A Twilight themed wedding (take 2)

Dear Brides to be, girls hoping to be brides to be & Bella in the last part of Eclipse and first few pages of Breaking Dawn,

Once upon a time, Aunties Moon & UC answered answered a letter from a Twi Bride to Be on how to best adorn her wedding with Twilight-related ideas & items and we had some really unique ideas to share. I suggest catching up on that letter if it’s been awhile or you never read it. Here are a few highlights to remind you of our brilliant ideas:

Glitter: Don’t forget to adorn yourself in glitter. You need to be a sparkling beauty for all your guests. If The Stuward is a unique guy (and it sounds like he is) he might want to adorn himself in glitter as well.  For added effect, why don’t you have his chest exposed slightly- just have the buttons done half-way and have his jacket open.  If you have the extra money, dim the lights in the room & have a spotlight shine directly on his chest (that way the audience will really see him sparkle)

Music: Walk down the aisle to something from the Twilight soundtrack.  It depends on what you’re like. If you want a party atmosphere, we suggest Perry Farrell’s “Go all the way.” If you’d like something more somber, maybe walk down to “Clair de Lune.” That’s probably a good choice as it’s pretty unique and probably hasnt’ been done in many weddings. If you want my honest opinion, I’d suggest walking down to “Never Think” by Robert Pattinson.  How beautiful would it be to walk toward your Stuward hearing the guy who played Edward sing a song? I have chills thinking of the moment…

Of course we ended the letter with a strong suggestion for those readers who don’t yet understand s-a-r-c-a-s-m to NOT listen to our advice. I made this statement:

Don’t ever ever ever ever ever mirror your wedding after a book about vampires.

And I have to say, I take it back….. in this case:

The wedding planned explained:

We mainly took our inspiration from the fourth book in The Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer, Breaking Dawn, in which the two characters Bella and Edward get married. The wedding was described as taking place at the house where Edward and his family live in the woods surrounded by all white flowers. We also took inspiration from the iconic cover of the first book where hands are holding an apple. Apples were used as escort cards, candleholders, a cake topper, and our signature beverage, hot apple cider…..For the bouquet, we used peonies, roses, lisianthus, dusty miller and bluporum tied with a simple white ribbon that had the words “so the lion fell in love with the lamb” written by our calligrapher, Calligraphy Katrina.

Notice there’s no glitter, no red ribbons & no fake blood. (What kind of Twilight-themed wedding IS this!?)

Would YOU do this!?

Dreaming of throwing my wedding again (and speeding up that “Find Moon a husband” project so I can pick out my Breaking Dawn inspired Bridesmaid dress. I’m pushing for something reminiscent of French lingerie… 🙂 ),

Hop on over to the wedding site where this wedding is mentioned. There are more pictures and it’s TRULY breathtaking!

Someone sent this to me and I TOTALLY forget who. I’m sorry. I suck. Forgive me person who sent this to me!?

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51 Responses

  1. Umm.
    I would so do that.
    Just without the badges . . .
    I also found this one: http://www.weddingchicks.com/tag/twilight-wedding/
    months ago that I L.O.V.E. and would TOTALLY use it as inspiration for a wedding.
    I just love all the little antiquey/vintagey touches; they’re soooooo ME. Plus I love the look of the red and black together.

  2. that was way better than what I imagined a Twilight themed wedding and I WILL get thumbed down for this but I have to say it: the lion-lamb line on the ribbon is kinda lame.

  3. IF it didnt have all the things with edward and bellas name on it (like, its my wedding, step off bitch) then yeah its really nice.

    • I completely agree – take away all mention of Twilight (which kind of defeats the point of a Twilight themed wedding) and I totally love this. The woods outside, all the floral arrangements, I totally love it!

    • “like, its my wedding, step off bitch”….lol, agreed

  4. I don’t plan to become anyone’s Mrs. again but I could see doing this. It’s not red and black, there’s not a chess board in sight, and no one’s drinking punch made to look like blood. Take the Edward/Bella names off of everything, it might not be Twilight themed at all. No one has to know *wink*.

  5. I have to say, I agree with those above. The flowers and table settings are gorgeous, but having Edward and Bella’s names on things doesn’t do it for me. Unless the couple’s names are Bella and Edward…

    Hmm…. *contemplates having Team Tuesday buttons made*

  6. Even better…add random quotes

    “My love for you is strong…like Kung Fu”

    “You make me fursplode out of my jorts”

    “Our love will never fade to black”

    “He loves me for my little bottles”

    “Dinner served at eight….Spider Monkey”

    “10 pm – we’re still dancing”

    “Irrevocably in love…undoubtedly chagrined at gravy boat”

    “My other wife is a human”

    “My other jusband is a wolf/vamp”

    “Thank you for being part pf our special day….spider monkey”
    Go ahead….add spider monkey to EVERYTHING!

    Hamster = love

    • My spelling has gone to the wolves *groan* Its 4 am…please be forgiving this…. 🙂

      • I’m so glad you mentioned spelling mistake Illegal, I would have seriously spent the whole day trying to figure out the significance of ‘jusband’ and probably would have come up with something too.

        Maybe being able to find Twi-significance in everything will one day be a recognised syndrome.

    • Yay for “irrevocably”! Of course, I would have given you a thumbs up anyway… especially for “He loves me for my little bottles.” I know that’s what I look for in a man… if you feed them and get them drunk, they’ll keep coming back.

    • “Our love will never fade to black”

      I ❤ this big time.

    • Holy shit thats funny.

      How about:

      “We met in Biology but we have great Chemistry”

      “Stop glowering at the little things”

      “You had me at khaki skirt”

      “You had me at blouse”

  7. I loved your quotes illegal. They were awesome!

    A twilight themed wedding? Not so sure about that. I always wanted to have a Bollywood themed wedding… Hmmm tough question…

  8. I don’t know if I’ll ever get married. I’m so happy with my living in sin arrangement. I’m sure when Baby A is fifteen she’ll start calling her mommy and daddy “old hippies” and demand it. Even though I have never seen someone who is thirty-two considered old… Thirty-two? *dies*

    Those pictures are pretty but I think that the worst part of having a Twilight themed wedding is that I would know what I had done. Forever. Irrevocably.

    Besides, I want hot pink and black. All that green is freaking me out.

  9. looks like a beautiful wedding. but i wouldn’t have went with all the twilight references. it is better if you the bride know that she based her wedding off of twilight, but for the guests to know is just a bit weird. defiantly wold have forgone on the team bella and team edward pins.

  10. I had white feathers in my bridal bouquet, but I got married in 2005, BEFORE the books were out. However, now when I see my wedding pics, the feathers make me snicker.

  11. I wouldn’t have the “Edward and Bella” stuff, but the tablescape is lovely! I really like all the green, flowers and the candles in the apples.

  12. Hey, they forgot to mention that the Edward and Jacob manllows can be ushers…

    In all seriousness, just yesterday I implied how awful it would be to have a Twilight themed wedding but this is a great example of how to subtly work the theme into a wedding. The hardest part about wedding planning is coming up with a cohesive flower/color/decoration theme. And in this case, the apples/outdoorsy theme is quite elegant especially for a late summer/early fall wedding. (I went to a wedding last October with a sort of garish orange/navy blue color scheme and the rich greens, white and hint of reds of these colors are so, so much nicer for the season!) Like some comments above I think the wedding could have done without the quotes and the names of characters entirely; that’s a bit cheesy if you have guests who do know the books and a bit confusing for those who don’t. But overall this wedding is so elegant! ack…now I feel like rethinking my wedding theme, too!

    • Also, I don’t know about you all, but by fiance would absolutely, irrevocably, never ever let me have Twilight quotes and buttons at our wedding. Imagine the groom’s feelings of insecurity at having “Edward” mentioned on all of the party favours.

      • Thumbs up for you, too! Team Irrevocably! 🙂

      • if you read the website you’ll note that this was like a promo event set up, for the planners to showcase their talents. not an actual person’s wedding. i was totes confused too for a min by all the edward and bella names everywhere, but it wasn’t for a real wedding, just like a “look here’s what we can do” 😉

  13. No mention of wedding vowels? How about-

    ‘I promise never to mention that other really hot guy whom I am also in love with.’*

    Or taking turns reading out the entire series – that will weed out the pretenders. Especially when other totally hot guy turns up to read Jake’s POV from BD. And think how much fun it will be for the guests-especially if they have nothing to eat or drink!**

    *Unless he shows up at inappropriate times like our wedding.
    **Intentionally non-subtle hint to anyone planning a wedding.

  14. I think that wedding set up is beautiful and about as tastefully done as you can get without it being cheesy and obvious. I plan on incorporating my Twi-love into my big day but not the wedding itself. A lightly twilighted bridal shower is in the works. I might get some bridal portraits done in a meadow like setting. I don’t want to be too obvious but I know my fiance will get it.

    • “lightly twilighted” – I love this! You’ve just given me a name for the way I live my life. I’m just kidding…sorta.

      • No way you can pass yourself off as “lightly twilighted” but A for effort Ang!! 😉

      • Examples of lightly twilighted:

        While picking out apples at the grocery store, you hold them each in both hands “cover” style before putting them in the bag. When the stock boy looks at you funny you think “Oh yeah, he’s so reading my mind Edward style”.

        While at the check out at Dollar Tree you spy a blonde girl with big boobs with a bitch face and laugh to yourself “Oh she’s such a Rosalie!”

        Everytime someone orders the Ravioli Di Portabello at my place of work, The Olive Garden, I cannot resist saying “one mushroom ravioli” when I bring them their meal.

  15. I wonder if it’s legal to marry my Jakellow…

  16. Hold the phone. No glitter? Not a Twilight wedding. Haha.

    I think I agree with most of you, this is all very pretty, minus the Twilight refs. I think looking at pics with people wearing Team Bella buttons would be cringe-worthy in a few years. Unless the brides name is Bella and the groom is Edward, and they just wanted to label people to make it easy to seat them on the right side in the church.

    I don’t lurve the cake, but I do think the table is very very pretty.

  17. Haaaaaale to the no! This is a SECRET guilty pleasure. Ain’t no way I’m throwing “Team Edward” shit around on that special day.

    ALL obvious allusions to Twilight aside, it’s a beautiful theme. I love the apples and the bright greens. Very fun. But so help me God, if I even THINK about putting that lion/lamb quote on ANYTHING that will make an appearance at my wedding, I want you to sit my fiance (that I haven’t met yet, for the record) down and tell him to run the hell away from me as fast as he possibly can.

    I’ve actually never really given any thought to the kind of wedding I’d want. I’m a total girl fail in that sense. But I know what I DON’T want, and that is a tween vampire themed wedding. No.

  18. I got married *cough* years ago, and I’ll don’t think I’ll EVER do it again, but if I did I might consider something like this. I mean, a Twilight theme is a little more classy than the “Pimps and Ho’s” scheme I’d originally had in mind.
    I’d definitely not use the lion/lamb quote…I’d use irrevocably for sure.
    I’d probably also use AG’s vows from Wide Awake, too… “For Better or for Bullshit…”
    God, I love that woman.

  19. I just had a bride contact me about doing some favors for her Twilight themed wedding. She was doing a sparkly blue and black theme and wanted some door favors for her guests.

    This is what we made: http://kimskandykreations.blogspot.com/2010/01/twilight-wedding.html

    Thought it turned out cool. Would sure like to have seen how things turned out in the end.

  20. What a tasteful way to interpret the saga. I was a little leery when I saw the headline, and after seeing various Twilight themed places/decor, I expected the black and red. The cake was beautiful and I like the reversal of color for the apple. It had enough detail for those on the “In” but not so much that someone who was unaware of Twilight would be clued in.

  21. I can see that the reaction is mainly positive to this whole…thing. But I am still cringing at the thought of revolving the alleged ‘most important day of one’s life’ around a book series.
    Maybe if you took away the apples, and all the Edward/Bella stuff (again, that’s probably in lieu of actual bride and groom names) it would be a very pretty wedding.
    God if I could organise a wedding that only had 8 guests, I’d actually consider the whole debacle.
    Instead, later this year my mother has convinced me to have a party, which I have named The “Cledbo and Mr Cledbo are never getting married, so suck it” Party.

    I’m with fangbanger on the whole “I would know what I had done” guilt spiral, as well.

  22. In my opinion, aside from the practically-not-there hints like “First Sight”, this isn’t really Twilight-inspired. It’s an apple themed wedding with vintage undertones. Sorry, but apples are not trademarked to Twilight!

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