Appreciation Sunday: Nikki Reed

Dear Nikki Reed,

No, it’s not April Fool’s day and YES, we mean YOU Nikki Reed. We are going to be appreciating you this Sunday for our reoccurring post Appreciation Sunday. I know you’re probably pretty surprised but we do have a lot to be appreciative about when it comes to you… so let’s get started shall we?

We appreciate…

Your body
While some of the gals in Twilight have the bodies of 13 year old boys giiirrrrrrl you got some curves in all the right places. I can’t lie I was super jelly of your booty in that vampire baseball uniform. Thanks for keeping it real for the rest of us and all I can say is: You better WORK girl.

(Sorry Nikki, Google image search is a bitch)

Paris Latsis
I think I speak for all woman kind when I thank you for falling on this grenade. Poor poor Paris spent an unfortunate amount of time with a one Miss Paris Hilton and for that well, he’s considered unclean and probably lacking a little in the mental facilities BUT he did find you and you both seem to be happy and while he has looked like a member of Color Me Bad in the past, he IS a greek shipping heir so I gotta hand it to you boyfriend who owns yachts that sail around GREECE ain’t too shabby. Well played my dear.

Find out what else we appreciate about Nikki Reed after the jump

Catherine Hardwicke
Again we gotta hand it to you… you took what could have been an unfortunate situation: you dad bringing home ol cougar Cathy and you made lemonade and Jamaican vacation braids. With Catherine you wrote and starred in Thirteen which besides scaring the bajesus outta parents everywhere turned out to be nominated for about a bajillion awards and you even won a freaking Independent Spirit award for your acting which is more than we can say for some of your costars. And most importantly you used your connection with Catherine to get the role of Rosalie (the most beautiful girl in the world) in Twilight.

You were in The OC
Sure we didn’t really care for your character Sadie, but you were IN the OC which mean you shared screen time with Ryan and Seth and therefore I am so jelly especially of this clip: You, Cam and Ben Mackenzie… SIGN ME UP!

You don’t own the url of your name but I gotta say it’s probably better than way… instead of some boring fan site with NO information or just a number to your agent like Kellan’s official site is owned by a crazy ol lady who does dinner theater in Canada and dresses in about 50 costumes. Seriously Nikki if you haven’t been to GO NOW! We will wait.

I will ALWAYS appreciate you for this photo

So that’s it Nikki! How does it feel? You’ve just be inducted into the appreciation club which until now has been ALL men… can you blame us the men of Twilight are hot sauce. But for some reason I don’t think you’ll mind being the only girl in a club full of guys. HIGH FIVE, girl!


So what do you appreciate about Nikki Reed? Do you love her as Rosalie? What did we forget and who should we appreciate next?

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60 Responses

  1. I seriously didn’t think there would be so much stuff you could appreciate about Nikki.
    Maybe we just hated her because she has Rob on speed-dial…

  2. I totes appreciate that you mentioned The OC. I mothereffing love that show.
    Umm I actually kinda liked Sadie … but no-one is better with Ryan than Taylor Townsend (thats right people: I HATED Marissa).
    Back on topic; ummm … I appreciate that Nikki has good hair. There is no excuse for bad hair, in my book.

    • You hated Marrissa? How?
      Marissa was my fav after Seth. And i hated Summer. hahahaha i used to love that show so much id tape it and then have the next day off school to watch it again … my twilight obsession is a lot healthier!!

      • I loved Summer. How can you not love someone who gets to have Seth??And I loved Seth. For me, those two were the stars of OC, not Marissa and Ryan.

        • You’re so right. Summer and Seth was the best. Marissa and Ryan was so.. boring..

        • I loved Seth and Summer. Not crazy about Marissa either.
          I never saw Season 4. I was just saying to my brother the other day that I should go rent it.

      • Watching that clip of the OC makes me want to put in my DVDs and start watching the show all over. I do not own Season 4….after Marissa died – the show tanked for me.

  3. im sorry has hell frozen over?
    Nikki Reed? really….

  4. OMG Nikki Reid was Sadie in the OC – I have just had a major penny dropping moment…

    She is not Rosalie, the most amazing looking girl on the planet. Her hair in the vote scene in New Moon looks like an episode of ‘When GHD’s go wrong’. And the double deniming ensamble from the opening Cullen scene in Twilight – she barks.

  5. Yay! Twinsie would be so pleased…I must admit after I made that motivational poster hating her cause she has Rob on speed-dial, I have truly changed an its aaaaalllllll due to my Fangy… ❤

    I love Nikki/Rosalie just cause she's plays a character we all love to hate so damn well…She's not insipid and she and Jake have the BEST scenes in BD. I cant wait to see her in Eclipse just to see her go psycho Kill Bill ninja on her fiance's ass…Rosalie rocks my socks!
    Oh and she also buys booze for minors…that would save me the trouble of being carded here… 😉

    Morning everyone! The hamster feels kick ass today…like a kick a PSD in the ass kinda mood…LOL

    • IWL, you are a genius and force to be reckoned with. That is all.
      P.S. I appreciate Nikki Reed for thinking that L’eggs contained liquid eggs in lieu of panty hose. (Bonnie Hunt Show, look it up) I’m betting that gave L’eggs some food for thought in expanding their services. Today; nylons. Tomorrow; the world! All thanks to Nikki Reed.

      • Hahahaha, looking up Bonnie Hunt show immediately.

      • I saw that interview…I would have said something even worse like “L’eggs? Like what the 3 french hens from that christmas song lay?” Yeah see? liquid eggs was waaaay better lol

        p.s. U deserve a Paulex jumping out of his birthday cake for your awesomeness! lol

    • Morning Hamster! I lurved Nikki in 13, and even though she wasn’t quite what I had pictured as Rosalie, I think she actually pulls it off quite well. (Not to mention that her wig was pretty much the only successful one in the bunch.) I am so looking forward to seeing her go Kill Bill on Royce King’s sorry arse, too.

      • Moooorning!!! I never saw 13 (fangirlfail) but I agree that she pulls it off well…I mean her bitch stare can ONLY be rivaled by K-Stew…Woah *imagines a stare-down between the two over Rob* that would be EPIC!

        *shakes head* I really need to focus on one stream of thought at a time LOL

        • I do believe that stare-down has occurred, we just didn’t get to witness it. In the twisted scenario in my mind, Nikki was the first to get to tap HHH way back early last year, when KStew was still with Oregano but crushing on Rob. And then Rob didn’t call Nikki back for a repeat and turned his eyes to Kstew instead. Remember all those fake-lesbian sightings with KStew and Nikki holding hands etc., and then they abruptly stopped and they were never seen together again? Jealousy, baby, jealousy!

          • I LOVE your twisted scenario! Someone should make this into a movie!!!

            “His Holy Hotness and the faux-faux lesbian-hood”
            When bro’s come before ho’s…NOTHING will ever be the same again…Coming to a theatre near you!

            *trots off to look for meds*

    • Fangy is pleased that she has pulled her twinsie to the dark side.


      • PS. I forgot to tell y’all. Downthumbs mean upthumbs. Upthumbs mean upthumbs. No thumbs mean upthumbs.

        Yes. I am insane. But I don’t care about your little button clickage. Just thought I’d let everyone know.


        Sticks and stones may break my bones but thumbs will never hurt me.


  6. I appreciate that she is affected by the negative comments people make about her, and you can tell it hurts her. I think she has a heart of gold- as much as someone raised in Hollywood and the movie industry can.

    I think she is down to earth and humble and intelligent, and signed on for what she thought would be a little indie movie, and had NO IDEA what she was getting herself into..

    I think she is talented and we will see a lot more from her. I hope she develops a thicker skin and ignores negativity. DON’T GOOGLE YOURSELF- NOT WORTH IT!

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of her, and the rest of the Cullens, in Eclipse! MORE PFACH!

    You should do an Elizabeth Reaser appreciate… I mean come on, she was in Grey’s Anatomy, had a show that was cancelled called the Ex List, which was actually quite enjoyable- and she is BFF with Nikki and Ashley

    • Elizabeth Reaser also did a fab acting job in a little film called Sweet Land. Alan Cummings, Beau Bridges, and Lois ???…(played Sookie Stackhouse’s Gma in TB) and a real hottie of a guy whose name I have no idea about, who played her husband.

      Found it at my local library video collection. Good film.

    • I agree! I saw Nikki in an interview and she seemed very down-to-earth and unpretentious. I think I would get along with her the best out of the entire cast (besides Rob hahaaa….oh how great we would get along!!!).

      The rest of the cast seems to be very aware that they are movie stars and even when they try to downplay their stardom and act all “I don’t care, it’s all about the art” (ahem, Kstew) they are just really whiny, annoying and full of themselves.

  7. You should have seen my face When I read It’s NIKKI FREAKING REED’s Appreciation day

  8. My favorite part of this post is Cathy Hardwicke’s hair in that picture…

  9. Nikki Reed is my favorite!

    Except for Rob… but when Rob looks ugly and freakish (it’s happened, promise) Nikki wins!

    Why do I love Nikki?

    She is awesome. She has the bestest bitch face. She even beats the Stew.

    We are twins. Not really… I’m not that fuckhawt and I’m fatter BUT if I picked the one person that I kinda look like it would be Ms. Reed.

    &&&& And she plays Rosalie! Rosalie is my fave. She doesn’t care if people don’t like her. She is gorgeous. She loves babies and can’t have one of her own (so sad). And she says what she mothereffing thinks. Like me.

    I guess that I love Rosalie because I can relate. When people are being idiotic and saying “I wanna be a vampire so I can live forever” I’d be the one saying, “Hold up! What about babies? Or… death?”

    Living forever. That is for the tough and mentally insane to choose. Oh wells. I guess I’m not S. Meyer. Thank God.

    PS. I loved Thirteen. And Lords of Dogtown. How come no one ever lists that movie? I llllloooovvvvvveeeeee it.

    PPS. My twinsie sent me a pic of Nikki in a tiara. That is exactly what I want to look like someday. Fuckhawt and knowing it.

    The end.

    • know it, fangy! because you are!

      and as my 2 cents, i think Nikki makes a fine Rosalie, and i LIKED her look in New Moon ( i know some didn’t), which is more than i can say for everyone *ahem*, Jacksper; i’m looking at you.”

    • errr…sent that pic for a reason silly…Cause it was utterly and undeniably you!!! And not just the attitude either… 😉

      I agree EG, she WORKED it in NM…absolutely gorgeous in the party scene…not many of us could have pulled it off (and by many I mean some and by some I mean me lol)

  10. I don’t even know myself if I like her..
    I love Rosalie and I wouldn’t want to see anyone else play her, especially AnnaLynne McCord ¬.¬, but Nikki can come across as a mega bitch at times, even more so than KStew. I remember watching an interview around the time when New Moon came out and she was a complete bitch to the interviewer..

  11. On apprieciation Sunday I can apprieciate Nikki for her real life beauty. She is gorgeous! But as Roalie…with those blonde wigs…. not as good. Sorry if you disagree but that blonde with in NM was terrible (yes I realize this is something thats been discussed many of times!)
    Happy Sunday! 🙂

    • oops ment to say “blonde WIG in NM”

    • I don’t think the wig is to blame. Nikki is gorge in real life, but she is not meant to be blond. She has darker skin/hair/eyes (another reason she’s hotter than KStew IMO), so she looks really unnatural in the wig and white makeup. Take it from someone who knows, blond doesn’t usually work when you’re tan/olive skinned or darker.

      She’s deffo my favorite fake lesbian. I’d ride her yacht any day.

      • “Ride her yacht”? That’s funny.

      • can’t people pay a compliment to nikki without puting kristen down, it’s just ridicoulous at some point.
        It ‘s just like shippers and twihard obsessed riping nikki of for nothing , it’s just plain ugly.

  12. You were in Lords of Dogtown. It’s true that John Robinson had better/straighter hair than you, but still, you were in THE movie.

  13. I still don’t understand how they could cast her as Rosalie. Don’t get me wrong I think she is a gorgeous girl and a good actress, but lookswise it just doesn’t make any sense. She does make the most of her role though, but she still comes across as ‘the bitchy one’, rather then ‘the drop death gorgeous one’. Sharing frames with Ashley Greene is also not helping matters, I admit. She can’t be blamed for all of that though, but I just pictured Rosalie more as a Scarlett Johansson kinda girl.

    • Me too. I think it was her connection to the Hardwicke. I mean really, aren’t there hundreds of naturally blonde actresses lounging around Hollywood that could pull off a really good bitchface, that would have been a more logical choice for the part?

    • I was surprised that she was cast as Rosalie, but her connection to Cathy makes it less weird. Nikki is gorgeous, undoubtedly, but like above, I think she’s an obvious natural brunette.
      I saw Rosalie in my head as one of those true golden girls : much more like Katherine Hegel or (funnily enough) Emily…thingy (with RP in Remember Me) – pretty to the point of painful. In the way that Ashley is…only blonde.

      When I saw her in NM she just reminded me of Shakira…who is pointlessly blonde when she’s a fine looking brunette.

    • If Scarlett Johansson was cast as Rosalie, I would definitely not watch the saga on film. Or my viewing pleasure would be greatly diminished, at the very least.

  14. I love Appreciation Sundays!!!

    I love Nikki Reed for so many things.

    Moonie, I love that we ignored her/she ignored us at Chateau after seeing her at the Hollywood and Highland signing. You know she wanted to talk to us but simply played it cool. She also could have thrown us a rather demeaning “Bitchface” but chose not to. Unless we just weren’t looking.

    I appreciate that she waved to me when we were driving side by side to COMIC CON San Diego. I flashed her my Cullen Crest that hangs from my rearview mirror and she was MORE than happy to aknowledge my existance. 🙂

    I love her portrayal of Rosalie. I wasn’t so sure at first but she really brings the hatred in the way Steph Meyer intended.

    Thank GOD she got a better wig for New Moon.

    Most of all, I appreciate Miss Nikki Reed for:
    <<<<<<<>>>>>>>>> major Bitchface.

    ❤ Ash

  15. Nikki Reed is the first girl inducted into Appreciation Day? Well….I think you’ve unofficially inducted Ashley Greene….there’s been several posts celebrating her hotness. It’s kinda like Rob is automatically inducted as well – he has his own appreciation BLOG! 😉

  16. I appreciate that we are appreciating Nikki Reed today. She makes a great Rosalie. And she rocks a totes hot body. With curves. Not all skinny and puny like KStew. And we are going to love her when she goes to bat for Bella in BD.


    • I’m gonna love Rosalie even more when she bats for Bella in BD but I don’t think I can bring myself to like Nikki 😦 what a shame..
      I love KStew though, which is probably the only reason why I like Rosalie, BECAUSE she backs Bella in BD..
      And IMO KStew has a far more rockin’ bod than Nikki.. nevermind fake I would so go lesbian for her any day of the week ;).

  17. Nik Nik is the one I know the least about. Did she really write Thirteen?

    She was THE BEST part of the baseball scene in Twilight. That booty (Dayum!)… the hands on the bat and then punching Carlisle in the belly… “My monkey man”… learning to bat left-handed… she brought it on The Slide… and bitch stared the crap outta me.

    • That slide was hardcore! And that was one mean bitchface she gave to KStew.. maybe Nikki taught her the tricks of the trade?

  18. I totally think that Nikki is hot (Wtf was up with the fan backlash, and why did she ever take it so seriously? Yes it sucks to be called names and I’d be bummed about it too, but the cyber-Twihard-girls who called her ugly were probably the same girls that came by here last week giving us thumbsdowns and telling us to Respect Kirsten and Rob. Please Nikki, just ignore them with the rest of us…)

    She has Rosalie down pat in the movie and I too am glad to see that a girl with some womanly curves actually made it into a Hollywood film. Quite a feat these days.

    Major props to her for having written Thirteen (a fact I now know thanks to LTT).

    And at the risk of getting thumbsdownized, I’m sorry, but I prefer her so much to Ashley Greene. I am so tired of seeing AG in a bikini all over the place. Yes, she’s hot, yes she’s pretty, yes, I’d love to look that way too, but please. It’s getting tiring. Thank you NR for not over-exposing yourself everywhere you go.

    • Really Operarose? I never knew 😦 It’s sad that fans did that. We kid cause we love and there is never any genuine malice in it (for me anyway..lack of sarcasm font confuses me sometimes 🙂 ) but some twi-hards need to back and shut the hale up. Seriously…they make me doubt and solidify my sanity simultaneously…You dont OWN the book, the characters or the actors that play them…Jebus Weitz…so get a grip!
      Sorry I guess I sound as bad as them…lol. I just keep thinking “What if I googled myself and saw all those mean things?” I love Nikki even more now….

      • I remember when they had just announced the cast for Twilight, people were saying she was super ugly, there was no way she’d be Rosalie, etc. Kind of the same treatment Rob was getting back then. It really makes no sense! At this time I was reading and rarely commenting on Twi Moms (sorry, it was the only “adult” fan site back then), and Twi Moms were starting a “we support Rosalie/Nikki” sort of mantra.

        People saying bad things about you kind of comes with the territory when you’re in the public spotlight, but it was pretty sad when people like Nikki and Rob were being bashed by crowds of people – and hadn’t even started working on the movie yet!

        I’m not sure if people are still upset with her, although I do recall reading a few catty reviews of Twilight and NM on the web where viewers said she looked terrible in the film. Well we were sort of like that – but it’s different how we say it on here, as you said – we were joking about her hair and her dress, which was no fault of her own!

    • Of all the girls in twilight i like the trio kristen, nikki reed and anna kendrick.
      I know they used to be friend. Because you have pics of the tree holding hands somewhere on internet at the MTVMA 2008 and at teen vogue. They talk about how close they are.
      I also know that from anna interview kristen is the only one who send her a congratulation note for her nomination to the GG , to which she said it was a really sweet text.
      Nikki and kris are still friend even with all the robsten bullshit.
      Nikki just have a boyfriend and is no longer going everywhere kristen is going. But we also know from kristen interview that during filming eclipse she hangs out with nikki and they are writing something together.

      The only girl in twilight that i’m not relly afan is ashley. I know people love her but i can’t. And i try. I’m still trying but i can. But i don’t hate her either. She is just too fake for me and when you read one of her interview, you have read them all.
      She is to the hills girl for me . Sorry.

      I really love nikki. Maybe i’m going to be able to see her , i’m going to greece in a couple of weeks with my buddy for a week.

  19. I love Nikki. For so many things. I appreciate the fact that she’s NICE in interviews! Unlike some mullets I know. *Grumbles* She’s got a killer body(but we haven’t seen her Privates in an attempt at more fame!..Still love Ashley Green though!). Oh..and Major Bitch Face. Shes a perfect Rosalie and I love her guts.

  20. I for one am grateful that Nikki(pre-Robsten of course) broke into Rob’s computer and burned all his songs on to a disk to give to the Cougar Cathy who in turn talked Rob into letting her use them on the soundtrack…without her we would not know the beautiful mumblings that are “Never Think” and “Let Me Sign” Thank you Nikki,Thank you!

  21. I think Nikki is awesome and, bad wigs aside, I love that she was cast as Rosalie.

  22. I am still ambivalent about Nikki.
    If we’re nominating girls for appreciation, can there be an Anna Kendrick day? Anybody catch her on Ellen? Hilar. She seems genuinely sweet and nice. Possibly my new favorite saga lady.

  23. […] Appreciation Sunday: Nikki Reed Dear Nikki Reed, No, it’s not April Fool’s day and YES, we mean YOU Nikki Reed. We are going to be […] […]

  24. hey have any body heard of the movie chainletter well this is a new movie with Nikki Reed,i seen the trailer on youtube every one thats real fans of Nikki Reed should check it out.

  25. Am I right – you dont like Nikki ?
    Why the f*ck ?

  26. Nikki is BY FAR my favorite! You guys forgot to mention her hilarious black comedy Mini’s First Time, Cherry Crush was pretty cool too! Honestly Nikki Reed is my favorite Twilighter (well except for Rob) and she really needs to start being noticed more and in a good way! Please media give us more Nikki.

  27. What I appreciate about Nikki Reed is her ass in the Cullen baseball scene:) and how she chose to play the most kick ass Cullen! Bella sucks! That’s right.

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