The Super Bowl? What’s that? Time for some shirtless Twilight guys

Dear LTT-ers,

While the dudes in your life are watching some ritualistic sporting event that’s really about the commercials and the food, that some folks call the Super Bowl, what are we supposed to be doing? I don’t even  know the teams that are playing and I could care even less who wins. So what’s there left to do for the rest of us who could give a crap about competitive sports? Yup, that’s right the Celebrity Beach Bowl. Now I know you’re gonna say, Moon that’s a sporting event too, why should I care? I’ll tell you why! You should make your boyfriend/husband/dad/best friend/whoever turn to the Celebrity Beach Bowl because KELLAN LUTZ AND TAYLOR LAUTNER will be competing. Yup, that’s right. We’re talking two hot men in something called a BEACH bowl. So that can only mean shirts vs. skins BEACH football. The chance for shirtless gazing is high. The chance for then frolicking through the surf while they go long for a pass is very high. The chance for drool, yup, even higher! So what should you do tomorrow when the guys turn the channel to watch the “Lingerie Bowl” (yup, there is one) host your very own Celebrity Beach Bowl party in your bedroom/craft room/playroom/den/bathroom/laundry room with all the ladies who were dragged along. Crack open some wine and hand out the fans cause it’s gonna be hot…

Here’s a little preview of what I imagine this event to be like…



Want a video version?

(Can we all please laugh at the amazing song choice for this video? Better than the porno tune Rolling Stone had)

When you return from your own private ladies only bowl party and the guys ask why everyone’s panting and flushed, just tell them to watch out for the salsa, cause it’s HOT. Muy caliente. Ay, papi.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday. Enjoy the wings!

Need more info, better get your DVR ready!

What will you be doing tomorrow? Watching Taylor and Kellan at a Super Bowl party? Eating a lot of chips and salsa in the kitchen? Have you seen that Rob picture from Details? WOAH.

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29 Responses

  1. I can’t really decide between those two…
    I mean these days I found out that Kellan is pretty hot but Taylor is my Plan B….
    Uhm…since I am in my Taylor mood this week I’ll go with him…

    So Taylor ftw!!

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  3. another winning Kellan Lutz post! I will deff be sure to check out the celeb bowl (although I will also be watching the “real game”) Thanks ladies!!

  4. Looks like it was yesterday. Where are the pictures?

  5. I’m going shopping. All sorts of fantastic Super Bowl sales out there.

    I want the Saints to win. I like the color of their uniforms better.

    The last time I actually watched any part of the game was when Prince did the halftime show.

    If I attempt to watch football on tv, I stare at the corner of the screen for hours. All zoned out and zombiefied. Not good.

  6. That Taylor vid = U N F

    4 Days, Hansen.

  7. that taylor looks better and better every time i see him…

    ILW… you are going to have to share!!

    • Share? Of course! You can be his friend too! But if you’re looking for more than that you’ll have to fight a whole fandom. I suggest pepper spray for the hair pulling-grabby teens and chainsaws for the Twi-moms. Then you have to face the big boss Chimaera. You might have to bring along a Paulex to get her attention while you go in for the kill (read- hand holding and chaste kisses)
      Good Luck soldier! I’ve got your back….. ❤

  8. Kellan is so hot in these pics! He’s fast becoming my #2 – behind Rob, of course!

  9. Dear Tay and Kellan,
    Flag football is for wusses. I’ll teach you guys how to play Rugby. Now THAT is a full contact sport. And the shorts are short ifyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyouwont.
    Shorts aside (twss) I will leave you to ponder the “ruck” and the “maul” and no its not what Twi-hards try to do to you when you go to Hot Topic (though the positions may seem familiar…to Kellan anyway cause we know he has scored badum bump!)
    Putting on my boots and tying my Rugby jersey into a side knot (Cause Rob is watching),

    Morning Everybody!

    • Rugby scrum with Taylor, Kellan, Rob & Jackson. Illegal you are genius. I can’t decide if I’d be happier watching or being a part of it.

      • Rob play Rugby? I would love to see that! I always saw him as a Cricket guy…He’d be massacred in a ruck. Lawd the sports the Twi-guys could play..

        • Yes, I can see him kind of lounging around on the perimeter just looking hot, not exerting himself too much. Ahhhh, even I would last a full 5 day match with that to look at.

        • Still, I would love to see him getting down and filthy in the mud. And the cute socks!

    • Downthumbed on a day of rest? my my…I figured its for 4 reasons….

      1) Up thumb gone wrong…I forgive you. It IS Sunday after all…forgiveness is divine and all that jazz… 🙂

      2) Flag football fan…Rugby is more hardcore…TRUST If you dont believe me, youtube it…there’s no protective padding, they play for two sets of 40 minutes with probably a 15 minute break in the middle and people have died (after concussions and heart attacks) or been paralysed by the tackles. Has anyone died playing flag football? I know some chicks did while watching Tay and Kellan….ok that counts…

      3) Taylor lover…he may have scored…I dont know…I like to think not. You may like to think otherwise. Good on ya! Lets get him a stripper to celebrate…

      4) A Kristen fan (I’m looking at you Chim!) I’m a tan, chubby, Sri Lankan chick. For Rob to watch me playing Rugby would be a miracle…I am not Kristen (nor do I want to be)…back away from the pitchforks…better yet grab them and invade the Robsten 4evaaaah! forums. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

      Downthumb me again and my next rant will be composed entirely of TWSS’s.Its been along time coming (twss) and I know you want to hear it… 😀
      Peace and love….

      • Can I downthumb you just so that you’ll rant at me?

        It’s hawt, baby. So hawt. 😉

      • I did downthumb you, ’cause I love when you fursplode.

        • I upthumbed you (twss) cause thats how I show love…Ask Domward, he knows what I’m talking about…*

          * Disclaimer- Dont ask him. He may not know what I’m talking about…I have never read Domward. I am too terrified.

      • Didn’t downthumb you because…I agree that flag football is a little wussie! I played flag football in college for my sorority so that should tell you something about the wussie level right there! 🙂

      • Obviously, it was Chim. She’s working on her Rugby Robsten 4-Ever manip right now. How dare you suggest Rugby Roblegal would EVER happen. Break out the Biz Markie and keep your eyes on your own man, mmmkay? Lol

        • Rugby Robsten? I thought she was secretly Rugby Chimert? I’m so confused….(She is gonna solve that confusion by killing me while I sleep)

          “Yo who was that?” “Oh he’s just a friend”
          Dont gimma that, dont even gimme that, just bust this,
          (hops onto the Mario version for a Tay POV)
          You, you got what I need, but you say I’m just a friend…but you say I’m just a friend..
          Cause I can be your fantasy.. but you say I’m just a friend…

          *Bathes in the nile with the hippos and crocodiles*

          • Do I sense a rugby scrum with the boys being thrown into the middle? May the best lady win…

  10. What is it about the dark gray tee? Mmmmmmm.

    on a different topic….

    “Happy Super Bowl Sunday. Enjoy the wings!” ,<—- my dog just ate a buffalo wing. WIll that, ummm, pass thru?

  11. I’m just disappointed I didn’t see an Eclipse Trailer during the Superbowl. Of all the trailers they showed, I expected Eclipse!!!

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