Crooked Monkey TShirts – Perfects with Jorts

Review Time

So you know how from time to time companies contact us and ask us to give opinions on whatever it is they are selling. We always say “yes” because who doesn’t like free stuff? (Except that one time when “Condoms-R-Us” asked if we’d review their Jacob Black condom. That’s just wrong. Edward Cullen condom, yes, but they weren’t having any problems selling those)

So today let me tell you about my new t-shirt from the Crooked Monkey

Here is what I look for in a t-shirt:

1. Is it soft? Yes. This one is. none of that cheap, scratchy t-shirt material

2. Is it funny or cute? This T-shirt happens to fall in the “funny” category… except that…. Well, I never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So I BET it would be much funnier if I ever did. And I KNOW there are a ton of Buffy crossover to Twilight vampire fans out there. So I bet they’d like it too

3. Does it look good with  jorts? Well, I’ll let you see for yourself:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

(The answer is: Heck YES it looks awesome with jorts!)

So anyway, hop on over to Crooked Monkey to see what other Twilight-inspired tee’s they carry and pick up one or two! (FYI- this is my fav Edward shirt and my fav non-twilight related shirt!)

7 Responses

  1. […] Need the perfect TShirt to go with your jorts? Crooked Monkey’s where it’s at. Check it Been sensing some drama in some of the comments lately? A friendly reminder you should read. […]

  2. yeah, i never watched Buffy either… but the tee is cute!

  3. I’ll comment it BobbyGee-style.
    Buffy was great!

  4. HOT DAYYUUM, who is that dude behind the other gay dude in that second pic (the one on the boat…the dude to the left of screen…..all’s I’m saying is mammamia! Now THOSE are real man-abs!) 🙂

  5. WHEW it’s much less high stress in here!

    JORTS ILLUSTRATED. i love it

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