I still think of Twilight all.the.time…

Dear Twilight,

You ruined me in August of 2008 when I first discovered you and missed my week of vacation reading you. Then again in November of 2008 when I first watched you and spent the following days and weeks boo-hooing at my desk at work while listening to “Flightless Bird, American Mouth.” I can’t remember the year after that except I know I went to LA twice to do Twilight-related things and somehow I’ve ended up here, still thinking about Twilight.

I think about Twilight everytime I hear the word “Vancouver” (which these days is multiple times a day) The rest of the world might think “Olympics” but noooo a Twilight fan thinks “Where the Twilight cast filmed” and wonders if the city still holds the essence of the stars & the power of Stephanie Meyer. While I try to stay awake during watch bobsledding I think about how Nikki & Kristen gave Taylor his first puff of a cigarette (and Nikki probably gave him more) that one day when New Moon filming first started. And whenever they show the Olympic village on TV, I wonder if the “humans” got to have a tour last fall when they had some time off from shooting their 5 minutes worth of scenes. During their breaks did the cast get together for a little Twilight Cast & Crew Olympics? On the day that David Slade came by to see if he was gonna have to replace Taylor Lautner, did Chris Weitz invite him to battle him at “Director Chair Rowing?”

When I go to Florida & want a smoke, I’m smacked in the face with an anti-smoking ad that has a Twilight-feel

and I’m actually kinda regretting my switch from Verizon to At&t to drink the iPhone kool-aid

Now a vampire won’t love me?

I thought that at this point, well over a year after this obsession began, I wouldn’t be thinking Twilight around every corner. But a Chevy commercial featuring a red truck just came on the TV. No, it wasn’t a beat up car from the 60’s (50’s? I’m too lazy to google it), but nonetheless, I thought of Bella.

The best thing about LTT is that it’s a daily reminder that I am not alone (oh- and I’m a pretty expressive speaker and so every time I say something is not something- I ‘say’ it like Kristen said they are not bears)

Clicky for good times

Nella had a convo with her brother who thought an old classic was strikenly like Twilight…

The other night my brother and I were watching The Sound of Music. It’s been years I haven’t watched the movie since the very beginning, so I was fully enjoying the first scene where they show the mountains before we see Maria having the time of her life spinning and singing. And then my brother goes…”It looks like Twilight.” It took me, oh, like 0.0732 seconds to realize what he was talking about. ”O_O Shit, you’re right.” The mountains with snow, the trees, the green-ness, the valleys, new girl in a new place, kids in trees…Not only the intros but the entire movies could be related one another. We took a few minutes to lol, then my brother started on how a mash-up of the two movies would be. The Sound of Twilight. Our imaginations were overflowing. Bella singing ”the trees are alive with the sound of twilight” and stopping abruptly because Mother Superior Renee was texting her, she’s got a plane to catch. She arrives at the Von Cullen residence where she meets Edward Von Cullen and his seven children. She makes them play clothes with the tablecloths they never used and they go play vampire baseball (they’re not afraid of thunder) up in the hills. Edward and Bella wander off in a meadow, then Bella starts singing ”I am seventeen going on eighteen” and Edward answers back singing ”I am seventeen going on one-oh-eight”. Emmett discovers the Von Cullen’s singing skills and ask his brother Edward if he can get them to sing at the La Push Choirs Festival.

Two words (you know what they are) That’s Normal

Katiebird sent us an email saying her mind automatically goes to all-things-Twilight-Edward, every day, in every situation, and she can’t seem to make it stop:

So just last week, my hubby and I are walking from the parking garage, in the alley behind our building, to our new home in Chicago, and I notice that there are two large square black metal openings, that look like coal chutes, on the back of our building. That is what I am guessing, because that is how buildings in Chicago were heated a long time ago, and the city would deliver coal thru those openings to the furnaces below. There is a date inscribed on the openings that says 1906. My hubby notices as well, and says, “Hey, I think our building may have been built in the late 1800’s. That is so cool.” We are now walking up the back steps, and I accidently say out loud, “Wow, Edward wasn’t even a vampire yet, just a little boy.” Whoops, holy crap…. It just dawns on me, right then, that I am living in the city where Edward was born, and am thinking that was kind of cool, but did I really just say that out loud? My man, God love him, doesn’t miss a beat, and replies, “Oh yeah, that doesn’t happen until when? 1918?” What was that? Has he really been paying attention? He also moans and says, “God, why do I know that?!?!” I just laugh, and think to myself, “Man, I can’t believe that I just went there, and said it out loud.” All I can say, is that he is finally learning to just go with it, and at least not laughing in my face. If he only knew, how many times I relate things and situations to Twilight/Edward, and sometimes even Rob, he probably would have me committed.

And I know that’s not it. I know tomorrow morning something I hear on the radio on my drive into work will remind me of Twilight. Will it ever stop? (Do I want it to?)

Thinking of you, fondly,

So I know we’re not the only ones. We get emails from you all daily because of something that reminded you of Twilight. Fess up- what are you thinking of these days!?

Thanks to Jenny-meiss & Luludee for sending in that Verizon commercial!

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  1. How much time do you have?! I’m constantly being reminded of all things Twi! I must quote the movie every day as well, except that the people I quote to usually don’t realise it. I think they just think I don’t like bears very much…

    • I find myself saying “Green is good” without thinking about it. My friends think I’ve become a serious tree-hugger.

      • And these days, after the failure in Copenhagen, you are so topical, and so right with the times! Twilight trivia is always something you can work in to an informed conversation to dazzle your listeners…

        Which only proves the point: Good girls may get to heaven, Twi-girls get wherever they want to be. (Make your own list here below….)

      • I do it with “Purple is cool” all the time…have almosted outed myself several times with that one..

    • DUDES every time I see a yellow car I have to catch my breath!

    • ….My friends think I really like purple.

    • I once blurted out “It’s the fluorescents” at a business meeting and had to stop myself from laughing (they were discussing why a presentation story board looked pink in the conference room instead of purple). One lady smiled at me knowingly from across the room. Luckily my comment still made sense.

      • No one has yet given me “the knowing smile” after I let a Twi-comment slip. I’m still waiting, and lord knows I say these things all the time: “purple’s cool”, “green is good”, “it’s the fluorescents”, “the kids love the little bottles”, and my favorite, “you can Google it”.

        • Yes!!! “you can google it.” I’ve been trying to teach myself to think it because I say it way too often. LOL

      • LMAO! Thats awesome. I hope and fear for those knowing smiles that come rarely (twss). I like having my own little world with the few friends who ‘know’ and keep twi my ‘dirty little secret’. But at the same time I love that there’s that bond between you and the person w/ the knowing smile.

    • Ha! I just twi-quoted, and I barely even realised I’d done it! It’s someone’s birthday and there is cake, we were just asked if we wanted to go have some and someone in my office said “come on guys,” to which I replied “let’s do this!”

      Case and point.

  2. I walk past a shoestore called ‘Bella’ everyday. And the hairdresser’s further down the street is now displaying a model haircut that looks suspiciouly like Kristen in her mullet days. Yep, Twi is all around us. (We should have Bill Nighy cover that song for us!)

  3. Lets do dancing in Twilight instead of dancing in the rain. Still when Twilight meets New Moon we will have a crazy day or maybe night. http://defutebol.net

  4. “Sound of Twilight”? EPIC!!! *blows dust off tambourine*

    “Way down in Forks lived a sparkly Vampire
    Yay! What a lay! He’s a virgin too!
    Lusty was Bella for this lonely vampire
    Hurray any leg hitch will do!”

    “Doe a deer that Edward ate
    Ray that makes the vampires glow
    Me the wish every twi-hard makes
    Far away with Rob to gooo….”

    “Edward lies….Edward lies…
    He does truuuuly looove you
    Run and beg…hump his leg
    Maybe then wolves wont get you…”

    (grand finale) Altogether now…

    “Climb every Pine tree…
    ask him where’s his bed..
    Be his spider monkey..
    Get him to turn you ‘fore you’re dead…
    And then your heart will be blessed with the sound of Twilight…
    And you’ll fade to black once more….”

    Sorry…I couldnt resist! Good Morning!

  5. What is this ‘Twilight’ you speak of?

    Never heard of it.

  6. Nella & Nella’s bro, that was brill. I love the Sound of Music. Katiebird – best story ever! If only we could all find hubbies like that…

  7. My office shares a building with a lumber store. There is a big lit-up sign that says “Bella wood” in big letters and I get a little more jealous of that bitch every time I pass it.

  8. I don’t normally post, but had to comment…a couple of nights ago I was driving down a dark road, course I was listening to my Twilight CD, when I totally saw Laurent walk out of the woods ~ dreads and all ~ course I squealed a little and freaked the kids out…then the dang red light turned red so I had to wait while I watched the obvious vampire walking up the road towards my car…I was wondering whether I should run the light or not at the same time I was trying to figure out how he was alive (if thats what they are) Totally freaked me out…course I should’ve never told the husband, now he is totally freaked out & thinks I’m crazy!

    • Tell your husband you have it on good authority that you are Normal. (You may refer him to me if he doesn’t believe you.)

      To quote a wise man: “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me!”
      Just because the characters of Twilight are fictional, that doesn’t mean they’re not walking the streets where you live… 😉

  9. I too make dumb correlations. It’s really, really snowy here and on days when the sun shines and makes the ground sparkle like a million diamonds, I have to resist the urge to jump off the porch and do face-down snow angels.
    That’s normal, right?

  10. I told this on twitter the other day, but I have nothing else to share. Get over it. ; )

    I was in Lowe’s (which may be my personal hell) the other day, and I was threatening Mr. Fang because he wouldn’t hurry.

    He said, “I’m not scared of you.”

    I replied, “I’m a killer, Bella.”

    An old lady overheard us. I watched her jaw almost hit the floor and she followed us around the store for at least ten minutes.

    I don’t know if she thought it was odd that Mr. Fang’s name was “Bella” or if she thought I actually confessed to murder.

    No police cars were waiting on me.

  11. I dressed my daughter today in a puprle outfit and thought “purple’s cool”.

  12. I just saw that Verizon commercial a couple of days ago, and couldn’t not laugh. Will the debauchery ever end??

    Did anyone see that commercial during the Superbowl, that was, I think, for a car? It showed different men, while a voice over was listing all of the things men do for their wives, on a daily basis, just so they can drive their favorite car. One of the things mentioned was, “I will watch all of your vampire shows, without question.” I was paraphrasing there, but I literally busted a gut laughing, because my man said, “My god, did you write that ad, or what?”

    When my Details mag showed up at the house, he made some comment like, “Is that your porn?” I told him that he actually might want to check it out, because it is a men’s magazine, and he just might like the photos.

    I want to see his reaction when he sees Rob posing with naked women…

    Kisses to UC and Moon

  13. I have to confess something. I don’t really get very many Twi-minders anymore. It’s been so long since I watched Twilight, I don’t even remember what color of plaid Charlie is wearing when he’s cleaning his gun. I’ve still only seen New Moon once. Sometimes I don’t even get Twi-references when I read (er… and write…) fanfic anymore.

    However, I do get reminders of LTT/LTR almost daily. I don’t know how many times I’ve used the phrase “2nd-Hand Embarrassment” or snickered about a van looking like it belongs to Uncle Eddie or shuddered at flashbacks of the snail… *shudder*

    So, congratulations UC & Moon, you are now my own personal brand of heroin.

  14. I am just going to say Good Morning cause by the time I read the EPIC Post of the day and the comments..everyone else will be asleep
    As for me “I don’t sleep, no never”… 😉

    • Good Morning MidCyn! If you and Eddie are never sleeping, what are you doing? 😉

      • I will never tell..but we are both smiling..Alot! Actually last night “we” watched New Moon and “he” complained about his lack of screen time…I made him smile again…..
        BTW..saw that Verizon commercial and thought I imagined it..yeah..cause I do that sometimes….

    • Morning! You should email me sometime while you aren’t sleeping!


      Miss you!

      • Morning JodieO..would email you but YOUR SLEEPING!!! Besides that of night is my Twilight/New Moon time with Eddie…(he doesn’t sleep either..no not evar…so I consider it our time!! Cause that’s normal…..

        So weird..was going to write to UC/Moon last night b/c I was thinking just HOW much Twilight has changed/altered/become my life now..was wondering if this was seriously normal??? I feel SO much better now..not really..kinda sorta..(really wish I could learn how to do the cross out thing)

        (Also JodieO will have to send you pics that I found of me and Celine Dion that I didn’t know exsisted…and even though I was really excited…my first thought..Gawd I wish I had pics of me and Edward…so not normal…)

        • Pics of you and Celine???!!!! How did you meet her, Cyn?!

          (I LOVE Celine.)

          • I won a essay contest back in 2005..(yeah I could write like a normal person back then) She was launching a new perfume, Notes.. I was a Grand prize winner! I can’t tell you what a wonderful experience it was..Celine was the nicest most genuine person! I was so excited to find these pics by accident when looking up something else!!!They sent me a picture of her and I that was autographed but had not seen these other ones!

          • @ MidCyn,
            Congrats on your win! Since it sounds like you are both lucky and talented. Keep entering contests, you never know where they will take you.

          • @snowwhitedrifted..that was all before my accident… ;( I don’t enter them anymore…

          • @ MidCyn
            Accident? I’m so sorry Cyn, I don’t know your history. Newbie faux pas, my apologies.

          • @snowhitedrifted..no problem..I just assume that everyone knows I am “the braindamaged one” lol.. Gawd I wonder what you must have thought of my all my comments not knowing they were coming from the half wit! LOL!

          • @snowwhitedrifted: Just read my response after it posted…I rest my case! 😉

          • @midcyn – Braindamaged or not you are still more wit than most people I know. It’s becoming more and more obvious that your accident just brought you down to the level of the rest of us. =) And you definitely need to email the photos of you and Celine!

          • @ MidCyn…
            Never guessed a thing. I’m from CA, you seem wittier than most of us here.

          • @JodieO and Snowwhitedrifted: I so ❤ you both!! and all of you who accept me as I am…In my best Eddie voice but in all honesty "This is the only place I can really be myself" THANK YOU FOR THAT!! ❤

          • MidCyn – I think this is the only place we ALL can be ourselves. You are in excellent company. ha!

          • @MidCyn & Ang,
            “This is the only place I can really be myself” THANK YOU FOR THAT!! ”

            isn’t that the truth!

          • That’s amazing that you won + got to meet her! Congrats…
            I have heard Celine is super-nice in person. I once saw (can’t really say met because she didn’t get my name or anything) her briefly in person when she was signing autographs in Montreal. She signed my CD booklet. So it totally made my year/decade/life, and she was so nice to the fans who had assembled to sign tons of autographs after doing this long press conference. Anyways.

            As for you, Cyn, you don’t give yourself enough credit, if you hadn’t written that letter to LTT a few months ago I would have never known your story. I also do not have any reason to think there is anything different about you from your comments! To me you’re as Normal as anyone else around here (and I mean that in a good way) 😉

          • and I agree w/Ang, we are all ourselves around here (for better or worse) and like green that’s “good”

          • @operarose..I so heart you…seriously! That is the main reason I love LTT so much..the people here, I know I must have said this before..but the acceptance I have gotten here, I have not even gotten from close friends..they still expect the same me that I was before the accident and have slowly drifted away when they realize I can no longer be that person. I can never explain HOW MUCH it means to me that even tho I screw up/misunderstand/don’t understand etc., you are all here to help me limp through without judgement and best of all you laugh with me not at me!
            You can never understand how much that means to someone in my shoes…need an Edward tissue now..loves you all….

          • funny, a friend of my fiance's went through something very similar to you when he was younger. He lost most of his friends too after suffering from an incident that left him brain damaged. I think having a few close friends is better than many casual acquaintances, though, in the long run. It's a blow to the ego in this age of Facebook, maybe, but in the end it's nice to know the few friends you do have actually care.

  15. Katiebird – I LOVE your “Edward was just a little boy” comment. I think those kind of things all the time.

  16. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by letter2twilight: I still think of Twilight all.the.time. Do you? http://wp.me/pogYm-28j

  17. Are you kidding me? Only the other night I was at a formal dinner, sitting with a colleague of my husband’s, and it turns out he is a professor at the University of Seattle (!!squeee!!)

    So my heart starts thudding, and I get him to talk about his hometown and the weather and how far it is from Vancouver, (yay!) and I try really hard to think of a way to work Forks into the conversation, but I am too chicken.

    And then, when he politely suggests that we must “come visit them sometimes”, I have to stop myself from vigourously shaking his hand and kissing the top of his head, all the while mentally calculating how I can find out when Breaking Dawn starts shooting, and when they will be in Vancouver, far enough in advance so that I can casually suggest working a visit to Seattle into our schedule – oh, for “work reasons”, obviously!

    Is this Really Normal?? 🙂

  18. My 4 year old son loves Twilight. When getting his hair cut the other day, we kept it long on top. He calls it his spikey hair, however, I like to think of it as his Edward hair. And confession 2, when listening to the NM soundtrack my kids try to guess what is happening during the song in the movie. 9 x’s out of 10, they’re right. My youngest walks around singing Possibility. Last but not least… Took the family to Epcot Saturday. Went in to watch their Canada show during which kept thinking “this looks just like Twilight & when they showed the grizzly…yep you guessed it, it was All I could do to not shout “they’re NOT bears”!

  19. Since I live NEAR where the movie was filmed, of course every day looks like Twilight to me!! That was one reason I loved the movie the first time I saw it, everything looked like home! We even get that weird blue lighting around here.

    But a Twi-Sound of Music mashup!!! omg, yes, please. This is the greatest idea ever!

    I think I will cast Yorkie as Max, the sort-of gayish concert-promoter, agent, publicist for the Von Trapps.

    • LOL- YorkieMax. Now, never in the world of normal would I have imagined a “Max, the sort-of gayish concert-promoter, agent, publicist for the Von Trapps” refernce today.

      The nuns are applauding Edwards virtue and secretly they all want to leg hitch him.

  20. I thought the same think about hearing Vancouver as it relates to the Olympics…it only makes me think of New Moon and Eclipse.

    Sound of Twilight…LOVE. I seriously want to see that movie.

    And I want Katie’s husband to give mine lessons. He still mocks.

    • Same “thing”…that would be.

      • I am jealous about an understanding husband. Last night I was giggling while watching the olympics, solely based on yesterday’s post. My husband made me explain what was so funny. That was when I confessed that I read a daily blog about Twilight. Oh the look on his face (*blink blink* “Wha……..?” fills with 2nd hand embarassment). He then related my twi-love with “…Those freaks that were on the news today celebrating the re-opening of the ‘Captain EO’ ride at Disneyland. I don’t get how people get so into fictional characters.” – He’s a doubting “Charlie”.

    • He still has his moments, but I can’t complain. I still have to remind him, to not tease me, or bring Twilight up in conversation, when we are out with friends.

  21. I’m proud to say that my hubby-to-be references Twilight and Edward all of the time – more than I do. Although it’s a bit more annoying than it is charming. Ever since he saw New Moon in November with me (which I think he might begrudgingly admit he enjoyed), he has been quoting (or mocking?) Bella. He will often say “No, no, Edward no, don’t leave me…” but he’ll quote it at stupid times, like when the dinner burns, he’ll say “no, no,” or when I go into a different room so I don’t have to watch tv with him, he’ll say, “No, _Opera_, don’t leave me!” Then there are times when he mentions Edward, but usually it’s in conjuction with an off-color joke implying something distasteful about Edward’s sexuality. And finally, once in a while he’ll talk about Jacob, usually when we see or hear mention of a wolf. Which I can’t say is often. But when we do see or mention a wolf, usually Jacob comes up in the conversation immediately afterwards.

    • Forgot to mention that I majorly adore the Sound of Music/Twilight mashup. SoM is my favourite, favourite, favourite movie of all time. Erm, I mean, after New Moon, of course.

  22. My new office has a wall of windows that overlooks a wooded area where I see deer every single day. The other day I was telling my Twi-friend’s husband that I hadn’t seen any deer that day and he said “Uh oh, do you think vegetarian vampires got to them?”
    Needless to say I spent the rest of the day looking for Cullens outside my window. Productivity was low that day. PS- the deer did return but not as many. Hmm….

  23. Has anyone heard of mylifeistwilight.com? I discovered it on twitter on a tweet from *cough* another Twi-site that I curiously enough follow, but don’t ever read.

    Anyway, it’s in the style of fml.com only with everyday Twi-references. Mostly its tween girls posting about how they ‘talk’ about Twilight. But some are actually funny.

    P.S. There’s also supposed to be a Harry Potter site of the same style. 🙂

    • I love that web site! As bad as this might sound, my babysitter introduced it to me. I spent an hour reading all of the posts and laughing.

  24. Long-time reader, first-time poster… but I have to confess… Along with slipping in twi-references on a daily basis, and so many different things reminding me of twi… from Volvos to baseball…

    My husband’s first and middle name is actually: Jacob Edward. How can I have a husband with that name and not think of Twilight EVERY DAY? 🙂

    • NO WAY. that’s AMAZING

      • I know, right? I’ve been getting secret satisfaction from that since first reading the books about a year-and-a-half ago. Especially since I’ve always called him ‘Jacob Edward’ when he’s giving me crap about something or we’re playfully bantering, so I didn’t even have to explain myself when calling him by his full name after it became significant to me in a whole new way. I just get to have my own little happy moments with no one the wiser….

        PS – Thank you for LTT/LTR. It was a HUGE (twss) releif to find I, and my friends weren’t the only late-20s / early 30’s chicks OCD about Twi… my husband gives me crap about Twi being ‘teeny-bopper-crap” though I’ve told him I’m not the only non-teen inexplicably in love w/ this stuff. So thanks. You and Moon crack me up daily and make me feel validated in my “it’s not just for teen girls” claim.

    • You are so lucky! Plus, you can’t scream out the wrong name in bed!

    • Far Out. JELOUSSSS.


      • The only thing that would be cooler is if our last name was like Roberts or something. But it’s NOT (bears). Darn it all… Guess you can’t have it all.

        Crap, now I’m getting all addicted to posting. This is so not good. There was a reason I’d been a good girl and refrained from posting until now.

        *downward spirals into a deeper dimension of twi*

        • The same thing happened to me – crossing the line from reader to commenter status is quite a milestone in life. It’s like Bella’s birth is to Edward – definitely something to be celebrated!

    • welcome to the land of commenting!

      and that is way awesome. And so great that his name isn’t being wasted on a non-Twilight-fan-wife.

      • Good call. That WOULD be a waste! I’m glad I could be the one to help, because it gives me far, far more satisfaction than it probably should.

    • I’m kind of shocked I haven’t gotten an email or text from one of my friends who I know checks LTT all the time saying something along the lines of: “___? That was you on LTT comments talking about Jake’s name, wasn’t it?” So far, still undetected… I feel a little sneaky. I wonder if I keep posting (becuase I’m a little hooked now, but I have to try to behave), how long it will take until I say something where one of them will go “OMG, that’s ___!”

  25. There’s a new store that just opened downtown called Ransom. And it’s vintage clothes. And there’s a billboard on the side of the building that has Pattison on it (i guess it’s the type of billboard). I wanna go write an “n” on it.

  26. I do that stupid Bella ketchup bottle shake whenever I’m at a restaurant with those style of condiment containers.

    • It’s the dumbest and least effective way to shake ketchup ever! I always hated that part…plus every time they show Charlie’s steak and fries platter (you know, in the scene where Mike is doing the Beyonce booty shake in the window – I know you know what I’m talking about) I start drooling. Over how good those fries look, not over Mike’s bootylisciousness. I don’t think I’m ready for HIS jelly….

    • OMELE..that is just perfect!!! I SO LOVE IT ANG!!!

  27. 2nd hand embarrassed myself yesterday.. I was trying to give the hubs a msg. and started stammering and stuttering b/c I wasn’t able to remember the msg, At his patient/frustrated look..I blurt out, “Gimmee a break..I am having a Bella moment” I can’t repeat the rest of the conversation..trust…it wasn’t pretty! 🙂

    • HAHAHAHA! I love it!

      I had one of those moments today too. Ugh! Must be the weather. ;P

      • JodieO…THE WEATHER…what is up with this anyway??? They say we may get 40″ btw these two storms..that means I could stand outside (like I evar go outside) while it snows and all you would be able to see is my lil bobble head…oh shitz wait..it might be worth it…I could close my eyes and pretend I am being…um…hugged by Edward…no sorry..forget that (in my best Bella voice)” I hate anything cold wet…” So on second thought…I’ll stick the hubs in the freezer for a few and ask for a kiss..

    • “a Bella Moment” I like that. Much better than “momnesia” or “pregnancy brain”

  28. Ok so I often think twi-related things during day to day life, usually nobody knows except me tho.
    For instance, I live in california so the sun is out quite often so when we have an overcast day thats really dreary I think “oh this is definitely a day that’s safe for vampires to come out” and when I heard the olympics were in Vancouver my mind immediately went to wow Vancouver is a popular place, they shot new moon and eclipse there too 😉

    then this morning on my way back from my yoga class I’m groovin to the radio when the DJ comes on with the hollywood news and first thing he says is that Robert Pattinson admits he and Kristen Stewart are indeed going out, and the funny thing is I thought I really didn’t care but I got all happy and was aww how cute, I kinda embaressed myself when I was the only one in the car, that was interesting 😉

    Oh and the twi husband remark about him knowing the 1918 date is priceless, we should all be so lucky!

  29. Twilight almost sent me to the hospital. Really! The other day was backing out of a parking space, when I glance in my rearview mirror, and lo and behold what do I see but a very Quiluete-looking guy with a long dark and totally Jacob ponytail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I freaked out and almost got into a parking lot accident. Fortunately I didn’t kill anyone over this potentially would-be Jacob/Taylor doppleganger, for he looked nothing like him from the front…BUT how amazing would that have been to have that story to tell the grandkids! But I wouldn’t have grandkids with him because I could never Quil Clout Le someone who wasn’t Jacob and/or Taylor.

    • I recently saw a Taycob doppelganger too! He was shirtless and driving an old school jeep. He was definitely Quil Clout Le worthy.

      • I’m so jealous! It’s like Emmett let him borrow his Jeep for some off-roading adventures! Can I please sign up for THAT camping trip?!?!?

        Please tell me you followed the shirtless doppleganger all the way home and now he is your boyfriend????

        • Ha ha. We were both stopped at a 4 way (TWSS) stop sign. He crossed and I (alone in the car) said outloud, “Helllllllllllo Jacob, how u doin” (Joey Tribiani style). He gave me a little knowing smile and drove a little slower off into the distance. He must know and is totally workin’ the Jacob angle (again, TWSS) box teasing our sorry little twi-hearts.

          • HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yeah – that guys totally knows what he is doing to you/us. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      • ‘Quil Clout Le’ is now a part of my vocabulary, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

        Waiting to cross the road I noticed a ‘could be, nearly, is he, maybe, not quite’ Jacob/Taylor and I thought, dude you are going to do alright in life.

        • It’s stories like these that reaffirm my belief that it is entirely possible that I will indeed find my own real-life Jacob to imprint upon me and live happily ever after, riding our motorcycles off into the sunset as I bask in the russet glow of his buffness.

          • Mmmmmm, I’d be a total Bella at riding a motorbike so I’d just be holding on to him tight…… so I don’t fall off.

            BTW – Everone got so upset at Movie Twilight/New Moon changing Volvo colours, or something, didn’t hit my radar actually. But noone has said a peep about the bikes in New Moon, I mean maybe I’m wrong I’m no motorhead after all, but aren’t they supposed to be really cool old Harley’s? Have I missed something, or could they just not afford the insurance for a 17 year old to crash one. I feel I an explanation is deserved by all Taycob fans everywhere…..or at least to me if noone else gives a hoot.

  30. Totally off topic..well not really b/c I am ONLY watching this show b/c of Twilight!! I figure I am doing some Vampire research watching this Moonlight show..surprised to see that the opening is similiar to the way they did New Moon..also curious to see what happens as the human and vampire are discussing the s.. word…so it seems that not all humans die after sleeping with vampires..will keep you posted… 😉

  31. Hearing the name Vancouver gets me every time! It will forever be linked to the Twilight series for me.

    I’ve also noticed that the word ‘twilight’ is in every book I read*—it was never there before (was it?)—but now it cause me to pause mid-sentence every time. I’m starting to wonder if it is me and the books I’ve chosen or if Stephenie commissioned a study to choose her first title based on the references found in other books.
    *This includes pre-twilight published non-teen-related books.

    But my favorite Twi-reference incident:

    Getting way too excited when my non-Twilight friends chose Multipulciano wine at dinner one night–and having to pretend that I was so excited because I knew it was a good wine.

    Luckily I was there to tell them how to pronounce it and remember which wine it was when they wanted a second glass.
    (“Are you sure it was one?” “Yep-it was Multipulciano-trust me,” stated a little too eagerly. ::four slightly confused glances in my direction::)

  32. I have to share. I’m watching New Moon right now and Edward just told Bella “I don’t want you to come.”

    I laughed out loud and now have very naughty images in my screwed up head. That scene will never be the same. And I’m totally okay with that. 🙂

  33. I tried to get my daughter to buy a t-shirt for her doll that had the New Moon tulip on it when we were at the Build A Bear Shop this last week. I told her it was a Twilight t-shirt and she told me no. My husband rolled his eyes at me. I took a picture of it and sent it to friends and family that would understand.


  34. A somewhat related note: I’m starting to confuse Rob with things my SO does/says/lived/etc. The other day the SO said something about the show Medium and I said, “Oh yeah, didn’t you have a thing for Patricia Arquette?” then immediately “flushed” b/c I realized about .5 seconds later that it was definitely Rob that had said that in some interview. Shame. On. Me.

  35. JodieO…check your email..no laughing!!

  36. Almost too embarrassed to write this:

    My bf proposed to me over the weekend (YAY ME!!) and he said that he couldnt imagine living in a world without me in it…of course, my first thought was — did he just steal Edward’s line?? Suffice to say, I said yes 🙂

    • Congratulations!!..even if he DID steal the line from Edward..show’s he got good taste (sort of ) in movies..IS in touch with what woman want and IS definately a keeper!! Again Congratulations!!

      • 🙂 Thanks! The sweetest thing is the way he said it – in all earnestness (or edward-ness) … of course, five years from now I’ll find out he was secretly reading Twilight to copy the best lines and assure himself a “yes”…

        And thanks for reminding me that I’M NORMAL!!

        • More guys should follow that advice the assure themselves a “yes”! This should apply to dating as well, and even picking up on girls in bars…I would fall for it, that’s for sure!

    • Congratulations!!!

      And how appropriate that LTT had a wedding-theme post last weekend, too… now you know where to start with the wedding planning 😉

    • Congratulations!

    • Amazing! And congrats! Also – how long are you going to wait to tell him that your first thought after his proposal was Twilight related?!?!? Or have you already?!?!? Do tell!

      • I think I have to wait several years until I admit that to him. He is all too familiar with my Twilight obsession, but I dont want him to think I was focusing on anything other than his awesome-ness while he was proposing 🙂

        As for the twilight wedding post – I, too, thought that was fitting 😉 However, the most I’ll agree to do is take some tasteful pictures with an apple in my hand. And maybe all the white flowers… but no life-size Edward cut-outs as party favors. Probably…

        • Ha -yeah, best wait until after the vows are officially spoken and the witnesses have signed the papers, and for good measure wait until after the honeymoon THEN you can tell him…

          Good idea on the Edward cut-outs as favors though. You should also get one special life-size cut out, rig the arm with an elaborate rope and pulley system, and have him cut the cake!

        • Congratulations!!!
          Very cool that your FI is well aware of your twi-obsession and loves you for it. I think my husband would have taken the vows back if he knew “…for better or for worse.. and if your wife one day reads the Twilight saga and all hell breaks loose.” was part of the subtext.

  37. I see you are a fan of Twilight. I think you would enjoy my post from today Wednesday, Feb. 24th. Go Check it out and let me know what ya think.

    God Bless!

  38. Jjust realized (cause I just did it again) that I hold my hand the same way Bella does when she looks at the wall of graduation caps and right before Eddie dances with her in his (le sigh) bedroom…oh never mind I think its just arthritis…;)

    • LOL, I’m cracking up over how much our lives remind us of Twilight today. You hold your hand like Bella.

      I have another one too. I was in a store about three weeks ago and they had a dress with a very similar look/style as the one Bella wore to the prom in Twilight. I immediately thought, “oooh Bella’s dress.” But I didn’t buy it, but the next weekend I regretted it and went back to get it, it wasn’t too expensive after all… well, suffice to say it was sold out and I am still in mourning. I had a great outfit planned around it that involved a tan embroidered sweater, leggings, tennis shoes, and a super handsome immortal vampire…

      • LMAO..so funny that you brought the dress up..seriously ..cause I have been online for days now looking at Mother of the Groom dresses and came across a couple like Bella’s…wanted so much to buy one for myself but since the wedding is Black/Red/Silver….ooohh Twilight colors..(snap out of Cyn)..I cannot pull off a blue dress…but wanted to buy it anyway…

        On another note…you know your a Twi-fanatic when someone can actually threaten you because of it! Let me explain.. just recently a friend sent a Get Well Gift to Middle Daughter who recently got hurt pretty bad skiing, I promised to get it to her, until it arrived and was a huge box of famous, expensive cookies…anyway…I sent the gift giver an email telling her they had arrived and how delicious they were..she wrote back and said..”You better not have eaten them, cause if you did, the next time I visit, your going to wake up wrapped in a Jacob blanket with a very large round tattoo on your arm, hair cut short, Twilight DVD gone and I will be holding your Eddie blanket for ransom for a very long time!!! I had the cookies out of the house the very next day! 😉

        • ouch- that’s a harsh punishment! Your daughter sure knows what will get you moving though!

          You might be able to find a dress in a similar style but different color! My mom recently got a nice one, and now that I think of it it is blue and a somewhat similar idea to the Bella dress…hmmm…

          • LOL..it wasn’t my daughter who threatened Blanket Eddie..it was the friend who sent her the cookies to make her feel better!!! My kids love me too much…or don’t want to push me over the edge…. 😉

    • I point like Bella now!!! With a crooked finger… And I also pull my ponytail like her when she sits up in bed after thinking she sees Edward. That’s normal right?

  39. When Chris Weitz mentioned Akira Kurosawa as one of his fav. directors (his kung-fu is so strong) I was excited and inspired to rewatch Seven Samurai – in my DVD collection it snuggles right between Kung Fu Hustle and Twilight.

    Anyway, halfway thru this looooooong masterpiece I was jolted into total amazement – IT HAS A MEADOW SCENE- a pretty awesome one at that.

    I have since been looking for meadow scenes in every movie I watch, adding Sound Of Music to the list.

  40. Just checking….but this is “normal” right?


    Yeah everything reminds me of Twilight… and this is how I feel about Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson. Except I’m grown up…haha. Thanks to UC for this vid!


  41. Another 1st time commenter…eeek how scary!

    I have so many Twilight moments…

    The other day a guy came into work to do a transaction and told me it was complicated, I of course replied “I’m sure I can keep up”, he just looked at me kind of nonplussed but my friend and fellow Twi-addict just about choked at the counter next to me.

    Husband (who is not quite a unicorn) was playing baseball on the wii the other day while I was on the laptop so I put on the Twilight soundtrack for the authentic Cullen atmosphere… made him laugh anyway cos he knew what I was up to.

    Then tonight he got me to help do his head with the clippers to get it straight at the back, so I said “My monkey man!” To be fair he was a bit baffled but when I mentioned it was from Twilight he instantly knew it was Emmett/Rosalie from the baseball scene. As I say he’s not quite a unicorn but has seen the movies (in his words “Just not in public!”)

    • Welcome to comment-land! Love the baseball story – more and more I am seeing that a lot of LTTrs wound up with some good catches in the husband department – not only did he not make fun of you for doing these things, he GOT the joke!

      Next time someone comes into your work with a similar situation, you should pull a Jasper and say “Oh I think we can handle that.” At least you have coworkers who you can joke about this with – no one here would know what the heck I was talking about…sad, huh?!?!?

    • Welcome! Welcome!
      Awww, I Love all of these stories!!! Twilight is EVERYWHERE!

  42. Embarassing Twilight confession: I keep my car stereo volume always set at 17 because….well, if I have to explain, you’re not a Twilight fan! It’s dumb, but I can’t help myself! It’s like a touch-the-doorknob-three-times OCD thing!

  43. my head just popped up when Sal on E! or MTVNews said “Vancouver”…..twilight, you’re always on my mind

    srsly today in English we were “EXPLICATING” some poe in poe and it said evil robes and suddenly my pencil was writing VOLTURI!! OH NOES!!! on my paper…yeah its still there

    “green is good”, and “where else am i gonna go” are my TOP twi references….. as well as my LTT/LTR references as “fake lesbians” and jorts

  44. I’m 30 something and live a nearly 2000 miles away, but my dad called me Monday night because he pulled up next to a Jeep with an “I drive like a Cullen” sticker and thought of me. So heart-warming and sweet of him, but also alarming! How obnoxious am I that my dad 2 time zones away is aware of my OCD!?

  45. My “uncle” was posting pics on FaceBook of his first wife (my blood Aunt who passed away) and there was a picture of them at La Push Beach. I totally Squeeeeed, pointed (to no one BTW), and yelled out “they were on Quileute Land!!!”

  46. I have a 9 year old son. He throws me a bone every now and then. Like when he’s on his way outside and I yell “Be careful!” he replies back “Always am.” Or when I ask him how long he’s been playing the Wii, he responds in perfect vampire form… “Awhile”.

    My husband ont he other hand has never seen Twilight because “he refuses to enable my obession.” …which is a lie because he bought me a New Moon puzzle, calendar and even New Moon Bandages for Christmas. He comes first but Edward is a VERY close 2nd.

  47. Since I am currently reading “Frostbite” aka Book 2 of The Vampire Academy series, I am constantly thinking back to the Cullen family and the other vampires in the Twilight Saga and comparing the differences between vampires… like vampires are ACTUALLY real and there are REAL RULES to writing about vampires… I am always like “Edward doesn’t do that!” Hahaha… So, thanks to Stephenie Meyer for writing my “vampire rules” hahahahha.

    • I just realized after reading your post that I also consider Stephenie’s “vampire rules” my new norm–without even really realizing it–LOL!

      It is SO obvious, how could I have ever believe all those myths–of course they stay out of the sun because they sparkle; and how is it that physics all of a sudden doesn’t apply (mirrors and pictures); and why would garlic cause problems–doesn’t it actually help with blood flow and prevent clotting–shouldn’t that be a positive as far as vampires are concerned?! ; )

      • I’m doing the same with wolves (like, wolves?) too. There was a programme on TV about them the other week and it had a part where the Alpha and Beta (yes they actually used Bella’s term!) were fighting, and another where the female of the pack wanted to prove that she was the fastest runner. I just thought “Well obviously, everyone knows Leah’s the fastest!”

  48. […] I saw your recent ad campaign with Nikki Reed. Beautiful choice, going with a Twilight star. Verizon is doing it. Anti-smoking campaigns are doing it. Hot Topic did it and now you are using Twilight […]

  49. OMG I am soooo glad I’m not the only one who does this!

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