The ‘ol switcheroo – Eclipse editor changes, what does it all mean?

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Dear Eclipse (is this your first letter?),

You’ve got a LOT of people up in arms… well make that Summit Entertainment has got a lot of people crazed and scared from the recent news about an editing switch on you. The Hollywood Insider (Entertainment Weekly) just reported that Art Jones, the editor for Eclipse has been replaced with Nancy Richardson the editor from Twilight. So of course this has everyone in the Twidom wondering what in the HALE is going on with you, Eclipse. What does this mean for the movie? Is it good, is it bad? Are we doomed to never see some Wolf on Vampire action?

So of course I went straight to my source for all editing information and news, MY BROTHER! As is our tradition here at LTT, he has a super special fake name which is pretty awesome. He is: Hatchet! Oh editing jokes, you are hilarious. So I went to the Hatchet cause I knew he’d level with me since he is a film editor himself, he has experience in such matters. I emailed him the post and said “give me your HONEST opinion, what does this mean?” And here is his response…

The Hatchet says*…

Well, I’d say it means the studio is not happy with the cut, so they brought in a new editor to look at the material with fresh eyes. Bad news for Eclipse?  Not always… Bringing in a new editor can really help make a movie better, but only if there’s good material in the footage they shot. However, it explains why there’s been no footage shown or even a teaser…

I’d love to know what’s actually going on behind the scenes, but I am only assuming there’s trouble in paradise.  There could be a rift between the studio and the director (aka creative differences), the film could not be testing well, or many other reasons. Remember, Summit has a ton of money on the line here both currently and in the future.  They have every right to make whatever personnel changes thy think will better the final film.  Replacing editors is somewhat common in Hollywood, but its interesting that this switch was publicized.

Bringing Slade in seemed like a move to give Eclipse a darker edge (which I’ve been told is the tone of the book).  I wonder if the studio is scared of it being too dark (aka not appealing to younger viewers) or simply wasn’t pleased with what Slade was bringing to the table any longer. If Slade was fired from the film, Art Jones, his editor, probably found himself in limbo.  Should he stay or should he go?  This is one option.

If Slade is still at the helm of Eclipse, it must have been hard for him to replace Jones, because the director-editor relationship is the most intimate of all of a films collaborations. And especially since Slade and Jones have had a good history.

Hollywood is a crazy place and the story behind this switch could be more or less dramatic than I’ve imagine.

However, I feel that if the movie was in really serious jeopardy, they’d bring a better editor than Richardson. She doesn’t exactly have an amazing list of credits and it sounds like she’s coming in because the studio feels comfortable with her (because of her work on the first film) and might just want someone to do their bidding.

Summit, if you want a real editor to come fix your film… Call Me!

Further proving our letter to David Slade earlier in the year when we asked where and when we were going to finally see some of his promised sneak peeks of the new film. So it looks as though some folks are’t so happy with the first cut of the movie but why is that? Could it be Slade’s darker style of film making? The studio wanting to cut a lighter version for it’s audience (you don’t need to, FYI!)? Or was it something else entirely different? We’ll never know until E!’s true Hollywood Story: The Twilight Saga comes out in like 1o years… so we came up with some fake possibilities:

Feel free to edit this hairline out, thx

  • Everyone one had their shirts on. Not enough shirtless men running around?
  • Was the tent scene a little too intense and we see Taylor copping a feel on Bella in the sleeping bag while Robert is preoccupied with the zipper on the tent door?
  • Everyone was breathing too regularly. Not enough gasps or lip biting to differentiate this as a Twilight film.

Yup, 2nd editor... 2 times the charm??

  • Slade and Jones hadn’t picked a new color palette for Eclipse. Twilight had blue and New Moon went for earthy browns and green but Eclipse was just normal. FAIL.

So without being in the inner sanctum we’ll never know but thanks to the Hatchet we have a little better understanding that this isn’t necessarily a doom and gloom scenario. It could end up being a really good thing. Or it could end up tinted red. We’ll just have to see come June 30.

117 Days,

Give the Hatchet a big hand for lending his expert editing opinion! So what do YOU think? Does this make you nervil? Would you not go see Eclipse if it was “dark,” Do you have any speculations as to who they changed editors? SPILL!

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

*Note: this is purely hypothesis and the Hatchet has ZERO connection to the films in anyway and this is speculation based purely on personal experience in the industry. Please take this as such. THX!*

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151 Responses

  1. Ruh Ro!

    They are obviously not happy with the first cut, which would explain the lack of teasers – however, they have to throw something together for the end of this month when Remember Me comes out and we get the trailer?!

    Not that I will be watching said trailer because of my purity pledge.

    *looks around nervously*

    • You’re so good! I gave up my purity many years ago. I’ve just accepted that I’m a spoiler whore and I wear that badge proudly.

      • I agree with “tooold” I LOVE trailers! I feel that I need a trailer to keep me hyped up for the movie. I may or may not see “Remember Me” but I figure once it comes out that trailer will be all over the internet. Purity ring is alwasy removed for trailer time! 😀

        • I was a total whore for New Moon, so I’m gonna try for this one.

          • Trailers don’t count for purity pledges, right? I mean, you would normally see trailers for other movies too, without it spoiling your viewing experience. Set pics, preleased scenes… that’s a different matter.

            Meh, what am I talking about? I’m a total spoiler whore, out and proud (and desperate for some, err… new material).

          • A trailer you see at the theater is one thing, and doesn’t really count against the purity, but when they release mutiple trailers and clips on-line, so you basically can see the whole thing, that’s what I try to avoid. It ruins it for me.

    • I know! I bet all they are going to show as a trailer is a loop of the two meadow scene pictures, fade to black…Eclipse.


    • So funny! I went Ruh ro when I first read an EW blurb and then had to explain to my friend where ruh ro came from! Definitely nervous about the switch though. I read the studio wanted edgier whatever, so they switched from the guy who edited Hard Candy to the woman who edited Twilight and some Miley movie. Have they seen Hard Candy!? ‘Cause Miley ain’t edgy… At which point a said an exclamation other than ruh ro which would be impolite to repeat!

  2. Pardon me while I put on my Tweed jacket for a serious discussion.

    My take on this is that it’s a good thing.

    I’m in the minority of fans who liked Twilight better than NM. Twilight ended up with a more romantic feel to it, where as NM focused more on the action sequences and the CGI wolves. Even those who liked NM better will admit that the ending was rushed. There was almost zero romantic moments between E/B, and what moments there were flew by too quickly.

    So I think perhaps the studio executives listened to us lowly fans and re-hired the editor from the first film in an effort to bring back more romance (and hopefully more leg hitches !!)

    • *crosses fingers*

    • “There was almost zero romantic moments between E/B, and what moments there were flew by too quickly.”

      This is a good point – maybe Eclipse will improve in this area with a female’s perpective?

    • I also like Twilight better than New Moon. I thought the movie (Twilight) pretty much sucked, but the story was great. That made the poor quality movie forgivable. NM may have been higher quality, but Twilight captures you… NM just leaves you breathless bc it’s so fast. NM was my favorite book, so I really was excited about it, but it never got me – just made me feel sorry for everyone that hadn’t read the book b4 seeing the flick. I think you’re right – the romance is what sucked most of us in and it was totally lacking in NM.

    • More romance! Yes, please!

  3. Maybe editor #1 tried to cut out the leg hitch and Confederate soldier Jasper. Imma cut someone if that happens.

  4. i was a bit alrmened when i saw that news yesterday… but i would LOVE for it to be dark… aren’t they supposed to be getting subsequently darker until the climax (ahem, twiss?) in Brkg.Dwn?

    well i am “nervil”, so i hope this just means that Summit is fearing the potential rath(bone) of the Twi-dom and to made SURE they don’t let us down, no?

    • I googled nervil, and Google asked me if I meant norvil (some kind of motorcycle club, apparently). Then I Googled ‘define: nervil’ and Google told me I looked like a spambot. So much for Google.

      What’s nervil? A contraction of nervous aaand… evil?

      • moon used it in her post, i assumed to mead “nervous”, so i used it b/c i was answering the referenced question…

        • Ahhh. I see this now. I was wondering myself what that meant. I was also reminded of Nermal, the girl cat from Garfield.

          Update: I googled Nermal. NOT a girl. Also, NOT a bear.

          • Oh, I remember Nermal! That cute little cat with the enormous lashes. No wonder everybody thought he was a girl. Poor cat. All the other kittens probably made fun of him in elementary school.

      • nervil means nervous… you know i like to make up new words for crap. for as long as i can remmeber uc used to say “snervous”

        • Haha, we foreigners immediately think it’s some cool new lingo we ought to pick up. You guys make up a new word and we bring down the server. 😀

          I feel like Fez from That 70s Show every time that happens.

    • I agree with you. I don’t mind darker, I expect it. And I’m a girl who loves cool fight sequences. So, my concern is actually (and I’m probably, no definitely, in the minority) that it will be too mushy or cheesy. I never did get fans’ concern over ‘I love you’ not being said in Twilight. Maybe it’s because I don’t personally like throwing ILY’s left and right and I think saying the words is not as important if the connection is there. But that’s just me. So to me, it felt forced in NM and since Eclipse was my favorite, I hope they keep those declarations subtle and well balanced with action.

      • You may be in the minority, but you aren’t alone! More fighting, less mush! Okay, some mush, but definitely no schmoopiness.

        Eclipse was my favorite, too. These days, I’m in full-on “manage expectations” mode.

  5. I just wanted to say, I love that “shirtless men” is one of the tags on today’s post. Have a lovely, shirtless men filled day, everyone!

  6. My theory?

    The second editor was brought in cause the scenes Slade did with the action figures (when Rob, Stew and Tay were too tired) were a little too obvious. Edward looked unreal , Bella was too stiff and Jacob’s abs looked painted on.

    Morning everybody!
    The hamster brought cookies!

  7. “•Everyone was breathing too regularly. Not enough gasps or lip biting to differentiate this as a Twilight film” Bwahahahaha! Seriously. How would we know without KStew’s sighs and lip biting and HuH!s ?

    To the editor change, when I first heard this morning my reaction can be best described as Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park: “I’m fairly alarmed here”. However if I like Eclipse then meh. If I don’t then I would be interested to see Jonesy’s cut … DVD extra anyone??

    • Yay! ANOTHER Jurassic Park reference!

      My eternal, deep love for this movie demands that I submit another:

      Me: So, Stephanie, you’re implying that a group composed entirely of reanimated corpses will . . . breed?

      Stephanie: No, I’m simply saying that life, uh . . . finds a way.

      • Holy Crap!!!!

        You’ve just solved the age old debate of “Can Vampires Breed/Does Edward Have Viable Sperm”

        I bow to you.

      • YES! I watched JP last night! The bit at the end when the T-Rex roars and the banner falls down. Classic.

        Der ner neeer, ner ner, der ner neeer, ner ner, der ner neeeer, ner ner neeeer ner…

        • *sniffles*

          You sang JP to us . . . I ❤ you.

          Bella: He left me. He left me!
          Jake: But that's NOT . . . what I'M going to do!

          Seriously, people. I could go ALL DAY with this movie.

          • I had to:

            Bella: I hate trees.
            Edward: They don’t bother me.

          • Bella: What if Victoria comes back while I’m asleep?
            Edward: Hmmmm. I’ll stay awake.
            Bella: All night?
            Edward: All night.

            I think I have a problem.

      • OMG Jurassic Park!! I so love you right now. And I just finished explaining in my previous comment how I don’t just throw those words around.
        Jeff Goldblum was such a hot SOB in there.

        • TRUTH! You speak the TRUTH! I could watch him explain chaos theory a million times.

          Confession: I have.

          • I am so LMFAO right now. Never have I thought that I will come across another girl that fangirls over JP like I do. You are a girl, right? Your avatar confuses me sometimes.
            And I do remember your reasoning behind it. Also a win.

            If they ever decide to make Twilight vs. Jurassic Park they better hire you as a screenwriter. I would so be the first in line to see that!

  8. Ok Summit, here’s what you do. You let that Twilight editor have a crack at the footage, while you simultaneously send a copy of everything you have to Biel, through UC & Moon of course, & see what she comes up with.

    Then you show the 2 versions to all LTT/LTR ladies, plus a few teenage squeelers, & WE tell YOU which one’s a winner.

    Then Biel gets a percentage & gets rich because hers kicks ass & is easily what the fans really wants & will pay for.

    I obviously just need a small broker’s fee of say…1%.
    How hard can it be (TWSS)?

  9. Ok, so I’m one of the ones that cringed and walked around muttering “oh no, this is not good” to everyone who would listen (and everyone else who didn’t care). However, I’m also one of the “mature” viewers who craves an R rating. When a vampires head is ripped off I want to see it “30 Days of Night” style! I don’t want it to look like dust settling on my coffee table!

    “So it looks as though some folks aren’t so happy with the first cut of the movie but why is that? Could it be Slade’s darker style of film making?”

    This scares me. And honestly. The editor of Twilight? Why?? So we can see more flash backs? You are KILLING me Summit!

    • I’m getting in line behind you for THAT version of Eclipse – the “R” rated one. I think we might be here a while.

      • I’m not too sure there are many of us in line either. We’ll just have to be extra loud!

        • I’m not opposed to a R version, but good luck getting that one past Mama Meyers!

          • Oh no! I hadn’t thought of the Mama Meyers factor.
            I might have to edit my earlier post. I thought maybe they wanted more romance and less violence.
            Now I’m thinking maybe the bedroom scene was too sexy and SM made them scale back?


          • Not gonna happen. Mormons don’t watch R rated movies. Or at least, that’s what the Mormons I know say.

          • I don’t know any Mormons who listen to Muse either tho. SM is def one of a kind. For many reasons. 🙂

    • R is not going to happen, although I’m so ready, whether it’s for darkness or smexiness. Maybe they should just go ahead and make two versions, one for adults and one for tweens and Mormons.

      • I’d definitely watch both.

      • Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe this is what they should do with Breaking Dawn. Two movies, but not chronological: One shorter version, leaving out the sex and blood and gore that will pass SMeyer’s stamp of approval, and one longer version, with all the sex and blood and gore, and leave it up to the audience to decide which one they want to see so as not to offend the easily offended.

  10. If we had had a trailer and some footage, I wouldn’t be too alarmed… but in combination with the counterfactual, I’m not really sure I’m liking this news. What if they push back the release date?

    * awful silence where everybody stops breating and makes wide eyes at me*

    * ensuing mayhem where I die a slow and painful death*

    “Death by pitchforks.” You can put that on my gravestone.

  11. This means the movie is a dog big time. They are trying to save it. Remember Michael Camino- They tried to edit his fasico. It didn’t save it either. Heavens Gate was this turkey’s name. It is slow death by water.

  12. Thanks to the Hatchet for lending his expertise. Here’s to hoping he gets tapped for Breaking Dawn and that he’s willing to accept bribes.

    Picture this: daybreak at the Cullen house. A large white bird (let’s just say it’s a . . . stork) swoops onto the back porch and drops off a conspicuous bundle. Think about it.

  13. I hadn’t seen Carlisle in the Killers shirt. He looks like some rich Lothario with his lovers all robed up. Like Hugh Hefner, only gay.

  14. the walmart edition of nm is coming out with 7 minutes of eclipse stuff. at this point, is it even worth buying (not that I’M going to buy it… ahem…) because of how (probably) totally different the movie is going to come out? should we tempt ourselves with scenes that will never be?

    i wish david slade would quit screwing around with little cartoon animals and work on his darn movie!

    srsly, i feel like a crack addict… i think i need an intervention

    • I’m buying the Walmart edition just because I am a major consumer and will throw my money away at studios if I want to. Even though I know the footage will be available on youtube in the evening if not before. And as you said, may not even really be in the movie. It’s so not rational.

    • I’m cavorting with a friend. She’s buying the Wal-mart version, I’m buying the Target version. you should find a friend and share.

      *admits: I’ll buy the Wal-mart version too if 7 min of Eclipse are ‘7 min of heaven’*

  15. So I’m going to think this is a good thing. The lack of footage, pictures, clips and trailers has been fairly alarming and at least we now have a hint as to why… they don’t like what they have. And, at least we know they’re trying to do something about it.

    Like others have mentioned, NM lacked a lot of the romance that Twilight had. Even though I personally liked NM more, there was something to the emotion that Twilight carried. On the other hand, I felt New Moon was a more polished, put together film, that was just easier and better and more enjoyable to watch. I still come out of a viewing of Twilight with motion sickness and blue-tint-induced depression. I’m going to hope that having more than one art director’s input will help elevate the quality and intensity of Eclipse, and help it to capture the best aspects of both of the previous films.

    Also I have a critique for Twi and NM: they didn’t seem to quite “fit” together. Did anyone else feel that way? They seem like two completely different movies from two completely different series, just in the sense that the art direction, the directing style, and even in a way the acting, didn’t seem to mesh together. I think that’s why we have such huge discrepancies in fan preferences: everyone either loves Twilight and hates NM or vice versa. That’s not normal for a series. (You don’t get, for example, many – or even just one- Star Wars fan who LOVES A New Hope but HATES Empire Strikes Back.)
    I think Eclipse therefore ideally needs to be the “missing link” and tie the style of both movies together.

    Finally I still can’t help but wonder if the studio finally realized that hiring a director who apparently hates the Twilight series to do a movie in the series was a bad, bad idea…

    Let’s face it, Summit knows that the Twilight movies can make them or break them. So, at least we know they’re going to do what they need to do to get this movie where it needs to be.

    Or maybe they’re just stalling and buying time before they have to start making those really tricky decisions on Breaking Dawn…

    • Also, welcome, Hatchet

    • I like your insight, operarose.
      I liked the feel of Twilight better. I didn’t exactly hate NM, but I certainly can’t see myself watching it over and over like I do TW.
      But that’s a good point about feeling like two movies from two different franchises.
      Honestly, the acting was so different, it’s almost as if they cast different actors for the parts.

      • Plz note I actually have no insight as I know next to nothing about the movie making process. I am definitely not legitimate when it comes to movie expertise. Just randomly musing (and hoping and fasting and praying and trying to stay positive) like the rest of you.

    • I very much agree that the two movies seem unrelated in style, tone, etc. So many reasons, such as the directors, the budgets for each, the aging of the actors, etc.

    • Good points.

      And very true, they do seem to be dragging their feet at every turn on BD….

      • They do which would seem odd since the large proportion of the actors need to have not aged at all since 2008. Makes you wonder if that’s their purpose in dragging it out… perfect excuse to not go ahead with it and all the new problems it will bring.

  16. I’ve been ok that we’ve not seen any clips at this point. The oversaturation leading up to New Moon (while I enjoyed it) wasn’t really typical for a movie. I agree with Hatchet – this might not be a bad thing. In fact, it could be a really good thing. Imma keep telling myself that anyway.

    • im glad there hasnt been an alvalanche of stuff like last time but we need SOMETHING. thats why im excited for this trailer on the front of RM. it better be worth it.

  17. You realize when you talked about the tent scene you said Robert instead of Edward right?

    I think maybe there wasn’t enough sappy gushy love stuff.

    • of course!! i like to mix and mash them. i also said taylor instead of jacob for the tent scene.

  18. My friend has that Killers shirt that PFach is rocking. Unfortunately(?), he doesn’t have an army of robed buff Native American dudes flanking him at all times.

    Not sure Twilight’s issue was editing… more directing and acting. Fingers crossed that Eclipse doesn’t get entirely butchered.

    I wonder how much David Slade hates his life right now…

  19. Twilight was horrible. All of it! The script, the make-up, the directing, the editing. All of it!

    The fact that they are relying on sources used to make Twilight the mess that it was makes me incredibly nervous.

    Yes, David Slade has a nak for dark stories. But Eclipse is suited for that. It is, after all, the only book with a big ass fight in it.

    If they butcher this movie, which is my fav book in the series, Summit will have a riot on their hands!!!

    • “The fact that they are relying on sources used to make Twilight the mess that it was makes me incredibly nervous.”…..
      yeah, that was actually the first thing I thought too.

    • This whole comment? Agreed.

    • my favorite is eclipse too… i want fighting and blood and guts! come on PUNCH FACES!!

  20. “Everyone was breathing too regularly. Not enough gasps or lip biting to differentiate this as a Twilight film.”

    haha – funny!

    Forget the purity – I google image search pap pics of the set and read Jacksons leaked script. I know deep down no teaser will compare to the real thang.

    I read the trailer will be online or something a few days before RM comes out so we could only be a week away from seeing it. Better late than never compared to how early NM stuff came out but I’ll take what I can get.

  21. I just came in on Twitter yesterday when people were freaking out that the premiere date had disappeared from the iphone app. Is this why? I am a horrible fan, so don’t keep up on all the minute deatails (it’s what LTT is for). So they changed editors, so that might push back the release date?

    Hatchet? Is this a question for you? And Welcome. We like meeting the Moon Family.

    • supposedly it’s still on for june 30 but who knows. anythings possible at this point.

      • I hope it stays June 30, otherwise I have a whole vacation day with absolutely nothing to do

        (not to mention I don’t want to have to wait longer for Eclipse)

  22. Yup. Game = Still rediculous, as Eclipse may also very well be. Oh well, at least I will get to hang with you bitches, and perhaps out drink the Font. (Nope, haven’t forgotten)

  23. I honestly can’t believe it’s only 117 days. It feels like yesterday that I was squee-ing all day getting absolutely no work done and getting ready to watch the New Moon premiere. Then again, this sounds just like yesterday minus the premiere.

  24. I’m pretty sure this signals the appearance of Ben Freaking Cheney – Angela’s TRUE love!

    Either that or they are going to expand the tent scene (my personal fave part of the entire series) and show all of Jacob’s thoughts being acted out in great detail in sort of a floating thought bubble, cause we all know how vivid his little fantasies are….

  25. Nooooooo!!! Please please please don’t “lighten it up” Twilight style. Leave it dark.
    I want the dark, I need the dark. Nudity, violence, an R rating this is what we want.

    It’s about vampires, werwolves, and mind voyuerism in tiny tent for goodness sake. There better be even more abs, blood, and a werewolf-phasing wardrobe malfunction.

    • “Nudity, violence, an R rating this is what we want. It’s about vampires, werwolves, and mind voyuerism in tiny tent for goodness sake. ”

      …..lolololol soooo, so so SO true
      we all know that’s essentially all we want out of this movie…

    • WORD.

      No more fluff! Boo!

    • YES! Like for some strange reason the little black ankle jort-holder strings fall off in the forest, a long, long way from home…

      Maybe David Slade is swapping out the jorts for the true-to-the-series “sworts” – sweat pants shorts…

      • I want this movie to show the tent scene within the tent scene… (ifyouknowwhatimsaying&ithinkyoudojacobisawalkinghardonintheentirething)

        And there’d better be jorts…what was SM thinking, sworts are very revealing without some form of supportive underwear. My mind is in the gutter…or maybe in the jorts today…Darling? Where are you?

        • Yes – Tent Scene within the Tent Scene! That is my kind of Eclipse! while everyone else is hoping for the leg hitch (no to say that I won’t love it, and it will indeed highlight KStew’s gasping abilities to the fullest) it’s the tent scene I’m holding out for.

          You are so right about the non-supportive sworts! I don’t know why I didn’t realize this. But, we have to weigh that against the ease-of-removal factor. Oh! Probably you should add this to your list of inventions – the Sworts with built-in support – Suppworts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha

          SUPPWORTS: Supporting what matters most in your SWORTS

          • DJ Tanner we are a match made in heaven! I’m gonna need an email address so I can send you the *overlooked* twichandising opportunites I spoke of before, so you can do the graphics. We’ll be rich, rich! Bwahahahahahaha….

            Ever spent any time in advertising…? I may have…very briefly…

          • I know! We seriously need to put together a letter of epic proportions and send it in to Moon and UC. How we send each other our email addresses without everyone else in the world having it as well?!??!? Do you know???

            And our business proposition can also serve as our portfolio when we go into business together and start our own ad agency!!!!!!!!!!!

            No really, how do we send emails??!?!?!

          • “SUPPWORTS: Supporting what matters most in your SWORTS”

            – Like those bra cup cod pieces Rob was talking about earlier in the week.

          • I think it’s time to create a ‘jorts’ email. WIll do that at weekend & post it. Then I can give you my real one when you get in touch. Later on I can use it as the line addy for merchandise inc. Sock Puppets….

          • P.S. WTFrog is a line addy? Sheesh.

          • Deal! Sounds good! Hopefully no one else tries to impersonate me and get in on our (what will surely be) a huge cash jackpot! Otherwise, we will have to develop some sort of secret word so that you know which email is from me…’Cause obviously we are so cool and smart and spend our time planning these things and they all want to be as awesome as we are…uh, yeah, that’s it!

            Line addy? I don’t know – sounded real to me – I just thought it was something cool I had never heard of!

          • *snort* snowwhitedrifted said cod piece.

        • Do you have directing/editing skills? Can I vote for you to have a say in the movie? 😉

    • I’m with you, don’t lighten it up. Give me dark! I’m excited for dark! It’s (almost) all I have left to hope for.

      Apparently our ultimate wish for these movies to be R rated are asking too much.

      Fine. (cock blockers)

      But don’t take away the last things I’m clinging to; darkness(which I include many items in this word) and leg hitch! Make these things as borderline pg13 as possible. Throw us a frickin’ bone here.

  26. Is it wrong that I only care if this messes up the premiere date? Cause I’ve already spent money on that shizz.

    And let’s be honest here, these movies are never going to be Best Picture contenders….so new editor?? Meh.

    PS– love that you used a pic of David Slade giving us the finger, the UK way. Word.

  27. Hey, Hatchet, thanks for the perspective. I’m staying with the wait-and-see attitude.
    My two cents on the color scheme, inspired by that background behind David Slade: Hot pink and orange. Hot pink for passion, and the fire in Edward’s throat. Day-glo orange tent with sticky zipper, orange to foreshadow Victoria’s hair.
    Should the new editor decide they need to expand the tent scene, well, since Robert is busy with his current project, they could cut in that scene from Little Ashes where Dali is sitting in the corner getting off whilst watching the other two. Voyeurism anyone?

  28. Happy Thursday Everyone! I have finally stopped sailing the rough seas aboard the happy ship, Nautical Nausea! Trying to catch up on what’s been going on here! Whoa, I am not happy about this snagfu with the editors! Not that they changed editors because it is pretty well known that sometimes more than one editor is involved in a film for different reasons ie: “While movies traditionally have had a single lead film editor, the trend with big-budget features is to split work between two editors” I am much more concerned with THE CHOICE! Pretty sure I have explained many times (probably more than ya’ll would prefer) that I loved and continue to love Twilight so much more than New Moon! With that said you also know that I have praised the acting/directing/editing in New Moon in comparison to Twilight, so the question I have is WHY??? Why hire an editor who obviously was a major fail in the cutting room with Twilight? Why not get the editor from New Moon who did such a better job? Also agree with Opera that the films did not mesh together well. I mean seriously after all the excitement of waiting for New Moon, then seeing it, how much did “we” all really talk about it? It was good, but in my best Simon Cowell voice, “it was a forgettable film”, a pass-thru while we await the next installment, that being of course, Eclipse. IMO Summit realizes this also and they know they better bring it! Lets hope they also hire the best to handle the continuity, being that was also such an epic FAIL, in Twilight. Whatever the outcome I am sure we will all be here to “break it down LTT style”!

    Word for the day: Fanwanking: “To fill in plot holes or explain away lapses in continuity in fictional works by coming up with (often convoluted) explanations of how it could have happened.”
    (Don’t ask me why I stuck this in here, I just have been trying to learn a new word everyday and I felt like sharing!)

    Missed you all! ❤

    • Hi Cyn! Fanwanking is a new word to me, but then I don’t read fanfic….

      • Ummm I don’t read ANY I said it was just a word I found when looking up something about basically means that true fans of a movie/book etc., can/will come up with explanations/excuses for lapses in the plot, continuity etc., nothing to do with Fanfic…..

        • Hey Cyn – it was a joke, I know you don’t read fanfic, nor do I! It was just where that term took my tiny mind…

    • Hey MidCyn! Glad the seas have calmed for you!

    • I love fanwanking! The word and the activity.

    • At first glance I thought it was “FANGwanking”… like some kind of vampire sex thing. Until I read the description. But I guess that’s not too far off.

    • Hi, Cyndi! I’ve missed you!

      What’s this about the seas? What did I miss??

      • LOL..Welcome back JodieO..can’t wait to hear all the details!!! Hope it was all you expected and more..still soooo jealous…
        You didn’t miss anything..I was just sick with that awful stomach bug! Drop me an email..I am on the edge of my seat!! xox

        • oh no! That stomach bug is awful! I’ll try to get you the whole story in an email tonight and try to hook you up with some photos. Did you watch Jimmy Fallon and the Today Show and all that stuff?

      • @JodieO, I saw a photo of you on facebook! Loved it! And I’m obviously super jealous. 😛

        • I hope it was the good one of me and not the super scary one! You’d think I was Jekyll and Hyde the way some of those photos came out!

    • Hope you are finally feeling better today! Wondered where you’d gone earlier this week…

      “Whatever the outcome I am sure we will all be here to “break it down LTT style”!” — and that’s what matters most! Well, third most, after the tent scene and leg hitch.

  29. I don’t like that they’re messing with my lil’ man Dave. I mean, obviously he and this Art Jones guy are a team. They work good together. And he has to have his artistic liberty as a director. Otherwise it can’t be good. To me this sounds like patchwork and since I’m in art sector for a living, I know that patchwork is never good.

    • Agreed. Where can we find David and give him a nice pat on the back (or top of the head)? I’ve been pulling for him the whole time, and now even I feel betrayed! I wish Summit was an actual person, rather than a conglomerate. So I could punch him/her. I still can’t get over the fact that wanted it “lightened up”. That just spells out DISASTER to me.

      • HAHAHA Great minds think alike and all. I’ve already sent my support tweet to Dave and offered to kick Summit’s ass for him.

  30. […] Give the Hatchet a big hand for lending his expert editing opinion! So what do YOU think? Does this make you nervil? Would you not go see Eclipse if it was “dark,” Do you have any speculations as to who they changed editors? SPILL! source […]

  31. Whatever the final result is, it makes me feel bad for David Slade and Art Jones, as if Summit were implying that their work isn’t good… does this often happen – firing the editor like that?

  32. I don’t think this is good, but hopefully there is enough time for the shiz to get sorted.

    Also, I am looking forward to seeing what irrelevant (but pretty) photos or cryptic comments David Slade tweets about this. Maybe we can cobble it into something that actually makes sense and figure out what the F is going on with Eclipse.

  33. […] at  Letters to Twilight asked her film editor brother what the editor switch for Eclipse could mean. It is pretty […]

  34. Okay..we are dealing with grown men here.
    They knew going in that Saga fans could not
    be denied. First cut gets sent in …gets returned
    then according to Slades tweet he was doing
    more cutting but adding mored Edward. That
    was a about two weeks ago. They were warned
    about what Summit expected and then did not
    comply. Summit has the most to lose it this
    does not meet expectations.

    No one has mentioned SM . None of these
    movies will see an R rating.

    More fans are pro vampire scenes then pro
    shapeshifter. I could totally do without the
    tent scene . The mountain top really separated
    the man from the boy. I prefer to see the ballet
    of the vampire .

  35. I don’t know what to make of the editor switch. I’m HOPING it means we’ll get a better movie. But AFRAID it means the raw material sucks hard core. (twss)

    I’ll feel better (please god tell me I won’t feel worse) after I see the trailer next weekend when I go see Remember Me.

    I think I need to get put on anti-anxiety meds. Gah!

  36. Dear Hatchett,

    Now we know about you I think it is more than reasonable to expect soothing positive comments that will somewhat (but never totally, after all, it is Twilight) allay our fears in these times of crisis. You’re just like a real life Jasper!

    I saw the editor news yesterday and like a reasonable, well adjusted, mature women said to myself “don’t panic, I’m sure it happens all the time, it’s only a movie”. Then I saw today’s post. OMG.

    I’m so many kinds of nervil right now. I don’t want to get seasick in the theatre, I want blood and tension, abbage upon abbage, I want to see Kristen blush in the sleeping bag and Rob’s face drain of all colour for real, I WANT MY ECLIPSE! -taking deep breaths-

    If I do end up cliff diving out of nervil expectation Hatchett – please be there weirdly upsidedown bobbing away giving calm soothing encouragement, and then please find a nearly naked abbed-up guy to come and rescue me. I’m sure you can handle it, you are Moon’s brother after all.

    Thanking you in advance.

  37. Huh? They switched editors? Oh, oh yeah… Sorry I was still blindsided by yesterdays post about J. Action. Gah, love him in any way shape or form!

    That is all… sorry for the thread jack!

  38. I have a bad feeling about this….

  39. […] fansite Letters To Twilight escreveu uma carta direcionada a Eclipse comentando sobre a troca de editores (saiba mais aqui) e […]

  40. […] to Letters to Twilight, I was made aware of the change of editors in the film The Twilight Saga Eclipse from Art Jones to […]

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