I Don’t Get It – The Kristen Stewart edition

*Before you get your pitchforks, tar and feathers and rope to string me up in the nearest town square, please see this as a healthy debate and read to the end with an open mind… aaaannddd GO!*

Get it

Dear Kristen Stewart Shippers,

I’m just gonna put it out there. After over a year of follower this saga and it’s fandom, the actors, even working on a project close to a Kristen movie, reading all the Tweets and posts about her, seeing her movies, watching her interviews, seeing her in person several times,  I just gotta say it: 


I don’t get why people love Kristen so much. Sure, I totally agree she’s a pretty girl, she’s probably nice in person, she tries to be different, she has that “I don’t care” attitude,” WHATEVER. And maybe I’ve never fake lezzed out over a female celeb before but  I seriously DON’T get it. I’m not a star and I dress better than her. I even wash my hair every other day. And I gotta say it, I smile quite often and don’t look like I’m in pain at work events. And because I’m looking to fill up our inbox and the comments section with death threats I thought I’d talk about it and get your opinion.

Don't drink the KStew-laid

So it seems lately that the Kristen shippers mixed up a huge batch of Kristen-is-awesome-Koolaid and passed it around to EVERYONE who seemed to gladly gulp that shiz down. I even gave them a chance and looked at links and pictures but just couldn’t see what was so tasty about the sweet nectar of that KStew-laid. Here are the main points that most KStew fans point out as their favorite things about Kristen and I break them down…

AFTER the cut will I ever GET IT?

“She just doesn’t care/ She’s a rebel attitude” – As much as everyone likes to tout that she “just doesn’t care” I have to call BS on that. I think we would be hard pressed to find ANYONE who just doesn’t care at all about what others think about them (deep deep down) let alone an actor, by definition they are a group that seeks approval and recognition. Actors care more than your average bear what you think of them. So I really don’t buy that reason. Also she herself has said she cares a lot about what she’s doing. And if she truly didn’t care about anything that I don’t get it even more why fans would like her cause would just make her plain awful.

Don't get it

Her acting – The only thing I’ve ever really enjoyed her in was Into the Wild and maybe that’s cause she was a peripheral character that had about 10 minutes combined screen time and I was probably already bawling too much to care. The more I’ve seen of her acting the more I think she’s just Kristen playing herself as whatever character she’s been cast as. Kristen-Bella, Kristen-Lucy, Kristen-Melinda, never really playing the characters outside of herself or her personal mannerisms.

Her Style – Yes, I agree she does have moments of greatness in her wardrobe but those, to me, have almost always taken place at an event or photoshoot meaning she had a stylist who pulled the clothes for her. But in her real life she sports last weeks sweatshirt and the same jeans for weeks on end

Do I see too much of myself in her at that age? – I definitely tried to go against the grain and be different than everyone else I knew in high school and my freshman year of college. I even wore Converse sneaks and hoodies at all times possible but I knew the line and knew what was appropriate for a work event or times when I would be seen by people that were important.

I'm a little scared right now...

What I do know… this is NOT because she’s with Rob. HALE, half the time I don’t even like Rob. And I’m fan enough to say it! It’s not because I’m jealous. I run a semi famous Twilight blog, and I’m a (sometimes) sane ADULT, what could I be jealous of? 😉 Seriously, it’s not that. It’s not because I’m just trying to be different or need something to blog about. Trust me, it’d be MUCH easier to just drink the KStewlaid and go with the flow.

As you can see I’ve thought long and hard about it, I’ve put a year+ worth of thinking behind this and I still don’t see what the big draw is about her. None of the above reasons won me over or made me like her. So what is it?

Ok, bring on the pitchforks,

Seriously, this is meant as a healthy (respectful) debate, if you “get it” then now’s your chance to explain why… if you don’t get it than come stand by me and let’s figure it out. What’s in the KStewlaid that makes it so great?

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582 Responses

  1. I wasn’t too sure about her at first.
    Then she grew on me.
    And then even more so in the lead up to New Moon.
    And then I saw New Moon.
    And she became my new girl crush.
    I don’t know.
    I do love her attitude.
    I love that she’s awkward.
    I love that she wears what she wants (although, dear God, it would not kill her to put on a nice tee and a cardi for once instead of printed tees and puffy jackets. ew).
    There’s just something about her that grabs me.

    • Jayde, you said pretty much what I was going to say. I hated her at first. I didn’t like her awkwardness, I didn’t like her attitude, and I didn’t like the way she dressed.
      But then there came a point (maybe it was NM, I can’t remember) when it completely flipped, and I changed my mind about her. I don’t love her all the time (Kristen, would it kill you to smile once in a while? I mean, your life cannot suck that much), but I do “get it” now. I’m not sure it’s something you can explain though.. I think it’s one of those things that you get or you don’t.

      All that said, I’ve heard awesome things about her movies that premiered at Sundance (the Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys) and I’m excited to see them both. Anyone else?

    • i thought she did a lot better on the NM press junket than she did with past stuff and we both gave her props for that. but i expect an actor to say something interesting about the movie they’re in for press. so i guess she just never grew on me

      • Well, I’m not a fan. Have never been.
        I think she did better with the press this time around because she had some help/training. She initially started (just before the tour) with 2008 attitude “we are, we’re not. I’m a lesbian, fuck off” and all that, but I think she was reined in.
        I’ve also tried to get it, but I don’t. I’ve always been timid about saying this though, because people immediately think you’re jealous, fat, old, ugly and a hater if you’re not on the Stewagon.

        • Moon I stand by you girl! I just don’t get it either…honestly all Rob/BS aside… I don’t think she can act…sure she has a pretty face…but her attitude is atrocious She has no social skills…and quite frankly I just don’t see the appeal to her 12 year old body. I’ve tried to give her the benefit of a doubt but some way somehow she always manages to ruin it. Maybe it just her personality…you know how some people no matter what they do…they never seem to get on your good side…who knows…call me a hater or whatever but i refuse to drink the kstewlaid…I think it might be laced with PCP or something to make people feel like she’s the cat’s pajamas…I.JUST.DON’T.SEE.IT! So if people are going to burn you at the stake for this shiz…then i stand by you homie! 😉

          • I like Kristen, It’s just something I can’t explain easily… But I think she’s great.
            And I’m over about complaints about her body.
            In fact, I’m thirty, slim (really slim), no big boobs, and I don’t look my age, and I say Fuck, It doesn’t matter!!! . I don’t understand what it is the big deal of having big boobs. It’s just ridiculous.

      • Dude!!!!!! I’m with you!!!! Even if Rob dumps her, I still don’t like her… I effin’ tried to appreciate her. But well, nothing happened apparently…

      • I’m with you dude!!!!!! Even if Rob dumps her, I still won’t like her… I effin’ tried to appreciate her… But nothing happened apparently…

    • I don’t explain LOVE, u just feel it. She’s UNIQUE, she’s wonderful. She has strong personality and i love it. And she has BRAIN. Jayde i liked your post too much, very well written.

      • I REALLY don’t understand how people write an article like that ‘ I don’t get it why people like KS’. How old are u? I’m not Megan Fox, Reese, EdR fan but i’m sure i will NEVER write about it.I just don’t mind with them and their lives.

        • I REALLY do understand why this article was written.

          People are interested in current events. Kristen was covered in all media these past few days, that’s a reason to write about her.

          Bloggers write about Megan, Reese, et al, when there is something to write about. Reese recently had a breakup and bloggers had a field day.
          You may not write about it, but I doubt you run a successful blog with many followers.
          This is Moon’s opinion, you’re entitled to yours.
          We can’t all love Kristen Stewart or appreciate her style. End of.

        • Hello!? Blog!? Internet!? If you don’t want other people’s opinion, why come here?

      • I has BRAIN. But I no worship KStew. I am allowed my UNIQUE opinion even if you no LOVES it.

    • I like her because I think she HONESTLY gives young girls another kind of role model than the usual superstyled disneyteens/ebola hiltons.

      she dresses casual, she doesn´t try to please everyone (you can´t fake that attitude for years), she reads BOOKS and TALKS about them (wow, I know), she has good taste in music (loved how she talked about bon iver on jimmy fallon), she doesn´t do half naked photoshoots for maxim to please the male audience AND she has landed the hottest guy on the earth WITHOUT looking like a bratzdoll.

      (and since rob is obviously very smart and funny I think that is actually proof she is even more awesome than we can even guess.)

      she is cool. and remember she is only 19.

      • I don’t get it either, but..after reading your post. it made me think!! There must be SOMETHING about her deep inside that we probably all dont see wink wink

        I agree her acting leaves much to be desired, and Im hoping she will redeem herself in the Runaways.

        Love your post. 🙂

      • I think i’d write something so similar to you, there’s just no use. 😉
        Ummm…what to add?
        I appreciate the fact that she gave bella more thought than s. meyer sometimes did. i like the way she tries, no matter the movie. Her acting is different, but i like it.
        I like the fact that she seems loyal to a fault and even her media-nervous attitude: to be honest, because it’s human, and understandable. And because i’m 23, and who knows how i would cary myself in her place.
        And i do think she’s funny in person, o be honest (don’t shoot me).
        And seriously-why should she be cute or look nice when she’s not working?What was with that “Dakota-looks-cool-and-you-look-like-a -hobo-at-Sundance” thing? It’s Sundance-the message is that only film is important, and she followed through.

  2. I don’t think I “get it” either! I have moments when I think “she’s not bad, kinda cute.”
    But then she stumbles in interviews looking for the right words and can barely get out a sentence, it’s so hard to listen too!

    just finish a sentence, please!

    • Meh, she’s ok.

      I don’t love her. I don’t hate her. Sometimes she is beautiful. Sometimes she is skanky. Sometimes the camera loves her. Sometimes her teeth look really big.

      Sooooo, meh, she’s ok.

      Have a great day gals.



      • So i assume this just means perhaps I don’t get it either, or maybe I don’t care.

        I’ll let you know if and when I decide

        • I don’t really care either. Like you, I sometimes think she’s pretty, sometimes she’s not. She is like any other person who lives a normal life but she’s not normal.

    • thank god!!! i have yea i can see it moments! but it never catches on like it does with some folks.

      • same here… i’m ambiguous towards her. somedays i like the Stew and sometimes i dont. it’s a weird sort of fan-ship (that sounds like a band from the 70’s. but hey… i digress).

  3. I have to disagree – KStew-BAMF all the way!

    I think that whole ‘she doesn’t care’ thing is a complete misnomer. She does care – she cared when that guy at the London fan event was telling everyone to shut up and she didn’t like it, she cares when she says that she doesn’t mind being papped because the fans get to see what she’s doing that day, but she does care that they get a payday to do it. She cared when she took time out of the New Moon promotion schedule to appear for JDRF Walk To Cure Diabetes. She cares what the fans think of how she plays a beloved character from a coveted series of YA novels, and she hopes she’s doing her justice.

    I think she’s respectful and intelligent and thoughtful. Yes, she doesn’t seem to put that much effort into her appearance, but she’s entitled not to, unless she’s appearing at a work event, when I think she’s pulled out some amazing outfits. I think she sees it as her job to be an actress and works hard at it – but it’s not her job to be a celebrity so in that respect she doesn’t care!

    • Oh my lord, I didn’t think I was that much of a KStew fan until I just reread my own comment! :S

      • Haha!
        I love your comment. And I agree.
        Though sometimes it pains me to admit that I actually like her. At a first glance, it makes no sense at all.

      • Agree. I’m a HUGE KS fan and i’ve read a lot of fan encounters w/her and she’s AMAZING, she said she’d prefer spend her time w/fans than with reporters. She does care about her fans.

    • “I think she sees it as her job to be an actress and works hard at it – but it’s not her job to be a celebrity so in that respect she doesn’t care!”

      I think that was really well put, you summed it up in one sentence perfectly

      • I agree. Very well said! I think she’s definitely a passionate person and sees the ridiculousness of celebrity. I’m starting to wonder why I still don’t see myself as a huge fan…

      • I second that, it’s very well put. It’s nice that she has the guts to show everyone that you can be a good actress and care about your job without having to go all frickin’ Paris Hilton.

    • I second this. It took me a while to get used to her, but I’m a proud convert. I always get the impression that she is very genuine. Every smile we see will be an honest smile. If she feels shitty we will know it. I love Ashley a lot, but on many of her pictures or in interviews she often has this friendly smile that doesn’t reach the eyes. For me Kristen is such a welcome change in the boring sugarcoated celeb world. She ‘s just more ‘real’ to me.

    • “I think she sees it as her job to be an actress and works hard at it – but it’s not her job to be a celebrity so in that respect she doesn’t care!”

      I respectfully disagree with this statement. Wearing clothing that shows you respect the people surrounding whatever event/movie you are promoting does not mean you are trying to be a “celebrity.”

      Why is the Love for her mean you can call a duck a duck? Sometimes she should put more effort into what she wears because she is in the public eye. There’s casual without looking grungy. There’s fashionable without looking like you haven’t showered in a week.

      Riddle me this: Why can we call out Rob for when he can’t button his shirts and wears clothing off the floor but not Kristen?

      • For me kristen dress well and appropriate to her age , the even and her spirit.
        When she is on the red carpet or at hollywood party or event, she is glamour. When she is at sundance she is in the bastion of alternative spirit and she dress low key.
        Kristen has always been a jean teeshirt hoody girl. That’s her. Just like some people like pink dress, some people punk dress and oder like victoria beckam can’t gi out without their versace dresses. Everyone has his own style. That’s not being respectfull or disrespectfull.
        I don’t understand the need people have to see this “actor” conform to their dream of what they should be. If you don’t det why some people may love her just move on.
        Just like i don’t get the appeal about ashley greene and other people. Everyone is unique in his own way i don’t understand the need to have eveyone looking the same, i don’t understand the nee to standardisation of beauty and normality.

        Sure kristen is in the public eyes blah blah. And so what? she shouldn’t leave as she wants because she is a public persona? What is it that disturbed you so much about the way she dressed.

        Why is it ok to fangirl over rob dressing like shit but kristen can’t wear her skinny jean without people acting like is a crime. But whatever.

        It’s not a big deal if people don’t see what other find in her, but please don’t just act like if you don’t see it other should do the same. I’m just sick shit like that. Just like i don’t see the hooplalah about taylor, kellan, rachelle and so on. But i respect others test.

        • Look at Sunday’s post about Dakota, she’s dressing appropriately for her age, Tee-shirt and jeans and yet seems so much more put together.

          I think you are letting the Kool-aid speak for you 😀

          Sundance has “red carpets” and she was NOT dressed appropriately. I’m sorry. she looked like shit.

          • For me Dakota is dakota, she is girly and dress girly.

            Kristen is kristen and dress more tomboyish. Her dress was the same as last year , the year before , the year before before, and even the first time she came to sundance for speak.

            This year was the first year her presence in sundance was not that welcome because of twilight. They was some anti kristen and twilight asociation article before she even came there. So for me dressing the same as she has always did was a good way to saying to the indie industry, indie was my fist love and it hasn’t change. Did you see her costar for welcome to the ridleys they were all casual in their own style. Maria bello was a little hippie a little grandma. Jake scott was a little i’m going fishing with his marin shirt.

            Sundance is indie. And this was agreat weekend for kristen . People who matter in the industry like her performances even roger ebert loves her performance. So it doesn’t matter.
            People who are wiling to hire her will continue to do so.

          • Who cares? She was there for her movies NOT to be PRETTY.

          • Dear RK,
            Please think before you speak.

        • As someone who was recently nineteen, I have to respectfully disagree. Wearing grungy clothes and appearing to not wash your hair is not dressing “appropriate to your age” at any age.

          KStew has potential as an actress, but the sad fact of our society is that actress=celebrity and she will be in the public eye. She doesn’t have to dress for the occasion all the time, but there are times when a little more effort would have been appropriate.

          • why is the way she dresses at sundance very important to you? or rather – why does this affect how much you like her? in a way I think it boils down to wether you are ok with women not choosing to be and act “feminine” in the way we interpret that in the western world. she looks like a dyke. and some people just can´t stand that. maybe you brooke are one of those people?

          • I think quite a few lesbians would be insulted that you’ve equated their subculture with appearing to not have showered or washed your hair for days.

            As stated before, Dakota (who yes, is the epitome of sugar and spice and bunnies and butterflies) was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and looked nice.

            Everyone else in the world has to dress appropriately for work, so why shouldn’t actresses who get paid millions of dollars? I wouldn’t wear a goddamn trouser suit if I didn’t have to look like a professional, would I?

      • But why is it ‘cute’ for Rob to dress like a hobo but it isn’t when Kristen does? I hate double standards.

    • I agree with you Shleeeigh,

      Kristen is intelligent and that goes a long long way with me. She’s also very thoughtful…sure she often stumbles over her words in interviews, but you can tell that she is trying to weigh her words.

      I respect her for attempting real answers rather than the typically vapid answers many stars her age give.

      And as far as her appearance goes, since when do all young girls or women have to play dress up in order to be considered beautiful or important?
      To me that is dangerous thinking, no?
      I don’t care if she is a celebrity, I still don’t believe that women should be judged for the way that they look or dress.

      I think Kris is a good model of young womanhood because she seems quite comfortable just being herself and continuing on as she has been despite the remarks and the constant attention that twilight has brought on.

      • I agree that women shouldnt be judged for what they wear but as my mum used to say “would it kill you to wear a slightly newer shirt? and change into some nicer sneakers?” If she doesnt care at all, she wouldnt get glammed up for awards shows…she’d just wear jeans and a hoodie so I guess I’m just having a hard time reconciling the two personas. I mean she looked awesome during the tour in south america…the perfect mix of class and grunge…Why cant we see more of that?

        • Whoever down-thumbed me (and my mum’s wise words)…CONGRATULATIONS! You just said that K-Stew has no style…She will NEVER love you, sign ure boobs or pretend to make out with u in the back of a car. Next time try and read before u downthumb…or better yet…tell me what I said wrong…Is the panda pissed? yes! so deal…

          • Imma give myself a thumbs up for being ridiculously awesome and for knowing how to read the mucho beautiful language of sarcasm… 🙂

          • Don’t sweat it illegalwolflover, I got thumbs down for taking one side, you got it for taking the other.

            This is why I don’t like Kstew days on LTT, all the thumbs downs across the board give me negative vibes when I want laughs! : P

          • Ikr? I prefer people yelling at me rather than downthumbs…I mean we didnt downthumb each other, we just agreed to kinda disagree…Its when the crazies come out to play that things get messy…lol

      • sure in a perfect world no one would be judged on their outward appearance and we’d all sing “imagine” by john lennon while holding hands but she’s in an image conscious industry that is concerned with looks and is a basis for getting work. and thats just the truth about it. im not saying i agree but that’s how it is.

        • I don’t think we expect Kris to look like the cookie cutter hollywood type, it’s just that she often looks so untidy and disheveled. She can still wear her jeans/converse/t-shirt/whatnots without looking dirty. Gad!

          She does have very nice skin though.

        • Sorry, gotta respectfully disagree.

          The fact that something is part of an industry doesn’t mean that it should be supported or perpetuated.

          • just because i’d rather wear my pajamas to work instead of work clothes doesnt mean i should, right?

            same diff.

        • But if she’s done that from the very start, would anyone notice her and think she’s special? Would we even be having this debate?

        • I actually think that’s kinda the point. She’s in an image-conscious industry and what she values is the work. I think she would say that the character she played and the story she wanted to tell are more important than the label on her clothes. And a picture’s worth a thousand words, right? She’s also young, so there may be an aspect of rebellion there. In Rob’s case, I think being constantly lauded for looks would get old, and he’d do anything to downplay them. I’m not saying that I don’t think they’ve gone a little extreme, just that I think there’s a message there.

      • I haven’t visited here in awhile because of the negativity but I totally agree with this statement and I cannot believe (most likely other women) have given you a thumbs down. I think other than her smoking habit, she can be someone young women can look up to.

        I also can’t abide the trendy, giant bag, small dog, fake hair extension look young hollywood has pushed the last several years. It’s been done a thousand times. Kstew is a refreshing presence. And no, I hate Koolaid and never touch the stuff.

    • Unfortunately “actress” and “celebrity” go hand in hand and if she wasn’t prepared for that, there are many other career paths she could have chosen.
      Just sayin…

      I don’t get it.

    • and i agree with this one! 🙂

  4. I dunno…. she just seems really awkward in interviews and stuff. And every movie I’ve seen her in seems like she is playing the same character. Like I want to yell out “no Bella! dont sleep with Ryan Renolds” when I was watching Adventureland (is that the right movie?) And that hair cut….yikes.

    But, at least we can say one thing for sure, her acting did improve from Twilight to New Moon! My fingers are crossed for an even better preformance in Eclipse!

    • me too! fingers crossed!

    • Why would you tell her not to sleep with Ryan Reynolds? Good god woman are you crazy? 😛 Sorry, I couldn’t stand the nerdy kid who would never have the chance at KStew’s character to begin with.

  5. I didn’t like her at first. Thought she was a terrible Bella.
    Then I kind of started to like her because she seemed so opposite of every other Hollywood girl out there (ex. Megan Fox, Lindsey Lohan).

    Now, I’m kind of going back to not liking her a whole lot. The attitude and the non-smiling is growing tedious.
    And like you, Moon, this has nothing to do with Rob. I don’t care who he’s sleeping with.

  6. Thank you, Moon! Thank you for being brave enough to come out and say it. Before I begin, let me say that I don’t dislike Kristen by any means, in the way that a person can like/dislike someone as a fan. (Obviously I can’t like or dislike her as a person.)

    She wasn’t the Bella I had in my head, but I think she brought something to Bella’s character that I can appreciate. I think it might have been herself, but I don’t think I can fault her with that. When I read Twilight, I saw a lot of my self in Bella, and I would probably project myself onto her, too. As an actor you have to draw on personal experience, and Kristen is still young enough that she probably doesn’t have a ton of the milestone experiences we eventually all go through.

    That said, I agree with all of your counterpoints. I just don’t get it either. I can’t fault her for her style, seeing as I have none, but the way someone dresses doesn’t make me like them or dislike them. I don’t actually think she’s that rebellious, which also isn’t a fault, she needs to get work after all. (Sometimes she reminds me of the kids in school who went out of their way to try to be different, succeeding in only being the rebel stereotype.) The only thing I really loved her in was Into the Wild, too. I don’t know anything about acting, I just know what sells me and what doesn’t.

    So, again, I’m just not a fan. I need help from the Kristen fans, too, in understanding.

    • I’m commenting on my own comment. I just realized that I think my younger self may have liked her more. Does Kristen fandom transcend age differences?

    • As I have not partaken in the Kool-aid, I can’t answer it for you, but I do wonder this. It’s not that I dislike Kristen either, I just don’t get why people have a crazy blinders on about her. Why is everything that she does so perfect according to the shippers?

      • I can ask you the same thing and i’m not a shipper i’m actually not in favor of that relationship but it’s not my place to go, why do people who supposely doesn’t care for her are so worried that other people don’t feel the same or more importantly why can’t she do any good?

        As for the shipper i have come t the conclusion that they like to live their fantasy of a relationship with rob through kristen. That’s why everything she does if it can be in correlation with their edward and bella dreamland they will approve of kristen. But if she doesn’t say what they would like to hear that she is madly in love with rob, want to have a handfull of children with him, can’t live without him, they would just trash her like other bloggers and twihards.

        • She doesn’t want to have a handful of children w/ Rob???


        • Dooood I’m a Robsten shipper and I dont live my wild Rob fantasies through her in their “palatial plaid pad”. If you dont mind me saying, I think it’s a little unfair that you’re lumping all Robsteners into “we like Kristen depending on whether they’re holding wrists or not”.I’m just shallow and I like pretty people together…I wouldnt hate her cause she doesnt want to be barefoot and pregnant and I doubt most Robsteners would.

          As you said, there are people who dont like Rob/Tay/Ashley so the Stew may not be everyone’s bowl of stew. Therefore everyone has the right to an opinion. If we loved everyone we’d all be sheep or hitting the spiked koolaid a little too hard. Peace and love dude peace and love..

        • *snorts* Rethink, please, rethink.

          I’m Team Robsten. I agree with IWL. I like pretty people together. Or . . grungy people together. However, I fully expect the relationship to run its course, undoubtedly right before Breaking Dawn comes out, just because celebs do these things to us. Do you hear me, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams? You break my heart.

          Having bared my little celeb-h00r soul, I will now state for the record that the only fantasy Robsten is fulfilling for me is that they each travel and make tons of money. I’m IN my fantasy relationship. WHEN Robsten implodes, I will tsk, I will mope for half a second, and then I’ll go back to pestering my husband about how much he secretly liked the last episode of Glee.

          • “Do you hear me, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams? You break my heart”

            ha ha i still can’t watch the notebook since they got back togther and then broke up.

          • I just loved your comment. “do you hear me Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams?” was brilliant! And the thing about pestering your husband!

            Note – my typing is going of the screen on the right, so if there are mistakes over there, I’m sorry.

        • I don’t need to worship Kristen to fulfill my fantasy relationship with Rob, Pauleta. That’s why I have my husband! After legally changing his name to Rob, refusing to speak to him unless he’s using a British accent, and throwing away all of his wardrobe accept 4 shirts and 2 pairs of pants (that are only washed once every fiscal quarter) it’s just like the real thing.

          • Oh mysterious downthumber? Are you, perchance, a unicorn? For some reason I’m picturing you as a unicorn.

          • we should all get a husband and follow in sparklecakes footsteps. she is ON to something here.

    • She definitely gave Bella more backbone, a definite plus. Bella was a jellyfish marshmellow that needed Jacob or Edward to stand up for her in the books, Kristen brought a lot of herself to Bella. And that brings me to my next point:

      I was a working actress for a while, and I while I don’t claim to be as good as a professional or an award-winning actor, I always created a new personna when I took on a role. Kristen on the other hand, I keep on seeing her and going “How is she different from Bella/Melinda/Lucy?” As an actor, I don’t really see her creating a new personality, I see her being Kristen, the same girl in the interviews for the projects she’s doing, like Moon was saying. It’s just kinda sad to me- that’s not really acting, just exposing your soul at an early age. Kids I’ve known who’ve done that tend to take it home with them and it messes them up. As much as she irritates me with her disrespectful dressing at premiers and Awards Shows and her horrible interview style, I don’t want to see her get messed up as an adult because of her child acting. I don’t like seeing anybody get messed up that badly. So, I’m on the fence about her, officially.

    • tuesday midnight-

      “Sometimes she reminds me of the kids in school who went out of their way to try to be different, succeeding in only being the rebel stereotype”

      i think this might be the main reason i dont get it, cause i dont like people who have to TRY to be different, just BE YOURSELF and if thats different than cool. im all for authenticity and not fake authenticity.

      • She is being herself and you are the one sugesting her to change to fit the way you think is normal to be.

        The last time i check wearing a jean, a tee shirt and hoodie is not really trying to be different because evryone out there where jeans tee shirt and hoodie. If she wants to be different , then she should wear read leather jumpsuit or things like that.

        • Sad clown indeed. You drive me crazy, Pauleta. Like pull-my-hair-out-and-eat-it crazy.

          • I love how mature the way she’s answering your arguments, and driving you crazy.whenever someone think they’ll win the argument,pointing out the all flawed KS( a so so girl that sometimes makes it right or wrong), this pauletta person comes and smack it down (politely, since moon asked for it).and it makes you irritaded. LOL. really fun to watch, keep going girls.

            taking no sides, so far she’s winning.

            LOL at maturity, both sides.

    • Have you seen “Speak”? It’s the first thing I ever saw KStew in and it blew me away. I’m probably just over-relating but I think she did an incredible job with the character. IMHO. I’d probably have a different opinion I’d seen Twilight first though, not a fan of Stuttery McBlinky, as I’ve heard her called…

  7. Sometimes she grew on me, BUT mostly FAIL…FAIL
    I understand what you mean moon, I DO…

  8. I’m a KStew lover but I can’t really say why. It’s not because she doesn’t care, because she does, she’s mentioned how she’ll google herself and how about how passionate she is about her work. I think like most people that love her now it started around the time of New Moon promotions. I’m sure she got tons of coaching on how to answer questions but I was really impressed at how well she did.

    I was very worried after her appearance at Comic Con that the New Moon promos were just a disaster waiting to happen and was pleasantly surprised when I was looking more forward to her interviews than to Rob’s. She came across as very honest and genuine and I appreciated the fact that she talked about how awkward she was during Twilight promos.

    I can honestly say the only movies I’ve seen with her are the Twi ones, Panic Room and Adventureland (which I loved) so I can’t say I love her because of her acting. However I am really looking forward to The Runaways and Welcome to the Reilys.

    I just don’t know how to explain it, sometimes you either like someone or you don’t and you can’t really put your finger on why, I think KStew is one of those types of people.

    • I agree with you too! I enjoyed her interviews this time around more than the Pattz as well! I am also excited to see her take on, VERY different roles in the the 2 Sundance films from this year.

      But I still hate what she wore at the Sundance red carpet.

    • I totally agree with you.

  9. Dearest Moon,
    My thoughts exactly!! Will expand on this more when I get to work!

    I will not drink the Kool-aid!!


  10. I can’t describe what I like about Kristen so much, I think it’s something to do with the fact that I’m textbook definition of generic blah blonde and she seems so interesting and deep and just happens to have the best skin ever despite looking as though she skips more than a few showers…

    I shoulda known I’d grow up to be a fake lesbian when my first crush was Taylor Hanson

  11. i had a serious problem with her ‘tude the other day. fellow australian and all’round fat guy brad blanks interviewed her at sundance – http://blog.bradblanks.com/kristen-stewart-runaways-sundance-film-fest/
    and she was a totally f-wit to a sweet (albeit fat and sweaty) guy!
    come on kstew, thats not cool.
    i agree she plays the same person in every role, but so does george clooney.

    • Unbelievable. She has no respect for anybody. It is part of her job to do interviews and talk to the press, and she sucks at it and can be a real bitch at times. And the hoodie for her movie premiere? Just not acceptable at all. I agree with Moon 100%. I dont get it and probably never will. You know, isn’t she supposed to be an actor? Can she not “act” like she wants to be there for the sake of her career and the people who cast her in these parts? Anyway, she needs to try a little harder, hell, she needs to try at all.

      • Are you real, that guy was rude with his question, yes and the hoodie at a movie premier. For god sake this sundance. Oh of course people don’t know what sundance was before all the media came this year for the twishit.

        she has no respect to anybody because others have respect for her. Show respect and you will receive some back.

        An actor is supposed to play her part in the movie not to entertain people outside the movie. Just don’t watch her movie if she irritates you, life is just simple as that.

        • I’ve been following Sundance for years and sorry to say, the hoodie is unacceptable.

          • Agreed, a hoodie is unacceptable!

          • You have being following it for years you will know that she had being wearing one evry year so what is year such a big deal to you?

            The day you will be her boss, you will be able to tell her wat is acceptable or not. But for now you just have to let it go. It’sjust simple as that. I don’t even know if one of you what means independant spirit. It’s a festival for underground, it’s where you express yourself, where your allowed to be what you want how you want. I don’t see people complaining about maria bello outfit which for me was a disaster but whatever.

          • dear god help me if im ever her “boss.” her and me at the hot topic in the mall.

            and this isnt a blog about maria bello. she is a hot mess too.

          • Pauleta,
            Girl, what do you do all day that you have time to write novels for each comment?

            And she looked 1000x better at last year’s Sundance. Just sayin.

            And my word is law.

          • “And my word is law.”


            someone asks another person what the other one does for her life,because “oh my god, the author of the post asked for a respectful argument, so lets bash her because of the size of her answers!11!!LOL,She doens’t agree with me, therefore DISRESPECTFUL”,even if I don’t agree with what said person said,She’s being respectful, exactly what moon asked, and you? well, lets say that based on your answers I can’t judge you, becasue I seriously don’t know if you will understand. I’m stating here that I doubt you ability to UNDERSTAND, comprehend. rude all along

            your shitty attempt of being funny is disrespectul, you seem like you’re patronizing, because this person makes some time to answer,but YOU DON’T AGREE. reaaly? no one deserves that.

            and I’m doubting the prupose of said “discussion, give me the points that make you like KS”, because so far nothing happend to the ones that agree with moon.(if it really is a respectful , I want to see the shiityheads out, all of them)

            the best part is that your lack of grounded arguments makes you give away shitty sentences like the one above.

            so funny, keep up the “snarkiness”,you’re making a fool of yourself.

        • There’s twishit at Sundance? Huh. Who’dda thunk? I thought she was there for The Runaways and Welcome to the Reilly’s.

          You make a good point, though. Listen up, people! RESPECT THE STEW!

          For some reason that sounds so familiar . . .

          • I will take a photo of my hand.

            Let me send it to you.

          • I made Cat do a facepaw for the pic. I think it shows EXACTLY how me and my fur baby feels…

          • Sigh. Do downthumbs signal a missing sarcasm gene? Or do I just deserve them? Meh.

            *takes photo of hand* Thanks for reminding me, Fang. I’m a bad protector.

          • No u DONT deserve them Spizz…People just need to

            a) Lighten the HALE up and get an effing grip..
            b) Realise that the Stew is not picking her besties based on these comments…
            c) Realise that the Stew may be bitching about other people as hard as other people bitch about her…
            d) Realise that opinions are just what they are…OPINIONS. None of us are gonna stalk her and smother her while she sleeps…
            aaaand e) Lighten the HALE up and get an effing grip…yelling at other people wont make them think like u and none of us are trying to convert anyone…anyway…
            Now play nice and dont yell! This is my happy place and I’d like it to stay that way. *crawls back into bamboo muttering*

      • what you don’t seem to understand is that it’s Sundance, not Hollywood. it’s an indie event, and plenty of other people dressed casually at Sundance, you’re only looking at her.

        secondly, she’s never enjoyed doing interviews and press for anything she’s done, because she knows that people criticize her every word, so naturally it’s gruelling for her and she stumbles on her words.

        you may see it as “part of her job” to do interviews and press, but she probably doesn’t. she probably sees her job as to do the movie and do her lines, be on time to set, etc. and that’s fine because it’s her life, her career, and it’s nobody’s business otherwise.

        • being in a movie means repping the movie and doing press for it. it’s written in their contacts. it’s part of the deal like it or not.

          and sundance is probably about as hollywood as it can get now. yes, theyre all independent films but theyre all looking for distribution from major HOLLYWOOD players so that people can actually see movies like welcome to the rileys and the runaways in theaters. just because those movies are made doesnt mean people will be able to see them. her showing up and putting on a good face is goodwill towards the distribution company.

          • Honey, a distributor doesn’t buy a movie based on how the lead actor is dressing. They go see the movie and not the actor; Is the director and the production compagny who negociate with the buyers.

            So choose another argument. Apparition bought before sundance the runaway ;
            They are alot of actress out there who dress like you all want them to dress but they don’t have jobs.

            It’s not her capacity to dress nicely that producer are looking for. In a casting list of exigence needed for a job i have never seen someone who dress nicely to please the crowd.

          • OK Pauleta…Last chance. I commented after you dissed UC and I suggest u read it and take it to heart. This is meant to be fun. U love the Stew…good on ya! Not everyone does…DEAL WITH IT! and stop being so damn negative and condescending to people….yes I can make u cry and hate your life forever…dont make me do this…
            Rambo panda..out!

          • I ❤ Rambo Panda.

          • Dear Pauleta,
            visiting a blog for the first time and already causing nothing but drama is not a good thing. In fact: next time you decide to defend the Stew, be a grown women and stop ‘bitching’ around like a girl on her period. Srsly. It isn’t like anyone of us said we hate Kristen and want to burn her alive. So pretty pretty please next time you comment take following things into account:
            1) some people love using Sarcasm. If you don’t know what that is, wtf are you doing here anyway?
            2) This is a comment section and not a ‘Who has the bigger one’ discussion section
            3) We are all friends in here so don’t expect that if you are nasty towards someone the others are going to be just watching.
            4) There are lots of misunderstandings in the written word. Take that into account.

            Lots of love,

            P.S. I actually like the Stew but bitchy Wannabe-fans just annoy me…

          • Pauleta,

            Listen, sugar tits, starting your argument by addressing the other side by “honey” is a sure fire way to get fursploded upon. It’s also a good way to be SURE the other side will NOT consider to your side of the debate.


          • pauletafrance. Now, I remember where I’ve seen you before. Glad to see you’re still as likeable as you were on the Nonsten forum. /sarcasm

          • pauleta, HONEY. i’m beginning to think talking to the wall is more productive… but here goes i didnt say her dressing nice sells films. i said “put in a good face” which is an analogy.

          • HeeHee, did she really call moonie “honey”?
            This makes me giggle. Is that a ghetto kinda “honey” with the shake of he head and hand on hip, or its this the “Ifeelsorryforyou” kinda honey?

            Or the kinda honey I imagined myself pouring over Rob’s nekkid-ness?

            Huh, makes ya wonder.

          • pauleta SWEETIE go, please just go. Thanks!
            Now, I stand in Moon’s side. If she doesn’t care, then why does she google herself? http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/10/17/kristen-stewart-googles-herself/
            And as a fan, sometimes (not always, but many times) I just lose interest in her movies because she rarely “sells” the movie.
            Do I hate her? no, after all she is what HE wants, so I can deal with her and her strange personality any day. Do I love her? no, but sometimes I like her, sometimes she even makes me laugh…
            So, yep…I DON’T GET IT EITHER!

    • so does Jack Nicholson!

    • Clooney definitely played a different character in Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?

      Great movie.

      “Do NOT seek the treasure!” lol

    • Vi,
      Thanks for posting the Brad Blanks interview. It cracks me up at the end that he says (about Kristen), “she absolutely hated me.” She got nicer at the end, but seemed completely put off by being asked for an interview. Isn’t that what the Red Carpet is all about? I’ll see her movies…I thought she showed promise in Into the Wild.

      Now, I must get back to LTR where I can describe in detail my desire to blow Rob behind a dumpster.


      • mountain lion – lmao, i must agree, thinking about rob is so further up my list of priorities than talking about kstew.

    • I’m not her biggest fan, but I watched that interview and think yeah she’s a bit awkward, but she is 19 freakin’ years old. You’re allowed to be awkward at 19. Not just that, but she’s not a huge crowds person, so I think she probably doesn’t relish the attn. Actor doesn’t have to equal famewhore.

      Moon, I’m officially in your fan club. Esp. loved this, “Actors care more than your average bear what you think of them.” Amen!

      • Dakota Fanning is 15 and isn’t awkward.

        Emma Watson is also 19 and isn’t awkward. She’s great, actually, and the perfect example of how to find a happy medium. She looks great but not fake, and comfortable in her off time without looking like she makes $50 a week.

    • Brad Blanks is awesomesauce!

      He always asks the pointy questions ^_^

      The fact that he’s on Hamish and Andy just makes it even better.

  12. i don’t know what to say exactly… i mean, i DO, in fact, like her. and i’m not the type to an issue w/ an actor who always “plays the same role”, i say that b/c i also like Keanu Reeves. there i said it. my hubby thinks he can’t act his way out of a wet paper bag… except for in The Matrix b/c his “lack of personality” was “right” for that part, but that’s my point. when someone, even if they aren’t super diverse, get acting jobs that suit there acting personality, or lack thereof, then i say “let them have their nitch”. but that’s just me. she might ever not be “the best” but what she does and the way she does it is her thing. i think she’s her own person… and in the words of the Beatles “let it be”.

    i think KStew is just being her own personal brand of normal. and if i didn’t like her, it wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans anyway. i’m not paying her salary (i merely contribute to the royalties :D). i think she’s a teen/young adult that is just trying to hold her own in a crazy world (aren’t we all trying to do just that?).
    who knows how she’ll evolve in the future…

    we are the ones who make the comparisons and if she actually worried about everyones opinions, well, she couldn’t be herself, and that wouldn’t be fair. true, it is our prerogative to critique those in Hollywood, but we have to keep it real too.
    like ’em or leave ’em, no harm done… right?

    have a lovely day ladies and gents! i’m all ambushed out…

    • to clarify: i’m not guzzling the KStewlaid, but i may take a tiny sip and pass the glass b/c i’m also a bit indifferent…

      on a dif topic – did anyone see or like “Up in the Air”? i just saw it and i thought it was really neat. my hubby thought it was a bit fatalistic, but i didn’t see it that way.

      • I say Up in the Air! It was good! I love movies with unexpected twists.

      • I loved Up in the Air. I was layed off in 2008 (employed now so my story has a happy ending!) but I can honestly say that the emotions with the people losing their job was VERY real. What struck me most about the movie is that I found things about each of the 3 main characters that I really related to. And I think it’s odd to “relate” so well to such different characters in a film.

        • I agree, Ang. There was no real bad guy, even though they were laying people off you wanted everyone to be happy. I think it really made me think about what makes us happy, because it was so different (what was acceptable/normal) for each person.
          Also, Clooney’s ‘backpack’ motivational speech for the win! “Now I’m going to set that backpack on fire…”

  13. I like her. I used to not but now I do. No idea why. Maybe it’s because she is really pretty? Maybe it’s because she is featured on my television almost every night? Maybe I’m brainwashed?

    Kinda doubt the last one. We’ve seen what happens when I get upset…

    In summary, I don’t have the strength to hate on the Stew. She has never done anything to me. I’ve never done anything to her. I think that probably makes us besties.

    I’m so damn friendly sometimes.

    • At least you’re honest about it. heh

    • Ahem! It may be time to update your beaties requirements. Just saying… Lol

      • Oh, silly Xy.

        I tried that yesterday. It didn’t go over to well…

        You are one of my besties! I happen to love my mafia. The Stew can join. Play nice! 😉

    • hilarious fangbanger! and well put “she has never done anything to me. I’ve never done anything to her”


    • Said in my best Edward voice….”I don’t have….the strength….to hate on K Stew anymore” LOL So I won’t. I used to not like her but now I do. I think I just have to admire the woman that was able to cast her spell on Rob. If Rob loves her then I love her. I will drink the “Rob-laid”. HA! Rob+laid= my mind in the gutter!

  14. I have to say—I have NEVER gotten it.

    The only thinkg that saves her in my mind is that she is 19. That means all the shit hit the fan with all this Twilight stuff when she was around 17 or so. Who wasn’t a semi-jerkface at 17? The “rebel without a cause” shellac is old and unbelievable.

    She said once that it was so “bizarre” to her that people cared about what she was doing. Bullshit. She grew up in hHllywood. She can’t act like she is so surprised when people tune into what an actor is doing.

    Anyway, I’m sure that she’ll grow up eventually. In the meantime she can relax, be super famous, super rich and bang (ugh!) the most beautiful and famous man on the planet. Such is life.

    • i think she means that she thinks it’s bizarre when people tune into what SHE is doing, whereas before Twilight, she was still in movies but nobody gave a shit. she doesn’t understand why people suddenly care. she probably thinks it’s fake and it’s not genuine interest in her, and it’ll blow over after the Saga is done.

      • Which, barring her getting another role in a blockbuster, is probably sad but true for the majority of the ‘fans’. Not gonna lie, when I heard that she was going to be Bella, the first movie that jumped to mind (of hers that I’d seen) was “Catch That Kid.” Quality stuff. 😉

        • Haha! Of all the comments that I am replying to first, it’s this one! Totally saw a commercial for “Catch that Kid” on the Disney channel the other day, you know, while I was watching Wizard of Waverly Place. Helloooooo David Henrie?!?!?!? I’m almost 30. I watch the Disney channel and I love Twilight. That’s normal!

          • Totally normal. On a side note, what’s up with David Henrie’s hair? He was much cuter when it was a bit poufy.

  15. I dont “get” K Stew…I just try to be nice about her. I mean she’s as appealing to me as Megan Fox (I dont know if I’d hit it off with either of them) and to be honest I’m a little scared of her. I feel like I need to be 12 and wear a shoe shirt to get her to smile and be nice to me. I do not own a shoe shirt and the only thing that’s 12 about me is my sense of humour. So we will not be friends cause

    * She will be jealous and suspicous of my BFF-dom…

    * She will be uber-pissed to find us making out in the car cause SHE had a crush on him first and how DARE I exploit my BFF-dom like this!!!…HE’S ONLY 18!!!!…HE HASNT EVEN GOT CAJONES YET!!!

    *Cause of dumb “I’m more world weary than you cause I saw things while coming out of my mum’s hoo-ha (6 minutes earlier than you) that would shake you to your core…pssst I also see dead people.” statements she makes that makes me snort.

    *She will listen to Joan Jett while I do the “dancing queeen…young and sweeeeet oooonly seventeeeen”

    *Cause she probably thinks Harry Potter is for pussies cause she’s a BAMF and I’m just a Bad Ass Magic Fan…
    Sad Panda…
    Good morning!
    The hamster iz sleeepy!

    • “she probably thinks Harry Potter is for pussies cause she’s a BAMF”


      Dear Stewie,

      Bestie status revoked. You do not hate Harry or his wand! *mutters angrily to self about squibs and people who are just jealous of Hermione*

      ❤ Me

      PS. I'm totally kidding Kristen. Call me up. We can go hang out at my walmart and I'll let you borrow my HP books. That is one koolaid that everyone needs to bathe in.

      • You KNOW she busts out HPGOF when she needs a good laugh as she lounges in her purple plaid bed with Rob,eating hot pockets and swigging Heinies . “Cedwic…Oh Cedwic!…Omg look at you wearing a dress…and those arms…No wonder I didnt look at Tay’s face during New Moon”. 😀

    • “Bad Ass Magic Fan” <— I love it!

    • LOL… making out in the raaaaabbitttt? Um, you know he has a nicer car now.

      *Just passing through…*

      • Oregano has a nicer car than a raaabittt? I might be making my moves on him faster than originally planned…Thanks for the heads up Xy..and err…try and pass through more often ya hear? We miss you round here…

  16. I’m not really crazy about her, but I don’t hate her either. There are times when it seems like she should be more gracious and occasionally she does seem like she is really uncomfortable in public, which makes me feel uncomfortable watching her. But I also know from experience that there’s a good chance she doesn’t even know what kind of vibe she’s putting out there. I don’t know a lot about her personality, but if she is really introverted she may be far nicer, sensitive, and sincere than we know. For some people it just takes longer to be aware of how their signals make other people feel.

    • i agree to an extent. i think she is uncomfortable in public because she knows that her words will be scrutinized by people (on the Internet, just like we’re doing now) but that doesn’t mean she has to change how she is to suit you. THAT is what she is against doing. that’s what so many other young women in Hollywood do, and she’s not into that.

      • I certainly don’t think she has to change to suit anyone, especially me. I do think, however, that if she should ever develop an interest in relating to the public in a different way, that changing a couple of things could work in her favor.

  17. I’m with you, Moon… I don’t really get it. Sure, sometimes she looks great (but most times like a hobo) and there are little glimpses of when she seems genuine (but most times….not so much). Plus, i TOTALLY agree that her characters seem creepily like herself. This even my husband noticed and he doesn’t notice a week’s worth of laundry on the floor.

    And it’s not that I am irrationally jealous that she’s probably banging Rob…but that I understand even less…it’s just that I don’t understand what people think is so great about her. I guess I have to stick around to see what people have to say….

  18. First let me say, I do not hate Kristen. I totally appreciated her in New Moon, even if she was Kristen-playing Bella.

    What I don’t get is why her fans can’t be honest about her faults.

    Lets take my love for Christina Aguilera for example. Long long ago, I was a crazy big Xtina fan. Was part of the fan club and all (hmm, not sure this is helping my cause, but I’ll continue). I love her voice and I think she’s amazingly talented. With all that said, I still would cringe at the sight of orange Christina with enough make-up to make her look like she’s in drag. I’d roll my eyes and tell the computer screen, “ARGH, why can’t she wear a bra?” If my friends mentioned a bad outfit, I wouldn’t make excuses for her, I’d say, “You are so right, less is more Christina! Less is more!”

    So why can’t Stew-lovers admit she looked like crap getting off the plane at Sundance and the cigarette hanging out of her mouth was sicknast? Why can’t the Stew-lovers admit she shouldn’t have been wearing a hoodie on to promote her films? Why do Stew-lovers always invoke she’s not like Lindsay or Paris…Um who is saying she is like them? There are plenty of other young actors who aren’t fame whores that can dress like they care about what they’re doing.

    This is why I Don’t Get It.

    • Amen, Brooke. Amen.

    • Why can’t people understand that me as a fan of her i have no problem with the way she dresses. You think she looks like crap and i think she looks like any student at an art school. Why do people who “don’tcare” about her care so much that other find her attractive and shit like that?

      She has been wearing a hoodie in sundance every year for the 5 last year, why should she change suddendly because she has some women who think you have an appropriate way to dress otherwise you’re a looser. This is free country and everyone can do what they feel like doing without needing an explanation for it.

      It wouldn’t bother me this much if the same people wasn’t the one trying to sell me rob the guy who doesn’t even know how to buttoned his flanel as the well dress guy on earth.

      Please just look at your own contradiction.

      • But she’s not at art school… she’s an actress, a movie star – she’s promoting movies as part of her job. She’s not a student rolling out of bed for class. She makes millions of dollars, not a student part-time salary. She can make the effort.

        The End.

        • Why should she have to make the effort when she’s just getting of the plane in another country? Make an effort at the press junket definitely, make an effort at the premier for sure, but I don’t blame her for not making an effort when she’s travelling. It’s her own time, she’s not working, she might be ‘representing’ her movies, but I don’t go around in my down/travelling time ‘representing’ the company I work for 24/7, so I don’t expect her to.

          Having said that, I haven’t any Sundance coverage – so she could be turning up to everything wearing mango corduroy trousers for all I know!

        • The last time i check an actor is someone who give a performance on stage or in a movie and not in his real life.
          She is not paid for pleasing every twihards who thinks they can’t handle a girl dressing like most of the average girl out there.

          Yes she makes money and i don’t know how much but she is also a hobo. She sayed so herself. And last time i check dressing like a hobo and having a career wasn’t incompatible.

          Thanks god you’re not the one hiring her so it’s safe for me to say she will keep dressing as she wants as long as she wants.

          • um, as a 20 year old id like to say that NO ONE dresses like her that i see…. me and my friends shower and change our clothes at least once a week. and when we have job interviews or other such work related shit we dont look like weve recently become homeless.

            SHE SIGNED UP FOR THIS SHIT. So for her to ‘act’ like all WTF is down right INFURIATING.

        • absolutely, well said.

      • Pauletta~

        “This is free country and everyone can do what they feel like doing without needing an explanation for it.”

        My thoughts EXACTLY. SO, if you don’t like what these bloggers are saying then get the F*CK off of their blog.

        “Please just look at your own contradiction.”

    • I am a Kristen fan but I totally agree with you. I love her but I can see her faults as well. Sometimes I think she’s a little…pretentious…too.(Cue the thumbs downs)
      But the rest of the Stew shippers seriously dont get what I’m saying if I criticize her and revoke my fan card. Its so stupid!

      • Oh no, I am a KStew fan* but I can totally understand how people can find her pretentious sounding, I think it’s because she’s 19, and hasn’t quite shifted that ‘cooler-than-thou’ phase just yet.

        *I didn’t realise I was such an outspoken fan, which baffles me as I didn’t realised I cared… I think I have too much time on my hands today?

        • Well I’m 18 and I still find her pretentious.

          Dear Kristen,
          I know that you are better read than most of the other Hollyweird starlets out there but you dont have to reference classics and “high brow”(hate that term) authors every chance you get like you’re out to prove you’re not dumb.

          I think I came off more as a hater than a fan there (cue ‘RESPECT KSTEW’ members revoking my fan card)

          • So if interviewer ask her what she is reading she should say twilight to please some fan who think if you’re reading classic or other thing than twilight and some other cheese fest it means you’re pretentious?

          • If she is asked what she is reading, go ahead and recite(is that the right word? I have ESL) all of Proust’s work.
            But even in casual questions, I’ve noticed her slipping Steinbeck and Hemingway’s names (love them btw!) and the way she does it screams SHOW OFF! I am a literature whore who reads the same shit but you wont find me trying to slip in names of all the “high brow” authors I’ve read to prove that I’m smart.
            And before you say that its only because she’s 19 that she’s acting too cool for school and I am a hater who despises the fact that she gets to bang Rob, let me clarify that I am a KStew fan(just not a blind one) and that though I am not a Robsten shipper(not my place to poke my nose in), I am happy that they are together in whatever way they are.

        • When she goes all “like” and “awesome”…i just cringe… as on some of her expressions which sometimes come off as my 13-year old sister being cool and hiting puberty. so yeah, she has faults (so does rob). i still like her (and him).
          very much, but she has faults.
          on the other hand, i was 19 four years ago. the memory is still pretty fresh, so i, too, relate “Pretentioustew” with “Teenstew”.

    • you want her to be fashionable on a plane? while she’s traveling? wow.

      she doesn’t have to dress like she cares about what she’s doing, she just has to CARE ABOUT WHAT SHE’S DOING which she does.

      why do clothes have to make or break someone’s opinion of an actor? i’ve seen many more people dress sloppily and nobody says a negative thing because they’re good at what they do and they’re passionate about what they do.

      • Dressy sloppy for a press function tells me you don’t care or respect the institution. As moon said in above in the comments, in an ideal world we wouldn’t be judged out our outward appearance, but we all do judge. She knows that she’s going to be photographed coming off the plane, did she need to light up right there and then? sicknast.

        I don’t show up to work parties, that are outside of my 9-5 in wrinkled, grungy shirts or pants, I dress for the occasion.

        • Honey this is not a press function this is sundance for godsake. This is like going to an underground music festival. Sundance is underground.

          I’m just going to leave it there. You are the one who said you folllow sundance so you should be aware that sundance is not some high society party, sundance is somewhere you celebrate underground mouvement. If you want people to behave like in your dreamworld just create your world where everyone is like you one.

          For godsake i can believe people are making such a big deal for a jean and a hoodie.

          I came to the conclusion today that so many women have so poor estime in themselve that if they see someone who doesn’t feel the need to be covered up by make up and late fashion dress they feel threatening. Yes i think that is why people are so infuriated to see her dress so casualy when she is in the spotlight , to go out in jean and no make up not trying to be this or that, it’s infuriate people who have issue with themselve because they see what they can’t do.
          They just sit and go how come this rich girl can dress like any teenager out there without being ashamed of it? Probably because she knows who she is and is confident enough to show who she is. This is why i love her so much. Yes she is my favourite amoung the twicast.
          I like her because she is who she is and no it, and do not apologize for it.
          I adore her because people love to hate her.

          And know, i understand what some of her fans can’t stand rob fans. It never occured to me why but know after spending time here and nonsten. com i understand why they defend her the way they do, but i’m just going to say love her hate her i don’t care, i love who she is her takes on being an actor and a persorn.

          I’m just dreaming of the day” the great actor” rob is will have
          havea performance that will give him rave review like kristen this weekend and that day i will come to enjoy it with you. So bye.

          • sundance is NOT underground nor a music festival. robert freaking redford created it for goodness sake. LA clears the ef out on sundance weekend. is it most defs NOT underground.

            and seriously, whats your deal with rob?

          • If Sundance is underground, then I’m the queen of Sheba. Bow to my greatness.

          • I’m just here to bow to Brooke…don’t mind me. (Can I be the Queen of England? Her hats effing rock.)

          • Ok, I am 99.2% convinced that this Pauletta chick is the KStew herself.


            Tell Rob to give me call!


          • OH and hating on Rob’s amazingly hot ass is just her cover up!

            The end.

      • Last year she looked GOOD, DECENT, even PRETTY at Sundance. Yes she was wearing a hoodie, yes she was 18, but she looked like a young, beautiful actress (a clean one at least). This year she looks like C-R-A-P…So what? She cared last year enough to put some make up on and do her hair, but not anymore? Whats the deal here, because I DONT GET IT!

    • I love the Stew but I do 100% agree with you, Brooke.
      She DID look trashy getting off a plane in a hoodie with a cig hanging out her mouth.
      Hoodies are NOT acceptable for red carpets.
      She definitely could’ve put more effort in.

  19. No pitchfork here, Moon. I had a strong dislike for mulletboystew during Twilight. She grew on me as actress/public person during the New Moon phase, (ha!) movie and interviews. But then I saw an interview of her yesterday from SUNDANCE and thought “Oh my god, Rob sucked all the Summit meadia training out of her”. SoI am back to being disapointed in her as an actress/public person.

    Having said all of that… I am proud of her as a fellow woman, because even though I don’t care for how she represents the beloved character of Bella, none of us can argue that that chick doesn’t have balls. (which may also be the Bella problem). But seriously, we know that Hollywood is a system that churns up women some become strong through it over time and persevere to great success a la Roberts, Bullock, Moore and some unlucky ones get eaten up by it a la Reid, Lohan and RIP Murphy. This chick, however, was 16 when she started the Twilight madness and she shows no sign of being affected by the Twilight wrecking ball. So privately, I say more power to her! While publically I want to say “take a shower, change those jeans, stop smoking, do your hair, stop frowning, hand Rob over”… But I digress.

    I thought Kstew was badass, but I knew she was really bad ass when Billy Burke said he was afraid of her. Do you know how big your balls have to be to scare manly lumberjack Burke? I just wish she found a way to balance grace and power the way Dakota Fanning has. There is hope.

    **runs back to lurkdom**

    • YES, Xy! THIS.

    • “I just wish she found a way to balance grace and power the way Dakota Fanning has.”

      So well said. Not a trace of grace in that girl.

      • this might be WHY i love her so much.

        no grace, no polish, just passion for her craft (whether she’s actually good or not is a matter of opinion, but it’s hard to deny she feels strongly about acting as an art in general)

        and a knowing refusal to self-edit for the sake of her “professional image” that earns my respect in a big way, though i do cringe at the occasional ridiculously world-weary know-it-all comment.

        i do wish she’d find a better balance, particularly in her style, because i think she’s gorgeous; and while i like her punky aesthetic i think she does her looks a disservice by not playing them up more.

        at the same time, i myself am a comfort-dresser, and if i had to do as much traveling as she does for work, i can guarantee you i would show up occasionally looking a bit run-down and in need of a wash. girl’s schedule has been pretty crazy. to me, she seems very real and accessible and like someone i would actually really get along with in real life.

        so if you’re reading this, kristin; call me. we’ll burn one and go to the thrift store. and then record shopping.

        sorry this is abnormally long for me, but i’m apparently one of the few here who has drank the koolaid and found it refreshing and delicious, so i had to put in my 234593609 cents.

    • What Xylem said x 1000……

  20. Interesting that you bring this up, don’t forget to duck low when it hits the fan today…

    KStew PM: Ahem. I admire the fact that she is committed to what she does and that she is not willing to let herself be toted around as a “celebrity” – she is just into acting, period. Respect!

    I have a hard time with her non-smiling attitude sometimes, I mean as you’ve already said; how can it hurt your head to go to premieres and interviews for chrissakes – it’s part of the job! Just be polite, even if you think the fans are all crazies.

    I think what I have most problems with is what you also point out – that she seems to be playing the same character over and over again, uses the same mannerisms and that she looks exactly the same in interviews. An actress like Meryl Streep is completely recognizable but yet completely different in every part, and I hope that Kristen will hone her art in the future, become more versatile and have a long career.

    Plus if she is doing Rob, I resent that she isn’t comfortable enough about this fact to let on. Personal hygiene, slouch and all that aside, if you’re not ashamed of the guy, you can tell us, right? What, Kristen? You ARE ashamed?? *** Well, I guess I can relate to that, I am too, come to think of it. Oh, forget it, lets meet over lattes and discuss personal hygiene! 🙂

    • when has she ever been impolite to a fan? not any time that i’ve seen. she’s polite despite what she thinks of their behavior at times, specifically in Mexico when people climbed on top of the car that she was in….

      as for Rob and her, it’s THEIR relationship, they don’t have to say anything to anyone about it.

  21. *pitchfork hovers in the air, uncertain which way to poke it..*

    Hmm.. I don’t outright dislike KStew. I do think she kinda subscribes to the Denzel/Jack Nicholson school of acting which is ‘find one character and stick with it like grim death’, and even if she is waving her tatas in Rob’s face I can’t blame a girl for that. HOWEVER, I think there is a fine line between ‘too cool to care’ and ‘I don’t give a shit’. Her appearance at comic con was ‘I don’t give a shit’. Sorry, but that appearance was part of her job and she ought to have made more of an effort. If I was a big KStew fan and had gone through the trouble of going to a big geek convention and sat out on the lawn in the California sun for hours to see her and got THAT I would have been seriously cheezed. Like, burnt my KStew for Prezident sweatshirt cheezed. I was actually surprised Summit didn’t hold her down and stick a headband on that vile mop she was sporting.

    • LMAO “burnt my KStew for Prezident sweatshirt cheezed” She did look AWFUL at ComicCon I didn’t understand that one bit. If I was MamaStew I would have been ashamed

    • God! she was disgraceful at Sundance – she even used a safety pin to hold her jacket together (probably lost a button or something) Even my little girl thought she was mocking people or that she was in a costume as ….donnowhat

    • i love when people say “cheezed” it reminds me of my grandpa (in a good way)

  22. I’m with the I Don’t Get Its. I’m not that impressed with her acting (although I thought she was better in New Moon) and I don’t get why all of Hollywood raves about how she’s one of the greatest young actresses. Nothing against her personally but whoever said she’s the female Michael Cera when referring to her playing the same character all the time comes to mind. And probably because I’m a fairly happy-go-lucky person but I don’t get why everything is so TweedSerious for her. Whenever she talks about a role in an interview, it’s all my character was feeling this, this subject matter is really deep that. FYI – You’re acting in a movie for ENTERTAINMENT. Loosen Up!

  23. I don’t agree with you Moonie, but I still luff you. 🙂

    Pass me the Stewlaid, or as I prefer to think of Stewie, a refreshing glass of gingerale with ice and a slice of lemon.

    Later taters…

  24. She’s a big “EFF YOU” to the establishment. I dig her. I always have. And I’m not gonna explain it, short of saying…she is my people.

    The end.

  25. Aww, I think today is the first time I’m getting thumbs down. I feel like I’ve made it. lol

  26. “…what was so tasty about the sweet nectar of that KStew-laid.”
    I threw up in my mouth a little.
    Seriously, though, I think the reason I don’t get it is because A: I’m older than Kristen, and B: I’m southern.
    Allow me to explain…
    When I was Kristen’s age, I was sure that I had it all figured out. I had an awesome place at the beach with my bff, a great job, and a boyfriend that was hot, albeit lazy. (Sound familiar?) In other words, minus the millions, fame and mullet, KStew and I were a lot alike. Now that I’m older, though, I realize just how young and dumb I was, and while I’m thankful for those days, I wouldn’t go back a re-live them. I’m much to fufilled now.
    The biggest difference between Kristen now and Pooch then is – I was raised that girls should be respectful and pretty, because well…we’re good at that.
    So, even though I was out in the world, being crazy and forging my own path (and by that I mean those were my whore days), I was still a well mannered person when it mattered. I still showered daily, took the time to style my hair, put on makeup, and wore clothes that didn’t come straight from the bedroom floor. Hell, I smoked, but I never walked around with one hanging out of my mouth like a hobo. I never rolled my eyes at interviews, and I never flipped anyone off on film for fear the pics would get back to my grandmother.
    I don’t get it because when I was that age, that wasn’t cool. Of course, when I was that age, boys didn’t spray tan OR wear skinny jeans, but I digress.
    Regardless of whether I get why millions of young women worship the ground she walks on, I do wish her the best. I do hope that she continues to grow in her craft – I think she’d make a wonderful director someday. (If nothing else, K, just do the opposite of everything Hardi did…)

    • i feel badly for you that you were raised to be “pretty”…as if you’ve got nothing else to contribute to the world except your looks?

      • I’m pretty sure that wasn’t her point, but of course you would zero in on that…never mind the 200 other words that she wrote.

        …and your response is one of the top reasons why Kstew fans get a bad rap. Totally uncalled for.

        • I’m a KStew fan and I still agree with Poochi…except for the raised to be “pretty” because “we’re good at it”. No disrespect meant to Poochi but it hurts me to see that people still talk that way. Though what she said about being presentable is so true. Kristen needs to learn to dress up for work. I dig how she dresses outside of work (thats a little how I dress most of the time too, except for the shiteous nikes.) but as someone commented on the Dakota post:
          a)if you’ve made a movie and are proud of it, atleast make a little effort to sell it or it looks like you dont give a flying fuck about the movie or the people involved.
          b)showing up at movie premieres in hoodies and not smiling at all makes you look like someone is forcing you to come to carpet and you abso-fucking-lutely do not want to interact with us fans who pay to go watch your movies, which frankly is very disrespectful. Johnny Depp also dresses ‘casually’ for premieres but you dont feel like he doesnt wanna be there with his fans.

          I sound schizophrenic with all those contradictory statements.

          • Don’t worry Bitey… I’m not offended. But I don’t want you to think that’s what I mean, either. Southern sarcasm.

      • *le sigh*
        Feel bad for me all you’d like. I appreciate your concern.
        To clarify, I was not raised to be only “pretty.” My upbringing encompassed much more than that.
        I was raised to embrace the fact that I am a WOMAN, and taught that I should act as such. Femininity is not a curse, and being “pretty” starts on the inside. While I do not think that the commercial ideal of beauty should be bought into (who REALLY looks like that, after all?),
        I have never understood the need for girls to dress as 15 year old boys.
        Kristen is a lovely young woman, I never said she wasn’t. I simply don’t understand the idealization of uncleanliness and disrespect.
        *walks away to plug in hot rollers* 😉

    • “my whore days.” I LOVE IT pooch and love your comment

  27. I like her spunk. I think she seems smart and is well spoken in interviews. I admire that she seems to be irritated by ditzy questions. I don’t mind if she has an attitude and a spirit all her own… more people should be like that.

    So, I *thought* I “got” her until last weekend’s post about Dakota with a picture of her at Sundance.

    That was when she shows up in an outfit that looks like she’s doing the laundry and that was the old outfit from the bottom of the basket that she threw on.

    I’m all for “not caring” about your appearance (or rather, wanting to look different / not adhering to Hollywood’s standards of beauty) but there is a way to show that you still care about yourself and profession and “not care” about beauty. Put on a fresh shirt, a clean pair of jeans or pants. Brush your hair. Swipe on a bit of lip gloss…or even just chap stick. There’s nothing shameful about that. It won’t hurt your street cred. And it will show that you DO care about the important things: being perceived as a professional; someone who cares about her job and the public who support her, by looking presentable for an important industry event.

    • “…or even just chapstick”. LMAO! Sadly, Hollywood is a place of extremes. You can’t straddle the bar and if you try you just become average. So extreme will have to do. Extremely dirty, extremely wrinkled, extremely Kstew.

      • Hmm, good point.

        Also just to clarify I really don’t care if she looks like crap when she’s “off the job.” I just have a problem with women who I’d like to take seriously as actors, or singers or what have you, who show up and don’t look presentable at professional events.

        You are right though. Women in Hollywood these days seem to feel compelled to either look like a blow up doll (Heidi Montag) or a hobo (KStew). There’s no happy medium. Well, maybe Dakota Fanning…

        • Okay, in all honesty, I don’t have a problem with it. I really don’t care, as I have more important things in my life to worry about than KStew’s wrinkly shirt.

        • There is something I’ve been meaning to say to you. At one point I asked if you were a painter because of your previous avi and you said you were. This is my extremely delayed reaction.

          AWESOME! Me too!

          There… I’m glad that’s finally out of my system. As for Kstew, that kid is gonna be alright. She’ll be the next Demi Moore I think (Tay will replace Tom Cruise, Rob will try to replace Johnny Depp, but will land at Brad Pitt (not bad).

  28. Well, she’s cute and you can’t hate someone so cute.
    But you can hate someone who goes to the Sundance premiere of her latest movie and doesn’t shower, wash her hair or dress appropriate. The picture says it all and I’m with you on this one, Moon.


    Plus ashleyfrag once said on Twitter: if she can have Rob, there’s a hope for the rest of us.

  29. “The more I’ve seen of her acting the more I think she’s just Kristen playing herself”

    Word to the millionth degree, Moon.

    I don’t get it either. Never have. (Probably) never will.

    And don’t get me started on all the Stewie love on Twitter right now with Sundance. I totes don’t believe the hype.

    • I don’t know.. Kristen as Kristen doesn’t seem able to finish a sentence on camera. At least Kristen as Bella got most of hers out…:)

  30. I don’t get it either. I don’t hate her by any means – how can you hate someone you don’t know? But I just don’t understand it at all. I don’t like her attitude. She acts like she’s doing us all a favor being famous. Sorry dear, but you’re not.

    I’m Team Moon on this. I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid and I’m not wearing the shiteous Nike’s either, for the record.

    • We should form the I-wear-cute-shoes club, Stew’s not invited… No shiteous Nikes or Adidas.

    • She also perhaps acts like she wants IT. Maybe. I’m not sure.

    • how the hell is she acting like she’s doing YOU a favor by being famous? she’s been doing films since she was much younger than she is now….

      • I’m just saying that’s the vibe I get from her “I don’t give a shit” attitude. It’s as if she’s doing us all a massive favor by showing up to these interviews and gracing us with her opinions on things – which, 90% of the time, she can’t seem to communicate coherently. The scowl, the inappropriate choices in dress, etc, all says to me “fine, I’ll show up, but I’m not going to be happy about it. I’m just doing it because you want me to”.

        Again, just to reiterate: I don’t hate her. She rubs me the wrong way, personally. I’m just explaining why I feel that way. Those who love her? Good for you. I’m glad you do, and I’m glad she has fans.

  31. I don’t get it either, Moon. To me, she comes across as unprofessional and ungrateful in almost every interview I’ve ever seen her in. And *in my opinion* she isn’t even that great of an actress. Every movie I’ve seen her in, her performance has been meh. Again, that is totally my own opinion.

    Part of what bothers me, is many of her fans (again, not all of them) can’t comprehend that it’s OKAY for other people not to like her. I’m not picking on her, I don’t hate her, I’m not jealous of any relationship she may or may not have with Rob. I simply don’t think she’s as good an actress as she’s hyped to be and I think she needs to mature more.

  32. You called it KStewlaid! I love you!

  33. I need to add, that if she REALLY doesn’t care, she wouldn’t go googling herself.

    When the girl cleans up and isn’t acting all pissed, I get it. She is gorgeous, she does seem intelligent, she may be effing a guy I wouldn’t have minded effing if I were single, but beyond that? Not someone I’m going to go celezzy over. Reese? Yes! Jennifer Garner? Double YES! Marion Cotillard? Triple YES!!!
    But the Stew? Yeah, not so much

  34. I didn’t get it but then….

    the VMAs……

    the almost kiss with Rob….I started to get it

    ….then she dropped her award and uttered such a great line “I was as awkward as you thought I would be” and I TOTALLY GOT IT


    • This is EXACTLY when I “got it,” too. The VMAS was the first non-book, non-movie, non-LTT Twilight fan experience I had. After dropping that award, I loved her.

      And I drank the KStewlaid because it’s ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch cherry flavored.


  35. OK.. so… I too have been thinking long on this topic. Probably because it is a topic that has divided the fandom and made what had appeared to be mildly sane group of people completely insane.

    Here’s how I see it break down. There are a couple of camps

    Camp I Love Her – these campers just love her.. period, for whatever their reasons they love her, she can do no wrong, she’s a bad azz Mary Poppins practically perfect in everyway. She is as close to walking on water as any human female has ever gotten. Do not cross these campers.. they bite

    Camp I Hate Her – Across the lake from the above, these campers just can’t stand her, for whatever their reasons, she can’t do anything right, she is a black widow spider, Satan with a mullet, the destroyer of all things good and kind and the reason life as they know it just sucks. You need to tread lightly with these campers, because when provoked the bite as well.

    and then, if you go up the road a ways, you find

    Camp I don’t get it – a small but rowdy group of campers, (this is where I spend most of my campouts.. the s’mores are AWWWWSOME!!) We are the group whose views on her don’t necessarily match but the underlying force that we just don’t get it is what bonds us. Some of us think, she’s fine, maybe she could dress a bit better, but at 19 we are each our own rebel and we do things our own way. I personally don’t care for the Mullet-do, but I get that it was a role that called for a mullet…. and you know there have been worse hair fashion disasters in the world of celebrity… (Britney and her happy head shaving party )nuff said. But what it really is for us is her acting ability or lack there of. Look,…. we don’t see it. Which is confusing for us because Her holiness SM she’s wonderful and we love the high priestess of everything TWILIGHT and she has extolled on the acting prowess that Kristen offers, so we must love Kstew.. yet we do not. Rob, HHH, has extolled on her acting ability on more than one occasion and we adore him so we must adore her,.. and yet we don’t. Camp I don’t see it can be a confusing place. People we respect see it and we don’t.

    Tastes vary, we don’t all have to like the same thing. There have been MANY Oscar winning performers that I just could not stand and didn’t “see it” with them either, yet someone saw it because they won… whether I got it or not.

    I think the most important thing is that people learn to agree to disagree, and have respect for each other. Passion is a great thing.. standing behind someone or something you believe in is GREAT. Learning to avoid offending others by shoving your opinion down their throat, that’s a skill most need to acquire.

    OH Soap Box… why must you taunt me so… I see you and must step up and have my say.. in a long winded way… sorry kids…
    I would like to invite the other two camps to come on up the road to my camp.. we do have awwwwwsome s’mores! 🙂

    • well said. regardless of what camp we all belong to, at the end of the day, this is not our real life and i bet stewy does not care either way.

    • How about Camp I Love Her But See Her Faults And Cringe? Am I the only one in this camp? *looks around*

    • Not relevant but psychological reasons aside, I thought Britney rocked the shaved head GI Jane style! She looked badass.

  36. I pretty much said my peace in the comments on Sunday or was it Saturday w/the Dakota letter? Who knows and who cares. Hit repeat from wknd: love Kristin, her movies, her kick ass attitude. I just wish when she was on the clock she would take the effort, that’s all. What she does, what she wears, etc. doesn’t matter when she’s not working, but at least for the respect of the movie, actors, producers, etc. she’s promoting dress appropriately. And for the record I feel that my opinion on her questionable dress at times does not make me any less of a fan, but if some of you do, then please, by all means feel free to down thumbs.

  37. I agree with you Moon! I don’t see the appeal at all. Yes her photo shoots are hawt shit & I would give anything (almsot) to look like her *in those photo shoots*, where she has had a stylist, hairdresser and make-up artist putting her together.

    That aside she holds no appeal for me.

  38. I don’t get it either. I’ve seen a lot of her movies and she’s pretty much playing the same character over and over. I don’t find her especially talented or beautiful. And she seems to have on of the worst attitudes I’ve seen. She’s young and priveledged, making a lot of money in the career of her choosing. What’s with the attitude?

    She’s an actress-a professional and a public figure, whether she likes it or not. She should have a little pride in her appearance and at least wash her hair, instead of looking homeless. I’m surprised she was allowed to go onstage looking the way she did at Comic Con. And yes, someone cleans her up at events now, but she should try a little harder when she’s just out walking around.

    I really don’t understand her appeal or why people are so protective of her. I just don’t think she’s anything special.

  39. I had a thought. Weird, right?

    Anyway, as I drove myself to work this morning, I started thinking. Why do we love KStew? Why do we love any celebrity?

    I think that I love her because I had to get ready for work. I had to blowdry my hair. I had to put on a nice shirt, nice jeans, and wedges.

    I didn’t get to wear Converse or a thrift store t-shirt.

    When I was 17, I gave up the right to not give a fuck. I had a child. This means that I missed the years of usual rebellion. I don’t get to cavort with any man I want. I have one who isn’t perfect by most standards, but he is perfect for ME.

    Sometimes, people need someone to look at and think about “what could have been”. I think I might do that with Kristen.

    I don’t think it is a bad thing.

    • I’m so incoherent today. With you and with Xy, I can only mumble, “Yeah, that’s it. What she said.”

      I mean, I can think of many reasons to like her, and a few to not like her. Though when I’m thinking of reasons not to like her, I keep running into similar actor examples that are often beloved.

      I think I’d like to spend less time thinking about this. Kinda like how I feel about Keanu. I like him. Okay, love him. Some people don’t. Sometimes he looks like he stinks. Sometimes his acting seems routine. Meh. I like her. I don’t know if I’ll grow to love her, but we’ll see. In the meantime, I’m reserving my disdain over sartorial missteps for all the barely-clothed hags-in-training that litter red carpets.

      • Can I just say that I love your constant referrals to Keanu? He is Every. Little. Thing.

        When I think of my blind love for this man (even when he looks like hell) I have a better appreciation for the Kstew shippers. I will defend Keanu to the bitter end.

        • And I will be there with you at that bitter end, defending his honor. And shooting our hostages.

          • SPEED! I love you for bringing the image of ‘Kenu’ in a perfectly fitting white T to the forefront of my cerebelum. Ahhh… I can smell leaking fuel still.

        • Pinky… you and me both. I love me some Keanu. We were beaties in the early 2000’s…. Ok, I stalked him and his band Dogstar (which was a few notches up from 100 Monkies). Nonetheless I love, love, love Keanu for so many reasons not the least of which is I got to be an extra in “The Replacements” and got to look at his prfectly formed non athlethic ass attempting to throw a football for 6 glorious Keanu-light filled days. So yeah, so I kinda like him. Thanks SP for taking me back there and allowing me to brag. 😉

          Oh, Kstew? Yeah, she’s a’ aight.

          • Xylem, I am so damn jealous I could spit.

            I have loved that man since Bill and Ted. I loved him even more when he had that janky-ass haircut and face pubes in Parenthood. I would be an embarrassment to fandom if I ever met him in person.

          • I am seething with jealousy, Xy. I would never make a fool over myself for Rob, but I make no such promise about the Wyld Stallyn.

          • Ohhh, I soo loved Keanu too…
            Johnny Utah will always be my FBI AGENT!

  40. I also didn’t see the appeal when I first saw Twilight but for some reason she really grew on me. Even watching her interviews for Sundance, I had to wince a little when she stuttered for minutes at a time. I wanted to say “Get it together, you obviously loved this project so just be honest!”. Some times she is a hot mess and I wonder wtf Rob is thinking. In some interviews she’s adorably awkward and sometimes she looks really hot (her eyes and legs and sometimes way too tight skinny jeans make me question my sexuality sometimes). I guess I try to see her through “Rob’s eyes” and I get it…sometimes. If I wanted to Twi-lez out I’d have to say I’d choose Ashley or Rachelle over her but if a drunk KStew hit on me, I’d take a shot of tequila and go with it.
    I am also a perv and read lemony fanfic in which I mentally picture her and Rob in so mentally seeing her horizontal probably doesn’t help. It helps Rob though 🙂

  41. *Coming out of lurkdom*

    I don’t get it. I came into Twilight without an inkling of an idea of who Kristen Stewart was. I honestly didn’t think she was very pretty, kind of average, which suited the role. Her looks have grown on me and despite her constant look of disarray she has this extroidinary sex appeal that is inexplicable. I assume it’s this factor that has convinced Hollywood that she is a credible actress. I beg to differ.

    I’m sure she’s a lovely girl to those that know (tolerate)her. But ever since the Letterman interview I have been giving her the side-eye. She spouted off complete nonsense and many of the same ‘Rebel without a Cause’ catchphrases that were out long before she was even a thought in MamaStew’s head.

    I don’t even want to think about the great eyeroll that I experienced when I read her EW interview with Taylor who trumps her in the area of professional maturity, but she feels as if she needs to make reference to his cajones and how much he needs to learn. Child, please.

    I started to warm to her during New Moon promo. They obviously forced some training on her. But now with Sundance and the shoe girl story. I’m pretty much indifferent.

    I miss the days when you knew very little about the stars personal life and were content in the illusion. George Michael would still be the hot guy from Wham! and not the freaky, crack head scamming for dudes in public restrooms.

  42. Imma take one for the team and will apologize to anyone who will be insulted by haters today.

    Take out your frustation right here. Thumbs up if you like Kristen, Thumbs down if you don’t. We start at 1 thumbs up from me.

  43. What I don’t get right now is how she looks at Sundance. Why? It’s like she’s deliberately TRYING to look awful, not even a matter of not caring.

    “Hmmm, I look pretty good today, let me see what I can do to look worse. Maybe some vaseline in my hair and, this t-shirt really does nothing for me, perfect!”

    I don’t get it….

    Otherwise, I like her well enough, for someone I don’t know. I think she acts well for her “role type”. Nothing wrong with sticking with what you know you can do best.

  44. With you all the way, Moon Pie!! I don’t get it either, but hey, some people do–whatever floats your boat. I think she is gorgeous, and her hair and skin were perfect for Bella, especially in Twilight, I thought she looked perfect in that movie.

    But I don’t get all the talk about how smart she is? Where is the evidence of that? I am pretty sure that I read she never finished HS, not even by correspondence, and whenever you hear or read an interview, there is rarely a complete sentence from her. Maybe she’s nervous, but I never saw her being noticeably wise.

    I also don’t get the crappy dressing for the big events. OK! YOU DONT CARE, we get that. But I work in the public every day, and every day I put on different clothes, make sure they are cleaned and ironed, and brush my hair. It’s not hard, and it’s respectful to the people I work with. And if I looked like her, I would not waste my youth looking crappy. Just sayin…

    LAst, I don’t get all the talk that she is so badass. Whart? I could snap her little toothpick legs with one swift kick, and I am not badass at all. She PLAYED Joan Jett, she isn’t her.

    Thumbs down all you like, this is just my opinion, and I am playing nice.

    • Baby! (I love calling you that. I can’t help it.)

      She is just a very tiny badass. Like a chihuahua that bites ankes maybe?


    • You said it, LPB. There’s a difference between a bad attitude and badass.

    • lapushbaby, I love your entire comment.

      I too wondered about her intelligence, but I feared the wrath of the down-thumb. I think all her ‘attitude’ is a cover for her genuine lack of knowledge. Like Leroy from ‘Fame’. He was all mad at the World, yelling at teachers and whatnot, but it was all a ruse to disguise the fact that he couldn’t read. Sadface.

      She reminds me of every single one of my boyfriends growing up in suburbia during the gangster rap phase. Skinny dudes walking around with bandanas wrapped around their heads, wrist, ankles and tucked in every available pocket, claiming that their second cousin, twice-removed from Compton initiated their corny ass into the Bloods last Summer during school break. They’re all accountants, officers and family men now.

      I’m sorry Kstew, I don’t believe you…you need more people.

    • Take a bow LapushBaby – That with intelligence, I have always wondered if what she uters is viewed as intelligence by America standards – but since I don’t want to sound like an *sshole and annoy the heck out everyone, I have always kept my mouth shut. Now am not a brainward but can smell one – This what Moon does is intelligent – nuff said

    • LPB heart you and i wonder myself when she will finish her HS degree. maybe she should go the GED route.

      • According to her ‘Interview’ interview with Gene Hackman, she has graduated High School with honours. During the filming of the graduation scene in Eclipse, she posed for a photo with the actor giving her her diploma for a joke graduation photo.

        I’m suprised no one here’s read the interview.

        • How can you graduate HS with ‘honours’? Is that an American thing I’m not aware of? Here we have dux (which I think you call valedictorian) and prizes if you came first in a subject at your school.

          I graduated university with Honours, which took me a whole year to do. Maybe this HS honours thing is one of those new age touchy-feely things to make everyone feel speshal and clebber and such.

          Sorry this wasn’t actually an attack on the Stew at all, just a random separate rant which has spilled over from my general anger and malaise towards what passes for education these days.
          I’m sure she’s a clever enough chicken – it’s not like she’s ever going to be an astrophysicist or anything.

    • I may have been guilty of saying she was intelligent at one point… but to clarify (and keep my cred) I will say that “intelligent” is relative in Hollywood.

      For instance.
      You have your super smart girls, like Yale grad Sara Gilbert or Barnard College alum Lauren Graham or Brown student Emma Watson.

      Then you have the woman who although have no college education, made it through high school and seem fairly intelligent, like Anne Hathaway or even Dakota Fanning who handle interviews with grace and poise and who can keep up with any number of clever quips thrown their way.

      Then you have the boring, somewhat airheaded ones with nothing substantial to contribute, like Nicole Kidman.

      And finally, you have the complete dunderheads who seem to have a negative IQ and stopped paying attention after 1st grade, a la Lohan, Hilton, Britney, any one of the Hills girls, etc. You wonder if they can walk and chew gum at the same time.

      I think Kirsten Stewart fits in somewhere between the Nicole Kidman category and the Anne Hathaway category. Smarter than most other teen or young adult girls in Hollywood, a whole heck of a lot less intelligent than many accomplished actresses who aren’t all that much older than she is.

      The moral of the story? Kristen, stop putzing around the UK with Rob and go get your high school degree and ideally go to college somewhere. You’ll thank me.

      And again, intelligence is relative when people like Speidi are still roaming around our planet.

      • I went to the same selective high school as Nicole Kidman.

        She dropped out in Year 10 to do BMX Bandits, and my history teacher hated her because she was never in class. Everyone wanted to use the school books she’d used though, which always cracked me up.

    • I can’t believe that I know this but…
      She said in some interview that she finished her online/homeschool/GED whatever when they were filming Eclipse and that she had the actor that was handing out diplomas stay after the scene so she could take a picture with him for a pretend graduation photo since she wouldn’t get to have a real graduation. Awesome run on sentence.

      One other thing, yeah for all the reasonable discussion. Boo, for fanatics who are yelling!

    • On “smartness”: I think she tries to answer all red carpet questions seriously, and not with a stock answer. I think this shows someone who at least uses their mind to answer the same questions over and over. It usually comes off as awkward, but we know she is being honest.

      In summary, she is probably not smarter than your average person, but she cares about what comes out her mouth every time she speaks, which at least makes her not STUPID.

      I think being smart has a lot to do with thinking about what you’re doing, not just being a genius.


      PS. She finished HS around filming of NM (grad scene reflected real life)

  45. Moon, good for you. I don’t get it either. Her acting is terrible – she plays herself, repeatedly. I was very disappointed with her in Twilight, but as Rob also had some bad moments in that film, I chalked it up to Hardewicke and gave her the benefit of the doubt for NM. And … same thing. Flat. Emotionless. Same Expression. I’ve no doubt the girl cares about the roll but she just doesn’t have the chops to pull it off. Not once has she displayed Bella’s compassion for others, or her undying love for Edward. She tried to make her edgy, and in turn simply made her another version of herself.

    As for her “not caring,” lol … she cares, A LOT. The past year has been a PR masterpiece for her. Remember all the hate her way around Oscar time and when the Nylon piece came out? That’s definitely turned around, and there are many reasons for it. I find it hilarious that everyone who calls her so real and not Hollywood cannot see that she is playing the game, BIG TIME. Sundance was a perfect example of just that. And it’s fine if she cares – just don’t be a fake.

    And IMO, she is. All this talk about being different … she’s only different in that she’s not polished and lacks the ability to speak coherently in most interviews. Everything that makes her a rebel to her fans makes her a spoiled brat to me: her poor attitude, her snottiness toward the press that is BUILDING HER UP, her comments about the Twi-saga and her general attitude that all of this is “above her.” It’s very easy to be a rebel and still be gracious and appreciative of all that’s happened to you. And this girl hasn’t faced half of what Pattinson has, so she really has no room to complain.

    The point is, you can’t have it both was in Hollywood. If you want to make movies and put yourself out there – and she clearly does – she needs to stop complaining about the stuff that goes with it. And I hate hearing her age as an excuse – Taylor is 17 and has handled everything will grace and class, unlike Kristen.

    And before anyone lamely calls me a jealous hater, save it. I’m happily married to a hottie and have a great daughter. What I hate is that so many young girls seem to think Kristen is someone to emulate … they’re selling themselves short.

    • I wish I could give you 100 thumbs up.

    • I love you, Stacy. Truly, I do.

    • Thank you. You said everything I wanted to say, but am too ADD to put in a coherent paragraph without rambling on about something off topic like Soul Train or how much I like Phineas and Ferb.

      I too wish I could give more thumbs up.

    • Comment Win!!!!

      • Exponentially more thank you’s to that!

        She TOTES (as the Twi bloggers now say) cares.

        And yes, I like her less after Robsten, but was redeemed by the pressing forth of Rob is gay rumors. I’m going to just go ahead and believe them.

    • I have to admit, I like edgy Bella better than book Bella. I know I am alone in this.

    • I agreed with most everything you said, so I thumbed up you, but I also decided to comment to reiterate one of your best points – her age is not an excuse for her stuttering, no smiling public persona. Taylor is oddly the most polished of the three of them and he is still 17 (just a few more weeks ladies!!).

      I understand if she hates being in public, finds all the questions annoying, blah, blah, blah – well, lots of people dislike some part of their job, but they ACT like they like it. Just like everyone else, sometimes you have to put on a happy face. And since she is an actress, you would think that ACTING happy would be something she would be decent at.

      OK – that came out a bit rantier than I meant it to. This is a hot topic.

    • I think she’s spoiled because she’s hasn’t really had to work hard for roles…I mean if my parents were good friends with directors and the like in Hollywood I’d be getting roles too…no? Wow your post is really a good one! 🙂

    • im just gonna let you write the letter next time stacy! good job!

      “so many young girls seem to think Kristen is someone to emulate … they’re selling themselves short.”

  46. She can’t carry the lead. I love the lynch mob- lots of fun in the sun. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  47. I’m with you there moon. I didn’t really understand what the draw to her was. I prob won’t be going to see The Runaways when it comes out. When I saw Adventureland, she didn’t stand out too much and I honestly didn’t really like it. At this point in the twilight saga she is Bella, so i can’t say much there.
    She isn’t very put together when she dressed herself, but that’s what floats her boat. She’s welcome to wear whatever she wants to is what I say.

    Everyone has their own opinions, that’s all =)

  48. Here’s what I know: I DON’T know her. I don’t think any of us do. I do know that I’ve enjoyed a few movies she’s been in. Why isn’t anyone having a debate over drinking the Rob koolaid? He’s nice to look at. He’s got the accent going for him. He seems nice in interviews. As far as acting goes, he’s no Phillip Seymour Hoffman, but people are apeshit over the guy. The above reasons don’t really justify the hysteria, so why are we trying to justify the freak-out over KStew? She seems to have all of the above going for her minus the accent and a peen. KStew hysteria isn’t the problem. You know what is? Target not doing the iTunes download with the DVD for New Moon. That’s a problem. (Isn’t this the second or third time we’ve struck up a “healthy debate” on KStew?)

    • That sucks-the download was the best part of Target’s Twilight DVD. Their NM DVD comes with a film cell, which I don’t really care about.

      I wonder if another store will have the download?

      • So far I’ve seen 0 options for the download unless you buy it from iTunes itself. Blah. By the way kids, HARSH comments on how she dresses and bigger booos for being nasty about her “fake rebel” personality and yadda yadda. May I remind you all that she’s 19?? I remember how I was 8 years ago and I thought I was the shit (Obviously, I still do). I remember using huge vocab words thinking it made me sound cool instead of pretentious. I remember constantly trying to do the oppopsite of what was expected. I definitely remember the, “oh to hell with you I don’t care but please like me please love me” attitude. Chill out, dudes. Let her be a kid. Judgey Judgersons.

    • Yes, the iTunes thing is a travesty! I am so pissed. I wanna tell Target where then can shove that film cell. #justkidding #notreally

      • Seriously. I saw that and automatically thought, “What am I gonna do with a film cell?!” this made me think of “What am I gonna do with a gun rack?” I am now watching Wayne’s World.

    • I think that making fun of Rob on LTR almost daily negates the need for debating drinking the Rob kool-aid.

      • Personally, I think LTR is funny but sometimes I have a feeling that some of them that really would lick his ballsack if given the chance. Just because you call something “normal” doesn’t make it that… or healthy.

        I may be wrong… but it terrifies me. And makes me never want to comment.

        It could actually be a win/win for all my haters. 😉

        • Lick his ball sac? Well, if it would lead to other things…

        • “I have a feeling that some of them that really would lick his ballsack if given the chance.”

          My first reaction is: duh. It’s a fansite for Rob, of course the majority of people would want to do filthy things to him.

          (For the record, I don’t think I want to do that myself…)

          It’s been a while since I’ve read every single comment on a post… but I don’t remember the LTR comments terrifying me. And I’m pretty sensitive to the crazy over-the-top weirdo ‘shippers. It’s why I don’t go to any Twi site outside of LTT/LTR. In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever said anything 100% positive about him… My comments and contributions to LTR posts have always been at his expense. I’m trying to figure out if I even like the guy… He does have a purty face, though.

          This comment has no purpose.

        • Apparently, I’m a bitch.

          I’ll stop now.

          • I’m not sure if this was directed at me, but I’ll assume it was at least in some part… I’m sorry if that’s how you read my comment, but that wasn’t my intention. I’m here to be friends with everyone – I’m not bitching anyone out or calling anyone bitches. Every single thing I ever say is dripping in sarcasm, so please – everyone – don’t take offense to anything that comes out of my mouth/fingers.

          • *hugs twinsie* You are not a bitch…you’re just insightful and you’ve got cajones! (and u’ve def not been sippin’ on the Koolaid) Now stop ure snivelling or I’ll have to….
            a) keep my pimp hand strong
            b) Hug you for 3 minutes
            Both will be painful, awkward and humiliating. Now pull yourself together Ninja…we’ve got crazies to kill…*slings arm around shoulder, winks devilishly and softly punches jaw* ❤

          • Fine, panda, I’ll still annoy people sometimes. I do have balls. But for gawd sakes, only a small hug! 3 minutes gets awkward.

            && HeyyyBrother,

            I’m sorry. I’m having a suck day. My adorable little girl is sick and it’s got me all pissy. Life isn’t fair.

            But that doesn’t mean that I should be mean to people online.

            I still stand by EVERY SINGLE ONE of my comments, but I could have been a bit nicer. Or said nothing. Which I will try. 🙂

        • Does anyone else see the irony here on LTT today?

          With, uh, virtually all of the replies today, but particular this one and the string of replies it spawned.

          Just wondering.

          • Umm, I’m afraid not. I’ve been MIA for over a week. What’s ironic? Fill me in.

          • fill me in too.

          • OK maybe I’m reading too much into this. But on a site where we tend to make fun of the fandom an awful lot, (the main reason I love this site, because I hate to love to hate to love Twilight), today’s post certainly fueled some serious hate/love from the rabid fans (or haters.) we have battles and fights and thumbsups and thumbsdowns flying… it’s a bit much, is it not?

            *shrug* Maybe not.

          • Also find it ironic we’re bashing LTR commenters(commentators?) when a) most of us are also LTR readers 2) LTR commenters, to me at least, are more or less sarcastic like LTT commenters USED to be, and 3) Taylor.

            Of course I’ve found more irony around here today but am not terribly compelled to spell it out. Mostly because I need to get back to work, I’ve definitely spent too much time on here today!

      • YES – Sparklecakes, see the above comment.

        I’m pretty sure that I haven’t drank the Rob Kool-aid either. This isn’t Robsessed.

      • I don’t know, Sarita. LTR strikes me more of a “i would give him a blow job in a dumpster #sarcasmfont no seriously, I would, surrounded by sewage if need be” type of joking sometimes. No ones peen could make me purchase that brand of crazy.

        • She some days it comes off that way, but most of the time it’s making fun of him for wearing Marcus’ shirt to some promotional event or the fact that he can never button up his shirt properly. LTR makes fun of Rob just as much as they want to take him behind a dumpster.

        • In full disclosure, even if given the opportunity – green light by hubs, at least 5 shots and Rob was begging – I highly doubt that I would fellate Rob behind a dumpster. I have a really sensitive nose and the stink of the dumpster would more than likely incite an overactive gag reflex. However, it sure as shit is funny to talk about it. Point it, it’s all for laughs.

        • I’m with Brooke & Sarita on this one. Honestly, I think I’m more confused by the revelation that there are so many people taking LTR so seriously, than I am by those chugging the Kstew-laid…

          • Word. The posts are hilarious. It’s some of the comments that make me say….”oooh, why hello there little friend. Does your doctor know you’re our of your room?”

          • To be fair, the same could be said about a lot of the comments surrounding Taylor (a CHILD in they eyes of the law) here at LTT. But I won’t say it. Because I know it’s all fun and games… just like LTR is.

            Ok, I think I’m done…

      • thumbs up sarita – i like to think we’re an equal opportunity rob bashing site as well.

        fangbanger – and “that’s normal” means it’s ANYTHING but normal!

        • *sigh*

          I know. And that is the last time I try to project my strange and weird beliefs upon the human race. Especially on a blog.

          I really don’t like to be hated. Unless I hate them back.

          And my hate quota is really quite full at the moment.

          So, I think I’ll be all sunshine and rainbows and honey flavored sarcasm until someone I love gets stepped on.


    • And I agree, Sparkle.

      I’m tired of debating.

      If I had to explain why I loved everyone I do, I would end up not loving anyone.

      That would make me sad.

      • @fangbanger

        “If I had to explain why I loved everyone I do, I would end up not loving anyone”

        Good point, we all like different people for different reasons…..in RL and on celluloid, often it just cannot be explained……..


  49. You don’t need to get her. Why? Because it’s a matter of taste. There are lots of popular Hollywood actors I don’t get – like George Clooney for example who is ‘shipped like his the modern day Cary Grant (puhhleeze). Stewy appeals to a certain people and if she doesn’t appeal to you, then that is your own choice.

    For the record, I like her because she doesn’t do the usual Hwood safe route like Amanda Seyfried or Kristen Bell. Have you ever seen these two do something totally outside of their comfort zone? Stewy can play it safe by doing a “cute” movie and rest on her “Twi-laurels” as it were. But she picks roles that appeal to her even if the movie doesn’t see the light of day. ’nuff said.

  50. I don’t get it either. She’s skanky and gross and disrespectful and not overly intelligent, and she only looks pretty with tons of make-up, hairstylists and someone else dressing her. Most of the time she just looks like shit, even on screen. There, I said it.

    • She definitely is trying to convince everybody how smart she is while she’s saying she doesn’t care what people think… Does she really not care?

      • I knew she’s trying to show the world that she is smart but never really thought about how badly does she want us to think so.
        Today’s debate is really getting me thinking about why I like KStew…


      I know a ton of people have given you a thumbs down for what you’ve said, but I’m gonna give you a thumbs up just for honesty’s sake. Why bother holding back?

    • alright, probably not exactly what we had in mind when we said respectful…

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