Dear Hollywood Twilight; you killed my dream

Darling readers: I watched football (the American kind- not soccer) last night. AKA the sport that’s been proven to cause brain damage in its players. And therefore I believe it has caused brain damage to its watchers. (It’s the only explanation I can come up with for ANYONE thinking that “Coors Light” (the official beer of the NFL) is worth drinking) and as a result I cannot lead today’s Twilosophy discussion. But have no fear, we have a fan letter to act as your teacher today! XO, UC

Dear Hollywood Twilight,

I will open this letter by admitting one thing…you had already turned Twilight into a movie before I began reading the books. I knew you existed, but out of complete disinterest, I knew nothing about the movies or the actors within.

Then my curiosity began to grow over these books that my educated, married, adult girlfriends were enraptured with. I knew they were written for teenage girls, so why in the world would my coworkers be so enthralled? So I decided to give Twilight a shot. And I fell hard. I should not have, but I did. The book made me swoon. I wanted more. I needed more.

Let me pause and tell you that I fancy myself an educated woman. I have an advanced engineering degree in a very specialized field from one of the most prestigious engineering schools in the country. I have always been an avid reader. My personal favorites belonged mostly on an assigned reading list for a literature class rather than in the young adult section…even when I was a young adult. There was no reason I should like these books.

But I did. Oh, Hollywood Twilight, I loved those books.

The "real" Edward Cullen?

They resurrected someone in me with whom I had not spoken in a long time. The girl who dreamed that the perfect man existed. The man who was smart without being obnoxious, athletic without being prideful, attractive without the narcissism, gentle without being weak, and a gentleman without being corny. I had once imagine this perfect man existed. It was a happier time before the world introduced me to reality. I dreamed of Edward, although he never previously had a name. Now that I had read these books though, “Edward” would work. It seemed to fit.

I saw your movie adaptation of Twilight and was disappointed, appalled even. You know, Hollywood Twilight, it is your line of work that is supposed to bring stories to life. But you failed. You failed miserably. I was heartbroken that the Forks in my head was so much more realistic than the town you portrayed in that terrible excuse for cinematography. As an engineer, I should not be able to conjure up more desirable images in my head than you can on stage. But I did. And it made me throw up a little in my mouth.

But you know. I am a forgiving person. You didn’t have much of a budget. I can excuse that. You were born out of a cult following. I can get over it. The atrocity that was your movie didn’t stay with me long. It (the movie and the experience) was less than memorable.

Should've been Edward Cullen

As the release of New Moon approached, I became excited. I knew a bigger budget and a new director meant something good for this movie. I reread the series, including Midnight Sun and my Forks was alive once again. I began following blogs like LTT and LTR. I was so enthralled with what was to be. I began drowning in photos and trailers of actors and characters and sets, and all of their personal drama. It was very much like that teenage girl in me was flourishing again…following Hollywood drama liked I honestly cared.

And I was not disappointed this time. This movie was much more like what had played in my head originally. Sure there are discrepancies from the book, but I can handle a few of those. This one was more along the lines of my dream-scape.

But oh, Hollywood Twilight, it was not until last night that I realized the extent to which you have affected my life. I had no idea how far-reaching your ugly hand could reach. You see, last night I settled in for a nice long, bubble bath. I wanted–no needed–to escape the chaos of the day and the exhaustion that results from motherhood. So I grabbed Twilight off the bookshelf for the first time since last June. It would give me a dose of guilty-pleasure reading that I needed. An escape from reality.

As I got to that first cafeteria scene, I stopped dead in my tracks. I re-read it. I was mortified. I wanted badly to bang my head into the side of the bathtub to get the images out of my head, but thought that might cause great distress when my husband came running to find out what I was doing. You see, Hollywood Twilight, you have invaded my fantasies. The Edward that I had fallen in love with was no longer there in that book. It was Robert-freaking-Pattinson. WHY?!?! I read it about 3 times trying to get the imagine of him as Edward out of my head, but he just would not go away. Curse you, Hollywood Twilight. Curse you.

The Fan choice for Edward Cullen- TomStu

You see…I’m not a fan of Mr. Pattinson. I know there are others who will vehemently disagree with me, and I can respect their opinions. But he is not MY Edward. My Edward was very different. Not a bad acting, sullen, sparkly Edward who needs to find some tweezers for those brows, but my own personal reverie.

So now I wish you to know that while I will continue reading the series again, I am afraid that the saga is ruined for me. I will now probably take much more notice of the repetitive adjectives, the impracticality of this teenage girl’s interaction with other people including her father, the holes left in the plot by the over-fictionalization of vampire lore. I will probably notice much more that Jacob was so much better for Bella than Edward, and that from a psychologist’s point of view, Bella had some real dependency issues (and Edward was quite the stalker). That’s right, Hollywood Twilight. You’ve killed my dream.

Thanks. (sardonically)

–Hoping to one day reunite with MY Edward

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  1. I don’t really know what to say about this letter it’s just awesome. (beside the Rober dissing but I am a forgiving person and just overlook it…)

    I have to admit I started reading the books after the movie came out so I kinda feel your pain girl… I kinda feel it (twss)

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  3. Agree. I really miss the mental picture of my Edward, too. I also miss the mental picture of Forks High School, the town of Forks and even Charlie’s house. When I re-read any of the books, I try to imagine everything the way I pictured it when I first read it. But unfortunately, the movie creeps into my mind — and the last thing I want to imagine is a stuttering, blinking, lip biting Bella. Now Robward, I don’t mind so much.

    • yes, Charlie’s house is dif. in my book readings. Her bedroom window faces the back…the forest. And the kitchen is in a different place as well. And my Forks HS has separate buildings. But c’est la vie.

    • Yes, it’s Hollywood Bella I object to much more replacing the Bella of my book imagination, more than Robward.

  4. I love Rob, I really do. But you’re right when you say that he isnt really the Edward in majority of our heads.
    I’ve never had the problem of picturising Rob as Edward when I read. Its because I read the book before the hype started, maybe?

    • Yeah, same here. When I re-read, it’s still MY Edward. It’s still MY Bella. I think it’s probably because I read the books pre-hype, as well. The only noticeable different for me is that when I read now, the wolf pack has better abs… and I can’t complain about that!

  5. Really?!

    I loved the cinematography in Twilight. My husband even commented on it, and he never comments on stuff like that.

    And don’t even start with Robert, girlfriend! (Okay, I admit, I didn’t think he was cute at first, either. But he grew on me.)

    Bad acting? Yeah, it was poorly acted, but not by Rob. Shall we talk Kristen Stewart? Once again, my husband who knows absolutely NOTHING about these books or the movies, watched it for the first time and commented on how bad an acting job Kristen did. He thought Rob did a fine job.

    And I will make no apologies for liking the books far more than a person my age should. (BTW – I also have an edicashun from a pretty decent University 🙂 )

    • Yeah–cinematography was gorgeous. Rob acting was okay (just okay for me, although he REALLY outdid himself in the kissing scenes).

      Someone a few weeks ago (I cannot remember who) stated the crux of the matter regarding one’s love or hatred of the Twilight film. Those who read the books first, and were highly attached to them, tended to dislike the film because so many parts were left out, and the actors didn’t match up with people’s fantasies. Those (like me) who did not read the books first, didn’t have as much of a problem with the movie.

      These are, of course, generalizations, but I thought it made a lot of sense.

  6. I at least had the pleasure of seeing Twilight on PPV before reading the books so I was all kinds of relieved that Bella and Edward did not, in fact, become each others lives in .2 seconds and that there was more to the story than, hate-you-love-you-let’s-kill-James.
    I was more than a little put off, too that Rob “the brows” Pattinson and Stutters McBlinky invaded my Twi character fantasies, but I guess that’s what I get for not reading the books first.

  7. I had seen the trailer for Twilight and a few pics before I read the books so I always had that hot, skinny, dead wizard boy in mind for Edward. In fact, I pretty much imagined everyone from the film in the books so I didn’t have a problem there.

    What I did have a problem with was Rob’s portrayal of Edward, MY Edward was cocky, bordering on arrogant, with a confidence that comes with being nigh on indestructible and alive for over a hundred years. Not “yeah… this is my room” shy awkwardness, but ho hum, at least Rob’s super hot.

    (I have to exclude Ray-Ban-getting-out-of-car-Ward and Jump-on-the-top-of-my-van-Ward from this!)

    • Yes, confident and cocky! Younaiked it right on the head. I’ve given it a lot of thought (definetly more then I should have) and I just don’t think is posible to inject all of the Edward confidence and cockiness into the abreviated story that is the film adaptation without him coming off as a major dick. I can’t think of any actor that has pulled off being cocky and accesible.

      • Hmmm, good point! To be fair, I love (seriously, LOVE, to my total detriment) a bad boy – others might not have read him like that.

        I guess there is always someone like Heath Ledger (RIP) in 10 Things I Hate About You? Still a teen flick and he was badass but in that but still hot an accessible? But I guess he was kind of a stereotype as well?

        • I agree with you assessment of Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You. I think that Andrew Keegan’s character helped establish that heath’s character was accessible, since Andrew’s was so opposite of that.

          Wow, whatever happened to Andrew Keegan… Tuesday, do you know?

          • Andrew Keegan was on one episode of House during season 1. He played Rigby in 2009 in the play “He Asked For It” and his ex girlfriend tried to slap a restraining order on his ass in October of 2009 of which be was vindicated.

          • I’m impressed, Sparkle! After he played Wilson on 7th Heaven, I lost track of him. He seems like the type of guy who would stalk his girlfriend…

          • Andrew Keegan was teaching some acting class at a university somewhere! I actually looked it up one day, probably after watching 10 Things or a 7th Heaven re-run. You know who else teaches acting classes?!?!?! The kid who played Chunk in Goonies!

          • I wanna learn the Truffle Shuffle. Now.

    • A large part of Rob’s portrayal of Edward can be blamed on SM giving him a copy of Midnight Sun. He tried to give us MS Edward instead of TW Edward. TW Edward is cocky and sure of himself, but of course, we know from MS that he’s really insecure and thinks of himself as a monster.

      I’ve heard that the “Cougar” tried to get him to be more like TW Edward, but Rob was pretty insistent on giving us brooding rather than cocky 😦

      • I’ll have to teach Rob a lesson over that one. It will definitely probably involve hand cuffs and riding crops a stern telling off.

      • I agree! After reading MS, I felt like Rob really nailed that portrayal. Funny how different Edward is in MS v. how Bella’s sees him in Twilight. But I’m ok with it…I like brooding Robward.

      • Who thinks it was Rob that leaked Midnight Sun, raise your hands? With is slobbish ways he could have left his copy lying around his hotel room and never noticed someone had stolen it . . . .

      • Thank you for saying this!!! Wholehartedly agree! I wish it wasn’t the case, but oh well.

  8. Cool letter.

    BUT I am having the hardest time focusing on what is said. As a college student, I have an uncanny talent for ignoring any photos or anything enclosed in a box in my readings.

    Not the case this morning. My eyes were instantly drawn to that red haired THING with no nipple. It’s seriously freaking me out. I think I’ll go rock in a corner for a few hours.


  9. Bwahhahaha! That was funny!

    I am a huge, huge Rob fan, but he is not the Edward I see when I read the books. My Edward is much more confident and verile. Oddly enough my Edward looks great deal like the first guy pictured above minus the long hair. Watching the movies has not affected my original Ed, although I’ve not taken inventory lately. *runs off to conduct an Edward inventory*

  10. if Rob drank a coors light would that make him a lighter vampire or a cold on ho is riding the silevr bullet train?

  11. As I mentioned above, I’m still able to separate book Edward from movie Edward. I thought it was because I read the books first, but I think it’s also because I haven’t seen the movies that many times. I’m still in single digits for Twilight and I’ve only seen New Moon once. But, I’ve read the books more times than I can count. I think some of the things that the movies left out were important enough parts to me that I never really wanted to accept Rob, Kristen & co. as Edward, Bella & co. Because I’m definitely not immune to this type of thing. I still think Will Ferrell was president from 2000-2008.

  12. Since I saw the movie before reading the books, I have always seen RPatz as Edward, but not an exact carbon copy. In my head, he’s a little less eye-browy and a little more Beckham. I don’t know why but, hey, it works for me.

    • agreed- I too saw the movie first. All of the characters in my head are similar to the one’s in the movie but just a little different.

  13. I love my crazy browed, awkward postured, oddly hairy, constantly pained Edward. I wouldn’t have him any other way. I would never have purchased a cardboard TomStu stand up, or a tiny Henry Cavill in a peacoat. I think one of the few things Hollywood Twilight got right was casting “The Rob”.

    But, to each her own. I hope you get your Edward back.

  14. OH..OH..OHH.. NO YOU DIDN’T….say it ain’t so..!!! Rob IS SOOO EDWARD…BAD ACTING???..I think not..Paleezeee…I can’t even type…you have me so upset!! All I can think is it must be….MONDAY MORNING MADNESS…….when I can breathe/think/type again…I will be back…you have been warned…….be afraid…very afraid….. 😉

    • HUGS! Now you know how I love me some Rob, but he wasn’t really my Edward, either. At least, not at first. ;P

      • @JosieO – But he grew on you, like a fungus, didn’t he?

        @Midnight_Cyn – I can’t wait to read your rant. I agree with you 100% of the time, so I’ll be anxiously awaiting your tirade!

        • I had coffee and calmed I didn’t rant..sorry…I just think that so many times the actors get crap for their performances when it really depends on the directors. They are responsible for pushing and pulling out (twss) from the actors what they need to show on the screen..I feel like CH..just kind of sat there smoking something and said “Thats a wrap, lets go sit on my bed and chat”..I also feel that NO ONE would have been a perfect copy of book Bella and Edward…that is the BEST thing about a book..YOU create the character you imagine…there is no way to translate that onto the screen unless of course you make the movie…my version of Edward is different than anyone else’s..making ANY sense here???

        • Yes yes yes, totally ->”grew on you, like a fungus, didn’t he?”

          When I watched Twilight I thought, “Well I can kind of see the Rob appeal, but not really what I was expecting”. But I have since gone down the rabbitt hole like everyone else.

        • @toooldforthis: As my NON Twi-Daughter (red faced where did I go wrong?) would say..”Yes he grows on you like a wart, but luckily warts can be removed”….I asked her to move out..
          (Only kidding)
          Hey today is my “unicorn’s” Birthday!!! See I raised 3 out of 4 correctly!!! 🙂 JK

          • You have a non-Twi daughter? So sorry to hear that! I have 2 sons, one is too young to get into Twilight, the other likes it because of the wolves and because “Kristen Stewart is hot”. (Talk about going wrong somewhere!)
            I’m trying to convert my husband into a Twi-fan. He saw Twilight and wants to go see Eclipse in the theater with me. I suspect it has more to do with Jessica (Anna Kendrick) than actually liking the movie. He did refer to her as “stacked”. I give up!

          • @toooldforthis: You are lucky your hubs will go see Eclipse with you..mine sat (tied to the chair) to watch the premiere of Twilight on T.V. Never have I seen that man leave the room for so many different reasons ever!! (Guess I didn’t tie the knots tight enough) and when it was over…”Don’t evarrr ask me to do that again..evarrr..” nuf said…(I called a lawyer)..

          • @toooldforthis..oops forgot to mention..ANYONE think its really weird that it is reported that Anna Kendrick wants Adam Lambert to be “her date” to the Oscars….I know…we grow em weird in Maine…

          • @Midnight_Cyn – I hadn’t heard that Anna wanted to take Adam to the Oscars. Maybe she wanted to enjoy the evening and not worry about someone trying to get his hands on her “Golden Globes”.

            I was very pleasantly surprised that my husband rated Twilight so high. I thought he would laugh at me. He actually gave it a 7 out of 10 (on his “official” rating system he has for all movies). He usually doesn’t go higher than a 6 for most movies. He didn’t even crack a smile when Edward sparkled in the meadow – but now that I think about it, I’m sure he was just waiting for Anna to come back on screen!

      • @JodieO…might have to reconsider our friendship now…lol only kidding.. 😉 I ❤ you!

  15. @sparklecakes
    It would have been the same either way. One of my girls read the book long before the movie and it’s the same for her…

  16. I read the books before seeing the movie and I am firmly planted in what I think the characters look like.

    Edward – Alex Skarsgard (yep…like that)
    Bella – The chick in Vamp Diaries
    Jacob – Gil Birmingham but bigger and younger
    Alice – Alyssa Milano with her cute little pixie hair
    Jasper – not even REMOTELY Jackson
    Rose – A cross between Heidi Klum and a botticelli chick
    Emmett – Kellan works

    You get the idea. Never would I have cast Rob…but then again, I only like Photoshoot/Drunk Rob…not Edward Rob.

    • Abs agree – Jacob should’ve been Gil circa the Diana Ross video.

    • I totally agree with your Alice and Rose. I actually pictured someone more like Kellan as Jasper. And then for Emmett… one of those pro-wrestlers would have worked. Jackson is way way way too metrosexual for a guy who once was a rough-and-tumble fighter in the south!

    • Kellan is the only one that really works for me, too. Well, maybe Elizabeth Reaser, also.

      • Yeah I think so too. Kellan and Elizabeth fitted their characters and somewhat Peter. But Nikki was kinda a fail and Ashley may be hot and all but I didn’t imagine her as Alice….
        My preference on that would have been Alyssa Milano as Alice and some hot Model as Rosalie. (someone that wouldn’t look completely fake as a blonde perhaps?)

        • Nikki as Rosalie was just a whole world of fail in my opinion!

          • Yeah right?
            I mean I have nothing against Nikki personally but I expected Rosalie to be a goddess!!
            They could have hired a goddamn model for gods sake. It wouldn’t have made a big difference in the acting. I bet the model wouldn’t have been strikingly better than the rest…

        • I pictured a young Winona Ryder as Alice and Kate Winslet circa Titanic for Rosalie (maybe just because of her character’s name).

        • 1. Alyssa Milano as Alice? The character is supposed to pass for high school age, and as lovely as Ms. Milano remains, her days of playing Samantha Micelli are long past.

          2. A model playing Rosalie? Horrible idea. Why would Twifans want to watch someone with no acting experience, who was only selected for her pretty face, and would likely destroy the meager shreds of credibility the movie already clings to? Epically bad idea, really.

          3. Can you tell I’m annoyed? If not, let me clarify: I am annoyed. I might only speak for myself, but I prefer my Twilight vulgarity without language offensive to people’s faith. And yes, I see the irony in this statement. I don’t care. I’m ANNOYED.

          • Sigh. I fear I didn’t backtrack the Alyssa Milano/model idea far enough. Further clarification: I am not actually annoyed at 1. and 2. from my previous comment, but 3. has set my hackles up.

            Sorry, sassysmart, for any offense.

          • Yes, Pizz! YES!

            1. I have no idea who Alyssa Milano is. Well, I think I may but I’m in a hurry. No googling for me today.

            2. I love me some Nikki Reed. Models are not actors. The end.

            3. Count me annoyed too. Did you know that the Muslims have no way of taking Allah’s name in vain? That is respect. Regardless of how anyone feels about any particular faith, RESPECT is necessary. Come on, darlings. You freak when people attack each other, don’t attack God/a god with putting curse words in front of it.

          • Uhm… I’m just here to apologize since I got a hint that my cursing was not ok.
            I just want to say that I didn’t even really realize what I was writing or that others might be upset because of it. I had seriously no intention of taking god’s name in vain. Seriously not.
            I just wrote it down and posted without thinking about it twice which I should have.

            Anyway I just want to say I am really really sorry if anyone feels offended and please know I didn’t mean it the way it sounded.

            Lots of Love,

          • I dunno, I’m thinking maybe the model-as-Rosalie isn’t really such a bad idea. Nikki is a beautiful woman, but not at all in the way SM wrote her to be. For a high school girl to describe Rosalie as a gorgeous blonde with a swimsuit model’s body, they should have selected some one who fit that look. And srsly, Rosalie had like, what, 3 lines in the movie? And maybe 2 lines, if that, in NM? I don’t think acting was incredibly important for her character. I mean, c’mon–this was a low budget movie with “actors” like Ashley and Kellan. And maybe, if they had gotten some hot, blonde model to play her part, she would have learned some decent-enough acting skills by the time filming for Eclipse and esp. BD (Rosalie actually has lines!)were being filmed so she could effectively portray Rosalie’s back story and creepy womb-envy while still rockin that pale supermodel bod. Whaddaya think? No?

          • I know I’m late to the party but I have to agree w/ my lemmings…Nikki Reed rocks my socks as Rose.

            1) Cause not even Tyra can beat her fierce bitch face

            2) Cause Nikki’s got curves and she knows how to use ’em. We’ve got enough skinny chicks in the movie.

            3) Cause when it comes to telling her story, I cant imagine a model pulling off such epic awesomeness. They didnt cast Cindy Crawford in Kill Bill for a reason people….you need looks AND personality if you’re gonna zip yourself into a wedding dress to commit mass murder.

            Nikki Reed is mah home girl….that is all…. 🙂

  17. I’m sorry that Rob killed it for you. Because that sucks.

    I, on the other hand, would likely not be such a sucker for Twilight if it weren’t for him. He had me at his crooked smile when he walked in the cafeteria. From that point forward I was a goner.

    • “crooked smile when he walked in the cafeteria”….

      That is my favorite Rob ever, too. THUD.

      • i saw the film before i read the books and seriously it was the cafeteria scene that did it for me. i fell in love with edward then, and when i read the book i totally thought rob was exactly what bella described. it was robward that caused me to read and love the books. and I think twilight the movie isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be, i know it’s not oscar material but I maybe I only see the good side cos is lead me to the books and rob and this whole insane fandom … and twiporn!

    • First time I saw that cafeteria scene I thought, “….uh, interesting”. Now, 5+ viewings of that scene later, I swoon and bite my lip just like stutters mcblinkey.

  18. Cool letter. I’m glad I’m not in the same boat.

    I started reading Twilight only after watching the movie trailer on YouTube, follwed by a zillion Rob interviews. When I was about a third of the way through the book, my DH went out of town and I had my chance to netflix the movie. Thus, Rob has been my only Edward. And I thought he was damn fine–mostly because I had fallen in love with him via the interviews.

    In fact, I would not have read the rest of the books in the series had it not been for Rob. The only way I could get through those books was by picturing Rob as Edward.

  19. I’ve actually only read the books each once, and that was before seeing the movies. But I’ve always pictured Rob as Edward and Kristen as Bella because Twilight was already out by the time I was reading. They both had much better acting skills in my imagination, though…

  20. You are not alone. I can totally relate to being irritated that Hollywood and the popularity of the series in general has invated my once-private/personal mental Twi-fantasyland. I think even Stephenie Meyer must feel that way… I recall on her website a few months back she wrote something along the lines of the vampire world feeling pretty crowded lately.

    I luckily read (and re-read) the books long before the movies came along, but in my last re-reading I definitely felt as though my mind had been violated by Hollywood. On the plus side, Taylor is way hotter than the Jacob I had imagined, so he’s more than welcome to replace my mental image of Jacob. On the other hand, Rob is trying his best to replace the Edward in my mind (who looks more like Henry Cavill -meets- the David statue in Florence) and that really irritates me. (Disclaimer: Rob is very attractive in his own right -two words: Vanity Fair- but he’s a bit too scrawny and British boarding schooly to fit my image of Edward…so go ahead, thumbs down me, but it’s just my opinion.) So while Rob can be lovely to look at, he’s not “my” Edward.

    Curses to Hollywood!

    But then again, without the movies we probably wouldn’t have LTT and I don’t read the Twilight books every day, but I do read LTT… so all things considered the pain of my imagination having been invaded is worth it in the end.

    • “British boarding schooly ” 🙂
      I dig the Brit boarding school type, maybe because I watched too much “DeadPoets Society” and “The Facts of Life” I have galmorized boarding schools. I would have been the hussy of Hogwarts.

      • LOL. Part of me does too… and I will be the first to admit that I have had a major crush on Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliffe since I was 13. And definitely Prince William. There definitely something solid and dignified and mysterious about the English boarding school type, especially to us American girls.

        But in reality I end up being attracted to guys who look like they could run around the woods and hunt down moose bare handed (maybe that’s why I live in Canada?) And so for Edward, who’s supposed to be my ideal guy, not to mention he really is running around the woods hunting down wildlife with his bare hands, I definitely pictured him as well built, very strong, and still classically elegant. (Look at me talking about him as if he’s real. That’s Normal.)

        I also stopped glamorizing English boarding school type guys when I went to a university filled with them… not the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Also I have some in-laws who are English men who are perfectly fine but just never the type I’d actually be attracted to (in-law status aside). So I’m reluctant to project the image of the English Boardingschooly Rob onto “my dream Edward.”

  21. Now you’ve got me thinking about this. As if I didn’t have better things to do. I saw the movie first, and was curious to read the books. Having only seen the movie once, and not having seen any interviews or other hype, I was pretty much able to keep the actors out of my head whilst reading the books (also because my memory is not that good for faces). But as the obsession took hold, and I started following the Twi-verse and Rob-verse, the movie world and Rob invaded my book-imagination more and more. I still think there are some character traits and visuals the movie got wrong, but I can just replace them in my head when required. And as I said before, I object to the Bellification more than the Robification.

  22. I had the same experience when I started to reread the books before New Moon. And it didn’t really bother me so much that Rob and Kristen invaded my mental image of Edward and Bella, but it did bother me in the sense that the mental energy that I devoted to conjuring up the images of the story in my head were now free to notice the bad writing, how annoying Bella actually is, how stalkerish Edward appears, etc. Somehow I couldn’t go back to that 14-year-old’s brain that I apparently had access to when I read the books the first time round.

    • Well the first time around we were like addicts just wanting to read read read and know what happens next. The second time around we knew the plot and could put more attention into the other stuff.
      That’s why I don’t even bother reading it the second time around…
      As for the books I have to admit that ‘The host’ was better in the writing department….

    • Drink lots of wine while you read, it’s much easier to gloss over the bad.

  23. Now that I have had 3 more cups of coffee and am calm, I can comment…I may have slightly overreacted before, but I am as everyone knows so totally into Edward (not to be confused with Rob, he’s Ang’s) but I have to be fair and say that I only have the movie to go by because the book won’t stay in this brain of mine. When I do read Twilight I only see the Edward in the movie as I haven’t the ability to imagine someone else playing the role. In defense of Rob’s acting, I still stay the actor is only as good as the director. Having listened to the commentary while watching Twilight, it sounds as though there was a lot of improv…that CH had them throwing in lines or taking out lines from the script etc. (Although without her we would not have our beloved Buttcrack Santa and his lil bottles, or “Hold tight Spider Monkey” ) Yet It still drives me crazy that I don’t know what Edward is saying in the meadow when he is moving his lips but no sound, or what Bella was actually supposed to say in the hospital. A good director/editor would have done those scenes correctly regardless of the budget because they were critical to the story. Also it must have been really hard doing some of these very emotional scenes without both Edward and Bella actually present at the same time..that takes good acting. I say “Job well done” to all the actors for pulling off a great movie that we obviously all adore! Regardless of all the flaws and for whatever the reason, Twilight is our life now! Proof being, look where we all are now? I highly doubt that the books alone could have ever created the phenomenon (sp?) that the movie(s) have. No one could make my heart stop besides the Edward (Rob) I know and love in the movie and that has turned me (thud) into the crazy person I am today. 🙂

    • I applaude!!
      Completely agree to you.

    • I agree with you. The books and the movies are codependant on keeping the spark alive.

    • I agree with you about his acting. I have seen some of his other movies (including Little Ashes) and he is great. Twilight as a movie was weak. I think it’s totally fair to think of Rob as Edward! Just because I don’t, doesn’t mean I can’t see how others would 🙂

      • Well said as always.. ❤
        Like I said, we create our own versions of the characters in the books we read..that is the BEST part of any books…they give wings to our own imagination!

        • COMMENT FAIL: The rest was supposed to say:
          Whereas the movies take away “our imagination” and inject the writer/director etc., vision and sometimes in the process ruin a great book and our fantasy! Damn them…lol..but when you think about it how many times have they really successfully made the transition from book to screen..very rarely IMO….

    • I completely agree that the actor is only as good as the director!

      I had read all of the books before the movie came out, and was thrilled to see the movie version of Twilight. There I was on opening night, elbow to elbow with scores of screaming teenage girls, their unicorns, and their adult “designated drivers”. The innocent, hopeful, non-love jaded girl was alive in me again, and she was in a state of Beatles Frenzy as the opening credits began…

      I left the movie speechless (for a few minutes). I was trying to reassess my feelings. I felt let down, disappointed, embarrassed, and I needed to figure out why. It felt like a travesty. I was never embarrassed of my Twilove, until I walked out of that movie. It wasn’t Rob; I fell for that smile and tussled hair in Harry Potter. I could picture him as MY Edward. It wasn’t necessarily KStew either, though I didn’t feel much depth in her line delivery, and I was a little annoyed at the unnecessary stuttering/hair touching (much like the way I feel about the Claire Danes lip/chin quiver).

      It was the whole picture. It was the “bad vampire” baseball crouch stand-off. It was the “I’m going to throw-up/papers flying in the breeze of your stank” scene from the first science class (with an embarrassingly poorly done Raimi zoom). It was the lack of character development in the Cullen family, making their presence in the film seem obsolete. It was Hardwick’s vision of this story which fell short for me, and when I realized that, I felt relieved. I could watch the movie again without chagrin! That being said, I found myself looking deeper into the actual performances, taking away the agitated traveling camera angles, and imagining myself standing beside them in the scene. What a difference!

      Incidentally, the more Rob movies I watch, the more I whole-heartedly believe in his varied talent! Little Ashes, anyone?!? His performance had me sobbing!

      • Rob in Little Ashes = awesome. The more I see of him the more I think he’s got a lot of range and talent.

        • So hoping you were heading in the direction of Rob having a lot of range of motion…and talent… 😉

          • Of course…range of motion goes without saying. LOL Actually, we do see interesting range of motion in Little Ashes. 🙂 But MidCyn – don’t watch that movie. It might ruin Edward for you!

          • @Ang..ok now you have made me curious..You know I will have to watch it now…hopefully I won’t get to see it tonight and I will forget about it LOL..

          • @MidCyn – don’t do it! Trust. Just sleep on it and forget this conversation ever happened. I’ll e-mail you what it’s about so you’ll know what I’m talking about.

        • AND he can pull off a frilly shirt!

    • MidCyn – Thanks for letting me have Rob. 🙂

      I agree with you, of course!

  24. I am also an adult, married woman who is further educated with a Master’s in Communication and I identify greatly with the thoughts on how adult women fall for this series, it is so easy to do so.

    I agree with this author on most every point EXCEPT Edward. I thought they were dead-on with him in New Moon (dress, mannerisms, etc…) and Pattinson IS a fantastic Edward, though I think he needs to lean more towards self-assuredness and less towrds tortured in his acting. Pretty much exactly as I pictured Edward while reading the books. And I also read all the novels before seeing the films.

    Stewart as Bella? NOT AT ALL. Overall I think she is a mediocre actress with very limited range. Now, that being said, I will reserve further judgement on her other projects until I have a chance to see them, but for Twilight, New Moon and other earlier projects – I have not been one bit impressed. Though she DID do much better in New Moon.

    TWILIGHT was AWFUL. Absoutely terrible. The entire thing reaked of immaturity and had a huge lack of substance. Stewart overacted, Pattinson was a little too stiff and Hardwicke and Rosenberg BUTCHERED the storyline. Things were thrown in that were not even in the books! Hardwicke was NOT a good fit for this franchise at all. And, In the books, Bella is more mature and self-sufficient… and in the film, not at all – she just came across as bored and depressed.

    Now, as far as background and landscape, Forks is a VERY small town with nothing but a small main street. I have been there many times and live about three hours away, so that part of the films was VERY easy to believe and identify with, in fact I think they had too much in the landscape in relation to the actual area, but it plays out better on screen.

    • This summarizes the whole thing up pretty good. I completely agree on the less tortured.
      As for Stutters McBlinky: I feel like she always plays herself in every movie. Like she doesn’t get into character but just is KStew. you know what I mean?
      The movie was bad in comparison to the books it’s true. But I differ here because I blame it all on the Hardwick. She butchered the storyline. Maybe Rosenberg helped her a bit but she is the director. She is supposed to lead the ship to success. AND Rosenberg wrote the screenplay for NM aswell and it was way better storywise. But that’s just my opinion.

  25. Did you guys already see the new Remember me stills?
    But warning they are extremely H.O.T.!!!

  26. I still stand by my earlier statement in regards to Kristen. Directors correct and DIRECT actors in their roles…thus the improvement in New Moon. I liked the way Kristen played movie Bella, she had to try and cram alot of character into a short movie! I am not too old that I cannot remember how I acted when I found my one true love. I was a .stuttering,blinking,flickingmyhair/tripping awkward as can be.. teenager..I think she nailed it.

    • I did like Stew too, the “stuttering,blinking,flickingmyhair/tripping awkward as can be.. teenager”, but still a little edgy.

      • yes but again like any teenager…she needed direction from an adult?? I guess that is how I see it..If I had been the director..gawd help us all..anyway..I would have done what I did with my own teens when they did repetative/annoying things and told them to STOP IT! LOL…but seriously, you are looking through the camera and say something like “Kristen, we have seen that look before, let’s try it this way, or Rob…never mind your PERFECT”

        • I fully agree with you about Kirsten!

          She is very close to the Bella I imagined in the books. Only a few minor things I’d change, mainly I don’t think she should have been so morose at the end of Twilight or beginning of NM (before Edward left her); the Bella in the books was elated that Edward was with her. Same for Rob. But the rest of the “faults” we find with her are more a result of the director. The fact that Cathy didn’t give her as much direction as she needed, and had her improv lines, ended up being a disaster.

  27. “I read it about 3 times trying to get the imagine of him as Edward out of my head, but he just would not go away.”

    I saw the movie first, so RP as Edward and KS as Bella has always been the way it is to me. But, for some reason, in Breaking Dawn, after Bella becomes a vamp, she’s no longer KS. Instead she’s Kate Winslet. I can’t read it without picturing Kate Winslet. It’s very weird…

  28. Kudos on the letter. My sentiments exactly. And I think the fact that (to me) Rob is not attractive, made it easier for me to be irritated at his ‘clingyness’ to Bella. But then I never had a problem with Bella’s ‘clingyness’ to him. And you’re totally right about the Jacob thing. Rob’s unattractiveness made it TONS easier for me to fall for Jacob. In he book and in the movies.

    P.S. My Bookward was sexier than my BookJake. The movie ruined that for Bookward. I’m not upset. 🙂

    • Right there with you both. When I read the series, I was all Edward and found Jacob annoying. That didn’t really change after the Twilight movie. I was thrilled when Rob was cast as Edward, but there’s been way too much Rob in the media and that has totally ruined him for me. I don’t even find him attractive anymore. Or it could be that Taylor has ruined it for me in the fact that I can’t see past him since his transformation for New Moon. I do miss my ‘Bookward’ (what a great word) and that smushy feeling I used to get from the books, pre-movie, but looking at pictures of Taylor seems to make that much more bearable.
      Thanks for a well-written letter that sums up what a lot of us are feeling.

  29. One last thing if I may…Casting Director(s)..we forget they are also responsible for bringing the book vision to life..IMO…
    Edward=WIN WIN WIN
    Alice=WIN (more in Twilight than New Moon and wardrobe fail)
    Jasper=WIN only b/c he has a unique look (wardrobe fail)
    Emmett=WIN WIN WIN
    Charlie=WIN WIN WIN
    Rosalie=FAIL,FAIL,FAIL,FAIL,FAIL did I mention FAIL?
    Carlise=WIN WIN
    Jacob=WIN WIN WIN and 5 WIN’s for New Moon!

    • My BookCharlie = one of my husbands fishing buddies.
      Movie Charlie: WIN WIN WIN
      I want movie Jacob less nice.

      • Movie Charlie actually made me LIKE Charlie. I was a little peeved at book Charlie. He was too passive as a father.

        Agree 100% with wanting movie Jacob less nice. I’m convinced the surge in Team Jacob fans is because Taylor is just so darn nice, he has a hard time being a jerk 🙂 !

        (Note to Taylor – In Eclipse, I want you to remind me of why I couldn’t stand book Jacob, okay? Be an a@* !!!)

    • I gotta say – I really did not like Alice in New Moon!!!!! More than just the wardrobe fail even. Like when she comes back the day of the cliff diving incident and her and Bella are sitting on the couch and have been talking for a few minutes, and then out of the freaking blue Alice get this super surprised look on her face and asks “what is that god-awful wet dog smell?!?!?” As if she couldn’t smell it first thing when Bella walked into the house! Ok, am I the only one who is still upset about this little tidbit?!?!?!?

      • Shh… It’s okay, love.

        *pats shoulder*

        Have a cookie.


        • As long as you know what I’m talking about! I am pretty sure I said “oh, yeah right, like you didn’t smell that already” in the theater…MAN, I am more worked up over this than about that whole KStew debate of yesterweek!

      • I totally agree with you..I have so many issues with NM..don’t even get me started..too late…ok keeping in mind I haven’t read the book. First, the cafe scene when Jasper uses his powers to convince Bella to come to the party and with other students around Bella tells him loud enough to be heard by all “Enough with the mind control thing” or whatever she says..even the stupid lil box that has her party dress in it bugs me cause its way too small to hold a dress and if Bella wants to keep the whole B-thing under wraps..Alice wouldn’t have even given her the present that she would have to carry around in school but the biggest issue by far..I have NEVER understood the whole tiny cut finger sending Jasper over the edge. In Twilight he is in the same room with Bella bleeding all over the place and I realize he is busy with James, but if he is THAT sensitive to human blood, he would have not been able to concentrate on anything other than Bella’s blood..Alice too..she has her hand on a gushing leg wound and even puts her hand to her face and is able to control herself, yet she meekly says “I’m sorry, I can’t” and shuffles off..which brings me to another peeve..the way they all just stand there and then slowly walk out of the room, even Esme after Bella gets cut…Edward too..just stands there..actually that was the one part that drove/drives me crazy in Twilight too..when Carlise is helping the screaming Bella and Edward just slowly walks awkwardly over to her as she lays dying…I want to see his super speed blur rushing to his beloved’s side, not like “I’ll be there in a minute or two after I finish my cig”…and then after her near death experience/broken bone/head wound/venom attack, Edward promises to never leave her, yet this little cut sends him packing..It just doesn’t “cut” it..I also can’t find it believable that Alice wouldn’t “look at visions of Bella” to see how she is doing after they leave…even if she was told not to..who does what they are told to anyway, especially after supposedly caring for Bella the way she did..and then she, what? just once happens to see Bella jump off the cliff? So many problems with the storyline..but I do love when Alice’s says “When you let the dog out”…can you tell I watched the movies this morning!!
        Ok..I will stop my ranting now…

        • oops mind fail..I didn’t mean to say Cafe scene..hallway scene..sorry 🙂 in regards to Jasper’s mind control.

          • I totally knew what you were talking about! Especially that “I’ll be there in a minute or two after I finish my cig” TOTALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. While I was reading Breaking Dawn, Edward in my head went from Rob to the guy that played Logan on Gilmore Girls (Matt Czuchry). Blonde hair and not exactly paternal so no clue why that happened.

  31. ok girls apparantly someone managed to get some Eclipse pictures of Edward and Bella in the meadow!

    This day is killing me!!

  32. I’m just glad Hollywood Twilight/Edward ditched the matching beige sleeveless button-ups. For reals.

    • Um, not to mention the turtleneck and the khaki skirt! Gag me with a spoon!

      • This is why we are friends! PS we totally should have some sort of Jailbait code on Thursday when we go out – no one else will know why we are so happy!!!!!!!!!! We can take sneak peaks at my shirtless Jacob keychain throughout the night…

        • Haha! I’m down! I feel like I should make cupcakes shaped like Get Out of Jail Free cards and pass them out without explanation…

  33. Awww Poor Rob…so “Hold on tight Spider Monkey” didnt float your boat? Not only did it float my boat, it travelled down a trade route, met with some pirates and had an epic sea battle. My boat died that day…*sniff* I will never forget it. The HMS Spider Monkey.
    Now where was I? Oh right. Why do I love Robward? Cause he was such a Fezward in the Lab. His “hello” was so indicative of how many people I freaked out with my hodge podge accent. Yes we all imagined a sleek, dapper, Bondward when we first read it. But Bondward wouldnt care about consequences. He’s slip in tongue on the first/last date, he’s punch Jacob in the face and shoot the wolves and he most probably would escape from a death machine made by James.
    Thats why Robward is the perfect mix of awkward, virginal, possibly OCD vampire and “omg look at that jaw” hawtness. He calls himself a masochistic lion for a reason people! lol

    Morning everybody!
    The hamster rambles on….

    • I love your comments illegal. Always saying the right things. But I thought you were team Jacob/Bronson wolf whatsover?

      So your boat died in an epic sea battle? My pity for that… It will always live on in your heart.

      Anyway thanks for clearing the whole Edward issue cause nobody came up with this awesomeness…

    • Love it!!! I think you nailed it!

    • “he’d punch Jacob in the face”

      Oh, my darling twinsie, you have no idea how much I wished this would have happened.

      Did the cracken take your boat down? Was Jack Sparrow traveling with you? Did you kiss him just before and handcuff him to a pole?

      Your fairy tale world is sooo awesome.

      • I didnt finish the story…Jacob kicks his ass….bahahahahhaha…I’m still on the Bark Side Twinsie. I’m just kidding. You know I love you.
        Jack Sparrow and I did more than make out. I saw the cracken, It was HUGE! (thats what I said)
        Its awesome cause you’re in it too! and Spizz! omg should we add pirates to our title? That would be EPIC!

    • You will understand this – Book Edward never floated my boat! I mean, he didn’t make it capsize or anything, but I have been Team Jacob from the first moment he graced the pages of Twilight. Taylor wins in my book, my heart, and my loins for the best translation from page to screen!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 more days! Rawrrrrrrrrrrr

      • In the books I was Team Jacob for an amount of a few chapters. Pretty much from the point he left the pack and did that whole “I’m my own Alpha” thing to when he imprinted on Reneesme.
        In the movie whatsoever I am completely Team Edward. Because Rob is just perfect.
        As for Taylor he is cute but underaged. That’s why I am counting down on the 11th since the 2nd… 😛

        • I’m counting down with ya!

          I think I just love Jacob’s personality so much more than Edward’s. I love his easy-going-ness, how he jokes around and teases Bella, and how he doesn’t give up trying to win her even when it is obvious that she totally doesn’t deserve his awesomeness. I love is lightheartedness so much more so than Sullen Cullen. Most people say that one of the things that they love about the whole Twilight series is that they see their ideal man in Edward – well not me. I am holding out for a real-life Jacob Black!

          • If I am being completely honest (and I know this will result into lots of down thumbs) I find book Edward not very authentic. He is too perfect. You can argue that this is because it is written from Bella’s POV and I agree on that but I think that SM made Edward a bit too much like girl would imagine her perfect bf to be like. You know what I mean? And he has some weird moments where I just want to slap him (yes I just said that). Like in BD when he asks Jacob the degrading question to make puppys with Bella. I seriously wanted to facepunch him right there.
            Rob gave Edward some Maleness and that edge to him that is irresistible. I am not going to say book Edward wasn’t awesome or anything of that sort BUT you just know there’s no guy like him because he is too much like you imagine your ideal bf to be. We end up with somebody that is actually not completely the way we imagined him to be for a reason right?

            Jacob on the other hand is a whole different case. He is -as you said- easy going, makes you laugh and goes down to the bottom for love even though it’s not worth it. His character is a lot more authentic. I think that is why guys kinda connect to him more. He is like the guy next door. Somebody you can meet everywhere. And he has the edge naturally to him.
            He hadn’t to be potrayed by an actor to get it. He just had it right there.

            Well anyhow everyone has his own preferences and I am actually Team Edward but the rational part of my brain just took over and wrote that down so… yeah…

      • Dont get me wrong, I love Jacob too. I mean Twilight meant nothing to me after read New Moon. My reasoning is, if Bella can have sexy sophistication on one hand and sexy playful fun on the other, why do we have to choose? She gets to keep both of them (in some form or another) and so should we. I’m a bit of a hybrid anyway…Go Team everybody/ anyone I can get/ I’m confused can I call a friend?! 🙂

        • I’ll tell you something. I recently changed into Team Katherine (from the Vampire diaries) because she just takes ’em both! So Team Katherine ftw!!! 😛

        • Oh, you! So diplomatic today! I’m going to try a little experiment and re-read Eclipse from a (forced) Team Edward perspective and see what happens. Probably I should keep a journal and record my findings as this experiment will be nothing if not completely scientific. MAybe I will do the same with Breaking Dawn and end up Team Zafrina or something…

          • Yay! Team Zafrina is so awesome! Imagine the illusions she could create for you.
            “Yeah Zaf, errrr I’d like to see Tay when he’s 23 and totally in love with me” or ” Rob’s watching KOL with me and he looks and smells divine!” or “Omg did you just make Chaske croon Barry White to me?” So many possibilities!

            Its fun being Team everybody! You get the best of ALL worlds! squeee! (I may or may not have OD’d on the chocolate)

          • But Zafrina is really cool actually. Team Zafrina ftw!!

    • *sigh*
      Well said 🙂

  34. Random information:
    FYI..just heard on the radio that Kelly Clarkson wrote a letter to either Taylor L. himself or his rep. b/c she was upset with something he said regarding Taylor Swift???

  35. I love Twilosophy days!

    I must say, Rob has always been my Edward…I started reading after promo pictures had came out, so the image of him just stuck in my head. And I was perfectly ok with it.

  36. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight and, Twilight Forever. Twilight Forever said: Dear Hollywood Twilight; you killed my dream: Darling readers: I watched football (the American kind- not soccer) … […]

  37. I hate Robert Patterson myself .I love Edward Cullen .Robert isn;t that good looking , and Bellas acting is horrid .She annoys me to death .Especially at the end of twilight when he said he had to go away from her and she gets all tongue tied it just looks horribly fake., but I will admit they have grown on me .

    • i love you and your comment. and i totally agree with your last sentence where he leaves her and then she gets all blinky and akward and is totally awful. End rant.

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