It’s time to talk more Twilight with dudes! Podcast Volumes 2 and 3

It's this intense

Dear LTT-ers,

We’re back for another episode of the untitled LTT/LTR Podcast with us and The Font and White Yorkie where we discuss what’s hot and what’s not in the Twilight fandom, answer your reader questions, call each other by our real names repeatedly and get in on air fights! What’s not to love?

As you can tell we’re still working on the iTune podcast store but if you happen to be handy with creating an RSS/XML file, by all means email us!

Without further adieu… Let’s get on with the show!

Kellan loves listening to the podcast while he travels!

Episode 2 – Breaking Your Dawn (right click save as to download)
Stuff covered

We watch the Eclipse trailer
Victoria’s weave
Editor switch – will we ever get to see David Slade’s original cut?
Name dropping
Runaways – creeped out by teens in bustiers

Reader Questions
Naming children after fictional characters?
Why is Twilight ridiculous?
Midnight Sun
What are the redeeming qualities in SMeyer’s vampires?
The guys make a promise they maybe won’t keep
How do they explain their involvement in Twilight/LTT/LTR to girls?
Do you take any tips from Edward or Jacob into your real life?
WTF is a vampire senate?
Twilight Merchandise! The action figures, the comic book “female force”
Comic Book recs
Nerd talk about action figures

Can’t get enough? Want to know more? EPISODE THREE AFTER THE CUT!

Woah, they talk about what??

Episode 3 – Cullen All Over the Place (right click, save as to download)
Stuff Covered:
Angry on air call with Brooke Lockart
Apply for number one fan

Remember Me – just kidding

Guys in the Twi-dom, who would win in a spar?

Why does Bella blindly accept the super natural?
What’s a “Pete Wentz accent”

Could The LTT/LTR guys take the other Twilight guys in a rumble?

If guys think Jacob is the best choice why do they not choose the “Jacob” in their lives?
Own your “nerdy stuff?”
Good looks give you relationship amnesia?
Trade secrets? Let’s discuss flipping the switch, ignoring someone

Download them now!! Next time we will be joined (finally we will figure out the techy stuff to make this happen) by UC the cohost of the show! And we will answer more of YOUR questions, but to do that you have to email them to us!! Email us Podcast Questions and you just might be famous… or at least take over Brooke Lockart’s spot now that she’s been ousted.

Until next time!

Whaddya think? Have questions for them? Have questions for me and UC? SEND EM IN! If you had to name a child after a fictional character (doesnt have to be twi-related) what would you choose?

Miss the last podcast, Episode 1? You can download it here

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

128 Responses

  1. Satchel?!?!

    • Satchel Paige. It’s been done. That’s about as far as I got in the podcast before I had to shut it off to get back to work (see how well that went?).

      • Just because something has been done doesn’t mean it should be. Take the El Camino, for instance. Sorry, Forkie. (I don’t know who is who…)

      • I finished the rest of podcast 2 and they mentioned Satchel Paige so I didn’t need to. But I don’t really mind the name. I could see a cute little hippie baby named Satchel.

    • I have a friend whose son’s name is Satcher. But he is like the sixth. So it works.

      But Satchel? Um, no. Sorry whichever LTT-Dude wants it. No.

    • Reminds me of Sack from Wedding Crashers. SACK?!?!!

    • oh satchel!

    • Satchel Paige was the first (and some say the best) black baseball player. Jackie Robinson is known as the “first black in white baseball” but Satchel Paige really paved the way for him. FYI, this isn’t such an “off the wall” name.

  2. Haiku:

    On a pedestal
    I never asked to be put
    never claimed top fan

    Flattered by the boys
    they have a hard on for me
    It’s my hero pic

    For those who don’t know, I never heard the 2nd podcast when they recorded the third and was completely ambushed while sitting in the salon with my hair full of dye. When I told them to hold on, i was wiping the hair dye off my phone and never heard that I was being recorded. My reactions are real, my answers are real. Enjoy my giggle fit as I’m being yelled at by two boys on the phone. I was originally half offended that the boys did not want to hang with me in LA. Clearly I never heard the second podcast to hear them change their mind and will talk sweetly about me.

    Moon – surely I should be a tag on this post!

    • Please excuse my spelling and grammar errors, I haven’t had my coffee yet and well I was crying into my pillow all last night cause the boys broke up with me. *sad clown*

    • Um, THE FONT called you a HUSSY!

      Oh no…I might have to get country on him. NO ONE calls our Brookie a HUSSY and gets away with it (except for @janetrigs, she gets away with everything)

      It’s like you are the hottie girl that lives across the hall from the guys on Big Bang Theory…I just can’t figure out which one is Shelton.

      • Whoa… I missed them calling me a HUSSY. I…don’t… know… what… to say….

        SEE those boys are MEAN.

        And thank you sassysmart for sticking up for a girl. I got sucked into this whole mess and I’m not even sure how.

    • the totally unplanned phone call was hilarious but i couldnt hear anything with everyone talking. good job team.

      you HUSSY!

  3. FYI. When you have a baby with someone, YOU won’t get to decide the name. You may THINK you are helping choose, but you aren’t. Not really.

    My haiku:

    Get the twit
    I’d like to yell at
    the racists.

    Such a strange fascination with comic books. All the dudes I know are in love with cars. Do you have the little dolls in your room? That would be adorable. Please tell me you do.

    Holy hell. I just got name dropped. Sorry to disappoint but get on twitter. I’ll yell at you daily. It’ll be fantastic! Now I KNOW you want to. 🙂

    • Double holy hell. Podcast 3?

      “I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me… but I can’t help it.” That’s my official response.

    • “the dolls” hahahaha

      what will you do to appease them fangbanger? ask a question?

      • I may. If I remember… I thought it was pretty obvious by now that I live to please no one but myself?

        I’m such a selfish creature.

        Right now, I’m just demanding that they comment on the amazing piece of literature that was posted.

        I need to know their thoughts and be convinced that they aren’t reenacting it.

        *prods The Font and The Tiny Dog with whip*

        • I thought EG made it very clear that they’re re-enacting the tent scene right now (brokeback, not Eclipse) and they’re busy.

  4. I’m late the party. The first podcast didn’t download more than 3 minutes in. These next two are hilarious though. I thank you for braving risky anonymity to bring extra snark to the world of Twilight.

    I can’t speak for all women, but for females who aren’t true fans of Twilight (all 8 of us) it’s actually a bonus to meet a guy who knows the stories enough to participate in disparaging conversations. Maybe it’s just that way for those who love MST3K and who could only imagine finding a man who is not only willing to sit through the movies, but who is also willing to provide witty repartee during the viewing.

    If you happen to record audio of your viewing the New Moon movie, I’m sure you could sell it to Rifftrax. God only knows how long it will be til they put up their version of it.

  5. That is so weird that you guys didn’t get the Eclipse trailer!! We had it in DOTHAN, ALABAMA, and nobody knows where that is. How did the big cities miss it??

    • I KNOW WHERE DOTHAN IS! I have actually been there..30 yrs ago!! Have relatives living there! See someone DOES know where it is…me!! 🙂

    • SERIOUSLY!! everyone (well the dorks) started yelling when the eclipse trailer didnt start playing and it went directly to RM.

      FAIL! so gipped!

  6. Currently listening. The only thing I keep thinking is that you guys doing this is like that rouge group in Harry Potter that broadcasts…Potter Watch.

  7. Ha! This podcast is like my new version of listening to the radio in the morning while getting my caffeine high and surfing the net for news of the world – meaning 5% actual news and 95% Twi news.. How sad.

    • you mean theres news that doesn’t involve twilight? SHOCK HORROR!!!!

      • Yes! I know. There are earthquakes happening all over the planet and scientists calculating the odds of one hitting my city in the near future and I read about it only after vigorously combing the web to find out WHAT made KStew smile, and I’m talking SMILE, in those airport pics. I suppose that’s normal.

  8. This was fucking hilar!! I love those guys they’re so funny! 😀 I cackled like a hyena the whole time!

  9. I found this in my inbox one morning. I LOVE the girl from the hot tub that wrote this because I really think she captured you guys perfectly.

    “Oh, White Yorkie,” The Font groaned, as his non-Asian lover writhed under him, balanced precariously on his elbows and knees.

    With a particularly powerful thrust, the headboard banged into the wall, causing it to shake.

    “Careful,” White Yorkie’s voice grew serious, causing The Font to still. White Yorkie glanced up at the shelves that lined his wall. “Some of those action figures are in their original packaging.”

    “I don’t understand why you don’t keep them in a lock box, like I do,” The Font answered, resuming his ministrations.

    “Because,” White Yorkie pants. “I like to ogle Luke Skywalker’s light saber.”

    “Only because I made you get rid of Pocket Edward,” The Font grumbles.

    “You had nothing to be jealous about,” White Yorkie purrs. “There’s just something to that sparkly vampire…” He trails off, unable to put into words his attraction to the fictional character.

    Both men lose themselves in passion and do not speak again until they are lying tangled together in a post-orgasmic bliss.

    “We’re going to the dollar theater to see New Moon tonight, right?” White Yorkie’s voice breaks the silence.

    “Yes,” The Font answered his lover. “After I read all the comments on LTT.”

    • *dies*

      *wakes up*

      I guess my question about the dolls has been answered.

      *dies again*

    • Why do I get the feeling this entire sex scene lasted less than 1/100th of the time of this first podcast?

    • Oh mah gah! I need to get out of hibernation just start a slow clap for this piece of epicness.
      *stands up*
      *looks around*
      *starts slow clap*


      (incidentally, clap is an STD. Always use protection!)


      • Oh Dilz, ya kill me! I appreciate the opportunity to spit my coffee out.

      • Ahhh, call off the spotter planes, the panda has been sighted! Did you run out of cookies? *putting down bag of double choc chip and backing away sloooowly*.

    • BAAAAAHAHAHA! Real life is being a TOTAL bitch to me (it’s work related – DAMN WORK) and I didn’t think I’d even crack a smile today, let alone a full on choke on my drink moment.

      You are all FULL OF WIN!

      • I second that… this is the first time all day I’ve not only gotten my mind off of RL but quietly LOL’d to death in my cubicle. Thank you, thank you, clap clap clap. I’m not going to go as far as requesting more, you know, because I’m not like “that”… but on the other hand, I won’t ignore it if there is more… #LTTWinsAtLife. That is all.

    • i just threw up. fan fiction about the font and white yorkie??? i cant even read it!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOO

    • I want to know what The Font and White Yorkie think about this.

      (Also, I can’t listen to the podcasts at work, has fanfic come up? Because fanfic is one thing geeks of all types have in common with Twifans.)

      • Yes, show yourselves. Lest we be left to assume you are, in fact, a couple of baby-back bitches.

        • I would hate to assume incorrectly about these two associates. Assumptions are dangerous. One should assimilate as much knowledge as possible so as not to come to asinine conclusions. To avoid premature conjecture or further character assassination, let us give them the chance to assemble here later this evening. That is, if they will assent to leave off assailing and assaulting each others assets. Surely The Font will agree to an assignation. He seems much more assertive.


      All FanFiction is Bad BAD BAD! Why do I bother?

    • …Wow….


  10. Dear White Yorkie and the Font, you guys really crack me up! I LOVE the LTT podcast! And you gain even more points in my book for mentioning “Alex reads Twilight”. Sexy London accent, soldiering through Twilight and then making fun of it? WIN!

    Oh, and can I still apply for Brooke’s #1 fan spot? Just kidding, I would never take that away from her… but can I be #2? 😉

    • email and apply today! 😉

      • haha, oh yes I might do that! any special things I have to put into my application? A pic of me doing the Mena Suvari American Beauty thing only I’ll be covered in comics instead of rose petals? Oh, and a haiku of course… Uhm, right now I’m really considering writing a mail like that to you… just you wait! 😉

        Oh and please let us know about their twitter as soon as they give their okay. Cause I’m DYING to read their tweets…^^

        • yes, all the above. comics, a picture, something about yourself and of course a haiku to win over their hearts.

  11. Thanks for the reminder that naming my daughter Isabella will forever be my biggest regret.

    At least it was in 2004, long before Stephanie Meyer ruined the name forever, and we call her Ella – never, ever, EVER Bella. (Cause that makes me think of porn in prose form).

    • i know a lot of bellas from BEFORE twilight so i think youre in the clear! nooowwww if you know your next kid carlisle, then we know!

  12. I’d just like to add one more Twilight guy: Dan Bergstein.

    He’s reading Twilight and blogging about it. Well, he’s practically totally dissing it, but he has a point and it’s hilarious!

    Great podcasts!

  13. That ‘s one hour of my life I will never get back. You guys better watch that movie so we’re even. 😉

  14. White Yorkie & Font, you’re kidding yourselves. You’ve waded right into the swamp of Twidom up to your knees and are slowly sinking. There is no way out, so hurry up & watch New Moon, do us a breakdown and wave goodbye to normal life.

    PS My special ability is to snort my coffee thru my nose while reading LTT, in public.

  15. Oh ok, so I might get SLIGHTLY 1st hand embarrassed when dressing up as a psychotic wasp – but only when people post pics of it!!!

    I might go for more of an Absolom look next time.

  16. My thoughts as I am listening:
    NO PEN TAPPING YEAH!!!! I still can’t figure out which guy is which? LOL..agree with the beautiful scenery! Did someone burp??Such language “gentlemen” there are ladies listening..jk…awww such compliments! Hey Joan Jett broke ALL the rules..alittle respect please!
    Questions being answered: Ok not really answering….
    on the Twitter thing..
    names: really “knocked up” ?? Orion? Sachel??? OMG…not sure I can keep listening..children are stupid??? SUCH GUYS…Moon you are the ONLY normal one there!
    SM Vampires?.. REALLY trying to figure out What the hell you talking about???
    Oprah’s interview was good..agreed! DEPTH…really??Haven’t even seen both movies..really???Ok I can’t handle this…even with my lack of a life..surely I have something better to do…
    Going to look for Blanket Eddie…Moon I luv’s ya..but I can’t deal with such “guys”…. sorry…

    • Geez downthumbers…I was only kidding! I even listened to the very 1st Pod cast to refresh my memory…I thought this was the one place we could be sarcastic….thus my reference to having no life and going to look for Blanket Eddie…the “guys” are just that “guys with a guys perspective” they are hilarious..sorry I guess I didn’t put it right…. 😦

      • hahaha snuggle under the edward blanket, its safer there


          • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! He’s still not back? Holy Cow. Who cares what you said about those chaps when this is still going on?

            Thumbsdowning Cyn? Booooooooooooo.

          • HUGS!

            I read your comment from yesterday that your notebook was found, but damaged. How weird! Did the bird peck it up?? I know she’s sneaky like that.

            I’m sending you a DM on Twitter!

          • @eatmyjorts, JodieO and Operarose…heartfelt thanks..what I sometimes think in my head I am writing is NOT what comes out..I would never intentionally offend anyone..and I thought the guys were hilarious…anyway…I am trying to come to terms with the fact that I may never find Blanket Eddie..I have literally torn this house apart trying to find “him” and am so depressed I am now SERIOUSLY considering spending my days on the couch WITHOUT HIM listening to POSSIBLITY until I lose what is left of my mind! I am also WAY TOO EMBARRASSED to explain where I found my notebook and why it is in the condition it is in..sometimes I really wonder how the hale the family put up with me …its a wonder..when I can barely stand myself like this 😦
            I ❤ you all so much for being so tolerant of my screw ups…and again..sorry if my comment came out wrong..BTW Happy St. Patricks Day!

          • MidCyn! I am so sorry about Blanket Eddie. I think the Volturi must have him. :-O Seriously, just sent you an e-mail re: potential replacement Eddie. So, check your e-mail!

      • Sometimes the thumbsdowns are so random.

        It must have been your reference to Joan Jett, the KStew Brigade (I thought I saw somewhere that they call themselves a “mafia” which is all kinds of creepy) saw it and assumed you were saying something negative about Kirsten.

  17. These are the days when having a job blows. I so want to listen, but I will just have to wait until tonight 😦

  18. *Slow clap* GENIUS.

    Hello, The Font and White Yorkie. Let me begin by saying, I hope that the slash fanfiction isn’t drawn from life, because I think I might have a little crush on you guys. It’s not because of your angry rants about the stupidity of the Twilight action figures, nor is it your shame of having actually read the series. It is because you are requesting haiku. You made me swoon a little.

    So, here goes:

    When you talk of dick,
    Even emotional dick,
    Say it loud and proud.

    Font and White Yorkie
    Have serious ninja skills
    Kaleb Nation: RUN!

    The leaves turn verdant
    The sun breaks through, glorious,
    Summer’s for Eclipse.

    And Moon? Best generic podcast music that I’ve heard. I expected no less.

    • haha i didnt even choose it, they did!

      haiku with the word dick in it. ive never been more proud of this classy blog!

      • Listen to when he says “dick”. It’s very muted, both times. I think this is the kind of blog where you can say DICK, just like that. Nice and loud. Wouldn’t you say? I think that emotional dick is an important topic–no shame! (I wish I knew whether it was The Font or White Yorkie who said it!)

    • Way to show me up on the Haiku front. I’ll still snuggle with you in LA though.

      • Hey, this is my living! I’d better be decent at it! 🙂

        Don’t shut me out of the nook. I need the snugglez, yo.

  19. This is great. Downloadable! Whooo, now I can put it on my iPhone to listen!

    1st thing
    Deal Breaker. Edward likes Fall Out Boy! That is so WIN!

    Also, I imagine Edward does have a HUGE comic book collection.
    Only they are all really old 1st edition and mint condition. Because he was there when they came out.

    He also has lot’s of money because Alice told him to buy two. One to keep and one to sell on something called E-Bay that will come out in the Future!

    apparently the boys (I can’t tell the voices apart yet, sorry) are right about girls being attracted to guys who ignore them

    HELLLOOO…. This is why Bella was intrigued by Edward in the first place. She was annoyed with any guy that gave her attention (Mike, Tyler, Eric) but was really curious about the one who at first ignored her, then acted like she smelled like shit.

    Would she like him less if he was all,

    “Oh Hi Isabella, I’m Edward. Looks like we’re lab partners. Mr. Banners a total douche haha, where are you from, I have extra tickets to a Fall Out Boy concert, wanna go with me??? How about the Spring Dance???”

    And would Edward have been so interested in Bella if he could read her mind and know that she thought he was just as cute as the rest of the girls did. After all, he couldn’t stand listening to the blathering of the teenage girl inner monologue. If he heard her, would he be just as turned off?

    Just sayin.

    Love this podcast!

    • oh donna you speak the truth

      “This is why Bella was intrigued by Edward in the first place”

      never thought about it that way but youre SOOO right!!

  20. “This is scary stuff!”
    I laughed so hard at this. You seemed so genuine!
    Loved the podcasts!

  21. i’m still on volume two but i skipped ahead to what 3 covers but!
    i totes called it! well when i commented without an account.
    I am still convinced he’s pete wentz but pete won’t respond to my tweets 😦

    DO IT FONT!!! your pictures are on my wall!!
    cause THAT’S NORMAL

    • so instead of taking brooke’s place can i be The Font’s fangirl? Since he remembers me as beccA 🙂

      srsly man, i can be the start of your fan base.
      i can see it now. tshirts. ACTIONFIGURES! a UFC fight with the real pete wentz! your carreer can take off.
      think about it.

  22. I think I would like to be one of your biggest fans.

    Can you post more pictures so I can make some White Yorkie Trousers or The Font Culottes.

    I promise to squee like a fangirl if you say hi!

  23. ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beccA 🙂

  24. No, me Becka.

  25. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by BrookeLockart: Have you gone and listened to the podcast yet? Please listen and comment with me on how i was blindsided!

  26. “The Cullens. They’re so hot – and they camp!”

  27. Yo! This is Jane Trigs

    Or Janet Rigs whatever

    I lurv St. Patty’s

    But I can’t spell goo

    at all, I mean really not

    at all but I write

    I loved this podcast

    as I loved the first podcast

    please create more now

    I hate Fanfiction tons

    And I enjoy you laugh and

    compare it to Steph.

    Please continue rants

    but leave it Brooke hate free please

    I really love her


  28. Dear White Yorkie,
    I was listening again to the second podcast and you said some really nice things about me and I just wanted to say that I appreciated it. You are the nicer half of the duo… shhh don’t tell The Font – he seems to have a temper.

    Hugs and future shots,

  29. Listened to both of the podcasts and thought they were pretty funny! Love the Star Wars references. MLIT, MTFBWY 😉

  30. Loved it. You guys get better with each podcast. Great discussion, especially on Cullen all over the place. I’m loving White Yorkie’s willingness to be “real.”

    Can’t wait for UC to join in the festivities next time!

  31. I was a bit late but just listened to the podcast today. Hilarious! I look forward to the next.

    And please, these guys are having SO much fun! They sounded so happy when they were analyzing the “action figures”.

    You guys are so sucked into the Twilight world 🙂

  32. […] It’s time to talk more Twilight with dudes! Podcast Volumes 2 and 3 Dear LTT-ers, We’re back for another episode of the untitled LTT/LTR Podcast with us and The Font and White […] […]

  33. LMFAO “ooooh the Cullens….they’re so hot and they camp!”

    I totally love Alex reads Twilight too!! 🙂

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