Krazy Kidd’s had a krazzzzy year in the Twilight fandom

*One of our lovely pals and long team readers, Krazy Kidd (that’s her name for a reason!) is celebrating her 1 year LTT/LTR anniversary and wanted to write a letter to us all*

At least we meet!


Guess what January 19th is…yup you guessed it…it’s my one year anniversary with you and I wanted to write you a letter to kind of sum up this past awesomesauce year and all the amazing people who I’ve been able to meet, hang, and have fun with through the LTR/LTT blog! I know time has flown by quickly huh?! It seems like yesterday when I thought I was losing my mind because I didn’t think anyone would understand my “Acute Fondness” with all things Rob/Twilight! To think that all this love for both the books and Rob have brought me close to some amazing people who have become part of my life and have helped me be where I am today…it just amazes me! So for today’s post I hope you enjoy the sappiness that my letter brings as I thank you and these people for creating such great memories this past year.

(drunk) friends are friends forever

Before LTR/LTT I thought that I was alone in my love for the books and my creepy infatuation with Rob. None of my friends understood why I had read the four books in 5 days and why I continued to read them after the fact. They also didn’t see the appeal to Rob and thought I was probably losing my mind because to them he was no Brad Pitt. Luckily for me I happen to stumble upon this gem through another website as I was looking for information on Rob and his whereabouts since it was the time after the Twilight movie came out and he had somewhat disappeared…I know creepy…don’t judge. As I clicked on the link it brought me to the Letters to Rob website and as I read through the comments I couldn’t help but laugh and be relieved to find that other people also shared the love for the things that had taken up a huge part of my time at that moment. It was refreshing to see the approach that UC and Moon had towards the Twilight/Rob topics, with their wit and charm I was instantly drawn in and haven’t been the same ever since.

Some hot ladies and a unicorn

As time progressed the blog got bigger and more people started hanging out and leaving comments. The friendships I was beginning to build through this blog were blossoming. At the same time my personal life was going through a downward spiral…you see I was going through some things at the time and I remember getting onto to LTT one morning and seeing this …I felt like UC was speaking directly to me with this post…to say I broke down was an understatement. I emailed UC that day and just let her know how much the post had touched me and how it spoke volumes to me. She was amazing and friendly and just…there for me. I felt comfortable and I pretty much spilled my guts and felt better afterward. She then put me in touch with another amazing girl BrookeLockart aka Brookie who was going through a similar situation. Brookie was there for me 100% and showed unconditional support no matter the distance between us. You see LTR/LTT to me is more than just a blog where I can shoot the shiz or laugh at the 2nd-hand embarrassment that happens. That day I knew that this blog brought people together and the people that this blog has connected and help build bonds with are wonderful individuals and I can see these people being in my life for a very long time. I know I totes sound like a hallmark card, so cliche and cheesy, but I just want to give you an idea of how amazeballs the LTR/LTT peeps are!

Follow the cut to read the rest of Krazy Kidd’s letter

Who are these guys?!

Brookie introduced my technotard ass to Twitter and the rest as they say was history. She helped me make more friends with peeps that were also on LTR/LTT that were on Twitter and from there it all took off…starting with TwiCon…(I know it was a total rip off and I can’t wait for TwiVicCon soon with buttcrack santa as a special guest…be jealous)…but the best part of all that fuckery was the amazing peeps I got meet and hang out with whom I lovingly refer to as my plastics…plus our resident unicorn Jordan! During the chaos of TwiCon I also got introduced to the wonder that is the BritPack aka Bobby, Marcus and Sam…you know Rob’s “homeboys”…whom have a pretty descent musical talent and it also doesn’t hurt that they are easy on the eyes…Bobby more so than the other two…just saying. Since then I have made it my goal to travel as much as possible and meet as many LTR/LTT peeps as possible. All the traveling this summer and meeting of peeps finally came to a head when in Novemeber I was able to make the New Moon premiere with the LA Ladies! I was finally going to get to see Rob and his hair in person…I was stoked! I was also very excited to finally meet UC and Moon and to be able to hang out with them and the girls that were making the trip! The trip was fun and great…the girls were the best and we all had a blast while in LaLa-Land!

Actual picture from a Britpack concert

Looking back at this past year I can’t help but be thankful for stumbling upon this blog. I honestly feel that LTR/LTT has played a major role in me finding some amazing friends. So it only seems appropriate that I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for feeding into my craziness and being my Rob/Twilight crack provider…thank you for always making me laugh and sometimes cry when you get all gushy…thank you for inspiring me to come up with the term “sabertooth” and be able to coin that term…I know how much you guys like it…and thank you for being just AWESOME! And to all those people I have met and befriended thank you for being amazing friends, confidants, advisers, sisters, drinking buddies, and just flat out crazy and fun like me! And thank you to this community for being just so full of win! I wish I could name you all one by one but I’m too scared that I’ll leave somebody out and feel like poo for doing so. Just know that you all hold a special place in my heart! And to those I have yet to meet…just know they don’t call me krazy_kidd for nothing 😉 Here’s hoping to a badass 2010!



We love you Krazy Kidd! Big time… I mean A LOT. And I’m serious about those matching neck tattoos. xHardcorex for life. Thank you for the letter! xo moon and uc

Give KK your love and tell us if you’ve seen a Sabertooth in action… was it wearing shoulder pads? Doesn’t this make you want to hang out with KK? She’s a riot. She may or may not have felt up Cameron Bright… we’re just sayin’.

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  1. Awwwww, what a gorgeous letter, KrazyKidd 😀

  2. Uh oh, I’m afraid I haven’t caught on to the sabertooth thing yet. No actual sabertooths in my backyard as far as I can see.

    Nice letter, Krazy Kidd!

  3. Sounds like me and KK will be starting up a blog sometime soon!

    She’s so right, though. The people here are ten shades of amazing.

    • YES! *fist pump* Another Bobby lover!! 😀 We can definitely give those sabers a run for their money! I love the peeps here…hence the letter 😉

      • You should hang out in the forum with me. I’m constantly mixing Bobby into the Rob porn pile.

        • I def need to start hanging out in the forum more aften…due to RL though aka my job I rarely have a chance…hopefully this summer will be a different story and I can wreck havoc on the forum!! 😀 I don’t they’re ready for our Bobby-ness though…just sayin’ LOL 😉

  4. I ❤ KK bad! She is so much fun. I have my own picture of her with a saber in Atl. There is no one else I would pretend giving beer bottleneck bj's with in a crowded bar just to watch the men stare. Watch out though, she WILL lick you before the night is through.
    Fun times KK, fun times. Sigh..

  5. A gazillion hugs! Hmm, I guess I owe Bobby Long an apology for unintentionally setting you loose. Heh heh.

    Happy 1 year in this crazy fandom KK!

    • letting me loose on Bobby was! Just sayin’…he didn’t even know what hit him 😉 Thank you for being so amazing…I love and appreciate you more than you know!! 😀 A gazzillion hugs right back at ya!!!

  6. Lovely letter! LTT/LTR are the awesomest!

    • Thanks….yes they are pretty awesomesauce aren’t they?!?! 🙂

      • Happy 1 yr KK. Love that your anniversary falls on “Bella’s book first day”. hehe. I found this blog 2 days ago so maybe that can be the anniversary of Bella meeting Jacob in the driveway in the movie or something. LOL

        Sabertooth – love it. I’m not old enough to be a cougar so I call myself a BobCat. Kitty Meow.

        • Thx!! I love this blog hardcore…and i hope you enjoy it as much as i have!!! Welcome to the craziness!! 😀

  7. Greta pics. The tigers are cool. It looks like everyone had a grand old time. Lots of fun.

  8. “just know they don’t call me krazy_kidd for nothing 😉 ”
    They can also call you awesome, fun, nice, beautiful, great … I’m happy I got to meet you in person. Love, D

    • AWWW I am so happy I got to meet you too!!! You are so full of win!! I hope we can continue being in touch and I hope to be seeing you this summer!! 😀 Thanks for the amazing descritions! They made my heart flutter!! 😀 ❤ u!!

  9. KK, I love how you go from “Hallmark card speak” in one sentence to amazeballs in the next. Happy Anniversary! 🙂

    • Haha! How standard LTT, right?

    • Thank you! I tend to be really random sometimes…and I thought I was going to be super serious on this letter but I just couldn’t help myself…its that LTT/LTR humor that’s been ingrained in me for a year now…what can i say LOL 😀 I should definitely never get a job with Hallmark though…I might end up getting fired…just sayin’ 😉

  10. I heart you hardcore.

    When we first started talking to each other on gchat before Twicon I thought, “Aw, she’s this sweet little teacher.” We talked about fanfic, Rob, Twilight, kinda delved into our personal histories a little. You know, the basic “getting to know you” kind of stuff.

    And then we met….

    You, Val, me, and my poor poor hubbs met to eat lunch. That small little lunch turned into a 3-4 hour Twi/Rob/biblical sense chatfest (where I swear G was about to lose his mind). I can honestly tell you though, after that 3 hours I knew that you and I would be great friends.

    You’re such an amazing person, K. I seriously love you so much. You are one krazy bitch though! Ha!


    PS – I went to Legally Blonde the musical Saturday night and saw a sabertooth. It’s weird seeing them out of their natural BritPack habitat. She was easily in her 60’s, wearing snake skin leggings, kitten heels, and a pink faux fur shoulder wrap. True story. I immediately thought of you and wished you were there to witness. She was with a couple of cougars who I’m assuming were her cubs.

    • Awww M…you atre the Peanut Butter to my Jelly sandwich!! I am seriously happy to be able to call you a friend…poor G i know he has to put up with my crazy ass sometimes…but he’s such a good sport about it!! Thx for all the awesome memories this past year and I hope we can contrinue with the fuckery!! I love sooooooooo much its redonkulous!! 😀 The sabers are an interesting species when not in their natural BritPack habitat…did you take pics? Never get too close…they might claw at ya!! 😉
      HUGS and KISSES boo!!!

  11. Ah, KK…Hugs and Fake Lez kisses!

    It was an amazing year…LTT/LTR brings all cool chicks (and JORDAN) together.

    Wait… that me in cougar photo? Good times! Does the length of the sabertooth have any significance? Just wondering. 😉


    • I LOVE Fake Lez kisses!! 😀 It has been an amazing year and you have been an awesome friend…thx for the memoeries and the good times! 😀 A Sabertooth or Saber for short is one who is older than a cougar and they are a Saber till they become “extinct”…LOL
      BTW thanks toe AmberRMW Sam now knows what a Saber is as well and he told me…and I quote “you’re the one who coined the term Saber?…give me a hug because you’re brilliant!” 😉

      • Uh, you best be thanking LiLi. When she started that spew of word vomit, I was trying to shush the hell out of her. When Sam asked “What’s a Saber?” I swear I think I did a real life face palm.

        I’m glad you got a freebie hugs for it though. Hugs that you don’t have to initiate and feel creepy about later are the BEST!

        • I def owe LiLi and you and a lot of thanks…not only do you bring amazing things/info from 3 of my favorite brits :D…but you also feed to my craziness!! I like not feeling creepy after a hug…;) Luv u something fierce Amber!! 🙂

  12. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Brooke Lockart, Twilight Forever. Twilight Forever said: Krazy Kidd’s had a krazzzzy year in the Twilight fandom: *One of our lovely pals and long team readers, Krazy Kidd… […]

  13. Awwwwww…this is good times. Precious, tender memories.

    And the BEST picture of “Vedders Girl” EVER. And your tongue, too. Duh.

    Happy 1st anniversary, Krazy Kidd.

    • Thanks LeighAnne!! 😀 Vedders is the shiznit isn’t she?! I love her to death!! 😀 My tongue…could do some awesome things to Bobby and Rob…just sayin’ 😉

  14. KK, I love letters like this. Sometimes they make me cry, other times they make me smiles. Often times both. It just makes me so happy that this blog has brought so many people together (even though it’s not my blog, I still call it “my blog” to my boyfriend).

    I know we don’t know each other, not even on the comment board really, but this letter just makes me happy.

    It’s letters like these that have inspired the screenplay I
    I’m writing about LTT/LTR (and maybe we can have a little chat about it and if you want to be involved because you sound like the right candidate). Basically the story is a collection of different readers’ stories of how LTT/LTR has affected their lives, with an interwoven thread of UC/Moon/the blogs themselves. So I’m trying to get with different readers. Of course I haven’t even talked to UC and Moon about this, so I should probably get on that first (obviously will talk to everyone before trying to anything with the script at all).

    Anyway, let me know (hopefully I don’t get thumbs downed for this, but you just never know these days). My twitter is @goteamseth and email is

    YAY LTT!!!!!!!! 😀

    • sorry for all the completely left out words in that. Haven’t finished my coffee yet.

    • Thank you so much for your words 🙂 What you want to do sounds like an amazing project…if its cool with Moon and UC then I don’t mind helping out…but just make sure they give you the thumbs up 🙂 I am always up for meeting new people! 🙂 My twitter name is @krazy_kidd so definitely feel free to look me up 😀

    • So true @TS; you just never DO know these days. I gave you a thumbs up for two reasons;
      1-to offset the two thumbs down you got (for no reason)
      2-because I was totes envisioning a story like your screenplay when I was reading KK‘s awesomesauce letter – a story a la Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants chronicling the coming-together of LTTers. Great minds think alike!

      • Thanks! I totes gave you a shout out yesterday in regards to peeing your pants when reading LTT. Not sure if you saw it, but it was like true love on a computer screen.

        • whaaaa? I went looking and didn’t find it. But thanks anyway. You know, for mentally linking me in your minds eye to pee. That’s brill. 🙂 xoxo

          • (found it. awwww, how sweet. pee AND coffee shooting out the nose makes you think of me. that’s special).

            PS i’m happy to report there was no leaks or sprouts today. Except maybe the leEks and sprouts I’ll be having for dinner.

  15. Awwwwww KK! I ❤ your face so, so, so, so much! One of the best parts of 2009 was meeting you (and, of course, some of the other amazing people from here) and getting to know you. My only regret is that I don't live near enough to enjoy your awesomesauceness every day. =)

    So far 2010 is off to a rocking start, considering my face is on LTT. LMAO! (For those that don't know, that's me behind KK & Veddersgirl. LOL)

    Happy 1st Anniversary! I love you so, so much bb! =)

    • Oh btw, I’m supposed to be meeting Channing Tatum this weekend (long story). I’m curious to see how many sabers show up. I’ll take pictures for you. LOL

    • Awww pangey pants I am soooo happy you and I got to hang out and become peeps!! I love your face so much it hurts! 😀 I am also so excited that 2010 is working out great so far…hopefully this summer I can take a trip and go visit! You know how I do…i like to travel! 😀 I wish you lived closer to me too…then the fuckery could be non stop!! 😀 How in the heck do you get to meet Channing tatum?!?!? Please lick his abs for me 😉 and watch out for them sabers…just sayin’ they might wanna befriend you or something…you know how that is 😉

  16. Awww… I lurve you soooo much!!!! You wrote a great letter!!

    • Thx luv!! And i think i luv you more than you luv me…i’m pretty sure about that :D!! Thx for being my FF partner…and for holding my hand during the angst…even though sometimes you pick on me for being such a wuss 😉 <333333!

      • No way, I luv YOU more!! LOL I’ll always be here to hold your hand… and tease ya!!

        We can talk about Bobby, and you can lick my avi on twitter!! You really are special girl, and I hope you know it!! ::smooches::

  17. Krazy Kidd-
    I never saw your video… is it on YouTube or anything? The link provided through the New Moon website only brings me to a two second trailer for the film. I’d love to watch it if it’s available.

    • Yea when I was clicking on the link…it showed me the same thing thing…its an AMAZING video…I think the website removed it…I think we would have to look it up on youtube…its def worth it! 🙂

    • I really want to see that video, too. I think I saw it, but it was a long time ago.

      And awesome letter, btw 🙂

  18. Oh Ms. Krazy Kidd…

    Words can’t even begin to express how much I love you! Whether we are vetoing clothes, you are straightening my hair, or we are chilaxing with Sammy B, hanging out with you is always good times! ALWAYS!!! Big hugs to you!! I gotta make my way down to see you soon!!

    P.S. I am always forewarning peeps about you. I’m like, “Get ready. They don’t call her Krazy Kidd for nothing!”

    • I LOVE that i come with a warning!!! Dood we definitely need to meet up soon I am having withdrawls!!…I love that we’re able to just be so cool and that you put up with my randomness/craziness and that you may or may not be a magnet for Brits…just sayin’ 😉 I hope we get even closer in 2010 because you can’t even believe how awesome you are and how much I ❤ ur face!! 😀

      • Dude, imagine my keen ability to spot men of the British variety in LA at #leghitch2010. You know Rob is going to hang out with us. He won’t be able to stay away.

        And I love your random/craziness!! It’s what makes you you! Even if you are fangirling in a bathroom with Veddersgirl and we can all hear you outside even though you think we can’t, I will still love you! LMAO! 😉

    • WORD the krazykidd business is KRAZY

  19. Hiya! Love the letter, Krazy Kidd! Totally jealous of you getting to meet all these wonderful LTT/LTR people. I’m also really grateful to UC & Moon for not only being their fabulous, kind, funny selves, but also for creating these blogs. Through these sites I’ve made so many amazing friends whom I hope to one day meet.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us!

    • Thanks StotheP! I am so happy you enjoyed it! It was definitely a pleasure to write…especially taking the walk through memory lane! Everyone I’ve met so far has been incredible and i hope one day you get to meet them as well!! 😀 I am def TeamUCMoon! 🙂

    • I gave you a thumbs up. Because I love you. Long time. And WE WILL meet one day. You and I and IWL and Fang and the rest of the hot tub will all ride off into the sunset. In our wheelchairs. With our bedazzled Team Billy jean jackets. It will be fuckhawt and fabulous.

    • I gave you a thumbs up because I love you. Long time. And WE WILL meet. One day you and I and IWL and Fang and the rest of the hot tub will ride off into the sunset in our wheelchairs. And our bedazzled Team Billy jean jackets. And it will be fuckhawt and fabulous.

  20. Great letter! Really glad you used that pic instead of the “other” pic. Hearts to you and Hugs to you. Love your face lots!

    • Aww Jane Trigs…You are my drinking life partner…and I love and miss you so much! Hopefully i get to see you soon again…before summer!! 😀 ❤ ur face so much!!! HUGS!!!

    • I have some of those ‘other’ pics of you & KK, Janetrigs! A certain nameless guitar case may or may not also be involved. 😉

  21. KK, the first time we met, I remember you showing up at my hotel room door declaring “I’m a little drunk and I have to pee like Seabiscuit!”. Well, that’s actually not the first thing that happened–that was girly screams and a huge hug! It is, to me, the perfect representation of who you are–kind, sweet, uncensored and hilarious. I love you so much and am so glad we became friends. I’m so lucky that we’ve been able to meet and hang out, and can’t wait until I see you again!

    • OMG! I remember that!! 😀 I bet i scared the beejesus outta ya huh?? You are def an amazing friend and i am so happy I can call you that!! 🙂 And who else can i bitch to about my badass kids?!?! #Teacheroftheyear! I ❤ U and cannot wait to hang out with you again! 😀

  22. Ok, had to come out of lurking/hiding-behind-my-new-ID for this one.

    KK! Lub you long time, BB!

    From my first sighting of you in GarnetGurl’s pic @ TwiCon, grabbing Cardboard Robward’s crotch, I knew we had to be friends!

    When I found out you’d be coming to BobbyPalooza 2009 Atlanta Edition, I was so excited. You hit the car with horror stories of your plane trip & MARTA adventure, complete with knight in shining armor. We all about peed ourselves laughing before we could get back to VeddersGirl’s, where 7 of us tried to get ready with 1 bathroom, in between everything stopping dead for Slo-Mo BobbyHairPorn on GG’s dvd.
    That night at Bobby’s show, you not only scored free shots for all of us from the bartender, but you took pics with DefLeppardStripperSaber, got Bobby to compliment your singing (*facepalm*), managed to kiss him & get a pic, & were still functioning enough to take my favorite picture EVER that doesn’t have one of my kids in it.

    You are Amazeballs yourself & I’m so grateful to LTR/LTT, UC & Moon for being the catalyst for so many wonderful friendships.
    I heart you very very hard!

    • OMG I am speechless and I am actually tearing up…thanks so much for your AWESOME words…I love you more than you’ll ever know!! And thank you for keeping my drunk ass in check!! 😀 <33333

      • I only kept your ‘drunk ass in check’ because I was in Mama-mode! lol That’s what Bobby does to me, so it ‘s his fault if you were wondering.
        Can’t wait to have some more fun & listen to you ‘sound like Barbra Streisand.”

  23. Love the letter KK – the pics you used are priceless!!!

    Glad 2009 was so kickass for you, but you have to know it won’t even compare to 2010!!

    • Thanks mrsK I am so happy you liked it…as well that i am happy that you attend lemon Parties with me!! 🙂 Yes 2009n was definitely a blessing and I am definitely looking forward to 2010…and I cannot wait to wreck havoc with ya!!! Are ya ready for me?!?! 😉

  24. Loved your letter Krazykidd!

    I feel like I’m busting in on a family reunion but I thought I’d let you know anyway.

    I ❤ UC & Moon and all you crazy commenters!

    • Its cool the more the merrier!! I love meeting new peeps!! Welcome!! I too am TeamMoonandUC 😀 Thanks for the love and I am happy you enjoyed it! 🙂

  25. I hate it when I sign in under my name….Sparklecakes is so much for fun to say than Sarah. Boo.

  26. Awww. You are too sweet. So glad that you found LTT/LTR too. It has definitely become more than just a place to drool/obsess over pics of Rob and Taylor’s abs. It is where I have made some of the best friends I imagine ever having bc from the get go they had to know I was a little nuts (um hello, i just admitted to drooling over Robporn and a 17yo’s abs) to start with If I was here but they don’t judge….they embrace. And that is why I love all the LTT/LTR girls…and our unicorn!

    • Awww vix…you are the little pulse that makes my cold little heart beat! 😀 I cannot begin to describe how effing amazing you are and how much of my sister you are….not only cuz we bring the latin heat…but because we are just made so full of WIN!! 😀 Thank you for being so amazing and for dealing with my craziness and my fangirling out in Nov when rob drove by at the premiere!! I definitely cannot wait for this year’s premiere and I cannot wait to kick for longer than my 2 day gyno appointment LMAO …and thank you for all the Cullen smiles you give me!! ILY! 🙂

  27. Awww, that’s a sweet letter, you might have inspired me to write an anniversary letter in February now!

    Krazy Kidd, if, in your travels, you make the pilgrimage to Forks, PLEASE look me up in Seattle, I will buy you a Vitamin R so we can toast the awesomesauceness that is LTT/LTR. Maybe I will buy you two, or three. (it’s kind of weak-ish beer)…..


    • I definitely plan on visiting “La Push Baby” sometime soon…hopefully this summer!! And I will def take you up on some Vitamin R… 🙂 I cannot wait to visit seattle/forks/lapush and kick it with ya! 😀 And I can bring a little of my craziness too!!

  28. I love the sabertooth thing! I’ve been to a few of Bobby’s shows and those ladies are vicious! They form like a barrier at the front of the stage and NOBODY is getting through them. I was (un)lucky enough to be beside one in New Orleans and she was already waaaaaasted before the show started so she decided that I HAD to see her Facebook page dedicated to Rob/Bobby (she had 2…one that was actually about her and the other about them. Her kids don’t know about the other one). So she starts going through the pictures saying “there’s Rob…awww there’s Bobby….there’s Bobby again…” for like 10 MINUTES. I was dying. Then during the show she drunk-sang along with every song. I have a video that I recorded of Bobby and you can hear her drunk ass the whole time. It’s one of my treasured possessions.

    Haha anyway. I loved your letter, krazykidd, and I’m so jealous that you’ve gotten to meet so many people from this blog! I’ve been reading forever, but hardly ever comment so I don’t really know anybody :(. I plan on changing that this year though! Love this blog, and love you all and your hilarity!

    • Awww Elsise…thx for the awesome comment!! 🙂 Yes now is as good time as any to change and get to know some of thses peeps!! They are totes worth it!! #trust…wow it sounds like your Saber encounter was just EPIC!! I tend to be a Saber magnet and they all wanna befriend me…luckily for me they allow me to sit next to them in the front …the downside to that is that later i have to practically hide from them because they wanna take pics with me and exchange email addresses and shiz! LMAO…just know that it is not beneath me to use a saber in order to get kick ass seats closer to my man Bobby 😉

      • Hahaha it’s not beneath me either! Thanks to my patience with her that night I was able to stand up at the front! I just made sure that I booked it out of there afterward so she wouldn’t wanna be BFFAE! My poor friend who I drug to the show with me just hung out in the back and got plastered. I don’t think she was up to putting up with the ‘tooths.

  29. Such a sweet letter! Thanks for filling me in on what a sabertooth is…I will have to add that word to my vocabulary.
    I don’t have a twitter and I’ve never met any of you lovely people in person, but I must say I am so glad I stumbled onto this site back in June. It’s good to know I can come to a place and share my love (read: obsession) for all things Twilight and not feel like a goober or like whoever I’m talking to won’t “get it.” I love that yall “get it,” so keep on blogging! Thanks for the fun and sarcasm you add to my life everyday with your posts! 🙂

    • Awww SarahG thx for the love hun! I am definitely happy I was able to share this with you guys! I am also happy that I was able to “expand’ your vocabulary! I love that you have the “acute fondeness” for all things Twi and just know that no one here judges you for that…um hello…we are at a blog called letters2TWILIGHT! 😀 Yay for new friends!! 🙂

      • Yay for new friends! I’m glad I have this blog to go to when I need my fix…I’m still in the process of trying to convert the hubs…we have Showtime and he keeps seeing the promos for Twilight and he always makes some joke about it, but I think I’ll come home one day and catch him watching it (maybe, hopefully!)…I keep trying to tell him the books are better, but he doesn’t like to read as much as I do…I did convert him to Harry Potter after a while, so there’s still hope! 🙂

  30. K- I was with you when you coined saber so yes, I’ve witnessed one or two or 10, lol

    You will also have a special place in my heart cause you were the first LTT/LTR girl I met IRL! I so remember that day at Starbucks!

    Then going to Twicon, being a plastic, going to the New Moon Premiere & just hanging with you when we can has been great fun!

    I think my year anni is some time in the next week or so, why did I not write down that date, lol

    • Awww V!! You are the ying to my yang! Where i tend to be a little too much sometimes…you help even me out with your zen and patience, cuz we both know I lack in that dept.! 😀 It has been a great year and I am very thankful you are my friend! 🙂 I remember you being with me when I coined the term and it was so full of win!! Thx for the amazing memories in 09 and cannot wait to see what 2010 has in store for us!! 🙂 <3333!

    • Do you remember how I was the matchmaker and said, you both live in the same city, be friends! All me. of course. Unless you ever have a falling out with KK, and then I had nothing to do with it.

  31. Must be quick : This is awesome-sauce.

    Jan 19 = Also my sisters birthday.

    Loves and Huggies and Kissies!

  32. That was such a sweet letter! Happy Anniversary KrazyKidd! Here’s to many more years of LTT/LTR goodness! and Rob…cause you can never have too much of Rob….hugs! 🙂

    • Thx IWL! It was amazing writing it! 😀 I hope hope my years to come are full of Rob and LTT/LTR!! And you are right you could NEVER have enough Rob in life!! 🙂

  33. Happy first anniversary at LTR/LTT krazykidd!!! Hopefully there will be a lot more years to follow…
    But I have a confession to make: I am jealous of you. Yes I said it…
    1. because your letter is awesome and and made me laugh so hard in between my coughs
    2. because you got to meet UC and Moon. That’s just awesome girl…

    • Awww thx! I really enjoyed writing it!! 🙂 UC and Moon are really awesome peeps! Hopefully one day you’ll get to meet them too 🙂


  35. A letter to Letters To Twilight! Fabulous.

    Here’s a very short one you have inspired…

    Dear LTT,
    In our short aquaintance…what, 3 months probably, you have both nurtured & ruined me.
    Nurtured me on bad days like yesterday when you cheered me up with Jailbait & The Olive Garden.
    Ruined me as when I realised, driving along in my car listening to New Moon, that I had turned & shouted ‘They’re not bears’ at my iPod on the passenger seat at least 4 times at appropriate points in the tale. Realised when I was doing it for the 4th time.

    That is all.

  36. No it isn’t.

    P.S. Sabre tooth is effing legend.

  37. Dear KK,
    You know already before I even type this comment out how hard I ❤ your face, right?!?! I mean, between the Rob-A-Thon, drinking beers at Texas English pubs, trying on dresses, putting up with my durtay-kid-filled house, being a Plastic, watching them hot ace brit boys sing—what's not to love??? But srsly, you are one of the bestest peeps that I have met in RL…all thanks to Bunny and Noreen who started this here little family. 😉


    PS– when the H are we going to do another Rob-A-Thon on my new big screen??? 😉

    • Thx to Bunny and Noreen our love grew…”you are my life now” and just know that you cant get rid of me that easily MWAHAHAHA!!! LOL we need to kick it soon though cuz I am srsly having withdrawls!! I’m starting to scratch! And I miss the minis hardcore!! I ❤ u something fierce and I am beyond happy that I can call you my friend!!! 😀

  38. One year anniversarres are AWESOME.
    And I say that because TODAY is my one year anniversary of the first time I ever saw Twilight… So, officially the day that I lost all sense of reasoning.
    Can’t believe it’s been a year. *sniff*. All the good times.

  39. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by BrookeLockart: Dear @BobbyLongNews , I am sorry that I let @krazy_kidd loose on u (in a sense), but she did coin the term, “sabers”

  40. Awesome letter.


    One of the best things to happen to me in 2009 was becoming online and now RL friends with you. TwiCon was EPIC. Sabertooths, drunk moonwalking, and perhaps fangilring out in the bathroom will always bring a smile to my face and make me think of you. 😀
    I’m so glad you were able to join in on BobbyPalooza I. I have so many wonderful memories from that weekend… getting tons of free drinks, making gay boys in beemers blow us kisses, and poor Jane Trigs almost getting kidnapped.
    You have become my partner in crime and I will always be grateful to LTT/LTR for bring us together and helping me find a friend for life. 😀

    Love you lots and lots,
    Carrie aka Veddersgirl aka GirlGettingHerFaceLicked!!

    P.S I am totally cewebrity now that the whole world gets to see the awesome pic of you licking my face as I died and went to fangirl heaven.

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