A Not-so-secret-admirer is in love with LTT

As a Valentine’s present to ourselves, Moon & I just had to share this letter we received that made our DAY- no- our WEEK!

Dear LTT, UC & Moon,

I have a confession. An obsession confession. And seeing as it is Valentine’s weekend and all, I figure I should come clean. LTT – I am majorly in love with you. I mean, like, bad.

It all started on a balmy summer afternoon way back in 2009 (switch to black and white and play old-timey music). I was doing normal things at work, like re-reading Midnight Sun, visiting all the links on Miss Meyer’s website, and cracking up at Rob/Claudia. Then I made a decision that would change my life forever: I thought it would be beyond fun and creepy to Google image search Renesmee. Yes – that’s what did it. That click right there led me down the rabbit hole from which I would never return. The horrifying image of that bronze-ringlet-ed baby caused me to literally spit my coffee all over my monitor (something which happens on a regular basis now), and as I cleaned the screen, lo and behold what did I unearth behind my coffee-saliva sprayings other than the lovely Letters to Twilight AKA the best part of my day!

I began reading entry after entry and quickly found the “My what a difference a year makes: Taylor Lautner then and now” timeline chart, and I was smitten! I sent it to all my Twilight loving friends! Then I saw the Holy Trinity “Evangelists” singing Steven Curtis Chapman and I knew I was home! I proceeded to read every single entry that had ever been written, starting with day one. I laughed, I cried, I laughed so hard I cried. And so it has been, every single day (switch back to color and modern-day music), I read the day’s entry and ALL the comments, yet I never comment. Why? Every single day I do this. But I’m not even signed up to comment…and it feels like I am hanging out with friends, they just don’t happen to know I am there. Kind of like what it will feel like when Chris Hansen throws me in jail and I am forced to live vicariously through letters from my friends on the outside. [UC Note: Thankfully, as of yesterday that is a moot point].

Anyway, what really motivated me to come out of the LTT closet was when I was minding my own business at work AKA relishing the fact that I was simultaneously reading about blonde Stewy, Eric “Feeny Fee-hee-hee-nay” Mathews, Rob’s pants, and JTT shout-outs, and a coworker walked by and looked at me and said, “Are you in love?” This really caught me off guard, as I am definitely not in love with any (real life) person. She said, “You just look really really happy…” Then, confused, I glanced again at the screen and thought YES! YES I guess I really am in love. I’m in love with LTT and all it’s amazing harem of people just like me and it’s probably time I let the wolf out of the bag and confess my true feelings.

How can you NOT love us?

I love you, LTT, UC and Moon!!! So what if I have re-read the same 4 books over and over for over a year (or 2)? So what if I get happy when it rains because it makes me feel like I am living in Forks for a day? So what if I can’t eat a hamburger patty without thinking about life behind bars? So what if when I mend a hem on my dress I am secretly wishing I was “mending a hem” on a certain someone’s pants? So what if I’m still slightly embarrassed that I am actually typing these words for all to see but I’m also relieved to finally get it out? So what if me and several other of my almost-30-year-old friends took up an entire row (and ate 4 giant buckets of popcorn…with refills) at the theater watching a certain movie November 20th? THAT’S NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LTT, you are my true other half, my own personal brand of awesome. And I thank you. I thank you for not being too-cool-for-school and allowing us grown-ups to be the ridiculous fangirls (and fanFonts) we know we all are. In honor of my “coming out” I think I am going to throw a “No Longer Jailbait” party this weekend!


Your not-a-secret-anymore Admirer

After the jump, find out how YOU can grant us the best valentine’s day ever. Plus I have a Vtines gift for Moon!

A haiku for Moon,

One day we will share
A Vtines date together
Maybe we’ll see “Broke”

I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.


Grant us the BEST Vtines Day EVER by entering our Valentine’s Day contest! We KNOW you want to win something from Jeweled Ambrosia, Dwell Deep, or Lobotome!! You have until the end of the day today!!!

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73 Responses

  1. Awww… this made me think of the meadow scene! Now I’m all warm and fuzzy inside. I’m not being sarcastic, I mean it. 🙂

  2. Adorable letter 🙂
    And the haiku is great!

  3. You two are soooo cute!
    Awesome letter. Seriously!

  4. …then the sky parted and i heard music…
    LTT, you’ve not only done thst for me, but obviously many others TOO!
    LOVE THE letter & the PICTURE!

  5. Ditto every sentiment in that letter!

    PS: I have no plans for VDay (except a True Blood marathon – is that cheating?) so I’m asking you all now:
    LTT, UC, Moon, every single person that comments on here and all you lurkers, will you be my Valentine?

  6. What a great letter, Admirer! I feel all giddy now. Sometimes I feel like a great many of the people I know in real life don’t get me, but I never feel that way about this “amazing harem of people just like me.” Thank you for spreading the love today.

  7. […] Someone wrote a love letter to LTT […]

  8. Steven Curtis Chapman? I like his music. But Toby Mac and T-bone are more my cup of tea. Jars of Clay too. How about one for the old geezers too. When you get amoment check out bola radio.com.br – hit extreme. you will love it.

  9. I like Steven Curtis Chama. I am more of toby mac T-bone, Jars of clay kinda guy. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  10. Dear not so secret admirer,

    There is a Font guy out there that would jizz himself out of sheer joy if you had written this letter to him. Bravo! Since you’ve been reading ltt for some time, I feel I must apologize for all my overtly sexual jokes towards our now very own ridgedelicious, brailled-abbed, omniporn creating legal Lautner. I know it’s been a very long (twss) and hard (twss again) wait, but we’ve made it without even drinking Hansen’s tea. Now we just have to fight the bears for Tay, cause they are after him. RUN, TAY RUN!!! (those are real BEARS!)

  11. Ohhhhhh what a nice letter! And what a nice pic without red ribbons or glasses (LOL). I want to write a letter too but my english is not so good. Maybe somebody will beta my letter? lmao
    Kisses to you all here at LTT mwaaaaaa

  12. UC, Moon & Your not-a-secret-anymore Admirer – further proof that fake lesbians have NOT ceased existing since 2009..

  13. Awwww! Great letter! We all feel the same and we are all Normal – Right? Happy Vday every one!

  14. Admirer, what a great letter! I don’t think any of us could have expressed our appreciation for LTT better than you did. I really hope you will come out of lurkdom to comment now!

    Also loving the haiku UC.

  15. If only I was brave enough to cover my varsity books with glorious pictures of Rob and Taylor… It would be like being in the 8th grade again!

  16. i’m mostly a lurker too. your letter was lovelygreat, and speaks on behalf of many! i’m jumping out of my hole to say happy valentines day (almost, i may not be able to fight for computer time on sunday)!! i too read ltr/ltt every.single.day. and also usually before i go to bed too just in case an extra post has been, well, posted. yyyaaaaaaayyyyy and THANK YOU to everyone here, let us all be normal!

  17. That was a great letter, and I remember that feeling of falling in love with LTT, too. I felt so welcomed, so normal, so happy to be here. oh, sigh.

    Happy Valentine’s Day Moon and UC and Secret Admirer Lurker!

  18. That was an awesome letter, Admirer! Thanks so much for writing it. I know I definitely feel the same way. We ❤ you, LTT!

  19. MERV LIFE!!! we should have a gang sign for this.

  20. Dear “Your not-a-secret-anymore Admirer”,

    Great letter! I feel the same way (and even ended up on this site the exact same way you did). I feel so giddy here that it makes me feel like I’m cheating.

  21. *Random “That’s Normal” Confession*

    This morning, my daughter and I popped into McDonalds to grab some drinks and assemble her Valentines for preschool. I ordered an Iced Tea. The woman behind the counter asked, “regular or ‘sweet tea’?” Regular of course, no more sweet tea after yesterday!
    So as we assemble the Valentines, which had glitter on them, the table became full of sparkly goodness. I rubbed it all on my hands and played “sparkly vampire” on my way to work. Now, with my creepy glitter hands, my co workers think I moonlight at a Strip club.

  22. This letter said it all for me. The clouds parting and the angels singing, and there was UC, Moon, and LTT to take my hand and make each and every day sparkle like a vampire’s junk in the sunlight of their awesomeness.
    Fake Lesbian air kisses all around! And a real kiss for Bobbygee and the Font.

  23. Oh not-a-secret-anymore Admirer, thank you for saying OUT LOUD what all of us are thinking. Moon and UC, you guys are totes the best part of my day (which pretty much goes: classes, LTT, classes, LTT, homework, maybe LTT again if there’s been lots of comments, etc). I love feeling like I “know” all you ladies. I apologize for the gushiness, but seeing as I don’t have a valentine, you guys will have to be it.

  24. LOVE this letter. Actually reminds me a little bit of the first email I ever sent you guys gushing about my absurd love for both of you, my “soulmates”. Not creepy at all.

    When I stumbled upon these sites I read back EVERY entry. LTT and LTR are the first blogs I’ve ever read and commented on regularly (ok, obsessively). I don’t have anyone in the real world that I can fangirl with over this nonsense, so I love this place for being my outlet. Yay everyone.

  25. I just realized that I use LTT as my online-dating for friends sites.

    Read this letter and thought, OH! she’s single and in her late 20s, maybe she lives by me…. I need more single friends.

    Being that I now have at least 10 people that I talk to on almost everyday online, I think it’s working for me.


  26. I feel the love. I haven’t even been reading this blog for a month but I admit I spent a couple days reading back through the entire blog and sent some fangirly love to UC and Moon. My damn fiance tries to make me feel like a loser for reading this stuff but all I say is “That’s normal”. He laughed at me when I ordered a Heineken the other day “just to see what the Robfuss is about”. He did draw the line when I told him I was going to make a jorts themed sheet cake and send pics to you ladies in honor ot Taylors birthday.
    (Seriously….I could have used coconut for the frays at the bottom of the shorts right?!) You ladies are hilarious, witty, and articulate so mad love to you!

  27. Dear writer AKA DJ Tanner & The Full House,

    I’m glad we came out of the lurker corner together (or at least around the same time). Now that your letter has been posted, I’ve got some things to say to you!

    You introduced me to Twilight, you loaned me the first book, you introduced me to this site, you are my teenybopper twin, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! So what if we dork it up all day, every day?! I heart your heart, and I’m proud to have you as my friend and my confidant. You’re one of the most beautiful people I know, in every way possible.
    Love, Me!

    Dear LTT,
    I heart you, too! DJ Tanner introduced me to this site a while ago. Neither of us had the guts to comment, so we’d talk about it, text about it, write e-mails to eachother via work computer about it…

    She did a much better job of introducing herself than I did. I just sort of appeared and made a couple comments. So, in honor of Vday and the showing of love, here’s mine. Thanks for being awesome! I mean rad in a rad way!

    With all my heart,
    Le Loup Amour

    • PS- She told me I could “out” her. She is off of work today, and trying desperately to get to a computer so she can comment back to people…

    • I love you! Hooray for us and being able to dork it up daily! I like how when we are around our non-normal friends we have to have our Twilight conversations quickly when they get up to go to the bathroom or something….it’s become almost like a speed-talking contest, like the micro machines guy. Thatnk goodness I loaned you Twilight, ’cause otherwise who else in my real life could I do/talk about this with?!?!?!? We are normal!

      • HA! I also like the way we can throw LTT references into conversations without anyone knowing what we’re talking about. Then we chuckle and have secret conversations with our eyes!

        • Aw, how great for you two! Sadface for me though cause I just referenced “baggies of meat” to my BFF/fellow Twilighter who is yet unaware of the awesomeness here at LTT. I will mope now at the fact that a perfectly good shout out to all you wonderful ladies/fonts is wasted.

          Anybody in SE Tennessee by chance? Need a squee buddy? I’m here.

        • I’m jealous. LTT code talk would be super fun.
          Every once and a while I’ll forget that some of my other Twilight friends don’t know about LTT and I’ll say something referencing it and they give me the deer-in-the-headlights look. And then I feel bummed.

          And then I come back here and read and laugh and all is well.

  28. IT’S MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I’m out – loud and proud! the one day I am not at work at my desk and my letter gets posted! Thankfully my sister (who is rolling her eyes at me and looking over my shoulder) is letting me use her computer…I think she may get secretly hooked on LTT now because of all the Toby Mac references (the Mac is back no slack) but she won’t admit it. Anyway, you guys are great and I am so glad we have each other to laugh at and be ridiculous fake lesbians and fake teenagers with! Like my kung fu, my love for LTT is strong, and as I type this, I feel a great connection to Celine Dion, and no matter where us LTTrs are, know that you are safe in my heart, and my heart will go on and onnnnnnnn!!!!!

  29. now i feel like a jerk i just posted p&p fanfic instead of a vday gift to you!!!!! but im glad we’ll see broke together someday.

    merv 4 life

    “this is my favorite line from her letter “LTT, you are my true other half, my own personal brand of awesome.”

  30. Where are all of our little friends today? MidnightCyn? TeamSeth? Fang? Pizzle? Haven’t seen Absolutelyvic for a few days. Are they all buried under 10 feet of snow?

    • Duuuuude. You just called me out. I feel kinda famous now… usually it’s just my twitter stalkers needing to stare at my hawt avatar. 😉

      No snow for me. I’ve been running all over the place. School and then candy store and then a Pre-K party for Baby A. True madness.

      I’m here. I have nothing exciting or awesome to say but I loooovvvee the letter and I’m fake lesbian for ALL of you! 🙂

      I wish I could send every single one of you 12 pounds of Jelly Bellys or maybe a bag of white chocolate covered pretzels.

      *runs to raid candy stash*

  31. Dear not-a-secret-anymore Admirer, I, too, am a daily LTT/LTR stalker that does not comment very often!! I love having an almost guaranteed laugh (often at my own expense) each morning. I also love that I feel part of this funny, witty community even tho I don’t comment often. I’m glad I’m not alone 🙂

    Is it greedy of me to want each of you be my valentine??

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