The Twilight cast comes together for an all star Twi-telethon

Dear LTT-ers,

Tonight’s the night for the big Celebrity telethon extravaganza which Robert Pattinson will be part of. And we’re so happy and excited for him to be part of such a public show of love and support for the people of Haiti. Of course we’ll be calling in a billion times to try and catch Rob or maybe Brad Pitt and we hope you will be too. Of course this got us to thinking about how a telethon hosted by some Twilight cast and crew who were not invited to participate in the office telethon would go down… So here we are ready to crack a couple jokes and hopefully make you smile big enough to crack open your Twilight wallets to donate to the cause.

*We’re quick to say this is all in good fun that we aren’t making light of a natural disaster that’s rocked so many people, but instead want to cause a few smiles because if we couldn’t laugh than we’d be forced to tears*

*On your local Public Access station*

Cougarita's for the cause!

Catherine Hardwicke – Heeeeeeey you crazy cats welcome to our telethon live from the TGIFridays in Venice Beach, California. I’m your host, director of the best Twilight movie everrrrrr, Catherine Hardwicke, but you can call my Cat that’s what all my ex boyfriends call me and since we’re all friends now, why not?

As you know Haiti endured a devastating 7.0 earthquake last Tuesday. I don’t know where you were last Tuesday but I was hanging out on THE BED Rob and Kristin auditioned on in my groovy bungalow in Venice Beach when my latest screw Luke *waves to Luke the bartender* told me the news. I was shocked! How could we not help the good people of Haiti? But what could I do? Being the female director with the highest box office gross ever and with all my connections to the Twilight cast I just knew George Clooney would call me up instantly and ask me to be on his Hope for Haiti Now telethon. I waited and waited… but NO CALL. Can you believe that? So I thought, screw him Cat, you can do your own telethon! So here we are on your local public access station at my TGIFridays to bring you Cathy’s Happy Hour for Haiti telethon!

I’ve called all my friends and celebrity pals to join us! Rob may be part of that other snooty telethon but I’ve got the REAL star power here at Happy Hour for Haiti! Cameras, can you pan over to our bitchin’ phone bank and get a look at all these super stars who have come out for the cause!?

*camera pans to 3 cell phones at the bar manned by Micheal Arangano, Nikki Reed and Solomon Trimble*

Cathy– Guys, why don’t you introduce yourself for the audience at home…

Why am I still attached to this Twilight crap? I thought I was rid of her

Why am I still associated with this Twilight crap? I thought I was rid of her?

Micheal Arangano– Hey Guys, I’m Micheal Arangano I’m an actor for LA you might know me better as the younger William in Almost Famous, Jack’s (does Just Jack hands) son on Will & Grace or that hobo at your local coffee shop. But most of you will probably know me best as Oregano, Kristen Stewart’s boyfriend. And I’m here cause I owe Cathy back for putting me in her movies like Lords of Dogtown. Go Nikki…

We used to borrow each others clothes!

Nikki Reed– Um… hiiiii I’m Nikki Reed. Since I owe Catherine my whole acting career she snookered me into manning one of the phones tonight. I’d much rather be creating my own personal neon colored nike’s online or zipping around Greece on my boyfriends yacht. But I love you Haiti. Hey you… you’re up next (points to Solomon)

Alberto Vo5 hot oil model!

Solomon Trimble – HEY everyone! I’m Solomon otherwise known at THE ORIGINAL (maybe) Sam Uley but now known as Sales Associate #7 at the Portland, Oregan Home Depot. Cathy calls me up late at night from this Fridays and begs me to visit her. She called yesterday so I thought it was just another booty call, but I guess we’re here to support Haiti! Call in folks, make those donations cause I gotta be back at work in an hour.

Cathy– Awwww, aren’t they great and sexy and hot, our telephone bank folks?! Start calling in guys we need those donations!!!

*Luke the bartenders cell rings*

Cathy– Looks like we have our first donation!!! How much are they going to be giving to the people of Haiti? *looks at the telephone bank expectantly*

Luke – Sorry Cathy, that was my boss on the line he wants to know when the telethon’s gonna be over because we have a “Happy to be Divorced and back in the market” party coming in at 730.

Cathy – Oh my favorite! Anyway… to get those donations rolling in let’s welcome to the Happy Hour for Haiti telethon Alice Cullen herself, Sobe Water’s newest spokeswhore: ASHLEY GREENE!!! Come on out here chica!

Follow the cut to see how the telethon goes and to see if they raise more money than Rob’s telethon

Side boob 4 Haiti

Ashley – Hi everyone! I’m so happy to be here tonight to help out such a great cause and to try out Friday’s newest mucho margaritas! I’m also here to announce my special treat tonight for every donation that you the viewers make!

Cathy– That’s right folks for every donation made tonight Ashley Greene has agreed to remove one item of clothing for the cause! You may have thought that Maxim cover was hot but just wait till you see Ashley Greene stripping next to a basket of Mozzarella sticks courtesy of our host here TGIFridays!

*phones start ringing*

Nikki Reed– Cathy! We just got a donation of 5 dollars from a guy named Smackson Smathbone! Take it off Ashley!

*Ashley removes one sock and eyes the mozzarella sticks*

Cathy – Sexxxxy girl… sexy! Now we have a very special live performance that you won’t see on those OTHER telethons! Jackson Rathbone and his band 100 Monkeys are here to play you a very special song about Haiti that they’re going to improvise… take it away boooys!

Silly hats 4 Haiti

100 Monkeys Play– Earthquakes suck… earthquakes suck… but we love Haiti we love Haiti! Let’s give tons of money, come on honey! You got the bucks we got the tucks… SING IT WITH US!

Cathy *yelling over the noise* – BUT WE DON’T KNOW THE LYRICS!!! YOU JUST MADE IT UP!!

*Public Access Stations everywhere bleep out the rest of their performance*

Cathy *with Mud Slide drink in hand takes sip* – Whew… I had to order a MUCHO sized one of these to help ease my frazzle-lazzele-ed ear drums… THANKS Smackson… I mean Jackson. Let’s go back to the phones!

Oregano – We just got a 3.00 donation from the Land of Dreamers if the 100 Monkeys will stop playing. And I matched it cause I couldn’t hear anything. I think we may have missed a couple calls while they were playing. So that brings us to to a grand total of 11.00 for the people of Haiti!

*Ashley removes headband*

Cathy – Truuuulllyyyy ahmazing you ghuuyyss and guess who just showed up at Happy Hour for Haiti! It’s Big Daddy Lautner! He will be making a matching donation for every appetizer he can eat tonight he will send a matching food donation to the people of Haiti. I hope they like Nachoooos! Why don’t you go over therrre by Ashley, Big Daddy, she’s got the sampler platter to get you started.

*Big Daddy sits in a booth next to Ashley and the apps*

Peace n love yall

Cathy – I can’t wait to see how many fried green beans that guy can put down! Now for a special treat we’re going to have the Wolfpack, and by wolfpack I mean Solomon Trimble and that other guy, rip through a pair of Jorts just like the Power Team used to rip through phone books. Who’s gonna make a donation?! This is ahmazing stuff you guyyysss


Nikki– I’ve got an idea Cathy, maybe you should make a call to some of your other celebrity friends and drum up some donations?

Cathy – Prrrrrrfect, get it I purred cause I’m a “Cat” Get it?! HA. ha. ha. hahahaa. *takes another sip* Ok, dial up Robert Pattinson! I think one of us still has that number!

*Nikki dials and lets it ring and ring*

Cathy– They’re not answering?! WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS?! Just cause he’s hosting his own snotty telethon with freakin’ Dr. Ross he thinks he doesn’t have to donate to Happy Hour for Haiti?! We’ll show him! CALL UP the UK phone number to Hope for Haiti Now! Get Rob on the line!

*Nikki dials and puts it on speaker phone as Rob answers*

No cougars 4 Haiti

Rob – Hello! Thanks for calling in to Hope for Haiti Now, you’re live on the air with Robert Pattinson caller, tell us your name and how much you’re donating!!

*Silence and heavy breathing then Cathy takes a slurp of her Mudslide*

Rob – Uh…… Catherine, is that you?

Cathy – NO!!! It’s Kristen Smewart and I wanted to ask you if your refrigerator is running! Cause you better catch it!! HANG UP NIKKI! HANG UP!!

Big Daddy – Did you just crank call the Hope for Haiti Now Telethon?

Cathy – Shut it big man, I made your son! Get back to those fried pickles! And I’ll show HIM! Folks, this is unprecedented and I NEVER do this but I’m going to donate something that’s near and dear to my heart. Whoever calls in with the largest donation will get a copy of THE AUDITION TAPE of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson from my bedroom. Now START DONATING! We’ll be naming the lucky winner after this next performance. And look who get walked in! Mike Welch! Mike, why don’t you introduce this next act, I need a filler-upper on this drink.

Creeper beards 4 Haiti

Mike Welch – Uh, thanks Cathy? I’m not sure what’s going on here cause I was just meeting a “friend” here for dinner *Justin Chon walks in the door* But I’ll just read these cue cards, Cathy… And now for a special treat we have another live musical performance! Sure, that other telethon may have Beyonce and JayZ and U2 and Taylor Swift (sorry Taylor Lautner!) but we’ve got Ned Ballamy! Yes, that’s right folks the man who played beloved character Buttcrack Santa is here to perform a special rendition of “Mama Said” for us. Take it away Ned!

Cathy – *glazed eye look* Hmmmm Ned that was soooooo wonderrrrful. Now let’s go to the phones and see who the lucky person who gets THE AUDITION TAPE is!

Oregano – Cathy, during that last performance we received one phone call from the Robsten Lovers of Omaha Association and they have have banned together to donate $12.37 and a #Follow Friday mention for THE ROBSTEN AUDITION TAPE on your bed. Which brings our grand total to $23.37 and a Follow Friday mention for the people of Haiti.

*Ashley takes off her bracelet*

Cathy – $23.37 and a Follow Friday mention?!

Nikki – According to the TV over the bar, that’s showing Rob’s telethon, they brought in $17.57

Where the (sorta) magic happened

Cathy – HAHAhahahah*hiccup*hahahahaHA HA HA! TAKE THAT ROBERT PATTINSON! We beat your fancy shmancy telethon so SUCK IT! And by the way Robsten Lovers of Omaha, congratulations on winning THE AUDITION TAPE! It’s so worth the 12 dollars ladies, trust me. I hope all your dreams come true after watching it. Now someone get me another Cougarita and turn off those damn cameras.

*Public Access Station cuts the live feed*

Moon & UC

All joking aside the Hope for Haiti Now telethon is such a generous way for the celebs participating to help give back. Are you going to be watching the telethon? Numerous stations across the world will be airing the “Hope for Haiti Now” special and Robsesssed has a post with places you can see the event oversees. If you can’t call in during the “Hope for Haiti Now” special, check out our post on Haiti from last week for ideas on where to give. Together we can all make a difference! LET’S DO THIS!

Are you all beyond excited to see the telethon and catch a glimpse of Rob after this long drought? Who else are you going to be watching for?

The gals in the forum are running a telethon contest, go over there to find more out and be apart of the fun!

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

102 Responses

  1. I. Died. Again.

    “Cathy – NO!!! It’s Kristen Smewart and I wanted to ask you if your refrigerator is running! Cause you better catch it!! HANG UP NIKKI! HANG UP!!”

    I was eating my normal breakfast of BK Cheesy Bacon wraps (I have to support the ones who supported NM) and I almost choked to death on it.

    Thanks for making my day. I now have to learn to breathe again.

  2. There was so much funniness in there, but for some reason “Shut it big man, I made your son!” made me laugh so much.

    I’m gonna be watching, for sure. I feel like the phone lines are going to be consistently busy with LTR girls. Try, try again!

  3. This post is all sorts of win. I could just IMAGINE it vividly! I’m still recovering from aftershocks of laughter.

    Too bad the real telethon is in the middle of the night out here in Europe.

  4. This post is all sorts of win. I could just IMAGINE it vividly! I’m still recovering from aftershocks of laughter.

    Too bad the real telethon is in the middle of the night out here in Europe. I’m counting on the YouTubers to supply me with the best Robmoments on Saturday morning!

  5. Dear LTT,
    Just when I think I have read your most hilarious clever post you come up with something better! Thank God I have you two to lift my spirits when the stock markets tanks….Do you two ever show up at Twilight conventions incognito?? With the help of goodly amounts of vodka and todays blog….the day is looking better!
    Cougar TwiMom

    • hahaha nope we’re never been to a twicon of been asked to be there. LAME i know. how could they not want US?!

  6. POWER TEAM!!!

    The phonebooks, the hot water bottles, the bricks, the freakishly huge, veiny dudes. How could I forget?

    I’ll be watching tonight for sure.

    I have nothing else to say because I am flooded w/ memories of my 7 year old self being terrified of the phonebook rippers.

  7. Hee hee…cannot wait! x

  8. Amazing. Truly amazing. I have a feeling that if this situation were to happen in RL, this post would match up nicely with the transcript. Every time Cougar Cathy opens her mouth, I get 2nd Hand Embarrassed for her. However, I’m so happy that Solomon Trimble has found work at Home Depot. They don’t still make the Alberto VO5 hot oil treatment do they? Because he’d be a shoo-in, you know, if he ever wanted to leave the world of home improvement.

    In other news, that picture of Rob… doesn’t help the urge I have to lick his jaw… er, did I say that?

  9. “Smackson Smathbone” lol.
    I won’t be watching, but I fully expect someone to post videos of the 2nd hand embarrassment bonanza.

  10. oooohh, I laughed so much my stomach hurts 🙂
    Epic win: but now I cannot watch any other telethon, ever without thinking of this one!
    Favourite? Hard one, but I think this is it:

    “*Silence and heavy breathing then Cathy takes a slurp of her Mudslide*

    Rob – Uh…… Catherine, is that you?”

  11. Such an epic win right there.

  12. I am seriously disturbed by that picture of her on the bed…

  13. Great way to start off “Telethon” day. I’m so glad “Cat” decided to help out Haiti. Very heartwarming. I would donate to her telethon in exchange for a Margaritas from TGI Fridays. (Love those! and it’s Friday, I need one.) …But I digress all BobbyGee style. In all seriousness, I hope Rob (and the others) drum up a lot of help for Haiti, they certainly can use it. If you can’t watch the telethon, I’ve been recommending to all of my friends to check out to decide where to send your money to help. (I personally donated to MSF.) Happy Friday!

  14. Oh god, that was funny. I ❤ this blog so much.

    I especially loved that Ashley's striptease consisted of her removing utterly benign articles of clothing. I was laughing my head off and expecting it to say something like "Ashley removes her retainer (gross)" or "Ashley takes some loose change out of her pocket."

    Good morning, everyone!

  15. I like the idea of Happy Hour four Haiti, or HH4H!

  16. “Being the female director with the highest box office gross ever and with all my connections to the Twilight cast I just knew George Clooney would call me up instantly and ask me to be on his Hope for Haiti Now telethon. I waited and waited… but NO CALL. Can you believe that? So I thought, screw him Cat,!” Ok seriously, “Cat” only in your dreams (and his nightmares) would George Clooney EVER consider screwing you! Especially on THAT bed that the Robsten christened??!! Nuf said….

    On another note…I vote we all band together and unite as LTT/LTR and offer to make a huge donation IF Rob agrees to actually read AND write a letter to LTT? This serves to benefit so many…UC/Moon get an actual letter from Rob, we get to read it (print/save/makeitlooklikeitwaswrittentome(us)personally, know for sure that he will at least one time read/thenbecome hooked on LTT/LTR and our comments and will HAVE to come here everyday (twss) so we get HIM reading our posts which will put a new spark(le) to posting AND we get to feel good that we helped Haiti, to me there is NO bigger WIN! 🙂

    • Oh my god yes!

    • Cyndi!

      You’re allliiiiiiiiiiive!

    • I might be willing to sell a kidney for a letter from Rob to me, I mean LTT. Oh, did I just admit that outloud?

      • I will donate one too..for the cause…ya only need one!

        Just think though, if all the ladies of LTT/LTR donated even $10 each,, we could really make a great donation for a such an important cause! I am of course speaking of Haiti..truly I am.(but I wouldn’t mind the letter from Rob!) 🙂

        • Now that I am thinking about it, Rob might be more interested if we donated a lung..course mine wouldn’t work cause I smoke too…only cause Rob other reason!

          • Sure…that’s the only reason you smoke. In that case you won’t mind quitting just to be an encouragement to him, right?

          • @Ang..sorry I am a “joiner” not a “leader”…but if HE quits..well I will have to also…but we both know that ain’t happenin!! 🙂 Nice try tho!

    • Sign me up!

    • MidCyn, this is the most brilliant idea, ever. I donated $10 via text, but I’m happy to throw more in for the Rob Cause. I don’t want him to write a letter until he reads some of the site though. Otherwise he won’t be able to formulate the right tone in his writing.


      • Oh yes TS…he must educate himself in the ways of the LTT ladies/unicorns first…but that was part of the deal: He must READ then Write a letter!!

        I really wish we could do this…I mean make a donation as a united group…

        Hey UC/ there a way we could do this??


        Hi TS,
        Did you see Charlie Bewley’s video at Robsessed today? Love his hands, hair…and his whole attitude.

        Check it out at the link I sent to you above.

        p.s. I love he “MEOW” video posted above.

        • “the” MEOW video, is what I meant to say…

        • The MEOW video was the highlight of my day until I got back to cranking out chapter 3 of my novel (which has been sitting idly for about 2 months.)

          ::trots off to watch video::

        • I love you. By the way, I’ve spoken to your friends, and they all think I’m good for you.

          Did you also only hear him say, “I’ve got very primal urges”? 😉

          “Ambitious, ridiculous, and shameless.” Sigh. I wish I knew this kid in RL. And he one word associated Cuddley as “Goliath.”

          Thank you x 1,000,000. Honestly, I’ve only ever seen 1 video interview with him and I’ve only read 2 interviews (plus his twitter Q&As). And I’ve seen zero Cuddley interviews. I’m the world’s worst fangirl, but I think I’m okay with that.

  17. Love this blog! It’s so classic. I wish I could watch but I’m having dinner at the in-laws and they don’t have a TV! wtf? I hope all you ladies enjoy! There is going to be all sorts of man candy on this telethon tonight!

  18. Everything about this post was so wrong it was a million times right. I ❤ you like Jorts I do.

  19. Off topic: Did anyone catch Rachelle L. on the new show Deep End? She was awesome! This must have been the “conflict” they were referring to…BS…she is only guest starring and this was filmed quite awhile ago…well she got the last laugh as last night proved she can get good roles and is a great actress!

    • I didn’t! I was watching the latest episode of the Vampire Diaries. (aka Twilight with sex) I bet Rachelle was awesome, though! I love her.

  20. Hey, even though Soloman’s a little guy, he could still rip apart a telephone book. I know, because I used to do it when I was part of a motivational speaking group back in college. I was, like, 98 pounds at the time (which is Solomon’s weight, too, how coincidental!) and there’s a trick to it. Solomon could totally do it, no problem.

    But he’ll probably need to pull his hair back.

  21. Is it just me, or does anyone else get the feeling Ashley would strip for any cause, with barely any motivation? She seems awfully eager for everyone to see her “girls.”

  22. OMG you girls are too funny. Where do you come up with this comedy?
    It soothed my depression of having to work at Olive Garden tonight and miss seeing Rob live. lol

  23. They’re pre-recording the London telethon! Rob won’t be answering phones! FUCKERY!!!

    • Damnit. Possible reasons:

      1. He’s still figuring out how to answer a regular phone, without the big buttons like his Jitterbug had.

      2. He’s catching a plane to Utah for the weekend? Don’t hate, ppl, don’t hate.

      3. The telethon organizers are graciously respecting the request of all major telephone providers to NOT crash their systems and force them to spend the next 8 wks explaining the intricacies of international calling rates to livid customers.

      • Every one of those is a legitimate reason for pre-recording. Some organizer got clued in to Rob-reality before it became a disaster!

      • Considering most of the calls will comprise of
        “omg omg omg omg omg omg omg ….Its Eeeedwaaaaaaard!!!! Is Jacob there? Can I talk to him too? squeeeee (Insert Dolphin sounds, crying and squeeeing here for 10 minutes) wait…what’s Haiti?” I think it was a good choice…keep people focused…lol

    • Fuckery indeed.

    • Ok thanks for totally ruining the rest of my day and the one chance in 20 zillion that I might have actually talked with “my Edward”…I am not sure how to get through the rest of the day…”crickets…crickets…” AHHH..will take a nap and perhaps forget that I read your post??? LOL…one can only hope!

      Still calling and giving all I can to Haiti…that’s what its all about!
      (Think that they will notice that my check has hearts with Rob/Edwards name scribbled inside them???)

      • cheques with Rob/Edward hearts. hahahaha. too funny cyn.

        P.S. I’m waving “hi” to the crickets right now. can you see me?

  24. “Silly hats for Haiti” is my fav.

  25. I’ve been away at a conference in Mexico for a few days without internet and god I missed you guys so coming back to this which is just a giant *win*win*win* was just so good.

    On a slightly different note I almost outed myself at the sales conference. We were meeting in some Irish bar – “Pat O’Briens” and out of nowhere, I has some kind of word vomit/brain fart and said to a bunch of people

    “what time are we meeting at Rob O’Pattinson’s?”

    They looked at me really strangely and I went read and was all huh – huh? Weird? Why would I say that? Isn’t that that girly looking guy in that vampire film?

    Ugh – now they probably all know.

    • That is a fantastic story.

    • This is all kinds of win! But, I need to know, when you got to Rob O’Patty’s did you have their infamous hurricane? It’s pretty delish–and I don’t even like rum–so I hope you did.


  27. Now I really want me a cougarita and some boneless buffalo wings.

    @tuesday, luludee, and mountainlion:
    Speaking of Ashley… (I think this may be my favorite picture of Dan, ever.)

    Cougwicke’s giving away the TAPE? Fur realz?

    Billy, the morning after HH4H.

  28. I don’t get Ashley’s purple dress (side boob view)…AT ALL. The girl is shameless and not in a good way.

  29. Dude, Did you just crank call the Hope for Haiti Now Telethon?

    Lawdy lawdy lawdy. My spleen!! You girls are trying to kill us. Death by laughter. But I guess laughing in place of breathing seems like a good way to go! 😉

  30. Ok, this was the funniest shizz EVER. I’m at my standing work station (bad back) and CACKLING as quietly as possible. Which isn’t very quiet.

    Most importantly, this post made me want to give more to Haiti, and at the same time made me want to drink a gallon-sized margarita. Bravo, ladies, bravo.

  31. Um Moon, it is Portland, OREGON, not Oregan. Heart you, but I think you may have had one too many cougaritas! Now I am off to the local TGIF!

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel sorry for Oregano!? He was such a cutie in Sky High! 😉

    • Oregano was in Sky High?

      Anyway, he definitely works at that Home Depot in OregOn. The one at mall 205. I see him whenever I stop in for my home improvement projects (speaking of JTT!!!! We can’t get away from him!).

      And whoever mentioned VO5 before, I’m pretty sure that still exists.

  32. Oregano was a super cutie in Sky High! He was super strong and could fly! (those are my prerequisites for cuteness btw)

    My kids love that show so I have to sit through it once in awhile.

    Home Depot is OK, but I am a Lowes’ girl myself!

  33. Thiiiss waaaas hiilllaaarrr.

    Will be a-donatin’.

    I think I had too many cougaritas myself.

    What? Yeaah.

  34. This is probably the wrong place to post this, but hopefully you will forgive me:

    I was re-watching Generation Kill (HBO miniseries), because it’s a really good series, based on a really good non-fiction book (for those who don’t know, it’s about the start of the Iraq war, from the first Marines into Iraq). The first time I watched it, I hadn’t seen/discovered Twilight, but I had heard that Kellan Lutz was in it, so was looking out for him on this second viewing. Sure enough, I soon recognized his face (he plays a Marine who videotapes the war, hoping to sell it to CNN).

    However, I was very surprised when I saw theactor who plays Gen. Mattis: Robert John Burke (IMDB), who also played Mr. Neck in Kristen Stewart’s 2004 movie Speak.

    Another inter-movie Twilight connection: anyone notice Kristen Stewart’s character in Zathura (Lisa) mention the movie Thirteen (Catherine Hardwicke/Nikki Reed)? Lisa’s dad is worried over her plans for the evening, and she says “we should have never watched thirteen”

    Does anyone else have any obscure Twilight movie related connections?


    • SO caught that Zathura/Thirteen ref.

      Also, in Twilight when Charlie says the Kitsap County sheriff is taking over the ‘animal attack’ case, shoot to Walking Tall starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He becomes the sheriff of Kitsap County (you can see it written on his truck in one scene).

      P.S. Thanks for being a movie dork like me. 😉

      • Zathura: I’m glad someone else noticed as well. I thought I wouldn’t like this movie (watched it for Kristen), but it was actually pretty good. The ending when the astronaut was revealed to be the older brother was funny.

        Walking Tall: I haven’t seen that movie. Is it worth seeing? Might read some reviews to see if it’s worth getting. Is it a coincidence that Charlie mentions Kitsap COunty, or is it actually a reference to that movie?


        PS. Sometimes when I see an actor I recognize in a movie on TV, I’ll stop watching and just think really hard about where I remember them from; when I figure it out, I usually yell out their other characters name at the TV. 🙂

  35. in case u missed it…

    Underneath a flattened university, Maxine Fallon waited. She was crouched in a fetal position and could barely move. In the darkness and during the hectic sounds of the day, through the pain, the hunger and thrist, she prayed that someone would find her. And on the sixth day her prayers were answered, she was found because of a text message from the rubble sent rescuers to her side. Unlike any other event in history, our world has been connected to this tragedy because of technology. Twitter updates, Facebook pages with pictures of the missing and text messages for help. This technology is working right now to connect us, too. At, you can donate and you can instantly interact with people in Haiti and anywhere in the globe. Join with those watching and see what they’re saying about something we all care deeply about — helping the Haitian people get back on their feet. Please go to and give as much as you can. Thank you.

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