Pictures that made my week!

Dear LTT-ers,

I was catching up on the (lack of) Twilight news and ran across a bunch of pictures that made me laugh. A lot. And of course send them to UC so she could laugh too. So I thought you would enjoy them too while you’re preparing for Taytay and KStew on the Oscars this evening! Please feel free to use this post for commenting on the Oscars as well at the forum topic for today!

This is exactly what Big Daddy looked like 20 years ago. I can finally see it!!


Twimoms everywhere just orgasmed

You’re right ladies, it IS a Chico’s kind of day!

See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no 100 Monkeys

Oh weekends… dontcha love these pictures? Any other funny ones come out that we should be aware of? Post em in the comments and stay tuned to our Twitter for updates on the Oscars!


Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

17 Responses

  1. first comment! :’) yay i feel special

    • Gutted that I got thumbs downed.
      But on a slightly more controversial note, Taylor has to be adopted.

  2. Dear Gil,
    WTF are you doing in my grandmother’s bedroom?!?!

  3. I made the most unattractive sound when I saw the Gil caption. It was a laugh-cough-snort-gasp thing that kind of hurt.
    I can’t stop staring at it. It’s just so wrong.

  4. Moon,
    So glad to hear you can finally ‘see’ the Big Daddy/Tay lineage. Those manips of JabbaTay were really a buzzkill. Ick.

    In other news, my hubby needs to borrow Gil’s shirt. Sexy.

  5. I have been in stomach virus hell the past three days. Reading LTT was the first thing I did when I came out of quaranteen. Thank you for reminding me of the Oscars tonight!

  6. That picture of Jackson made me think of the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. A movie which I haven’t seen, but I swear I saw a dude in the trailer that looked like that.

    Moon – I too finally see the resemblance between Taylor and Big Daddy.
    It frightens me.

  7. This pic made me laugh:

    Scary huh?

  8. The captions are the best part of the pics, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to wait a while before eating after viewing the Gil picture.

    On an off topic note, is it Normal that I randomly decided to make a stew tonight, and as I was fixing it, it made me think of Kirsten? I have now lovingly nicknamed it “GStew” (short for Guinness stew, which is what it is) and wondered what side dish should go with it. What food sounds like “RPattz”?

    I am sad to say that I am unconditionally, irrevocably lost to this Twi-universe.

    • Spatzle? Say it with a German accent and it’s sort of like RPattz.

      The only time I ever ate it was at a German restaurant near Niagara Falls – Canadian side of course. Rob has friends in Canada and has spent time there so i love Canada! Rob, we have so much in common!

  9. The second pic of Rob: is tht the face he makes whn he lets it out? its hillarious!!
    and Jacob does look like the Big daddy.. :-0

    Herez my poem dedicated to Kristen(for some spl reason), although she’z missing here from the pics. Am sure, u cud hav got the funny part of her.
    I simply adore her…

  10. hey! long time reader, first time commenter.. haha yea i went there…

    I’ve noticed you rag on Jackson and the 100 Monkeys quite a bit. why?? I think they’re awesome. I know a lot of what you say is in a joking manner, and it makes me laugh… so please don’t think i’m some crazy chick super offeneded that you are hating on them Just had to ask.

    much love. keep up with the funny & i’ll keep reading!


    • we just think they’re an AWFUL band and taking advantage of the fact that their lead singer is a famous actor so they know ppl will come to their shows, buy their merch & they can not work, drive around in a van and smoke a lot of pot!

      but a TON of people like them…. and we know that!

      • I can understand that point… but since I’m a fan of them I obviously disagree… haha the beauty of the world right? Thanks for the answer.

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