Dakota Fanning at Sundance – A Thank You


Dear Dakota-

I think this is our first letter to just you! After this weekend’s Sundance overload I felt it was time to throw some of the spotlight on YOU and add you to the hallowed halls of letter recipients. It seems as though Twitter exploded with KStew information and pictures from Sundance even going as far as to proclaim it “Stewdance” which is probably blasphemous since if it needed to be renamed anything this weekend if should have been “Howldance” but what I couldn’t help noticing between all the clutter and tweets and pictures and koolaid drinking was you. You held a quiet confidence in pictures and looked like a young actress with tons of experience but was not willing to dismiss her age in lieu of appearing more mature, skanky or above it all like some of the actors and actresses who showed up. That’s pretty high-five worthy in my book.

I’d also like to thank you for going to Park City and keeping it real. You showed that you can be a teenager, comb your hair, put on a nice jacket, some ripped jeans and Doc Martens and still look presentable like you’re trying to sell a movie you’re proud of. Good on you!

Now THIS is the way to do rocker chic in the snow! Loving the Docs, I think I may have to dig my pair out

Thanks for giving us a kick-ass Ziggy Stardust shirt instead of a free shot of your nipple or midriff

Can you tell I’m over the Sundance madness already?

What do you think of the hoopla surrounding Sundance? Love it? Hate it? Anyone got love for the Fanning? Anyone know where I can get that Panther shirt?

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

78 Responses

  1. Dear BooBoo (& by that I also mean Mom & Pops BooBoo). Look, learn & keep your kit on. If she can do it, you can do it.

    A Concerned Old Lady

  2. Dear Dakota,

    Thank you for…
    *Not being bitchy about fame…You’ve had a longer career than most and you still remain so gracious about it.
    *Not trying too hard and rebelling in order to prove a point.
    *Being absolutely adorable and squeaky clean. It’s refreshing!
    *Being a kick-ass actress and not thinking that something like “Twilight” is beneath you.
    *Not getting your kit off at every opportunity.
    *Being one half of Daylor or Taykota which I just thought of and will ship till the end of time…You guys could be so squeaky clean…together! (Ok I need to lay off the coffee)

    Morning everybody!
    The hamster doesnt “get” Sundance…boooo! (I think)

    • Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. Taykota would be freaking adorable. Of course, after February, Taylor would have to wait a couple years before it was legal… which is a bit ironic, no?

      I don’t really “get” Sundance either, lovely hamster. All I know is that I love Robert Redford and the Sundance catalog has great jewelry.

      • Oh Toosday…I feel like such a lovely (imaginary/delusional/possibly psychotic) BFF. Setting him up with wholesome little nymphs that test his restraint? (How’s THAT for being a tease Lautner?) The Nike would def be on the other foot!
        Forgive the rants…I should be asleep…lol

    • Daylor/Taykota! You read my mind!

  3. That last pic…yeah, two things:

    1. Is it just me, or does Dakota look more mature than the other two? Not OLDER, just more mature.

    2. Kristen – Hardwicke called. She wants her “spirit guide” shirt back.

  4. Daylor shipping?
    I’m in!! 😀

    I know I am going to get thumbed down a gazzalion times but I think Daylor is better than Swiftner.

  5. Take a lesson, KStew. That’s how you do hobo chic without actually looking like you slept in a gutter.

  6. I have a feeling that the air in Park City, Utah is thick with pretentiousness right now. I do like independent films, and I’m happy that a lot of directors I enjoy got their “break” showing work at the festival. But now, it seems to have turned into a celebrity extravaganza and has little to do with the art of film-making. I’ve heard very little about the films being shown and a whole lot about who was seen where.

    Sorry for the cynicism this morning. I still ❤ Robert Redford.

  7. I am beginning to really love the Fanning. She seems to be always smiling and glad to be wherever she is – even if it is an airport and a pap is snapping the shot. We know Kristen doesn’t smile a lot and that’s her thing, you just have to accept it – is she happy, is she pissed, is she just craving a smoke – you never quite know. Dakota has style, grace and maturity way beyond her years, but yet she still comes across as enjoying her stardom and just having fun with it.

  8. I totally agree GrayAnn. I love me some Dakota Fanning even though her slightly holier-than-thou attitude(in a different, more squeaky clean way than KStew’s) really gets to me :S

  9. Dear Moonie Pie,
    I love your passive aggressive messages left to a person and fandom. You are so win in my book.

    Dakota = Classy

    Others should take note!

  10. I agree. Perhaps it’s years of grooming as a child star, but I think Dakota’s mild mannered sweet attitude makes her very appealing.

    Good on ya, Dakota.

    • I agree she deserves some praise. We’ve all seen how “years of grooming as a child star” can go horribly wrong, yet on her it is all right.

  11. I LOVE KStew. I love her don’t give a crap attitude and her not conforming to be another teen hoochie in H-wood, but it kills me when she makes appearances looking like she just rolled out of bed and grabbed clothes off the floor. I know I’m being totally contradictory saying I love her for not conforming and then griping of her appearance, but really? Don’t dress like that on the clock. Dakota shows that you can still be completely casual, rocker, biker, hobo chic AND look great, while doing your job.

    Dear Dakota,
    Please take Kristin to Nordstrom in SLC and show her the TBD department with all the endless choices of hobo chic clothing. Then maybe for an early birthday present to her, buy her some stuff.

    • “Don’t dress like that on the clock”

      ::does slow clap:: Bravo! So well said.

      If I dressed like that on the clock, I’d get fired…every event she goes to is work. Promotion is part of the contract, she’s getting paid to go to these things. (perhaps not Sundance in particular, but all the other promo stuff). If she wants to be hobo sans chic at home, on her own time, fine. No big deal. But dress work appropriate when you’re at work.

  12. Dear Kirsten,
    That picture of you three girls makes me so irritated. I’ve tried to defend you in the past, but that’s it, I just can’t anymore. In that pic, Dakota proves that you can get the “blase, I care more about my art form than my appearance and refuse to buy into Hollywood ideals about appearance and thus prefer to express myself by looking a tad like a hobo” without *actually* looking (or I imagine, smelling) exactly like a hobo. You can assert yourself and your own unique sense of style (or lack thereof) and STILL look young, fresh, and appropriate for professional events. First impressions are important, as much as you wish they were not, and my impression of you is that you don’t want to ever be taken seriously because you won’t even put on a shirt that fits well for a really important industry photo op. As someone who buys tickets to your movies, I am insulted.

    • I wish I could give you ten thumbs instead of just one. You spoke my mind, I love her and her style but a little effort wont kill ya.

      • Well she did take the time and effort to tie the little knot on the side of her tee-shirt. That’s something.

        • My great aunt does that! Do you remember the little plastic shirt ring ties they used to have in early 90s?

          • haha. I can imagine KStew EVER putting one of those thingies on her shirt!

          • What’s wrong with those?
            I had those, they complemented the tight roll in my jeans perfectly.

          • Geez, I am seriously typing impaired these days.



          • Nothing is wrong with them. They’re just “early 90s”. I also think my great aunt wearing her shirt tied is hilarious. A testament to her spunky nature… upper 80 year old devout Methodist with a shirt tied to the side at the bottom. 🙂

    • I think it’s interesting that Rob can get away with the whole hobo thing, but Kristen…not so much…

      • Now, I feel terribly sexist for the above comment.

        • No, it’s not sexist.

          We’re women, so of course we like hobo Rob more than hobo Kristen.

          And men like they their “dirty girls” to be dirty in a different way.

          • Most of my guy friends love the Stew whether she is dressed like a hobo or in those kickass premier dresses of hers.

          • Bitethatlip,
            Yes! Those red carpet dresses are so kick ass. I love everything I’ve seen her wear when she’s promoting Twi stuff and VMA’s and MTV. Gorgeous.

      • I don’t like his hobo-ness either. The same stands for him, when you’re at a work event, dress work appropriate, period. Where are their publicists and why are they down with this?

  13. vote for rob
    sorry guys for being stalker, but there are only 25 hours we have to bring it home. it’s a sinking bout like someone said but there are 30 Russian fans who opened new email addresses only to vote for Laurie. they say “we must beat American fans”. so i did. so everyone can do. if some girls here at least 20 open addresses for voting it will run fast and we”ll win. for me it’s not only about Rob anymore it’s about being a fan

    • But Laurie is hawt too!

      How can I choose?

    • I’m sorry, but I feel Rob has had enough exposure in these “contests”. I want to vote for the competition, just to get everyone’s attention drawn to someone else for a change, so I can feel more exclusive about my Robsession and don’t have to share it with millions of squeeing fangirls.

  14. I think that the thing that makes Dakota look better than Kristen is the hair style.

    I used to have hair like the Stews. It sucks and you really can’t do anything with it.

    Dakota is wearing one of those hats. Did I ever mention that I can’t stand those effing hats? Ridiculous. They just look ridiculous.

    I also hate Doc Martens. They look fine but good lawd. Have you ever tried wearing them all day? Heavy mofos is what they are.

    PS. No one should take fashion advice from me. I actually live in a town that a song named “Podunk” is about. Yet, I cannot stand cowboy boots. Or Wranglers. Or pearl snap shirts (*snort*).

    You get the picture. Macy’s is my fav store.

    PPS. I have no idea what got me started on this. Just another rambling comment from the fang. Sorry.

    • You say you used to have hair like the Stew’s. How did you manage to overcome/replace/transform it to something else? Maybe she could use your advice?

    • Dear Fangster, yes Docs are heavy. But after a while you build up the muscle by heaving them around & you don’t feel it anymore. Do you have teeny tiny little legs?

      Is it wrong that I love cowboy boots & Wranglers? They’re all the rage here you know.

      I’m not sure if you read my post yesterday…where was I again? Aaah, that’s it…peen peen peen peeny sparklepeen…

      • No. My legs are not teeny tiny in any way.

        I wear a size 12. You ever try hauling size 12 feet around w/ 40 pound shoes attached? I’m probably just lazy.

        And wranglers? Not wrong. Like whatever you want!

        Yes, I saw your peen comment.

        When I say sparklepeen in class, I will yell at YOU about it, capice? 😉

        • Is that size 12 Uk or USA? You know I’m teasing right…I find my Doc mules heavy…

          Yelling at me is fine. I’ll be quiet now.

          • Size 12 US. It’s huge. Trust.

            Don’t be quiet! I need someone to amuse me. I’m very in love with your “Christmas tree w/ a possible peen” avatar.


    • I don’t like those hats, either. Actually I don’t like hats really at all. I’ve never found any type of hat to be attractive on any person. Sure some people simply *cannot* pull off a hat (me, for instance), but others who can still look silly to me. Maybe it’s just my inability to look good wearing a hat that sets me off…

  15. o-o fanbanger
    *i’m afraid you’re going to have to make a choice* that’s what Dr’ Cullen said.

    • AHH!

      Fine. I voted for Rob. He’s really far ahead though.

      And, for the record, that’s the first time I’ve ever voted on something like that.

  16. Most of the time I love reading this here blog. Usually I find it hilarious, but not today. While I love Dakota and truly think she is a great actress and a class act, I don’t see how she looks different than Kristen. Because her tummy isn’t showing just a tiny little bit? I don’t really get how they look different. I agree with Fangbanger that the only thing that looks nicer is the hair. Also, comparing a see through blouse and a little ab? Really? Just saying.

    PS I realize that I’ve never posted here before but I am a long time lurker and fan, just happen to disagree today.

    • Well I love both Dakota and Kristen and I personally LOVE Kristen’s style. But like someone said here: when Stew goes out to promote her movies, she is working. And you dont dress like that for work. Someone else also said (and I nod in agreement so much that my head hurts) that if you’ve made a film and are proud of it, atleast dress up smartly when you try to sell it. It is insulting to those of us who pay money to go watch her movies because it feels like she doesnt give a rats ass about the fans.
      Its also just not the appearance but the fact that she isnt even gracious enough to smile. Glaring in pap pics, I agree with. But when you’re promoting a movie you starred in and have fans who are cheering you, SMILE! Be a little gracious for Christ’s sake.

      I repeat this again, I say this as a Kristen fan.

      • This is sundance not Cannes festival. This is indie fest not glamour material. Have you seen tthe pics of the rest of the cast from the movie she was promoting that day welcome to the ridleys? They were all dressed casually likes hobo. This sundance was tricky for kristen. When you go somewhere, in the bastion of indie to promote indies movie, and you have moviegoers questioning the presence of your movies there just because your in twilight(whih is seen as an insult to movie making) you just don’t flaunt how you’re know a big star.
        Kristen has always dressed like this to sundance. Like it or not is her style. there is nothing wrong with a teeshirt and a pair of jeans.
        And for the smile and whatever else, there are tons of picture where she is smiling. real people don’t spend 24h smiling. you smile to something or someone. People reporting from sundance are all saying the same thing she is the only one spending more times signing things for fans. But whatever, she will never be what you want her to be. So other you deal with it o you move on.

  17. Just a random note about Dakota Fanning, since this is her Appreciation Day–she did the voiceover in the English version of My Neighbor Totoro, one of my favorite movies ever. Her little sister was also the little sister in the film. She must have been like 5 or 6 years old. Did I mention I love that movie!

  18. Huh. I think Kstew looks fine. And I like to think that her t-shirt is inspired by Bret from Flight of the Conchords. You can’t prove otherwise!

  19. I’ll admit that I didn’t notice the nipple until you mentioned it. But, ugh. Just ugh. Also, a note on KStew’s shirt action: when I was 19 (she’s 19 right?) I used to wear children’s sized thrift store tshirts… all the time. Always mid-driff showing (like the same amount as her, notice she’s standing at an angle with her arm raised, so her stomach’s probably covered when standing normal) and sporting things like “Gulf Breeze Trophies” or “Tiger Scouts” with a little pic of a tiger or “Arc Larc 1980” (which was the annual architecture/landscape architecture party at UF…was my mom’s shirt actually). Anyway, point is I wore that too at 18-20. But not to work.


  20. Thanks Fanning, the Zig Star tee just made me dig out and restyle my 20 year old Bauhaus tee.

    Great, my vintage wear is older than the movie cast.

  21. She is such a cute girl… Seriously! I feel like a overprotective sister everytime I see her on paparazzi pics. Which is probs because I saw her in ‘I am Sam’ and I still remember her as the cute little girl she was back then…
    But then I see her in New Moon or The Runaways and am all like: That girl got it bad!!!

  22. I think Kristen doesn’t need to dress nicely at Sundance and because you can see Dakota beside her and make a comparison. Dakota is girlie while Kristen is tomboyish that’s the difference between the two. Kristen have different style compared to Dakota. Why do you have to let her dress like Dakota when it’s not her thing?And besides she’s more concern of her work than dressing nicely . Worst of all, Kristen doesn’t mind at all to her critics.

  23. My new favorite letter…
    and this needs to spawn a new website: Letters to Dakota’s Ziggy Stardust Tee.

  24. I don’t think the way Kristen dresses to these events really has much to do with how much she cares about what she does and her fans. Just watching the interviews from Sundance, the way she pretty much agonizes over what she’s going to answer with is enough to convince me that she really does care about the fans and promoting the films. Most people have come to realise that she isn’t ever gonna be squeaky clean like Dakota and I love her for that. There’s something about Dakota that I find a bit too processed, and I find it hard to like her for it. Kristen is real and to the point and I respect her for that, and her style is a further reflection of it in my eyes, you don’t need to dress all glamorous to show your dedication.

  25. I think is a shame that the day the girl is being praise by everyone at sundance for her performance in two movie, that all people in the twi fandom can come with about her success at sundance is how she doesn’t dress the way they would like to. But whatever, it’s not really her close who are going to booked her a job. Look at all the young actesses in hollywood who dress really well and all that do they have more parts? No
    This is an indie festival, kristen has been there before; Last year she was in jean and tee. And noone give a fuck, after that she get parts. Her performance this year are good and the moviegoers are loving them. So she will keep geting job. Sure she will never win the miss weel dressed of the year but she will maybe one day have the kind of career her mentor have.

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