Are you ready for this?! It’s LTT PODCAST time!!

LTT/LTR Podcast... it's this intense

Dear LTT-ers,

Ever wanted to hear my sexy smokers voice? Or how about the high pitched voices of guys talking about Twilight? Well you guys asked for it and as they say “ask and ye shall receieve.” We heard tons of feedback from you guys about our recent letters from folks like The Font and White Yorkie and thought it was time to take this dog and pony show to the airwaves. That’s right we recorded the first episode to our very own PodCast! We covered your questions, what’s new in the Twidom and had a lot of laughs in between. And besides we just like to hear ourselves talk (cue hater comments).

The PodCast will be available on iTunes soon (once we get approved!) so you will be able to sync you ipod and get the latest podcasts as we upload them. But for today we’re linking to the file so that you can download and listen! Unless you work with sailors, I’d probably recommend using earphones. Get ready to laugh, cry, grab you pitckforks and beg for me…

The Untitled PodCast by LTT/LTR (catchy, huh?!)

They said WHAAATT??

Episode One, Part One! (download it here, right click on the link and save as)
Hosted by Moon (UC was being a nerdstar and getting our servers migrated, she will join us next time!)
The Font and White Yorkie

Stuff covered:
Let’s get to know The Font & White Yorkie
News – What’s up with the lack of Eclipse Exclusives, Ashley Greene, Gender bender recasts, Rob in Details
Reader Questions/Our Questions – Team Jacob/Team Edward, Mythology/Folklore in Twilight (or lack thereof), Drinking like a man, Leghitch 2010, Erogenous zones, how Twilight should have gone, My murderous tendencies, Rob’s Style, Professional Drinking…
Lots of tangents!

DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!!! We will be posting part two next week and fingers crossed it will be up on iTunes for you to subscribe to! Have a question for the next episode of our Untitled podcast? Think we’re awesome, think we’re stupid, have a topic you want covered? EMAIL US!

Let’s chat it up!

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130 Responses

  1. How exciting – looking forward to listening to your dulcet tones! Well done ladies (and The Font and White Yorkie)!! xx

  2. I am so excited I think I have a little coming out of my pants.

  3. Whoa..the P word 1st thing in the morning!!! Spit my coffee out..will be sending cleaning bill!! 🙂 Still listening..more later..maybe…

    • My thoughts as I am listening:
      WHO Is clicking the pen??? Slap that person plz.. ok …typical guys..the V word just came in and they cannot make up their minds EVAR!…! Poor Moon trying to make sense of two men trying to make sense! Ahhh pen clicking stopped…thanx…nope started again….HUH??? Hopefully NO 14 yr old girls are listening to this!!!! Ok now a good conversation about the vampires souls..oops…how did “balls” get tossed in there?….(Not one sip of coffee has actually made it into my mouth)…Again, poor Moon…really making SUCH an effort here… 😉 …..Love Webleberity!!! 😉 Ahhh..they love Moon!!! <3…Great question Brooke! NO (I) am NOT interested in him b/c he is famous….for me it is his character as Edward that makes him attractive…again typical guys..yeah maybe we'll be there at leg hitch 2010…no commitment…great music!!! In conclusion, pretty damn funny…Moon great try…but let's be honest..THEY ARE SUCH GUYS….in 30 mins. they managed to avoid really answering any questions and got to talk about the P word, the V word, the D word and even snuck the word climax in!!! Gonna try and get some coffee down now!!

  4. Wiiii! You guys are going pro. Excellent!

  5. I’m jumping up and down with excitement as I wait for it to get downloaded! Wheee!

  6. I’m just over half way through it, and it’s awesome so far!
    I’m loving the guys’ perspectives. So funny!

    PS. I am neither a 14 year old OR a married woman washing dishes while her husband washes dishes. Moon is right – there are 20 year olds listening 🙂

  7. Duuuuuuuude. It’s reallllly, reallllly long (that’s what the Font wished she said).

    Imma have to figure out how to hold still for this long.

    Maybe I should duct tape myself to the desk chair?

    Nice voices. I can tell that y’all think you are superior and hate babies from your voices alone.

    PS. To White Yorkie. Your name still sucks. I’m still gonna picture you as a tiny white dog. Be aware.

    PPS. I’m not included in this “these people” that you are talking about. I don’t give a fuck if Ashley gets naked or if Rob licks the titty of some naked chick and they take pictures of it. Just thought I should clear that up.

    • PPPS. Eff you, dude. I’m not 14 or washing the damned dishes. I have a lover who washes the dishes for me.

      Twenty-two, biatch.

    • Can’t… Listen… At work… Fangy, why don’t you break it down for us with tweets?

    • Use the alchemy-visualization on mediaplayer. It’s like watching live footage of the big bang on crack.

    • Fang… spouting a little vitriol today! Watch out!

      • Fangy is a hater! A hater, dammit!

        But really, they can run the podcast however they want. It’s their blog.

        I just wanted it to be clear that while I am lame, I am not the type of lame that they think I am.

        Also, I still think “White Yorkie” is kind of a racist name. Where are “White Tyler” “Asian Jake” and “Black Edward”?

        • Ah, Fangbanger… You’re definitely my new favorite.

          I’m totally fine with you picturing me as a little defenseless dog. It was just a name a picked for lack of time/creativity. Part of me thinks it’s too late to turn back now…

          Thanks for listening. Your, ah, vitriol is most welcome.

          PS – I like babies from all races.

          • Oooooh, get a room or have a duel with her lover why doncha?

          • I know, right?

            You ever see a little Native American baby in a papoose?

            OMG. Cute overload.

            It is probably too late. I just wanted you to grovel and say that you were may have made a mistake.

            Mission accomplished.

            *cracks whip*

        • Officially changing name to “South East Asian Leah” cause its never too late to change and Hansen’s still looking at me funny ( I’m not into BooBoo a-hole!) And since I missed the luuurve fest yesterday…I will seduce you AND Spizz in Twiku…

          I will be
          the fake plant behind
          talk show couch

          Treaty lines will not
          keep me away from being
          a pain in the ass

          The Jacob
          in your epic love
          just a friend?

          let me be the hot
          Brazilian wife to your
          futebol Bobbygee

          Confused about my feelings yet? Yeah me too…i lub you guys…

          • Bobbygee
            wears white bell bottoms
            wife is hawt

            Dils is my
            fake lesbian for
            life, of course

            Marry me
            I said to her and
            Pizz. They do.

          • It seems that you and Spizz have a rival for my affections…(Tay is that you?) Its getting all Big Love up in here…me loves it! Btw…rest of the hot tub? I’ll see u in the hot tub…Can I get a bow chicka wow wow?

            *crickets irrevocably chirp*

    • Ahem! *borrows Fangy’s soapbox*

      I listened to the first twelve minutes of it. Had to stop due to work. But I just have to share my impression thus far. I love, love, love LTT/LTR for the charming, funny altenate universe platform it provides us in helping us pretend this is all normal. Moon and UC’s command of our made up universe of jorts, buttcrack Santa, cougaritas, and unicorns is in my humble opinion what make these blogs so awesome and very much worthy of what should be productive work time. In short the scribble The Font and his sidekick are (cue Edward) NOT. GOOD. FOR. US. It seems like they want to enjoy and be part of the hillarity that the girls created, but are too embarrased to embrase it. Moon, you don’t need to apologize or sound apologetic for running a mega successful Twiblog that has it’s own lingo and its own gravitational pull. This is your world, they are just lucky to get nut. Maybe if it was just one of them at a time they wouldn’t feel the need to spew the obligatory I’m-not-gay-because-like-this-stuff comments. For instance, in this altenate reality it’s ok to wonder if Rob’s peen glitters in every movie. Don’t be afraid to ponder it. (ok, so maybe I WILL think you are gay for thinking about that, but it is what it is…. Besides you brought it up (no pun intended))

      If I’m off base, just blame it on the al-al-al al-al-alchohol (from the night before).

      End Rant

      *dust off soapbox and hands it back to Fangy* *straightens suit, pats hair and resumes productive activity*

      • We need to get UC in there to even out the playing field! 😉

      • im definitely not apologetic! and never have been. i’ve even written a letter about it. i love these blogs and you guys and for the most part everyone in my world knows that. this is a funny way to talk about something that is crazy!! these are normal conversations i have about twilight, explaining it to “civilians” and people who have maybe a LITTLE bit of knowledge about the space.

        besides we’re having a good time! twilight is FUNNY, guys and girls are FUNNY. put them together and its gold. we’ve never been exclusive and will always remain open to whoever wants to come and hang out here.

      • I listened to the second half, to be fair…. and yeah, I stand by my statement. Then again, it helps if you know the person personally and sometimes humor gets lost in translation. But then again, what do I know? pffff

  8. How exciting. Looking forward to listening to it 🙂

  9. I’m fangirling all over this! Yay, can’t wait to download and lmao!

  10. BLARG! I want to listen now…. but I’m at work. *flails*

    • Me too! I need a transcript!

    • Me three! 😦 Someone throw us a summary, or a tweet or something?

      • no transcripts!!! you gotta hear it for yourself! but i did write out some of the topics we covered!

        i think you’ll love it, i do

        • *mutters something about Moon being a cockblocker*

          • Moon didn’t want us to come a la Edward…unless we’d listened to her podcast first. I’ve felt left alone in the woods all day with nothing meaningful to contribute on LTT! Good thing an Alpha Wolfmanshapeshifter just dropped by in his jorts and picked me up off of the forest floor and handed me my ipod with the podcast on it.

        • ‘kay, I’m finally home @ 11pm and it’s downloading onto the ipod for tomorrow morning! 24 hrs late, but something’s better than nothing!

    • You got namedropped big time! (For some reason I’m saying that in Mike Welch’s voice…)

    • Tell me about it! LTT needs this thing that I think ESPN has. If you are watching a game online there is a little icon in the corner that says “Boss.” If you click it, it brings up a spreadsheet so it looks like you’re doing work. Classic!

  11. So I think this should be a regular treat … like The Quad version XY. It was kind of hilarious. And I’m already laughing thinking about The Font and White Yorkie perusing the comments all day just to see what people said about them.

    • it will be providing you all keep providing the questions. we already have another one gone, so stay tuned!

  12. I can’t figure out which dude is which. Which one saw Twilight in the theater?

    Think it is the dude that wants to date Edward cause he would be submissive.

  13. Second rant…
    I know they are answering my questiosns and I can’t listen *stomps feet*

    Maybe I’ll download on work compy at lunch… oh this could be bad news bears.

    Work IT people are hawks!

  14. Can I just say that I love everyone who is trying like hell to listen to a twilight podcast at the office? Y’all are my heroes. I’m still in my jammies, one kid at school, one watching Pocahontas (uh, duh, this is how I get my LTR/LTT time in) and I am able to laugh out loud and talk to my computer because I’m not in an office. I promise to never take that for granted!

    Regarding said podcast. I LOVE The Font, and White Yorkie, and may have already grilled Moonie about whether or not they are ~A. single ~B. going to hang w/ us in LA `C. Have twitter accounts….which all makes perfect sense because I am married. *facepalm. Then again, its pretty par for the course with this entire twilight/rob obsession I have…oh the ways my life has changed…haha.

    I may or may not be preparing a list of questions for the next podcast… 😉

  15. I’m like 2 mins in and already cracking up. This is awesome. I love The Font and White Yorkie. For some reason I love when a guy rags on me for my Twilight love. But does so in a good-natured way. I’m masochistic.

    • P.S. definitely not 14. Or married with a man in the garage. (that’s what she said). Just a 25 yr old who inexplicably likes a terribly written story about ludicrous characters. Nothing weird about that.

      • Let’s all say it: That’s normal!!

      • You are kick ass awesome and I agree.

        PS thanks for offering to come save my ass this weekend.

        • Anytime! I’m glad you didn’t get stranded, but was also a little sad because I think we could’ve done some serious damage. I’m pretty sure you and I could take The Font and White Yorkie easily in a drinking contest, as I know neither of us crazy bitches fuck around when it comes to the skillful art of boozing. Another time.

    • exactly. welcome to my life. i love being teased in a good nature-d way!

  16. So I’m neither 14 or washing dishes (I’m actually folding laundry) thank you very much!! I just turned 30 in Oct and am totes HOT, though I don’t claim to be in the same league as Gisele, Alassandra Ambrosio, or Adreana Lima, I am Brazilian and have an exotic first name, thank you very much!!
    That being said I heart the Font and White Yorkie, if I wasn’t happily married I’d be all up on your shizz

  17. Gah! Of course today of all days, I’ve got back to back meetings and can’t listen to this until later this afternoon or even tonight. All day I’m gonna be daydreaming of the sweet voices of The Font and White Yorkie talking about erogenous zones. Somehow I’m envisioning TF and WY as LTT/LTR’s own personal “Ask Jake” from Glamour.

  18. Awe, this is a belated Christmas gift to us.
    So glad my office has a door.

  19. I listened to this as I was working, so it’s possible that I wasn’t paying very close attention to it. BUT let me try to sum up for those of you who can’t listen + my commentary in parentheses:

    White Yorkie wants us to talk about his junk. Even though his junk doesn’t sparkle… (and if it doesn’t sparkle, really, what’s the point?)

    It’s possible that the reason Eclipse hasn’t been promoted is because it’s bad. (It’s a Twilight movie, of course it’s bad… in a lovable, kitschy way.)

    They talked about the Details photo shoot and Rob being a celebrity, but I stopped paying attention because I really just didn’t get the Details photos. (I like frontal nudity as much as the next person, but I didn’t understand the theme of the shoot. Rob was a Miami Vice extra hanging out with coked out models?)

    One (seriously can’t tell your voices apart) is Team Jacob because Jacob seems more real and likable, the other would like to date Edward because he seems like a submissive type. (I have to say that I agree that Edward would probably bottom, but only because he’s afraid of hurting the human top.)

    The conversation eventually turned to a discussion about vampire and sci-fi lore, criticizing SMeyer’s characterizations of vampires. (I love whichever one of them mentioned the Silmarillion… as a vampire/sci-fi nerdish person, I had to get over this to read Twilight. SMeyer admitted that she didn’t know anything about vampires when she wrote Twilight, hence the holes, but the books do cover a lot more than the movie would have you think.)

    They conclude with talk of vampire hunters, Tina Fey’s appeal and alcohol, questioning the drinking prowess of LTT readers. Oh, and they seem to think we’re all 14 or married. (I’m in my mid-20s and unmarried… and, like Brooke above, I went to a Big Ten school… I’m semi-retired, but trust me, I know how to drink… Hemingway-style.)

    Sorry for the epic post… I think part of the appeal of Twilight/LTT/Fanfic now is that it helps me procrastinate… well, and because I like to ogle attractive men.

    • Word, I’m 24 and unmarried, I think we are dispelling that myth one at a time!

    • Love the summary, Tuesday!

      They were right about one thing… I obviously didn’t get to that part. I don’t drink. Shun away, but the last thing I need in my life is to look like an idiot and embarrass me and everyone around me.

      It is my experience (with chicks I know. NO OFFENSE to anyone I don’t know) that girls who drink with dudes do this to:

      A) Show off. “I can drink more than you! I’m better. Also, while I puke on your shoes, you can see my cleavage!” I have no need for this behavior. I snagged my man many moons ago. Also, I’m very aware that I am better. Drinking not required.

      B) Forget. “If I drink I can forget everything bad about my life!” I like to remember stuff.

      C) Have fun. That’s fine with me. Do what you want. I just don’t want or need to be center of attention to have fun. I’d rather hang out in the back room with the really awesome people far from the loud music.

      The end.

    • I’ll talk about your junk, White Yorkie. Have you ever removed the shrink wrap from it? Because it sounds like you and The Font have yet to do so.
      And hell yes, Tuesday! Hail, Hail to Old Purdue!!!!

  20. I like how White Yorkie & The Font have a favorite commenter. And how she has commented today which will give them a happy face. And how I will never tell who it is

    Do you hate me?

  21. Am about to download this to play in the puppet factory…

  22. still can’t download, UC told me it’s like 40MG, that will definitely raise flags if I download.


    *crosses arms*

  23. P.S.- Irrevocably.

    Because I forgot to do it yesterday.

    • It’s too late, Tuesday. You let the team down.

      • I am irrevocably sorry. *hangs head in shame*

        • I think if I hear irrevocably or the phrase “for all intents and purposes” one more time, I’m literally going to vomit up a kidney or my liver or something vital like that.

          • I got annoyed at the League of Extraordinary KStew Defenders and their indiscriminate down-thumbing a couple days ago and declared that from now on instead of thumbs downing, I would thumbs up anyone who uses the word “irrevocably”. Why? Because it’s just as silly. So… thumbs up for you!! Oh crap, and for me again, too.

          • For all intents and purposes, I am irrevocably in love with you. I am chagrined that you feel this way. You are beautiful and made of glittery marble.

          • I need a hobby. Or, you know, to actually get work done while I’m at work.

          • Thumbs up for you, too, Fang!

          • I don’t know what’s worse. Upchucking my liver or watching Bleriana drunk tweet. Either way, thanks for setting the wheels in motion, Fang. I’ll be paying you back on Skype tonight with the worlds worst manipulations.

          • Drunk tweets are worse. I’ll put a money back guarantee on that.

            Manip me, baby. Manip me hard!

  24. I cannot explain how much I enjoyed listening to the guys talk Twilight theories. They seem pretty well versed considering their hesitancy to admit it and “I don’t care” answers!
    Look forward to the next one already!

    • they do have some great ideas and stuff i’ve never thought about. i love hearing people outside of the crazy bring up stuff that’s really interesting

  25. The Font srsly sounds kinda Pete Wentz-y and thats kinda hot ; )

  26. GREAT podcast!! LoooOOOVed it! ok now that i’ve gotten that out of the way..*ahem*…I’m sort of stuck on ‘…you haven’t seen NM, oh I have the file, we can watch now…’ I have four wods for you Moon…please send to me 🙂


  27. These guys are chatty. Like really chatty. Moon, you couldn’t get a full sentence through. But your loyalty to Twi mythology is undeniable.

  28. BRING IT, just BRING IT!

  29. You guys sound awesome! I am excited to get the podcast on my iPhone! 🙂 Very Fun!

  30. I listened!!!!

    AND I’ll only tell you how I came up with my name TF and WY when you buy me a drink out in LA.

    And yeah, 85% of those questions were mine. And I didn’t really care about half the answers just thought it would make for good discussion.

    BTW, there is a twi-wiki – there is a deep mythology to the series, you just can’t get that from the movies.

    I can drink girlie drinks, although I prefer carbombs and I PROMISE, i will beat you. Trust.

  31. The boys are correct. From a nerd-mythology point of view, Twilight pretty much fails. However, I just reached the point at which you guys discuss the vampire souls and I feel that I must point out that ascribing souls to vampires does not take away a supernatural element (which I think is what one of you said), in fact it’s quite the opposite.
    In fact, it does bring in a depth to the books, or at least references an aspect of the vampire mythos: if you’ve ever read any of Anne Rice’s books, the question of vampires having souls and if they are good or evil, etc. is a MAJOR theme (and a big reason why those books – the first three at least – are so appealing). Additionally, I heard a Buffy reference in there, and it too dealt in vampires and souls, a la Angel/Angelus.

    Can I ask why you’d like to imagine us as 14 year olds or house fraus? Where’s the fun in that? If you’ve read the comments, I’d think you’d expect anything but that! 😉

    Also, I disagree about the status-related “hotness” factor, at least to the extent that you mean it. I think “hot” has become a general term. In the case of Tina Fey, I think her “hotness” increased because it encompassed more than just her looks. She was a pretty face, but then people discovered that she’s really cool, and witty and hilarious and this made her a more complete package.
    For us women, Rob was already a pretty face, but now a certain amount of mystery surrounds him and that just makes him all the more alluring to us. As you mentioned, he might be genuine or he might be trying to hard to be different. Jury is still out on that IMO, although after reading the nonsensical DETAILS interview, I’m leaning towards the latter….but I still like to look at pictures of him 😉

    All in all, I very much enjoyed the podcast. Looking forward to more in the future!

  32. […] Miss the last podcast, Episode 1? You can download it here […]

  33. I just listened to this and I had to laugh because I was indeed doing the dishes while listening to your podcast 😉

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