I Don’t Get It – The Kristen Stewart edition

*Before you get your pitchforks, tar and feathers and rope to string me up in the nearest town square, please see this as a healthy debate and read to the end with an open mind… aaaannddd GO!*

Get it

Dear Kristen Stewart Shippers,

I’m just gonna put it out there. After over a year of follower this saga and it’s fandom, the actors, even working on a project close to a Kristen movie, reading all the Tweets and posts about her, seeing her movies, watching her interviews, seeing her in person several times,  I just gotta say it: 


I don’t get why people love Kristen so much. Sure, I totally agree she’s a pretty girl, she’s probably nice in person, she tries to be different, she has that “I don’t care” attitude,” WHATEVER. And maybe I’ve never fake lezzed out over a female celeb before but  I seriously DON’T get it. I’m not a star and I dress better than her. I even wash my hair every other day. And I gotta say it, I smile quite often and don’t look like I’m in pain at work events. And because I’m looking to fill up our inbox and the comments section with death threats I thought I’d talk about it and get your opinion.

Don't drink the KStew-laid

So it seems lately that the Kristen shippers mixed up a huge batch of Kristen-is-awesome-Koolaid and passed it around to EVERYONE who seemed to gladly gulp that shiz down. I even gave them a chance and looked at links and pictures but just couldn’t see what was so tasty about the sweet nectar of that KStew-laid. Here are the main points that most KStew fans point out as their favorite things about Kristen and I break them down…

AFTER the cut will I ever GET IT?

“She just doesn’t care/ She’s a rebel attitude” – As much as everyone likes to tout that she “just doesn’t care” I have to call BS on that. I think we would be hard pressed to find ANYONE who just doesn’t care at all about what others think about them (deep deep down) let alone an actor, by definition they are a group that seeks approval and recognition. Actors care more than your average bear what you think of them. So I really don’t buy that reason. Also she herself has said she cares a lot about what she’s doing. And if she truly didn’t care about anything that I don’t get it even more why fans would like her cause would just make her plain awful.

Don't get it

Her acting – The only thing I’ve ever really enjoyed her in was Into the Wild and maybe that’s cause she was a peripheral character that had about 10 minutes combined screen time and I was probably already bawling too much to care. The more I’ve seen of her acting the more I think she’s just Kristen playing herself as whatever character she’s been cast as. Kristen-Bella, Kristen-Lucy, Kristen-Melinda, never really playing the characters outside of herself or her personal mannerisms.

Her Style – Yes, I agree she does have moments of greatness in her wardrobe but those, to me, have almost always taken place at an event or photoshoot meaning she had a stylist who pulled the clothes for her. But in her real life she sports last weeks sweatshirt and the same jeans for weeks on end

Do I see too much of myself in her at that age? – I definitely tried to go against the grain and be different than everyone else I knew in high school and my freshman year of college. I even wore Converse sneaks and hoodies at all times possible but I knew the line and knew what was appropriate for a work event or times when I would be seen by people that were important.

I'm a little scared right now...

What I do know… this is NOT because she’s with Rob. HALE, half the time I don’t even like Rob. And I’m fan enough to say it! It’s not because I’m jealous. I run a semi famous Twilight blog, and I’m a (sometimes) sane ADULT, what could I be jealous of? 😉 Seriously, it’s not that. It’s not because I’m just trying to be different or need something to blog about. Trust me, it’d be MUCH easier to just drink the KStewlaid and go with the flow.

As you can see I’ve thought long and hard about it, I’ve put a year+ worth of thinking behind this and I still don’t see what the big draw is about her. None of the above reasons won me over or made me like her. So what is it?

Ok, bring on the pitchforks,

Seriously, this is meant as a healthy (respectful) debate, if you “get it” then now’s your chance to explain why… if you don’t get it than come stand by me and let’s figure it out. What’s in the KStewlaid that makes it so great?

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  1. You are my hero now x’DD

    I really support your words about Kristen and I’am one of those, too who’ll NEVER get it, what this “wow” on Kristen is :))

    Thank u SO much for this Entry .. And I think, you wrote here something, what got MANY in their minds but never spoke ;))

    So: Thumbs up! LOVE IT 😀

    Greetz, MeLainii

  2. Alright, I drank the koolaid. But honestly, it was right after the MTV awards when she dropped that thing of popcorn and recovered in such a non eloquent, yet funny way. For a moment, I totally so myself, or at least my 19 year old self.

    I see the acting debate and get what peeps say about her playing the same part every time. I get it. But then again, there are a lot of actors who do that. LOTS! She has a character and she (to me) plays it well.

    Her style of dress, well, it is a but grundge. But that is so much better then UGG boots with sweats, or half the other crap I see those 19 years olds wear. ICK!

    So anyone, to each their own. In totally agreement with KStew411 who says not everyone will get her, and that’s okay. I mean, if everybody drank the koolaid and LOVED her, we wouldn’t have all these fun debates, right?

    P.S. I may also be the only person in the world that likes the Stew without being Robsten. #truth Someone, quick, prove me wrong!

  3. I don’t get it, either.

    And I agree, maybe it’s just because I’ve never flipped out over a female star. KStew fans can be RABID.

    I think her acting is okay. I think she can be very beautiful when she’s all dolled up and made up and styled. I think she’s probably a okay person in reality, although she rarely cracks a smile and strikes me as pretty sour a lot of the time.

    I think she tries really hard to be a rebel and be “independent” or whatever…and she fails miserably. Wearing chucks and jeans to a premiere isn’t rebelling, it’s thinking you’re too cool to play by the rules. But I’ve been 19, so full pass on that.

    Altogether, though…meh.

    That’s it…just meh. I don’t get the devotion or the group of female fans that have a massive thing for her.

  4. Honestly, i dont care how she behaves, how she dresses or how is her acting skills. Since twilight came until today, i’ve never paid attention to her. For me big news wrap around her is just her supposed relationship with Rob and her glorious pot smoking. Trust me i’ve got a 12-years cousin who likes twilight and i have to explain her really carefully every time i found her browsing the net and finding stewart with ciggies, i say “u can like her but dont follow that, it is a bad thing” Shes’ a role model for God’s shake but there a lot of pics which definitely shows she doesnt realize that all of the world are watching her steps. I dont have to say that she must quit smoking or going to salon everyday, im sure with her intelligence she could understand and behave appropriately. And talking about Kristen Stewart fans which i believe are Robsten fans , i dont get why u all have to insist that we have to like Kristen, and please dont bash Rob IF u see him hanging out with other women, doing his job with other actresses, etc. You All Make Him Like a Total Jerk by all ur comments. If it is so still it’s not our rights to judge. If u are truly Kristen fans, u should more concerned about Kristen’s changes since Oregano has disappeared. Hey, i was a girl too =).

  5. I have to agree with the “i just don’t get it” thing and I’ve put waaaay too much thought into this:
    She’s 19. This explains a lot. When I was 19, eleven years ago, holy crap, I was insecure, tried to act like I didn’t give a crap about anything except smoking anything I could get my hands on, and dressed the whole grunge thing (that was cool then). I tried to impress others with my intellect and big vocabulary as often as possible, only when on display, mind you, so that everyone would think that my intellect combined with my devil may care attitude would make others think I was sooo above them and super cool.
    That’s the crap she’s pulling, but instead of feeling empathy for her young stage in life, I find myself saying to myself, “Oh, grow up,” and “Just wait until you’re my age, sister, then you’ll understand.” Oh, how old I’ve become….
    Her attitude combined with her questionable talent makes her annoy the bejeezus out of me.
    I will never drink the Kool-aide. I will not drink it on a train, in the rain, in a box with a fox.

  6. This is my take on kristen, i like her so maybe i’m biased. I’m not going to lie she is the only thing that make me read twilight, like her in ITW and saw her in paris for twilight.

    The girl is gorgeous, look like a doll when she is on the carpet.
    She is skinny tinny.

    When she is not on the carpet , she dressed like any student in any kind of art form. most of the girl in my university wear jeans and shirts.

    For me she is a good actor. Some will say she play herself in every movie, i’m not going to argue the point but i just find this and i want to share: it was in interview magazine, it was an interview of Francis ford coppola by sean penn. In the interview Francis ford coppola said when he was shooting with deniro, , if he asked him to go by him ice cream he will do it and coppola will think it was because he was in the character and it was the caharacter who bought him ice cream and not him. But then he realised that actor just play themselve in the situation the character are in. They learn about this people motive, males them become theirs and then their play themselves with this situation and the background.

    For me she is a good actress who can do great thing with a good script and character. She is getting rave reviews for her two movie in sundance and please spare me the PR crap; because even the site moviegoers who can’t stand her say she was good and i don’t think her people are rich enough to pay all this people to say good thing about her.

    All this been said i also get why people can’t appreciate her body of work, she choose to play a lout of trouble girls which some may say it’s to close to home. But for me i don’t care.
    Some can’t find her mannerism a little too much and i get it. But for me it doesn’t bother me.
    As for bella, like SM sayed it herself the character is so empty that everyone just imagine being her. She has nothing specific about her so her bella doesn’t bother me. Bella can be everyone and anyone. So i understand the frustration.

    For her personality, for me kristen is not a rebel. She has said it herself what would i rebel from, i think she just ask the right to be herself not what people want her to be. And that for me i love it. Maybe because my parents are”artist” and i’m used to have this kind of discussion of what is being free and all that kind of stuff. I also get that people want her to dress in a way to conform to the mass or whatever. But for me the you dress has nothing to do with who you are; And from all the people who knows her she is carrying, sweet, intense…

    I have seen comment here that she doesn’t care blahblah.
    She cares. All the report was that she was the last one to leave the screaning of her movie . She tooks pics with her fans,she signed stuff, they are interviewed from sundance out there some are really good other not so good.
    Even when fans show up at her house at night one day instead of calling the cop or something like that she signed stuff for them and took pictures, that is why i call care.

    Sure she can do this that, she will never please everyone. I don’t want everyone to like her , i just ask the same respect i give to people who worship rob, taylor, ashley,nikki and other back.
    I respect what you find in this people and i don’t, i just ask you to be just as respectfull toward me.

    I’m not a shipper, or a krisbian. I’m just a 21 french black girl whothink this girl is cool and it’s unfair the amoung of shit she has to deal with just because she is in a popular movie.

  7. I’m overall meh.

  8. I’d like KStew on my side in a bar fight. I think she’d be tenacious.

    Is that enough of a reason to like someone?

    • In a bar fight, I think Kristen would be there when verbal words are going back and forth but the second it gets physical she will stand back.

      • if you had listen to the wolf guy interview and see her with taylor trying to take one another down, you know the girl can kick some ass. After all she has 3 big brothers. You need to be tough to survive.

  9. I’m in the “I don’t give a rat’s ass category.” She is what she is and she makes no apologizes for it. On a rare occasion she looks stunning, most of the time she looks like she lives in a homeless encampment under the freeway. There are plenty of celebrities that are the same but no one pays much attention to them. As long as I don’t have to smell her, I don’t care what she does.

  10. I don’t get why I love her so much. she’s so awkward and undone and she stutters all the time. she smiles when she wants to. why would she smile to the paps? this can’t be a reason why people hate her. she’s not paris hilton or other hollywood skank.

  11. thank you, moon. i don’t get it, either.

  12. Oh I get it. She’s the next Jodie Foster, we’ll have to wait a few years more years before she stops playing the exact same character in all her movies.
    If I had seen any of her “work” before Twilight I would have walked out thinking she was a one trick pony show.
    It took the MST3K guys at rifftrax.com to point out all thing we all know are a bit annoying when repeated over and over again.
    *bite lip* stammer*stumble*blink continuous for like 90 beats then pause for 3 minutes*try to look sexy with buck teeth*forget about the thousands of words of dialogue and bring it all down to Uh, wa, I ba, da, well waa. We’ll all pretend your a genius.
    Give Hollywood a few more years to drag her in the mud..IF the Riley’s movie doesn’t beat them too it.
    Would she make a bong out of the Kool-aid jug?
    I think she would.

  13. I like Kristen. I think she is a good actress. I don’t think she is ‘amazing’ right now like some of her fans and the critics want me to believe but with time she will probably get better.

    However a lot of the time I do think its just Kristen playing well Kristen. I enjoyed her performance of Bella in New Moon. She improved a lot but again she brought to much of herself into the role. Book Bella and Film Bella feel like completely different characters at times and we could blame the script, direction etc… but I think it has more to do with Kristen’s portrayal of Bella.

    Her clothes and attitude don’t really bother me. That’s just who she is and I’m ok with that. What really annoys me the most and this isn’t Kristen’s fault is that some fans just don’t want to accept her faults. I’m a Rob fan but I know he’s not perfect and I criticise him. When others don’t like him I don’t go out of my way to get them to see ‘the light’. Yet some of Kristen’s fans (not all) think she is perfect in every way and when you suggest otherwise you better be prepared to run.

    • you’re right…. no one has a problem when we criticize rob.. which we do basically every day anymore b/c we’re so mad that there isnt’ anything else to write:) yet the second we say something about kristen, watch out! we get virtually murdered…. we know this.. and still do it…

      • Please are you kidding? Every post in here are critics toward kristen, when you talk about nikki you have to criticize kristen to make a point, when is about ashley, taylor, rob, nikki or any member of the cast you bring her down just to build the other.

        So please spare me the mudered crap, because people here like to dig her. If it makes you feel better at the end of the day jus go for it.

        • Ok seriously Pauleta…stop. I can take this to the forum but I know that you only come around when there’s a K-Stew post and all you do is yell so I’m not gonna give you that luxury. If you have absolutely nothing nice to say about people just shut up. We were having a lovely calm un-personal debate till you and your cronies showed up to piss a lot of people off. Your opinion is your opinion. Dont attack people for having theirs. You knew full well after you read the post what people were gonna say and if you were gonna hang around just to yell at people for not liking someone you like, then you’re just hurting your own rep as a K-Stew lover. And another thing dont come onto someone’s blog and yell at them for what they write. No one tied u up and forced you to read this so dont talk smack to UC.
          Finally dont ever call anyone honey before u make a rude statement, Its condescending and quite frankly u dont know that person so just dont.I know I’m not supposed to start drama but this is just ridic!
          *Steps off soap box*

        • WTF. I’m pretty damn sure that I’ve read some hilariously bad things about many Twi castmembers. Ashley’s a bad-dressing ho. Kellan’s a pretty idiot. Jackson’s band is like audible dogpoo. Newton eats too many Ding Dongs while lying in the tanning bed. Chon also likes Ding Dongs.

          I”m paraphrasing and taking liberties, but all this is stuff that his been snarked about by bloggers, commenters, et al.

          My point? Opinions are like assholes. Everyone’s got ’em and they all stink. I know, I know. Trite and ewwww and someone’s probably already said it today.

          Enough with the mudering, you muderers. WWBSD? He’d go make a kitty meow, that’s what he’d do. Feed it from a little bottle.

        • pauleta you dont seem to like this blog. 😦

        • RELAX!

          Sit down, have some plaid.

        • OMG pauleta, your comments just keep getting worse and worse. And every time I think that this will be the last one, you strike again!

          If I wasn’t getting so annoyed with you, I would laugh. Coz, you know, that’s what we used to do around here…

          Just a tip: stop caring so much about a person who you will probably never get to meet and do something useful with you life.

      • I know – what’s that about?? I’m a Kristen fan, but it doesn’t bother me that other people aren’t, I’m not going to try to convince them either – what’s the point, I don’t mind if people don’t liker her, it’s cool.

  14. I don’t really know what to say.
    I’ve watched Twilight and I liked it. Then I read all the books and I don’t really like the movies that much any more. But I’ve also watched Adventureland, Speak, Zathura, Cutlass, The Cake Eaters. And to be honest with you I admire her as an actress now. I like the kind of the choices that she makes, when it comes to the roles that she would play. And, you have to remember, that most of her movies is indie.

    I can’t wait to see The Runaways, Welcome to the Riley’s and The Yellow Handkerchief as well as Remember me.

    Where does it all come from? It’s quite obvious. It’s not about her and Rob being actors. If it was, it would be about what they do. It’s not. People are so crazy, because they don’t see the differece between Kristen and Rob and The whole story in Twilight. They are in love with what they see on the screen, not in real people, not in actors. After all the whole crazyness started even before the premiere of Twilight.

    Am I a fan o Kristen? Yes, probably I am.
    Do I care what she wears? Not really. It’s her life. Her style. And who am I realy to tell her what to say, how to say it, who to date and what to do when she’s off set?

  15. i have tried. really really tried to appreciate her acting. but i’m with you.. i just.don’t.get.it. On the plus side, because i think it’s important to say something nice before you say something truly awful, she’s absolutely beautiful, especially blond. And she seems like a unique, interesting person in the real world. But my opinion is – no acting chops whatsoever…she is the same in every movie…and we’re stuck with her in Twilight. ugh.

  16. This is FTW! PostSecret published that postcard with Rob’s picture and the caption “I don’t get it.” I want to send in a postcard with KStew’s face and caption it “I don’t get it.”

    I would like to add another reason for my dislike. She doesn’t seem to treat Rob all that great, and he LETS her get away with it. Their “relationship” makes it seem like he has no backbone, and I hate that. Man up!

    I also don’t get why shippers automatically label someone who dislikes KStew as a “hater” and “jealous b/c she’s with Rob and you arent'”. Seriously? I saw In the Land of Women forever ago! I knew about her before then. That was waaaay before Rob. She was the reason I wasn’t interested in Twilight. I knew she was cast as lead, and I knew I couldn’t stand her! So, don’t tell me it’s because I’m jealous. It’s because her acting grates on my nerves.

    • As an aside, I think its hilarious that someone thinks that “not getting” Rob is something he/she can’t share with friends, and the only place that revelation is safe is PostSecret.

      Also, I felt safe to comment on this comment because we agree….gotta know who your friends are. 😉

  17. Here’s the reality: it all depends on how much sugar you like in your champagne.

    Ashley Greene is sugary-she gives me a rash when I watch her. She looks like most of her clothes come from Forever 21. I cringe when she’s onscreen.

    But many people who don’t get Kristen love Ashley. She’s more polished and approachable. I get it.

    But I think she’s boring as hell. lol

    Kristen? Kristen is entertaining as hell. She’s fidgety and can’t finish a sentence, but once she calms down, her sentences have a dry wit and some insight a lot of the times.

    She’s a little grouchy sometimes, and scratches her head. Yes, she’s a hipster, which means most people around her will dress better than her.

    But she’s interesting at least. She’s not super vain, dresses up to show she can be a knockout, but isn’t that interested in showing up the female population on a daily basis.

    She’s picking good roles, doing interesting things. The reviews out of Sundance sorta squash the “she can’t act” issues–people who wanted to hate her begrudgingly said she kicked butt in both movies.

    She needs to loosen up, she needs to not feel so intent on showing she’s a serious minded young teen. We get it, Kid. lol

    But overall, much more interesting to all the pre-packaged, suburban f*ck puppets Disney and Hollywood and Vine manufacture..

  18. I have to agree 100% I just don’t get her. I tried to like her and I don’t dis-like her; but I’m just not a fan and I’m not the least bit interested in any of her other projects besides Twilight. In Zathura she reminded me of a young Kelly Preston, but umm, no, Mrs. Travolta has waaay more style and class then KStew could ever hope for. She’s just blah for me, I find her indifference and I don’t give a shitz act BORING.

  19. I don’t get it either.

    IMO, she seems like an ungrateful, spoiled CHILD who needs life to kick her down a few times so she can appreciate all that she has.

    Her attitude has ruined any beauty I see on the outside, and all I’m left with is that blinky stuttering mess.

    No thanks.

  20. I don’t love Kristen, but I do like her. Sure she comes across with some attitude in regards to being a celebrity, but I think maybe that will soften as she gets older – although I kind of like that she doesn’t conform sometimes. As far as her clothes and appearance, I think that is just her style and you take it or leave it. If she is not required to dress up then hell, she wears what she wants. I am not a fan of the mid-drift skin showing when at events, but that’s just my take. What I really dislike is the ciggy hanging out of the mouth – she said in the EW interview, I think, that she wants to stop smoking, which I sure hope is true, especially if she is going to support JDRF – diabetes and smoking are not a good mix…

    I have mixed reviews on her acting, but generally I think she is a good actress and I feel from her comments that it means a lot to her always do her best. You wouldn’t be an actress if you didn’t care about the material and what people watching will take from it. I’ve only seen her in Twilight movies, Adventureland and CakeEaters – the later being my favorite. She plays a disabled girl with a rare genetic disorder and I really appreciated her performance in it.

  21. I, too, think she’s pretty in photo shoots. But makeup and stylists do wonders for most. I think in her ‘everyday’ pics she does NOTHING to flatter herself. Some would say “Who cares?! It’s that she doesn’t care that’s so cooool.” Eh. Whatever. A certain amount of respect for one’s self goes into how we dress, how we act, etc. The whole “not giving a shit” isn’t cool, it’s tired. It’s not different, it’s not hip, it is overdone. I think it’s ridiculous to say it’s her ‘age’. What a slap in the face to all 19 yr olds. Explain how you don’t see Dakota Fanning, who is younger, running around looking like her water was shut off and she stole clothes out of the back of a van in an alley way? Other younger actresses in Hollywood manage to keep their ‘youth’ but still look presentable. As a role model, she’s a shitty one. In the real world, let’s be honest, it DOES matter what you look like. If someone went into a job interview looking like that they’d be turned away. It doesn’t matter how smart or personable you are, looks MATTER. Sorry teens of the world, being indie doesn’t cut it. She needs to take a shower and brush her hair. And be reminded the 80’s have passed. She wasn’t even a gleam in her daddy’s eye then. She needs to look like a responsible, pulled together adult because that’s what she is supposed to be.
    Bottom line? No one has talked with her in depth. She can mention reading pretentious books in the media and do indie films, but that doesn’t make her smart. So I’m unaware how everyone knows she’s so intelligent and well read. And even well spoken. WHERE did you see this? I’ve not seen an interview yet where I went “WOW, that was impressive!”
    And if we really want to go on what we ‘think’ we know about her….why is it okay that she cheated on her long time boyfriend, while she was likely barely legal, but it’s okay because it’s Rob? Why does NO ONE want to admit that if indeed they hooked up, it’s scandalous?

    It’s laughable. When pics of Britney Spears came out with her looking a hot mess she was deemed ‘trailer’ and ‘nasty’. But KStew is ‘indie’ and ‘invididual’.

    What’s that? Oh hello, double standard you fickle, fickle bitch.

    • GOO POINT! And if anything, I can only think of one interview (and admittedly, her worst) where it showed, how not to bright she is. YES, the Dave Letterman one. KStew says to Dave that she is planning a trip to somewhere in Russia after the Twilight tour and that she hopes they can drive there from England. And Dave asks, “England?? Drive there….”, in a manner thinking that she’d hopefully catch herself making the mistake, that England is an island, that one cannot drive throughout Europe from. But no, Ms. Smarty Pants, who doesn’t hold a HS Diploma or GED said adamantly that YES, she was going to drive from England to where ever. Yup! She’s effing BRILLIANT. *sarcasm*

      • Dude, two words……

        channel tunnel


        But no idea if KS knows of the existence of said tunnel……so you still win…..


        • FUCKERY! I didn’t know that and I have 3 effing diplomas. And yet, I also don’t even have a passport so maybe that’s why I don’t know this.

          Nevertheless, I’m gonna take a guess that our 19 year old genius didn’t know this.

          • I agree! She soooo did not know. Still love her though 🙂

            And in the last year of LTT, I have learnt (UK) / learned (US) one hell of alot about USA geography, history, tradition, culture, US national holidays, language, vocabulary, slang……

            the list in endless…….

            and now USA LTTers know that you can get from England to France in an under the water tunnel……..

            …..and OH reminded me that even before you could do that, you could get to France (and therefore mainland Europe) in a car on a ferry……

            Like going to the Isle of Wight, only longer…..

            Geography lesson over.



          • I’ve been physically present in said tunnel several times. I’m willing to sign autographs and pose for pictures. I promise not to bitchface.

          • I love you for this, janetrigs. A lot.

      • you can drive there is a freacking tunnel.
        Before acting like you know , do some research. Dave was an idiot if he doesn’t know that. But sure 99%of American are, if they lough at that. The girl was righ.

        Sge didn’t make any mistake she knew the country unlike the rest of the american speaking without nowing.

    • I love you something fierce for “It’s laughable. When pics of Britney Spears came out with her looking a hot mess she was deemed ‘trailer’ and ‘nasty’. But KStew is ‘indie’ and ‘invididual’.”

      Soooo true.

      We win.
      The end.

    • She’s a hipster. This is how hipsters dress. Dakota isn’t a hipster, she’s more preppy and a cheerleader in high school.

      Britney wasn’t a hipster. Poor Brit Brit was suffering from some mental health issues and was in a state of actual poor hygiene a lot of the time, like walking barefoot into gas stations. In retrospect, it’s horrible how were mocking her, the poor girl was having issues.

      Robert’s a hipster. So is Jared Leto. It’s a scene, with a look, and many actors flock to this style and tendency. There are hipster locations in LA where hipster actors live(Silver Lake), there’s a musical taste that goes along with it.

      Note Kristen wasn’t super hipster a year earlier. She was more an retro rock lover who dressed pretty girly if casual. All the hipster stuff has been put on much more since perhaps she hooked up with Robert if you ask me.

      • Not to be snarky, but how many hipsters (besides Kristen and Rob) are working regularly?

        Damn the man all you want to, but stop washing your butt for a month and see how that works for career longevity.

        • Open any US magazine, and you’ll see which actors align where, Robert and Kristen are hardly alone. This style’s been around forever, basically a sort of urgan bohemian asthetic and attitude. People usually grow out of it by their late 20’s. lol It doesn’t age well if you know what I mean.

          I don’t think Robert and Kristen are dirty. But in actors are not like us, as long as they are hot enough, they could rob banks and kill small animals and still get away with it. And Brad Pitt is one of the infamous offenders of bad hygiene, his costars have long complained about his exotic “odors,” yet it’s never hurt him.

          • Trust me. I spend an embarrassing amount of time “researching” celebrities. The difference between Rob and Kristen is that they don’t even try.

            They bring to mind people like Jared Leto and Kirsten Dunst. Great credentialing, until the “hipster (a.k.a. smokes too much weed) movement” and all of a sudden Leto’s pretty much untouchable and Dunst is surviving on the Spidey franchise alone (which is no longer an option).

            I can’t even comment on Brad Pitt. I don’t get him either. But he never really looked like he smelled. Rob and Kristen actually look like the smell foul. That can’t be good.

      • Go look at kristen pictures when she is not at an eevn for the past year she was always in jean and teeshirt or flanel.

      • KStew’s a hipster cause she’s buying into the hipster trend (“wasn’t one a year ago” and “It’s a scene”). Interesting….. I’ll buy that, but I STILL WANT HER TO BUY A FREAKING CLEAN SHIRT TO WEAR TO SUNDANCE FOR HER RED CARPET! She can wear pajamas at the after party (kinda like how she usually chages out of her fancy clothes for the Twi Premiere after Parties).

        It does bother me though that she is buying into the new hipster trend. Wouldn’t it be anti-establishment to go all Stepford Wife, to go against hte grain? But alas, 19 year old’s most likely don’t think about how their look actually doesn’t show their rebellious persona, because it is now giving into a trend and an established look/persona.

        • well, she’s a teenaged starlet, surrounded by tarts who hobble around in heels showing their knockers everywhere. Her world is different than ours, her classmates are Megan Fox and Heidi Montag. What she is doing, within her professional context, is actually rebellious.

          If she was in college? She’d be just another coffeshop open mic night guitar strumming hipster. But in her world, it’s actually sort of entertaining because her world dictates she use her body as a commodity. Refusing to use it in that way is somewhat refreshing.

          But I”m all for clean shirts, definitely. lol

          • I like that you said “Showing their knockers”. That is so true!

            And I think “knockers’ is just an awesome word. Don’t people say “knickers” too? or is it “nickers”?

          • It’s knickers. So much better than ‘panties’, which is a strangely sweaty sounding word.

          • But isn’t she showing tits in an upcoming film?

            just sayin

          • No, she’s not showing tits, but you get a peek of an ass cheek I believe. lol

            I do think there’s a difference between how she markets herself as a public figure and what she chooses to show for a portrayal in a film.

            In this film where she’s a big ol’ stripper, it’s not a sexy role. A male reviewer says they really show her ina harsh light, pimples, dark circles under her eyes. So it’s not a glamour role by any stretch.

            And on her own dime, you don’t see her showing off the goods left and right. She dresses very modestly for a girl her age who has a great shape.

      • i LIVE in said hipster locale of LA and hipters have MAD stylo. FYI.

        and jared leto WISHES he was a hipster.

        and most hipster girls would kill dakota fanning for her leather jacket outfit from sundance. JUST SAYING.

        • I like feisty Moon.

        • We must be neighbors then Moon.

          Hipsters are sorta not hip. lol They just aren’t, they hate the actual name and title, shrug it off cause they feel too cool to be “hipsters.”

          Jared is a hipster, in the worst sense of the word. He’s 38, no hipster should ever be older than 25. It never ages well, it’s meant for college ages essentially.

          Hipster is simply a broad term used to vaguely describe a modern form of urban bohemian. There’s a spectrum within the subculture, from authentic to patently mass produced ala Urban Outfitters(which is what I wear, so I only have love for mass production…lol)

          Robert and Kristen are college-aged. They do urban bohemian big time. They wear the same clothes a lot, some of it is really raggedy. But they’ve got designer and high end vintage mixed as well. I mentioned already some clever interviewers have shushed Kristen a couple times by peeking at her labels. It’s hilarious.

    • And if we really want to go on what we ‘think’ we know about her….why is it okay that she cheated on her long time boyfriend, while she was likely barely legal, but it’s okay because it’s Rob? Why does NO ONE want to admit that if indeed they hooked up, it’s scandalous?


  22. Thanks!!! you just put in words my exact thoughts. When Twilight first came out, I actually liked her, probably because I didn´t know anything from her, more that she was a pretty girl; but then of course I watched her other works, noticed she plays herself over an over again; I can not watch her interviews, just because I feel my IQ drops 10 points every time I do it, because she can not complete a sentence, she stutters through it (and lets face she doesn´t have a syndrome to do it so) and she also have a tendency to roll her eyes when people are speaking to her and that is just rude; it isn´t “I don´t care attitude” or “she is not another HW starlet” because as a matter of fact you have to understand, in HW it is all a matter of image, or you either are nice celeb, Disney like who also happens to involve in political causes or you are rebel like with an “I don´t care” attitude, and we can say clearly, Kristen falls in the too overused second category I just named, because most of the time it is not the actor putting the image but the people around them that in a PR work had advised how to conduct in order to support the image imposed.

    And for the love of God!!! I´m tired of going everywhere I go on the net and finding Kristen´s shippers attacking people because one could there to say “I don´t get it” about her. Respect others people opinion!!! I´m fine if you like Kristen, just don´t tell me I´m wrong in my thoughts and let me have and express my opinion; I´m not insulting her, because I´m not calling her an idiot or any other words; I´m just expressing my evaluation of her work and my evaluation of her attitude toward others.

    • Honey i respect your opinion but you’re here just doing the same as shippers with this post.

    • yes, hollywood is all about image.But there’s a lot of room for different public presentations, with a lot in the middle between Disney bots and apathetic types. Kristen doesn’t fall into either extreme, she’s active in her chosen charities, but isn’t Disneyfied in terms of her public presentation.

      It’s pretty easy to see where PR intersect with Kristen. It was easy with NM promotion–she was trying to correct past mistakes by explaining her past behavior to fans directly. She was dressed sharp, her interview answers were more formed and anticipated. She was publicly seen at high profile events for one of her given charities right during NM week.

      PR paws all over those movements.

      But that the PR influence seems pretty limited to her franchise work. OUtside of it, she seems much less “advised” and more influenced by her age group, her interests, etc. She looks like a typical girl on a college campus really. It’s not exactly a look that needs to be molded.

  23. While I have always said that I like the Stew, I still agree with eveything you wrote, and most especially regarding her wardrobe choices at Sundance. Geez you can be comfy, without being beyond Hoboish. WHy doesn’t she jut go there in footy effing pajamas and a baseball hat next time. When she did SPEAK back when she was younger, she dressed better and by better I mean a nice top and jeans. BITCH you make money, at least get some kind of edgy hobo look going on!

    And again, while I have always said that I like her, I do have to say, I don’t love her,…like she’s got the greatest KStew-laid ever. I don’t mind her potrayal of Bella, I think it’s pretty spot on, most of the time. Some of her interviews actually make me laugh. But maybe it’s more that I don’t just hate her. I am kind of indifferent to her. She’s no Julia. I love me some Julia Roberts from back in the Mystic Pizza days. She’s a Southern GA girl, who says what she thinks, has also hid her relationships, dresses comfortably, but doesn’t come off as a street persion looking to score their next hit. Srsly, KStew’s clothes at Sundance (with the exception of the cute military coat) were stolen from the drug addicts’ costumes from the show the WIRE.

    PS and this isn’t about ROB. Eff Rob!! I moved on to #HotAlex when Generation Kill came out.

  24. re: the angle that “Kristen doesn’t treat Robert right!!! He gets run over by her!”

    I have a little theory that looks are deceiving.

    On the outside, Rob looks like this sweet little dandy getting eaten up by the shrew.

    I think the reality is that Robert is more worldly, clever, and experienced than her. He’s got four vital years on the girl. SHE DOESN”T HAVE A CHANCE AGAINST HIM.

    The reality is, who has changed the most in the last year? Kristen. She used to dress much more girly before–now she dresses like Robert 2.0. To a “T.” Down to his shoes, his caps, messy hair. Look at pictures of her from ’08, girlfriend was much more girly and put together.

    She listens to all his music, seems to hang out with all HIS friends, reads books HE suggests. She walks around with a book all the time now like Robert, when she didn’t before.

    She’s the one who’s changed from their relationship and in his image and tastes–not him. She’s 19 and has an older boyfriend—she’s taking cues from him, not the other way around. Rob’s the influential partner in the relationship, not her.

    Don’t confuse barks with actual bites. lol

    • Please she has been talking about her favourite author for ages and they are still the same it has always been steinbeck, doestevski, miller and i don’t remember them all. Even at Sixten when asked if her house was burning what would she save she said her cat and her books. So spare me the she is reading because Rpatz do the same.

      I get hating people but making stuff just to hate someone is just plain too much.

      • How is this hating? Notice what I said, she’s reading books, he’s suggesting. She said so in an interview about the book she was currently reading during New Moon promotion, it was a book Robert suggested specifically. I didn’t say she didn’t like to read, notice what she read before though-classics essentially. Robert is more modernist in tastes, and her reading selections have been more modernist as well.

        That’s not bad, that’s not hating. That’s normal for couples to do this, to pick up eachother’s habits and tastes.

        What I find silly is when people imagine Robert being dominated by her like a huge p*ssy or something. Kristen to me seems to be taking cues from him, I don’t think that’s an unfair observation.

        • I for one doesn’t even think they are a couple but whatever makes people happy.

          Which book is she reading that is his suggestion? What was she reading during new moon, the only book we saw her with was madame the pompadour. And that is more classic than modern style.

          I just hate all the nonsten and robsten people who think all the stuff this two do have some signification in a way to prove their point. (Just please give me a freacking break. )

          • It was Naked Lunch by William Burroughs. Thinking they together doesn’t make me happy. I was on the fence until the photos of them in UK though, now I think they are.

      • Who is doestevski?

        Honey, if you’re gonna talk literature at least google your shit.

    • Amen!

  25. I don’t get the “SHE’S ALWAYS HERSELF IN MOVIES” Argument. So are:
    Michael Cera
    Tom Cruise
    Seth Rogen
    Will Ferrel
    Adam Sandler
    Jack Nicholson

    They all act LIKE THEMSELVES but because they are men, they aren’t criticized for it. Also, they arent criticized for it because they dont have a legion of crazy jealous biatches and cougars who lust after her boyfriend but can’t admit that they are JUST JEALOUS and thats why they hate her.

    Moon you are a hypocrite and you are smudging the truth. You run a website/blog dedicated to writing letters to a man you will never meet and certainly never Fu*k. You hate Kstew because HE LIKES HER AND NOT YOU AND NOT SOME OTHER ACTRESS THAT YOU APPROVE OF. And thats it. Just admit it. You’ll feel better when you realize it.

    • Just know that Stephenie Meyer thumbed you down.

    • SO many things to say Rs, soooo little time

      first we do NOT run a blog for the actors you listed actors so we didn’t bring them up. we didn’t say playing yourself as a actor is alright for everyone BUT kstew. its lazy acting regardless of who you are. thats what im saying. oh and micheal cera is played out.

      next, yes i write a blog about rob IN WHICH I MAKE FUN OF HIM on an almost daily basis and call him on his shit. thus making me NOT a hypocrite.

      • LTR is a place (one of many) where women ogle pics of Rob and comment on EVERY ASPECT of his personality, looks, friends, music. And even if the tone is snarky, you are publicizing HIM. You are giving HIM attention and a place where his fans can chat about him and about the MINUTIAE of his life. It feeds the robsession. So yes, you are biased. And in not recognizing the aforementioned aspects of your blog you are being a hypocrite.

        Now on to Kstew. You dont “get it” about her acting and I respect your opinion. I gave you my response- that other actors are praised and lauded for doing EXACTLY THE TYPE OF ACTING THAT SHE DOES. So clearly its not her acting that you have a prob with its the style. Which is divorced entirely from Kstew the person.

        Which brings me to my next point: What I don’t respect is your blogs “letters” asking Rob why he would “eff a 19 year old teenager with a bad attitude and the body of a 12 year old boy,” This is a personal attack. This is borne from jealousy and hatred. And once again I re-iterate. ROB WILL FUCK WHOMEVER HE WANTS TO -and thats his business. And its his perogative to do so. Personal attacks on Kstew’s physical appearance on a BLOG ABOUT ROBERT PATTINSON are rude, bitchy and reek of jealousy and hate mongering.

        If you want to start a blog “letters to Kristen” and comment about/to her there then do it. But don’t talk about Kstew in relation to Rob. Kstew doesnt need to be associated with Rob or his crazy fans for the purposes of insulting her and her fans.

        I’d even go so far as to say that Kstew411- while its her perogative to tweet whateverthefuck she wants to–should stop writing about “the sparkly one.” Krisbians and the Robsessed should, like a good V.S. bra, “lift and separate.” This convo and argument is getting old. They are two separate actors with separate careers.

        • OK, you obviously don’t get what LTR is about, just like Moon doesn’t get Kristen. So can you please call it a tie and leave it at that?

          And just one remark about LTR: it’s all just for the fun of it and we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We joke around a lot and we say things we wouldn’t actually do. I can assure you that it isn’t Moon’s life purpose to fuck Rob, neither does she really hate Kristen. In the end, it’s all just for our entertainment and not a matter of life or death.

          So could you please keep it on a lighter note and refrain from insulting people on their own blog?
          “Sparkle out” if not!

  26. Oh! And as for why I like her:

    I dont think shes a great actress…YET but I see potential.Mostly I like her because so many women hate her and are jealous of her because shes pretty and rich and has a hot boyfriend. I’m on team Kstew because she needs women to be on her team..to balance out the crazy haters. I guess I JUST WANNA SUPPORT the girl most girls love to hate.

    • I just like this comment. That’s a goo reason to like her.

      • why actually think it through when you can just go against what many other people are doing? Brilliant.

        • This is THE POINT ABOUT KSTEW. A little over a year ago NO ONE cared about her. She was a small indie actress..then Twilight hit and ROB WAS THE STAR….and Kstew bashing began…”shes sucks as bella”…”she looks dirty”…”she cant act”..blah blah blah…so in RETALIATION you get all these SUDDEN KSTEW FANS. Look, its like watching someone get bullied or beaten in an alley. You can a) join in and beat that person too- its fun! b) stand around and do/say nothing or c) defend that person. And thats why kstew has so many fans suddenly. Because she gets hated on so much by Rob’s fans. So keep “not getting it” and insulting her Moon et al. You’ll just see the retaliation continue to mount and more of Rob’s fans coming to her defense and disassociating themselves from the bullying robsessed masses. Its ironic. The more you hate on her the more attention she gets (attention that gets taken from Rob and his projects) because PEOPLE WILL CARE about the underdog. And thats what the hate makes her. Its pathetic. I dont want to care about Kstew. I care waaaayyy more about Rob’s career. But THE HATE makes me care about her. Makes me want to defend her. Because its outrageous to me, that so many WOMEN are hating on another woman…and NOT just about her acting, but her looks, her “perceived” attitude, etc. Give your opinions, yes, but dont HARP on it. You’re all just taking attention away from the real star here. And re-enforcing the stereotype that women hate other women and are jealous of each other BECAUSE OF A MAN. Pathetic.

          • I came out of lurk mode just to give you props for this comment. I like KStew well enough and I guess I’d call myself a fan. But after reading your comment, I have to agree that my appreciation for the girl is largely based on the fact that SO MANY WOMEN hate on her for the most ridiculous shit and I feel compelled to root for her. I can’t stand when women don’t support other women. It’s misogyny at it’s worst: She a “bitch” cuz she doesn’t smile enough or dress/wear her hair girly enough or do any of the things that “girls” are “required” to do. Everything she does “feeds” the hate: She interrupts Rob (how dare she interrupt a MAN ) when he’s talking, she’s twitchy, she’s a poor public speaker, she smokes/smoked pot. WTF! And then the talk about her acting! Who actively DISLIKES someone because of their acting abilities? Who seriously gets ANGRY when an actor shows limited range? No one. I read an article about Harrison Ford and how he’s played the same dude in every film since Star Wars. So true. But no one hates him for it cuz he’s got a penis.

            So yeah, Kstew gets bullied by many female Twi/ Rob fans. She doesn’t meet expectations of what a girl is “supposed” to be and the fact that she’s dating Rob ramps up the abuse. It’s ridiculous and embarrassing but like you said, it positions her as the underdog. I always root for the underdog.

        • This is THE POINT ABOUT KSTEW. A little over a year ago NO ONE cared about her. She was a small indie actress..then Twilight hit and ROB WAS THE STAR….and Kstew bashing began…”shes sucks as bella”…”she looks dirty”…”she cant act”..blah blah blah…so in RETALIATION you get all these SUDDEN KSTEW FANS. Look, its like watching someone get bullied or beaten in an alley. You can a) join in and beat that person too- its fun! b) stand around and do/say nothing or c) defend that person. And thats why kstew has so many fans suddenly. Because she gets hated on so much by Rob’s fans. So keep “not getting it” and insulting her Moon et al. You’ll just see the retaliation continue to mount and more of Rob’s fans coming to her defense and disassociating themselves from the bullying robsessed masses. Its ironic. The more you hate on her the more attention she gets (attention that gets taken from Rob and his projects) because PEOPLE WILL CARE about the underdog. And thats what the hate makes her. Its pathetic. I dont want to care about Kstew. I care waaaayyy more about Rob’s career. But THE HATE makes me care about her. Makes me want to defend her. Because its outrageous to me, that so many WOMEN are hating on another woman…and NOT just about her acting, but her looks, her “perceived” attitude, etc. Give your opinions, yes, but dont HARP on it. You’re all just taking attention away from the real star here. And re-enforcing the stereotype that women hate other women and are jealous of each other BECAUSE OF A MAN. Pathetic. I’m done with this topic and I hope all of RObs fans are too.

  27. A KStew throwback for everyone involved:

    I believe this is her “Why can’t they just agree to disagree about my ass and move on” hair-pulling face.

  28. Wow, I haven’t posted here in forever, but have read! 🙂 Can I just say that I understand why you don’t get it? At the same time I there is a draw for me with Kstew. It’s like she’s normal and flawed and trust me when she gets all styled up-I do fist pumps for her. When she dresses down, I sometimes cringe a little but realize that she is an individual and has her reasons. Sometimes I feel like Alice in the books and want to dress her up like a barbie, but realize that really isn’t Kstew. With that said, it makes me respect her even more, because who in HW has the guts to just be who they are and not to succomb to all the presure. As for her acting, I like it but it’s not for everyone. My sister was not impressed but I’ve watched several of her movies and I’ll admit she has a lot of improving to do, but she’s young and somehow I’m still intrigued to see her grow as an actress. I think she cares too much, so that it makes it seem like she doesn’t. Does that make senes? With that said I get that you don’t get it and I still think you all are awesome. I love me some Rob but he annoys me at times too. I guess the point is, I try to not put anyone in HW up on a pedestool b/c they will surely fall at some point, sometimes time and again. I don’t enjoy many actresses or actors but they aren’t involved in a Franchise that I care about. Therefore I see why it is a vested interest for so many not to get her. I often wonder why people that don’t get her, just don’t forget her. Then I remember that duh, she’s in Twilight and she plays Bella and, we the fans feel as thought we own this shizz right?! Sayin’ it with love b/c I know what you ALL mean but I still like Kstew at the end of the day. I’ll still do fist pumps when she’s glammed out and I will be fine when she’s dressed down.

    • I like what you said about her caring too much. I think that could be. And honestly at 19, who could honestly explain how or why you care so much for something.

      That being said, DAMMIT, I would have been happy with our “jeans & tee-shirt gal”, in a jeans & tee-shirt at Sundance. However, I would have liked the tee-shirt (and hoody) to not have been stolen from the set of the WIRE. (GREAT SHOW!, watch it, if you never have)

      BUT FUCKERY, I loved her eye make-up at Sundance. I need to figure out how she does that shizz, but still manages to beyond hoboish. There may be hope for me yet.

      • I will have to check out WIRE! 🙂 Her make up was very nice. I think that fact that she makes such little effort and looks alright when we all know she can look better annoys people. I have the urge to project my thought of how she should be when really that is wrong, I guess. I get people though, I love dressing up and being comfy. I’m insecure enough to make sure I would look my best at these events. Does that just make her a really secure person b/c she tries to be low-key. Maybe she doesn’t want the attention for her looks. I could go on all day.

  29. For what my 2-cents are worth, I feel “eh” when I think of KStew. I do like her “I don’t give a crap” style & attitude for the simple fact that she sticks to it – she consistently seems to not give a crap about conforming to anyone’s expectations – gotta respect the girl for that, whether you like her or not.

    I must admit, when she dropped her award and made the comment about living up to everyone’s idea that she’s a klutz, it endeared her to me just a bit.

  30. Do I know her personally? No. Can I make judgments on her morals/personality/character, based on staged-by-Summit interviews and paparazzi photos? Yes.

    Can I judge her acting abilities based on the movies I’ve seen her in? Maybe. I remember her from Zathura, where she played a bitchy teenager who was accidentally frozen solid for most of the movie. That seemed to be a good role for her. I saw Into the Wild and have to say I have absolutely no recollection of her role. So can’t gather any opinion from that. Saw Twilight and thought the acting was pretty stiff. Decided to see if she always played the same character, and rented Adventureland, and yes, she seemed to have the exact same mannerisms. Then in New Moon there was a glimmer of something more. I probably won’t be seeing her new movies in theaters, so it will be a while before I get the DVDs for her recent movies so I can see if the acting has gotten better.

    I respect that she tries for the indie roles and indie cred. But if she really didn’t care about Hollywood, maybe she should try stage acting in regional theaters. Somehow though, I don’t think she’ll be doing that.

    Conclusions: The public, and I would reluctantly have to include myself in that category, would really like to drag her into the spotlight to dissect her choices in hairstyle, clothing, acting roles, and boyfriends (mostly boyfriends), and she is trying really hard to resist. And that takes the form of saying “eff you” with her clothing and refusing to answer questions about relationships. For someone her age, that’s a fairly mature attitude. And then that interview where she was throwing the football (really well!) in a stunning tight designer dress and stilettoes, that pushed me firmly into the BAMF club.

    So, a) waiting to see if her acting will live up to all the hype, and b) not-so-grudging respect for her as a person.

  31. I have not read through the novel of comment yet but I wanted to share my thoughts and then I will peace out…thanks for starting this debate Moon!!

    The things I like about Kristen is that she is not a fame whore and she seems intelligent and genuine. She is also effing gorgeous. What I do NOT love about Kristen is that she is so anti-establishment (Hollywood) she makes it cliché’ and that bugs the crap out of me. Kristen is a successful actress and she should show some respect to the events she attends and to the people who put her face on the big screen by not acting like a tortured teenager who was forced out of bed to promote her movies (which, btw she really cares about). If I were working on her pictures, I would seriously have my feelings hurt that she did not care enough to even smile like she is excited about her OWN PROJECT. (side note..maybe she hates her acting too???)

    Even though my feelings for her are torn, I am going to keep sipping the Kstewaid not because I am a mega fan but because I have high hopes for her. Do I think she is a brilliant actress..not yet. Do I think she has potential..for sure. Do I feel so strongly about an actress who I don’t think is that awesome because she played Bella and I am ridiculously protective of the character and henceforth project those emotions onto Kristen and will continue to support her career….probably. Would I feel anything for Kristen had she not played Bella..I would bet not.

    I just hope she pulls her act (and acting) together and knocks our socks off soon…then the world rejoices, we all sing koombyah and pound shots of Ktstewaid

  32. When we say “she just doesn’t care” I don’t think we mean about her work or what people think about her, I mean (personally) she doesn’t care to conform. She’s not a self manipulated Barbie doll. She gives me hope that I don’t have to be pruned and perfect.

    Her films, although she does bring a lot of herself into them, are well chosen and u gotta respect that for her age.

    Thanks for the respectful debate! 🙂 sorry if I make no sense, i just had a pint of beer down the local! HICCUP! lol

    Kel xx

  33. Wow, Moon, I’m shocked you don’t approve of KStew? and I thought all the hate in the past was just sarcasm? Now the scope is widening to fans of hers. Get over yourself seriously. It’s old and unattractive and it doesn’t change the way Rob feels about her.

  34. You took the words right out of my mouth Moon. . .

    My hubby and I were flipping through Perez last night (quality time) and he asked me why/what exactly is it that Perez hates on KStew. To be honest, I had a really hard time pumping her up and defending her. She is what she is. . . It’s so hard not to notice the difference when she’s photographed next to Dakota Fanning, one classy chicka.

    • I love how you and your husband are on Perez together. Haha. I can’t stand that man. But like you while I don’t get why he hates her so much, I can’t really defend her either

  35. Well at first I HATED her. Just because she may be with Rob.

    Then I observed that she’s almost like a male version of him. (Just read this before jumping to choke me with a pillow:) They both have questionable style preferences (“the homeless chic”), look like they haven’t washed their hair in weeks, are extremely awkward in public situations, both are musically inclined and mediocre (to say the least) actors etc. And although the big difference between them is their attitude in general, they’re still both anti-celebrities.

    So I figured that if I love it on Rob so much, why should I not like it on her? …Oh, and this probably happened after I gave up the ridiculous hope (and let’s face it, almost every one of us hoped it for one tiny-teensy bit) that I may be lucky enough to get to meet him one day.

  36. Wow, I thought politics was the thing polarizing the country/world right now. Turns out it’s a mulleted teenage actress.
    I’m not a hater or a lover. I don’t have a strong opinion about this (then why, you ask, am I commenting? Good question)
    I wouldn’t turn fake Lez for her or drink the KStewlaid, but I might from time to time have a KStew jello shot. I think she looked good in New Moon, softer, more feminine, etc.

    Here’s something I’ve been wondering:
    In New Moon, Stew/Bella is pretty natural with Tay/Jacob, and then in the scenes with Robward, she’s breathy and restrained and awkward. Now, I know we’ve all talked about the blinking and stuttering and stuff, but is it possible that Hardi and the CW are directing her to act “dazzled” when she’s with Edward? In the books, she’s always more easy going with JB, and sort of weird around Edward.

    Just a thought. Trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. Not sure she deserves it, but hey, I’m a pretty generous gal.

    And I think that some of the worst acting in NM was from RPattz, for the record. Like stated above, he’s no Philip Seymour Hoffman, nor, ahem, Michael Sheen.

  37. Thank you!! Thank you!! You have said so many things I agree with! I don’t get it either! I am a “Twilight Mom” and I really think she doesn’t represent a good image. My opinion but I haven’t spoken up about it because I knew I would get flack for it!

  38. I miss Mike Oregano.

  39. well I don’t get it

    It has nothing to do with her looks or her attitude I am sure she is a lovely person and all

    her style of dress is that of a typical kid her age which is fine

    I am not jealous of any possible relationship she has with anyone cause IDGAF one way or the other and THAT is none of my business

    However I have seen her in a few movies other than the Twi series and it is my opinion that she can’t act

    I hold nothing against others for their opinion but trust me when I say those words I usually get FLAMED by Kstewfans

  40. I like Kristen. A lot of times when she comes off as stand-offish I think she is just really shy and nervous, and she has admitted that. But most of all I like her because of how she treats her fans. I have read story after story of her staying long after her costars have gone inside at an event or even on the street and signed autographs and they all talk about how “sweet” she is. On the flip side, Ashley Greene who is very polished with the media I’ve read from multiple places that she isn’t so nice to her fans, wasn’t there even a story on here once about that? I guess what I’m saying is Kristen isn’t fake. When you hear sweet fan encounters, or see her at charity events, or see her talking really seriously about Bella, you know that’s all her she’s being 100% sincere. She wouldn’t do those things if she didn’t want to. I like that she can look beautiful, but in everyday life she doesn’t spend a lot of time getting ready. And also, I live in Park City, it’s normal to be casual on the carpet for movie premieres at Sundance. I don’t know, I’m not blind to seeing her flaws..but I like her anyway. I think it’s true she isn’t for everyone, I can see other peoples points that don’t get it, I just happen to. I think people can see things different ways without being a hater (which some people are) or drinking the kool-aid (which some people do) if that makes sense. People just have different taste in personalities.

  41. She isnt one of my fav actresses
    She is beautiful tho
    however she is a strange one…
    wouldn’t you want to be glamed up all the time?
    i would…
    i dont care for her attitude or her acting skills,
    i really dont think she ahs any,
    its always the same thing
    o maybe she is so great she can achieve the same acting style to everything she does?
    you never know…

    i would have liked to see Bella not as
    serious as she made her

    in other words, she is there and nothing else.

  42. Kristen and Rob have that look about them. Like, if they were to get married all they would have at the reception are blunts, a bowl of Ruffles Potato Chips, and Kayne’s old Hennesy from the MTV Music Awards.

    I am not letting Rob off the hook but this post is about Kristen so… Pretty much what Kristen needs to realize is that her being an actress is a job. I would love to walk into my office in sweats and a tshirt everyday, but I know that presentation is a part of my job. Do I like it? No. But that is the way it is.

    I feel like a lot of the Kristen STANS see themselves as Kristen. That is why they are so in love with her. Therefore, they will never hate on her because hating on her is hating on themselves.

    I feel that if anyone else were to dress like Kristen, all the Kristen stans would call the girl trash and they would say that she needs to put more of an effort.

    I like Kristen overall but if I wish I would tell her: Damn girl… Stop trying to be so anti-Hollywood. You are embarrassing yourself. People may not say anything to your face but they are talking about you behind your back and you know you do care. Stop playin’! Also, where did you get those boots you had on when you were caught holding hands/wrists with Rob. I want those. Love ya!

    • “if they were to get married all they would have at the reception are blunts, a bowl of Ruffles Potato Chips, and Kayne’s old Hennesy from the MTV Music Awards.”

      AHAHAHA ruffles and kanye’s old hennesey. LOVE IT.

  43. I have to admit I didn’t like her until New Moon promo… She was just too much into that ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude and so she seemed kinda arrogant and cocky. And her performance in Twilight didn’t really do it for me…
    Then New Moon came up and they had to do the whole promo stunt and all of a sudden she changed soooo much. Srsly. She started smiling at times and was all cute and sweet in interviews. Which made me watch a few movie’s she’s been in and when I saw ‘Into the Wild’ I got why Rob was so much into her. I really liked her performance in that movie.

    So taking the former named points into account I have to say that I really started to like KStew and am looking forward to see what happens to her in the future.

  44. I’m definitely one of those “fake lezzer over a female celebrity” sort of people and I can’t really explain why, I don’t even want to rant that much about why she’s so amazing. I just wanna say that I’m not gonna argue the point about her “not caring” and having a “rebel attitude” because I think she’s the furthest from that. Watching interviews where she agonizes over her answers and makes sure she says exactly what she means shows just how much she really does care!

  45. I like KStew. I don’t know why. I just do. I like her awkwardness. I like the fact that I am currently sitting here wearing a plaid shirt and converse.

    I just like her. And I can’t explain it.

    • Me neither, she’s just good in a way that that Owl City song is, there’s no way to describe why but it’s just really infectious.

  46. *whispers* i am in total agreement with you moon. *runs for cover*

  47. I’d also like to throw out there that I think Nikki Reed gets a bum rap, especially from calli… just sayin.

    Love you calliope

    Also, I’d also like to point out that I don’t know half of you that comment on here anymore. This may just be a result of the fact that I don’t comment on the regular. Moreover i just blame twitter.

    I think that covers all my random thoughts for the day.


  48. I have actually really liked Kristen before the Twilight dates. I remember her very well from “The Messengers” and remembered her from “Panic Room”. I have seen a lot of her movies that were indies that never got released and am a fan of her. You gotta see “The Cake Eaters.” Her performance was amazing and brought me to tears.

    I love how she doesn’t have that vain Hollywood attitude, she doesn’t want or depend on millions, she wants to be “normal” and act for the care of the craft.

    What I like is that it’s incredibly rare to find a celebrity her age that isn’t in bars every single night and getting on TMZ while falling of a crub drunk off their ass, getting MIPs, DUIs. She’s not into it. She doesn’t whore herself all over, there’s no crazy media speculation, other than who’s she dating and she’s way more mature and wiser beyond her years which is WAY hard to find for a chick her age in that city.
    You gotta give her credit for not following the Lohans and the Hiltons of her generation. She seems smarter than that.

    I just think she’s misunderstood. Like she said herself, last press junket she cared too much about how she answered things that it ended up just being a disaster for her and she ended up coming across to 3/4 of the nation the wrong way and got slammed for it. This time around for New Moon she seemed much more comfortable, loose and prepared. She’s a youngin, but a youngin with a strong head on her shoulders imo.

    I ♥ her. And sometimes I swear to God she’s like a female version of Rob. Don’t hate, it’s jmo

    • Also, the MTV Award drop….I could have squeezed her face in squees so hard at that moment. ADORABLE!

      • I felt complete empathy for her at that moment, I achieve that level of embarrassment on a daily basis.

    • Very well said! I couldn’t have said it better myself, so I won’t. lol Interestingly enough I read an interview from Sundance where she said during the “Twilight” promotion she was in the middle of filming Welcome to the Rileys and she realizes that she did not perform well and felt it was hard to turn that character’s switch off. I really think she gets absorbed by the character she’s playing. Comic con she was completely in Joan mode, no she didn’t look great, but I can understand it.

  49. well, after reading the post and most of the comments, my opinion is….. this kind of debate leads to nowhere.

  50. I’m indifferent to Kristen Stewart herself, but her superfans AND uber-haters make me stabby. The former think she invented the goddamned T-shirt and jeans look and the latter are just as blind with all their pointless nit-picking.

    *Blows kiss to Rambo Panda* xD

    • It’s so hawt when you insult everyone.

      Harder, Chim! HARDER!

    • I adore you. *blows kiss even though I’m not Rambo Panda*

    • I have no problem with Kristen. I think she’s a fine actress, certainly not the best in the world by any stretch though. Sure, I think she comes across as rude at times. Yes, I think people’s perception of her as being a bitch is her own doing at times. I can live with all that. My real issue I guess has more to do with SOME of her fans. They go on like she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread & anybody who says differently had better duck for cover. SOME are so quick jump on Rob fans for trash talking her, but they will turn right around and trash Rob for daring to go to a friend’s birthday party without Kristen & call him a manwhore and that they hope his plane crashes on the way back to London. SOME will say that Kristen is too good for Rob & that he’s only using her to further his career. SOME still insist that Rob is the one who constantly denies a relationship by using old quotes & say that Kristen deserves to be with somebody who isn’t embarrassed to be seen with her. Meanwhile, they conveniently overlook all the times Kristen says she won’t talk about her personal life. And they’ll trash his latest costar, Emilie DeRavin, and accuse her of copying Kristen’s style & have accused her of trying to start the romance rumors herself and calling her a bitch for no reason.

      I’m certainly not saying Rob’s fans are guilt free in this, they’re not, but SOME of Kristen’s fans have a way of coming across as self righteous, holier than thou, snobbish hypocrites. That’s my opinion.

      • I think you are confusing Kristen’s fans with Robsten fans. There’s a big difference.

        Krisbians/Kristen’s Mafia: are fans of Kstew’s acting and personality and style. We like her. We dont care who she is dating because a) its her fucking business and if she wanted to talk about it she would b) if she’s happy, we’re happy c) some of us are Rob fans too, but many are not interested in his career….but WE DONT BASH HIM. And most Kristen fans dont care if everyone likes her–we actually realize her style isnt for everyone and thats ok.

        Robsten fans: want R/K together forever and ever like Edward and Bella. They are CRAAAAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Rob’s “sane” fans: MOST dont care who he is dating, dont care about Kstew’s career but THEY DONT BASH HER. They want Rob’s career to succeed and focus on things like: his upcoming projects, what he’s reading, the development of his acting style…how hollywood perceives him…how they can help his career and support/promote his FILMS.

        Robsessed: WANT to know EVERY MINUTE DETAIL about Rob’s life, music, friends, family, dead dog, AND THEN they want to go online and analyze it ADD NAUSEUM. They are crazy.

        Nonsten fans: HATE KRISTEN STEWART WITH A PASSION and actually think LESS of Rob because he may/may not be dating her///spends time with her///. They judge Kstew harshly and judge Rob pretty harshly too- just because he is friends with K.

        Does that sum it up?

        • I think there are major extremes on both sides. I have to say what I have seen is Kristen getting bashed more often by Rob fans though, I don’t see it a lot the other way around. I’m sure there are crazy extreme R/K fans who get mad at Rob for going out. I’d LIKE to think there are a nice range of normal people who like one or the other, like them together, or don’t like them together who can act calm and sane. I happen to like her, if you don’t that’s cool too. Sometimes I think it’s unneccessary to completely bash a teenage girl like some people do though.

      • I think you are confusing Kristen’s fans with Robsten fans. There’s a big difference.

        Krisbians/Kristen’s Mafia: are fans of Kstew’s acting and personality and style. We like her. We dont care who she is dating because a) its her fucking business and if she wanted to talk about it she would b) if she’s happy, we’re happy c) some of us are Rob fans too, but many are not interested in his career….but WE DONT BASH HIM. And most Kristen fans dont care if everyone likes her–we actually realize her style isnt for everyone and thats ok.

        Robsten fans: want R/K together forever and ever like Edward and Bella. They are CRAAAAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Rob’s “sane” fans: MOST dont care who he is dating, dont care about Kstew’s career but THEY DONT BASH HER. They want Rob’s career to succeed and focus on things like: his upcoming projects, what he’s reading, the development of his acting style…how hollywood perceives him…how they can help his career and support/promote his FILMS.

        Robsessed: WANT to know EVERY MINUTE DETAIL about Rob’s life, music, friends, family, dead dog, AND THEN they want to go online and analyze it AD NAUSEUM. They are crazy.

        Nonsten fans: HATE KRISTEN STEWART WITH A PASSION and actually think LESS of Rob because he may/may not be dating her///spends time with her///. They judge Kstew harshly and judge Rob pretty harshly too- just because he is friends with K.

        Does that sum it up?

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