Valentines Day Contest & Giveaways

Dear LTT readers,

Remember when we used to run contests and give out fake prizes? Like a 3 day, 2 night tropical vacation to Isle Esme with Edward? Isn’t it nice that after a year plus of running the blogs we can actually giveaway REALLY GREAT prizes from some of our favorite places!? Well, get excited because we’re about to giveaway the most amazing stuff to some very lucky contest winners from our favorites: Bella Bejeweled, Dwell Deep, Jeweled Ambrosia & Lobotome.

We’ve got TWO ways to enter: The contest here on LTT contest is Twilight-related and LTR’s contest is Rob-related. The prizes are slightly different, so make sure you check out BOTH contests! PLUS we have two contest going on in The Forum! Have you joined yet?

Here are the details:

Like this... only BETTER!

Contest: So here’s the deal… remember those conversations hearts that you get around Valentine’s Day? Yea, those chalky little hearts with little sayings on them? Yes, the same ones that Jacob gave Bella for Valentine’s Day in New Moon. Yes, the same ones they released as Twilight merch that “sparkle” and taste awful and have boring little Twilight things written on them? Same thing. Only we’re kicking it up a notch and asking YOU to design funny, hilarious, cute, naughty, just plain wrong, Twilight and Rob conversation hearts! Go wild, add sayings, making up something funny, add an image what would REAL (LTT/LTR) Rob/Twilight conversation hearts say? Only thing is it’s gotta fit on the heart!

Need a heart to get your started? Here’s a couple…

(click on these to save a larger version)

Don’t have a photo editing program? You can upload one of these hearts to this awesome site called Picnik and add text and save! SUPER easy!

Rules: Email in your entry by 11:59pm Friday night (2/13) EST to General Twilight (non-Rob)-related hearts will be eligible for the prizes below. Enter as many times as you’d like. Contest is open to EVERYONE. Even if you live in Antarctica


JeweledAmbrosia1st Place

Jeweled Ambrosia: The first place winner is gonna make everyone jealous with this amazing necklace from Jeweled Ambrosia. You’ll probably remember us raving about Jeweled Ambrosia’s adorable vintage-inspired Twilight jewelery a few weeks ago. I squeed when I saw this necklace with a Twilight charm and red 14mm Swarovski cystal heart!
Make sure you hop on over to Jeweled Ambrosia to lust over her other amazing jewelry. I was over there yesterday and saw this great “Create-your-own Twilight inspired jewelry” option! AWESOME Valentines gift idea! (Plus, mention LTT/LTR at checkout for FREE shipping!)

Dwell Deep2nd Place

Dwell Deep: Second place prize is a print of the amazing painting UC’s friend Sam from Dwell Deep did called “Loss or Lost.” We shared Sam’s art with you just last week and mentioned this painting was inspired by the Lykke Li song from the New Moon  soundtrack. In this print, a girl curls up in a nest of twigs, safe but lost. The text reads, “A silence… and a numb feeling to hide the pain.”
The image measures 7″ x 7″ centered on a white 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of heavy weighted paper. All of Sam’s drawings, paintings and crafts are really amazing, but we especially love this Twilight-inspired one! Plus this week in Sam’s Etsy shop, she has this print on sale for $10! (Originally $15!) You can check it out here (Want another chance to win this print!? We’re giving another one away in Rob’s Flat on the forum in the daily chat!)

3rd Place

Lobotome: The 3rd place winner will take home (aka we will mail you) our favorite notepad in the history of notepads: The “Bite Me” Notepad! You’ll probably remember the first time we talked about this Notepad when we gushed over it like crazy people, but literally we’ve had one of these notepads in our handbags every since we first got them! Plus we have a cute little image on our sidebar that glares at you every day, tempting you to buy one!

Bite Me Edward Notepad

If you’re looking for an affordable, amazing gift any Twilight lover would LOVE, pick up one (or many) of these Notepads. Hop on over to “Specials” on her webpage to check them out. Plus if you’re a part of the “Big Loser” weight-loss group on the Forum, we’re giving away Lobotome’s “FIT ME” healthy living notepad over there! Check out the details on THAT contest!

Seriously, we weren’t jokin about GREAT prizes, were we? (Fine- who are we kidding- a vaca to Isle Esme with a headboard breaking man is MUCH better!) So enter NOW and make sure to check out the contests over on LTR and The Forum!

UC & Moon

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  2. Squeeeeeeeee! You are MAKING Alice’s day, I’m sure. 🙂

  3. To enter this MAY require me watching Twilight SEVERAL times…and require a trip to the $1 movies to see New Moon again. Cause I can only remember “They aren’t bears” “I know, right?” and “Spider Monkey” from the movies…there HAS to be something romantic said right???

    (My lame excuse to watch them again…normal.)

  4. […] got TWO ways to enter: The contest here on LTR contest is Rob-related and LTT’s contest is Twilight-related. The prizes are slightly different, so make sure you check out BOTH contests! PLUS we have two […]

  5. Sorry- this post was NOT right earlier. I fixed it. There are diff prizes than on LTR!

  6. As one of the winners of last year’s Valentine’s Day contest, you know I’m gonna have to compete to hold onto my title! 🙂

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  10. I love the necklace!!!

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