Dear Midnight Sun

Dear Midnight Sun,

I haven’t thought about you in awhile. I haven’t read you in awhile. It’s all the wondering about why Eclipse is having this supposed drama and what is taking Breaking Dawn so long to have any news that’s keeping me from remembering how you were my favorite 12 chapters of anything I’ve ever read. But today I saw a pretty cool video about what you might be like and I got thinking about you again.

I think the best part about you being completed would be that we’d probably get another movie with Buttcrack Santa in it. Not to mention lots of Cullen family interaction which is my absolute favorite (next to Buttcrack Santa). Maybe we’ll find out Alice calls Jasper her “Giddy-up Cowboy” or something. Would we have a ton of intimate scenes of Rob Edward in his bedroom, alone brooding, thinking, fantasizing….? (I’m talking something sexy here. Not like that jizz in his pants thing in biology class) Will we get a HUGE blooper real of Peter Facinelli and Rob Pattinson cracking up as Carlisle is slobbering all over Edward’s neck?

All I know is I want it BAD. Another chance to hear Buttcrack Santa sing his song about a kitty? Would we get to find out more about Cora the waitress at the diner? It would basically be like Twilight- but more centered around ROB and not in that depressingly blue gray color!? UNTOUCHED BY CATHI HARDI!?


(Will we be jealous when we see Edward with another girl like Tanya?)

Can you make the movie without Stephanie even finishing the book? We know how it ends!

Here’s hoping,

Follow the jump for an important poll!

You may have noticed a trend on LTT that we don’t post our best crap on the weekends. In fact, we specifically choose the worst stuff for weekend posts OR fan letters we have a TON of. That’s not because we hate you or hate the weekends, it’s just because internet traffic dies on the weekends and we like to save the best for when traffic is high. Content about the Twilight has been…. slow, to say the least. We were thinking of running an experiment and NOT posting on the weekends for awhile or until stuff gets kickin’ again.

That’s not to say we won’t have a place for people to connect & chat. Whether that’s here on the blogs under a weekend post of some hot Buttcrack Santa pic or somewhere specific on the forum, we’ll provide something. And we’ll only do this if there is a consensus that our marvelous readers will survive. So please, participate in the poll!

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28 Responses

  1. It still bugs the crap out of me to not have Edwards version of the meadow chapter.

    I really really hope she decides to finish it someday. It’s just not like an author to abandon a story.

    **On the weekend posting thing, while I love it, I do understand you two have your own lives and probably need a break at least 2 days a week. You ladies spoil us with the funny!

    • The first time I read Midnight Sun I was SO bummed to see where it ended….right before the meadow scene! UGH…Please, Stephenie, finish it, you know you’d love it!

  2. Steph, babe, finish Midnight Sun. Please.
    I NEED new Cullen stuff.
    I am going through withdrawals.
    Help a girl out?
    Jayde xo

    P.S. Care to send Rob my phone number? Pretty please? I totally think we’d hit it off.

  3. I always read LTT and LTR after my Saturday morning fix of UoEM (Italy, sex, FINALLY :)…but again, I really understand taking a couple of days off, especially if it keeps things fresh and interesting for UC and Moon.

    And bring on Midnight Sun! I recently re-read to refresh myself on real Edward. FF will totally skew your perception if you don’t.

  4. I completely agree. I need to know everything Edward feels and thinks with his first kisses, how Bella feels under his touch, and how bad he wants to kill her for wearing that Khaki skirt….

  5. “Can you make the movie without Stephanie even finishing the book? We know how it ends!”

    Ummm, BEST. IDEA. EVER. !!!!!

  6. Wow.. I love the SANYIAA video.. And I just realized it’s been too long since I watched Twilight.. And I miss it.. The opening scene is one of my favorites.. with the deer running.. Off to get my Twi fix.

  7. I loved that last video. I think it represented Midnight Sun the best. I just finished watching the LOTR trilogy, so it was funny to see Cate Blanchett rocking it on screen Twi-style. Though I wish they’d done the line where she says, “Let it be a light for you in dark places, when all other lights have gone out.” or when she’s telepathically talking to Frodo and says, “I know what you saw, for it is also in my mind. It is what will come to pass, if you should fail.” I guess that’s more of an Alice line. This line is more Tanya: “I do not deny that my heart has greatly desired this.” or “If you do not find a way, no one will.” Okay. Nerd alert over.

    Take my weekends away. Fine. ::cries a bit:: I’ll survive.

  8. Also, wouldn’t the people who don’t read on weekends not read today and thus not fill out the poll?

    • Hmmm, I think it might lean that way! Maybe repost the poll on a weekday? I’d wager everyone who reads on the weekend reads during the week too.

    • According to the poll, 8% so far have said they don’t read on the weekends, which I find hysterical, because what in the world were they doing on here, filling out the poll on a Saturday, if they supposedly don’t read LTT on the weekends?

      Maybe they just look for pretty pictures and move on. No readin’ required.

      • The 8% has to be UC, Moon and all their loved ones clicking frantically to reclaim their weekends together!
        I get much more internet time at weekends so I’ll be tragically late to post but I understand they need to rest and refresh their genius.

  9. Confession: Midnight Sun made my heart hurt. I cried.

    Confession: I might like Twilight better than New Moon. *whispers* Sorry, Jake. Better do some serious mountaintop kissing come June 30 to change my mind.

    Confession: I’m okay with no posts on weekends. I get so enveloped by each post that sometimes I get a day behind. Might have to up the anty for me during the week though. 😉

  10. Uh….I still have my MS V-card. Loud and proud, baby!

  11. I think making MS into a movie would be an amazing opportunity … if for no reason other than we’re still waiting on a real, legit meadow scene on film, not a camera pan-over of a field of plasticky flowers…

    As for LTT posts on the weekends, I do read at least once a weekend and would miss the posts. On the other hand, as others have said, your posts are SO win throughout the rest of the week, I would be sympathetic if you need 2 days off. Or, an alternative idea would be to make just one post on the weekend, and it could be simpler/shorter and/or created by your readers (twilight “porn,” letters, etc.)

  12. Great videos! Except maybe the Cate Blanchett one. She’s not Tanya.

    Stephenie, if you don’t finish Midnight Sun soon, if it ever gets made into a film, Rob will be too old to play Edward. Think of the the tragedy! Please don’t let that happen, so just consider it, that’ all I’m askin!

  13. Did not likey the LOTR vid.

    The 1st and 2nd were my faves; they gave me gooseys.

  14. I was uber ticked when not only I found out MS wouldn’t be finished but when I read the draft I realized I got double-cockblocked…. she stopped the draft BEFORE the meadow scene! SO uncool.

    But it was still my favorite out of all of them.

    Mmmm – MS movie. Edward alone time brooding? Happy thought.

    PS – I was in the car with y husband the other night sitting at a red stoplight. It turns green. I usually blurt out “Green means go!” (habit at impatience for people to go) Instead I blurt out “Green is Good!” My husband (who refuses to involve himself in anything Twi) looks at me with a super confused look as I started giggling, but he didn’t ask. 🙂

  15. awesome. seeing this makes me remember how much better Twilight is than New Moon. It has that emotional element that draws you inh, maybe that’s why I haven seen it an embarrassingly amount of times, and New Moon only twice.

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