they’d just let me watch the damn movies (Remember Me, Runaways, anything with a Twilight star).

    Oh–yeah–I’m in India, trying to stay clear of spoilers : (

    At this point, I’ll take anything I can get…

    p.s. anyone have any news on an Eclipse release date for India? I’m only here on short assignment, but with the worst timing in the world…no Remember Me, no The Runaways…but please, oh please give me Eclipse in a theatre!!

  48. Yeah.. The fact that I’ve been avoiding Twilight blogs speaks volumes. I figured that I’ll just wait for the madness to vanish. At this point I just care for Eclipse and feel oddly protective of Slade. What’s that about?

    I so don’t care about Runaways and RM.

  49. Guys,

    I’m kind of a mess right now. I don’t know why I do the things I do or say the things I say. Sometimes, I just get so angry over nothing at all. To everyone I’ve said horrible things to today, I’m so very sorry. Honestly. I feel like being dragged out and shot right now.

    I don’t expect any of you to forgive me, I sure as hell wouldn’t, but I felt the need to apologize publicly since I was so public about trashing people earlier.

    I promise I’ll get some help with my anger issues. I really hate the way I feel after I combust over something silly, and I’m hurting people.

    Again, I’m truly very sorry.

    P.S. UC and Moon, if you have the power to ban people, I suggest you use it on me. I don’t want to hurt you guys anymore.

    • I managed to read your rant before it got deleted, and quite frankly it wasn’t your shining hour. It was, indeed, mean and filled with vitriol.

      That being said, I appreciate that you’ve come back to the scene to apologize. To reveal issues with yourself can be a very difficult thing to do in a public place. And you seem to realize the most important thing: commenters are people with actual feelings who you can hurt.

      One thing I’ve really come to appreciate about the LTT/LTR community is the great friendships and truly loving people I’ve met, and those people are some of the people who you blasted. I hope you get to experience the friendship of some of the great people here, too. This should be something fun, not something that makes you angry.

      I’m going to submit this and give you a thumbs up now. Thanks for coming back.

    • Chimmy,
      I know, babe. Anger sucks. You lost your dad, I lost my daughter, and shit just needs to take its course. *HUGS* You know I’m around if you want to have another, “I’m a sad panda with rage*
      talks. Seriously, LOVE you hard. Chin up chickie.

    • Aw, Chim, I didn’t see what happened, only the aftermath. And I’m sure it wasn’t your best moment. But everybody has those times, you know? I’m very proud of you for being woman enough to apologize publicly and for facing your anger issues.


      I adore you dude. You know where to find me if you want to talk.

    • I thumb up-ted you! And no I don’t mean that in a weird yucky FanFiction way!

      Thank you for the apology.

      PS I hate fanfiction

    • I forgive you your facepunch.

      And I still ❤ you.

      And we still welcome you in the flat with your hugely muscular and oiled men.

    • just coming in to say that while i’m sure people were offended as hell at whatever it was chim wrote, downthumbing a clearly heartfelt apology is
      a) a bitch move
      b) most likely no classier than whatever you’re mad at.

      that’s all. the end. e.g. out.

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