My FanFic Storyline Ideas – Vol 1: JediWard


Dear Twilight Fan Fiction writers-

Yesterday, while on Twitter I saw a trending topic called “Jedward” which as it turns out is some weird incestuous looking brother singing duo but because I’m not “down with the kids” like Billy Black, it made me think some FanFic writer created a hillbilly Edward hybrid. I tweeted it cause I think I’m funny sometimes and as it turned out I wasn’t the only one and someone else thought it was “Jediward” a Star Wars version of Edward. And THAT got me to thinking. What would Star Wars look like with Twilight characters subbed in? Now, I’m sure I’m going to get crucified by White Yorkie and the Font for attempting or even entertaining such SciFi/Fantasy heresy but I just have to explore the complete craziness of this idea.

With this in mind I present to you our latest series: My Fanfiction Storyline Ideas! Because I think of some pretty absurd ideas and feel like it’s my duty to share them with the word and please writers if you feel like taking up this mantle of absurdity, feel free. I just come up with the ideas if you can make it reality than more power to you and more laughing for me!

Click to enlarge and possibly frame

Title: Star Wars: May the Forks Be With You!
AU, Non canon Twi and Non Canon Star Wars (too hard, I tried), Scifi, Romance, Angst

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… a rebellion begins against the evil Volturi Empire to take back the Republic and destroy the evil Darth Aro and his massive Death Star space station. Captured by the Empire while on a spy mission, Princess Bella who has the stolen Death Star blueprints hides them in escaped droids Eric2-D2 and Mike3PO.

EEEDDDWWWAAARRDDDD I am your sisterrrrr!!

Later on the planet of La Pushtouine, Edward Skywalker purchases Eric2-D2 and Mike3PO and accidentally uncovers a secret message from Princess Bella asking Charlie-Wan Kenobi to help as he’s her only hope. Inspired to help this girl Edward finds Charlie-Wan and they set out to find the Rebels to deliver the message and rescue Princess Bella. In need of transport and a secret passage they hire space pilot without a cause Jazz Solo and his Wookie co-pilot Chewbacob to lead them to the rebels.

Follow the cut to see what happens

Along the way Charlie-Wan begins to teach Edward about the forks, a mystical power that can only be harnessed by a trained few like the Jedi who use the forks for good. Charlie-Wan is ultimately killed in a showdown with Darth Aro that leads to Princess Bella’s rescue. Realizing he needs more training to become a Jedi, Edward Skywalker seeks out Master Carlisle-da to teach him the ways of the forks.

Who are you calling a nerfherder?!

To ultimately become a Jedi, Edward Skywalker must face Darth Aro in a duel to the death using dazzle sabers.  Will Edward be able to harness the forks to overcome Darth Aro and restore peace to the Galaxy? Will Edward and Bella confront the powerful but awkward feelings between them? Will Edward, Charlie-Wan, Jazz and Chebacob escape the crazy creatures at the Mos Angeles Cantina by lulling them into submission with a karaoke quartet?

You’ll just have to wait and see…

So as you can see besides having an overactive imagination and access to photoshop I have ideas FOR YOU! And if this doesn’t tickle your fancy don’t worry, I’ve got story ideas for days! Stay tuned!

The forks is strong in this one,

So what did I miss? Who’s gonna be an Ewok? Should the Dazzle Saber be like diamonds in the sun?

Thanks to Rob’s Buttons Babe for the first image.  The rest of these crazy images are mine!

*Obviously this is a joke, please no Star Wars freak outs*

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167 Responses

  1. This may be my favorite thing– anything– of all time. I have a story and LJ about a vamp geekward who loves all things SW… May I get permission to use that pic of Leia and Luke? Thankyouuuuu for your badassery.

  2. This was all kinds of win! I love love love it! 😀

  3. i would read this fanfic… this is the best, moon!!

  4. Holy sh!t this made me laugh. The forks! Hee hee, I love this site!

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