We’ve got some winners!! And a lot of funny people!

Dear LTT readers,

It’s time to reveal the winners of our 2010 Valentine’s Day conversation hearts contest! We tasked you with creating your very own conversations hearts that were Twilight and Rob themed. There were no rules other than it needed to fit on a heart. And what you all came up with astounded us! You guys are SO funny and original and sometimes just plain wrong! We’ve poured over the Valentine’s entries for hours and hours and cast secret ballots for our favorites and we’ve finally come to a consensus! And here are the winners of the Letters to Twilight edition of the Valentine’s Day contest!

Drum roll please…

First place winner of Jeweled Ambrosia necklace

Larissa!! Your Chris Hansen heart killed us! So close on the heels of Taylor 18th birthday, Chris is already missing us!

2nd Place Winner of the Dwell Deep print!

Amy – seriously, we both died when we opened this one! Jacob’s weird trilingual-ism and then we read her file title “Indianish” and we knew this was a winner. Good job loca!

3rd Place Winner! Bite Me, Edward notepad from Lobotome

Alice – Not an Addikt If you can’t tell this memorable quote is on a TWEED conversation heart because you know, Edward was SERIOUS when he told Bella not to come in the woods.

Congrats Winners!!!!!!!!!!! Please email us you contact info so we can get you your awesome prize!

There were a ton of awesome entries and so as is our style we’re going to show you who won the secret awards aka NO awards but were so great we just had to share them. I bet you didn’t know these categories existed…

See them after the cut

Love is deaf award


Best reference to an 80s teen classic


The Kstew/Mullet category




Best use of LTT/LTR folklore

robs bitch


lindelle (and cue bobbygee comment…. NOW)

Best conversation heart to carry around at a Twicon event


The Kellan Award


The less is more award


Can you see how hard this was for us?! There were so many wonderful entries we wish we could have given everyone a prize! A big thanks to everyone who entered and we look forward to the next contest!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Moon and UC

PS Don’t miss out on the Rob contest entries over at LTR!

Our internet game is ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

43 Responses

  1. […] Alice’s 3rd place winning entry over on LTT- we had a hard time deciding between that and this […]

  2. I seriously love them all. Especially the third one… Is it just me or is that kinda ambiguous??

    LOVED them all!

  3. Ohh I won I won I won and I never win anything! This made my day! My to do lists will have never looked so fab.

    I laughed out loud at the first one. Ohh Chris Hansen, you will be missed.

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day, ltt-ers!
    *hands imaginary yellow rose*

  5. Those are great!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  6. ❤ you all on this Valenite's Day (and EVERY day for that matter)

  7. It’s V-Day
    Haiku was last night
    I can’t stop

    I *blink* love
    *stutter* you, by Chim
    is my fav

    You girls are
    my fav fake lezzies

    Ok. This is really getting hard (twss after viagra). I’ll stop now before I annoy myself and begin talking in haiku in real life.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to ALL of you! Eat lots of chocolate and I hope that you eat at least one cupcake and think of Tattward.

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. Congrats to the winners!

    I love all the entries, though out of all the runner’s up, I thought the “R U Legal” heart was certainly the most useful one, as far as conversation hearts go… (although slightly less necessary following this week).

    Happy Valentine’s day!

    • (because I missed haiku day yesterday, and I love haikus…)

      It’s VDay
      Twilight hearts to all
      Cullen smile

      Dear Robert
      Hope you see mullet
      But no vay.

      Dear Kirsten
      Might be time for you
      to go lez …(again. see haiku above.)

      Dear Eclipse
      Please send trailer now
      Getting scared

      No idea if I actually did those haikus right, I’m not sure if I can do the whole 3-5-3 before noon on a Sunday.

      Also speaking of conversation hearts, a mini shout out to my mom (not a Twi-mom, more like a Twi-MILF I think since she’s cool and doesn’t have a “I drive like a Cullen” bumper sticker and may or may not read this blog) who went all over town this week trying to find the Twilight conversation hearts to send to me (they don’t seem to be available where I live in Canada). I really have no shame for asking this of her. But she was successful and I am now the proud owner of Bella, Jacob, and Edward, “collector’s boxes” of Sweetheart hearts. ♥

  9. Happt Valentines day my lovely Valentines! Love you all! 😉 x x x x

  10. Clearly I need to hang out in .. uhh.. Belgium? Switzerland? Brussells? Wherever Bella-NaA and Alice-NaA are from because they are far too hilarious. Congratulations!

    I miss you, too, Chris Hansen. Come sit next to me. Quil lout lay.

  11. Aw, I now have a Cullen Smile. I don’t know how many more accolades I can accept, because I have a little bit coming out of my pants.

    Very funny everyone! Happy Valentines Day.

  12. Blink. Stutter. LMFAO.

    Great job ladies – I got a cramp laughing.

  13. I just saw a pic of the leg hitch: http://twitpic.com/137x6j
    You guys should definitly do get the quad or something together and discuss it…

  14. Okey, this is kinda off-topic, but I just saw a pic of the leghitch; http://twitpic.com/137x6j and you should get the quad together and discuss it :-p

    Thanks to BBL for twitpic-ing it :*

    • It’s not quite the leg hitch as I envisioned it…in my mind there was more pelvic *alignment*…

      Not to say I didn’t enjoy the photos & wished me & Mr Me weren’t 50 miles apart today & could indulge in some secretly Twi-fueled cuddling.

  15. Sorry for the double post. The interwebs went crazy and I couldn’t figure out if my comment got posted or not…


  17. Heart with a mullet? HILAR. But ew…

    I want the heart box from Bella/Alice – NotanAddikt. Might have to photoprint & frame that shizz. What a conversation piece… LOVE.

  18. Congrats to all the winners! especially Chimmy Chunga!!! Way to go Alpha!!!

    Happy Day after Valentine’s Day ppl…
    I luff all of you….

  19. But I want these for real, what a great way to find fellow Twi-lovers. I can just see me offering one to someone in a cafe then waiting for the coffee-snort-through-nose recognition. Either that or I shuffle off 2nd hand embarrased.

    • I’m kidding myself, that would be ‘1st hand embarrassed’ all the way.

      Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the tiger (not cougar!). Rawr.

  20. All so funny! Hooray for LTT!

    BellaNotAnAddict, the penguin reference was amazing.

    Lindelle, that was HILARIOUS! I laughed so hard. 🙂

  21. Congrats, winners! You’re effing hilarious.

  22. Congrats to the winners! You cracked me up this monday morning!

    I love how Chris Hansen is wearing a pink tie. Always nice to be matchy-matchy with your surroundings.

  23. […] We’ve got some winners!! And a lot of funny people! Dear LTT readers, It’s time to reveal the winners of our 2010 Valentine’s Day conversation hearts contest! […] […]

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