News on Breaking Dawn Production aka NO news on Breaking Dawn Production!

Dear Twilight and well, Breaking Dawn I suppose…

Today two posts came out referencing news behind the production of Breaking Dawn. While a few months ago we all thought making BD was a foregone conclusion and Summit was just waiting for New Moon to shatter box office records to make it official it’s been almost a month and a half since New Moon’s release and still no announcement. Since news on the twi front has been about as sparse as smiles at a KStew photoshoot, so any sort of news to come out will indefinitely make waves. But after reading both posts from the bitchtastic Ted C and a dude in his mom’s basement in North East Philly we learn… exactly… NOTHING. Why yes, it’s like a Robsten rumor… a lot of drama, a lot of words, a lot of retweets, a lot of “maybe’s” but no actual substance or truth. Someone at the LA Times spoke with producer Wyck Godrey and got this bit of totally evasive information regarding the splitting of BD into two films  “…If it’s not organic, I don’t think it will be done, and if it is, it will be…” Wow, heavy.

Breaking Dawn = tons more creepy images made by fans!

So we still don’t know if it will be made into two films (please say yes), whether Summit will hire geneticists to create a human vampire hybrid in their lair of doom (aka studio offices in Santa Monica) to play Renesmee, whether Taylor Lautner will in fact act out imprinting on a newborn baby, if Nikki Reed and KStew can patch up their differences long enough to play convincing as frenemies on screen, will Jacob and Leah spend 3/4ths of the movie running around the perimeter of the Cullen’s house “on patrol” thus reenacting the most boring parts of BD, will there be a behind the scene documentary on the making of Isle Esme which features all the “fade to black” scenes they cut out?

Sooooo many questions and ZERO answers.

Find out what we DO know about Breaking Dawn after the jump

Here is what we do know…

Burn candles around babies in Breaking Dawn!

  • Breaking Dawn is indeed the last book in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga
  • They MAY (or may not) make a film version of Breaking Dawn
  • They may (or may not) break up this final installment into TWO movies
  • Chris Weitz will NOT be directing BD. He will instead be designing his own fashion line. Spoiler alert: the line is ONLY pairs of orange pants
  • Robert, Kristen and Taylor will probably be in the film version
  • It might shoot in the fall of 2010 in Vancouver… or it may move back to Oregon
  • The Britpack and the 100 Monkeys will probably play shows at some poor unsuspecting bars while filming in Vancouver OR Oregon
  • Renesmee will creep us out as either a real child played by a “little person” or will be a weird cgi cartoon baby

I would die of 2nd hand embarassement if I was KStew

  • A bunch of rando’s will be cast as the “witness” vampires and will inevitably be interviewed by Entertainment Tonight about the chemistry of Robsten on set instead of their actual part
  • Creepy fans on the internet will make totally gross and embarrassing photo manipulations (like the ones seen in this post) and fan videos to accompany any images that come from the BD set
  • The Cullens will still be vampires
  • The wolfpack will still wear Jorts
  • Bella will still blink and probably wear a lot of plaid

and lastly… we know this for certain:

  • They’re NOT bears!

If I was placing bets I would say that since Summit likes to save a buck, filming will return to Vancouver (unless Portland wants to give them a tax break), BD will be split into two films (more money, only one shoot), and Robsten will be but a distant memory at that point.

Waiting for some real news,
So what do you think of the non-news? Where will Breaking Dawn end up filming? Do you want it split into two films or keep it as one? How do you think Taylor will act out the imprinting on Renesmee?

All images courtesy of the creepers who made them

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  1. I have faith in Taylor pulling off imprinting on Renesmee. Have you seen this kid’s ability to produce a dazzling Colgate smile in the most embarrassing of situations? Now that’s Disney magic.

    • I actually have faith in him being able to do it, too… but as the comment below states… “So, Taylor, how does it feel to have Chris Hansen following YOU around now?”

    • (This Renesmee could be the Embarrassment to end all embarrassments though..Is her name a sort of wordplay on the word “embarrassment” by the way? )

      As we all know Disney has been pulling off love matches and strange bedfellows in family viewings for years (humans and animals with or without clothes, half-human creatures with humans etc) so this should be an no-brainer, right? “Look, Chris, this is actually a CGI-baby I’m imprinting on, so maybe you should go looking for someone molesting a baby cartoon chipmonk instead?”

      • When you said “Disney” I suddenly thought, why don’t they make BD as an animated film! The book is so cartoonish it would be exactly the right look and feel. The actors would still fulfill their contracts by doing the voice-overs, and then the Renesmee problem would be solved because everyone is fake! The vampire-Caesarean in Pixar 3-D!

        • Oh, and another thought–How about instead of Disney or Pixar, it would be made by Tim Burton in his “Nightmare Before Christmas” or “Beetlejuice” style? Imagine the creeptastic-ness!

          • I would really love it to be in tim buron style.
            Or they can make it like sin city really graphic and all.

            Wiht real sex scene and no pg 13 shit

    • I wanna live on the *res* with the rest of the wolves because they obviously have the best dentist going – I have never seen such pearly whites before in my entire life.

    • so you’re saying we’ll be blinded by his amazing dental care to be too worried about him falling for the baby?

      YUp… sounds good to me!

  2. How about we don’t make it into a film at all?

    Go on, thumbsdown me! I may be the only person in the entire fandom with this opinion, but I’m willing to take the scorn. When I think of it, all I can think of is (a by then 18 year old) Taylor Lautner sitting in a press junket interview having to answer “So, how difficult was it acting as though you were in love with a baby?”


    I’m sorry, I know I’m a traitor, but Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse make a nice trilogy.

    • You may get lots of thumbs down for that one, but I agree with you. I think it’s gonna go on too long and end up being too much.

      (That said, if they make the movie(s), I’ll probably see them..)

    • I just want to add, that we need to remember that imprinting is not really just about love. It’s really about having a connection or bond. People can develope uncanny connections no matter what he age gap is, so I don’t think it has to be portrayed all “pervy”.

      • Of course! We all know this to be true – but unfortunately I doubt the rest of the cynical world we see it that way…

        • Then that means they’ll hafta do a bang-up job at explaining it in Eclipse beforehand. Make it not sound pervy.

          • Seriously! I thought that SM did a good job with Jacob explaining the kid thing in Eclipse, and that he’s like a caretaker of her. basically imprinting means that you know the person so well, you know all of their exact needs and you want to meet their needs. It really doesn’t have anything to do with love, it just sort of becomes that over time.

          • Maybe they’ll do a good job of explaining imprinting in Eclipse & BD as being more of a “guardian” —- they need to get away from anything to do with love.

            btw – I watched this interview with Taylor where they asked him about BD/Renesmee and he said when he was reading the book he was like “are you kidding me?!?” lol You know who hates Stephenie Meyer the most….Taylor Lautner. 🙂

      • I think you are right: the only imprinting I had ever heard of was in biology -duck babies imprinting on their moms – or someone human that happened to take care of them instead, a trick by nature to make sure they followed their caretaker hard at heel…
        So, imprinting in the original is hardly a case of romantic love to begin with, more a body bond beyond reason…and Meyer makes sure to spell out that it takes the form of parental, brotherly or friendly love before it goes romantic. Sweat not, Chris Hansen!

    • I agree that this movie will be sooooo difficult to make. I’ve heard the script is only “partially” complete. That’s because the screenwriter is sitting at her desk with a copy of BD going, “How the hell am I supposed to do this?”

      Of course, this could be a train wreck of epic proportions, which would be fun to watch for all the wrong reasons.

      • Too true! I, too, have been having misgivings about the making of BD ever since they started talking about it.. Some things are always better in the head than in real life..

      • I just don’t see how BD is hard to write. Everything in it is physically happening. There’s hardly anything inside people’s head except in the Jacob section, and that part isn’t even that relevant and could be easily trimmed down.

        I’d be happy to write it if they wanted to hand it over to me.

        • Uh, TeamSeth, can you let us know your thoughts on the “Fact” in the post:
          “A bunch of rando’s will be cast as the “witness” vampires and will inevitably be interviewed by Entertainment Tonight about the chemistry of Robsten on set instead of their actual part” ? Ouch!

          • Hey, if they want to call me a ‘rando’ that’s fine. At least I’ll have a movie credit and a paycheck to my name.

            And, if asked about Robsten’s chemistry, I’ll go on and on about how they’re so dating seriously, so I get more press 😉 Honestly though, if I get interviewed by ET, that’d rock. Especially if it’s at the premiere and it’s really hot so they have the portable a/c thing again.

    • Yes! You beat me to it. I don’t want Breaking Dawn to be made into a movie. At all. The book is already like a parody of a vampire story. I shudder to think how it will get translated on film…

    • As much as I want BD to be a movie (think of the great fodder for LTT), on the other hand, as I anticipate all of the probable cringing and 2nd hand embarassment I’ll have to endure in the theater, I can’t help but feel majorly nervous and simply agree that it may be best to leave it alone.

      Or perhaps have it as a 30 minute featurette on the Eclipse DVD? Think of it: the wedding (1st 5 mins), Isle Esme (20 mins), and a quick shot of Jacob running around in the woods (final 5 mins). Then everything can cut to black and text will come up on screen filling us in on the rest of the Ed+Bella life. The end.

    • totes agree. breaking dawn … would just be too weird/awkward, i think (more than we have come to accept). i liked parts of it, for sure, but the whole time after renesmee was born … major letdown, nothing really happens, imo. i think it would be so embarassing for the cast to have to do pretty much anything in that movie, haha. i get second hand embarassed just thinking about it.

    • I completely disagree. BD is probably my favorite book. I even like the birthing scene. It’s just rewarding to finally see Bella as a vamp since the whole series builds up to that.

      I think it’s a perfect Hollywood wrap-up. Everything is happy and works out perfectly. I honestly think it’ll be the easiest film to make. I also will be really upset if they don’t make it. It’s not a trilogy, it’s 4 books. And Eclipse does not close the story in any way.

      Plus BD has such a sweet ending when she lifts her shield and floods all the memories for Edward to see. It’s just really touching.

      • i agree with you x infinity, TeamSeth.

      • SON OF A BEAWTCH – TEAMSETH RUINS ANOTHER ENDING!!!!!! (just kidding, of course I’ve already read it)

      • I agree that BD has the perfect Hollywood wrap-up ending. And it is a really sweet ending. I typically enjoy movies that leave things a bit undone…not tied up in a bow. However, I really liked how BD came together in the end. Maybe it was a little “too perfect” for some, but for me, it’s exactly how the Edward and Bella story should end (for us as readers) and how they should begin their eternity together.

      • I think BD will be much easier for the viewers’ eyes to accept. The majority of it is complete fantasy. The problems with the first three are Bella is still in high school and obviously human so we are constantly thrown back in and forth from reality to fantasy and things like sparkling and climbing up trees seem silly. But if you are completely taken into a 100% fantasy atmosphere like in BD, your mind will totally go with it. If they completely GO FOR IT in BD and don’t hold back, the movie could be AWESOME. Oh, waaaay bigger budget needed also. Isle Esme will not be filmed on some fake set in Vancouver. Over my dead body!

        • And feathers….there must be feathers!

        • good points

        • I agree with this. Maybe on Isle Esme they’ll throw in those 4 armed lemurs from Avatar! (joking)

          But they best not film it on a little island off of Vancouver. I’m sure Ouahu will be happy to work with Summit. Maybe JJ Abrams can even direct it…then when Lost ends this season he’ll have an excuse to stay down there in the fall…

          • At first I thought “JJ Abrams doing BD, that would suck big time”….but then I thought, “who better to do a movie where you want stuff to happen but not show anyone what’s happening”. You might be on to smth TS.

          • haha, I didn’t even think about that!

    • Yay – let’s think of all the amazing questions for the junkets:

      Rob, how was it acting out the scene where you bite through your new wife’s stomach and uterus to rescue your half-vamp baby who you can hear in the womb?

      Rob, in real life, would a vampire or a werewolf be able to bite through a human uterus faster?

      Rob, we understand that you won’t make any comment on your relationship with Kristen but if hypothetically you were dating and then hypothetically you had a baby, how would you feel if her other love interest married that baby? In other words, would you accept Oregano as your son-in-law?

      Child actor/little person, how did it feel having Rob & Kristen as your parents in the film? Do you think they’d make good parents in real life? Did they make you eat nutricious hot pocket dinners in their trailer?

      • Kristen how is it to be the only one who get to see tha vampire peen, wasthe sex so bad that you were affraid to show it to the fans that is why it faided to black?

        Rob: what do you have to say about the anti-climatic non fight at the end of the movie:

        Kristen: what do you invisible shield look like, and why do you make a constipated face when you try to shied?
        How do you feel to share your former lover with your child? How doe it feel to know that your daughter will have sex with a wolf while you have never been able to do it.

    • ohhhh so interesting… i feel like it was originally intended as a trology and then people got crazy and wanted her to write another book in the series and thus breaking dawn was born.

      oh and 28 thumbs up and no thumbs down! you are not alone!

      • i didn’t thumbsdown it b/c i disagree and refuse to validate it w/ the opinion.. (hee-hee, i being sarcastic) if they make the 1st 3, they need to finish it! i mean, geeze, look @ HP?! there’s a million of those…

        • Even though I obviously disagree with the comment, I didn’t thumbs down because there’s no need to.

          I think Twilight was originally intended as one book, since that’s what Stephenie always says in her interviews.

          • yup, all the rest of this after Twilight has been icing that we can’t stop licking… the cake is long out of the oven… so they may as well finish w/ the decorations! gimmie-gimmie sequels!

          • Thanks for making me crave chocolate icing.

      • This is why I love this blog – I can actually voice an opinion without being shot down in a blaze of fangirl glory!

        Thanks to you all!! x x x

    • While I totally (almost) agree with you…I still am intriqued enough by the imagine of Rob covered in feathers or hanging his clothes on a palm tree and running around a beach nude to fully turn my back on a Breaking Dawn Film…

      Basically I am saying that Hot Rob scenes mean more to me than general decency…

  3. I’m not that fond of the idea of BD being made into a movie, either. …Teen pregnancy and early marriage, infant imprinting (twice)…

    Alot of the great parts of that movie are things that you have to “Read” that I don’t believe would make great scenes in a film.

  4. If they decide to make this movie, I want to find someone in the theater who hasn’t read the book and doesn’t know what’s about to happen.

    Then I will buy a big bucket of popcorn and plop myself down right next to them and watch their reactions as:

    – Edward pimps his wife out to his enemy
    – Edward performs a c-section with his teeth
    – Jacob falls in love with a newborn baby

    Those are good times right there!

    • I like the way you think!

    • Can I join you? I’ll bring beer.

    • Forget everything I said, Breaking Dawn would be entertaining enough just for THIS!

    • Duuuuuude.
      That is one effing awesome idea!! haha
      Ooooh I could make my mum hold off on reading the books until after BD . . . that could be fun! haha

    • this will be my plan on my 2-10th viewing of BD in the theaters. good call tooold!

    • hey man, what can you say “Sh%t Happens”

    • LMAO!!! Speaking of that – my bf refuses to read the books BUT I took him to see New Moon a few weeks ago. It was awesome to discuss it with him afterwards. Some of his thoughts:

      Half-way through the movie, he leaned over and said “this guy cannot act.” (reffering to Taylor Lautner)

      He felt like he was trapped in a 18-yr-old girl’s body for 2 hours. What was with the huffing and sighing from Bella? Even the last frame of the movie. They show her reaction to Edward proposing. He would have rather have left the frame on Edward instead of Bella letting out a big breathe.

      When Alice was driving the Porche in Italy, he was like wtf? where’d she get that from? Why couldn’t she just throw Bella on her back and swim across the Atlantic?

      So — I cannot WAIT to take him to see BD… =)

  5. Can I be one of the Rando’s to “act” as a witness to the miracle child — half breed that is renestupidnamemee.

    I would so work my EW interview for 15 , um 30 minutes of fame with my opinion of Robsten and how Rob is a “nice guy” that showers (really! I was there) and is a dedicated flosser.

    My next interview would be with Rolling Stone with more tawdry tales from the set.

    • ill be one of the other witnesses. i already have pale skin. LESS bad makeup from the community theater makeup dept!

      “Rob is a “nice guy” that showers (really! I was there”


  6. Well… it’s tuff to say really. Many of us had hoped for more actual “Book-related” scripting to be in NM, aka dialog and E&B love-connection, also making the movie a bit longer… so if they’re gonna skim the surface and just dip their toes into the heart of the story then I’d say make one knock-out 150 minute movie. Sure we’d all still go see it if they made it into two skimpy films… many times… but I’d prefer they did one film REALLY well instead of two lack-luster ones, just for the sake of the making money on an extra film.

    Good morning Ladies!!!

    • Yes, thank you! I want to see one amazing movie with lots of lovely dialogue and relationships and acting (although it will more likely be pick two of the above). Where would they split it? After the baby= good, concrete ending and boring, too short second movie. Before the baby= lame ending and awkward opening for second movie.
      If SMeyer is rooting for one film, please Summit, LISTEN!!!

      • I can’t imagine where they would break it–if they did the wedding, Isle Esme, the baby, Bella turning, and break it there, then it’s a complete girl movie with no interest for the larger audience they are trying to cultivate for this saga. The second movie would then be the vampires gathering, Jacob and the wolfpack patrolling around, the non-fight with the Volturi: also, very little action/dramatic possibilities. Face it, this movie or movies is going to be a big flop.
        If there’s any chance of salvaging the mess, it should be one longer movie. I would choose Peter Jackson, because he’s shown he can interpret a beloved book series (LoTR), make a long film gripping, make a CGI character totallly believable (Gollum = Renesmee!), totally rock the action parts, and still get the intimate sweet love story and love/angst triangle (Aragorn + Eowyn + Arwen), and secondary characters are still really interesting (Faramir, Pippin, etc etc). That’s my two cents.

        • I don’t think Jackson is a good choice at all. Though I’m not the person who thumbs downed you, just to be clear. In fact I thumbs upped you to counteract, and cuz you mentioned Faramir and Pippin as your key minor characters (<3). Someone mentioned using Jackson in the comments earlier, and I don't agree.

          LOTR is such a different type of story. It's like epic save the world, and Twilight is so revolving around a few (mostly one) characters. Sure the Fellowship makes up the leads, but they have an overall goal of destroying the ring to bring a sense of balance/peace to Middleearth. Whereas in Twilight it's just two kids trying to make it work against all odds, and getting knocked up in the meantime.

          Also, the love triangle in LOTR isn't really developed that much. In fact, Eowyn doesn't even know that a love triangle exists, so I'm not sure if it can really be called that. And while I heart Viggo, I still think Faramir's character was better for Arwen. Um… ok, done with the LOTR nerd alert over here.

          • Did you mention Viggo? Swooooon.

            I ❤ Aragorn. Aragorn Son of Pheremone as my husband calls him.

  7. How do you think Taylor will act out the imprinting on Renesmee?

    glad you asked. im thinking it may be some sort of flash forward, like alice’s vision in new moon. taylor could make out with a cgi manip of rob and ktsews face. you know the ones where they mash their faces together to see what their kid is going to look like? and then taylor grins at the camera.

    i’ll leave you with that image.

  8. kinda of wild pic. A knock up vamp . This would be a great story filled with all kinds of twists and turns. Who’s the pop? Stay turned for more.

  9. I think they should leave the imprinting out.

    Has any of you actually tried to explain Breaking Dawn to people who haven’t read any Twilight books?

    Highly embarrassing.

    They just need to leave it out. And fading to black on the “birth scene” is also for the best.

    Does anyone really wanna see KStew puke blood? Anyone wanna see Taytortot acting all goofy in love over an infant?

    I don’t.

    • Ha, I want to see her puke some blood. I also want to see Rob bite into her marble placenta!

    • I don’t see how they can leave the imprinting out since it’s the reason for the attraction between Bella and Jacob the whole time. He *thought* he was in love with Bella, but he was really in love with one of the eggs in her ovary.

      That’s NOT normal.

      • “he was really in love with one of the eggs in her ovary”

        Which also means he was in love with Edward’s spunk!

      • Obava,

        The attraction between Bella and Jacob can be easily explained. Edward left Bella. Bella turned into a zombie until her “sunshine after the rain” showed up.

        It would be entirely normal for her to still want to be friends with her savior and even feel romantically attached. No one has to be imprinting on any eggs or “spunk” (hahaha) in real life.

        Poor Taycob, how will his career end up after he is known for being gaga for an infant on screen? The jokes will never cease.

        • But what about their hot make out scene in Eclipse?

          • What about it?

            It can still happen. It’s not like he’s trying to crawl into her uterus during that…. Or was he?

          • Ba Ba Buuuum

          • What I really meant was how will they close off that segment of the triangle w/out SM’s deus ex machina imprint?
            Or when I’m given the script to write, should I just have Jake and Leah end up together and skip Renesme all together and have the Volturi come for some “other” reason and then Garrett’s all to the Vamp mob, “They’re just trying to attack the Cullen coven cuz they feel threatened by their size. But we’ll send them a message! We’ll tell them that they can’t take whatever they want. We went to the other covens and asked them to come and witness. And they came, because they believe in what’s right and what’s good. Will you come?” (had to throw that last part in to keep the thread running from NM) (Sam Worthington for Garrett, anyone? He packs a mean rallying speech!). Then Jane will start doing her thing and Bella’s like “Shields up!” Then Cameron does his thing, and Bella’s like, “Shields at 80%” And Caius gets annoyed and sends in Felix to fight and the mob thinks it’s a good idea and then this huge battle ensues. And everyone dies, except the Romanians, who then go back into power and Transylvania takes over as Vamp Capital. I see a sequel saga coming with this ending…

          • Yeahh…

            My attention span will not let me figure out what the hell you were talking about.. 🙂

            I think Renesmee should be there. Just not have imprinting.

            BUT I will not be in it, I will not write the script AND I will see it either way… I’m such a damn realist sometimes.

          • I’m not really sure what I wrote either. I think I’m still in an Avatar state of mind.

      • oh my, this has taken a bad turn! haha

      • hahahahhahaha. Oh God obava, I’m dying. Tears.streaming.from.eyes. You are too funny.

    • I can see the script now:
      ” Scene 21. Edward kisses Bella in the water. Fade to black.
      Scene 24. Edward carries Bella upstairs. Fade to black.
      Scene 36 a, b, c, d, e. The wolves run the perimeter. Fade to black.
      Scene 42. Bella faints with a weak scream as the baby starts chewing at her insides. Fade to black.
      Scene 44. Jacob comes downstairs and sees Renesemee. Fade to black.
      Scene 76. Bella prepares to magick the bad Volturis. Fade to black.”
      It’s gonna be a very…DARK movie..?

      • Oh, dear. This sounds entirely too plausible.

        • I’m trying to ignore the thoughts in my head that say that Summit and The Powers That Be are just going to decide that that’s far too much fade-to-black for one movie and ditch the entire project altogether. And then in like ten years’ time (who am I kidding, nowadays it’s more like five years later) some total B production is made by some start-up studio and with newly graduated arts students who think they are the shiznit but really are just spoiled rich kids that have been told they’re the shiznit all their lives cuz no one had the balls to tell them they are pretentious, untalented nobodies, and it just ends up a total farce (HOW many American Pies are there now?)

          • That alone is EXACTLY why Summit needs to make this movie now! It saddens me to think this could actually happen to the Twilight saga.

          • Let’s just have the Hillywood version now and skip the big-screen version altogether. Just give Rob and Kristen the money they have in the budget to just do the Isle Esme scene(s) for 60 minutes or so, and everyone will be happy.

          • Except Oregano.

  10. Dear LTT,
    Hey if I could influence the powers that be in enticing Summit to PDX I would!! My fellow Twihard Twimoms are just waiting to stumble upon various celebs at the many dive bars located in the Rose City….hey while were waiting we will do our own reconnaissance at said bars…after all Daniel Baldwin has moved here!!

  11. If you took BD, pulled out all of the descriptions of running, took out all the descriptions of Bella’s various dresses she’s forced to wear, skip the 47 modes of transportation they use to get to Isle Esme, and cut the classic musical comedy they watch on their honey moon and BD is roughly 38 pages long. Surely that can be made into one movie.

  12. I also am not thrilled to have BD made into a movie. The book is just weird. No one’s been able to do any of the Twi books justice so far when turning them into films, so what unholy hell of a mess are they going to make of BD?

  13. I think if they bring Peter Jackson in as director it could turn out ok – look how well he managed Gollum after all…that baby should be a cinch. I think it COULD be done well, & uncreepily…but it’ll need a sophisticated, seasoned hand on the tiller.

    But – they need to bring in a female Director’s Consultant for the Isle Esme parts, I swear it’s a simple gender thing that made these great in TL & okish in NM. I vote for Moon or UC to break it down for them. And by them I mean blokes, especially the blokes at Summit, who may not have realised that the male/female agenda for these films is different, i.e. men=action shots; women=smooooooching. I mean that both generally & personally, & I know lots of people would disagree….

    All this hoohaa. You’d think BD was weird or something.

    • I’m with you. I love me some Chris W, but I think Peter Jackson is the man for this. His attention to detail is incredible and the man knows how to get sfx done right.

      • I don’t think CW wants to touch this with a ten foot pole. They contacted him and he said, “Ummmm, yeah, I’m gonna be busy for the next couple of years.”

    • Peter Jackson… hmm while i have NO doubt he could do a killer job, i’m pretty sure he won’t do it. He only does thing that he’s infatuated with and i don’t see the Twi-saga as being something he’s infatuated with…. umm, nahh. But the technology is there… anybody see Avatar? No, i’m not just refering to the blue people, but the way they made the lead character’s legs all emaciated form atrophy?! That’s some awesome graf abil right there… i’d say there’s still hope.

      • Yeah, I don’t think PJ WILL direct BD, but I’d sure like to see him do it. There are very few directors who will be able to make a good movie out of that.

        Wouldn’t it be totally hilarious if Quentin Tarantino signed on for that? Blood everywhere! And suddenly Jasper would be full of snappy one-liners.

    • I say bring back Cougar Cathy for this one.

      We already know she’s able to get great kissing/love scenes from her actors, so Isle Esme would be awesome.

      She’s also great at leaving out huge chunks of the books and putting in stuff she just made up. She could distract us from the story by throwing in a few “Buttcrack Santas” and “Spider Monkeys” and we’d forget all about imprinting and mutant babies.

      • I don’t know if she’d be able to direct and still keep the 500 foot distance from Rob that the restraining order requires.

      • You might be on to something. Her blasé attitude towards the script and storylines, while irritating in Twilight, might be just what BD needs. If she throws out enough makeout scenes and random runs through the forest, and ignores most of the storyline, that just might be the winning formula for this movie.

        Cathy Cougar for BD 2011!

      • I’m with you on this too. Think about it, if Twilight hadn’t been quite as ridiculous filled with spider monkeys and buttcrack but with just the right amount of hotness in the kissing scene, we probably wouldn’t have LTT

        New Moon was quite good – yes it’s sparked debate but not in the same way as Twilight. Eclipse sounds like it’ll be heavy on the action (I’m not reading the script but I might just cry if they’re missing the leg hitch)

        So imagine Breaking Dawn back. Cathi the Cougar would come up with hot and heavy stady-cam isle esme scenes and enough craziness that we’ll still be laughing about it on LTT in 2014

      • If Cougwicke does it, they won’t have to buy a bed for the Isle Esme set, they can just use hers!

        • oooooooh! Burn! *sizzle*

        • @ JodieO, Team Seth….heard CH was so upset at not being asked to direct New Moon she sold the bed on EBay, bought a waterbed and a poster of an island to hang on her ceiling and retired…..

      • hey… have been lurking forever had to post. i literally guffawed – no lie – at this post. well played!

    • I agree that I think a woman director would be much better suited for BD. It’s a movie that’s all about romance (in all kinds of special ways) and I think only a woman can pull that incredibly powerful, gushy romance off in an extremely satisfying way (and in the case of Jake and Renesmee) tastefully too. It’s something we’re more naturally inclined towards.

    • I agree a woman director would be best. Only Cathy H would have realised what a fantastic bloke Rob P is and cast him in the role. A man would have chosen some college preppy guy.
      As to BD – cut Jacob going off on his own ,cut the J Jenks pointless sub-plot. I would like to see light heartedness between Edward and Bella, in between the traumas. No-one can be so full of doom and gloom all the time. I would also like to see Edward as a Dad- that could be sweet.

      • Yeah, that whole J Jenkins bit was ridiculous. All we need to know is that Bella saves them all with her shield. No need for her to have major angst and brooding like… oh yeah, like all the other films. hm.

    • Hey, I didn’t see this yet when I mentioned Peter Jackson back there! Great minds think alike! Let’s get a petition going.

  14. Obava obviously thinks so. We must’ve been typing simultaneously.

  15. I’m trying to think of how Breaking Dawn could possibly be made into a movie, let alone two movies. I’ve come to the conclusion that in no way can I take this task seriously. The only way I can picture it is if it is taken up by the “Scary Movie” franchise as “Vampire Movie.” Marlon Wayans can play Renesmee. Rob can play up Edward’s poncy side. Yes… I think this might work…

  16. But seriously. If they do make it, I hope they just focus on the Bella becoming a vampire & the ultimate fake fighting scene. I would like to see the wedding too of course and some honeymoon. But no need to include the whole imprinting thing and gross birthing scene. They could just cut out a lot of the middle and still have a decent story.

    As long as they dont cut Kate. Because TeamSeth is gonna get that part and I will be her biggest fan! Go Team Kate!!!!! yay!

  17. Where will Breaking Dawn end up filming?

    —-My back yard.

    Yes, I hope it’s done in 2 films because that means more Rob for us Rob lovahs! No, but seriously, it needs to be made in 2 films imo, there’s too much to cover in just 2 hours.

  18. The answer is deep cuts. Almost all of the pregnancy can be cut. A lot of the training can be cut. It should be one movie. But pregnant Bella and imprinting Jacob is still going to squick me out.

  19. Oh Jebus, I think I owe Moon a dollar, cause she sort of passive aggressively asked a certain someone if he lives in his parent’s basement in Northeast Philly. I’m in tears. Serious tears.

    Random thought: You Moon and UC should do more dramatic readings, perhaps you could be cast as random witness #7. Start campaigning now!

    Hugs, Brooke

    PS – They’re NOT bears!

  20. The sad thing is that no matter how many films they make out of it, and no matter how horrendous the storyline might be, and no matter how creepy the CGI Renesmee turns out… I’m still going to see it. We all will. Some more than others. So we should probably stop pretending to care and just hope they hurry up and make a decision already. I don’t have any self respect left at this point.

    • lets hug. we’ve already pretty much outted ourselves to the world as major dorks so lets just hope for the best and make the end quick and painless.

    • True story. Maybe, though, if we all promise to see Breaking Dawn lots and lots they’ll promise to make it one movie instead of two. That way they get their money and we get our happiness (and, eventually, our self-respect comes back. I say this because I was looking yesterday at the ridiculous amount of NM paraphernalia that I have in my dorm room courtesy of Christmas).

      • That reminds me, I was going to buy a NM 2010 calendar once they were discounted but now I can’t find any in stores 😦 Anyone have an extra?

  21. I think this news is completely unnecessary since we didn’t find out anything but that CW won’t direct it.*sadface*
    So instead of saying smth and causing such a wave they just should have shut the fuck up, cause honestly I was a bit angry yesterday.

  22. Ted C asks “is it actually harder for a devout Mormon to whore out her creative baby than, say, a reported Protestant like J.K. Rowling, who certainly had no difficulties milking the Harry Potter flicks for all they were worth?”. Uh, Ted, I don’t think it has to do w/religion…I think it has to do with quality. Truth be told, HP never jumped the shark. SMeyer’s creeptastic story of BD is all kinds of crazy and maybe she has finally come to her senses and sees it’s gonna be hard to translate to screen. Lord knows I need one more thing to try and defend in my fondness of Twilight…this movie will do me in.

    • Yes, Kendall, a thousand times. Not only did Smeyer jump up and down on that damn shark, she also used so many deus ex machinas BD reads almost like a “choose your own adventure” book.

      • I love those “choose your own adventure” books when I was a kid. What a great idea that would have been!

        Do you want to

        -read about more sexy times between Bella and Edward? go to page 30

        -read about Bella getting pregnant and giving birth in the most horrific fashion possible? go to page 125

      • Ugh! She so did! Sigh. It’s like they should’ve just skipped Eclipse as a film because it’s all build up to crap that is resolved so simply in BD.

        Like, oh I don’t know, Bella becoming a newborn and going on a killing spree…no, no, she’s a perfect new vamp blah blah blah. Or Jake having to deal w/falling for the girl who would never love him? Oh, here’s a girl for you instead (though I still wish he’d just dated that girl from Seattle who liked cars. Such a better fit for him). Bella doesn’t want to get married young because her mom made that mistake? Oh, she’s happy for her and thinks that’s an obvious and great idea. Edward needs Alpha orders and Sam won’t give them? Oh, apparently Jake can just leave the pack and become the Alpha of his own pack.


    • Don’t get me wrong, I know great literature and the Twilight series as a whole simply isn’t Tolstoy or even Rowling, but I don’t think BD was *that* bad. It’s going to be a mess to translate on screen but how many other books do you think are also a mess to translate on screen? Harry Potter on screen has been, overall, sloppy and lacklustre, and that doesn’t reflect the quality of the books. I thought BD was the most original/creative out of any of the Twilight books. (I don’t meant that sarcastically, either!!!) I kind of enjoyed the fantasy of it. It was refreshing to finally be out of that “forbidden teenage high school love” realm after the first three books.

      The major, major problem with BD was that Stephenie’s editor didn’t do her job. There are a million things that a solid editor could have done to make the book read better, flow better, be paced better, just plain ol’ be better, without really affecting the overall story, which I thought was fine. It dragged in places and didn’t make sense in others, and yes, just came off plain ol’ creepy in many places, and was overall a ‘choppily’ constructed book. This all could have been avoided. But the editor was probably like, “oh wow these books are huuuugely successful, I’m scared of touching the Mighty Stephenie, I’ll be all hands off with this last book!” Wrong attitude. The editors totally dropped the ball with BD.

      • THUMBS WAAYYY UP i feel like a lot of BD’s issues could have been resolved with an editor that put their foot down and helped create a cohesive and plausible ending to the saga.


      • Agreed!

        So…maybe they will fix that issue with the script and then moonie will be right in saying, “Wouldn’t it be ironic if it’s the one we love the best?” And it won’t be ironic at all, because it’ll actually be the best.

      • Too bad we can’t bring Tolstoy back and have him consult on the script.

  23. I think there aren’t a lot of directors willing to touch this one. It’s gonna be tough. Summit wants to do it because (as we’ve witnessed) they have no problem putting out crap versions of good stories.
    I’m just worried it could all go so wrong.

  24. No news is good news?

  25. Oh, but there’s all those product placement opportunities in BD! Free financing!

    1. Bella’s Big Gulp o’ Blood
    2. Sandal’s Resort’s newest, most exclusive location – Isle Esme! For adults only, sorry Jake!
    3. Tampax Tampons – the little blue box of doom

  26. I sooo hope that they come back to Oregon. I wasn’t a fan when they filmed the first one here, and didn’t even know they were here. Though it isn’t the best book in the series, it would still be awesome to know they filmed BD here.

  27. Well, I do actually know some news on BD (as I research it to find out if my pursuit of playing the character of Kate will be in vain or not). The trinity is only contracted into 4 films, so a major hold up is whether or not they want to pay out the three actors for a fifth film. I hope they film in Portland/Oregon/Washington again. That’d make it a lot easier for me.

    Griffs and I have discussed, and we think that the book could easily be made into one film. If Melissa Rosenburg (who is still the top pick for writing the screenplay) can’t figure out how to do it, I’ll do it for her.

    Basically, as pointed out by moon, that segment of perimeter running is a yawnfest, and really just to kill time during the pregnancy (and so we can be annoyed w/ all the brooding and see the Aston Martin be driven finally). So, cut it. All we need to know is that Jake leaves the pack and becomes an Alpha. That only is important because the Alpha is the only one who can change the treaty rules. Without that, Edward couldn’t change Bells, and she would die.

    So, give the whole bit about 8 minutes. Jake refuses to kill “that thing”.Sam gets mad. Jacob leaves pack. Seth follows him. They have a 1 min Muse song segment to follow the dif. packs during perimeter runs. Bella is still preggers. Jake stops brooding. Water breaks. Alpha command made. Bella in delivery bed. Fade to black. Fade into Jake seeing Renesme and imprinting. Fade to black. Fade into Bella waking up as a vamp. Next 30 min include the vamp/Volturi dramas. Final 10 min include ending in the cottage. Roll credits.

    • You thumbs downers, why are you thumbs downing me? Come out and say!

      • Apparently people want perimeter running and lots of angsting! 🙂

        • More than 8 minutes of it I suppose. Maybe they are Muse haters. What if they change it so Sam’s pack penetrates Jake’s pack and then a vamp/wolf fight ensues? Then we could have enough Jasper with a bat scene.

          Also, who doesn’t want to see KStew and Kellan arm wrestle on a giant boulder? Or have her pounce a cougar and get blood all over that Anne of Green Gables dress?

    • i didn’t thumbsdown you (i did the opposite) but it strikes me funny that it happened… 😀 i have no idea… some body doesn’t wanna get w/ the posotive movement program!

  28. Okay, I don’t know too much about the books-being-made-into-movies biz, so I have a question to put out there, out of curiosity. According to these articles and other things I’ve seen, Stephenie has a lot of pull in these movies, something I’ve always found kind of strange. Is it because she pulled off an amazing, unheard-of-for-authors contract for the movies when signing up with Summit?

    I recently attended an author talk/signing with Cassandra Clare (City of Bones), Holly Black (Spiderwick Chronicles) and Scott Westerfeld (Uglies), and all three said they had literally no role in the say of whether their books would be made into movies, and if the books were made into movies, they would have no say in how the movies evolved or turned out. Holly Black said she didn’t have a role in Spiderwick (diplomatically adding she was satisfied with the movie), and Scott said that a studio bought the rights to one of his books but they ended up not using any story that remotely resembled his book, they just used the title. All three shrugged movies off and said they just don’t have power over them.

    I even get the sense that JKR hasn’t had a huge involvement in HP. The movies have so many parts that I can’t imagine her approving or being happy with at all. She seemed to provide some feedback to screenwriters and directors, especially for the first few movies before the rest of her books had been released, but she has been very quiet and pretty much left out of discussion on the movies in recent years.

    So why does SM have all of this power over the movies that other authors don’t?

    • I have no idea about any of your questions except to say that years ago I heard that JKR at the very least had a “condition” for her books to be made into movies, namely that the entire cast be British. No Americans with bad accents allowed 😉
      I have no idea of any input she had beyond that. Although it seems to me that SM got a lot of say in the first film perhaps because it was an indie flick. Me thinks the Coug might have liked bringing SM into the fold for some “girl power” and out of respect for her art. I seem to remember her saying something to that effect in the Twilight extras.

    • Great question, operarose. If you ever get any answers I’d love to know too.

    • it all comes down to the contract. if her contract stipulates that she has control of x,y and z then they have to adhere to that. smart move on her part. and smart move on the studios part especially in this scenario where the author is SO well loved by her audience, he input is a BIG DEAL.

  29. I love you for all the fanmade “art” in this post!

    PS I hate you too.

  30. I just want to know, who makes those creepy fan photos?

  31. Morning LOLTT!
    Very strange that this is the topic of the day..
    (UC/Moon please GET OUT OF MY HEAD …DANGEROUS GROUND=TRUST) Anyway, I happened to have company this past weekend and it was a friend of my oldest daughter’s who brought this really cool thing that is an electronic reader. She brought it specifically for me to try b/c she too is a Twi-hard and knows how I have struggled to read the New Moon etc., and wanted to see if it would be easier to do better with audio reading…anywho…instead of having NM loaded she had BD…and we of course got into a very heated discussion about the book b/c I explained that I had “heard/read so much here and from my Twi-daughter that I was really curious what “she” thought about it.. Friend thought that SM had really gone of course with this book and how she thought it should NOT be brought to the screen as written. I commented that Twi-Daughter had always thought that SM had not really written BD b/c it was so weird/gross and completely different from the previous books….so curiousity took over and I listened to certain parts of the book and WHOA I have to agree…What the HALE was she thinking?? I am glad that I cannot remember the details of most of what I heard but I do remember I didn’t like much of it. My impression was that so much of the grossness (word?) is unnecessary and in very poor taste (pardon the pun)..I mean really, Edward chewing the baby out?? Paleeezze!! Yes that part I can’t seem to delete from my brain…(still hoping) I “get” the reason for the imprinting and think that can be implied rather than shown in the movie…but after looking at my notes, I keep reading the same thing.”.could done without that info” or “not important to the story”…so I guess to me the book could be made into a movie and only one cutting out (again pardon the pun) alot of the “don’t need to know” or “don’t want to know” stuff. I would definately want to see BD brought to the screen and hope that it is, but I don’t want to sit through alot of “shitz” throw in for shock value b/c I think it once again strays away from the whole reason I feel in love Twilight in the first place…the impossible love story of Edward & Bella. Show me the wedding, show me the Isle of Esme, some of the pregnancy, Bella as a vampire etc., and a happy ending.. I am complete.

    More importantly, I think I am more upset about the fact that in “Things that we do know….•Breaking Dawn is indeed the last book in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga” !! Does this mean we are not going to see Midnight Sun in the bookstores? Is this a fact? If so, I am devastated…I sooo want to read Edward’s perspective!!! Ok, I also don’t want to have to change my avatar!

    • Hi MidCyn! Don’t change your avatar…you are bringing me hope that Midnight Sun will exist in completed form someday! btw – So did the electronic reader work well for you? Are you going to use one again?

      • Hey Ang! Howyadoin?? Sorry I havent emailed lately trying to get computers switched and putting away (teardrop) Xmas stuff..promise to catch up soon! 🙂
        No the electronic reader did not help, it was harder to follow as I found myself distracted by sights/sounds etc around me and then couldn’t refocus. I did however try it several more times late at night when all was quiet and that seemed better..I think I would like to try it with the book in hand..but will keep you posted… 🙂

        • Maybe you could come to my house and finish putting my Christmas stuff away when you are done. At least it’s all in the guest room now…just have to store it! Hugs!

  32. I know a lot of people are concerned about how the movie will handle the imprinting issue, but I agree that as long as it is thoroughly explained beforehand it doesn’t have to be creepy. Jake’s not falling in love with a baby. Edward can read every thought Jacob has and even he admits that when they discover the accelerated rate at which she’ll fully mature, Jake’s thoughts are still pure. And as far as Taylor acting out the moment he imprints, I think all he really has to do is have a look of pleasant wonder on his face and let the score fill in the gaps for the audience.

    I really don’t think it can be left out of the story because that is how Jake and Bella finally reconcile their desire to be close to each other without interfering with Edward and Bella’s relationship. Without it, Jake would just be the guy who lost. And unless I’m mistaken, his imprint is also what helps solidify the treaty between the vamps and the wolves because you can’t kill another wolf’s imprint.

    Who knows how they’ll handle it. If they leave it out, they could easily manipulate the story so that Jake and Leah’s pack bond develops into a romance. I’m just gonna take the attitude I always do when these movies come out and try to see them as separate entities from the books that can be fun in their own right if you let them.

  33. Most important BD question: Will Moon and UC keep up the win for a whole other movie(s) maybe???

  34. “I would die of 2nd hand embarrassment if I was KStew”

    I’m dying of 2nd hand embarrassment and I’m *not* KStew…

    And I feel like they will make Breaking Dawn into a movie. Cause you know we will all go see it anyways. And I think it will be nice to finally see Bella as a vamp and finally see them get hitched.

  35. Instead of making BD into a movie, let’s use a fanfiction alternative. Use LolaShoes’ better ending to the saga, “Let Your Light Shine/A Life Extraordinary”, give it the deserved NC 17 rating to keep out the screaming 14 year olds (so the screaming adults can be heard) and instead of dealing with watching that demon spawn, we can all enjoy watching Robward’s sparkly peen! Who’s onboard?

  36. Okay, maybe I’m in the minority here, but I feel that the Jacob parts were really my only “entry” into the story. After Bella gets preggers, I just felt like she’s one crazy beotch, and I couldn’t take her BS-selfless,-will-die-or-turn-into-a-vamp-for-Eddie-and-the-baby crap. At least with Jacob, we get just how crazy all this shizz is, ie, a NORMAL reaction to the events. He’s the only voice of reason we get (in terms of POV–Eddie does have some reservations about a lot of this stuff, but we’re not in his head). Yes, it’s a fantasy, and a love story, but some super GNARLY crap happens, and I like that at least we get a perspective that is just as “WTF” as I was while reading it.

    AND of course I’d see it because ARO (Michael Sheen) is in BD. So, yeah.

    • youre not in the minority at all… at least not with me. jacob will ALWAYS be the voice of reason, the only actual thinking human (or werewolf) in the situation. his POV (and those awesome chapter titles) make bd half worth it. cause bella is crazy and will die for anything and edward turns into the biggest pussy imaginable.

      (yea i said it)

      • I’m so glad you did say it.

      • It’s okay to say it. It’s true. It makes me sad because I love my Twilight Edward. BD Edward is a pussy.

        Wow! It’s like a therapy session. When you say it, (out loud, hahaha), you feel so much better.

      • I think I like pussy Edward better than creepy stalker controlling co-dependant Edward.

        • Good thing I luvs you JodieO as you are treading on very thin ice….”better than creepy stalker controlling co-dependant Edward”…..blasphemy…. 😉

          • HUGS!

            Now tell me, if your daughter was dating a man who forbade her from visiting her friends, constantly told her that he knew what was best for her, followed her while she was out for girl time, and said he would have to kill himself if she went away that you would think he was a cool guy.

          • Jodes, I know I’ve been away form the forum for some time now, but did you switch teams? Because you’re singin’ my song. xD

          • @JodieO..oh so leave out all the DETAILS…
            “Now tell me, if your daughter was dating a man who forbade her from visiting her friends (only another guy who is trying to break them up and has a very bad temper), constantly told her that he knew what was best for her,(so as not to give in to her desire to die) followed her while she was out for girl time (knew she was unfamiliar with the area, that there may be danger and he was concerned about her safety, never had any intention of her seeing him and was there only to offer protection, when discovered buys her a great dinner and professes how much he cares for her), and said he would have to kill himself if she went away (don’t know where or when he said that) that you would think he was a cool guy” (actually if it were Edward I would think he was a very COLD guy) Bottom line, everything he does for her is out of the deepest love and as we know b/c of that love he in fact leaves her in order to “save” her from himself…oh and as a Mom the fact he won’t have sex with her is a huge WIN as far as I am concerned!!!

            YOUR IT…. ((HUGS BACK))

          • @chimera – Miss you! It hurt to unfollow you on Twitter, but I just couldn’t keep up with you. =( I have actually always been a bit put off by Edward. I have said many times that if he was my boyfriend it would end in a restraining order. But I am still Team Rob. 😉

            @midcyn – And you say you’re brain damaged! You made an argument like you are doing closing arguments in a court room! I could go through the books and pull out passages where Edward really crosses the line from passionate and into controlling and co-dependant, but I’m too flipping lazy. =)

          • @JodieO It’s all good. I was using the RT feature every time I replied to someone not knowing that i was flooding everyone’s timelines by doing so. xD

          • @Midnight Cyn – just how much does your reply rock? You’re, you’re….SPARKLETASTIC you are.

    • I agree with you MSIAD, BD was the only book I connected with Jacob, and Jacob was the one I connected with most in BD. His “normalness” while everything else was so effed up.

    • Well, that’s why she switches to Jake’s POV. Cuz Bella is sitting on a couch and a bed for a good 30+ days. Her POV would be something like:

      “I’m in pain, but pretend for Edward. Rosalie is so great. I’m in pain. Hey look, it’s Jake! He’s so cool. I’m in pain. Mmm chilled blood. Mmm eggs. I’m in pain. Edward can hear my male baby? Little EJ loves me? I’m in pain. Oh noes, water broke and baby is drowning a vampiric fluid! I’m in a lot of pain. Oh, the pain is gone now, in fact I can’t feel anything from my waist down. Maybe my spinal cord snapped? Is Eddie biting my marble uterus? Meh, can’t feel it, who cares. Is that my baby?! It’s a SHE??!! I LOVE HER!!!! Let me name her something that connects our two fams, like Carlie, oh no wait, that’s easy to say. Oh, I know: Renesmee. But I need to say it, out loud, so everyone knows in case I go all crazy eat-a-half-human when I’m done with the vamp changeover. Did Nessie, er, Renesmee, just bite me? She did. That’s so cute. She’s the cutest baby, evah. Wait, what? Why are they taking her away from me? No! No!! Noooo!!!!” Then she blacks out.

      And I heart michael sheen too. So they better do it.

      • TeamSeth, I laughed, I cried. Your BD Bella’s POV was epic. I need a cigarette.

      • Aw, I heart all of you! PREACH!

        Seriously, if Edward can turn into a pimp and ask Jacob to father some pups for her, can’t he bitch slap her into sense or something?

        Wow, I think I offended myself with that.

  37. Don’t want BD made into a movie! There is simply no way to portray some things (baby-imprinting) and no way anyone will want to see that c-section-from-hell scene. Hell, who on earth would want to even act that scene?! Maybe if they left out Jacob’s part (even though I really liked it)? Dunno.

    Of course, will go and see it, probably several times, if they do make the movie.

  38. Dear commentors,
    Stop writing books, I can’t keep up.


  39. So this was such an informative post I still have NOT switched computers and not gotten an Xmas stuff down..maybe no one notice if I just leave it up til next year?
    Anyway, WOW…thanks to everyone commenting today seriously I have learned so much about BD!! I guess I listened to only the boring parts and gross parts…but honestly knowing my daughters friend she would “get me” like that….I really don’t remember much of what I “heard” but I saw some things written here it sounded famiiar and I think one of the parts that I wrote down “could have been left out” was alot of the werewolves walking around the Cullen house…sorry I can’t really remember the details but what I just really wanted to say is that I feel like I got a great sense of what Breaking Dawn is all about thanks to all of you..I am extremely excited about this Bella’s shield thingy?? and her showing memories or thoughts (that someone wrote above in the comments) to Edward at the end of the book…that all by itself would make me want to see the movie along with the feather reference’s that keep coming up…I am somewhat confused (don’t say it!!) about the comment that Edward is “a pussy”??? How can that be?? Someone feel like explaining, or maybe someone did but there was so much to read, I might have missed it, or lost it…or my brain just REFUSED to accept THAT AS A POSSIBILITY!!
    So HUGE thanks to everyone’s awesome posts today…feel like I really got a good vision of what BD is all about w/o reading the book…. 🙂

    • MIdCyn – So funny you mentioned the comment about Edward being a pussy because I just read that one a moment ago and thought about saying something about it. But didn’t. Now I will. 🙂

      I think people are saying Edward is a pussy in BD for a couple of reasons. Not sure…but here’s my thought. At first he’s all anti-baby because it’s killing Bella. During this time he actually – brace yourself – tries to get Jacob to “talk some sense into her” by suggesting he’d let Jacob father a child for Bella if she’ll end this pregnancy. Then it wouldn’t be half-vamp and likely safer for her. Then later, when they figure out a way to feed the baby so it’s not killing Bella during the pregnancy, he jumps on the “this is my child that I love” bandwagon.

      I’m reading this part now actually. I don’t think Edward is a pussy in this – big shocker that I would be Team Edward to the end, huh? 🙂 But I just read the part where Edward suggests puppies for Bella and Jacob as an alternative to her dying for the half-vamp kid. Yes, that is pretty lame, and he comes across as somewhat weak…but more than that, I think he comes across as barely holding it together and on the brink of insanity. Even Jacob feels sorry for him. So, I don’t see him as a pussy.

      Sorry I just wrote a book.

      And I can’t believe how many times I just typed the word pussy.

      • You forgot the part on Isle Esme where Bella gets all those little bruises and Edward “Cries After Sex” Cullen spends 6 pages apologizing for it. xD

      • Thanks know I would HAVE to know how anyone could think of Eddie as a pussy…but I have to say,..I can’t follow that thought process, even if he is trying to save Bella..I mean seriously, after the struggle in New Moon over her feelings toward Jacob and I don’t really know about Eclipse except what I read here (but honestly don’t remember much of it) I still cannot fathom that under ANY circumstances that he would allow Jacob to be “with” Bella even to save her life. Tho my mind my be muddled, this is ridiculous….especially since she is now his wife…what guy would EVER allow that. Now I can see him losing it and doing something to Rosalie, cause she is the one protecting Bella right?? So the whole Cullen family is what? standing around watching Bella die? I mean if she is that bad off and the “baby” is growing fast..then why not smack the shitz out of Rosalie,(something I would love to see btw..bitch that she is…oh sorry got carried away) get Carlise to take the baby early and then turn Bella without all the other stuff?? I just don’t get it??? Anyway, there is NO way my Eddie is a pussy…I see the need for the following: teeshirts/bumberstickers/signage/protests/BDrewrite etc.,

        • OH BTW…this is the first time in my life that I have ever written/said/typed the word pussy-truth! Face palm that I have this late in life done so….

        • It’s not you – it IS ridiculous…that’s why I contend that Edward is seriously going out of his mind! Funny thing is that I think he almost looses it with Rosalie several times, but for some reason I still can’t quite accept Bella has made Rosalie her new BFF. So they are totally together in “protecting the baby.” I would have LOVED if someone would smack the shitz out of Rosalie. haha There are many, many moments in BD where I wish things would have gone differently. But honestly, other than the pregnancy/birth situation, I was happy with the story. I think it all comes together nicely in the end, and because of that I’m able to overlook some of the insanity along the way.


    • She’s in class I think.

    • I’m here…I thought no one would notice lol. Lurking is fun…ok I’ll comment…not that anyone would care…bahahahaha!

      • EXCUSE ME MISSY!!!!!!!!!!! I CARE!!!! Else why would I be looking for you!!!

        • Awwww…but Its refreshing not to hear about hamsters and randomness and BFF-dom this and BFF-dom that…Sometimes I feel awful cause everyone else manages to be funny AND intellectual and I sound like the kid who sits in the back of class and spouts randomness just cause…
          I luff you Cyn…and I promise no more scares and lurking ( the world groans lol)

          • illegal – I don’t know what blog you are reading…but there are a lot of us (myself VERY MUCH included) who spout randomness here. 🙂 And I just spoke of BFFs in my post above. Though I was speaking about Rosalie. bleh!

          • Oh pshh Ang…BFFs with Rosalie is awesome and not usually mentioned…I need to get off the Illegalautner bandwagon and focus on something new…something more realistic like …errr…getting Pe-tah to tweet me about the kind of cereal he likes or get Taylor Swift to dish the deets about how far she went with…see? I’m impossible!!! 😦

          • ILWL….I am gonna go all Rosalie on you if you don’t stop with the ..”Sometimes I feel awful cause everyone else manages to be funny AND intellectual and I sound like the kid who sits in the back of class and spouts randomness just cause…” PALEEZEE…I barely make it through a post w/o screwing up and I am never sure of what ppl are talking about most of the time! Your comments are ALWAYS amusing/refreshing/intellectual etc., and one of the reasons I still come to LTT…so knock it off…you got that wolfygirl???

          • I’m sure you just want to know about Taylor Swift because you’re a fan of her music and you care about how her life experience will influence future songs she writes, right? It’s ok. You’re a wolf girl. You can’t help it! Us vampire girls still love you!

          • @Cyn *hangs head* yes ma’am…never again ma’am…I swear

            @ Ang I luuuurve Swifty….long before Swiftner happened (another reason I think I may be 13 instead of 23)

            I may be a Wolf girl but I luuurve my vamps and Vamp girls so hard that I could be hybrid…like Nessie…but funnier…ooooh ooooh pick me to be the adult Nessie Summit!!! pick meee!!!! 🙂

          • @ANG…WHOA…Are we on the same wavelength or what…!!! We are typing the same things at the same time! I don’t know why I am not surprised!
            Hey has it warmed up there yet?
            Also, forgot to mention that the other night..I think it was Fri or Sat night..Hubs was listening ALL evening to Elvis specials and I was wondering if you were at Graceland???
            And, I would be happy to help put your xmas stuff away except I have no where to stay cause its all in your guestroom…tee hee 😉

          • illegal – You’re a hybrid like Nessie! Actually, since imprinting is probably difficult to portray well when Nessie is little, I really like the idea of a fast forward scene (kind of like the frolic in New Moon) showing Jacob and grown up Nessie living happily ever after. You own that part!

            MidCyn – Ah…Friday would have been Elvis’ 75th birthday! Didn’t go to Graceland, but glad to hear your hubs was remembering the King for his b-day. 🙂 Much warmer this week! I think it got up to 30 today.

          • @Ang….shitz let me know when it is 72 or above…I don’t come out of hibernation until then…btw it is 4 here…needlesstosay I won”t be going anywhere anytime soon…but I SOOOOOO need a vacation!!!

            @ILWL..Ang is right on…you would so be perfect for the fast forward into the future with Jacob as Nessie!!! Lets start a campaign! That way you can look/touch/feel etc., w/o getting into trouble with the Fiancee’ and you will even get paid to spend time with Tay….oh yeah..that’s what I am talkin…

          • Awww you two…You enable me faaaar too much and I luuurve you for it… ((((Hugs))))

          • @Illegalwolflover: Now I just have to come up with a plausible role for Ang & me to get close to Edward (me)/Rob(Ang)….how about I appear as a flashback of Eddies Mom so I can lovingly caress the 109yr old..and Ang could be a reporter covering the filming and doing a profile on Rob for an Indie mag…he would like that…and we already know what a good reporter she can be…ROFWEADWTGU!!

          • Excellent plan ladies!

  41. Dear Breaking Dawn,

    I ❤ u long time. I love the Jacob bits (thats whadda she said) and I hope if they're cutting anything out, it will be the crapness of Vampires "gathering" for what seems like a decade…

    Jacob and Nessie? awwww…I agree with the fact that imprinting shoudnt be creepy…Its more of a bond than anything…like almost a BFF-dom maybe that later turns into

    • I think Taylor should grow a molesterstache just for the occasion. You know, if he could grow facial hair. xD

    • my internet decides to omit half of my letter..This is why I should never comment this late…
      As I was saying…A BFF-dom that later turns into something more…If not Chris Hansen will be all over that shiz faster than I can say “I may be in denial over my feelings for a 17 year old who doesnt know I exist” (but I’m not..we’re just gonna be friends…shut up Chim) Anyhoo, I’m still so excited about Eclipse that I cant focus on anything beyond that for now. (hamster brain and all that)
      Good Afternoon everyone!

      The hamster has been called out…and isnt funny at all

      Wait isnt Jake supposed to be like 6”7 in that movie? Woah…someone pump that kid with vitamins…yes vitamins quick-like!

      • Yeah he’s supposed to be 6’7, but the vampire sparkling isn’t supposed to look like sweating and invoke wind chime music. So I’m not splitting hairs here.

        • True! I dont mind but Twi-puritans who worry about the length of Edward’s fingernails might…lol

          Pedosmile? Only with me baby…only with me… 😉 (when telling me about his feelings for another girl of legal age of course)

          • You’re not fooling anyone, Illegal. Least of all me. You want to have dirty sex with Tay. You wanna hit it. You wanna hit it like the fist of an angry god.


          • “*Rolls eyes* Am I that transparent? I want him, I need him, Oh baby Oh baby”

            “Fist of an angry God” ILY! bahahahahahahaha!

          • Doods, you might wanna rethink this scenario.

            All this angry fisting should probably be done in a loving, controlled environment.

            Safe word is Hansen.

          • Oh Lordy! *throws hands up in exasperation* You just HAD to break out the Sharkboy pic…never again Chim…never again…lol

          • Why is the safeword always Hansen?

          • Cause during the disillusioned time of my life when I thought I’d have a chance in hale with Tay, it’s the only thing that would have stopped us from going beyond kissy-face and breaking laws in all US states…But we dont need it now…Chim does…but in a month she wouldnt need that either…LOL

          • You’re all making me late for work. Seriously, thisis the hardest I’ve ever laughed, even here. That pic of Sharkboy….so wrong.

            And IWL, I wondered where you were too. So I’m not alone in that every time I post I read it back & think I’m a total tw*t?

            ‘molesterstache’ FTBW

  42. I could care less if Breaking Spawn wasn’t made…I mean Breaking Fail… I mean, well, yeah, you know. While I do love the series (to a point) I thought BD was horrific on so many levels. And the Jacob POV was the only thing that saved it. It certainly wasn’t Edward asking Jacob to impregnate his wife…take that back, that may be good to see 😉

    Don’t even get me started on the demon spawn that is Renesmee…I hope Jacob decides to go away for a long long time and if and when he reappears Renesmee has aged faster than she normally does. Worst. Ending. To. A. Series. Ever. Bleck.

  43. There is a 4th book?

  44. i bow to thee Moon

  45. i think the moives are great and they should keep doing what they are doing and if you dont like the way they do it than get over it its your chose tell me how you fell about it

  46. Ummm, I kind of assumed that Moon/UC would be writing the BD script. Now I’m all worried.

      • Yah! Thanks for seeting me straight, shouldn’t have doubted to start with. Sorry – first time here and brain obviously got scrambled.

        Now, I really have to go and start chasing my RL that is rapidly disappearing into the fog. Damn that RL.

        PS. Predicting a major script highlight – the discussion between Jacob & Eddie of terms and conditions for the pimping of Bella.

  47. […] that is in the past. IT’S JANUARY TWENTY FIFTH. What the H is going on? All we know is what Moon shared with us a few weeks back. Which, to recap, was nothing. It’s all so blurry in my mind I can’t even remember- […]

  48. i love breaking dawn and it would totally ruin it if there went any feathers they are the best and when the go out to the beach an esme island just before…….

  49. i first found out about twilight when the movie came out i have only read the book called eclipse due to the that i live on a small island called st.helena, which only has one book store but i’m hopeing to recieve the rest by mail soon.

  50. I think Bella should have beat up Jacob for imprinting/calling Renesmee, Nessie!

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