New Moon DVD- which one should you get?

Moon, A famous guy at Hot Topic whose name we forget, Me

Dear New Moon DVD,

It really seems like no one gives a crap that you’re releasing this weekend. Oh wait, is that just me? I dunno, member last year how I flew to LA (okay the date was a coincidence) stayed up till 5 am eastern time to stand in line with Moon, meet Ashley Green, meet a goth/gay/Hot Topic celebrity & randomly ask people in line if they’d ever heard of “Letters to Rob” & meeting awesome people like Charlie Bewley’s future girlfriend Ashley who become a fast friend? (Not to mention get my husband SUPER PISSED off at me as we left him wandering down Hollywood Blvd alone at 1 am, texting me every 10 minutes to see if we are done yet)

This year I don’t even know who is selling the DVD.  Is Walmart gonna have it? What about Target? Most importantly, will Marks & Spencer carry a special edition? Will it come with a pair of the underwear Rob Pattinson & Tom Stu made so popular the other week?

I don’t know. So today I decided to do some research myself and find out WHO will have the BEST DVDs and what each different DVD will offer:

I'm sad- I don't come with a charm bracelet

Let’s kick it off with The Basic New Moon DVD (or Blu-Ray but I don’t have one of those so I didn’t really pay attention. Sorry)

The basic New Moon DVD available everywhere, including your local grocery store so you really can never escape from Edward Cullen, even when you just ran in to pick up some milk & eggs, and will feature the movie (yay!), a commentary with Chris Weitz & the film’s editor which should be boring as crap unless Chris mentions his mustard colored pants and his knowledge of what a DILF means. Then there’s a 6 part documentary that is 60 minutes long on the making of New Moon. That could be really awesome, except….. isn’t that like basically the commentary? I mean, Chris Weitz made the movie, is commentarying the movie AND doing a documentary? Um. Overkill. And we’ll also get some rehearsal footage of Muse & some music videos from Soundtrack artists. Otherwise known as “filler.”

Target’s 3 Disc Deluxe Edition comes with…. wait for it…a BONUS FILM CELL! Yes!!!!!!! If I get Target’s version of New Moon this year, I can do absolutely NOTHING with the film cell just like I did with Twilight’s last year!!! Besides the regular 2 discs, Target’s version has an extra 3rd disc of over 50 min of never before seen content including: Deleted scenes (please let there be a sex scene- I don’t care with who- just spice it up!), Introducing the Volturi (I’d take the sex scene here), a making of the movie Featurette (making of the sex scene? Okay… I’ll stop), a look at the fans, & the music of New Moon. It costs $24.99

Let’s discuss this “Look at the fans.” What do they mean? Are they going to discuss the outfits the fans wear? Will they focus on the 100 monkeys canvas bags? How about on the fans who let their babies wear that “I like it Doggy Style” onesie? All I know is that they DIDN’T interview us, and well, that means The “look at fans” will most likely be focused on those weird fans. You know, the ones who have read the books 10+ times, forego sleep to read fan fiction, fly thousands of miles across the country to meet friends and do Twi-related things, wear outfits, make signs, leg hitch cardboard cut outs of actors and oh- wait… that is us. My bad. That’s Normal. (I STILL don’t have a Twilight tattoo or an “I drive like a Cullen” Bumper sticker!)

Walmart’s Ultimate Fan Edition New Moon DVD comes with some sort of special packaging that will get just as dusty on your DVD shelf as all the other packaging PLUS a 7 min sneak peek of Eclipse. At $24.96 that’s 3 cents cheaper than Target’s special edition and totally worth the guilt you’ll feel after saving the money when you realize it was probably packaged “specially” by some unpaid 3 year old in Bangladesh.

Catch my dreams, New Moon DVD with dreamcatcher thingey

Border’s Special Edition has JUST what you’ve been waiting for. Not only does it come with exclusive packaging, but inside the package there is a….. wait for it……. MEDALLION NECKLACE! Yes! You will no longer be the only one without something Twi-related around your neck at your monthly TwiMoms: How to be a better mom and mirror your relationship with your daughter after Bella’s relationship with Renesmee meeting. You don’t have to look stupid when you go see the 100 monkeys and have nothing for the guys to sign. Just wear a low cut shirt, hang that medallion right in your cleavage and give the guys a little wink & a shake. They’ll know where to sign..

The DVD also includes unreleased extended scenes, interviews, red-carpet footage (you can see when Moon ran on stage and had Rob sign HER boob- take THAT 100 monkey lovers with the Medallion Necklace) and some sort of Webcast. All this fun for only $29.99

Are you bored yet? I am. Just give me the damn DVD already Ugh- Soldiering on after the jump:

Barnes & Noble’s Special Edition, not to be outdone by their main competition, Borders, B&N is including a New Moon DREAMCATCHER BAG CLIP! Yes! Yes! Just like Moon could bring you after she visits her parents next week in Arizona…..!!! Hey, at least with this Dreamcatcher you know that it absolutely doesn’t work and will more than likely give you sudden onset orgasms at night: $23.79

Best Buy’s Special Edition comes in a hard, steel casing. Yes. Just like Edward is hard like steel… I guess, I mean.. That’s what she said.. I mean… gosh, really, Best Buy? Who cares about this stuff? Do the 14 year olds really buy DVDs based on packaging? It also includes a cell phone skin. Which probably won’t fit your cell phone- since mobile phones come in ALL sorts of different shapes & sizes. But, good try Best Buy! $24.99

So…. which one are you gonna get!? Are you worried that you need to get the Target, Wal-mart AND Border’s editions to have access to the exclusive footage? No- take a little tip from me & here’s what you need to do. Do you need to pick up some toilet paper? Do you live closer to a Wal-mart than a Target? Go there. Want to check out Target’s kick-ass new “Liberty of London” clothing line (that was all sold out on Day 1 at my Target- sniff)? Pick up the DVD while you’re there. Need an overpriced journal or $3.99 “How to make your own sushi” instructional book? Pick up your copy of the New Moon DVD while you’re out. Do NOT make a special trip. Do NOT worry that you’re going to miss any special features. I promise all that crap will be leaked online on… wait.. when does the DVD release? Friday night at midnight? Okay.. the stuff will leak Thursday- at the latest.

I’ll probably get the Target version. If for no other reason than I like Target the best. Plus I like that the 5% of the extra .03 I’m paying over Wal-mart’s DVD will go to my area’s schools. I like to help the children.

Hurry! These DVDs are sure to SELL OUT QUICKLY… or not, cuz EVERYWHERE will be selling them, and you can grab one when you run into your local Wawa gas station for a cup of morning coffee,

Okay- WHAT ABOUT HOT TOPIC. It’s where I was LAST YEAR at this time!? Why didn’t I care to look up what THEIR DVD has to offer? Wellllll, because I did my research on Twilighters Anonymous. And they didn’t mention it.  WHICH DVD ARE YOU GONNA GET?

Sorry to all you outside of the US- I have no info (aka I was too tired to search for info) on your DVD options. Although ALL of the UK versions with have the special Eclipse footage (just like we’ll all have Thursday afternoon on You Tube, after it leaks!)

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  1. Um, am I the only one just getting the normal one?

    In Blu-ray (because the girl at the Blockbuster told me that “it’s clearer, so you can see Jacob’s abs the way they were meant to be seen” when I asked the difference), but the regular one nonetheless.

    • So, now I’m contemplating buying a bluray along with my NM DVD.

      Also, when I read the “Jake’s abs” part I was totally hearing it in the lispy voice of that Jacob chick on Taylor’s SNL skit in biology class. *eye roll*

      Personally, I may order the Borders edition for the necklace. 🙂

    • Good call on the regular DVD. That’s all I purchased as well. Do you have a blu-ray player? If not, a blu-ray DVD will not play on a regular DVD player, but regular DVD will play in a blu-ray player. It actually brings the regular DVDs resolution to that of a HD DVD. Confused? So am I, but this is what my husband told me

  2. You know, I just posed this question yesterday to the girls in the forum. Am I the only one who forgot NM was coming out this weekend? Am I the only one who is not really excited about it?

    I guess the answer is no. Thanks, UC, for not making me feel like the only bad fan for not getting super excited about i! 🙂

  3. Same here… We probably won’t even have the dvd in stores until July or something, like last year. So perhaps I’ll make a trip to Amazon this weekend and get the UK version. I AM sad though that I’m missing out on that incredible dreamcatcher bag clip offer. *pout*

  4. I thought CW said that some of the deleted scenes were going to include the humans talking about cars and eating at Burger King. Really?
    I loved Mike Newton in NM. He was great. But if you’re trying to get me to buy the DVD based on the fact that I can watch Mike eat a Whopper, well, that may not be the best marketing campaign.

    If, however, they tell me that the DVD will include a bunch of E/B scenes that SHOULD have been in the movie but were foolishly edited out, well then, I might get excited about the release date.

  5. Last year I went to the Hot Topic midnight release party and schooled all those tweens at the Twi-trivia game. This year, I totally forgot when it was coming out and planned a mini-vaca at the lake. There may be a Walmart run, but probably not at midnight. Fan fail.

  6. Rob signed Moon’s Boob? Im jealous.

    Im a bit excited about the DVD but its not my only reason.

    I wont be out at midnight to collect my copy. I plan on being pretty drunk that night as I celebrate the day I was born. I will probably get the Target version cause its just too much to figure out which store has the better version, besides I only wanted the commentary twice.
    The SO might consider locking me away with my acute fondness of the HHH

  7. Having all these different versions kind of pisses me off…all about making money, I guess. Anyway I am just getting the Target version because I like Target best too. I also have that school percentage and because I have a Target Visa card at 1000 points I get a 10% off everything coupon which is a nice bonus.

    • I completely agree and I too am pissed of as all hell. I bought the steelcase bluray version from Best Buy only to find it didn’t have any real special features (only commentary and music videos – if i wanted to watch them I’d youtube them). So I went to Target and bought the 3 dvd special edition set that was supposed to have all these extras and a filmcell – I got ripped off, no filmcell and there were a few deleted scenes but nothing nearly as exciting as what I’ve seen on youtube already. All of this makes me really mad! How many different versions does Summit want us to buy? Who do they think they are? I was a loyal fan: I saw the movie 6 times in the theater, I’ve bought tons of merchandise because I wanted to support the franchise and this is what we get in return? Absolutely ridiculous! No more. They have lost my support. I’ll see Eclipse and BD once, but this is one studio I will stay away from because they took advantage of me and all of Twilight’s fans doing this!

  8. I pre-ordered the Target verison two months ago with the mind frame that all the stores would be crazy with midnight sales… obviously not. so I will patiently wait until i revceive my copy in the mail a week later than those who are smart enough to just go to the store. Plus, my friend Val is coming to town this weekend – its a new moon/remember me/the runaways marathon, and she will probably buy the walmart one.

    In short, I get to see both (eventually USPS) and hapily enjoy all features, Without the screaming pre-teens – Win

    • I’ll get to enjoy both Wal-Mart and Target’s features too. I have a friend who’s planning to buy Wal-mart’s version, and I’m planning to buy Target’s version. That way we’ll both get to see all those extra deleted scenes that the Target’s 3rd disc includes, as well as the 7 minutes of Eclipse the Wal-mart version has.

      We have no choice but to join forces. Frick’n rediculous we have to go to these measures. Plus we’re both counting on the fact of all the extra stuff each of our versions won’t have will end up leaked on Youtube or something shortly afterwards.

      But I guess she and I are the only ones well aware Saturday’s the release because I’m ready to watch NM again.

  9. So I checked my sale papers on Sunday and the Target 3-disc is $19.99 here. Plus they have the Twilight in Forks docu for $9.99 and you get a $5 gift card back. Flying my Total Dork Flag but I thought the docu looked kind of interesting. And with my $20 gift card, I’ll only be out $5!

    • I’m totally impressed with your Twi-recession savings. That is truly amazing – and I’m not even being remotely sarcastic.

    • I just pre-ordered the Target one too. It’s $20 bucks (well, with shipping it came out to $24.98) and has *three* discs. That’s got to be worth something, right?

  10. I wonder what bobbygee will make of all this.

  11. I DRIVE LIKE A CULLEN bumpersticker!!!???? Where can I get one of those???? 🙂

    • Cafepress has about eleventy thousand different versions. Um, I may or may not have bought one.

    • You can google it.

      My DH saw one of these when we were in the car the other day. First his question was “is that about that book?” and then asked what it meant, “do they not drive or something?”

      *face palm*

  12. I wanted me a Liberty of London bicycle!
    Selling out on day one! What the hale is that about Liberty?!
    I’ll have to make do with my special edition Liberty print Raybans.

    Last year I hadn’t even read Twilight, never mind preordering the DVD, life was simple back then.

  13. My friend and I will be headed to Borders that night! Any excuse for a girls’ night, really. Plus, I have a family member who works there… In! But will we stay for the “trivia” and “Hottest Cullen/Best Scene/Best Song/Biggest Fangirl” awards? Probably not.

  14. Doesn’t come out here til late April. Boo.
    So I’ve ordered it off eBay so I’ll get it early!
    No idea where mine’s from but I do know it’s a 2-disc one.
    Also – your daylights savings thing or whatever it is has muddled me up. See, you used to post at 11pm my time. But now it’s 10. And I keep forgetting. I am not complaining though, it means I can be here more often 🙂

  15. I ordered the regular one form Amazon, I believe. I may have to make a special trip to B&N so I can use my B&N coupon and just return the Amazon one when it gets here, because, although I hate to admit it, I really want that stupid little clip thing even though it is not my style. See what I sacrifice for you New Moon?

  16. “You will no longer be the only one without something Twi-related around your neck at your monthly TwiMoms: How to be a better mom and mirror your relationship with your daughter after Bella’s relationship with Renesmee meeting.”
    I preordered my DVD from Target bc it has 3 discs and 3 is more than 2.
    (You may commence with being second hand embarrassed for me now.)

  17. You see I have a 4 yo. So for me the choice was New Moon or Princess & The Frog. Since I don’t even own Twilight I feel no guilt not buying NM.

    New Orleans here I come!!!

  18. For some reason I feel like some of those crazy fan traits were directed at me.

  19. I am getting my DVD at what ever store I get up and need to go to on Saturday morning, I mean afternoon, because I will have been up have of Friday night, talking about god knows what with strange NORMAL people, Yup, I’m NORMAL

  20. I will be buying whatever copy of the dvd ends up at Blockbuster on the $7.99 pre-owned table. I’m cheap. Also, I didn’t like it enough to run out and buy it immediately for full price. Bad fangirl, bad.

    • That’s what I’m doing with the last HP movie- I thought it sucked but I need to have it for my colection. I’m waiting until it goes down to $5 😛

    • That’s what I did with Twilight. I held out pretty long for it, too, about a year. I think I will do that with NM too, what with unemployment and all, I can’t really afford not to.

  21. THANK YOU for doing this research for me. I knew there would be various versions, but last time I waited until everyone had bought theirs and discussed it online, so I figured I would do the same this time. I will likely get Target’s version, as that is the store closest to my house, and I have never set foot in a Walmart and don’t plan to start now. Though that bag clip is mighty tempting….

    I’m so old and feeble, I’m not really sure what exactly Blu-Ray is. Like every new technology, I’m going to pretend it doesn’t exist until I absolutely have to have one.

  22. I pre-ordered my Blu-ray copy on Amazon, so I get to watch Amazon On-Demand at 12:01 Saturday morning. My new boy-toy is Oh-So-Excited!

    But I feel sad to say, that I am more excited about seeing Remember Me on Thursday than I am about watching NM… for only the second time.

    I fear that my love for all things Twilight, except for LTT, is fading, (I haven’t read any of the books in over 3 months) but I guess that “spark” wanes in all relationships. I hope something sweeps in and reignites the Twilight passion I had for so long!

  23. I read every word as if my life depended on it… I was wondering just this morning which DVD version I should get. Thank you so much for breaking it all down for me and taking all the stress out of my life. 🙂 You guys are just amazing!

    • I’m so glad you found benefit in what was SO FREAKING BORING!

      • Thank you UC – it was super beneficial as all of a sudden the release date descended upon us and many of us were left wondering which frickin’ one we should actually purchase.

        It was a bit confusing with all the different versions (damn Summit trying to make more money off of us all), wondering which to get. I think I’m going with Target as well – 3 is more than 2 and I figure all the Eclipse footage and extras will be avail on You Tube next week anyway…plus I hear that Target may lower the price on pre-orders and the donation opportunity is nice.

        Thanks again for doing the BORING research and summary! You guys are the BEST! 🙂

  24. I already had to do some extra investigating because I live in Canada and had no idea which DVD would be where. (Unfortunately no Target stores around here.) I learned that no one seems to be carrying the Eclipse special footage or the extra disc of NM footage like Target or U.S. Walmart. I was devastated, until…

    I finally learned that Best Buy Canada not only has the DVD in a steel case and the special documentary, but also comes with a MINI PLASTIC EDWARD ‘ACTION FIGURE’! (See: )


    (Now I just hope someone uploads that footage to Youtube by Sunday.)

    • …best of all, this plastic Edward is wearing his grandpa tweed outfit. He will live on my desk at work and hand me mini Werther’s out of his pocket all day.

      • EPIC WIN!

      • That’s amazing! I’m pretty sure that through an elaborate system of string and tiny pulleys rigged up ar your desk, you could make this dream into reality for sure! Kind of like a PEZ dispenser, but for serious grandads.

      • They actually have mini Werthers at WalMart. I was going to buy some but they are sugar free, and I don’t believe in sugar free ANYTHING. Especially candy.

        • Ohh that would be perfect! Except I agree with you, sugar free candy is definitely not for me either. Isn’t “sugar free candy” an oxymoron? I will look around here to see if Walmart Canada has any mini Wethers.

          • In the uk werthers have just released a new freaky new werthers/choc hybrid, when will the lunacy end?

          • All I can think of is that those are perfect for Robsten.

            Werthers for Rob, Chocolate for KStew when she’s “denied” while Rob’s out with TomStu.

            Now I need a mini Bella to match my mini Edward.

          • If they don’t, email me at with your address and I will send you some 🙂

          • Aw! You are sweet! OK i’ll take a look this weekend and let you know 😉 Thanks!

    • THANK YOU!

    • Also if any Canadians see this, Best Buy is having midnight release parties, but not in Quebec.

      (Because, you know, they’re Quebec, and they always have to be “different.” Their unions refuse to let their workers sell American movie DVDs packaged in Made in China boxes with action figures at midnight. They’ll all be at a discotheque and eating poutine. By the way I can say this because I live here and am marrying a Canadian & my children will be 1/4 French Canadian. But I am also a bitter and sometimes resentful American-turned-French-Canadian.)

      Also some Chapters/Indigo stores are having midnight release parties, but their DVDs don’t come with any extras as far as I can tell. Also investigated HMV and nothing special going on there.

      You can tell I know way too much about the New Moon DVD, so I’ll leave it at that before I embarass myself.

    • EPIC FAIL that you don’t even seem to have the option for special Eclipse footage or extra NM deleted scenes! I guess ‘they’ figured you guys got the holy grail having NM and Eclipse filmed there that they’re lowballing you on the DVD. That sucks. I want to say not having even the option for features is worse than splitting the features and having to decide between them. You could order from or for whichever US version you wanted, though, couldn’t you?

      EPIC WIN w/ the mini action figure. LOL how awesomely frick’n hilarious…. I’m sure that almost makes up for the loss of footage. 😉

      BTW – You’ll have to let us know if mini tweed jacket Edward sparkles in the sunlight… 😀

      • LOL, thanks for the breaking it down of my situation. I’m feeling good about free grandfather tweed jacket Edward. I am pretty sure he sparkles (or will after I sparkle him up), is cold, hard, and will not have sex, so yeah, he’s just like the real thing!

      • oh, and yes, I can order a “real” special edition DVD from the U.S. especially since my mom will be visiting me from the U.S. like a week and a half later and can bring it. But why wait a week and a half when I can have it now? Erm, Saturday?

        (Sad. I know.)

  25. When you wrote “dreamcatcher bag clip” I was thinking of those clothespin things that you use to seal a bag of potato chips. I thought it would come in handy when Bella & Edward ate Cheetos in bed.

  26. Every time you mention Marks & Spencer I *heart* LTT even more.

    We used to shorten it to M&S, but that does not work so well anymore because of…….well, YOU know why 🙂

    “NM” DVD? Could I care any less?

    “RM” premier in London? YES PLEASE!!!


  27. Thanks ladies. Only you can make deciding where to buy my NM DVD interesting and comical!

  28. How sad is it that when I read “Target’s 3-Disc Deluxe Edition” I totally read it as TAYLOR’s 3-Disc Deluxe Edition?!?!?!? I was so SO happy and confused for a brief second…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand now I’m hearing bow chicka wow wow music in my head and imagining just what his deluxe edition looks like…hmmmmmmmmm

  29. Target. Cuz that’s what I did last year. Without Rob commentary, I don’t really give a fig about this DVD. Yes, I am bitter.

  30. I may have to go with Walmart, because it’s called the Ultimate Fan Edition, and I mean come on, I happen to be the ultimate fan. But if I don’t get the Target copy, I won’t have a matching set, since I got the Target edition last year. It’s such a tough decision! But I have to have Blu-ray, because I need my abs to be in HD! I’m so excited to sit down with my 5 year old in our New Moon t shirts and spread out our New Moon trading cards and watch the whole thing! Including all the special features!

  31. Thank you for pulling through for me. ‘Cause I was all, “Hey, what’s the deal with this weekend?”

    And low and behold…you answered. And now I know. It doesn’t matter where I get my New Moon DVD, because I’ll still want one from Wawa. Preferably with a Wawa price tag on it, packaged in a Wawa bag. Sent to me by the Commander in Chief of Wawa.

    Love you, UC. Rock on.

  32. UC, so now you have a problem with short people and people with blu-ray’s! Can a girl ever catch a break!!??

  33. Yeah. I had made plans to go to a midnight release thingy with the same people I went with last year, but as it’s gotten closer I can’t help but remember how excited I was last year in the days leading up to Twilight’s release, but this year I’m just totally meh. I actually forgot it was this weekend (AFTER I had made the plans) when I told another friend we could do something that night. So I’m thinking I’m gonna forego the midnight release and just go to Target the next day. Wal-Mart is closer, but I hate that store with a fiery passion, and at Target I can get another disc for almost the same price. Also, I don’t need Eclipse footage as I’m staying pure until June (it is June, right?). Or maybe I’m not staying pure so much as I just don’t care as much anymore? This seems to be a widespread feeling among the fandom (well the NORMAL fans, at least). This is so sad, now what am I going to obsess about?

  34. I’ll get the walmart one. Just cause they have one in this pissy little town. And maybe get a bluray from Target. I do have one of those fancy contraptions now.

    I still haven’t bought Twilight but a pirate did hooook me up. Never before have I considered the pros and cons of buying a movie from one store or another. So complicated.

  35. Well my choice is simple …I am getting a FREE New Moon DVD, b/c after arguing with my old DVD club they FINALLY agreed that they owed me 2 DVDS!!! Sooooo..I preordered New Moon but that left me with a huge dilemma…what to do while waiting for it to arrive in the mail? ( I am soooo sick of watching the ummm version I have been watching…waiting for the DVD to come out) then much to my surprise DIRECTV announced they will be having NM available at midnight! So I will watch it at midnight like the good Twi-Fan that I am and then wait for DVD…although I really want all the lil goodies from the other stores…

  36. P.S. UC..Loved the post and all the hard (twss) research but for someone like me that is blissfully unaware of the options…you have now caused me to reconsider my choice..or at least try and find a way to justify buying 2+ New Moon DVD’s…I want a lil Eddie..actually…I want all the lil trinkets…good thing I can’t drive..
    (Luckily I reread my comment before posting I put UN instead of UC then somehow I foundt that and Moon are kinda like the UN for Twilight fans worldwide!!!)

    • Cyn! The real question is whether Blanket Eddie turned up safe & sound? Put me out of my misery!

      • @eatmyjorts & JodieO…NO Blanket Eddie is still missing…I am so lonesome without him (sniffles)
        I did find my notebook however it was damaged but so glad to be able to retrieve some of my important information …. I so need my “Blankeddie”!!!! I feel as though I should sit in my window listening to Possibilty until HE comes back!
        Thanks so much for asking and caring..<3 you both!!

    • *HUGS*

      I’m currently without a computer at home, but I check in on things from work. Twitter me sometime!

      Miss you and I hope you found your stuff!

  37. geez I didnt realize this was going to be so complicated! I was planning on going to Target because I like it, and the Wal-Mart by me is the South Philly wal-mart….not so great

    I will have to re-read this now with a notepad so I can figure out which features I want and decide which store to go to….but I will probably just end up at Target anyway!

  38. does anyone know which scenes were extra in the Twi dvd from Target or Wal-Mart? in Canada we just got ours from Chapters or Best Buy etc. but then I saw a scene in Biology where Edward just jumps on B and chows down on her neck, I was like “HOW DID I MISS THAT” and it was from some OTHER dvd that we could not buy? does anyone know where I can see these ‘other’ deleted scenes on youtube?

  39. I don’t think we get such a wide choice in the UK, its basically just one-disc version or two-disc version. I’m being given (mother’s day pressy a week late cos my husband had no clue what else I wanted and my 5-year-old would probably get me a power ranger or something) a 2-disc one with a “ exclusive key chain” – sounds way more exciting than it is LOL it looks like the kind of plastic keyring we thought was amazing when we were about 9, but you know I’ll still use it!

    • I was given a shirtless Jacob keychain as a present, and I use it with pride! You are not alone!

  40. Seriously?

    I think there might be just the one version here in the UK? I have no idea, my Mother has pre-ordered one from Amazon and she was lamenting the other day that she better get it on release day or else and I scoffed and rolled my eyes at her. BADFAN. We’ll get it eventually and I’ll watch it pretty soon. Oh, how I remember the day I got Twilight though, I was so excited! Why am I not excited about this one?

    • I’m not that excited either and I don’t get it. I was so pumped for the Twilight release but this one… meh. I want to make sure I get a special edition as sometimes if you wait too long the stores stop carrying them (I’m looking at you Best Buy) so I’m getting it this week but I’m not going to a release party, I’ll just stop at Target while I’m in the area. Buying it immediately makes me feel like a better fan since RL won’t allow me time to actually watch any of it until late April. Boo.

  41. Wow, UC, you did more reserach here than people do for a term paper. Thanks for the leg work.

    I ordered NM from Amazon, because I was ordering other things and saved on shipping. I gave up shopping for Lent, so I need to avoid the temptation of Target (shopping doesn’t count if it has to get shipped, no instant gratification=no pleasure= no guilt).

  42. Am I the only one who is totally excited about the release and all the extras – CHRIS WEITZ BORING COMMENTARY!!!! Bring it on.

    CW- ‘We had to redo and redo this scene until Kristen got her blinks in sync”, “Rob had very specific ideas about sparklage for this scene”, “Ha ha, this is when I got to dump ANOTHER load of freezing water on Taylor.”

    For all you jaded unexcited fans I suggest a bit of Twi-denial, pretend you live in Aust. and hold off buying the DVD for another month.

  43. I went to Blockbuster with my dad last Saturday and they already have a huuuuuge display for the dvd. My dad goes, “Oh look, kitkat, New Moon” and walked in that general direction to look at dvds. The guy at the front counter calls (in a very loud voice) “That movie’s not out yet!” so I said (in a loud voice) “Sorry Dad, guess you’re just going to have to wait till next week.” He was slightly amused…

  44. i think i know what they are talking about on the Target 3 disc thing about “A Look at the Fans”. if anyone went to the Hottopic mall signings there were Summit Entertainment cameras at some that were recording the music acts and Q&A’s. i only know cuz the camera was right next 2 me at the LA stop and the camera guy kept whispering questions 4 me 2 shout out at the celebs on stage cuz the MC guy that was asking questions was lame.

  45. I reserved my copy already at my local FYE!!!

    • LOVE your name! With all the Rob loving, we forget to show some affection for our dear old Mike Newton…(look at you, huh? you’re ALIVE *with a weird hand motion*)…..

      • haha! I know, poor Mike. Not a bad actor either… maybe he’ll have more screen time in the next movies =)

  46. Is this a good post to mention that these fan *points at self* happens to be from Bangladesh?
    Funny to see just how far this twi-craze has travelled, no?
    Great post UC, as usual. Glad to see you mention the place I come from, even though my country is usually mentioned along with poverty and child labour, not in Twilight-related posts.

  47. Eagerly awaiting the Target Blu-ray Deluxe Edition. Yay!

  48. I bought Twilight at target as they were giving a free itunes download of it. Is no one doing this for new moon?

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