Twilight stuff that should not exist…. then some that should

Dear Twilight art lovers,

While we’re waiting for the leg hitch anything from David Slade & Summit, I thought we’d take a stroll through the Twilight Saga Art Gallery to see what’s new. What I love about this saga is all the crap it provides that I can make fun of that with each new movie, more and more people are inspired to make horrifying beautiful art. I hope their inspiration doesn’t wane. And I hope that with the new stills of Eclipse that we’re sure to see any day now and the eventual images of Taylor Lautner and a little girl from Toddlers and Tiara’s and the shots of Kristen Stewart with a prosthetic pregnant stomach when Breaking Dawn starts filming, some creative artists will make us drawings, paintings, sculptures and finger puppets so that the images of Taylor and a baby and Kristen with child can be etched in our minds forever. And with just the touch of a button and the virtual swipe of a credit card on Etsy, we can each have a physical reminder of the incredible creepiness of the storyline of a grown boy imprinting on a child powerful story of love between Edward & Bella.

First, an artful homage to Jacob Black

Good thing she copywrote this drawing. I was about to make 1,000 copies and sell them at the Remember Me premiere in March for Rob to sign. (Instead I’ll just bring him my Twilight books)

Something for your baby to wear in the church nursery

Oh you think this is just an attractive pic of Taylor Lautner shirtless? I did too. Look closely at what he’s touching

Let’s not forget about Jasper

The crazy thing is, he actually looks better here than he does in the movies….

And how about a little Robsten art love?

These little upside-down clay pots representing Bella & Edward come with a cardboard cut out of the Meadow scene for you to act out when your husband is asleep!

Don’t ask why. Ask why not!

Thankfully, there is GOOD Twilight art out there. Follow the jump to see some that might be new to you!

Emily Louise Hunt

Emily’s website

Emily is an LTT reader who submitted some incredible drawings for a Twilight Secrets post. We got to emailing back & forth and she shared with me (and now you all) some of her AMAZING Twilight-inspired art!


Adorable and NOT Creepy Jake & Renesmee art!

Meet the actors: Kristen meets Bella & Rob meets Edward for the first time!

Meet the Actors: Taylor meets Jacob for the first time!

Emily is the sweetest ever PLUS she does custom drawings & sketches. I got thinking about an anniversary/birthday idea and asked for details. She said:

I can draw anything using a sharpie marker, a pen or pencil for $10, including real life sketches if I have a model or a photo for reference. I can do photoshop art, but I’m still learning a lot so my skills are limited.

ONLY TEN DOLLARS? I know what Moon is getting for her birthday! Check out Emily’s site!

Dwell Deep

Dwell Deep’s Blog and Etsy Shoppe

Sam from Dwell Deep is a REAL LIFE friend of mine! Yes, I know! I’m getting so personal these days… no longer putting ribbons over my eyes and introducing you to my friends! Sam in an INCREDIBLE artist. I used to brag to anyone who would listen, “My friend Sam has an AMAZING job at Anthropologie designing the in-store displays!” and now I brag, “My friend Sam left her AMAZING job at Anthropologie to pursue art full time!” Sam is an inspiration to me.  I heart her and wish she would visit again soon (*hint *hint xo). I was in the room when Sam lost her Twilight virginity. And then she obsessed. Just like I knew she would:)

Inspired by the Lykke Li song “Possibility” from the New Moon soundtrack, Sam painted this:

She says of her drawing:

Clicky to see the whole thing

Inspired by the Lykke Li song from the New Moon Twilight movie soundtrack, this is a print from an original painting. A girl curls up in a nest of twigs, safe but lost. The text reads,

“A silence… and a numb feeling to hide the pain.”

I really relate to moments of confusion and loss in life, having had many so far and having watched many friends go through loss and pain. While this painting does depict a moment of grieving, the position of the girl being curled up shows a sense of safety during a difficult time and the knowledge that healing will eventually come.

I love Sam. So you should too. Sam sells this print for $15 in her Etsy Shoppe and plus she has SO MUCH MORE amazing stuff (I have this one waiting to be framed!)

SOOO Good to know that in a world filled with HORRIFIC Twilight art, there are gems like Emily & Sam out there!!!

May your life be filled with more good art than horrific art!


Have you come across any inspiring Twilight art!? Share in the comments!

FYI: Moon & I get NO benefit from sharing things like Emily & Dwell Deep’s art with you. These are just girls we like and want to spread the word about their art! Well, we get the benefit of feeling happy. And probably a bigger house than you in heaven. That’s all!

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

Thanks to: stumpycat, onesie, Valiumwaltzes, Cyn_TR and Dria for sending us the HORRIFIC Twilight art!

163 Responses

  1. Thank you UC for ending this post with 2 highly talented artists who make amazing artwork. If it had just been the ‘art’ at the beginning I…. well…. I just don’t know what I would have done.

  2. That third Taylor pic is just disturbing… if at least the baby would have been wearing the bodice above. And maybe Taylor could’ve had a shirt on for a change.

    Loving Sam and Emily’s art though, especially the non-creepy Renesmee-Jacob drawing!

  3. First of all, those first few images are incredibly disturbing. I almost wish I had skipped the “art that should not exist” and moved right on to the “some that should.” Creepy!

    Aside from that, the other stuff is amazing!
    Emily – You’re stuff is awesome 🙂 Thanks for not making crazy “art” that makes all Twi-fans look like freaks. Keep it up!!

  4. Sooo ugly and then sooo pretty!

    I love Dwell Deep’s other artwork. I think I may buy some of it to hang in my kitchen. The little foxes, in particular, fit the vibe.

    And that Jake/Renesmee pic by Emily kinda rocks my socks! Love it. 🙂

    • Fang, is it possible to replace the mermen with Mer-Kristen and Mer-Rob on that tattoo you’re getting on your forehead?


        But I’ve been thinking… is my forehead an appropriate place for a tattoo of that level of awesomeness?

        • Fang..Imma thinkin you could put all that awesomeness somewhere more discreet, so as not to detract from your “hawt librairian (sp) look! 🙂
          Got me thinkin tho..We should get one of these talented artists to design a LTT/LTR logo we could all get as a tattoo when we all get together for for our convention …???
          Ok I could just be delerious this morning…:)

          • You’re right Cyn.

            & we definitely need some sort of tattoo. Very discreet though.

          • How about an LTT tramp stamp? 🙂

          • @Ang…explain please??? Tramp stamp??

          • A tramp stamp is the general name given to a tattoo on a woman’s lower back. Like so:

          • Thanks for the explanation JodieO!

          • @JodieO..thanks for the explanation and pic..course I would either need to lippo my butt or get a waist extension for a “tramp stamp”! I was thinkin more along the lines of a lil o’ thingy like on the ankle..the only part that HASN’T sagged on this body!!

          • @MidCyn – Bah, you’re full of it! I have it from a very reliable source that you are too skinny!

          • Ang, you promised not to tell anyone about my LTT tramp stamp!!!!!

          • MidCyn – I’m not JodieO’s reliable source, but I concur! You are full of it….and “it” is not fat!

            I think you should go ahead with a tattoo though. We’ll all follow your lead. 😉

          • Abs – I’m so sorry! So I guess I wasn’t supposed to mention that matching Team Edward design that goes all the way across your back either. oops. Sorry.

          • @Ang: WE DO IT ALL TOGETHER (TWSS) or not at all!! It will be at our LTT convention and hey we’ll get a group discount!!! I think that UC/Moon should go 1st since they started this whole thing…and yeah “it” is “a wide load”…lol…..
            @ Abs: OMELE…too funny!! Nice back though…sorry Ang gave Jodie your pic so that she could share!!..not..LMAO…

        • yes. but if you wanted it larger/in more detail than the forehead would allow, then you should get it on your chest. then you could angle all of the pertinent parts in, and frame your face. very flattering, methinks.

        • @JodieO..HOW could you have a source??? If you somehow do..they are lying..big time…I have to stand on my head just for things to “appear” to be in the right place…lmao…

          • I twittered with your Twi-Daughter while your laptop was broken. She said you are too skinny! How could I not trust the Twi-Daughter?

          • @JodieO..ooh so forgot about that! She lies! Don’t pay any attention to the Twi-girl behind the curtain…I mean computer! Making post it…never let Twi-Daughter talk to Jodie again! BTW so proud of her…will email you about it… 🙂

          • @midcyn – I can’t wait to hear the news! When is her photo spread being published, btw?

          • @JodieO …check your email! 🙂

        • @Ang…now your confused…that is MY tattoo and I have since added a full facial pic of Edward and its NOT on my back…remember now?

          • MidCyn – That’s right. You are working on the full body plan, right? Right now it’s just Edward, but eventually you’ll have the entire Cullen family featured. Except Rosalie, of course.

          • Ang..for shame..YOU SHOULD KNOW ME BETTER…its only Edward..has always been ONLY EDWARD..and will continue to be ONLY EDWARD…HE IS MY LIFE NOW!! OFTLOE..I have gone off the edge of the cliff..(at LA PUSH of course)…..

  5. I love, love, love Emily’s drawing of Jake & Renesmee above. Love. ❤

    Thanks for sharing the good along with the very, very, very bad.

    I'm into repeating words today. It's my theme. =)

  6. Emily’s and Sam’s art is amazing, it made me completely forget about the creepy stuff that should not exist.
    Thanks UC and Moon for sharing. You make us happy and have fun and smile every day, so intorducing us to amazing art is a cherry on the top.

    And you know you’ll get the biggest house possible in heaven (co-inhabited with Rob), just for writing letters!

  7. “Taylor? Chris Hansen, Dateline NBC. Why don’t you have a seat and pour yourself some iced tea.”

    • That picture is just plain wrong.

      • I’m not at all sure that the *pic* of Jacob/Renesmee IS of J/R…Trust me, I have a Fine Art Degree.

        A) Look at the skin colour of the ickle bebe…just like Taylor’s own skin colour, not Edward+ Bella white & sparkly = Renesmee fail.

        B) Doesn’t Renesmee have curly bronze hair, not short black straight hair = Renesmee fail.

        C) Why isn’t the baby chomping him with her little teeths?= Renesmee fail.

        D) The baby is laying around like an ordinary baby, not being freakishly over-developed & chatting over coffee as we know Renesmee would be by 10 days or so = Renesmee fail.

        I think some poor deluded soul just wanted to imagine Taycob with THEIR imaginary child (sigh) = Renesmee fail.

        On the other hand, let’s face it, Renesmee = Renesmee fail.

        P.S. Typing Renesmee fail so many times is strangely satisfying…try it…you know you want to (twss).

    • One of my professors was referencing that show in class the other day. His words: “What’s that show? To Catch a Pervert?” People in the class: “Um, predator.” Him: “Yeah… predator. With what’s-his-name.” Class: “ummmmm”

      Me (in small voice): “Chris Hansen. Sit down, have some iced tea.”

  8. Van Gogh(Jasper) to the max I love it. Imagine David Slade and kristen together. Add to the mix Chris farley and oh Lord what a mess. Great art work. New Moon meets old moon at conjunction junction.They join together to meet Jim Morrison and the Doors at UCLA.

    • No. I do not want to imagine David Slade and Kristen together, Robbygee.

      I hope she kicks your ass for suggesting it. 😉

      PS. Conjunction junction what’s your function?

    • Wow. You never fail to impress me, bobbygee. The amount of unrelated references in this is amazing. Thanks for including Schoolhouse Rock! And you’re kind of right about the picture of Jasper… if you squint it does sort of look like a distorted Van Gogh portrait… well, after a couple glasses of turpentine.

      • Bobbygee, you should be a bill, sittin’ here on Capitol Hill.

        • Yes! That was always my favorite! And now I’m stuck in committee where I’ll wait in a line, with a lot of other bills for the president to sign…

    • bobby.. i heart you

    • you get my ❤ just for mentioning The Doors, Jimmi and UCLA.

  9. i am touched by the “good” art… esp Sam’s… i adore her work on her site. particularly:

    woah… it fits into my life so well.

    thank you SO much for sharing this post. it was worth it…

  10. Such a cute post! I love the uncreepy art… the Jake/Renesmee photochop really made my mouth dry. *shudders*

  11. Emily and Sam both make such beautiful art!! It’s nice to be reminded that not all Twi-fans are making photo manips of Rob and Kristen… or of Jacob and a baby (wtf?)… in compromising positions.

    I am so, so, so disturbed by the onesie that says “I like it doggy style.” What is wrong with people?!?

    • Some people shouldn’t have children.

      My Jiminy Cricket would force me to call Child Protective Services if I saw a baby in that onesie.

      • Agreed. The shirt was irritating enough as it was…then when i kept scrolling and discovered to my horror that it was a onesie, it reaffirmed my belief that some people should definitely have a license before procreating.

      • You know what’s really upsetting about that onesie is that it’s totally Team Jacob. What about us Team Edward fans? Why can’t I get a onesie that says, “I like my men cold, dead and sparkling” or “I’m into necrophilia”. It’s completely unfair and one-sided.

        • I’m gonna have one made for your little one that says ‘Hold on teat, Spider Monkey’.

          • LMAO. ‘Teat’! Love it!

            How ’bout

            “Momma said I know how to make a kitty meow.”


            “I love those little bottles.”

          • That is so funny and so wrong at the same time. The thing is you could probably make any one of those into a toddler t-shirt and there’d be somebody who would buy it. That just makes me sad.

          • Hahahaha, that’s hilarious!! But, alas, I think you’re right toooldforthis, someone would buy it…. yep, Fang’s right. Some people shouldn’t have children.

    • Serious! I saw an age 2 y/o shirt the other day that said “That’s What She Said”

  12. Aren’t Sam and Emily the Alpha and his girl? Coincidences?

    And because I suck at getting the picture in my head onto paper I totally need to have them draw it out…

  13. These are amazing (er, the Emily/Sam ones…it’s normal that I immediately noticed that their names are Emily [Young]and Sam [Uley], right?) (oh just read sassysmart’s entry, guess I’m normal after all)!

    I think i will look into more of their stuff. I like the Henri one Sam has, it’s so cute.

    For the other pieces, I think they should look into the MoBA.

  14. Sam’s makes me want to buy a house solely so I can hang it somewhere. Alas, it can lean against the wall from the floor like the rest of ’em till I can take the plunge.

    Keep them coming Sam and Emily! Great work!

  15. You guys need to create a new category for this “art”, because those first drawings go way beyond second-hand embarassing.

    I’m just really upset that my youngest is 6 years old so I can’t buy one of those awesome onesies that say “I like it doggy style”. It almost makes me want to have another baby.

    It really makes me wonder about some people. What is going through their minds when they create that “art”, especially the picture of half-naked Jacob with the naked baby. I hope that it’s someone who is making fun of Breaking Dawn. That would make me feel better than knowing that it’s someone who really thought it looked beautiful and loving.

  16. at first i was like this, but then i saw you had answered my prayers and included more from emily! sam’s stuff is great too! (i’ve bookmarked both your shops, ladies!) and then i was like this

  17. Dear Person-who-abuses-Photoshop:
    Now I’ll have to meditate on my MerRob for an extra ten minutes just to get that image out of my head.
    – Poochi

  18. Emily’s art is so cute, I love it!
    And I stumbled upon Dwell Deeps Flickr pool sometime last year and have been following her blog since. Her drawings are fantastic. I am dreaming of writing a children’s book and having her illustrate it.

    As for the other pieces – good lord people – that’s what I call a craftastrophe.

  19. Ahhhhh, nothing like coffee to wash down the acrid taste of bile first thing in the morning!

    1. What the hell is that on Jacob’s neck in the first pic? And when was Taylor Lautner recast as Wolverine?

    2. Niiiiiiice addition of the crucifix in that child pornography abomination. If that wasn’t intended to be lewd, then why the hell are they languishing naked in sheets? Scratch that. It’s totally intended to be lewd. Childlessness is no laughing matter, but I fervently hope that artist’s womb is a shriveled, barren wasteland.

    3. Laughing my ass off that the Edward clay pot is sparkly. Seriously, UC, how excited were you to see in your inbox? I really would have expected more from her, but I guess I’m just thankful that the Bellapot is a brunette and not a “mature” blonde. It’s a good thing.

    4. Thank you, thank you for shining a spotlight on the awesome, non-nauseau-inducing artwork available in the fandom. After the onesie from the Inappropriate by Pedophilia collection, I was thisclose to handing in my Twi-membership and searching for a site resembling

    • Oh Pizz. As always, i love you big time. Lord knows I can’t get enough MStew refs. It IS a good thing, as are you.

    • Thanks for pointing out that they are “languishing naked in the sheets”. I didn’t see that the first time so I had to go back and look again. Now I’m going to take a shower and try to wash the filthy feeling off of me.

      (And I agree that is intended to be lewd. Look at Taylor’s “bedroom eyes”. I’m gonna puke.)

  20. I’m sorry…was there anything after the picture of Jacob and baby Renesmee? Because I was busy dry heaving. Who in their right mind thought THAT was artistic? I have to go wash my eyes out with bleach, and have a lobotomy for good measure…just to make sure I don’t see that image ever again.

    On a brighter note…Love, Love ,Love the art by Sam and Emily!

  21. I normally love these bad art posts…but only because images like the portraits of Jacob and Jasper are rather hysterical (what IS that round thing on Jacob’s throat? An adam’s apple? It’s very prominent.) However today was particularly disturbing when we got to the Jacob/Baby pic (and particularly confusing in the case of the mermaid Edward/Bella).

    So THANK YOU for sharing some wonderful, inspring art with us after horrifying us! I paint + draw in my free time and would love to approach the themes of Twilight in some of my work, but I’m way too afraid to. Thanks for showing us how some inspiring, tasteful, and creative individuals approached the material in Twilight yet made it their own. Now the only problem is I wish I was not at work but rather sitting with a box of my watercolors and inks.

    • Yes, thank you! I didn’t get the mermaid picture either. Did I miss something in Breaking Dawn? Or are Rob and Kristen really merpeople?

  22. I love love love the Bella meet Kristen /Edward meets Rob picture Thought I think she was kind and made Kristen and Rob look more “presentable” They are usually so hobo casual … but still I love it! Loved Sam’s stuff too.. so beautiful.. Off to check out the sites!

  23. That Jacob/Baby one is WAY disturbing! I mean..WAYYYYY kind of throw up my first cup of coffee disturbing!! Having once been an unprofessional artist..never and I must repeat NEVER would something like that have even entered my non damaged brain which leads me to believe that mayhaps the “artist” should have a cat scan ASAP???
    The onesie…should be just that a ONE time thing only and even that is ONE too many!…
    Good Morning everyone!!! 🙂

  24. Am I the only one who likes Merward and Merbella? I think it is craptastic. Not in a -Imma frame that sucker and put it on my wall- way, but in a -Edward Cullen has a fishtail, is holding a fishy and his butterfly wings are smaller than Bella’s- kinda way.

    Emily’s and Sam’s work is simply gorgeous.

  25. i wish i could burn the image of the incredibly creepy jacob and renesmee picture out of my brain. chills down my spine…

    and what the heck was the artist thinking with the mermaids?!? srsly messed up..

  26. “These little upside-down clay pots representing Bella & Edward come with a cardboard cut out of the Meadow scene for you to act out when your husband is asleep!” UC. I am almost as disturbed that YOU came up with THAT caption as I am with the clay pots themselves and how is it that you KNOW there is a cardboard cut-out of the meadow scene?…something you need to share with the group???
    Personally I am just happy to see KStew smiling for once!

  27. I LOVED how as I would scroll down, your captions were EXACTLY what I was thinking.

    Pic of naked jacob: me-what the heck is he holding, is that a…omg, it is, ew.

    Pic of Mer-people , me- WHY? scroll down, Oh, well why not indeed…..

    Great laughs, and although I am not an artist, I am a maker of stuff, and have artist friends. I love that you are promoting your friend’s work, it is as it should be! They are talented and deserve to make their living doing what they love. Bravo!

  28. Picture no. 3 is seriously disturbing!! Like really.
    The others are just funny. Especially the Jasper one. I think I laughed at that for about 5 minutes…

  29. Holy crap is that naked Jacob/Renesmee picture freaking terrifying and creepy.

    I feel like I just inadvertantly looked at kiddie porn.

    Oh wait. I did.


  30. OMG So funny I was LOLing as usual. You guys r amazing too so snaps for you and LTR and LTT

  31. […] LTT : Twilight stuff that should not exist…then some that should […]

  32. […] LTT : Twilight stuff that should not exist…then some that should […]

  33. I like the merflies/buttermaids artwork. Seriously. I can just imagine a gigantic version with an elaborate crappily gold painted frame hanging in a gallery and people standing transfixed and overawed by it’s greatness.

    I was only disappointed that there didn’t seem to be any spec. msg in the tailtext, unless you have comp. fuzzy eyes and misread ‘hymen’ for ‘hymn’.

    • Looking at that tailtext (so glad I’m not the only one zeroing in on these details), the words are all suggestive, maybe not overtly, but in a subtle way . . . actually fairly subversive, I think.

      • OMG..thought I was the only one that looked..(red faced) but seriously was trying to find some, any, reason to understand the pic…

        • Glad to be of service in being willing to be the first to admit to shamefullness acts and deeds. Anytime you want to check that someone else is thinking something ‘really really normal’ just point me in the right direction.

          I’m thinking of making someone special a very ‘special’ VD card, meaningful tailtext included. (kidding… I think).

      • Would that be that overtly suggestive subversive bible text?

  34. Yeah, the baby porn made me throw up in my hand, but the Merward and Mella? Seriously brillz! The only way that could have been better was to have a Jacob-unicorn (Jacorn?) pointing his horn at the shell too!!!

  35. 4

    that’s the number of times I vomited just a little bit in my mouth while reading this post.

    Thanks loves.

  36. First..why of ALL days when I NEVER want to see those first pics does my computer refuse to scroll down when I hit refresh???

    Second, off topic if I may…I watched Twilight this morning and then New Moon…yeah I know…time on my hands..(not by choice) anyway…this is really bugging me…
    How is it that Bella has a bow window in her bedroom?? You know when my fav song is play “Possiblity” and the camera is sickeningly revolving around Bella, well its obvious she is on the second floor and she is sitting in a bay window in her bedroom???? I have hit replay (trust) and there isn’t one in either Twilight or New Moon? Am I missing something??

    • MidCyn – I have that same issue with refreshing…not good today!

      I’ll have to watch the movie and compare on the windows to be sure. But, I think you are right. It doesn’t really match up with the design of the house. And frankly, I remember thinking during the “Possibility” window scene that Bella’s room looked bigger than in Twilight. And then I thought “Gee, Ang, maybe you are paying a little too close of attention to this.” But that’s Normal.

    • Is she sitting in her bedroom for that or another room? I don’t remember. Maybe that’s in the ‘other corner’ of Bella’s room that we don’t see. ;P

      • I seem to remember CW talking about this in an interview/commentary about the filming of New Moon, something about camera angles and needing more space in the b’room to look at Jacob jumping in window from Bella’s POV…… brain does get a little fuzzy though so don’t hunt me down if I’m misremembering.

  37. I am glad its not just me then..but if you look, the room she is sitting in during that scene is supposed to be her bedroom same wall color etc, believe me I have watched, paused etc., and looked at all the angle over and over (cause thats normal) and that window is not there…be back soon..just got permission to take a shower! I know..TMI but wanted explain my absence for a bit…
    BTW where is Illegal??? “See” you in a bit!!

  38. Ooooh, thanks for posting this. Just today I got assigned to create avatars for our sales staff. I am going to do them in Sam’s style. Good inspiration!

  39. Sam & Emily.
    HA! Get it? Get it? Like Sam & Emily

  40. Ummm…so that pic of Taylor/Jacob touching the little baby? SO CREEPY. The artist should probably keep an eye out for Chris Hansen coming their way…

  41. […] Twilight stuff that should not exist…. then some that should Dear Twilight art lovers, While we’re waiting for the leg hitch anything from David Slade & Summit, I thought […] […]

  42. […] Sam from Dwell Deep did called “Loss or Lost.” We shared Sam’s art with you just last week and mentioned this painting was inspired by the Lykke Li song from the New Moon  soundtrack. In […]

  43. […] spotted these over at LettersToTwilight and couldn’t resist reposting. Super cute! blog comments powered by Disqus var […]

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