Appreciation Sunday: Anna Kendrick

Dear Anna,

Today seems like an appropriate day to appreciate you since tonight you are going to one of the hottest events in this year’s award season to hopefully score a Golden Globe for best supporting actress. That is impressive. Even if you don’t win tonight (and I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t want to go up against Mo’nique if I were you!) you have SO much to be proud of!

Hey Jessica

First we loved you as Jessica Stanley and considered you part of the “dream team” of actors (aka the humans) in Twilight and then again in New Moon. You made us feel like were 17 again as we got out the old yearbook and reminisced about who Jessica Stanley was at our schools back in the day (Mine was Jenny Waller- cute, semi-popular (curly hair like the Jessica in the book) and sweet to your face but a bitch behind your back). And then you stole the show in your few scenes in New Moon. I lost the paper where I wrote it down, but I think I counted nine “likes” during the scene when you and Bella were leaving the movies. Brilliant. Like really.

And then you go and not only hold it together in the presence of George Clooney and that hot girl he hooks up with but you actually RULE your part. It’s no secret that actors tend to play parts that are similar from project to project. So I expected your character in Up in the Air to be a version of Jessica Stanley. No! You were an Ivy-league educated, know-it-all with a sweet, forward spirit and a really bad ponytail. And you blew me away! You blew a lot of people away, obviously since you’re winning awards all over the place! Not to mention the director, Jason Reitman, wrote the part for you, before he even met you! That’s impressive!

So girl, go get ’em tonight! You have a major fan in me!

Tell Clooney hi for me!,

After the jump, check out some fun vids of Anna I found! Plus drool over more pictures cuz that girl is hoooot!

Anna Charms David Letterman

Anna goes to Cartier. And seems so young and innocent and cute. PLUS she’s bringing a date to the Golden Globes!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Old School Anna!

Did you see Up in the Air? What did you think of Anna’s performance!?

Pictures from Anna Kendrick Fan

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37 Responses

  1. Sadly have bot seen Up In The Air as I don’t think it’s out yet … really wanna see it though!
    And Anna was totes a highlight of New Moon for
    me. The girl was HILAR.
    Also: squeeeee for the beginning of Awards Season!!

    • I saw it the weekend it came out in Toronto, and it was so good! Then again, anything Jason Reitman does it good, so there’s really no surprise there. Anna is fabulous in it though. Definitely check it out when you can 🙂

  2. i have loved this girl ever since CAMP.
    “she’s fucked – i’m ready, and the goddamn show must go on.”

  3. I really liked Up in the Air…a little funny, sexy and sad all together and original, which is refreshing. I thought Anna was great and loved all the scenes with her and George together. It’s fun to hear her talk about her off camera relationship with him…he sounds like kind of a goof. My hubby didn’t like the movie so much…he loved the acting but the subject matter hit a little to close to home for him since he owns his business and has had to let people go which can be pretty emotional as the movie so accurately depicted.

  4. Love Anna!

    I haven’t seen Up in the Air yet but I will eventually.

    That video of her singing old school was too adorable.

    And the vid that EG posted made me wanna do a standing ovation. 😉

    Her Jessica character really reminds me of someone. Not gonna say who but I see her (in the mirror) daily.

    She’s still the same…. just not as nice to your face as she used to be.

  5. Just watched Rocket Science last night. I hadn’t ever heard of it….my husband rented it thinking the kids would like it. Not a movie for kids, by the way. It focuses on a high school boy who stutters and is just limping his way through life. Anna plays a very driven, self-centered high school debater. She convinces him to be her debate partner. It was really good….quirky, indie films. I thought she was great in this too.

  6. When I first saw Twilight, I was struck by how the acting of some of the secondary characters was better than the main characters, and Anna Kendrick’s portrayal of Jessica was at the top of that list. There was a spark there that impressed me, and I’m so glad it’s taken off for her.

  7. Dear Anna,

    Thanks so much for giving fiance a line to remember like ” movie night with Bella” and for teaching us that zombies represent consumerism or whatever and most importantly that leprosy is NOT funny…First Rob and now Clooney? congratulations! you have single-handedly managed to win the envy of all womenkind. You are awesomesauce!!! and I luuurve you….seriously…like totally.
    Anyhoo…give Tay my regards…tell him how good he looks in a suit (Lord knows that boy’s been down in the dumps lately and needs a good compliment) and try to slip in some fun facts about me…I can touch my nose with my tongue, I was in a show choir and I do NOT have leprosy…or whatever…
    Crossed fingers and toes,
    Morning everybody!
    The hamster hates school…blergh

    • I can touch my nose with my tongue too! Wait, have we already discussed this?

      “Move night with Bel-la” (love that line)

    • Grrrrrr that was supposed to be a thumbs UP, damn my fat finger! (I’m on iPhone – again).

    • Dear Hamster:

      Hmm, I wonder, yeah, I bet Rob can touch his nose with his tongue. He’s got a long one (TWSS), and his nose kind of dips down. And Anna probably knows for sure, because that was what they were doing when that famous picture was taken!

  8. Loved Anna Kendrick’s crying scene in “Up in the Air.” Don’t want to give too much away here, but watching her cry, almost made me cry. Go Anna!!! Loved the film, too…not a lot of action here, just a great character study.

    • Haha! I did laugh! I think that was the point. And then her little speech w/Clooney and Vera’s characters at the bar. Classic. And that line, “Now you’re talking!” Perfect. I wanted to hug her and be her bestie for that delivery.

    • if that crying scene almost made you cry, then you obviously have the intellectual depth of a puddle. That was quite possibly the worst acted scene that George Clooney has ever been a part of. Kendrick’s “acting” almost made me walk out of that film. Her being up for best supporting shows more of a lack of talent this year than a stunning performance.

      • wow you’re kinda a bitch.
        and by ‘kinda’ i mean totally.
        don’t be mean to commenters. be mean to me or Moon. but not to other people here. they can have differing opinions from your pretentious one.

  9. I LOVE Anna Kendrick! She’s so goregous.

    Up in the Air was so good.


    Thanks for the appreciation day 🙂

    ps-I’m still working on a Bewley and a Cudmore appreciation day write-up/letter for you guys. Just to make sure my boys are represented.
    pps-MichaelSheenIsaDILF, I expect the same from you about Michael! 🙂 Plenty of fodder and goregeous eyes to work with there!

  10. Also, Letterman was so mean when he’s all “He has a car waiting for him? Really?” I’m like, that’s so mean! She doesn’t know! She’s from Maine and just started getting lots of roles, give her a break man.

    But her comment about Clooney’s advice on how to treat Letterman, priceless. She’s got some sass, love it. And love her taste in the Cartier… wonder what she’ll go with tonight! 🙂

  11. Dear Anna Kendrick,

    I ❤ you, hard. You have replaced Veronica Mars… er, Kristen Bell as my # 1 girl crush. That's all.


  12. I love Anna! Compared to the other actors in Twilight and New Moon, I thought she was the best. (sorry RPatz – not sorry KStew)

  13. she really is awesome. did you see her on ellen when she told that RPatz/Clooney story, it was hysterical ❤

  14. I saw Up in the Air! I loved it!!

    Anna was amazing in it she deserves to win tonight =)

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