Say it loud, I’m a Twi-Hard and Proud!

Nothing gets me pumped to continue writing on LTT day-after-day and continuing loving the movies and the books and the whole entire saga like a really good fan letter!

Say it! Out Loud!

Dear LTT,

Although I have been a huge fan of Twilight since August of 2008 I only recently found the blogging world of sanity that I now flock to daily like a crow and road kill. From the brazen posts of UC and Moon I decided that I was going to “come out” of the Twilight Closet in a big way…

Every single person I know, they know about it (The Twi-Hard “it factor”) because I can’t shut up. I have stopped restricting myself. See I’m hard core about this shizzz. There is no room for error, no room for misinformation or misquotes and no room for a semi-twi-hard to step in my path. I’m not Avril Lavigne soft punk over this, no, I’m Johnny Rotten Sex Pistols crazy about this epidemic that has me in it’s clutches like the 1918 Spanish Influenza.

Could I interest you in this home? Vampires not included

Work: I am twenty-nine years old and work for a Fortune 500 company related to real estate and new construction. Here’s what happens when you are: (Say It Loud) – I’m a TWI-HARD and proud!

While sitting in a model home, in a suit, waiting to sell a splendid house to anyone who walks in my door, I see a younger girl, around twenty-four, with her fiance. I scrutinize her, not to see if she can afford the house, but to see if I notice the, “I’ve read the Twilight Saga and know the world,” look. You know the look… the one where their eyes permanently are subconsciously looking for something Twi related. Maybe it’s a Cullen Crest bumper sticker, a little bottle of liquor, a picture of a lion and a lamb, or anything related to cliff diving and Forks. Their eyes are constantly searching for something Twilight.

When this potential Twi-Hard’s fiance goes to explore the man cave of a basement I look her in the eyes and I see it. Like Edward with a mountain lion, I see the look and ask, “So, did you see New Moon?” SOLD! Another house, another commission, another sale thanks to Twilight. Who wouldn’t trust their sales rep when they talk Twilight to them? The fiance is confused when he comes upstairs from the man cave and the wife explodes that they are going to build a house, like, now.

That's Normal

Work Friends: Then there are my coworkers who know about this reality I live. One of them went to Burger King and left for me the NM cards with the pictures of the cast on the front and discounts to Hot Topic on the back. Her cute little yellow post-it notes that have cupcakes on them (I internally giggle “thank you CWIA”) states: “I saw these and thought of you! Enjoy!”
Yes, they all know. They even knew that Nov 20, 2009 was a huge, take the day off, party like a child, and go see a movie at midnight, event. I received at least 3 emails wishing me good luck amongst the teenagers and to drink lots of “red” wine.
The still-in-the-closet-semi-twi-hard coworkers know that we can giggle secretly about Jacob being too young and Rob, Robert, Edward, Robward, His Holy Hotness, whatever you want to call him, making our panties qualify for a mortgage (weirdo real estate language for panties disintegrating). Suddenly, my inbox is no longer filled with house buying related information but their favorite pictures of HHH in VF.

I highly suggest finding yourself an "out" Twi-hard friend. This is mine...

Friend: *sigh* Yes, I only have one Twi-Hard friend to non-stop talk about this world with BUT she’s very reserved and not “out”. Therefore I went on my hunt for other Twi-Hards and oh, I have found you. Sanity has returned and my serotonin levels are normal because I was afraid that I was loosing it. Now I know, “that’s normal.” Phew.

Family: This one’s a bit tricky. It’s me and my niece’s against the family world! We rule, they suck, and we don’t care that they don’t know what we are gabbing about: Marshmallows, kiss me I’m Irish, does she even like Italian, things like this just don’t happen, they do in my world, fire and powder, my kung fu is strong, face punch, punch face, … it goes on and on… for hours…
Yet, my sister did ask for my advice about my two niece’s iPod touches they were getting for Xmas. Sister wanted to know what Twilight quote to get engraved for each of them. Well, shiz monkey man, that’s a tough freaking question!! I told her, “La Tua Cantante” and “Quil-clout-lay.” It’s perfect, one’s Team Edward and the other Team Jacob. Only those on the inside (obsessed side) would know.

My mother caved and read Twilight. She refuses to continue with the series because, “I just can’t handle the description of kissing those cold, hard, lips…” Good thing I didn’t recommend that she try kissing the ice box for the experience (JK! I have never done that, I swear).

What did I request for myself for Xmas, you ask? Well, I told my husband I wanted a full-size figure of a certain celebrity. He rolled his eyes. I took that as a “yes, of course!”

Thanks LTT for allowing me to express how being out of the Twi-Hard closet had altered my sales skills, work relationships, and familial affairs. Not to mention my total language is forever altered and I’m so chillaxed with the change.


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  1. *and the crowd stands up to cheer*
    love the letter. “Hear-Hear!”

  2. Vigallmon, you have my utter respect. I can’t bring myself to “come out” like that, so more power to you!
    My step-mom is just starting to read the books. I’m secretly hoping she’ll love them so I’ll have someone else to talk about them with. If not no biggie though. That’s what this place is for!
    Welcome aboard Vigallmon 🙂

  3. Thanks for the welcome! I love this website and was utterly inspired to share my own little saga 😉

    • Fantastic! Loved your letter Vigallmon! It gets me all excited to read the series (again). 🙂

    • OMG – I loved your letter! It totally got me all jazzed up – I want to climb a tree and scream how much I love Twilight 🙂 I’m pretty much out of the closet about my Twilight obsession. I even brought it up in a job interview the other day…not that I was a Twi-hard but that I had read the books. The guy responded by saying he watched True Blood so he’s down with the vamps. I got a call back for a 2nd interview, no doubt for this reason. LOL 😉

  4. Kiss the ice box is a novel idea. Maybe that will take off who knows.

  5. That was hilarious. I’m still laughing over: “I’m Johnny Rotten Sex Pistols crazy about this epidemic that has me in it’s clutches like the 1918 Spanish Influenza.”

    Congrats on being out and proud!

  6. I’ve recommended Twilight to some of my girlfriends, but they’re not nearly as obsessed as I am. I still can’t understand how they could manage dragging the read for 3 months. I read it in a friggin’ week!

    I was pleasantly surprised to find out that one of my former classmates (who I didn’t really talk to much in high-school because she was a weirdo) has read it and we seemed to be on the same level of crazy about it. We hit it off instantly! Although the fact that she still is a weirdo worries me sometimes, I soon dismiss the thought, because she’s the only say-it-out-loud-batshit-crazy-twi-hard friend I’ve got and she gets me. Everyone’s crazy in their own way, right? … RIGHT?!

    Yeah, that’s what Twilight does, it brings people together!

  7. Hilarious!!

    But, I must know, do you wear the clothes?

    Let me be more specific.

    Do you own a Team Jacob shirt? Does it say “Well, I’m so sorry that I can’t be the right kind of monster for you, Bella”?

    What about an Edward shirt that says, “What if I’m the bad guy?”

    Do you tell everyone what “team” (Team Threesome, FTW!) you are on?

    Do you ever get the feeling that they are making fun of you? Not that I am or would, it’s just I’m writing a paper about S. Meyer and this fandom and would love to know the answers to these questions.

    (If you said the answer to any of these, I’m sorry. I’m a college student and skim everything out of habit.)

    I really respect you for being out of the twi-gay closet. Great job, Vigallmon!

    • I am totally Team Edward. I own nothing Twilight but the gifts that others have given me, such as the mini lunchbox of sweethearts (a co-worker gave this to me with a note that said, “To: Vigallmon Love: Edward”
      My nieces wear the shirts so I live vicariously through them!

      Although, I would love to have PJ’s with Rob from VF. Edward pictures are freaking creepers. I would never snuggle up to those gawd awful pillows!

      I know that my non-Twihard friends make fun of me BUT they all love fanfic now that I have shown them the wonderful world.

      As for coworkers, the few that are almost, almost as nuts as I am enjoy my insanity (*cough* sanity) and the others ask me if I was into Harry Potter.
      The answer to that is NO. I have never read one flipping HP book. So, those peeps laugh at me and I smile, PROUDLY 🙂

      • Yay! Another twi-fan that’s out and proud!

        I love being out! I actually don’t know anyone who seriously judges me for it, obviously my friends don’t (but they do it in jest a lot, which is fine as so do I).

        Everyone at work accepts it as a personality quirk, sometimes they might mention something Twi related they have seen which made them think of me, which is pretty cute because, without fail, it will not be news to me. I work with mostly guys too.

        Family wise I have 2 brothers who don’t get it, but my aunt, cousin and Mother are totally there, I took all of their Twi-V Cards, I’m a twi-slut.

        I actually have an Edward pillow case, it was a joke present from a friend, it’s gone in the ‘Team Edward/Team Jacob’ reversable ‘bag-o-shame’ I got for Christmas with all the other Rob/Twi-crap that will sit there and never get read/watched. I even got that Robsessed DVD with the Haunted Airman, which I have absolutely no desire to watch what so ever.

      • Awesome!

        I’m in and outta the twi closet. Depends on my mood for the day.

        BUT I am always, always, ALWAYS very vocal about my love for Harry Potter. I finally forced someone to read it (PIZZ!) and am living vicariously through her. It’s pretty amazing and makes me tear up. Insane, I know. I’m just attached. You should give it a try. 🙂

      • I really, really want a “Jasper Says Relax” shirt but I just can’t bring myself to purchase it!

        • One of the coolest lemmings I know owns that shirt.

          Buy it! No one but the in crowd would know what it meant anyway.

        • OMG that’s hillarious. I’ve never seen that shirt. I thought you were kidding. Excuse me…I must go google!

          • They have them on CafePress. I might start with something small, maybe a button?

        • I want one too!!
          …But then I would have 2 pieces of Twilight flair. That would be like coming out of the Twi- closet in drag sporting a silver boa.
          I just don’t think I’m that Sid Vicious hardcore fan yet. Still in the Ramones phase of Twi-fandom.

  8. Welcome to the dark side!

  9. So is the Cullen house really for sale? LOL
    I get flak all the time about my love for Twilight. I have a sticker on the back window of my car that says, “Twilighter” (which I prefer over Twi-hard) and a side window cling that says, “Twilight, if you have you ask, you won’t understand!” I am far from young, except young at heart, but I love the whole Twilight world! I have traveled from NW FL where I live to Forks to attend the Stephenie Meyer Day aka Bella’s birthday celebration last Sept. It was the most wonderful vacation I have had! It didn’t feel like vacation as I drove through the woods where the Cullens may have hunted, it felt like home!
    My daughter insists I need professional help, and the sons roll their eyes at any mention of Twilight. There are a few friends at church who love Twilight, not quite to the degree I do but at least someone friendly to share with!
    I am going to Japan to visit a Navy son and he told me the ticket was for March 19th!! I said, “Oh no!” I will miss the party/release of New Moon! He didn’t get it at all, sigh.
    Twilight is my world.

  10. I love this letter. I takes me back to that “new love” of discovering twilight. …(sings) Memories….

  11. Just had to comment again after seeing the letter on no desire to see that other Rob DVD – me either! I have no desire to see any of the other stuff – they are not Twilight – nor Twilight related! I love Edward, not Rob! He says and does things Edward would never do, smoking and cursing. That is his right to choose in his world, but that is not the Twilight world! I just love the whole feeling of Twilight and the hope it brings to us, the encouragement that the world can be better, can be full of the happiness we each seek in our own way!

  12. I am out of the closet too. I loved the series so much when I ran through them that I just couldn’t help talking about them all the time. Then it was too late and there was no way to unring the bell. Everyone knows of my twi-love. I have no RL friends who are as into it as me so many of my comments and quotes go under the radar but I don’t hide it by any means. So I decided to just go with it and to be out and proud!

  13. Beyond awesome!! I am out but not loud. Like going to the premiere is going to involve me at the bar watching all the hard cores instead of being in the actual mayhem. And I’m ok with that…we each have our own level of bat shit.

  14. Love, love, love this letter! I’m out and generally loud, but I’m attempting to quiet myself for fear of further ostracizing myself. Like the time my Twi-friends and I were in a restaurant before the New Moon premiere and I was voted “biggest fan”? Yeah. That’s why I’ve toned it down. It’s letters like this, though, that make loud and proud fun again!

    Now if only I could get commission for my Twi-references…

  15. “making our panties qualify for a mortgage ”

    This is beyond brilliant!

    “I scrutinize her, not to see if she can afford the house, but to see if I notice the, “I’ve read the Twilight Saga and know the world,” look. You know the look… the one where their eyes permanently are subconsciously looking for something Twi related.”


  16. Very well written letter Vigallmon and welcome!

    I am so excited by your letter…mostly because it’s encouragement to us all to be out and proud about Twilight!

    Also I absolutely love that you use Twilight to make sales. Now if I could only figure out how to use Twilight to sell chairs. (Yes that’s the industry I am in. Chairs. And they’re usually sold to men.)

    I also wish you had written this letter before I bought another iPod a few weeks ago… I am totally vexed that I didn’t think of getting mine engraved with “La Tua Cantante” or “Quil-clout-lay”. Major thumbs up to you for that one.

    • Operarose, you can bring it to an Apple store and they will do it for you.

    • Chairs? Rocking chairs? That is a Twi-hard sale for sure!! “Can you imagine, for one moment, the pleasant creaking of this beautiful hand made rocking chair against the wooden floors. When you look up from your bed, you see the soul mate of your dreams. Yes, yes, you can see him. You must have this chair so that you too can have an Edward!!!”
      LOVE IT!!!!
      For the guys? Hmmm, maybe telling them that buying a rocking chair will get them laid is a sure fire way to a sale.

  17. Oh, so funny, I love how Twilight has gotten your houses sold. I so know that look… how meeting a new friend, you somehoe bring Twilight up… fish out of each other if this is a good or bad thing… and if it’s good, we end up best of friends and giggling for the rest of the night while the husbands roll their eyes.

    Oh yes

  18. I’m still semi-closeted. Like, I’m cool if other Twihards know about me, but I will cuttabitch if she posts pics of me at the midnight showing on facebook.

    • Ha! I love it.

      I ended up in the local newspaper because I went to the midnight showing and won a calendar during a little contest. Granted, it was a silly little towny newspaper, but I was definitely ready to punch someone for outting me. I was wearing a “Team Vampire” t-shirt and grinning like a fool. I so understand the need to punch faces.

      Yeah, I referenced that.

  19. Vigallmon, you are an inspiration, I promise myself to open my twi-cupboard door another inch every day AND purchase some Twicrap from the display at Dymocks even if the sales person does look like a book snob.

    I also love your blatant use of Twilight to sell houses.

    • Hi Vigallmon!

      I wouldn’t say I was a twi-hard, I would go more for Twi-slightlyfirm…If people ever ask me about Twilight I always tell them that I secretly adore it, but that, obviously, I’d never admit that in public.

      Then their smile freezes, & they inch away….

  20. Very funny letter! I love how you use your twi-fandom to sell houses! I also like the part about your family “me and my neices against the world” because it really DOES feel like that sometimes when you try to explain things to your family! Sometimes me and my sister make a twi joke in front of family and dont want to explain it so we just say “its a twilight thing” and they all roll their eyes and move on. I made my mom watch the movie when she came to visit me, but she refuses flat out to go see New Moon!

    • Twilight – “keepin’ it in the family”, huh? cool… “keepin’ it real”!
      speaking of, where IS your sister anyway? Nothin’ new here or on her blog lately…

      • she is working on a big project at work and they have her working some craaazy hours! weekends, late nights and everything! 😦 She said she should have time to go online today though so we’ll see!

        • By the way, I still can’t see why she wouldn’t go see New Moon! Do you know how many Midsomer Murders I’ve watched with her over the years?! Though one of those had Orlando Bloom age 18 or so in it as the murderer, and I thought of you (after rushing to to make sure that it was definitely him)

  21. Brava, Vigallmon! I’m out of the closet, but I still have my foot in the door and my hand on the knob.

    I LOVE that you are reaping the benefits of your Twilight obsession at work.

    Funny, funny, letter. Thanks for sharing with us! Oh, and I just lost my HP virginity. You should try it sometime, it’s really helping me through this Twilight drought! Do it! Peer pressure! Hahahaha.

    • I’m so glad I was successful in my peer pressure.


      • As am I! But srsly, considering what else I’ve been reading lately, I’m starting to think you have too much influence. I am your lemming. Don’t go near any cliffs.

    • How was it? I still haven’t gotten that far…

      • It’s sooooooooooooooo good, so far. Srsly, THIS is YA at its well-written best. Even without sparkling stalkers, I’m on the edge of my seat. And I haven’t even made it halfway through the first book yet!

    • Awwww…a wee Potter fan…Why does that make me tear up? stumble on little unicorn baby…stumble on…*sniff*

      • You are here! Was begining to think you had started to swim across that ocean and maybe got a cramp half way.

        • My mum told me not to swim two hours after eating my meat patties….I didnt listen… 😦
          In all honesty I was not feeling funny for the past few days…I was a sad fake lesbian clown….(boooo) but ‘m back! (boooo) and here to stay (boooo!)


          • Yah! Glad the rescue helicopter found you.

            BTW- only 9 days before part hats time!

          • Get your jellyfish face on…we’re going dancin’! woot woot!

            p.s. shame on you for counting…shame on me for knowing why you’re counting. 🙂

          • I feel no shame what-so-ever, in fact bought first Twi-related piece of crap to celebrate my no-shamedness (don’t know if I’ll break it out in public yet though).

            MMmm, b’day cake.

    • My afraid to be loud and proud Twi Friend gave me Evermore… any thoughts on this series?

      • Noooooo. Haven’t heard of it – you must read and review for us! With the extended Twi-drought, my eyes are starting to reopen. Did you all know there are OTHER books and movies out there? I’d forgotten!

        Pay attention, Summit – we’re losing focus!

  22. Wow, a house sale because of Twilight. That IS impressive!!

    Great letter, V, although everyone knows I’ve read it, not a single one of my RL friends are as, uh, ‘committed’ as I am to loving the Twi. I still cannot convince my BFF to read Midnight Sun, because she ‘doesn’t like reading stuff on the computer’. Whaaaaaaaaaaa? I know, I need to disown her, it’s just wrong. She saved herself by going to see New Moon at Midnight with me.

    Maybe you should wear your BK crown for a few open houses. Weed out the weirdoes…..justsayin’…..

  23. I am showering you with cute little bloody hearts… LOVE your letter. I’m out of the closet, but I still have one foot in the frame.No one I know is as “normal” as me when it comes to Twilight… I have no Twi-friends, it’s quite sad, really.

  24. This is a phenomenal letter – love it!!! My favorite part is about seeing if someone has that look in their eyes – like Edward with a mountain lion.

    Alas I am still in the closet. I ever had “strep throat” on Nov 20th so I could go to the 11am showing. And then I took a few more days off to watch all of the Ellen, the View etc shows.

    Maybe I’ll come out one day….

  25. p.s. – I love your letter, but I keep reading your name as “vag-a-million”. Kind of like you might be a Bond Girl. Or a vag fanatic. Either way, it makes me giggle every time.

    • Bahahaaa! Really loud laugh in a silent office over that – I’ll probably get in trouble but it was worth it.

      • Hahaha, I just did the same thing. Luckily one of my officemates just brought in her five-month old, so everyone got distracted.

        • Haha! I have no excuse when I laugh wicked loud from this evil blog! I just say, “Oh, it was just a funny e-mail! I swear.”

  26. Great Letter!

  27. Love the letter! Mucho cojones–I like that!

    Can you teach me to have your “Twi-dar?” I’d love to be able to sniff out other “normal” folks like me…

    I wish I could go back into the closet–it would probably save my marriage.

  28. Hey Vig,
    Great letter!

    I have tried to come out at work, but it’s been subtle. My dogs (wolfpack) gave me a “Cullen Crest” sweatshirt to walk them in. They said it was okay for me to wear since we walk at 5:30 in the morning and it’s a subtle sweatshirt (no pics, just a worn crest with a subtle “Cullen” on the banner). Well, I was freezing in my office and said sweatshirt was in my car. I had to do it. I wore it (I am a graphic designer who designs t-shirts. I can pretty much come into work with my underwear on my head and it wouldn’t raise an eyebrow). I put it on with a slightly/ giddy nervousness, like I was meeting a blind date. There are quite a few female 20 somethings here so I thought once I put up the flag, some Twi-hard would come out of the woodwork. No one did. I felt so sad.

    So your letter has inspired put up “Team——” image in my office and see if anyone comments. So sad to be alone in work-Twi.

    • Sad day. I hate it when you are all excited (or anxious) about what you’re wearing and then no one notices. All that emotion for nothing!

    • Awe, that sucks! How could no one know? I feel like I live in this bubble that is everywhere and yet, so many people are clueless of the little signs all over. Good luck and I’m sure there is another Twi-hard somewhere in your office!!!

    • You also have a wolfpack? Whispers, ‘me too’, but it’s like the BD new pack as there’s just 3 of us. They buy me stuff too, I’m wearing some earrings they gave me as we speak.

      Everytime I’m on here at least one of them is always here too…either on my knee (reading along) or on the sofa behind me. Darcey (girldog) is a huge Jacob fan.

      Oh no! Outed as mad dog(wolf) lady.

      • LOL! Yay, I am so glad to hear you have a present buying, 3 man Wolfpack too! Don’t they have the best taste in jewelry?

        “Oh no! Outed as mad dog(wolf) lady.” Too funny.

        Glad to hear your girl dog is Team Jacob. My ,um, BOY dog is also Team Jacob… he’s such a marshmellow.

  29. Afternoon EVERYONE!! I Have SO missed YOU ALL! I was going to explain my absence by saying I have been stuck to the inside of my freezer for over a week but since I only smooch in secret I figured that wouldn’t work. In truth I had my computer taken away from me (red faced) and been on bed (couch) rest with some health issues. I finally got it back just a bit ago when someone here actually realized that it was more detremental to my health NOT being able to stay in contact with you all and without being able to watch Twilight daily. So I am “allowed” limited accesss for short periods of time…anyway enough about that…
    I guess you could definately say that I am poster child (old lady) for being “Loud and Proud” ! I love wearing my ever increasing collection of T- shirts , sleep with Blanket Rob nightly and proudly accept any Twi related gifts (most recently a box of Twilight valentine chocolates)! I have given up any pretense of trying to hide the fact that I am in love with all things Edward…I mean Twilight.(.I admit that I let people assume its the brain damage, its a good cover,) but truthfully I at this point I don’t really care who knows or what they think…there are much worse things I could be obsessed with right? Plus they all think I am crazy now anyway, so what the hale!
    It was like a present today when I was FINALLY handed my computer and of course turned on my computer where my home page is set to LTT and the smile returned to my face!! .I know its normal that before checking any email, paying bills etc., the first place I come is be with my friends that I have missed so much!! ❤
    Well I have alot of catching up to do…. 🙂

    • OOH! Hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs! I’m so glad you are back!

      Tell your husb he can’t just cut us all off like that! We were worried sick about you! And we missed you terribly!

      • OH JODIE….YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I MISSED YOU.(Don’t blame the hubs though…he was only doing what he was told to do) and he actually is the one that relented and gave it back to me on the promise I would “be good”… I am so sorry if I worried you… 😦 luvs you!!

        • Whose orders were these? We’re gonna have words! Seriously!

          HUGS! Missed you, too!

          And I was seriously like a day away from picking up a phone book and calling everyone in the state with your last name.

          And I hope you are feeling better!

          • LMAO..picturing you going through the phone book…:) I am not listed btw! Your so funny! I have no doubt you would have given it your all..maybe met someone nice tho??? I really am sorry to have caused you concern! (But I would have loved to heard the stories you have been able to tell about all the ppl you talked to trying to find me…OMELE..) 🙂 Can just hear it now ..”Ahh Hi my name is Jodie and I am trying to find Midnight_Cyn..umm I mean know from LTT…**crickets** what is LTT? umm its a website devoted to the love of all that is Twilight…**crickets** nevermind..NO this is NOT a prank call…you have heard of Twilight the movie right?? hello…hello…hello…??”

          • You aren’t listed?? Ooohh.. sneaky! Oh well. I’m emailing you my phone number just. in. case!

    • Yay! Hellllllllllllooooo!

    • Missed you, Cyn!

      Hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

    • YOU ARE ALL SUCH GREAT FRIENDS..<3 YOU ALL MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW… I am really sorry to have worried anyone, I didn't think anyone would notice a few days absence! I just assumed that everyone would know I had been swept off by Edward for a few days of …..R & R!! Hopefully, I will not put myself in the same situation again, yes I brought this on myself, so I will try not be AWOL again but I will figure out a way to get the msg. out to someone in the event something comes up in the future promise. Thank you all for caring! xoxo

    • Glad that you are feeling better! I was worried that Pauleta scared you off! 🙂

      • Who is Pauleta?? BTW..I am way too old to be scared off by anyone…if anything, they (she?) should be afraid..very…not playing with a full deck here..tee hee.. 🙂
        Glad to be back too!

        • Pauleta was one of the people who had, shall we say, “a difference of opinion” the other day when everyone got so “excited” about Kstew. Glad you weren’t scared away!

          • I read the post that day, giggled to myself, and then decided that day would be a good time to take away from the blog. 🙂

          • At my age it takes a hell alot more than something like that to scare me away! I don’t remember when I was on last so I don’t know if I was on LTT that day?? Maybe you guys do and I can’t go back to look…(I am being watched..feel like a dang kid) but you all know how defensive I can get when things get out of control on here…very protective of my fellow LTT’ers..cause I luvs ya… :)…so maybe it was good that I either wasn’t there or don’t remember…lol!

    • Good to have you back! Take care of yourself so WE don’t have to live through another enforced absence! 😉

      • My GOODNESS..I had no idea being off the board for a couple of days would even be noticed! Your all so sweet to even care!

    • Awww so happy you’re back Cyn! I was just about to put on my jorts and come look for you in the bamboo forest. Dont worry, I wouldnt have taken my top off. No one wants to see that…lol
      Missed you!
      Muah! 🙂

      • I wanna see it!

        Sexy lady! 😉

        • OMELE: How I have missed this…laughter is definately the best medicine!!

          @ILWL: Now that would have been worth seeing..seriously..picturing you running through bambo in jorts..nose to the ground…you would have found me..was only able to shower every other day! YUCK!!! You would have turned around and run away!!! Luvs you!

          • Hey MidnightCyn 🙂 Missed your face.

          • @absolutelyvlc…LOL…not if you saw my real face!! Missed you too…just reading through my emails and came across your email that Ang forwarded to me..thanks for that! ❤

        • @ Fangy…Of course you do 😉 but I love you too much to traumatise you like that. And I know that you’re gonna tweet the hell out of it….tsk tsk…What would people think?

          @Cyn You missed the Rambo Panda! You would have been proud. And I would never run away…I’m sure you smelled like freesias and freshly made coffee! (Ok that was a weird combo) ❤ ya too!

          • Ok I HAVE TO KNOW…RAMBO PANDA??? Explain plz!!! BTW..wasn’t allowed coffee either!! Shitz now that I think about it..maybe they were actually trying to kill me…what with no LTT or coffee!!! MMMM Thinkin bout this more seriously now….

          • Yeah….I kinda went off on the Pauleta chick for killing my buzz. Needed a few days to get my happy back. It was pretty traumatising…Never again will I wear the pink sash around my head. Ok lie…if someone pisses me off again I will turn into rambo panda again. Your mamma bear tendencies are rubbing off on me… 😀

          • @Illegalwolflover: Now I MUST look this up..someone took away THE happy panda that brings so many smiles to this blog??! This is almost impossible …plz give me a hint as to where I can look this up without going through tons of days posts….I wanna read this Pauleta comments….NO ONE messes with HAPPY PANDA..tho glad for you going all Rambo girl…makes a Mama Bear proud!!

          • See…I love you faaaaaar too much to let you wade through that war. Some fans are a little too involved with their celeb love *slaps own hand* When Pauleta comes back and says something stupid I swear I’ll rambo panda all over that crap in half a second…in your honour.The happy/sad panda is back and most importantly so are YOU so thats what matters.. 🙂

    • Ha…I was coming on here this afternoon to say that I heard from MidCyn. Guess you all know that now.

      You’re alive!!!!! 🙂

      • Loves you Ang.. 🙂 Just got your email..plz get some rest and I hope the day goes by quickly for you! ❤

        • I’m glad you’re back…I thought Pauleta (who needs to chill big time) had kidnapped you until everyone agreed to only say redonkulously nice things about KStew…

          Hurrah for you!

          • You better hope no one tries to kidnap hubs wouldn’t pay the ransom! Actually he might pay for someone to take me off his hands!! I assume from your comment that this Pauleta has a thing for KStew??? Maybe an extreme thing for KStew??? They make medicines for that kind of problem and they also have a place for people that …ummm..obsessed…its called jail!

    • Ohhh ICY CULLEN KISSES!!! Givin me chills just thinkin bout those!! Thanks!

  30. Dear Vigallmon, you ‘re my people.

  31. FINE then!!

    Dear Vigallmon,

    You kind of Rule. Heart you.


  32. I’m am safely in the Twi-closet and refuse to ‘Say it out loud’ the fact that I’m a full on twi-fanatic.

    Here’s why: I am in film school which means I am surrounded on a daily basis by pretentious film snobs that consider themselves more cultured and more well read than the average human being and I would be crucified and mocked for the rest of my life if ANYONE at college were to find out that I giggle and squeel whenever I see anything twi-related. I found this out the hard way to, in a lecture on Film appreciation during my first year, our lecturer asked us to name a film we would love to analyze that was adopted by a book or graphic novel and I immediately perked up and yelled ‘Twilight!’ like an idiot, and every single student in class burst out in laughter (no joke!) that I shamelessly tried to explain my reasoning (and I had none) after my lecturer asked me to explain what’s so great about it and all I replied with was ‘Cinematography is nice.’ Yeah. Not my shining moment, that I refuse to bring it up and may even make fun of it along with everyone else on occasion.(I know, bad fan…)

    So, thanks for letting me live vicariously through all you ‘Out and Proud’ ladies, wish I had the courage. Thanks for the lulz, been lurking for over a year and finally had the compulsion to post. 🙂

    • Love it! Keep on posting!

    • @hepburn…welcome! If you don’t mind..a little advice from “the oldest one here” ..I say the hale with what others think or say…they won’t even be a memory in a few years..(especially if you smack your head and can’t even remember the day b-4 but that is a whole other story) my point is that the Twilight saga is an entity in its own right and for its own reasons! Just look at this blog for instance..all well educated/funny/normal people that for their own reasons love everything Twilight and it has brought us together as friends etc., so never be afraid to “come out” b/c your likely to stumble into another closested Twi-lover that you may never have known otherwise and they are the best ppl you’ll ever have the chance to meet! Besides I have always felt that snobs are not worth getting approval or acceptance from in the first place cause well they are snobs and not friend worthy anyway…hang here and post away…your always among friends here! 🙂

      • Thanks so much for you words of encouragement! I feel like I know you ladies pretty well already since I’ve been rolling on the floor laughing at your comments for over a year now.:) You all seems so awesome! That’s one thing I love about this fandom, and LTT especially.

        I think I’ll slowly step out of the closet one foot after the other, my twi-dar has recently gone off when I met a girl doing the same course. I noticed (and she knows I noticed) how her eyes lit up when I Remember Me was brought up in a conversation. I think we will band together and defend all things Twi! 🙂

  33. I know I’m so two thousand and late but…Awesome letter Vigallmon! Welcome to the madness. It must have been hot in that closet! I too used to be a closet twilosexual but I have been blessed ( and they have been chagrined in return) to find such wonderfully wacky people online to share my obsession with. I love my enablers (Who are convinced of things that I cannot even imagine) the smut peddlers, the weird manip peddlers (closely related to the smut peddlers…often the same person) and of course my BFFs who may or may not be 50 year old men with pictures they have stolen off some poor girl’s facebook. (Own up! I may or many not be a 50 year old man myself)
    Anyhoo…*offers loud and proud sparkly muffins with wolf sprinkles* cause you seem to be a hybrid like me! (dont let the name fool you. I will jump territory lines in a heart beat! lol)

    Morning everybody! (Its still morning in gloomy NZ)
    The hamster is sick of school!

    • I am the hawtest 50 year old man you will ever meet.

    • …”cause you seem to be a hybrid like me! (dont let the name fool you. I will jump territory lines in a heart beat! lol)”

      Great way to say it. I’m Team -depends-on-which-book-and-which-chapter. I think I was Team Aro for a minute. 😉

    • BUSTED! Actually I’m a 42-year-old crossdressing female serving a dime in San Quentin. I get out early next year for good behavior and I think I’ll head over to New Zealand for some R&R. Gotta couple things for ya:

      1. Can you send me some money for popsicle sticks? I’m building a tent for us.

      2. Remember: it puts the lotion on its skin.

      See ya soon, hamster. Reeeeeeeeeeal soon. Hehe.

      • Dear Joseph…ine,
        Enclosed is a NZ dollar (that should be about a million US right?) for your popsicle sticks. Try to buy the coloured ones (the popsicle sticks u perve) cause they will hold my attention for longer. The tent sound romantic. Will a legal-by-then BFF be joining us? We can roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories and braid each other’s hair. It will be awesome!
        I remember…I remember all too well *shudder*
        Lots of love,
        Princess monkey hamster panda aka Fred

      • StoTheP, didn’t I read somewhere that that is the subject of the next movie starring Kstew and Nikki Reed? The crossdressing females in San Quentin, I mean, not the popsicle sticks and lotion.

        • I think they were going to do a move called K-9, written by Kristen’s mom. They were going to play men. In prison. Gah. I think, though, that I read somewhere the other day that Kristen wasn’t going to do it now for some reason.

    • <—–not a man. Yet.

  34. Vigallmon, your choice for the engraving was perfect like a 1953 red Chevy pick-up with a double pump clutch.

    • LOL. “don’t hate on the truck right!” .how are you TS? I have MIA for a while so just checking on you! 🙂

  35. Your post made me LOL!! HHH… That’s great! I actually have converted several friends/teachers at the middleschool were I work. They all thought I was nuts but by totally pushing the DVD and the books on them I now have Twilight buddies! My daughter is also into the movie. She’s quite young and we skip a couple scenes but she loves it too. We have a date to watch New Moon when I get my PRE-order 3 DVD set. :). The Twilight Saga has been life altering in an awesome way! Thanks for the laugh!!

  36. Fun letter all the way through!

    I have also had to “size up the crowd” as in trying to figure out who to talk to in certain environments…The night New Moon came out I was at a family function of my hubby’s friend and knew I would not be going to see Twilight/New Moon (I was crushed!) but it was completely on my mind.

    So I did what I thought any respectable Twihard in her 30s would do…I made friends with all the high school and college-aged nieces. I sat at the table wtih them and we all talked about the movies and Rob over Coca Cola, including sqeeing over our plans for seeing the movie over the weekend. 🙂

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