Bringing it back to what matters…. again

Dear LTTers,

I don’t know about you but sometimes I forget. I get wrapped up in the drama of the actor’s lives, in the hilarity of the fandom and in the frustrations of the movie making process that I forget why I fell in love with the Twilight saga in the first place.

I forget what it was like to read the books for the first time and sob when I realized they were over. I forget how obsessed I became after I watched the first movie and how I squealed in delight and held Moon’s hand so tight when we finally got to see New Moon.

I need to be reminded. And I bet you do too!

So here is a reminder- 1 beautifully-made video from each story. Let’s fall in love together again, shall we!?


Twilight & Midnight Sun: (After all this time it IS still possible to like that story!)

New Moon: Edward’s painful last kiss good-bye

Eclipse: So freaking excited for the REAL trailer!

Breaking Dawn (yes, I actually found a BD fanmade video that didn’t creep me out. Plus it uses some footage from the hour long vanity fair Twilight photo-shoot….. which should bring back memories for many of us of a time when there wasn’t Robsten vs. Nonsten. Before we knew enough about their intimacy to know whether or not we cared, didn’t care, or cared wayyyyy too much!)

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

24 Responses

  1. I really needed a reminder. But I have a confession: I fell in love again. This time it’s Damon Salvator in Vampire Diaries who has taken over my mind…
    Damn those vampires…
    No but really. It is kinda hard (thats what she said) to remember why I fell in love with the saga in the first place because sooooo many things happened from that point on… I seriously need to remind myself over and over again. Or I am reminded whenever I take someone’s Twiginity… (yes there still are some Twilight-virgins out there)

    Hurray for the vampires and the hot werewolves taking over my mind, RL and everything else,

    • Oh, Blerina, honey, I’m in the same boat you are. Damon (and Stefan, for that matter) have taken over my mind too. They are pretty awesome vamps, what with the real fangs, and the slick Italian-esque attitudes.
      I think we all need a refreshing reminder every couple months. Thanks for posting this! Your blog is awesome…

  2. I don’t think I need a reminder but I always love the Twilight things. I know I may be in the minority but I do not care a fig for the movies, etc. they are in now. I fell in love with the story, the characters, not the actors themselves, especially when I see them in interviews, read their words when they are so out of line with what their characters represent that I can hardly stand it.. Edward & Bella didn’t use profanity, nor smoke, etc. I enjoy watching Taylor’s interviews, even with being the “baby” of the three, he is still more composed, with more integrity, and still fun! I still read, watch Twilight and still love it and the positive outlook it gives! I can hardly wait until New Moon DVD comes out! (didn’t care much for the cd though) Twilight forever!

  3. I cried. Yes, cried. All over again. Especially for that first one. Beautiful.

    No Jacob in the NM vid? What’s up with that? Def beautiful, but I need some Taycob. Mmm.

    Eclipse: OMG. The zipper. ‘Nuf said.

    Kudos to the maker of that last one too. Very touching and in no way did I re-experience last night’s dinner in my mouth. Thank you. :*

  4. Oh the fond memories of devouring the first book, reading the second book and skimming the Jacob part thinking “dammit when is Edward coming back”, absolutely loving the third book, and well, then there’s the fourth book…

    I saw NM again for the fourth time last night at a smaller venue pizza and a movie place…loved it and can’t wait until dvd comes out so I can pause and rewind. My hubby took me (again, he must love me) but it wasn’t so bad for him, because he could have pizza and beer during the movie – a hot pizza and Sam Adams in a pitcher – he wasn’t hurting too much .

  5. Ooooooh. That’s why I’m here.

    What a timely post. Yesterday, I had some sort of crisis where I couldn’t remember why I loved Twilight. I tried watching it… and I just wanted to watch Glee instead.

    Thank the lawd for Chimmy. She sent me nakey pics of PFach. 😉

    Now I am also reminded of the beauty. Thank you, UC.

  6. I really really really needed this post. Thank you.

  7. Since I’m fairly new to this whole thing (November), I am still in love with all of the books and haven’t forgotten why. It brings me back to when my husband and I were in the new stages of our relationship and the electricity that went along with it. I’m actually in the process of reading BD again and I am enjoying it even more then the first 2 times. I’m so glad that you’ve all fell back in love!

    • I’m reading BD for the 3rd time too right now! I am also enjoying it even more. I was telling someone last week that I think I’m reading slower because I remember that feeling of it “being over” when I finished the saga last time.

  8. The tension! The drama! I can’t believe how excited I am watching a fanmade Eclipse trailer. I feel like a cranky toddler who has been pacified with a chocolate biscuit…..mmmm, life is good. Thank you UC, you’d make a great parent.

  9. Really lovely videos. I have different feelings/memories of the books than the movies – thought I love them all. I never forget why I love the books. But thanks for rekindling the movie spark for me!

  10. Wow. Thank you for posting a BD video that doesn’t creep me out. That was lovely. I was heartbroken for Edward all over again. waaah….

  11. The fan-made Eclipse trailer was awesome. June cannot come fast enough.

  12. I looooooove that video!

  13. i have been quite jealous all week long of my sister. she has finally lost her twilight virginity and was texting me questions all week. she reminded me how much I love Edward and Bella, how sad i was when edward left in New Moon and how happy I was when he came back (i told her not to start reading it Sunday night, she ended up taking it to work with her and reading it every chance she got. not too many breaks when you work at a daycare in a room full of 1 year olds!) how much I loved Jacob and wished for a happy ending for him that didn’t have Bella leaving Edward. She just finished Eclipse and her friend hasn’t given her Breaking Dawn. She has no idea Jacob imprints on Renesmee. I’m so jealous I want to cry.

  14. The Breaking Dawn one didn’t make me want to vom – there is hope yet. I think this was for the most part due to Kate Bush though…

    I have to confess I’ve seen that fanmade Eclipse trailer about a million times because I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE. I NEED THAT MOTHEREFFING TRAILER AND I NEED IT SOON!!

  15. Okay in the Twi/MS video – I’ve never seen the footage of Edward grabbing Bella in the Biology room alla Midnight Sun…was that an extended scene or something? I’ve never seen that.
    Oh Steph how I wish you would finish Midnight Sun and it would too become a movie. Edwards POV is the beez neez.

    • That scene is from the Coug’s Vampire Kiss Montage on the 3rd DVD disc that apparently sold with some Twilight DVDs in the US. It’s about 2 minutes in…

      • OK, I clearly fail YouTube 101 and can’t seem to embed. Here’s the link…

        It’s hilarious because Ron totally shoves his hand inside Kristen’s shirt and gropes her boob.

  16. I really needed a reminder too!! Thanks!

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  18. I love that fan made trailer of eclipse! That makes me so excited for June to come and to be able to see it! You are right sometimes we all get caught up with Twilight train and we don’t remember why we care so much about watching. I recently started reading Twilight again and I love it! It brings up all these emotions that I had forgotten about!

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