Twilight at the Oscars 2010

Dear Taylor, Anna and Kristen-

My hat is off to you all for turning it out at the Oscars last night. Everyone was dapper, not shiny, and in proper fitting clothes. Even though two of you presented a montage about horror movies that was completely out of place at the Oscars and also featured a clip of New Moon which is NOT a horror movie and earned a HUGE laugh from the folks I was watching with. BUUUTTT we will take what we can get in these meager times. So let’s give out some props where props are due…

The tux wasn’t shiny, it fit well, you made all the girls ohh and ahh and yell “team Jacob” so I say mission accomplished on this one. The only thing that could have made this look better was if you had brought Big Daddy as your date and we would have gotten to see Big Daddy in a little tux!

Kristen, I have to say this is the best you’ve ever looked on a red carpet. The fit was fabulous making up for the atrocity that was your Bafta’s dress. The color, mindnight blue/black is SO spot on it’s ridiculous. The hair is up and out of your face so that you can’t touch it and mess with it and make me want to rip it out for you. Your makeup is beautiful… and some lucky photog just happened to catch this little glimpse of a smile on your face. I know, I’m quite shocked myself too. Woah this is a lot of compliments in one place, I feel like their served koolaid at the party and I took a swig. Well played, KStew, well played!

Oh Anna. Every girl oo-ed and ahh-ed any time you were on the screen last night. The color of the dress, the draping, the sweet little detail at the top and well just flawless makeup and hair. And even though you didn’t win (they should have given two awards out!) you were a winner tonight in this and according to all the party goers. We just wanted to be you. All we imagined was you responding:  “I know, right?!”

From a question about Twilight to what George Clooney thinks about working with YOU… what a leap you’ve made in the last year

(sorry for the craptastic video, friggin Oscars pulled all the good clips yet don’t provide an official one. WHAT.EV.ER)
Did we all love how they played that New Moon music through out their presentation? Not the people I was with! They kept yelling, why is this music still playing? And since I was not about to out myself on THAT one since I’d already said “SHHHH I need to hear this for WORK!” I kept quiet and wondered how dorky Taylor and Kristen felt for intro-ing some rando- montage clip about horror films. And THEN to be followed up by Anna Kendrick presenting right after them and not being introduced with “Star of New Moon” before her name.

It was a grand night full of a lot of wins for Summit, you guys showing up and then of course The Hurt Locker rocking it. We couldn’t have asked for anything more… well maybe a LITTLE bit more Rob. There’s always next year!

I’d like to thank God… and UC…

So what’d you think of the fashions, who wore it best? Was Anna robbed? Are you glad Taytay wasn’t in another shiny suit? Not enough Rob?
Don’t forget your Remember Me tickets it’s THIS Friday!!!

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77 Responses

  1. Good morning, everyone! I missed all the Twifun at the Oscars. Thanks for the update!
    xoxo moibava

  2. I did wonder why the music played the whole time Taylor and Kristen were talking. At first I was like, “Oh, poor Taylor! He started talking too soon!” But nope!

    • I was like, why aren’t they stopping?? But then it segued into the music during the montage without pause so then it made sense.

      • I know me too! I mean, I understood what they were doing when they loudened it up for the horror clip thing. But I think they should have softened it several more notches so it was very QUIETLY playing in the background, but it was barely softer than Taylor and Kristen. Instead of adding like I’m sure the intent, it took away.

        • I agree! I was so confused…they definitely should have turned the volume down…they had to compete with the music too much and it ended up making them look unprofessional.

  3. A few thoughts:

    – Anna’s dress seemed to be love or hate. I loved. I think she looked fabulous!
    – Taylor.. um.. *thud.* YAY for no shiny suits! He looked hot.
    – Kristen KILLED it. Now that we know she can look that good, not touch her hair, and smile, there’s no excuse for anything less.

  4. I was meh on Anna’s dress… thought it kind of washed her out but she looked gorgeous over all.

    I have to say I think Kristen was one of my best dressed (and I’m not just saying that because I drink from koolaid) The color was fantastic, my first though was “oh Edward would love the dark blue because it does wonderful things for her skin”

  5. Thanks for the recap!

    Loved both Kristen’s and Anna’s dress! The color is so spot on for Kristen’s skintone. I’m jealous.

    Felt nothing but compassion for poor Kristen and Taytay, to have to intro some lame compilation of horror clips to the music of New Moon. I bet Kristen whispered between her teeth to Taylor as they walked on stage “If I hear that tune one… more… time, …”

  6. I agree, I thought Kristen looked absolutely fabulous! She was obviously very nervous presenting and Taylor held the fort as usual, sounding very confident. Out of the three of them, Anna rocked the house in terms of her presenting skills.

    As somebody mentioned on twitter last night, the thought of Rob & Kristen presenting together would just turn into a catastrophic nightmare from hell – cough, scratch, run hand through hair, cough, scratch neck again, run hand through hair again and the award goes to…..


  7. Maayybe Kristen is a “copycat” that mimics who’s she standing next too. Takes on their body language and mannerisms of that person…?

    Ever had a friend that does that?? I think Brad Pitt is one, he takes on his girlfriends personalities. He changes his persona to fit the girl.

    Whens shes with Taylor shes poised and non stuttery, doesnt play with her hair, dresses up etc.

    When shes with Rob, hairplaying, unwashed goodwill wearing, stuttery , etc.

    Just a theory

  8. A few thoughts…*snort* a few…yeah right

    * OscarTay (if said with the right accent, sounds like a sexy foreign biscuit) was effing gorgeouse! In a time when period clothing Rob was threatening to take your place as imaginary BFF, you threw down and dayum! Illegalautner is better than ever. P.s. I love the way you were so careful about Stew’s dress. You are all class.

    *Kstew looked amazing! I was seriously going a little Taysten after seeing her like that and she was smiling! cause of course Taylor can make the grim reaper smile with all that happy teeth porn.

    *Anna looked gorgeouse! That dress was tweed perfection!

    Now for my STFU and deal list, whuch is based off all the negativity I saw on twitter. Feel free to add “STFU and deal” to the end of every sentence.

    * Kristen coughed. My my..she dispelled air through her mouth! The shock! the horror! For a minute there I thought they’d stop the whole show and start again. Really people…everybody coughs! Sooo…

    * Taylor is waaay too media trained. Yeah, Its called reading off a tele-prompter. Anyone can do it. Some of us are just blessed with confidence. Soooo…

    * Anna didnt win. Yes, but she was nominated against some pretty tough competition and at her age that is a feat in itself. Yes Anna was amazing but Monique deserved every single one of those wins. Sooooo…

    Morning everybody!
    Hamster is enjoying an Oscartay…she wishes.

  9. Yeah sorry but I thought Kristen needed to stand up straight because that dress combined with her posture made her arms look chubby. Special K needs to get it together, and take a note from Taylor on how to speak properly. And LMAO yeah… Kstew & Rob presenting together would just be an epic failure..

    • Had to thumbs down for the chubby – If that’s chub, I’m Big Daddy

    • Well, she does have fleshy upper arms. She is a little thick around the middle, too, even if she is a size 0. That’s her body type: “apple” not “pear”.

      • well, she’s neither an apple or a pear. And apple shape is where the waist actually wider than shoulders and hips, and that’s clearly not the case with the girl. She’s more straight up and down, with a thin frame. Everyone who sees her in person says she’s a little itty bitty thing, very petite and small, thick isn’t one of the words that come to mind. lol

    • I had to thumbs down for the jab at Kristen sorry.
      She coughed. Big deal. Babs cleared her throat right into the mic and no one flipped their lid at that one.

  10. The look that Tay gave her when she coughed was hilarious! Haha… I just wished she had put her hand by her mouth or something when she coughed, it’s just manners. Other than that, she looked fab, can’t fault Kstew on her style last night. And Tay looked like he always does, adorable in a monkey suit. Anna looked as gorge as could be expected.

    • Ugh the cough! I just wish she was more ladylike and made more of an effort to get away from the mic so it wasn’t so loud, cover her mouth and say a little excuse me afterward. But she’s KStew. She did look a-mazing though.

    • Agree! I know everyone coughs, but it always seems like a fidgety thing coming from her…and even though her hair was up she still HAD to scratch her neck! Can’t you just take a deep breathe and hold it together for 30 seconds while you are presenting?!

  11. Taylor was classy and gorgeous as usual, Kirsten looked great but the color seemed way too severe for a night when everyone was wearing lighter frocks. Still, how can you complain about a safe and classy dress choice and it did look very good on her. The clean, fresh and polished look works for you, K! (and note I didn’t even use the word “pretty” which I know you despise…)

    Anna was in my opinion the best dressed of the night and it’s a major disappointment that she didn’t win. I think she really “made” Up in the Air as great as it was. I haven’t seen Precious so I don’t know how she compares to Monique’s performance but from what I gather that was a difficult movieful of actors to be up against because of its deep/dark/gritty nature. So I totally agree that there should have been two awards, one for the precious actors and another for the rest, and Anna would have definitely won. I think she’ll get another chance though.

  12. Kristen looked FIERCE. Basically.

  13. Kristen cleans up well and Anna looked incredible.

    I saw someone on Twitter say that “Taylor Lautner looks like uncooked Matt Damon”, which cracked me up.

    My theory is that the Academy included Twilight in the horror montage as a joke. Like… hinting that it’s so bad it’s terrifying. Maybe? Maybe not…

  14. Oh my gosh Kristens dress is so B E A UUUUUU Tiful!!!! Wow she cleans up good. Wonder if she was wearing sneakers undernearth ….

  15. I loved KStew’s look, but it looked a little like the trashbag dress from Harper’s. I loved both however and though she brough it.

    Whatever to the cough, it could have been handled better, but I think we were hypersensitive to it and no one else (including Moon in her letetr above) reallu payed it that much attention.

    Tay rocked it. Thank God he wasn’t too shiney. Although, his teeth could light my apartment for a week.

    I hated Anna’s look. No she was not “ugly” but she looked too Matronly. She even admitted the dress was a last minute decision because the original didn’t work out. Anna looked so much better at many of Awards shows this year, I just kept thinking her nominated co-star (whose dress was bordering on hideous) looked younger than Anna. ALso the color of Anna’s dress matched her skin tone. A total no no on the Red Carpet, and I know that, but no nothing else of fashion. Whatever, I still love her and will forgive her stylist’s last minute dress swap.

    Overall, was happy with how Twi faired. Yeah for our Team!

  16. I don’t want to see Big Daddy in a ‘little’ tux. This brings up images of elbow length jacket sleeves, muffin tops, splitting seams and an outline of his package that leaves nothing to the imagination.

  17. I think my jaw actually dropped when I saw Kristen. I was like OME! She looked classy beautiful. I wanted to steal that dress from her and play dress-up.

    I thought that the non-verbal exchange between Kristen and Taylor when they walked down the steps to present the horror thing was sweet. Kristen gave a look like, “Dear God Taylor don’t let me fall” and he gave her back a sweet little grin like, “I’ve got you.” It was sweet. Made my heart go pitter patter for Tay a bit. What a gentleman.

    Taylor couldn’t do the shiny tux this time, he’d found out Neil Patrick Harris was doing a shiny/sparkly tux so he had to go with his back up… which was very nice. He looked GOOD

    Oh! Speaking of Neal Patrick Harris, I loved his Twi slip in during the intro song “Whether you’re Team Jacob, or Team Ed” 😉 I was all like, Yey, Twi reverence. (oh the simple things that amuse me and make me happy)

    • I agree with everything you said! except I missed Miss Kris on the red carpet… only got to see pics and then of course when she was presenting.

  18. Woah this is a lot of compliments in one place, I feel like their served koolaid at the party and I took a swig.

    Thanks for breaking it down! Hilar as usual ❤

  19. in fairness i have to say that kristen looked fab. the hair, the make up the gown. i seriously thought there would never be any hope for her when i saw the recent cover of VF but she looked fab and she did the dress justice.
    and she didn’t fidget or stutter, if she has just excused herself after the cought it would have been perfect.
    and taylor looked good too but i’m off to watch the rob eyef*ck video from last years oscar… *sigh*

  20. How beautiful Kristen was! What a dress! Imagine If Rob had been there too … OMG.

  21. I loved Kristen’s dress and hair. I really didn’t like the makeup though… I’ve seen much better on her. Could have done without her sourpuss face she showed 80% of the time. Oh and stop fidgeting when up on stage.

    Still, I give her 8 hot pockets out of 10.

  22. I don’t know if I imagined this, or if it actually happened (don’t have a DVR), but after they had the tribute to John Hughes with all those scary crashed-and-burned teenage stars of the 80s, did they pan over to Kristin and Taylor sitting in the audience? As if to say, this could be you in 25 years?

    • I think the cameraman panned to K and Taylor because they both were wearing blank looks of confusion as to who JHughes actually was.

      • hahaha! That’s what I thought too. The camera directing on a whole pretty much sucked. Or had… an odd direction to it.

  23. Everything I would have said already has been. 😉


  24. Now everyone knows I love me some Jacob, & Taylor’s not far behind, but when he presents at one of these events – introduces the films etc I just think AuTaymaton…I find it scary.

    And Kristen looked magical. What a dress.

    • His arms never move or bend like he is an action-figure Tay. Relax, dude, everyone loves you!

  25. My favorite tweet of the night, from @answerbitch:

    “#kristenstewart just arrived, wearing a gown and her trademark shroud of misery.”

    And I lurve the Stew’s dress, although I was so hoping she would go for something colorful. Yes, dearie, I realize you love black, gray, and cream. I would love to see you in a red, burgundy, or purple sometime soon. Listen to your stylist, honey, don’t automatically bitchface her when she suggests color.

    And also, DAMN GIRL. You have legs for DAYS in that dress.

  26. TLautner doesn’t hold a candle to Rob in my opinion but after his interview with The Shep even I sent a text to my Twi-friend saying I might be in trouble. He was just so excited to be there and it seemed genuine. Taylor’s stock…. uhm… rose last night for me (TWSS).

    PS – Does The Twilight Saga belong in the Horror category? Just because it has vampires? Interview with the Vampire was in there but there’s actual bloodsucking that takes place in that movie. I always thought of the Saga as a love story and Edward being a vampire is kind of an obstacle (like being born royalty and falling in love with a peasant) rather than a bloody gory story, since it’s not told from the vampires’ POV.

    • As for the ps-
      I started laughing hysterically when that clip popped up for a nanosecond and my dad gave me a strange look. I gasped out “Twilight!” and he replied, “well, it does have vampires…”

      Still isn’t a horror movie Dad.

  27. Kristen and Anna were beautiful and Taylor classy. The horror montage was lame, but so what, they wanted Kristen and Taylor there, so letting it slide. The pictures on the internet of her with her dad were sweet – what a proud papa he must be.

  28. I was psyched to see Anna, Stewie and Tay looking so fantastic on the red carpet. Well played, kiddos. Stewie’s dress = <3. Her whole look achieved a level of "just right" that was appropriate for the Oscars but also an understated elegance that suited her. And Tay was his usual darling self as he helped her walk down the steps to the podium.
    Thank Jeebus his tux wasn't shiny!

    Even though the color of Anna's dress was a bit too close to her own skin tone, she still looked amazing. I wish there could have been two supporting actress winners last night so that Anna could have taken home a statue, too.

  29. Taylor is adorable but looked like a little boy playing dress up in daddy’s coat.

    Kristen killed it, did sophistication with a modern edge, and the dark blue just worked perfectly against her skin tone. Loved the textured bun, loved the ruching and mermaid cut that gave the illusion of voluptousness on a gal who’s pretty much a tiny little thing(chubby arms? bwhahahaha). She looked youthful and classy-not something I ever thought I’d see in combination with the Stew.

    Anna. God, she’s adorable. But I wanted to see her really kill it tonight and wear something that didn’t look like she found it in Nana’s attic. It’s pretty, yes, but boring and matronly and dusty-rose-y, something a very pretty mother in law wears to her son’s wedding. Anna is a young girl with a great body, she deserved a dress that highlighted such qualities. Anna deserved better.

  30. I really loved KStews dress. Thats all I’m gonna say. 🙂

  31. geez.. KStew looks…normal… alive.. beautiful.

    I need time, I dont think I will ever get to understand that picture.. is it for real? can she smile?


    (i am like…so proud of my country..)

  32. Whenever they played the NM clip I thought, “Oh I wonder what Alexandre Desplat thinks about hearing this at the Oscars.” (of course it came before they played his nominated score, and then they also played Julie&Julia clips, which he too scored. Busy, busy man).

    I have no where else to talk about this, so I’ll do it here:
    Miley?! ARGH!!!!!!!!! Why is she even presenting? When she screwed up and then was all, “Me and her are both really nervous” I was like, “Don’t bring Amanda into this!”

    Did anyone else think of Kayne West/Taylor Swift when that woman came up and interrupted the guy accepting their award for best short documentary?! I thought it was a gag at first.

  33. I think Taylor was all, “Your coughing right now? Seriously?”, in that look. O, Kstew.

    • hahaha loved that
      it surprises me how Taylor is younger than all of them but coping better with the fame and pressure.
      i think Ana’s dress wasn’t good at all and didn’t like the hair too but Kstew was ok just beautiful as she always is plus clean:)
      just a thought maybe Kstew should stop smoking

  34. Oh! We forgot about Aro! @MichaelSheenIsaDILF He looked so great last night presenting Helen Mirren!

  35. I was so shocked to see how stunning Kstew looked. My husband even paid attention long enough give her a compliment. THANK GODDNESS someone finally figured out that since she’s got mullet hair they should pull it up and hide it!!! I loved everything about her look. Beautiful color contrast, make up, hair, and silhouette.
    Anna, poor sweet Anna, has been having such a hard time on the red carpets this season. I thought last night was one of her best looks, but I just hate that she keeps doing that “just rolled out of bed head” look. It’s making her look unkempt and old!!!! Stop doing it!!! But, again, this is just my opinion.
    Side note: Mo’nique swept the previous awards shows, so there was really no hope for Anna last night. Not that I don’t think she’s deserving, but if one actor wins at all the other shows, they will most likely win at the Oscars. Just sayin’ 🙂

  36. Considering that New Moon wasn’t nominated for anything, it was certainly all over the Oscars!
    -Neil Patrick Harris’ song (Team Jacob or Team Ed)
    -KStew and Taycob presenting (with the clip snuck into the horror section)
    -and then there was my newpaper’s “Oscars by the numbers” with not one but TWO counts for New Moon:
    -Number of Stars appearing: well, it said two (KStew and Taycob) but we all know it was actually 4 🙂
    -Number of awards it was nominated for: zero, but that’s okay

    Anyways, fun times.

  37. […] You go to the Oscars and in a great midnight blue dress. Then you cough on stage and crazies freak out. I know, I didn’t get it either. […]

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