Dear Twilight: I resent you

So often we receive letters from all the “educated types.” No, no- not people with plain old college educations. I mean people with LEGIT education. From like Harvard, Yale or any of the schools in England because they all seem so much better than the ones we have in the US. Or people finishing up their master thesis’ or better yet, in the final days of a doctoral program. And when I hear those people, obviously so much smarter than me, have been as entranced by the Twilight saga as I have been, I feel better about myself. Here is one such example:

Smart Book

Dear Twilight-

Forgive me for beginning my letter harshly, but since I write you on a single, persistent theme, I feel I must introduce it immediately: Twilight, I resent you.

I met you for work. As a doctorate student, I am obligated to be a teacher’s assistant to the professors in the art department. If I have to be honest, I’ll admit to you that I only occasionally enjoy this work. There is a long list of reasons why, I suppose, but mostly I can classify the reason under tedium. It can be tedious to grade papers, make power-points, listen to the same lecture repeatedly, listen to the same lecture repeatedly, listen to the same lecture repeatedly. (Twilight, I’m guessing you know a bit about tedium, because some of your description are repetitive. We know Edward’s beautiful. We know. God help us, we know.)

Anyway, last semester I had to T.A. an introductory course called “Beauty in Art: Changing Standards and Cultural Mirroring.” This is an interesting topic, so big and interesting it almost can’t be taught well. The professor, who has a pony-tail and fancies himself kind of the bongo-playing, all questions are good questions, bring your weed to my office anytime archetype, organizes the course so that a great deal of class time is spent on contemporary standards of beauty. His most strenuous attempt to get bored freshmen to embrace him as their peer came when you, Twilight, were the focus of discussion for three classes.

Not Smart Book

I found myself in a forced Twilight immersion. I had to read all of you. I had to watch all of you. I had to photocopy and violate international copyright and licensing laws by distributing many passages of you. The thing is- I had to. It was my job. You discuss beauty so explicitly, so you were perfect. You describe the perfect man. How could the professor have ignored you?

Twilight, I’m an art historian, ok? I’m going to lay it on the line for you. I’m probably less snobby than many of the people I work for, or with, but in general, we’re a snobby group. We’re not as snobby as art critics, but we’re snobby. We’re all shut up in libraries (pale ourselves, but not in an attractive way), writing scholarly articles to each other on topics of obscurity, speaking a language all our own. We tend to get snobby, because the more discriminatory one’s area of specialty, the more likely one is to be the authority on it. So when I read you, and watched you, I said to you, “Why, Twilight, you just aren’t very good. Your Stephanie Meyer gives us what we want too easily. I’m not actually sure she’s a good writer. And if I’m working on that theory, then I’m going to go ahead and be a little offended that she brings Wuthering Heights into the mix, because that happens to be a really, really great book.”

The class ended. I graded the papers on how hot Edward was. Not many of them were good. He’s too hot- do you know what I mean, Twilight? Can you understand why a paper on beauty wouldn’t be good if it was just a description of something that is, by its very definition, beautiful? The class needed to push past this, into sort of a meta discussion of beauty, but it was an 8AM lecture. Most of the male students were lulled to sleep by the wash-out Forks’ colors and most of the women were just too…stimulated.

So here I am, Twilight: Still in a forced Twilight immersion, because we’re all in a forced cultural Twilight immersion. I can’t escape from you. And nothing I can do will change that. And if I somehow could- which I can’t- I would feel such a sense of loss. I like you, Twilight. I know I’m being manipulated by some not great writing, some not great movies, but oh, Twilight, you are so addictive. I’m really and truly stuck.

This is my plan. I’m not apologizing for it, either. I’m going to like you, and resent you. I’m going to admit I like you, and resent you, when asked. I’m not categorizing you under guilty pleasure- for me, for my own peace of mind, there’s only pleasure and non-pleasure. I started today. In my tiny cubby hole office, the center of my tiny cubby hole world, there is now a picture of Edward leaning down, his brow so perfectly, so painfully furrowed, to kiss Bella. (I cut Bella out.) You’re in it now, Twilight, stuck up on the wall with pictures of re-constructed Nineveh. You make me happy, Twilight, like Assyrian art makes me happy, so I’m sticking by you. I hate you. I love you.

Love, Me

Are you a smart person. No, I mean like a really smart person? Do you like Twilight?

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  1. I guess I’m not a really smart person. I only have one of those degrees from a plain old university, not an Ivy League college. But even us “sort of smart” people are incredibly embarassed about our Twilight addiction. The writing is pretty bad. But Twilight is like chocolate cake. You know chocolate cake is bad for you. There’s no nutritional value, but damn does it taste good. You can’t live on a diet of chocolate cake, but you can have a little bit each day, as long as you make sure you eat the healthy stuff too.

    UC, you’re right. Reading about a really smart person who is addicted to Twilight makes me feel a lot better about myself 🙂 !

    • The chocolate cake analogy really works for me. And in the way I kind of don’t trust people who “don’t like sweets”, I don’t understand those who stubbornly refuse the joys of Twilight.

      But that’s okay. More cake for me.

  2. I think I fall under the category of: I Hate That I Love You. I wish that I could have escaped the pull of the series, but I couldn’t. It pains me to read the books over and over because of how badly written they are, but I do it anyway. I always fantasize about taking a red pen and editing the series by taking out all forms of unnecessary repetition. Someday I will.

  3. Good morning, all.

    Am I a smart person? Perhaps. Have I been formally educated in ways to evaluate art and literature? Yes. However, it’s my opinion that perhaps more important than asking whether or not a person is smart is asking whether or not she is wise. And though I’m old enough to know that I’m too young to know much, wisdom does have a deeper significance in my life than, say, just being college educated.

    How does this relate to Twilight? Frankly it amuses me that some people are so unyielding to what pleases them just because it is supposedly low brow. Is this this greatest story ever told in the most elegant and well-structured prose? Not in my opinion, but that doesn’t mean it is subsequently unworthy of our attention. I get the sense that the author of this letter is not only resentful of liking this series because it lacks intrinsic artisit merit but also because it’s something with which practically every 12-year-old girl of any socioeconomic background is familiar and able to thoroughly comprehend. Twilight lovers do not comprise an exclusive club, and that is just going to irk some people.

    I suppose the larger issue is that snobbery, like all forms of predjudice, is a crutch and a hindrance to one’s full appreciation of life. It is a vain attempt at establishing a feeling of control to mask deeper feelings of insecurity. It is my sincere wish that whoever wrote this letter does not really and truly resent Twilight because resentment is a heavy, ugly thing to carry around, especially over a thing of such little consequence as a YA series. Some things are wonderful just because they are fun.

    Thus ends my little thesis. Also, no disrespect to the author of this letter. I don’t know you, obviously. This is just my opinion.

    • “Frankly it amuses me that some people are so unyielding to what pleases them just because it is supposedly low brow.” <– Exactly! Well said!

    • i love you for saying this, SEM; and i agree completely. Can i add my own small gripe? I really get the feeling sometimes that around here “smart” and well-educated are supposed to be synonymous, and i don’t agree with that. They aren’t. (Look at G.W. Bush – a Yale grad that I’m pretty confident I could own in a discussion of literature or a game of chess). Maybe i’m just bitter that i don’t have a degree of any kind, but i like to think that this doesn’t actually impair my brain-box in any way. Just saying.

      • Yes, I concur. They aren’t synonymous at all. Some of the smartest people I know never finished (or just barely finished) high school. “Smartness” can (but needn’t) come from a range of experiences, only one of which is education. I am over-educated, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m really not that smart. The ways in which I do think I am smart come from my personal life experiences and observing the world, not from any academic training.

        • just to clarify, i didn’t mean to direct that at anyone in particular, it’s just a pet peeve of mine that gets aggravated sometimes here, and i couldn’t help myself! here’s hoping that one day $ will no longer be an issue and i can join the ranks. and you are too smart, tuesday! pffft. 😛

          • EG, you are a freaking genius. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

          • Well, if I’m smart, then you’re smart. Of course, I’m the idiot steeped in student loan debt…

          • Sure you didn’t, EG! You degree holding people hater, you! 😉
            (ps-when we chatted about you wanting your own office space to hang up Edward photos the other night, that was the first time I knew you didn’t have a degree [of any kind]. You so smart, girl. I actually have just defaulted to thinking all LTTers have degrees or are in school. They all so smart!)

      • Don’t feel bad about not having a degree. Plenty of otherwise accomplished people don’t.

        • Yeah, truth! Mr LPB never finished his degree, and he runs our business and is the major breadwinner around here. Me and my degree? Um…sort of using it to sort of work part time…

          • I stay at home with my kids, so my fancy degree goes unused as well!
            I have a BBA and now I clean toilets, mop floors and read Twilight 🙂

      • I absolutely agree! My husband did very poorly in school. In fact, a counselor once told his parents he probably wouldn’t do much in life – can you imagine someone saying that about your kid 😦 ?

        Anyway, he worked really hard in high school so he could go to a community college. He did end up getting a degree from a “lesser” university. He started a small business with a friend of his and now they are doing quite well. In fact, I’m able to stay at home with our kids.

        Sometimes hard work and street smarts can get you farther in life than a fancy education. I really don’t care if someone is “educated” or not. Some of the kindest people I know would probably be looked down on by well educated people.

      • One of my professors this semester (who is a social worker who teaches on the side) started off by saying “I’m not the most intelligent person you will ever meet, but I am one of the smartest.” In the same vein, there is book smart and then street smart. In some people, never the two shall meet.

        • Hangs head

          Mr LoveMe says I am the book smarts and he is the street smarts, and that is the only time the two are combined with me.

          I have a bacelors in nursing and Idabble in Network marketing. Weird, right?

          But I started as an English Lit major. So, who really knows? I think it’s all in what you do with what you’ve got.

          And I’ve got Twilight. And Rob. And you ladies. Oh and a great family and all that crap.

          So, I think that makes me pretty successful.

          • so, in my brilliance, that would be:

            I have a BACHELOR’S in nursing and I dabble in Network marketing.


          • Well, you did say you started in English, not that you finished in it teehee

          • EXACTLY!

            So, instead, I choose to save lives.

            Scarey, huh?

          • No, if you can find my __ ___ ___ artery and know which kind of ___ ____ I need (insert big latin words in the blanks), then I don’t really give a crap if you can spell. (esp. since it was just a typo anyway lol)

      • I agree with you. I’m supposed to be one of those “smart” people. But as you said, it mainly means well-educated. I’m doing a PhD in mathematics. This means I’m a nerd. Not a smart person. I do stuff behind my computer, stuff no-one cares about. My work will end up in some magazine no-one reads in a remote corner of the library under ten layers of dust. I don’t save lives, I know crap about history, literature and lots of other topics and I’m a spelling disaster. I only feel “smart” in the way that I’m very open-minded and that I know what I’m good at/what I know and most importantly: what I’m not good at/what I don’t know.

        I really loved this letter though. For me it didn’t feel like the author resents twilight, I think a lot of it was meant in a humoristic way. Like we all sometimes wonder, Twilight, why do I love you again? And having to accept the fact that there simply is no “intellectual” answer to this question.

  4. I thought I once was a smart person and I went to one of “those New England schools” but I hope I was never a snob. No, I don’t think I was, I was too much of a people person and loved having fun, pulling pranks and doing some really crazy things that I will deny, deny, deny! Now I am not such a smart person, things have changed but that is ok. I am who I am and although alot has changed, some of it has been for the better. In my old life I would not have red/watched Twilight or if I did I would not have enjoyed/appreciated it the way I was “forced” to and would have denied, denied, denied!!! For sure it would never have impacted my life the way it has nor would I have found myself here. In all of my many (many) years I have never been to a blog, nevermind on a daily basis! Certainly, in my past life I would never have rushed to turn on my computer just to see what was happening in the Twi-world instead of the RL world…and I would have never met the caliber of people I have met here….sure I may have lost some of what I learned as a “smart” person, but boy have I educated in SO MUCH here and you all know what I am talking about… 😉 I have made some really good BFF’s that I will most likely stay in touch with forever, something I can’t say about my school buddies as I have learned what true friendship is, that I can be me as I am now and its ok. That I can admit I am having a Twilight party tonight b/c it is premiering on Showtime and I finally get to see it/him “on the big screen” and this alone is worth celebrating! That this is indeed normal!
    (Any excuse for a party these days is all good with me)!

    BTW Toooldforthis: choco cake is not bad for you, it has eggs for protein, chocolate (especially dark chocolate) which is an antioxident, canola or olive oil to lube the….arteries, water for hydration etc., its the frosting that kills ya…see I am still a little smart…

    Also, was it just me, or did Rob look extremely rough last night? Did he appear to have some kind of headboard bump or rug burn…I mean cut on his upper lip?? Surely he was just trying to dress down for the somber occasion…he is cool like that…

    Seriously, I am still putting the peices of my heart back together this a.m. after watching such sorrow/hardship… and the images of the all those children… 😦

    To end on a lighter note, all are welcome to come to my “Twilight party” tonight.where you may be witness to some of that old craziness I still harbor inside from my “smart days” and only let out for very special occasions…
    Happy Weekend Everyone! I’ll shut up now… 🙂

    • If you are not such a smart person now then you must have been downright scary before your accident.

      I wasn’t a big fan of Rob’s look last night, either, but I think that weird spot on his lip was due more to the strange lighting than an injury. He didn’t have a cut on his lip in any of the photos I saw. I’m not enjoying lumberjack Rob at all. He looks like any of the yahoos around here!

      • Too true. What is up with all the formerly good looking men who are now growing facial hair? Some is sometimes okay, but scruffy seems to be the look that is in.

    • I love you Midnight_Cyn!! Thank you for justifying the chocolate cake!

      Can you now justify red wine, tortilla chips, potato chips and blueberry pie?

      • new nickname for that I learned alot more from RL than I ever did in a classroom…the hubs too..he had the worst time in school and yet he is one of the smartest ppl I know, runs his own business etc., I am often awed with his abilities..
        Rob…ahhh..such a shame.(he DID look almost worse than the riff raff I see around here..(that is why I don’t allow any of my girls to date..tee hee.) but I have to say that after viewing the tape 50..I mean 5 times..I do see a cut there..perhaps KStew popped him right before he went on stage for looking like he just rolled out of the sack after being there for a month or so and thus stirring up all kinds of rumours about them AGAIN….after some ice and redistribution of facial hair, it didn’t show up in later pics???

        @toooldforthis: Red wine: antioxident, extends life and contains antiaging components…The more you drink, the younger you stay and since your drunk you won’t mind growing old! (Since I am old..I say imma gonna get me some)!
        Tortilla chips: made of corn, full veggie portion
        Potato chips: (baked not fried)contain Vitamin-C and B-complex and minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc and bonus pts. if you get the kind with the skin on them. Eat the whole dang bag.. 😉
        Blueberry Pie: Blueberries are rated the #1 antioxidant and is a full serving of fruit so cut yourself a BIG peice!!
        ENJOY!! 😉

        @KitKat: can you tell me what your avatar says?? I can’t read it and inquiring minds want to know??? Thanx!!

        • @MidCyn – KStew is in the US for the Sundance festival, so if someone is biting sweet Rob on his hairy lip it wasn’t her!

          Anyone know where TomStu has been lately?

        • @MidCyn – You are my new favorite person. I’m starting on my first glass on wine. I have now decided I shall have 2 🙂

        • @MidCyn- Yeah, I realized that it was impossible to read as soon as I made my first comment but I’m too lazy to find another one right now. It says
          “Edward is for Bella because Taycob is for me!”

    • WHAT?

      Cyn, you are always well spoken and well written as the two are the same here.

      Anyway, I think you have some brill comments and perceptions of topics.

      What I don’t like is that you can put yourself down so easily.

      You are a survivor and if I were you I would be screaming from the rooftops for people to kiss my arse, cause with all you have been through, you, my friend, are totes awesome!

      • Your so sweet! I didn’t mean to sound like I was putting my self down….I was only trying to say things are different now…that is a fact..but I believe when one door closes..I walk into know what I mean…its like when I had Breast Cancer..I hated it, and it may have changed the way I look on the outside but not on the inside! In fact I appreciate life more than ever and try really to make the best out of everyday..good or bad…
        I truly feel blessed that out of this whole thing I have met ppl like you that under other circumstances I would probably never have had a chance to know as I was a Mom/workaholic/wife/fanatic neat freak and never had time to do fun stuff like this etc..
        BTW I would get on the rooftop but in best imitation of Bella “Not such a good idea” and at my age no one would wanna kiss my arse anyway!! LMAO…I ❤ you!!

        • You had breast cancer?… MidCyn you amaze me more everyday!

          • @KitKat..thanks for telling me what your avatar says..I kept trying to enlarge the page so I could read wasn’t working but I knew it would be a good one if you had picked it so it was driving me crazier not knowing…
            Yes I had BC when I was in my early 30’s which is why I think that the “new guidelines suck big time”!! My doctor told me that by the time I was able to feel the lump the cancer had been there for about 12 yrs! So if they tell women not to have mamo’s until their 50’s women are going to die. Even before the new guidelines came out, I was irate to learn that one of my 3 daughter’s was refused a mamo at the hospital b/c they said she was too young even tho her doctor ORDERED it for her, due to my history. Makes me furious…
            So please ladies…check yourselves monthly and INSIST on getting your mamo’s!!

          • Amen to that! The same thing happened to my friend who is in her late thirties. She was a little worried and didn’t want to wait until 40. She insisted (she is a very strong woman!) and is alive today because of it. Feel your boobies!

    • Hi MidCyn! I’ve only known for a little while, but you appear to be that rare breed of well-educated AND smart! 🙂

      Sorry ladies, I have to disagree on one thing – I thought lumberjack Rob looked HOT! I think the lighting wasn’t good though and made his face look different. But I saw some well-lit pictures of him arriving at the place yesterday for filming and they were nice!

      • OK knows I luvs ya..but you have just proven the long standing statement…LOVE IS BLIND! *****DUCKS*****…In truth Rob looked like he had been hiding INSIDE the dumpster instead of behind it!!! ****DUCKS AGAIN*** OR…..OR…he could be getting ready to sneak out on KStew and come visit you incognito…so keep your razor handy….!!! See why I love Eddie and not Rob..his hair NEVER grows… 😉

        • Oh I fully admit that I have Rob blinders/Rob colored glasses on! Seriously, he could crawl out of the dumpster and I would still find him hot. It’s a sickness. I know. I just can’t help it. 🙂

          And…shhhhhh…don’t spread the word that he was coming to my house incognito. Good thing we got him inside before people read you post. Er…I mean…well, no…he’s not here. Where did you get that idea?

          • “If being in love is sick, I don’t wanna get better”…wasn’t that a song or something like it??? If not, I just made it one for you Ang…Oh BTW…you may want to take down the Giant “Do Not Disturb FOR ANY REASON” Sign off your front door and turn up the Elvis…I just sayin.. 😉

          • Oh, MidCyn…I so heart you! 🙂 You know me too well…

          • @Ang..I JUST NOW realized that you wrote “we” got him inside…hmmmmmm…JUST WHAT IS GOING ON AT YOUR HOUSE..(and how come I wasn’t invited.. 😉

      • I thought lumberjack Rob looked delectable, too! I ❤ Beardward.

  5. I’m not smart like that. Good lawd. I wanna jump off a cliff when I read things that are that beautiful. Way to make me feel like an idiot.

    I am in college but I am fairly certain that the only reason that I make good grades (usually… let’s not talk about last semester) is because I can read. I’m not talking about regular reading. I can read and comprehend faster than anyone else I’ve met.

    And yes. I hate Twilight sometimes. I hate Twilight when I’m randomly assigned Stephanie Meyer for an author study. I really, really hate Twilight when a huge football player challenges me for the honor of reporting on said author. And I have to do a coin toss in front of the class.

    Twilight, you are so ridiculous sometimes. Like the author of the letter, I hate you but I love you.

    PS. Loved your letter! I wish I could speak/write so eloquently.

    • Despite the feelings of ridiculousness, I love that you’re doing an author study on Stephenie Meyer, and that a football player (and potential unicorn) challenged you for it. 🙂

      • I have a feeling that you two may be friends someday… ifyouknowwhatImean. *wink, wink*

        And to clarify, I don’t think that I am better than Twilight. I really don’t. I just hate speaking in public.

        Fainting Fang is not what I want to be remembered for.

        • I really hope that I can introduce him to my little world… mwahaha!

          I’m not a big fan of speaking in public either, though teaching has sort of helped that fear a lot, but just think of how prepared you’ll be! I’d say that months and months of LTT will make you the most well-prepared presenter, ever!

        • Hee hee, you said peen. Just so you will let it slip out in class (twss) peen peen peen peen peen.

          • P.S. I have a degree.
            P.P.S. This is *somewhat* countered by the fact that I’m half Irish & have the hyperactive gob that comes with that.

            Highbrow, lowbrow, unibrow, Rob’s brow, let’s read what we enjoy & stuff the categories.

            Where was I? Oh, yes, peen peen peen sparklepeen, sparkley, sparkley peen…

  6. I don’t know if this will work, but in case you missed it…

    • thanks for posting it! i got a phone call during the telethon, and of course this is the part i miss!

      • Your very welcome…I too was on the phone (calling to talk to Rob…NOOO… I mean donate….when he was on…taped it though..took forever to get through…. OH SHITZ I ALMOST FORGOT TO SHARE… So I am dialing and hitting redial over and over and then this guy answers and seriously my heart flip flopped for just a sec, cause he was british or something and I couldn’t speak…not a he said something again and it was then I realized he was sounding wayyy too old. AND was not even from the donation center…guess he had been getting tons of calls from ppl b/c his line somehow got crossed..anywho….I keep calling and finally did get through…but for that second or two..OMELE…course THAT would be my luck to actually have gotten HIM on the phone and not have been able to utter one single word….Yup that woulda been me!!

  7. Sigh… I don’t really think I’m a very smart person, but I’m “smart” in the sense described above. I have three degrees in philosophy and I’m working on my PhD. (One of these days, I swear I’ll write a letter for Twilosophy.) I guess that qualifies me as smart, which is generally seen as a frightening thing and not a good thing, because our society only seems to value the wealthy (which I will never be) and not the people who ask important questions. But, I digress.

    I like Twilight. I also like television – including day time soaps, Survivor and game shows. I read Sci-Fi novels in my spare time. I also like sappy love stories, and I am so nerdy that I do an annual reading of Pride and Prejudice, because every time I read it, I’m still able to think that maybe this time Elizabeth won’t see Mr. Darcy for who he is.

    Why do I like these things? Partly because they’re all entertaining, but partly for the escape. People see escapism as a bad thing sometimes, but when you question reality, life, the good and the right for a living, you need that escape. Academics who don’t have an outlet like this become very snobby, delusional, and convinced that theory is more important than people living their day to day lives.

    Honestly, I think that Twilight and things like it, help you see that even though vampires and shapeshifters and fated, eternal love (probably) don’t exist, we do live in a world where people can still imagine these things. I would much rather live in a world where people can imagine and write about true love, courage, and honor – things you rarely see in the “real” world – than in a world with no outlet for the human imagination at all.

    • “I would much rather live in a world where people can imagine and write about true love, courage, and honor – things you rarely see in the “real” world – than in a world with no outlet for the human imagination at all.”

      That is the utter truth. You summed it up perfectly.

    • TUESDAY! I. love. you.

      Other than the Philosophy degrees, I could have written what you wrote. I hate when people bust my chops for liking ‘low-brow’ things like Survivor, 90210 reruns and bad movies. I half majored in English, I have read great works, I too, reread P and P like it is the first time as often as I can. I also love some really great movies….

      I think that ‘being smart’ and ‘enjoying crappy stuff’ don’t have to be mutually exclusive…Maybe it helps, because we are clever enough to realize it is kind of crappy, so we can relax and enjoy the escape.

      • Thanks LPB, I’m going to use that- “we are clever enough to realize it is kind of crappy”- next time someone laughs at me for the (admittedly laughable) romance novels I read.

        • No problem. I always read those books on vacations because people leave them lying around vacation rentals. I read a doozy last summer, when I was vacationing with my in laws, and I made sure to read it in front of my MIL, cause she is such a book snob. Yeah, I’m a little passive-aggressive like that, haha. 🙂

        • Amen.

      • “Clever enough to realize it is kind of crappy” does sum it up quite well! The important thing is that it’s enjoyable and doesn’t hurt anyone else. (It’s an added bonus when it annoys the snobbish!)

        Incidentally, I love 90210 reruns, too! I have a girl crush on Jennie Garth, and I don’t know if I should be more jealous of her or of Peter… hell, I’m jealous of both of them.

    • Well said! I have a degree in accounting, so many times I feel very ignorant when people are having book discussions. I don’t like many of the books that are considered “classics”. I made a promise to myself when I finished college that I would only read what I wanted to read. I was so tired of reading what was assigned for a particular class. And you know what? I’ve been out of college for 13 years now and I have kept that promise to myself. I love to read. I just don’t like to read what is considered “literature”. I hate Shakespeare. That’s right, I said it. I can’t stand it. I’ve tried to read it and it feels like work to me.

      Reading is something I do in my free time. I want it to be enjoyable and damnit, Twilight is enjoyable!! I don’t care if Meyer’s sentence structure isn’t quite right. Or if she uses “chagrin” and “dazzle” to many times. She’s created an interesting world and I like to visit it every so often.

      BTW tuesdaymidnight – I love that you consider it a confession that you read P&P! I just bought the complete Jane Austen collection and I consider that my “High-Brow” reading 🙂

      • Good for you! Who decides what “literature” is anyway!?

        And, haha, I was more confessing that I’m a sucker for a love story with a happy ending. 🙂 I’m supposed to be the cold, hard, logical philosopher… but I’m really just a softy who likes mushy endings.

      • What about “russet”? That just about killed me. How many times could SM use that word to describe Jacob?????

        Everytime I have to go and buy bakers I’m thinking about hot Native American werewolves in jorts.

        • So true! How many times was Edward described as “a greek god”. It’s so bad, but I don’t care ’cause I fall for it. Every. Time.

    • People see escapism as a bad thing? In the US? Our entertainment industry is the largest in the world…

      • Well… the academics I know don’t quite get the real world and my inexplicable knowledge of pop culture is really frowned upon. Philosophers especially seem to live in their own little worlds… venturing out only for political protests… but the worst part is that they don’t KNOW they are ignoring the world around them. But, I did recently read some new study about the dangers of escapism on children – video games, etc. I have a good feeling that the entertainment industry will prevail… 🙂

    • Yes! Escape is crucial to my well being also. Sometimes, I think I want to escape a little too often, though… 😉

      • You know what, escape is crucial to my well being too! I have two children, one of whom is chronically ill. Sometimes I don’t like the “real world” very much. When I get the chance to escape, I take it, and I’ve learned not to feel guilty about it 🙂

        • Yeah, I’ve been a daydreamer my whole life. Really don’t know why I didn’t pursue a more artsy career path. My current field is. just. so. damn. real. and it leaves me precious little time to escape.

          I know how you feel. My son has special needs, and there are times when mommy just needs to visit her little world of sparkly greek gods after a long day.

          Those obscure, intellectual books I read as a snobby young undergrad don’t interest me as much. I’m in the thick of real life now.

  8. My husband resents Twilight. And hates it. No question. He doens’t quite understand how my general better mood these last few months is thanks to Twilight. He just understands the general lack of order in the house is due to Twilight.

    I’m not really smart, but I managed to obtain a law degree and pass the Bar Exam, so many people assume I’m smart. And I like Twilight, flaws and all.

    • He actively hates Twilight?! How do you deal with that? If my boyfriend actively hated Twilight, I’m not sure if we’d be dating still.

      • DID I MENTION THAT TWILIGHT PREMIERES TONIGHT ON SHOWTIME??? Did I ALSO mention that I am forcing the hubs into watching it with me…OH SHITZ maybe that is not such a good idea?? What if he starts putting things together..I mean he knows I have Blanket Rob..innocent enough it was a gift..and I may or may not have received several Twilight/New Moon gifts for the holidays,but he assumed those were bribes from the DILTB so I will definately show up at their wedding.. but he has NO clue as to my devotion to Edward…I mean Twilight…what if I forget that he is in the room and say something out loud that spills the beans?? What if FTLOE justs falls out of my mouth..or I break out into a sweat seeing HIM on the big screen!! Or fall off the couch trying to get closer to the T.V…?? Think of all the “possibilities:….. 😉

        • My DVR has been set for this moment for weeks now. I can’t wait to be able to have Twilight playing in every room in my house!! When the hubs is at work, Twi will be on a continuous loop. Yippee!!

        • I’ve been hiding my Robsession from my husband. He knows I like Twilight but he hasn’t watched it, yet. Now that it’s showing on cable nonstop, I’m afraid he’ll watch it – and think I’m nuts.

            I am beyond excited…after watching nightly on a tiny computer screen, I am unsure as to whether or not I am going to be able to contain myself…I have visions of my hubs like laughing throughout.or worse making some offensive comments ..and me going balistic then to jail for doing him some damage…OH wait..I am brain damaged..they would HAVE to understand right?? I MEAN IT’S TWILIGHT FOR EDDIE’s SAKE!! I Can’t be held responsible….
            If not..Imma gonna need bail money!!!
            NOTE**They said they are going to show some never before seen scenes!!! OMELE..can I make it until 8 PM????

          • What??!! Never before seen scenes?

            I’m pouring yet another glass of wine and putting the kids to bed early.

            More Edward is ALWAYS a good thing.

      • Oh, yes, he ABHORS it. Thinks it has dumbed me down and turned me into some midlife crisis twit. He’s not mean about it, just refuses to have anything to do with it. I’m certain one of these days he will deface Flat Edward or hang Pocket Eddie from the tree out front or drown him in the pool, but he knows that would really upset me, so he’s waiting until he hits his breaking point.

  9. I’m not going to comment on my (or anyone else’s) intelligence or education. All I’m going to say is that I do feel somewhat like this letter writer. I am in love with the books, the characters, the way they make me feel. But I do sometimes wonder why I feel this way. The writing is not very good, the repetition does drive me crazy and to me BD is a travesty. I felt so cheated after reading it.

    So I guess it all boils down to this: I don’t love Twilight unconditionally, but I do love it.

  10. I iz not smart…lets face it…I’m the kid who sits in the back of the class making innapropriate (Did I spell that right?) jokes and not taking notes while still managing to get through tests…Ok…maybe I iz smart…

    To be honest…I’m sick of people telling me what I should or should not be liking anymore…I love and have a diploma in opera (high art) but I laugh at monkeys (low art), I read the classics (high art) but I also read campy superman comics (low art)

    I guess what I have to say is, life is too short to be so ridiculously worried about what you should or should not be liking. I love Twilight…ALL sparkle/fur-peen-that-Bella-never-seems-to-get-until-the-end-where-we’re-cockblocked-by-what-seems-like-a-bloody-eclipse (see what I did there? Thmart!) of it. It doesnt make my degree any less important or my life any more worse. If Nelson Mandela can enjoy a little Rambo (And you KNOW he does) why can’t poor insignificant little hamsters enjoy a little shimmer, plush and immortality? I think people need to get off their high horse (but NOT be a weirdo Twi-tard) and just loosen the hale up. Life is faaar too short to worry about what “interllectuelz” think about your obsession. Just thank God its not Fabio or Hasslehoff and move on…

    That said,…I LOVE the letter…made me giggle like a moron…
    Morning everybody!
    The hamster is laughing at monkeys…and keyboard cats… 🙂

    • Yes! Exactly. This is why I don’t like when people talk of “guilty pleasures.” We like what we like, and we shouldn’t feel guilty for it!

    • ‘Thank god it’s not Fabio or Hasslehoff.’ LOL.

      Oh Illegal – your snobbery cuts deep! Say it’s not so!

      PS. Had another ‘jellyfish impression’ practise session with niece yesterday. Am worried that it just won’t measure up to ‘lil Scamps acting standards. Serious performance nerves!

      • Ok ok….you caught me…I luuurve Baywatch…(sorry still no Fabio)
        I’m sure your depiction of the ethreal but deadly jellyfish is amay-zing! Just keep your limbs loose and reign in the emotion…they are stoic creatures those jellyfish.None of us can out-do the lil’ scamp, we can only try and in case you feel like it’s going down faster than Bella’s hands in the bedroom scene, just pash the guy.He’ll be too shocked to do anything else and I give you my blessing. No groping though, Big Daddy wont like that… 🙂

  11. I don’t have a degree (yet) but I think I’m pretty well educated, if only due to changing my major so many times. I first read Twilight out of curiosity. I wanted to see what the big deal was. Waited forever to get it from the library (not willing to purchase something I probably wouldn’t like. Needless to say, I fell like a many tons of bricks. I felt 17 again but in a better way than 17 actually was. As soon as I finished the first book, I bought the next two and waited anxiously for the turkey that is BD. I’m pretty quiet about my obsession with it. And it bugs the shit out of me that I’m so addicted. I can’t read the non-Edward part of New Moon because I cry like an idiot every time I read it. Pisses me off! And the only blogs I read now are sarcastic Twilight blogs! I used to read art blogs and do research. So

  12. I love this letter. And like many commenters, I’m done apologizing for liking Twilight. If it makes me seem low-brow, well, so be it. I am a complex woman of varying tastes. I am a snob of NO kind, though. My life philosophy is generally: Do whatever you want, do not hurt anyone else in the process. Is my love of Twilight hurting anybody? Nope. Other than the unfolded laundry…..but i didn’t care too much for that pre-Twilight, either.

    Rock on, Art Historian!

  13. Der’s too meny big werdz in teh comments today.

  14. don’t forget to vote till Jan 25 (only once in ten min) , is Laurie really the most attractive man???
    yes we can bring Rob on the top

  15. My overworked brain is thankful for Ms. SM being the give-it-up-on-the-first-date girl that she is.
    I’m a Mom, a full-time student (at a Community College, *gasp*), a wife, a volunteer, and the maid/financial planner for the entire Poochi household. I don’t want to have to worry about whether or not the plain girl gets to pork the furry boy or the sparkling undead. I want to KNOW, and I want to know before I have to put the book down for the seventeenth time to see who colored what (or who) with a marker.
    Do I feel smarter after I read Twilight (um, again)? No. What I do feel is relaxed and revived. Because, let’s face it, there’s not a great deal of thinking required.

    • Community College ftw!

    • I graduated from a community college too!

      We are the real smarties, poochimama.


    • Poochi!!
      You steal my words from my fingertips.
      Well said. *golf clap* Well said!

      I have no time as well for this. I need to know, and I need to know now, not after the child is pulled from the litter box or any fires are put out. But NOW.

      And does anyone else put the Twi down, only to begin another book and feel it doesn’t ‘hit the mark’ and put it down only to pick up Twi again and suddenly be “home”? Anyone?

      This makes me think SM is more brilliant than we give her credit.


      • Oh, lovesmesome (that’s what she said) I agree. In fact, this summer, *clears throat to prepare for embarassing story*, I decided that I would read Wuthering Heights again. Granted, I read it because I wanted to be all Bella-y…. ie: I’m smart AND I smell good to pretty boys, but that’s neither here nor there. It took me THREE DAYS to read that damn book. Twilight takes me, oh, four hours?
        Granted, WH is a great piece of literature, but I felt like I was trudging through quicksand to read it. It was slow, it was long (that’s what she..oh nevermind), and in the end, it didn’t make me feel like I had just been on a mini-vacation.
        So yes, I know EXACTLY what you mean. 🙂

      • Yay, LMSC! I just looked back up at the previous comments and noticed that you are a Nurse. I’m pursuing my ADN, then fast-tracking my BSN. I’m just so excited to see that there’s another nursie type here in Twiland.

        And now I’m officially a creepy crazy internet gal. Wow.

        • I LOVE NURSES!!!!

          My son spent 4 1/2 months in a NICU being cared for by nurses when I couldn’t be there. God bless you all!

          • Aww, thanks guys. I acutally work with babies, for the states infant and toddler early intervention program. Preemies, kids with developmental issues, etc.

            Thanks for showing me the love!!


  16. THIS. is why I heart this blog! I think every single one of you are brilliant, and I love the fact that all (well most) of us agree that we don’t have to apologize or feel guilty about loving Twilight! I was that way in the beginning…I stuck my nose up at Twilight, and then I was embarrassed when I started that downward spiral because I come from a family of book snobs and I thought I could NEVER let them know that I enjoyed something like this. But now I’m over it. Most people don’t know the true level of my obsession, but I also don’t make myself feel guilty for it anymore. Why feel guilty for something that makes you happy? It sounds so ridiculous, but that’s the reality of so many of our lives. There’s something about this little Twi-world that speaks to people’s hearts and not necessarily their minds. And that is certainly not a bad thing!

  17. I don’t have a comment today, so I’m just posting to keep up my commitment to lulu, mountainlion, and tuesday. I’m going with a non-smiling theme today, and no Cuddley:

    Did you ask me about RPattz again? Yeah, I still don’t really know him all that well.

    Let’sJust do thisit.

    O rly?

    I’m sorry, I thought only E! asked questions that inane.

    • No comment? 😦

      Thank you for the pics, though! I didn’t think it was possible, but I think Charlie is sexier when he’s pulling his serious face. Sigh…

      P.S.- Like the new avi! Still managed to sneak some Cuddley in!

      • I never miss an opportunity to sneak some Cuddley in (yeah, she said that)

        And no comment. The letter made me self-reflect a lot and then I went to go read Middlesex and work on my writing. Instead I read about 40 pages then wrote LTT a Charlie Bewley appreciation Sunday letter so they can *fingers crossed* post it next week (as this week’s Sunday post is most likely already cued up to go). I’ve been looking at so many Charlie photos today it’s nuts. But I found some real winners and put them in the letter for UC&Moon to choose from for the post (if they post it). Whatever doesn’t get posted, I will send you (and lulu and mtnlion–if she wants) the links to. Here’s a bonus serious face pic. It’s a still from the upcoming film, Ecstasy in which he plays the lead male.

    • Thanks, TS!!

      I think BB’s scruff could hurt a person.

      not complaining,

  18. Oh how I love you guys!! I was in a PhD program in Ethnic Studies (yeah, don’t ask) and it was the worst experience of my life. I felt that the only way to be successful was to BS all the time and quote Marx and Spivak without actually reading them. My grades were good, but my soul suffered. I became really depressed. I actually quit after the first year.
    Anyway, when you read super dry writing about theory that has no foundation in the actual struggles of the people we’re supposed to care about, eventually you’d rather read about fantasy creatures that “purse their lips” a lot. Really what’s with all the lip-pursing?

    • I contemplate dropping out of my program almost daily, because of the reasons you describe. Philosophy is a lot of bullshitting as well, and yet the people around me seem to think that what they are doing is important. The only thing that keeps me going is that I do think if done the right way, it CAN be important. However, I do find it a lot easier and enjoyable to read about lip-pursing vampires. Haha, I have no clue why they all purse their lips… are they pouting? Because they’re so pretty?

    • I kind of get that feeling in my history classes. I love it, and I find most of it super interesting, but I’m not above laughing. I also don’t see the value in analyzing absolutely EVERYTHING. You sit in class discussions and hear these people and think, “How did they come up with that? I was giggling over this other random fact.” And then I fell guilty that I’m not taking it as seriously.

  19. I too was an Art History major. I couldn’t face the over-analysis of everything that sucked the enjoyment right out of the art, so never went into the field after graduating. A girl just wanted to have fun! So I wanted to say this letter hit very close to home. I had to re-learn to just enjoy books, art, movies, for themselves after college, recognizing whether they were really well-done or not, and letting it go. Life’s too short, and the brain has to be balanced by the heart!

    • So true! It’s like I need to switch off a certain part of my brain in order to really enjoy tv…if not, I start going into character motivations in Friends “I think Joey is an icon of hyper-masculinity since he grew up as the only male among many females…” I’m surprised my fiance is still around….

  20. I actually own “Twilight and Philosophy” … main reason is because I’m a psychology major, and I also like to see how people relate the books I read to everyday life.

    There are SO many great chapters filled with things I wouldn’t have thought about. I’m at the chapter now where they discuss what makes a human being a human being. How vampirism relate to this subject was quite fascinating. Obviously if you are living, breathing and have a conscience it make you a person, but to be HUMAN it takes much more than that. Apparently according to several philosophers, include Plato, to be a Human you need to have a drive for human life. I think the Cullens fall under this category out of respect for the living.

    The chapter on Carlisle is amazing. Its about his compassion for others and how compassion = a soul.

    Sorry for my rant, but I do enjoy this book and I’m so amazed at the way they wrote it.

    • I’ve been resisting Twilight and Philosophy, for reasons I won’t get into… but there’s also a book called “The Undead and Philosophy: Chicken Soup for the Soulless” which you might enjoy.

  21. I loved this article from the Washington Post and it’s related to todays post.

    “Twilight: The love that dare not speak its shame”

    I’ve discovered after being pretty snobby about what defines worthwhile literature (for me), that reading Twilight and enjoying it, and HIM and you all so much is that my life is so much richer.

    …just sayin’

    • This article is great! Thanks for posting. I especially love the line:

      “One minute you’re a functioning member of society, the next you’re succumbing to the dark side, wondering how deep you’re willing to go — and what that longing says about you.”

      Yep, I can relate to that. I also really loved the statement that what Twilight is REALLY about is being 17. That’s a big part of what has always drawn me in…memories of my youth (of course I never had to deal with the vamp/wolf thing, by you know what I mean!).

    • Mine, too, mountain lion, mine too.

    • That was well-written and too true.
      (Did anyone else notice that the hyperlinks were to an article titled “What Kind of Sex-Ed Works” that references our BFF T-Swift and Twilight?)

  22. I too am an Art History major. And although I do not have a Master’s or PhD in it – yet – I did get my BA from a school that is so snobby that many of its alumni who go on to Ivy League graduate schools consider them to be of inferior quality. I have a t-shirt that states that Harvard is the American version of my (Canadian) university. Canadians should know which school I’m talking about. But anyways….

    I say all that because I now wish to state that I respectfully disagree with the tone of this letter. No offense intended to the author; the letter was well written and presents an interesting point of view and I certainly appreciate her sharing with us today.

    However, I feel it is first of all perpetuating the snobby tone that is all too often stereotypes academics and intellectuals. My fiance and I are both intellectuals (he’s a PhD candidate in industrial engineering) yet on weekends we love trashy movies and GaGa’s music and of course Twilight (he’s Team Jacob) as much as the next person. Just because you are an intellectual or an academic does not mean you are above enjoying something that is fun and entertaining.

    I am constantly battling in my real life against the stereotype my friends and social circles have of me being “the intellectual” and because of this image I carry around (and am proud to have) I am somehow expected to NOT like pop culture trends like Twilight. Everyone I know acts like it is strange, out-of-character, and shameful for me to like Twilight. I mean, I couldn’t, ACTUALLY, like a book with a clumsy, dependent, old-world female lead who is sappily in love with a guy whose only redeeming quality is being the world’s hottest male ever, could I? Yes, I tell them, I could.

    And I do not resent Twilight because I love it. As I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, Meyer is no Tolstoy but she is a fantastic story tellers of all time. How else can we explain why Twilight has touched so many?

    This is the same struggle that today’s LTT letter author seems to be facing. I would just like to tell her to just stop and say, screw it, I love you Twilight. If you enjoyed the series, great. Don’t be ashamed of it. Don’t resent it. Add the disclaimer that you read Tolstoy (or in your case, Simon Schama) right after finishing the series, if it makes you (and your friends) feel better when you admit you liked Twilight. Just decide that you don’t freakin’ care. You can be intellectual, smart, be able to describe how a Dutch still life of a bowl of fruit is a metaphor for civic responsibility, AND STILL ENJOY TWILIGHT. Let everyone know that.

    Not everything in life has to be dissected or analyzed or justified before it can be enjoyed. Twilight is one of those things.

    On a side note I find it hilarious that universities are now using Twilight as a lesson topic. In her defense, I probably could have never let go and fully enjoyed the series, either, if I had heard some of my classmates dissect it to death. Where did the days when no one had ever heard of it go?

    • Whoops, a few typos in there, just to prove how intellectual I am. Me smart.

      • I love that your fiance is team Jacob!
        Oh, and I also appreciate your other comments as well as well as everyone else’s today.

        The best decision I ever made was to drop out of university. The shock the horror and the shame from myself and others was pretty intense to overcome, but when I did it was so liberating and happy. It mean I went places and saw things I didn’t even know existed. But other people still don’t get how I can be happy without finishing.

        I am however ashamed of my Twi-obssession and this concerns me.

        Until today. I have had an epiphany. I am not ashamed of liking Twilight or the movies. I am ashamed of my obsession!!!!!!!!!

        I love Shakespeare and Austen, Dickinson and Asterix (one of the most historically accurate commentaries of the Roman Empire), but I don’t nitpick every detail. I don’t know ridiculously obscure yet fascinating trivia about the authors or actors in movie adaptations.

        No, I am very comfortable with liking Twilight. My shame is my obsession, and I am very ashamed of being ashamed.

        If anyone has any tips to overcome this shame, HELP ME! because I really, really want to go to a convention this year without having to stress about having plastic surgery to cunningly disguise myself.

        Also, I don’t have enough cash to go to a ‘good'(ie qualified) plastic surgeon and am a little worried about being mistaken for a leper – even though people SHOULD REALISE THEY HAVE FEELINGS TOO!

        • Sorry, no tips, but I agree. I don’t mind liking Twilight at all. What bothers me is that every other Christmas gift I opened was Twilight related and that my friends mock me if I know something because of Twilight (such as I’ve heard of the show Nurse Jackie because of P-Fach).

        • LOL, I think that it’s ok to have a little obsession as long as it doesn’t seriously affect your life. But I try to have interests other than Twilight. Like listening to music, reading other books, art and painting, etc. I guess I’ve always been interested in a million things though.

    • Um, do you go to the University of Edward Masen?

      • Yeah, you got it. I have a BA in Philosophy (specialty: men of Chicago c. early 20th century, vegetarianism, white shirts with mandarin collars and how they fit into modern ideals of beauty); minors in music and flippy bronze hair appreciation.

    • All I have to say to this is – YES! YES! YES!

      I’m a pop culture nut, which most definitely includes my love of Twilight. It doesn’t come up a lot with my colleagues (who would probably be appalled to know the extent of my obsession), but I think my students appreciate it. I once had a professor who didn’t know who Homer Simpson was. Even if one poo poos all things pop culture, it helps me relate to the people I’m trying to teach, and any way I can make philosophy seem more appealing is good in my book.

    • I’m now a second time poster- the letter from the snotty art historian is in fact mine. Thanks to UC for posting it- I checked the site today (as I always do) and lo and behold there my very own letter was. Awesome! I’m enjoying reading the comments, too, since connecting with like-minded people was the whole point of writing to LTT.
      I’m responding to this post because it seemed as though the author was disagreeing with me, even though we are actually in complete agreement. Twilight has been good for me because it has forced me to reconcile my ‘guilty’ and ‘not guilty’ pleasures- they shouldn’t be separated, because there shouldn’t be any need to demarcate at all! What makes us happy makes us happy, and that’s what should be celebrated and honored with sarcastic, compulsive, self-deprecating blogs. I was trying to be humorous in the letter- pointing out my own snobbery was a way of indicating that I, too, enjoying poking holes in the stody rigor of academic circles.
      I think, too, that the whole question of what is good writing and what is good reading has been brought up here in a lot of interesting ways. It’s an interesting thing to think about. Maybe I “resent” (the strength of the word resent, by the way, is also supposed to be a humorous exaggeration) Twilight because it doesn’t exactly give me what I want in the reading experience. I devoured those books in basically one long sitting, so obviously I liked them. But I think it is most often good writing that translates into good reading, and so my standards are set that way, hence the initial tendency to disregard ‘Twilight.’ I was wrong though- I love that book, faults and all, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to try not to like it.
      Besides, Twilight has given me a great deal. My husband’s name is actually Edward, and if not for ‘twilight,’ I would never have been able to glare at him and say things like, “You are not acting like the Edward I fell in love with. The fictional, vampiric one. You are acting like the wrong Edward.” Strange but true fact: He is named Edward and speeds like a maniac, but is about 75 % native american and loves big dogs. I am, as a result, on team “Jacob Edward Amalgamate.”

      • YAY- i’m so glad you saw it. I meant to email you, then LOST your email address then COULDN”T find your original email.. all around I failed…….. THANKS FOR THE LETTER!!!

      • fallinggirlstudio, hello and welcome to the wonderful world of commenting on LTT!

        Thank you for responding to my comment, but I feel like there were many other great responses to your post today so I hope you had the chance to read all of the positive feedback, too! 🙂 As a fellow faithful LTT reader I think this is one of the busiest Saturdays in terms of commenting that I’ve seen thanks to your thought-provoking letter.

        I had an inkling that the snobbery was exaggerated in your letter and the resentfulness was, well, ironic… so I just want to let you know – you know, between you and I – I do get it. It just so happens your letter touched on that sensitive feeling we both share. I hope that enough smart, artsy girls who love Twilight can manage to be unapologetic for enjoying it.

        On the other hand I feel so hypocritical writing this because I’ll be the first to admit that it’s easier said than done! I am only just barely unapologetic when admitting to friends that I enjoyed Twilight! It can be downright maddening to explain, and oh yes, I feel as though I do have to explain, as much as I don’t want to. I also find your point of view on the writing interesting. Now that you mention it, I too expect good stories and good, quality writing to go hand-in-hand. You’re right that it’s so hard to consolidate the fact that Twilight isn’t a sophisticated (or even “quality”) piece literature, yet the story itself is somehow highly successful.

        It’s great that your husband is named Edward. He must just love it when you start comparing him to his fictional counterpart!

        I hope we will see you comment more in the future!

      • I’m really glad you decided to post again. Twilosphy is serious, so they tell me, so I interpreted your letter very literally. I see now that I pretty much completely missed the mark when I was assessing its tone. Maybe I have a giant chip on my shoulder about education I didn’t know was there or maybe I’m just not skilled at picking up sarcasm that subtle, but I think I was a little harsh. I hope you feel welcome here; and I hope you continue to post because your insights are very thought provoking and get a lot of discussion started.

      • Is it wrong that I now have a crush on your husband?

      • Totally got and cracked up at the sarcasm and resentment of your well crafted letter.

        Being rather low-brow in my literature taste (I usually prefer catalogs to chapters), yet still resentful that I loved it, I was happy to see that “da smarties” too were resentful of Twilights’ affect.I’m graphic designer (with a degree) that drinks a lot (so I have killed off many brain cells) and have been distracted by shiny objects, I knew these books/movies weren’t beneath me. But the embarrassment of being sucked in to the tween fandom was.

        …serious about the low brow… I really thought there could have been some fart jokes when the twi-trinity was in the tent. I mean c’mon 3 people (2 with excellent noses) in a tent, how can there not be fart jokes…. or at least a threesome?

  23. There’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure.

  24. I know this is the most random thing to pick out of what you said, but those Dutch paintings are fantastic. Heda’s “Breakfast table with Blackberry Pie” actually makes me hungry.

    • COMMENT FAIL!!!!

      That was supposed to be a reply to Opera Rose’s wonderfully written post.

    • Dutch paintings are my favourite! I am obsessed with Vermeer, Judith Leister, and especially Rembrandt…and basically every other Dutch painter of the 16th-17th centuries. They are visually breathtaking but also loaded with meaning.

  25. The ladies (and occassional guy) here at LTT/LTR are truly the best. I may not comment often, but I just want to say that you all are brilliant and hilarious!

    I agree with those of you who are tired of all the disdain. This is why I visit here every day. Everyone in my RL knows pretty much nothing about Twilight or Rob Pattinson, and would be disdainful if they knew I couldn’t stop thinking about straddling GrizzlyRob instead of writing the stupid journal article I’m supposed to finish…um…yesterday.

    I am highly educated–an academic, but I’m not incredibly smart. My husband, OTOH, is also an academic, and truly brilliant. Genius really does turn me on. But like others have mentioned, there is all kinds of genius–many kinds not involving any sort of degree, and I always prefer the kinds that aren’t full of themselves.

    So, yes: I do hide the fact that I’ve read the Twilight series from everyone in my RL except for my husband–how could I had that from him? And I do think SM’s books were poorly written. But, the bottom line? They were SO entertaining, and I enjoyed them so very much. And frankly, listening to Rob and Kristen analyze their characters and the books so much during the Twilight promotion gave me some newfound respect for the story.

    • And this is clearly an example of how even a higher education cannot prevent the occurrence of grammatical errors, misspelled words, and entirely incorrect words in one’s comment on a blog about sexy vampires and russet werewolves.

      • Haha, I yell at my students when they use “r” and “u” in place of words… little do they know that twitter and internetspeak have ruined me, too!

        Oh, and I want to straddle GrizzlyRob, too. 😉

      • haha, agreed. I am rolling my eyes over the fact that I claim to be some sort of smart intellectual whatever yet no matter how hard I try I almost always manage to have some sort of horrible typo, punctuation problem, or grammatical error in my comments. I’m a freelance English editor/tutor, too. Imagine. *frustratedsigh*

        Also, thank you for the thought about straddling GrizzlyRob. *happysigh*

  26. Yes, I have actually received quite an education on internetspeak and all things Twilight/Rob these past few months. Is there a degree for that? Something really pretentious that I can frame and put over my desk?

    Signing off…Sweet Rob dreams!

  27. Being a current student at Harvard… it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. And quite frankly, a few of my peers could use a little more “real life experience” versus “insane book smarts.”
    But I have talked several friends into reading Twilight (after seriously judging me for reading it) and they have all had the same reaction. Namely, “Contrary to all my feminist/intellectual preconceptions, I LOVE this series. WHY?!”
    A big fat “IN YOUR FACE!!! “is what I answer them with!

    • “And quite frankly, a few of my peers could use a little more “real life experience” versus “insane book smarts.”

      Um yeah, I hear that. It’s been 3 1/2 years since I graduated, and many of my peers ended up being socially awkward “philosophers” (aka no salary) in third world countries and look a lot like Beardward.

  28. I resent this post! Geez, what is it about Ivy Leagues and the like that make people so darn elitist! Just because I went to a “lowly” state school does not mean my intelligence is subpar. Anyway, I think it’s annoying that there are people out there that have to make it known that even though Twilight is “so beneath them” they still like it. Obviously there just hesitant to admit that the like a little piece of pop culture because that would put them in the norm group, haha.

    Just own up to your love of Twilight and everyone can be in happy harmony together!!!!

  29. When my Northwestern English Lit degreed hubby scoffs at my entertainment and literary choices, I remind him that he gets his jolly’s watching costumed men hitting a ball with a bat and preserving his life-long collection of cards diplaying their images and stats – which he pretty much has memorized.

    That usually shuts him up.

  30. This made my day. I go to an Ivy League school and I adore Twilight, but people always give me such strange looks when they find this out. There’s so much to the story – questions of immortality and fate, of choice and true love. There are endless points to debate. And yet all people think of when they hear “Twilight” is dirty British boys & screaming teenage girls & underage, half-naked, jort-wearing wolfboys.

    It also really frustrates me that everyone seems to find the series so anti-feminist. That’s not what I see at all. I fully intend to devote a blog post to this one day in the near future, because I’ve debated it with people extensively & have plenty to say. These kinds of critics focus too much on the boy-girl dynamic and not enough on the CRUCIAL fact that he’s a VAMPIRE and she’s HUMAN. She’s not weak because she’s a girl. She’s weak because she’s mortal. Edward could kick Charlie/Mike/Mr. Banner’s asses too because. they’re. HUMAN.

    Clearly, my feelings on this matter are strong.

    Kudos to the writer of this letter to Twilight! It was hilarious and also more than a little true 🙂

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